The Game
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - A wife embarks upon a series of sexual fantasies as reward for beating her husband at scrabble.

Chapter 1: Proposal

The heat from the fireplace was warm and soothing to my skin. I stared across the scrabble board at Sheryl, my wife. Her lightly tanned skin seemed to glisten. Her shoulder length auburn hair reflected the dancing flames like glass. She was naked, lying on her belly with a pillow from the couch propping up her breasts. Two months ago she would probably be hiding them, but now after her plastic surgery, she was happy to expose them.

"They sure do look great. That lift was worth every penny," I said as I fixed my stare. Her whole body looked great. I could see the outline of her posterior from this angle and it was firm and smooth. The legs that she nonchalantly propped in the air were attractive and well toned. All in all, I can't remember a time in our lives together when she looked any better.

"It's your turn you know. Time's running down," she replied motioning to the egg timer next to the board.

"Alright, forget sex, I'll just have to kick your butt at scrabble instead of licking it," I retorted.

"Who says you can do either, Mr. Cocky?"

"Awe c'mon. You know I'm gonna win... I always do!" I said using my best asshole tone.

"Uh huh... well that's funny 'cause you didn't win last week if I remember correctly," she said without looking up.


"Luck nothing. I whipped you and I'm going to do it again," she was starting to sound genuinely pissed. "If you're so confident, I say we make it interesting."

"Like how?"

"Well, how about the winner gets to have a fantasy of their choice. A sexual fantasy. Anything he or she wants," she said trying to sound unrehearsed.

"What? What do you mean sexual fantasy? Where is this coming from?" I asked, baffled.

"You know... sex... fantasy... putting the two together... acting on it. I'm sure you must have had one or two," her sarcasm was thick as the words tumbled out. "It can be anything you want."


"Anything. And it doesn't even have to involve us both," Sheryl said decisively.

"Really, so I could go out and screw a complete stranger if I wanted?" I grinned.

"Yup, and so could I," she retorted. "Or it doesn't even have to do with screwing. It could be something completely different like being exposed in public... or something," her voice tailed off.

"Wow! That sounds like a wild bet. You sure?" I almost regretted asking.

"Yep... so whattayasay, you in?" she looked unshakable, as if this had all been thought out long in advance.

"Yeah, I'm in," I said trying to match her confidence. I looked at the board and then at the score. I was losing by 10 with about a third of the letters left. I couldn't remember whose turn it was any longer. "A sexual fantasy... hmmm," I kept thinking.

As the game progressed, the score remained close. The barbs flew on occasion but there was no more talk of the contest until we were down to the last few letters. I had just taken the lead and I had already lined up my last word. It would be perfect, spelling "S-E-X-U-A-L". The X would make it a big score. Sheryl, placed her next to last word on the board bringing her to within a point of my current score, and leaving her a mere two letters to work with. It was looking good for me! I had to start thinking of what my fantasy would be.

"You ready to give up there, missy?" I asked snidely.

"Sure... sure, just play," she shot back. "It's not over yet."

"Oh, please... I'm leading. I'm about to score big and you don't even have any letters left. It's over!" My cock actually started to swell at the thought of winning.

"Really?" she spat angrily. "Well, if you're so sure why don't we up the ante?"

"How's that, pray tell?" I wondered aloud.

"How about three fantasies instead of just one?"

"You've got this all figured out don't you?" I asked with amusement, wondering just how long she had been planning this. I wondered if she had figured somehow on me winning or if that was the fly in the ointment.

"Yup, and I'm about to win," She replied confidently.

"Ok, you're on," I said as I dropped my last letters onto the board. "Sexually speaking that is. You're now losing by twenty points."

Without blinking she dropped her last two letters, "L-Y" at the end of my word. "S-E-X-U-A-L-L-Y". She had just won. I just sat there staring at the board in disbelief.

"I did it! I can't believe it!" She beamed.

"Neither can I." I said swallowing hard. "That was a nice play. I can't believe it... either," I was still staring at the board.

"So what are your fantasies going to be?" I asked trying to sound nonchalant.

"I'm not completely sure yet, although I definitely know one of them. I'm going to find a painter and pose nude for a portrait."

Sheryl had been talking about that for as long as I had known her. The idea had always turned me on a bit. The thought of her getting naked in front of a complete stranger was tantalizing. Well at least I'd get a painting out of the deal.

Chapter 2: Number One

On the day of Sheryl's first adventure she seemed giddy as a school girl. As I packed my briefcase for work, she seemed hardly able to contain herself. I would have shared her excitement much more if I was going to be there. Since I couldn't, I was worrying.

"Be careful today. Keep your cellphone handy and call me if this guy gets weird at all."

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. Marissa has known this guy for years. He's very normal," she said downplaying the thought.

"I know. I know. I'd just feel better if I were going to be with you."

"Sure you just want to see me under those conditions," she said trying to be discreet in front of the girls.

"Well just the same be careful and call me when you get home. I want to know EVERYTHING that happens."

"I will. I promise," she said with a grin.

At the office my day seemed to crawl. I couldn't get my mind off of Sheryl's appointment and I just kept staring at the phone... waiting.

Finally, a few minutes after three, it rang. The number on the callerID was her cellphone. I answered trying to remain calm and casual. "Yes?"

"It's me," her voice sounded giddy.

"How did it go?"

"Very well."

"That's it?" I prodded, "Very Well? What happened? Was it weird? When do you get the portrait?" I fired the questions while trying to keep my voice from carrying in the office.

"Slow down Sluggo," she scolded. "It was fine. I'll fill you in on everything tonight when you get home. I need a clarification on the whole definition of a fantasy, though."

"Huh? Ahhh, OK," I didn't know quite what to make of that comment, but I could tell I wasn't going to get any more out of her now. "I'll see you in a few hours."

Chapter 3: Aftermath

"So tell me," I said putting down my briefcase.

"The girls are in bed."

"Wonderful, tell me," I reiterated.

"Alright. Alright. It was great. I got there and I talked with Dr. Wetherby about what I wanted in the picture," she spoke quickly, excitedly. "We actually talked in his classroom which was a little weird. I kept waiting for some students to barge in. He showed me a book with a lot of classical poses and had me pick out a few that I liked. Then we went through the poses with my clothes on. He took some digital pictures of each, and we looked at them. I still couldn't decide so I suggested that maybe if I saw each of the poses as they would be painted... in other words with me naked, it would help me to decide. At this point I was scared to death, but I was also dying to be nude. So he showed me into a little office where I could, ahem... prepare," letting the last word drip from her tongue.

"I had brought a robe, but for a moment I debated whether I would just leave it in the office and come out naked. But once I had taken everything off, I chickened out and put it on. I went back out to the classroom and found him setting up a couch as a prop. He had a large red curtain set up behind it with some flowers, and he called me over."

I grunted my anticipation.

"He asked if I was ready and started making a little small talk. I think he was just trying to make me comfortable. My heart was pounding in my chest, but I was dying to do it. So I literally yanked my robe off and threw it behind the couch. I felt positively electric standing there nude! We went through the same poses with him snapping pictures. My whole body tingled more with each click of the shutter. My nipples almost started to ache! When we were done, I just stayed naked while we reviewed the shots. It felt very weird to be naked in front of a stranger carrying on a conversation and to see myself in those pictures. In the end we picked a pose with me reclining on the couch, leaning back on my elbows a bit. I liked it because everything was exposed and my face was looking straight at him.

"I have to be honest, by the time he started sketching I was so horny I think I would have fucked him right there if he came on to me. And he was an old guy!"

I was stunned. "Wow. I'm horny just hearing about it. So did anything else happen? Did anyone else come in and see you?"

"Nothing much during the posing. Like I said, I stayed naked the rest of the time, even when we took breaks. Unfortunately no one else came in. I was hoping. I did get to see the painting in its current state though. It looked beautiful. He said I could see the finished product in a couple of weeks. He took enough pictures to be able to finish it off.

"Something did happen though, that you should know about," she continued tentatively.

"Yeah? What was that?" I asked almost afraid to hear the answer.

"Well, while we were breaking for lunch we were talking about his classes. He was mentioning a few of them where he uses models... and well... I'm going to model nude for one of his portrait painting classes later this week."

"What?" My voice cracked with shock. Sheryl seemed to be waiting for an explosion.

"Well... I was so horny thinking about all of the college kids seeing me nude. I had to say yes! But I have some even better news. He said you could monitor the first class. I told him I would love to do it, but that I wasn't sure if you would go along. So he suggested you sit in on the first class if you wanted, so you could see it was all very innocent and professional."

"Unbelieveable," I deadpanned. Now I thought I was going to have to masturbate, and soon.

"That's why I needed the clarification on the fantasy. I think this is just a continuation of the first one. I don't think this should count as a separate fantasy."

"What? I mean... uhh... yeah. That's fine." I couldn't believe it. My wife was grabbing this opportunity with both hands and running.

That night we screwed like we hadn't seen each other for a year. It was a long, hard session that left us both exhausted. I couldn't wait for the after effects of part B of this fantasy!

Chapter 4: The Class

We drove to the campus in silence. I could tell Sheryl was nervous by the way she was twisting her hair. When we got to the school I dropped her in front of the building and told her I would meet her inside after I parked the car. It was only 9:30 A.M., we were about a half hour early. I planned to sneak in just as the class started and sit in the back. I didn't want to make Sheryl any more nervous than she already was. Also, I wanted to feel anonymous. I was dying to see this, but I wished I could be invisible.

After parking I found a coffee stand and grabbed a cup. Looking at my watch it was five minutes to ten. I decided it was time to head inside.

Opening the door to the large classroom, I slipped in as if I were entering a church late for mass. Silently sliding to the back of the room and sitting behind an empty easel. Just as I got settled a tall, gray haired man with thick glasses appeared at the front of the class and started to address the students. He explained their task for the day and what they should focus on. I could hear the words, but my heart was pounding like I was the one about to be exposed, making it impossible for me to comprehend.

As he was concluding his remarks, a door opened in the far corner of the room as if on queue. The petit, auburn haired woman approached the professor with quick, staccato steps. She was wearing a short, yellow, terry cloth robe and her shoulder length hair was sweeping back with her movements. The professor seemed to welcome her as a guest of honor. He directed her to a spot central to the small staging area at the front of the room. For a moment she looked at him and paused as if she was unsure of what to do next. Then he held out his hand and her expression changed with the realization that it was now her moment. I could see slight signs of panic in her face. Her blue eyes got wide and her cheeks flushed. She fumbled with the belt on her robe for a moment, then pulled it quickly open exposing herself completely. In one swift move she was naked in front of twenty five or so college students. She handed the professor her robe and turned to face the class, assuming a marginally graceful pose with her arms extended and slightly bending to her left side.

My penis was instantly hard seeing my wife nude in front of all these kids. I folded my hands over my lap and tried to breathe deeply. She looked beautiful. Her breasts, fresh from the plastic surgeon, looked perfect. Not too large at a full C, but perfectly shaped. You would never guess they had suckled two babies in the last four years.

Her vagina was trimmed but not completely shaved. She had kept a decent amount of neatly coiffed hair, knowing that I like it that way. I couldn't help wondering if she could see me now.

At the distance from which I viewed her, I could see no signs of her struggling to hold the pose. She seemed utterly capable, frozen in her exhibition. I wished I could advance upon her, taking more notice of her emotions.

After 20 or 25 minutes the professor returned to the staging area. He announced a 10 minute break to the class at the same time putting a hand on Sheryl's back. It was oddly exciting to see him touch her. As he did she seemed to go limp for a moment relaxing all of her muscles. Sheryl flexed and then without any hesitation in order to find her discarded robe, she departed the stage to mingle among the easels. As she walked naked through the students, looking at the beginnings of her image on their canvases, she chatted with several. It was so erotic to see her in this state, obviously loving the fact that she was the only nude person in this room. As time was wearing down on her break, she had meandered to within 10 feet of me. She looked up and shot me a wicked smile. As she advanced to speak with the young man just in front of me, she was no more than five feet away. She had definitely invaded his personal space and was quietly speaking as she eyed his work. He on the other hand showed remarkable restraint while Sheryl's naked breasts hovered just inches from his face. She leaned in a bit getting that much closer, I'm sure it was intended for my pleasure and it was working. She dropped her left arm onto the young man's shoulder, leaning her head close to his for a moment. She giggled at some unheard joke. Straightening, she looked up at me again flashing a wicked smile. It appeared she was going to walk in my direction when she stumbled, falling against the startled young man. As her body rested on him she sat down on his legs, breasts finding their mark in the young mans face. As I watched helplessly, a strange sensation came over me, my loins felt warm as if a wave were washing through me. I felt the old familiar helplessness creep in and almost instantly it was over. As my wife stood up naked in front of the stranger, helping him to re-organize his workspace, I had orgasmed. I came without ever having a hand laid upon me. It was extraordinary.

While Sheryl climbed back upon her mark and resumed her pose, I tried to regain my breath. I wondered if she had noticed my predicament. Once the class was well underway again, I slipped out the door, trying to get back to the car before anyone could notice the wet stain on my pants.

I made it back with little attention and waited for the last half hour of the class to tick away. After picking up Sheryl at the front of the building and explaining my predicament we drove home in what seemed like a constant state of laughter.

Later that night as we lay in bed after screwing for an hour, I broached the subject once again. "So what's next?" I asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"I don't know. I'd like something with some more exhibitionism, though. It really turns me on," she said enthusiastically.

"Hmmmm. Me too," I replied with sigh.

"I want to keep posing for the class though OK?"

"Really? Why?"

"I like it. It's fun. Who knows maybe someday some kid I know will end up the class. That would be a real turn on!" Sheryl squirmed with excitement at the thought.

"Maybe that should be your next fantasy. Find a way to get naked in front of someone we know," I said calmly, surprising myself.

"Yeah, but how?"

"Don't know. Maybe we should sleep on it. Or better yet, how 'bout we screw on it," I flashed my desire. "Now, how 'bout you turn over and show me that beautiful ass."

Chapter 5: Number 2

"I think I came up with something!" the voice on the phone virtually squealed with excitement.

"Oh yeah? What is it?" I queried.

"A nude beach," Sheryl blurted out.

"That's it? The whole thing?" I said almost in relief.

"Yep. That's it."

"What happened to the getting naked in front of someone we know," I wondered aloud.

"Well... It would be fun, but I was having trouble thinking of a way to make it happen without being too obvious. Maybe we can just get another couple to come with us to Martha's Vineyard for a weekend and we can spring it on 'em."

"Hmmm... seems a stretch, but who knows. Nothing surprises me anymore," I countered. "So when do we go?"

"I've made reservations for this weekend in Aquinnah."

"You are once again a step ahead of me, ma'am."

"Two steps. Marissa and Daryl are coming with us," she said nonchalantly.

"You constantly amaze me," I said only half kidding.

"It's perfect. They've never been to Martha's Vineyard, they have no idea there's a nude beach in Aquinnah. We'll get 'em drunk, head to the beach and pretend to stumble across it! Just don't mention that we've been to Aquinnah before, I already told Marissa that we've never seen that end of the island."

"Ok, well this should be interesting. Am I getting naked too?" I wondered aloud.

"Hopefully we'll all be naked. Drunk. Naked. Horny. Whatever!" she squealed again.

"You're starting to scare me, you know?"

"I know!"

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