Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Abby is a story about a young lawyer who loses the love of his life because of his job. Can he get her back or shoud he move on?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Voyeurism  


It wasn't as if she hadn't warned me. She had told me several times that things needed to change but I just didn't take it seriously. My career was just taking off and I needed to concentrate on keeping up the momentum. I was a young lawyer in a big Chicago law firm and I was well on my way to making Junior Partner. I knew that I had been so focused on my career that I wasn't being fair to Abby but I figured I would make it up to her as soon as I got established, but apparently I should have been more responsive to Abby's needs.

Abby and I met while we were undergraduates at Northwestern. I had noticed Abby for the first time when we were freshman and immediately had a crush on her. She was tall and slender with long light brown hair with blonde highlights. She had a pretty face, a great smile and beautiful blue eyes. I wanted to talk to her but I was too shy so I never made any attempt to meet her. I just stood there like an idiot as she walked right passed me.

Anytime I saw her on campus I would feel butterflies in my stomach. I wanted so much to talk to her but I was afraid that if I tried to approach her that she would reject me and I just couldn't bear the thought of that happening. During our junior year it seemed that we were always running into each other at parties or other campus events. Often she would smile and say hello as she passed me, but I was unable to start even a simple conversation with her. I had been obsessed with her for three years and I didn't even know her name.

One Friday afternoon my roommate Dan asked me if I could do him a favor. He said that he had met a girl the night before and asked her to go out with him Saturday night. She said that she would but only if he found a date for her friend. Dan said he didn't know anything about her friend but he begged me to help him out. I didn't really want to do it because I hated blind dates. I never knew what to say so I either said nothing or I would say something really stupid just trying to make conversation. Dan was persistent and I finally gave in. He handed me a piece of paper with a phone number and the name Abby written on it.

Dan said, "You have to call her and ask her if she'll go with you."

That almost broke the deal. I told Dan I didn't want to call her and he asked why. After a lot of conversation I finally said, "What if she says no?"

Dan laughed at me and said, "If she says no, she says no. What's the big deal? She doesn't know who you are so why would it bother you?" Dan started to laugh again, "Besides, if she needs her friend to fix her up with a date for Saturday night she is probably a dog anyway. In that case she can't afford to say no. Anyway, my date has already talked to her and she agreed to go on this date."

I said, "Does she know who I am?"

"She might know who you are, but she doesn't know that you are supposed to be her date yet. I didn't tell Diane I was going fix you up with Abby."

I said, "All right, I'll do it, but you are going to owe me big time if she does turn out to be a dog."

Right after I said that it occurred to me that this girl might be thinking the same thing, that her friend was fixing her up with a dog. I went into my room, took a deep breath to calm my nerves and then called Abby.

I know that you can't tell much from a voice on the phone, but I just knew from Abby's voice that she was no dog. She was friendly and very easy to talk to which was a big relief to me. Abby kept trying to figure out if we had ever met before but couldn't. Then she joked about Dan and Diane. She told me that the only reason that Diane had insisted that Dan get a date for her was that she didn't want to be alone with him on their first date. Diane said that she would feel more comfortable on a double date and since she couldn't expect Abby to dig up a date on short notice she told Dan to find her a date.

After talking to her on the phone I was a little more comfortable about the whole thing but still not crazy about going on a blind date. I was still afraid that I would make a fool of myself. There was also the possibility that Abby and I would not like each other, which would make for an uncomfortable evening.

Dan's plan for the evening was to have the girls meet us at a small Italian restaurant named Georgio's for pizza and then go to a movie. Georgio's was near the campus and only two blocks from our apartment so Dan and I got there ten minutes before the girls and sat in a booth near the door.

I was a nervous wreck as we waited. The palms of my hands were beginning to sweat and I had not idea what I would say when I met Abby. What if she was very ugly, how would I react? What if she was beautiful, would I be able make myself talk to her? The fact that Dan seemed to be extremely calm freaked me out even more.

I couldn't see the girls as they came in because I was sitting facing away from the door and the high back on the booth made it difficult for me to turn and look over my shoulder. It was like they just suddenly appeared next to the table. I hadn't even looked up yet when Dan started to slide out of the both so I got up too. I got up so quickly that I ended up standing between the girls. The girl standing in front of me was an attractive brunette and before I could think of anything to say to her Dan said, "Diane, this is my friend Mike.

Diane said, "Hi Mike," and then she sort of pointed over my shoulder and said, "Mike this is Abby."

I turned around to meet Abby and was shocked to find that she was the beautiful girl I had been obsessing about for the last two and a half years. In my surprise I blurted out, "It's you."

Abby smiled at me and said, "Well, I guess I do kind of know you after all. I never knew your name but it seems like I see you everywhere I go. It's great to finally meet you."

I don't know what it was but I instantly felt comfortable with her. The evening turned out a lot different that I had expected. Abby and I just started talking as if we had know each other for years. For Dan and Diane it was their only date. For Abby and me it was just the beginning of a romance that I thought would last forever.

After the movies that night we had gone dancing and when I walked her to her dorm I asked her for another date and she said yes. When I got home I could still smell Abby's perfume on my hands and my shirt. I was in heaven.

The next day I called Abby and we talked for more than an hour and made planes to spend a day together in Chicago visiting museums. Abby was wonderful. I enjoyed being with and she seemed to enjoy my company as well. By our fifth date I was sure I was in love with Abby but wasn't sure how she felt about me.

Dan had gone home for the weekend so I invited Abby over to the apartment for dinner. Abby arrived fifteen minutes early which surprised me a little. I expected that she would be late. She wearing jeans and a sweater and a wonderful smile and she looked beautiful. I made steak, baked potatoes, and a salad, nothing complicated but Abby was very impressed that I could cook at all.

After dinner we sat on the sofa with a, glass of wine and listened to music. Up until that night Abby and I hadn't done anything more than kiss, so I wasn't sure how far things would go. I was hoping that I would at least be able to touch her breasts. I wasn't very experienced in sexual matters so I wasn't even sure how to proceed.

I took Abby's wine glass and set it on the table and then I kissed her and continued kissing her for several minutes before I got up enough nerve to put my hand on her sweater just below her left breast. When she didn't object to this move I slowly began to move my hand higher. My cock was already hard and my heart was pounding as my hand reached the bottom curve of her breast. I stopped for a moment to see what Abby would do. Abby just continued kissing me so I moved my hand up to fully cup her breast. I very gradually increased the pressure of my hand against her breast and also started to gently massage it.

Rather than stopping me, as I was worried she might, Abby responded by increasing the passion of her kisses. With this encouragement I moved my hand down and slipped it under her sweater and up to her breast. As my hand reached her breast I was surprised to find that Abby wasn't wearing a bra. Most guys would have realized that just by the way her breast felt through her sweater but that was the first time I had ever touched woman's breast and I had no idea of what to expect. Feeling her soft warm mound with my fingers almost made me climax in my pants.

I wasn't sure what to do next but I knew what I wanted to do so I just asked, "Would you mind if I lifted your sweater and kissed your breast?"

Abby said, "Yes. I mean yes you can. I want you too."

I lifted her sweater and looked at her beautiful breasts for the first time. They were very firm and just a little bigger than I could hold in my hands. When my lips touched her nipples they stiffened and for the next several minutes I kissed and sucked on them and from the sounds that Abby was making it was apparent that she liked what I was doing.

At that point I was so hot I had to try and go farther. As I continued to lavish oral attention on her breasts I moved my hand down to Abby's thigh just above her knee and positioned my hand between her legs. Abby was sitting with her legs together so that I was not able to move my hand up between her legs. I was beginning to think that this was Abby's way of keeping me from going any farther when she began to slowly spread her legs apart. I timidly moved my hand up between her legs not really knowing what to expect. When I had my hand pressing against the crotch of her jeans I could feel the heat from her sex. I remembering wondering at the time if the heat emanating from jeans was an indication that she was as sexually excited as me.

Since Abby hadn't indicated that she wanted me to stop anything I was doing I got bolder. I moved my hand from her crotch and tried to slip it inside her pants, but they were too tight and I couldn't get more than a finger inside the waist band of her jeans. For the next few minutes I fumbled with the button on her jeans and when I finally got it opened I was able to unzip her pants. I was then able to get my hand inside her panties but only far enough to touch her pubic mound and feel her soft curly hair.

I was beginning to get frustrated. My cock was so hard that it was starting to hurt and my hand was just inches from her pussy, but because of her tight jeans I couldn't reach it and I didn't know how to remedy the situation. I tried to force my hand further down but that didn't work and I ended up pinching Abby, which made her jump.

Abby pulled away from me and stood up. I was afraid that I had gone too far and Abby was going to go home and I was more afraid that she might not want to see me again, all because I had tried to force my hand inside her pants but to my surprise and utter delight Abby just said, "Why don't we take this into your bedroom."

I didn't say a word. I couldn't have even if I wanted to. I just took Abby's hand and let her into my room. Once inside the bedroom Abby quickly striped off her sweater and then pushed her jeans down her legs and stepped out of them. Standing there in just her panties, Abby looked like a goddess to me. I stared at her for a moment taking in the full picture of this beautiful woman... I looked at her luscious breasts with their large nipples still stiff from the attention I had been giving them and then down at her long shapely legs beginning at her ankles and moving up to where the tops of her thighs disappeared into her white panties where her sexual treasure was hidden from my view. I started to reach for her but she stopped me and said, "Why don't you get your clothes off so we can get comfortable."

I quickly striped to my jockey shorts and then took Abby into my arms and kissed her. I was starting to climb onto the bed when Abby said, "Wait, I want to see it."

I looked at her and said, "What?"

She repeated, "I want to see it."

Then without warning Abby grabbed my jockey shorts and pulled them down.

There I was, standing in front of Abby, naked, with my stiff cock bouncing around like it had a mind of its own. I was embarrassed until Abby put her arm around my neck and kissed me while she took my cock into her other hand and began to stroke it.

Abby told me to lie down on the bed then she got on the bed with me and immediately took my cock into her mouth. I had never dreamed of getting a blow job from Abby. Frankly, I assumed that she wasn't the kind of girl that would do that.

After a couple of minutes of the wonderful sensations that Abby was giving me I had to stop her or I would have climaxed in her mouth. Abby rolled onto her back, lifted her ass off the bed and pushed her panties down. Then she lifted her legs and asked me to take them the rest of the way off.

As I was removing her panties I couldn't help staring at Abby's pussy. Not just because I thought it was beautiful, but also because I had never seen one (other than in a men's magazine) up close before. Once her panties were off I bent over her to give her a kiss. Abby took my head in her hands and kissed me then she started pushing my head lower. It took me a minute to figure out that she wanted me to kiss her pussy. I had fantasized about doing this to Abby, even before we had ever met, but I never thought I would really get to do it. I had read about cunnilingus but I still wasn't really sure how to do it. All I knew was that if it was what she wanted I was going to try and give her pleasure.

I put my mouth on her vulva and began licking and sucking on it. As I was doing this I became aware of her scent. I can't describe it other than to say it was both sweet and pungent at the same time. In my mind this was the scent of pure sex.

I didn't know what I was doing down there but I was enjoying it and I felt that Abby was also enjoying it until she suddenly grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me against her, pressing my mouth tightly against her mound as he lifted her pelvis off the bed. For a moment I thought Abby might break my neck. I wondered if I had touched a raw nerve or maybe I had accidentally bit her. I couldn't ask her until she let go of my head and that wasn't till a few minutes later.

When she finally relaxed her grip on my head I got up and asked her what happened.

She looked a little glassy eyed as she said, "You made me climax and it was the best orgasm I ever had."

I have to admit, at that moment I was pretty proud of myself.

Abby then pulled me up on top of her and told me that she wanted me inside her. I reached between us and fumbled around with my cock until I found the right hole and pushed myself inside her. Given the fact that I was hornier at that moment than I had ever been in my entire life and that I'd had a constant erection for the last hour and a half, I climax after only a few strokes into Abby's hot pussy.

I was embarrassed but Abby didn't seem to mind. She held me and we continued kissing until I felt my erection gradually coming back to life. It took me about fifteen minutes for my cock to become fully erect but when I entered Abby I was able to pump her deliciously sloppy pussy for fifteen minutes before I climaxed. During that time Abby had another orgasm.

Abby spent the night with me and in the morning we made love again before I took her back to her dorm.

Once I was back in my apartment alone I started to think about everything that had happened. There was nothing about the previous night that I didn't enjoy but in the aftermath I was concerned by how obvious it was that Abby had a lot of sexual experience. I also felt that maybe Abby was a little quick to jump in bed with me. It wasn't as if I had planned to have sex with her that night. I really expected it would take a lot longer before I would go to bed with her.

I began to dwell on when she lost her virginity, how many boyfriends she had and how many of them had sex with her. I also wonder if she was having sex with other guys while she was dating me. It also began to bother me that she was so ready to have sex with me on just our fifth date. Was she too easy?

I wondered why I couldn't just be happy that I had sex with her and move on from there. There were so many things about her that I loved but I was having trouble getting passed my concerns about her sexual experience. This ate at me so much that I didn't call her for three days and when I finally called she was really pissed at me.

When she answered the phone she said, "You finally decided to call me? I thought we had something special going but I guess I was just another lay to you. I guess now you're horny again and you think you can just call me to come over and take care of your needs."

"I'm sorry, I should have called you"

Abby said, "I guess this is the blow off call."

"No. I'm not blowing you off. I really care about you but I don't know how to handle this. Can we meet for a drink and so we can talk?"

I could tell she was still upset but she yes. I asked her to meet me at Georgio's. We sat in the bar in a high backed booth so we would have some privacy and ordered drinks. As soon as the waiter brought our drinks Abby began talking.

She said, "I don't understand. I thought you liked me but as soon as you get me in bed I don't hear from you for three days. What am I supposed to think about that?"

I said, 'I'm sorry but I got scared."

"Scared? Scared of what?"

"Well, you are obviously very sexually experienced and that concerned me."

Abby said, "What? Where did you get the idea that I was very sexually experienced?"

I said, "The other night you said that I gave you the best orgasm you ever had. To me that meant you must of had plenty to compare it with."

She said, "I am not promiscuous. I've had three boyfriends that I care about and I only had with them. I only have sex with someone really care about. I do enjoy sex but only with the person I am in love with and I happen to be in love with you. Anything that I did before we met is in the past and has nothing to do with us now. Can you say the same?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can you say that you only have sex with someone you care about or do you have sex with anyone who will go to bed with you?"

I said, "I can honestly say I have never had sex with someone I didn't love. You see, you were my first. My first love and my first sex."

Abby started to laugh and said, "Are you serious? You were a virgin?"

I said, "Now you're laughing at me."

"I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at the situation. I assumed that you had other girlfriends before we met. I never considered the possibility that you had never had sex before."

I said, "I think my inexperience is why I am having a problem now. I do care about you and I want to get passed this but I just needed some reassurance"

Abby said, "Okay, I'll cut you some slack this time. Just remember, if I ever have sex with you again it will be because I love you. Is that clear?"

I said, "Very clear. Well we ever be having sex again?"

"I told you I loved you didn't I?"

While she never said that she wouldn't talk about this again, that was the message I got. So I decided I wouldn't bring it up again. After all, it all happened before I met her. Abby was with me now.

I wish I could say that I was able to just put those thoughts out of my head but I wasn't. I managed to keep them to myself but it was difficult. Any time I saw Abby talking to a guy she knew before we met I would wonder if he was one of Abby's old lovers. It was like being afraid of ghosts.

In time I began to realize I had nothing to fear from Abby's past. She was mine and she never gave me any reason to doubt her.

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