Earth Union: Transfer Force
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Science Fiction, Light Bond,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Scientists discover parallel universes, and a ability to talk to, and even control, people on other earths. Due to this our earth ends up going to war with a unknown enemy. This Story follows Major Daniel Carter, after he is transfered to the training corps. What he expected to be a boring assignment turns out to be the most challenging of his career. No sex in first two chapters.

"So what did you do to get yourself transfered to the training corps?" asked Major Larson.

"I told a Colonel what I thought of him and what I thought of him, wasn't very nice," answered Major Carter. "I've never learnt the art of diplomacy."

Major Daniel Carter had just been transfered to the Earth Union training corps. At 28, he had rose rapidly through the ranks, and on a number of occasions had been told the only thing which held him back from getting his stars, and maybe even making the record books as the youngest general, was his mouth and the habit of it speaking his mind.

"So what's the format?" he asked as they walked towards the training room.

"We get a group of eight new recruits, all with various types of military background and of various ranks, and we have eighteen weeks to train them to be full field agents." Major Kate Larson told him, as she brushed her blond hair away from her face.

"That simple." he stated, sarcastically.

"That simple," she repeated with a smile on her face. " Or it would be if it didn't take them fourteen weeks to get their heads around the idea of Earth transfer."

"Yeah that always is the bummer. I remember when everything used to be so simple. You thought that each day passes and the world will be pretty much the same each day."

The eight new recruits sat in their chairs, nervously looking around the room. They had no idea where they were, yet alone why they were there. They had all thought they were volunteering for a new special forces unit. The first time they thought something strange was happening, was last night when they had been woken in the middle of the night, to be shipped to their current location. The blacked out windows on the bus, stopped them from having even a idea of which direction they travelled in.

The room was about half the size of a Olympic swimming pool, to the right of the room were the chairs; in which the new recruits were now sat, a desk and a plasma screen were directly in front of them. To the far left was the equipment which made this room look different from any other lecture room the recruits had ever been in.

"Where do you think we are, and what do you think that console is?" asked recruit Diana Gilbert.

The console, as she referred to it, was sixteen weird looking chairs with E.C.G machines built into them, in front of each chair were what looked like a computer work station, with some kind of helmet next to it.

"I'd don't know, I'm sure we'll find out what that is soon enough, I'm guessing some sort of new experiment into controlling computers using brainwaves," answered recruit Philip Tanker.

"Oh, of course, and here I was thinking it was some computers with the latest in chair design and some really badly designed bicycle helmets," Diana muttered to herself.

"Good morning, and welcome to the Earth Transfer training corps," Diana heard a female's voice say. Turning her head away from the console, she saw a man and women standing in front of the desk.

"My name is Major Larson and this is Major Carter. We will be your main instructors while you are here," continued Kate.

"What you are about to hear is Top secret and is likely to blow your mind," Daniel said.

"The first piece of news, I have to tell you, is that we are at war," he said, then waited for the blank looks and sounds of disbelief and wonder. "I'm just not allowed to tell you with whom, at this time."

"That's not the interesting news though, what is unusual about this war is that it isn't being fought on this earth," Kate took over speaking again, as the number of blank looks increased.

"A few years ago, our scientists found evidence of other parallel universes. As their research progressed, they found they could even observe these universes, or at least our own solar system in each universe."

"Yeah right, this is a joke, right? Someone just forgot to tell us it was the 1st of April," recruit Bill Hoper shouted.

"No, it is no joke," Kate continued. "Their discoveries still weren't finished, they then found that they could communicate with people on these other earths."

"It is on these other earths, where this war is being fought, and you will all be trained to be agents to fight in this war."

"We will now play a video, which will tell you some more details. Then we will break for lunch, and after that maybe we'll answer some questions," Daniel said, as he pressed play on the remote control.

The video told them some of the background to the scientists discovery before moving on to what could and couldn't be done in these new universes.

It was impossible for a person to move from one universe to another, but they could talk to people on other earths, becoming a voice in a person's head. The biggest surprise however was that someone on this earth could even sometimes take over the body of a person on another earth.

The total number of universes was unknown, they weren't even sure there was a limit to the number.

While it still didn't say whom this war was with, or when it started. It did go into some of the details of how the war was being fought.

The scientists had discovered some type of signal which could be targeted onto a person, and would have the effect of then restricting who could communicate with that person, or control that person. This had allowed for control of some of the other earths to be gained.

"Right, lets all get some lunch and meet back here in one hour, the restaurant is out the door and to the left," Kate said, as the video ended. She could see that the recruits would rather stay and ask questions.

"How many missions have you been on," Kate asked Daniel; while studying his face, as they sat in the staff room eating their lunch.

She wondered why all the males instructors, who got transfered from an active unit, always seemed to be the tall, dark and handsome type. This one also had that slightly rugged look to his body, which she liked. Along with that adorable British accent. She thought that she might have been attracted to him, if she didn't already have a boyfriend.

"I think it's over one hundred now," he replied, as he noticed her examining his face. "I joined the Transfer Force straight after I got my commission."

While Daniel was single, and like most other red blooded males, who had ever seen Kate, was attracted to her. He however had made himself a rule, that he would never mix business with pleasure again and especially with someone who was in the Earth Union Transfer Force. That was just asking for trouble.

"Where are you from? London?" she asked.

"No, I lived in a town called Turo, in the southwest of England, for the last eight years before I joined the army," he replied with a smile on his face.

The small talk continued for the next thirty minutes until it was time to get ready for the afternoon lesson.

"This afternoon we are going to drop you in the deep end, as it were. We are going to show you how the terminals work and then you will take turns in communicating with people on other earths," Kate started the lesson. "Tomorrow we will look into more of the technical aspects of how it all works and in more depth to what can and can't be done."

The people, they would communicate with, had all been preselected and had been informed that some new trainees would be communicating with them. As would be expected, most of the people on these worlds; who believed they communicated with people from another earth, had a pretty weird personality.

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