Ex-Hubby Affair
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Newlywed couple, both married before, have problems with his beliefs on sex, she gets together with ex.

Two years ago George and Sunny were married on July 19th.

Many of his friends and family rejoiced that he had found another love after the tragic death of his first wife. A few thought he was making a mistake. They thought Sunny was white trash because of her mannerisms and the way she dressed. She usually wore outfits that were skimpy and of a style, such as short skirts and levis pants, they assumed country hicks would wear. During the few times she and his family swam together it was revealed that she wore bikinis. They were far from being string bikinis but they were still significantly smaller then the suits worn by his people. She graduated from high school but never took any collage classes. His family and friends were all college graduates. She didn't know many longer words they iked to use. On top of that many times her grammar wasn't correct. She was willing to express her opinions on any subject without always knowing the full details. When asked her opinion on world affairs she expressed her ignorance. She knew just the basics of U.S. affairs such as who was the current President, Vice President and Secretary of State but didn't know many of the cabinet members.

Many friends and family on her side were happy that she had found someone who was a good man. He treated her and her family graciously and was known for being generous, giving to charities and individuals. Her family rejoiced that this time she had found someone who seemed to be almost perfect and someone who could take care of her financially as he owned his own small business.

Each had originally married their high school sweethearts while very young. George's first marriage had been used as an example of what a marriage relationship could and should be by his friends and family. Their marriage of ten years ended tragically when she died of a brain aneurysm. One day she had complained of bad headache and while he had gone to get a pain reliever she died. He came back to find her laying on her side on the couch. When he couldn't wake her he called 911 but by then it was too late. There wasn't anything anyone could do. After watching them try to revive her and failing he asked if he could go in the ambulance but he had to follow them in his car.

Sunny's marriage had been the opposite. Both had been immature and had tended to be jerks; treating people, even friends, with little respect, made bigoted comments about minorities and made fun of people in general. Sunny outgrew the those characteristics, while her husband, Ronny, had grown worse. After six years she couldn't tolerate him anymore and divorced him even though she thought she still loved him.

George was a tall, swarthy man with short black hair and a neatly trimmed full beard. His ocean blue eyes added to his attractiveness. Since he was of Armenian descent he had a wide, elongated nose but in his case it didn't take away from his rugged handsomeness. He worked out regularly therefore looked buff. His voice was into the bass range.

Sunny was a full foot shorter then him with shoulder length dirty blond hair. Sunny fluctuated from being ten pounds to twenty pounds over weight while George stayed a steady five pounds over. She had a nice looking pixie face with green eyes and medium breasts. Her voice was a little on the high side which sometimes sounded on the verge of being whiny when she got excited.

They first met at a dance he attended on one of the very first dates he had gone on after his wife's death. They had literally run into each other in the hallway leading to the bathrooms. They talked for a moment as they sidestepped each other. Next time they met while attending a musical at his church. She had gone because she knew someone in the performance. Before it started, while she was looking for a seat he was going the opposite direction. He said hi and stopped briefly. They talked for a few minutes. Their third meeting was at a concert by an entertainer who sang a mixture of Country, gospel, patriotic and pop songs. She had won tickets to the concert and also to a reception held before the concert. George was at the reception when she arrived. She decided to be daring and go up to him, after all he seemed to be a nice guy and was good looking too. She was pleasantly surprised he remembered her even though it was three months since the musical. After talking a while they decided to sit with each other during the concert but found that their tickets were for specific seats. George invited her to go out for coffee after the concert.

She was felt a little unsure about going out for coffee that late with a guy she hardly knew. She usually didn't do that type of thing and she was a little afraid of what he may want afterwards. He was a gentleman and didn't even hint at wanting to go hers or his place, only asked for her phone number. Afterwards she, despite her earlier feelings, wondered why he hadn't made a pass at her.

He obviously liked her since he called a few days later. They seemed to hit it off immediately, even with the many differences between them. Among which was that she was more vocal and impulsive while he was quiet reserved and tended to think things out before acting. They dated for a few short months then married, amidst rejoicing from both families.

They, because of his morals and values, did not have sex until the wedding night. She would have been Okay with them having sex after the engagement but didn't push it since she didn't mind that he wanted to wait 'til they were married. He really looked like the perfect mate especially after her ex. He was very romantic, considerate and not prone to being mean or acting like a jerk.

Sunny was shocked by what she learned their first night together. She knew that George had came from a subculture that believed sex, even between a man and wife was to be controlled and to be given in to as little as possible. George had patiently explained his values before the wedding so she hadn't been expecting a lot but she was still shocked by how little they did. They consummated their marriage but because of this belief system, she was disappointed as he was not very big on foreplay or variations of sexual positions.

He sucked on her breasts some and fingered her a little to get her body ready for sex. He had no desire to lick her pussy or even for her to suck on him more then a couple of minutes. He didn't mind cuddling afterward, no going for her G-spot, he rubbed her clitoris a little but never licked or sucked it. She was able after much discussion and pleading to get him to lick her and chew on her clitoris once during the honeymoon producing a nice orgasm but it wasn't what she was used to. She was able to have one orgasm during their wedding night fuck because he had sucked on her breasts and used two fingers for a few minutes but it was only one after he had entered her. It hadn't been a bad one but still she was used to three or sometimes more with her ex. The next morning she had wanted sex but he refused. They had consummated their marriage and that was it for the moment.

She still thought of their first night together as special even with her disappointment over their lack of enough sex.

They had been able to spend some time kissing and necking during the reception when they found a dark corner while dancing. After the huge reception they drove four hours to a very nice, very posh hotel set on the beach. The only time she had been in a similarly priced hotel was on the honeymoon with her first husband but even that one had not been as nice as this one. The view from their room was breathtaking. She stood on their balcony, while he tipped the bell hop and started to unpack. Soon she came back in and they kissed and necked some more.

She went into the bathroom to change into something more suitable for the wedding night. She had spent a lot of time trying to decide what to wear the first night as she wasn't completely sure what George liked. She didn't want to go by what her ex-husband liked.

She came out wearing a white form fitting bodice with long white, lacy, gloves. The outfit ended in silk stockings with a black garter belts. The top covered her shoulders even though it was bare under the neck, showing a lot of cleavage. She liked this outfit since it had a touch of class as well as an old fashioned look to it. It was mostly white with the black garter belts, as well as black streaks down the top of the gloves and black trim where her breasts were and more where the very short sleeves ended.

She thought it was breathtaking. From his reaction so did George. He seemed to frown for a moment like he wasn't expecting that type of outfit but it quickly disappeared to be replaced by hunger. He rushed to her and hugged her, kissing her more deeply then ever before. Sunny kissed him back as hard, finally being able to release her hunger for him. She kissed his upper lips then his lower lip then went back and sucked on each. She already knew he was a different kisser then her ex, at times more gentle but at the same time stronger. Her ex tended, to be more forceful. He had always started kissing with force and sticking his tongue in her mouth almost immediately. George didn't, in fact he seemed to not want to French kiss at times. This time he let her force her tongue into his mouth and later to suck on his. She was in heaven being able to kiss him as much and as hard as she wanted.

Finally George backed her to the bed and sat her down. He sat down and they kissed and necked some more. She loved his tongue on her neck, licking it then peppering it with his small kisses. Suddenly he pushed her backward laying on top of her as he smashed his mouth on hers losing control for a moment. He apologized for being so rough after a minute or so.

She looked at him and said, "I don't mind. That wasn't all that rough. I like it that you think I'm so sexy you can lose control."

She had spoken the truth about him not being that rough, her ex had been even rougher at times. And she liked the thought that she could make George lose control.

She decided to show him that loss of control can work both ways. He had slipped off of her and was lying on his side. She flipped over on her side facing him then quickly pushed him onto his back. Immediately Sunny flipped over so that her top was laying across his, then she smashed her mouth against his. He fought for moment then gave in, accepted her tongue and her wild kisses. He even kissed back even harder after a few seconds. She was really getting passionate when she felt something different. She realized his hand was now between them and was slipping down her front. She smiled against his mouth.

Soon he was cupping one of her naked breasts and she heard him sigh passionately as he did. Sunny thought he must be really feeling turned on if he hadn't had sex since his first wife's death over three years ago. She didn't mind if he slacked his built up passion on her. She knew him well enough to know he wouldn't get too carried away. Suddenly he lost control again as he gripped her breasts harder and returned her kiss with even more force, at the same time humping upward against her. She made a noise and he slipped his hand away from her breast and pulled back his head from hers.

He said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to squeeze that hard, I... lost control again."

"You didn't hurt me, I'm used to harder squeezes on my boobs. That was a passion noise I made."

To emphasize her words she grabbed his hand and placed it back on her breast.

"I like your hand there, it's been years since I've had a hand there and I missed it. Your hand is what I want there."

He squeezed again and soon she was laying beside him with her breasts uncovered, as he sucked on a nipple. God she was in heaven it had been too long since a guy had sucked on her like that. Soon after he snaked his hand down in-between her legs and touched her through her outfit. She jumped! It was so sudden. She smiled and nodded for him to continue. He began to gently rub her in swipes all the way from her clit to the end of her outer lips. It felt good but he was being too gentle.

She looked at him and said, "You can do it harder, I'm no virgin."

He looked at her with a strange look and said, "I know you're not a virgin."

"Then you can do it harder."

He said, "but..." paused, shook his head remembering he was doing someone else now, increased the pressure of his fingers. She leaned back a bit, enjoying what he was doing to her, all too soon it ended as he began to unbutton the rest of her negligee. She smiled as she watched him. When George finished he lay there for a moment. She took the hint and slipped out of her outfit including taking off the garter belts and gloves. For a second he seemed to look at her with a disapproving expression as she unsnapped the belts and rolled down the hose. Soon she was naked and lay down on her back with her legs slightly parted to give him a view of everything. He was standing since he had gotten up to help her and now looked down on her. He took in a sudden breath and actually started panting. It was the first time he had seen her naked. His eyes glazed over in lust and desire. He stood there licking his lips. She realized desire was warring against his self control and not just because he didn't want to hurt her by jamming it in but also because he didn't want to lose control. Finally he took a couple steps back and got out of his clothes. She helped him take off his shoes and pulled off his pants as he sat down in a chair. She got back on the bed as he slipped his shirt off. He stood and walked to her.

She looked him over then said, "You forgot something."

He looked at her with a puzzled expression and Sunny pointed at his middle section. He looked down saw that he was still wearing his briefs. He said something that sounded like oops and bent over to slip them down. As he stepped out of them she again looked him over stopping at his middle section. It was the first time she had seen him completely naked and she wanted to see what he looked like. As her gaze dropped low enough to see his hardness pointed toward her she gasped. Sudden desire and thrill shot through her. She wasn't positive but she thought it was larger then her ex's. It had looked so big, but a second look showed it wasn't really that large. She decided it was bigger then Ronny's but not as large as she first thought. She suddenly sat up deciding she wanted to touch and taste it first. She grabbed hold and ran her hand over it, feeling its smoothness and what bumps there were. He jerked as her hand enclosed it and let out a loud groan. She bent more and took it in her mouth but he stepped back as he felt her wetness envelop it.

He said, "Let's not lose too much control."

"But I want to feel you and taste you."

"You can feel me some but you really don't have to taste that part of me."

Sunny didn't want to argue at this stage, so she watched as she slid her fist up and down his shaft. It felt harder and wider than her ex's and she was sure it was. Of course that could be a trick of her memory since it had been three years since she had felt her ex- husband's cock. She felt the whole thing, the head, she ran her finger tips over the skin and she swiped her open hand over his ball sac then gently squeezed them. Her new husband groaned loudly during the whole time and looked like he wanted to tell her to stop playing with his balls. but decided to allow this. She again had an urge to cover it with her mouth but she resisted it not wanting to spoil the moment. She would do that later. Now was for their first fuck.

A minute later she scooted back on the bed far enough so she could lay back and he could climb on top of her. He took one look over her whole body taking in everything. Her legs, her arms, stomach, her breasts and her slit. Next he reached out and softly rubbed her slit for minute then pushed in two fingers. He quickly started fucking motions. And as quickly bent over and began to suck her breasts, first the right one then the left. She groaned. A second later she raised her hips. God that felt good! He stopped after two to three minutes as she was starting to get into it. She looked at him in wonderment and was about to say something about being disappointed when she noticed that he was assuming the position. The right position to fuck her that is.

George climbed onto the bed and onto her. When his hips were above hers he lowered himself to lay on top of her. Her legs were already open to receive him so his cock slipped in between her legs. As he pushed forward he hit her wrong and it seemed for a couple of seconds he had problems finding the right place. It hit her that he, probably subconsciously, was doing it by memory and that it was the memory of another woman. Sunny was a different height with a different size torso then what he had been used to. But a second later those thoughts dissipated as his cock found the right place. She gasped as his head separated her slit's lips. It entered slowly even though she was wet enough and eager enough for him to jam it in. She felt the shaft as it slowly filled up her pleasure hole. There was something to say about entering her slowly after all.

Half way in he suddenly let out a loud, "Ggaaaaaan! NAA!"

He didn't stop but kept going in at the same speed until he hit bottom. She raised her hips again to hump against him once hard then bite her lower lip. It felt good and it had been so long plus there was the double pleasure of being their first fuck.

He rested for a moment then pulled out a bit and pushed it back in gently. He repeated that half a dozen times and then pulled out all the way. She looked at him with puzzlement but he pushed it back in all the way in one push. She groaned as her upper body spasmed. His upper body also jerked driving him in deeper. He let out a gasp-moan and pulled out almost all the way. He immediately shoved it back in less gently and soon had a good rhythm going. She watched his face as it twisted in ecstasy knowing it was her body that was making him feel that way.

All too soon his groans changed sounding like his organism was fast approaching. She couldn't be sure with him but his rhythm also changed to shorter, faster thrusts.

She said, "No, not yet," since her orgasm was just starting to build significantly. It was on its way but still not even close.

He managed to grunt out through clenched teeth, "It'll be Okay."

Half a minute later there was no mistake his climax was very close. She shook her head again not wanting it to be over but George suddenly jammed his shaft in all the way and grunted very loud. She could feel the extra wetness as he spouted and spouted and spouted inside her.

She was starting to feel disappointment then realized he hadn't stopped or even slowed. George was continuing with the speed he had using. He pulled out and thrust back in as hard and fast, quickly returning to the rhythm he had been using. She thought again he was doing what he was used to with his late wife without thinking she may want something different. She liked a rhythm a little faster and harder but this was doing the job quite nicely anyway.

Soon she felt her orgasm building more and something else. There was a wetness dripping down into her butt crack. She wondered what it was at first, sweat maybe, then realized from how sticky it felt that it was his cum. Each time he pulled out it brought gobs of the stuff which had collected at the bottom of her pussy and now was dripping down. She couldn't be sure but from the feel he must have filled her pussy with his man stuff. He would have a lot stored up since it had been years since he had sex with anyone.

Within a minute these and all other thoughts vanished as her ecstasy grew and grew. It was closer and she knew it was going to be good.

After another minute she started chanting, "Oh, God! fuckme fuckme fuckme. Plunge that cock into my wet pussy. Do It! Cum in me my lover!"

He faulted like he was being distracted. It took her a couple seconds to realize it was because of her. He wasn't used to anyone saying those things. She thought he would have to get used to it since that was the way she was. She did tone it down though and his rhythm returned to normal.

He was starting to pant as he kept up the pace and finally he leaned up on his hands and thrust deeper and faster. Her passions increased with his deeper thrusts. He was going deeper then her ex and he seemed to be brushing her G-spot. She began to buck back against him. His thrusts became more frantic and he begun to chant a groan.

A minute later he said let out a loud, "God!" at the same time she said, "Oh, God! Oh God!.

A few seconds later he shoved it in even deeper as he let out a UFFffffGAAANNA." as the first sperm burst forth. He let out another "NNNGGAAA, God" as the second one shot and as the third one shot out he let out a much softer cry.

She felt him coming inside her and that set her off as she cried, "Yes, Oh God NAAAAaaa."

Both jerked as they tried to slam into the other's hips. She relaxed first and but he kept going for a few seconds slamming it in at a slower pace. Finally he too stopped and collapsed on top of her. He breathed deeply for a few seconds as she put her arms around him and hugged.

When she let go of him he slid off and lay next to her. He paused for a moment with his arms toward her then gave a short nod and placed his arms around her. She smiled at him and nodded thereby saying that was what she wanted.

She said, "I love you... That was good."

"I love you too Sunny and it was good."

They went window shopping the next day which was great to do with her new husband even though the morning had been a disappointment. He first husband wouldn't have let her stay horny like that. There were many shops with knickknacks, crafts, and souvenirs, etc. They walked, talked and looked, enjoying the other's presence.

Three days later after trying to convince him and finally after some begging she came up with the idea to say that this was a celebration after all. They should do something different; it went along with it being their honeymoon after all. He finally relented and licked her pussy. Neither his heart nor passion seemed to be in it. At the same time she had a nice climax and he kept it up long enough so that as they fucked she had another orgasm. He refused to do it again. It was giving in too much to the sensual side of man. Sex was Okay for sometimes, when lust got the better of us, but we shouldn't be controlled by it he would say.

That afternoon he said he had a surprise. The other day was for looking today was for shopping. He led her back to some of the shops they had window shopped in. George started picking out pieces and buying them. Every piece was something she had looked at with longing. Since the idea was to just be with each other they had not taken the time to buy and she still had the mind set that half of the things she liked were to expensive. To know what to get now she knew he must have watched her reactions while they were window shopping and had remembered what had attracted her attention and she had especially liked. When they got back to their room she hugged him hard.

After the honeymoon they went to her new home and settled into a routine. She had quit her job two days before the wedding. She had better than usual pay for her assembly line work at a small electronics factory but it didn't compare to what George earned with his business so since she didn't need to work anymore she quit. Her coworkers had a going away party for. They had teased her with asking her about how good a lover her new handsome, rich husband- to- be was and she finally told them she didn't know yet.

Once setteld she soon found out, that he was not perfect. He had three bad habits. He left the lid up on the toilet, he sometimes forgot to take out the trash until it smelled and he had this unreasonable mind set that sex was a sometimes thing, something to be controlled even in marriage. He seemed to be unable to see her point of view on it.

Ronny had been a better lover. He had had a couple other good qualities such as even though he only lowered the lid because his mother had been very strict about that she usually ended up taking out the trash especially toward the end of the week but George said that was his responsibility. Only he forgot at times.

Their first fight, not including their disagreements over sex, came when he caught her reading one his late wife's diaries. It actually wasn't much of a fight since she reacted like she had been caught doing something wrong. Marybeth had kept a diary throughout her life and he had them all. He caught her reading them twice and made it clear, in very stern tones, they were private; even he did not read them. It had been the first time he had come close to yelling at her.

In so many other ways he was a terrific husband, kind, caring, thoughtful. He listened to her even when he didn't take her advice. That was especially true concerning his business. He asked her thoughts and would listen but he then make up his own mind. He was a good provider and not too chinchy either. He didn't over spend on things they didn't really need but he let her buy what she wanted, usually.

He did have a habit of buying her clothes. She would not have minded so much if they weren't all such old fashioned types, very modest. Of course she did look good in two of the outfits. His first wife must have taught him how to pick clothes women look good in rather then what he liked. One of those dresses was mostly black, simple and covered most of her. She called it her Amish outfit. He said that it wasn't Amish because it wasn't all black. There were reds and yellows mixed in which made it really look nice. Most of her friends declared how nice she looked in it. So Sunny wore that dress and a couple of others he bought. Most of the other clothes he bought she only wore around his family and friends. Not that she considered her clothes to be immodest or sluttish in any way but evidently some of them did. She felt like wearing her skimpiest outfits at times but she decided not to around his people for George's sake.

The first year was relatively peaceful and she found George, except in that one area, a better husband then Ronny even during her ex's best times, however during the first six months she became increasingly sexually frustrated. His sexual mores continued to be a conflict in their marriage. She tried to not let her feelings in that area spill over to other areas. They still had arguments, a few times long ones. She did love him and liked being married to him therefore she put up with his few negatives; he was still leaving the lid up and he still sometimes forgot to take out the trash.

The year was like a huge culture shock to both of them. He found living with her was a lot different in comparison to living with his late wife. Not only when it came to sex and some of her clothes but she liked to run around the house in nothing but a T-shirt. She had three shirts she liked to wear and one was so short it left the bottom quarter of her butt visible. At first he had told her to get dressed every time she tried to run around like that but after a while he stopped telling her to get dressed though obviously he still didn't like it. He probably got tried of asking her to dress even though she didn't wear just a T-shirt often. To her way of thinking there was nothing wrong with it since she only wore the shirts when they were alone and it felt comfortable at times.

It had been something of a culture shock for her to but most of the time it was a pleasant shock. Like the house they lived in. It was huge compared to what she was used to growing up. Ronny never had been able to buy a house. One of their own that is. They had lived for a while with her parents and later with his for a few months. George took good care of his house, he had explained that he had had to go through six gardeners before he found one who took care of his landscape the way he wanted it taken care of. It was one of the very few areas where he was strict. She hadn't really seen it until she moved in after they were married. He said that it wasn't proper for her and him to be there alone together. She had gone to a couple of parties he had had but that had been mostly in the family or living rooms and were at night so she couldn't see much of the grounds.

During the period of time they were engage some of her coworkers had been amazed with his attitude about them not being alone in his house, and to a lesser degree of not having sex before marriage. At the going away party Tiffany had stated that if it was her she would have made sure they had had sex in every room of the house before getting married. Sunny had shrugged not knowing what to say.

Another pleasant shock had been their finances. She had to keep reminding herself of how much more money they had. There was the time he had come home and she was clipping coupons.

He watched her for a couple moments then asked, "Do you enjoy doing that?"

She thought that was a strange question but had answered with, "It can be relaxing but I don't know about really enjoying it."

"Oh, I was wondering since my first wife never did that."

She had looked at him wondering if that was a rebuke. "You know I am not opposed to saving money and if you like clipping coupons or want to do it for relaxation go ahead but you really don't have to."

She looked at him again still not sure if he was upset or making fun of her.

Then he smiled and said, "If you want to keep your old habits that's Okay with me. I figured there are better things to do with your time."

She finally realized what he was getting at and had thrown some of the coupons at him, in mock anger. George had smiled at her so she had gotten up and rushed to him with a fake attack. He had grabbed her wrists and said something she couldn't remember but it had to with her being cute and then he kissed her.

He had surprised her greatly by taking her right there on the floor. It was one of the few times they made love out of their usual routine. He kept kissing her, suddenly reaching under her T-shirt that she had been wearing with panties. Soon George slipped the shirt up around her neck and once her breasts were out he stared at them. Seconds later he was sucking on her breasts while reaching between her legs to caress her clit through her underwear. He only did both for a few short minutes then gently laid her down. George quickly pulled off her panties then undressed while looking at her. He was huge, seemingly bigger then usual but that could have been the light. He knelt down and resumed sucking her nipples, going back and forth every few seconds. His hand went back in between her legs, his fingers finding her slit very easily, as she groaned in surprise. A minute or two of sucking on her nipples along with rubbing the inner walls of her slit then he was on top and inside her. He came thirty seconds after she did.

Afterwards he lay next to her and talked about how sexy her breasts were. He let his hand roam her body. She almost had another climax just by his loving gentle touch. She loved the memory of that day. Not because the sex had been great. It was good but had gone by too fast for her. What she thought special was the intimacy and his love for her it had shown. They hardly ever did anything like that even though usually he would cuddle after sex. She knew he knew about that since Marybeth had like doing it. Sunny had read that in one of her dairies.

Another time when they had sex outside of the usual routine wasn't as happy a memory for her. She had been woken in the middle of the night with him climbing on top of her. She had been wearing a short nighty with no panties and he had just pulled up the skirt. She was completely awake by the time he was sticking it in her. For a second she thought it was a burglar raping her then was surprised it was George. He didn't say anything or even feel her up as usual he just stuck it in. She was wet because she had been having an erotic dream so there was no problem with his hard shaft going in. He still didn't say anything just fucked her then slipped off and assumed his sleeping position. Sunny wondered if he had done it all in his sleep. He might have heard her moans and his subconscious had taken over. Two things about that event disturbed her. The first was that by his movements and sounds he made she thought he had been making love to Marybeth not to her. The fact that he didn't say anything about it the next day confirmed that in her mind. This was also supported by the fact that every so often, at the beginning, of their marriage he would let out a very soft sigh she wasn't supposed to hear and he had a sad look on his face for a few seconds. She supposed he was remembering Marybeth. The second thing that disturbed her was that she had been dreaming about sex with someone else. She had done that before but this time it was different-- it had been more real and she felt all the guy had been doing to her.

Not all of her mistakes ended that wonderfully. There was another time when she had almost made a fool of her self, in public. They were out shopping for clothes together and he wanted to buy this expensive suit. It was nice looking on him but she saw the price tag and out of habit said no way. He had looked at her with a puzzled look and said he was going to get it. She hissed at him and said in a very angry whisper that it was going to bust the budget, that he didn't need something that expensive. He tried to explain that it was for his business and yes he did need something like this for the business. She interrupted him as he was trying to explain that customers, clients and salespeople he dealt with would respond better when he looked the part. Sonny had gotten angrier and thought he was being selfish. She was ready to start yelling even out in public. He was starting to get exasperated when suddenly he understood the problem. He next tried to patiently explain that he knew what their budget was and that he had already budgeted the money for this suit. Finally he had had to remind her what his income was. Sonny's mouth had dropped open; she said "Oh God". She had felt so much like a fool that she had wanted to go home so she could hide. She could tell he was angry even though he was trying to look patient and understanding. Later on the way home she thought she heard him whisper to himself something about Marybeth never doing anything like that.

On their one year anniversary he gave her a dozen long stem roses and took her out to the fanciest restaurant in town, very plush, and expensive. Once they got home they had sex and she was able to persuade him to lick her pussy again. Sunny used the same arguments as on their honeymoon: this was a special celebration and she really wanted it. This time she got the feeling he did it more to get her to stop bugging him then to please her but she accepted it anyway. He didn't do as good a job as he could have but she still ended up with one orgasm while he was licking. He continued licking for another minute then spent some time sucking on her breasts and finger fucking her. When she was ready and beginning to get close to another climax they had intercourse. He again had two orgasms inside her. Obviously he was very horny again, and as on their honeymoon his second one was at the same time as hers. As she came down from that climax she hugged him tightly whispering how much she loved him in his ear. He returned the love words, expressing how much of a blessing finding her was.

After they were done he gave her a special card. It had a very nice saying on it but also an added text that he wrote. That included a short poem he had written for her. At first look tears came to her eyes because it showed how much he loved her even after the sometimes tough year they had had. She spent a few seconds thinking about those happy and not so happy times as she again read the poem he had written. This time tears of a different type came to her eyes for guilt suddenly grew in her heart. She had to turn away from him to keep him from seeing what was on her face.

She still couldn't understand why she had done what she had done six months ago. Well, actually she had some idea why but it still didn't make it any easier to accept. What she had done was the reason her sexual frustrations had almost gone away, at least for a few weeks. That had been good but it was the only thing that was good about the situation. The thing that got her the most was that she had done the same thing twice and probably would again. That knowledge hurt but it wasn't enough to stop her.

It had started six months ago when she had happened to see her ex. She hadn't seen Ronny since over a year before her marriage to George. As she was eating lunch at a deli located in a mall she liked to shop at there he was. She had almost swallowed a too big of piece of the sandwich she was eating. She didn't know if she should wave to him or not. It would be nice to see how he was doing but he could cause a scene too.

After going back and forth a couple times he came into the deli and she decided it was too late anyway so she did wave. He came over and sat down. Instead of creating a scene or putting her down he was nice. They talked of the good old times they had had. He then turned the conversation to sex. How good their sex life had been. He said he still thought about it and even dreamed now and then about how good it had been. He, in a lower voice, even admitted to masturbating sometimes after those dreams. As he talked she had gotten wet remembering those good times and her frustration had grown because she still wasn't having enough sex. It wasn't that the sex with George was bad, she did after all usually have one medium climax, but it wasn't any where near what she had been used to. Or the type she had been used to. Now with Ronny reminding her her body was responding. They talked about their first time, when both had been virgins and how the honeymoon had been. She had gotten more and more aroused. She thought that Ronny had known it but ignored the warning in her mind. They had gone on to talk of other things but she was still aroused. After an hour of talking he invited her over to his place, to talk more about what they had been doing he had said. She knew what he really wanted and part of her mind said no way but she told him yes she would like that.

He walked her to her car probably to make sure she didn't change her mind. When they got there he commented on how nice it was. She liked that car. It was pastel yellow unlike some of the brighter yellows most cars were. Plus it had a fake leather interior that went with the outside color. It wasn't a Mercedes nor even a Volvo or Cadillac but it was nice. George had gotten it for her during their third month of marriage. They had gone looking for one for her and found this one at the third dealer. They decided to look at it more carefully and ended up in the salesman's office. She liked it and it had everything he wanted: the safety features, etc., plus it was a buyback so he could get a good deal on it. When the salesman gave the price she almost gaped at him, and immediately became a little depressed. No way could they get that car. She knew about restricting oneself to a budget since she had been doing that most of her life and most of her married life to boot. Her husband kept talking to the salesman and soon it sounded like they were dickering. The guy came down in the price $500 dollars. George said, "We'll take it."

Her mouth dropped open in surprise as she turned to him. He must have been expecting that reaction for he turned his head slightly and said, "Close your mouth honey it makes you look provincial."

He smiled as he said it so she knew he was teasing her but she did close her mouth with a snap. Afterward as they waited for the car to be driven around to them they talked. He assured her they could afford it. They couldn't buy something like that every couple of months but once every two or three years would be Okay.

She had explained to her ex that it was fake leather inside and it was a buyback so it had been cheaper then it looked. He was impressed though saying that it was still something he would never be able to get. He gave her directions to his place and she drove over there. She had to wait for him, since he had had to walk back to where he had parked his car and he must have driven slower then she had. She almost drove away at one point as she thought about what she was about to do but something stopped her.

God, she wished she had now. Her conscience usually didn't bother her this much when she thought about it because if her husband wasn't so backwards in his thinking about sex she wouldn't have done it. She had been extremely sexually frustrated when Ronny had found her. It had been the same the next two times, her frustration had built up again and she had needed some release

On that fateful day she had gone into his apartment and they had talked. He had offered her some beer saying it was the only thing he had to drink. It was a type she liked so she had two cans as they chatted about old times and more about what each had been doing since they last saw each other. She described the wedding and some of her reactions to certain members of George's family. He had nodded sympathetically.

Finally when her second beer was two-thirds done he had started talking again about the sexual good times they had together. He again repeated how good it had been that they had taken each other's cherries. Even with the divorce he was glad she was his first. To make a point she had stood up. While she was still standing he switched the conversation back to explaining how much she still turned him on. In his dreams and his fantasies he could see her naked writhing under him in ecstasy. Her mind supplied her with pictures from the actual times she had been under him and she was wet again. All of his talk had aroused her even more then she had been, as she thought about what she had been missing because of her husband's views.

Suddenly he took three steps closer to her as he described what he liked about her body. She froze standing there as he moved closer and closer. Finally he reached out and gently touched her face caressing it the way she liked. He slowly leaned closer and kissed her. She didn't kiss back she was paralyzed. She couldn't tell him to stop or to back off. He kissed her again then licked and nibbled on her chin moving slowly to her ear. Once there he lightly chewed on her ear lobe. Hers were extra long and she loved it when he took them in his mouth nibbling. Her new husband had never done that, he didn't even know she loved it and it turned her on like nothing else except actually touching her boobs or her slit.

He chewed on both ears and she still didn't move even though her panties were getting wet. After a few minutes he began to unbutton her blouse. She still didn't protest. When he got down to the last button he reached both hands up the back of her blouse and quickly unsnapped her bra. He caressed her back as he pulled his hands out. He kissed her again and this time her body responded even though her conscious mind was still debating. Part of her mind was yelling at her to leave now but she couldn't. She realized later that was because she had wanted Ronny to do what he was doing. That had been the real reason she had come to his place.

Soon, all too soon, her conscious mind got in the act and after a couple more hard tongue kisses she took off her blouse and bra. His eyes opened wide as her breasts came into view and desire blossomed in his expression.

He said, "God, I've been dreaming of those, so much of a turn on. I've got to touch them."

As he reached out to touch them she felt like she did the first time they had had sex. Sunny had felt shy, proud and erotic all at the same time. She had been only seventeen and even though she wore skimpy outfits sometimes showing her breasts to a man for sex was so different she thought she had blushed and almost had covered them back up. Now she was feeling the same shyness as well as erotic feeling.

Ronny massaged her breasts. He moaned as he did. He was gentle at first but as passion gripped him he got a little rough. Suddenly he let one hand drop and leaned over taking one nipple in his mouth. She almost jumped from the suddenness of it and thought wait, she hadn't said he could do that but the feeling was so excruciating that she ignored that thought and groaned. He did the right one then switched to the left one going back and forth every few seconds. He gently chewed on the nipples as well as licking the aureoles the way she liked. Her current husband didn't know she liked that either even though he did a good job of sucking her breasts. If only he did a good job with everything sexual she wouldn't be here now she thought before she gave herself over to the pleasure Ronny was producing.

Soon after those last thoughts she allowed her ex to push her back to the bed. Once her back legs touched it she sat down and reached for his pants. As she undid his button and zipper she glanced at his face and by his smile she knew she was about to do what he wanted and he had been waiting for. She pushed his pants down and then took hold of his boxers and slipped them down.

Sunny watched his cock as it sprang back up and licked her lips in anticipation. After looking at that pleasure giving tool for a couple of moments she opened her mouth and moved her head forward engulfing it. She took it in half way before she shut her mouth and began to suck. She sucked hard, since she knew he liked it hard and fast. After a minute of him groaning louder and louder she pulled back slipping her mouth off then pushed forward going down even further. She fucked his shaft with her mouth for a while going up and down fast. As she did she tried to scrape the edges of the head with her teeth each time she pulled back and pushed forward. A couple of times she winced as she scuffed it harder then she meant to but he moaned longer. He liked it a little rough. Finally, as he approached his climax, she stopped the movement of her head and chewed on the head. When he was close he loved her biting that part of his manhood. She even bit hard twice but instead of complaining his body jerked in convulsions. He almost jerked his cock out of her mouth but she managed to hold on to it with her teeth. He liked that too. She debated for a moment whether or not to let him cum in her mouth when suddenly the head of his cock jerked. She had time to think too late when she felt a wet blob hit the side of her mouth, quickly followed by another and another. The jerking of his shaft moved him around in her mouth so that the slit on top was aimed at different parts of her mouth. The third blob slid down the back of her throat almost causing her to gag. By the time he was done she had to swallow some of the man stuff but she decided not to swallow all of it. When he was done and his cock started to shrink she popped him out of her mouth and half mumbled "gotta go" as she hurried to his bathroom.

Once there she closed the door and grabbed some toilet paper. She spat what was left in her mouth into the paper and threw it in the toilet. She repeated that three times but she felt like there was still some coating her teeth and tongue. She used a glass he had in there and rinsed out her mouth three times. She sat for a moment wondering why she had spat it out, she had swallowed his cum many times over the years of their marriage after all. Finally deciding it was a quirk of her conscience or some part of her mind that wasn't going to let her totally surrender to him. She flushed the toilet and went back to him. She apologized saying she had suddenly needed to pee.

He nodded and moved over to her. He again caressed her boobs. He was completely naked and so was she. He led her back to the bed and laid her down again. She almost got back up but still felt the need for more sexual release. Soon he placed a hand between her legs and slowly inserted two fingers into her most sensitive hole. There was no protest so he pushed it in further and easily found her G-spot. He began to rub it while sucking on one nipple. Ecstasy immediately rushed over her like she hadn't felt in years. That was what she had been wanting. Soon her back was arching upward and she tried to jam her pussy around his fingers. He liked the humping she did when she reached this stage. She couldn't help it; a part of her took over and she said things and did things like humping automatically.

Soon she was gasping as she tried not to groan too loud. Another attempt not to give in to him completely she thought later. At the moment though no rational thoughts came to her mind as her pussy took over her body. Another raise of her hips and she came. She jerked and cried out in pleasure as her boobs shook again.

As she relaxed he climbed on top of her and before she could say anything placed his cock at the opening of her pussy. She did have a short fight with herself but she didn't want to protest so she allowed him to push it in all the way to the hilt. Both let out groans as he did. He let her adjust to him for a few seconds then started fucking her in a steady fast rhythm. She was a little taken back by the speed but she had been wet enough so that it hadn't hurt or anything like that, in fact it had felt good but she had wanted one last chance to debate with herself whether to let him or not. Like when he came in her mouth he hadn't given her any warning.

Soon those thoughts disappeared as his thrusts into her produced stronger and stronger feelings.

She heard herself say, "fuck me! Jam that hard cock deep into my pussy."

He increased his speed as her groans grew louder. Within a minute he was starting to thrust in deeper showing that his climax was starting to build. He continued with his thrusts and grunts and moans. Her body reacted like it used to when they were married. Sunny could feel her climax building but by his sounds and rhythm he would reach his first.

Again she found herself shouting, "fuckMEEE! Get that hard thing in me faster."

Just like she used to do and not like she had been able to do with her husband. She had gotten a little tried of restricting herself when they made love.

In another minute he began to really thrust in using his hips to shove his hardness in as far as it could go and his speed increased dramatically. Soon after as he shoved in extra hard he grunted very loud and she felt something wet in her pussy.

She felt a second something hit the inside of her pussy as Ronny groaned and bucked into her hard and fast.

She cried out, "Don't stop."

He didn't as he kept thrusting in and out of her even as his shaft softened. Quite a few seconds later she reached the peak of her sexual delight. And it was a large one. She screamed out and bucked against him.

When she was done he stopped moving and lay there for a moment breathing.

She said, "Thank you for not stopping."

"I aim to please."

That was not what he had said during the last months of their marriage. He seemed to be back to who he had been when they had first married who she always thought of him as. He flipped off of her. There was no cuddling but they lay next to each other for a while. She was thinking that she should get dressed and leave but for some reason didn't. Finally she decided to get up for sure when he got on his side and started licking a nipple then a hand snaked down to her hips and soon found her sensitive opening. He also massaged her clit the way she liked it. She decided to enjoy those feelings a bit longer. Ronny kept it up for a few minutes, causally rubbing her clit and pussy while lightly sucking on each nipple. As her euphoria built and built he kept it up until he stopped and rearranged himself so that he could suck on her slit again. Sunny knew he didn't mind tasting a cream pie made from his own stuff. He sucked on her clit while at the same time reaching up and tweaking one of her nipples. He hadn't done that very often but she liked it. George had never done it.

He kept it up for a while but then she repositioned herself so she could suck on him. She liked 69 since it enabled her to give pleasure as well as receive it. She wished it was George instead of Ronny but this was a whole lot better then nothing. Finally she had to stop her sucking and licking as she thrashed her way through another orgasm. As soon as she relaxed he moved her up to her hands and knees. It didn't take long for her to realize he wanted to do it doggie fashion. She hadn't done it that way since the last time they had had sex so she wanted it too. She spread her legs to allow him in easier and he moved forward on his knees until she felt him poke her. A second later the head of his cock moved and she knew he was positioning himself correctly. Another second she felt her slit's lips being spread as he thrust forward slowly. He went all the way in without stopping since she was still aroused and well lubricated by his and her juices. She moaned in ecstasy as he bottomed out and he let out a gaaaaaa sound.

He stayed that way for a few moments until she started moving fucking him. She kept it up for a while but then he couldn't take any more and began his own fucking. They kept it up for a short time. It was his third climax so he lasted and lasted. After a few minutes they moved again and she ended up on top, sitting on his lap with his hardness inside her. She looked down on him with joy and ecstasy in her eyes as he grabbed hold of her boobs to squeeze them as she rocked back and forth.

Guilt threatened her joy as she looked down on her ex-husband.

She thought, Yes I know I'm doing wrong but this is one of my favorite positions and I haven't been able to do it for years. George never wants to do anything extra like this. If he would just bend some when it came to sex and while he is at it stop comparing me to Marybeth.

She started rocking and as the feelings intensified she ignored the guilt and other thoughts that came to mind. She rocked harder enjoying the pleasure she was producing and enjoying the way Ronny squeezed her breasts. He sometimes got a little rough, squeezing in a way that would normally be too hard but at this moment she didn't care. She rocked and bounced up and down. She cried out to him to fuck her and he jammed upwards as she came down. As they continued this time she was the one that climaxed first. She started groaning early and continued her rocking with desperation. After what seemed like an eternity it hit and she screamed her joy. God, that was the biggest one yet, bigger then the last three times her and Ronny had had sex, obviously bigger then anything she had experienced with her husband.

After she came down from the sexual high she decided that this time he wasn't cuming in her.

She said, "I got something special for you."

She lifted herself till he popped out and positioned his cock until her clit was over it then began to rock again. He had liked it the very few times they had done this when they were married so she had decided to do it now as a way to get him to be outside her when he came. That made what she said only half a lie since she didn't do it as a reward as she had made it sound.

After another couple of minutes of rocking she was almost there again and he was screaming his thrills. Soon he squeezed her breasts hard and jammed himself against her and shouted a GAAaaaannnnaaaAAAA!!! Sunny felt him squirt out his sperm as he came, making a mess on his stomach but he wouldn't care about that. She kept up her rocking and came one last time herself.

It had been a smaller orgasm but still a nice way to finish their sex session. After resting a few minutes she had gotten dressed and told him it was nice but she had to run. He said it had been good and he understood that she had to get home to her new husband. She wasn't sure how he meant that. Was it a jab at her or was he jealous of George? Or what? On her way out he asked if they could see each other again. She said they might see each other about town again.

Once home it what she had done hit her and tears came to her eyes. At the same time she rationalized that this would make her a better wife. She would be more relaxed now and less argumentative about sex and other things. She took a shower to make sure she was clean in case tonight would be one of their infrequent sex sessions and so George would see nothing on her that would make him suspicious.

That evening and for the next few days she was more relaxed and she didn't bug him about sex nearly as much. She had been becoming more irritable, now she was back to her normal self. He noticed that she seemed to have some moments when she was sad, like something was bothering her but they didn't last long.

Three months later she ran into her ex again. It was when she was again feeling very sexually frustrated. They talked much like the last time and when he invited her to his place for more talking and a beer she accepted. He approached her as he had the last time with the same results except that she didn't freeze more then a minute this time. It was a repeat of the sexual session they had the first time except she made sure he didn't come in her mouth and she ended up on top sooner. Two and a half months later she saw him again and again it was a repeat of the first time. Again she didn't allow her to come in her at all and they spent considerably less time with him on top of her and she spent less time in his apartment having sex. They did it twice again. Her conscience seemed to be picking certain things to make a big deal about. It was almost as if even though it lost the big battle it was still making itself felt in any way it could.

That all led up to her sudden intense guilt feelings on their first anniversary. She had rationalized her sexual high jinx with her ex but obviously not as thoroughly as she had thought. She still enjoyed the dinner and the flowers but what her George said on that card got to her. Even later when he gave in to her and licked her love lips she wasn't able to enjoy it as she expected. She knew she would give it to her ex in the future when her frustration built again, it was as if she went through a time warp and became a teenager when they got together. This time after the sex they didn't cuddle as much as usual for she ended up turning over to go to sleep. Or so it was supposed to look. What she really did was cry softly. She loved her new husband. He was a nice guy who deserved better then what she was giving to him. Maybe she didn't love him enough. Sunny decided that there was one thing she could do that might show her how to love him more.

The next year was much of the same, their relationship grew but they still had disagreements about sex and she kept having sex with her ex. In fact the frequency of the sex sessions grew. It was two and half months the next time, then two months twice and then one month. Finally she ended up having sex with him twice in one month then three times in one week. At the end of that week her conscience was bothering her big time again. The weeks following their anniversary her guilt had died down again as she rationalized that it was mostly his fault but now she knew it was more then that. She had to talk to someone so she called her best friend. A woman she had known for years and who Sunny knew would keep anything personal between them.

George was home when she called but he was busy upstairs while she was using the phone in the living room. Her friend, Mary, answered the phone and after a couple of minutes of catching up Sunny got to the purpose of the call, explaining what she had done with Ronny.

Mary was incredulous, responding with, "You cheating??! And with your ex?! First of all, how can you cheat on George, your husband is almost perfect. I have a good marriage to a good man but I get jealous sometimes when you talk of George. Second, cheating with your ex?! The man's a total one hundred percent, Grade A jerk how could you have sex with him again?"

Sunny bristled at first, something rising in her at Mary's description of Ronny but she ignored that and said in a wailing tone, "I don't know, but he may be finally growing up. He treats me with respect when we get together and he always makes sure I have a good time."

"So that makes it alright?!!"

"No," She took a breath then said, "I know he can be a jerk, but he's good at sex."

Mary said in an incredulous tone again "This is all about him being good at fucking??!!"

"No-Yes. I mean sort of. It's a long story."

"Then tell me it, the whole thing. I want to understand how you could cheat on your wonderful husband."

Sunny did that, explaining what George and his family thought of sex and how she had been disappointed on their wedding night since all he would do basically was fuck in one position. She told of her growing sexual frustrations and of meeting Ronny that day.

"He set you up."


"Ronny, it's obvious that he was looking for you that day. Someone may have known you were frustrated and told him."

"Yes, I figured that out already but it doesn't change anything. I'm still hooked on him when I'm sexually frustrated. I don't know what to do."

"You really want some advice?"

"Yes, If you have any. I called to vent. I needed someone to talk to about it. It's so frustrating some times I can barely stand it. I don't want to lose George. I don't want to hurt him. I've almost told him twice. And when we went to bed on our anniversary I felt like crying my self to sleep."

"Anniversary?? That was almost a year ago. You've been cheating that long?"

"Yes," she said in a wailing voice again.

They talked some more, eventually said bye and hung up. Sunny wasn't sure if that helped, Mary hadn't had any advice except to say she should end it but at least she was able to confide in someone instead of holding it in.

The next couple of months things went as they had been. She noticed that George became moody for a few days in the weeks after she had the conversation with Mary. She tried to ask if his business was doing Okay but all he would say is that it was doing good. Not as good as it had been at certain times but still good. She asked if some one in his family was sick but he said all were healthy and doing good. His answers were always short and to the point. He managed to break through the moodiness and life went on. George had some evening meetings which were unusual for him but their sex life stayed the same. And her cheating increased. It was now more then once a month.

Their second anniversary approached and George said he had a surprise for her. One she would like. They were going on a trip to a special romantic spot. A honeymoon resort. It was their second anniversary but he thought it would still be good to get away for some romance. The resort was in the mountains and she always liked going to the mountains.

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