Master PC: Discovering the Dream
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, DomSub, Rough, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Matt is reclaiming his sanity after a hard life, and is being given a chance to reshape the world. Now, he must deliver due punishment to those who tormented him, and maybe receive a few opportunities to bring pleasure into what had been a dark life.

It had haunted him for months now, thoughts of it chasing around inside of his tortured mind. He could scarcely think of anything else; it had become his obsession, his one and only desire in life. It was consuming him, devouring his being from the inside out.

Master PC.

A simple universe online, in which tens of stories had been written within. A universe which thousands of young teens used to power their fantasies.

Yet, for one person, that universe was as real as the air he breathed. Of course, he also believed aliens abducted him nightly, and that the world outside of his mind did not exist. For Matthew Harris, a belief in a program that would let him control his reality was as normal as normal could be. He ran searches on the Usenet servers, peer to peer programs, and webpage search engines for it daily. He also offered to clean out people's attics and basements so that he could check around for left behind CDs, as well as buying any disc he spotted at a garage sale. He had spent thousands of dollars of his hard earned money trying to locate a copy of it, with absolutely no success.

Recently, he had been given extra incentives to search even harder for the elusive program. His psychologist was threatening to commit him if he kept throwing away his medications. Matt continued to persist in his refusal however; he firmly believed he was sane. After all, they had given him various doses of Thiothixene, Trifluoperazine, Fluphenazine, and Halperidol (to name just a few), and none of them had worked. If four antipsychotics didn't take care of his problems, then he obviously wasn't psychotic, right? If he could just get his hands on Master PC, he could set his psychologist and all of his doubters straight.

He was just beginning his fifth Usenet search of the day for Master PC when his phone rang. Annoyed that someone would dare to interrupt his important business, he grabbed the cordless off of its base station.

"Hello? Who is it?" He asked in a deep grumble as switched the device on. He held it just slightly away from his face, so that any low level mind control signals wouldn't affect him. After all, who knew when aliens or the government might be trying to get rid of him somehow?

"Matthew, I have what you're looking for."

Matt's blood began to run cold. Could it possibly be true, after all this time? He couldn't dare hope.

"Be more specific." He had meant to sound calm and rational, but judging by the very high pitched squeak in his voice, he had failed miserably.

"For years now you have desired Master PC. What would you do to have it?"

Matt could swear his heart had stopped, and yet he could still hear something pounding away inside of his ears. His stomach had dropped to somewhere in the vicinity of his groin, and he had no idea where his balls had scampered off to. Just a moment ago he had been perfectly relaxed, and now he was covered in cold sweat.

"Anything," was his simple answer, "anything."

"For your dear program, I will request only one thing. You see, I am the ruler of a section of Eternity... what you might call the afterlife. There are no gods, not really... but there are dynamics to this reality that you cannot understand. Currently, two factions... mine and another... are engaged in combat. One of the regions in dispute is your universe... therefore, we have agreed to let it handle its own affairs, so that we have less to worry about. But I do not wish to surrender all my power over your universe. So I need a loyal agent within it to help me... someone who owes me greatly. That is where you come in. I will give you absolute power over your reality... over your universe... in exchange for your aid. I might not need it for years... for thousands of years for all I know. I just need you to remember your debt to me."

"Yes, yes..." Matt whispered, "... anything. Anything."

"Then here it is."

With that, the phone went dead. But Matt wasted no time in attempting further communication... Master PC had just been opened on his desktop. Everything else was now secondary. He almost forgot to breathe while he stared at the display.

It was a very simple program. Exactly what Matt would have requested it to be. It was only a text input box with a 'send command' button below it, but that was all he needed. His thousands of plans rolled around in his head as he contemplated the power he now held quite literally before his fingertips.

He had been thinking about his first command for quite a while now. Now matter how much he believed he was sane, there was always some lingering doubt within his mind. Why did no one else believe what he believed? Now, he had a way to prove to himself forever the truth.

Thus, his first command was merely 'make me sane.' He hoped that it would suffice without a medical definition of sane, but he was pretty sure it would; the interface proved it was most definitely created from his mind, and would therefore understand him.

When he moved his cursor over the send command button and clicked on it, it was as if a sledgehammer had suddenly impacted with his face.

He realized that for the last ten years he had been living in denial. Burying his troubles beneath layers of fantasy. Denying that his father had beaten him until he was eighteen. Refusing to remember how he had brutally murdered his father, and how the courts had declared it self defense even though he had stabbed his father seventeen times. Not understanding how the radio station he was working at was using him as a crazy loon, portraying him in a bad light while letting him believe he was just being given a chance to express himself over the air. Not remembering the forbidden love he and his sister had shared as children, nor how she had committed suicide when she fell into a deep state of depression. It was more than anyone could possibly take. No wonder he had gone insane.

He fell out of his chair, balling up under his desk. He could feel tears streaming down his cheeks freely, the first ones he had allowed himself to shed in years. Every person that abused him, every person that had humiliated him... they were flooding his mind. There were too many of them! How... why... how could anyone have done this to him? How could his life have become terrible?

His tears slowed as he imagined all of them. He could do anything he wanted. This world was his now.

A sadistic grin twisted his face. They would all pay. They would pay dearly, and he would eventually control them all. They would live to rue the day they had crossed his path.

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