Like Mother, Like Daughter
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by Gary Johns

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elaine is a lonely housewife that finds love in the arms of a black man.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Interracial   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Size  

Elaine Simon sat on her porch on a warm Sunday afternoon, watching her two children play in a large, homemade sandbox. Little Jimmy, with the red hair like his father, was four and his brother, Todd, who looked more like her, was almost two. Both boys were rambunctious, with Jimmy being the type "A" personality of the two and always wanting to get his own way. It seemed that she was constantly scolding him for taking things from his younger brother. It was a chore keeping up with the two them, especially working ten-hour days at the law firm where she was a paralegal. It would have helped if the children's father were around some of the time. As it was, it seemed like she was a single parent.

John, Elaine's husband, traveled across the country for his engineering company, testing structural integrity and building bridges. He was away for weeks at a time; much of it spent in California where the company was re-building a bridge that was destroyed in a flood. On his current trip, he had been away for several weeks, but was supposed to come home next week.

While he always complained about the travel and long hours, lately Elaine was beginning to think that he preferred to be away from home. His reluctance to be home seemed to have started after Todd was born. Nowadays, even when he was home, John often acted preoccupied and didn't seem to have time for her or the children anymore. And, while his job had always been important to him, it literally took all of his time now. Unfortunately, their personal relationship and sex life had suffered greatly.

It hadn't always been like that though. The two of them had met in high school and fell in love. They had continued to date through college. It took John five years to finish but Elaine had stayed with him and, much to her parent's disapproval, they married the following year.

Elaine's Mom thought that she could do better than John. It seemed that John and her had gotten off on the wrong foot from the very beginning and it had only gone down hill in the years since.

However, Elaine was happy to say that financially, John had proved her mother wrong. They had a nice house in an upper middle class neighborhood and belonged to a country club. They had delayed having children until they were more financially stable. However, now at 35 with two young children, Elaine wondered if waiting had been a good idea. They would be in their fifties when the children finally went off to college. Some of her friends were still in their forties and their children were already in college, leaving them young enough to enjoy being "empty-nesters".

Elaine sighed as she watched Jimmy steal a sand shovel from his brother. "Jimmy, give it back," she said, giving her son a perturbed look. When he didn't respond she got up and scolded him, giving the shovel back to his brother. She was still bending over the sandbox when she heard a whistle from behind. She stood up quickly and spun around. Her face turned bright red when she saw the attractive black man standing with his hands on his hips and a big smile on his face.

Derrick James had worked with Elaine for the past two years. He was a young, black and upcoming attorney for the law firm, Billings, Bradley and Murphy where they both worked. Elaine's job was to support him and two other attorneys by preparing legal briefs and keeping track of their court dates... which was no easy task. All of the attorney's she worked for could be very demanding. However, of the three, Derrick was by far the nicest. He was handsome, with bright white teeth that almost sparkled when he smiled. He was tall, at six foot three, and had the build of a football player at two hundred and twenty pounds. In fact, he had played football for his college before going on to law school. He graduated at the top of his class. He turned thirty several months ago.

"Wow, I've never seen you wear those shorts to work," Derrick said teasingly.

Elaine was still blushing when she said, "You're early." She had planned to change into something a little more appropriate before he got there. He had caught her wearing a tee shirt and pair of old and very tight white shorts. "I'll go change."

"You don't need to do that for me," Derrick smiled as he appraised the pretty woman.

Elaine self-consciously brushed her short hair back and tried to control the little tremor of excitement that was suddenly coursing through her. At work, there had always been an underlying sexual tension that neither of them had acknowledged. This was the first time they had met outside of the office and it felt strange.

Derrick stood with his hands on his hips and stared at Elaine.

Elaine was shocked when she felt her nipples harden. She saw Derrick's eyes drop to her chest. Suddenly she felt the urge to cross her arms over her chest. However, that would have made her discomfort obvious. She wished that she had changed earlier.

Normally Elaine was immaculately dressed. She took great pride in her appearance. She was five foot two and trim, and had a good shape, even after having two children. Sometimes she found it difficult to find clothes that fit her and in fact, often shopped in the junior's section of clothing stores. If a dress fit her around the hips, it was too tight at the top. Her breasts were already large but after two children they had grown by several cup sizes. Still, they sagged very little and she could go without a bra when she wanted to. Her legs and rear were her best assets and she worked hard in her basement gym to keep them that way. That took quite an effort after gaining thirty-five pounds during both pregnancies. Beyond that, Elaine knew she had a pretty smile and that her large blue eyes contrasted well with her short black hair and almost milky white skin.

Derrick saw that Elaine was embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry I embarrassed you. But you look great. I didn't exactly get dressed up myself," he said, pointing to the fact that he had on a sleeveless shirt and a pair of jogging shorts with running shoes. "I lost track of time on my afternoon jog and didn't have time to change."

Elaine found her eyes scanning down Derrick's body. His dark skin still glistened from his jog and his white shirt was wet with sweat. He had on a pair of jogging shorts that were very short on his thighs. The muscles in his strong legs were well-defined... attesting to his regular ten-mile jogs. In spite of her embarrassment, Elaine's eyes lingered on the crotch of Derrick's shorts. A tremor went through her when she saw a very noticeable bulge there. When she glanced up, she saw him staring at her. "Uh... I'll get the briefs," she stammered. "Can you watch the boys for a minute?"

"Love too."

Elaine turned and hurried into the house. She paused once inside to catch her breath. She couldn't believe the affect Derrick was having on her. Sure they often bantered with sexual overtones at work but the feelings that went through her today were different. She willed her beating heart to slow down as she hurried to her office to find the legal brief she had finished typing for Derrick.

When Elaine returned to the porch, she paused at the screen door. She saw Derrick sitting on the side of the sandbox playing with the two boys. They seemed to be having fun. She watched as the handsome man helped the two boys build a sandcastle. A smile came to her face. She knew that he loved kids and wanted lots of them. Then she remembered his situation and the smile changed to a frown. Derrick had lost his girlfriend three years ago in a car accident. She had been pregnant at the time. He still carried a picture of the pretty blond woman in his wallet. While Elaine hadn't known him when the accident occurred, she could see the pain in his eyes, even after three years, when he spoke of her.

The boys finished the castle and Derrick said, "Alright, who wants to smash it."

Both boys giggled with Jimmy jumping up and preparing to stomp the pile of sand.

"Whoa, let's let the little guy have a shot too," Derrick said, holding Jimmy back with one hand and leaning over to help Todd to his feet. The action forced Derrick's legs apart and his shorts pulled up.

Elaine's eyes opened wide. Suddenly she could see up the leg of Derrick's jogging shorts. Her hand flew to her mouth to suppress a gasp of surprise. She could see his penis and balls. It was dark but she could plainly see his long shaft and the two large and round spheres below. Her legs grew weak and she could feel her sex lips swelling as juice leaked into her shorts. It had been a long, long time since she had felt this kind of excitement. She stared until Derrick shifted his legs and she couldn't see anything anymore. Her face flushed with embarrassment at her voyeuristic indiscretion. Steadying herself she opened the door and stepped out onto the porch.

Derrick looked back and smiled, then turned back to the boys. "Alright, Todd, gets to go first."

The younger boy squealed and stomped his foot down on the castle. A second later Jimmy was jumping in, both boys now screaming in glee as they destroyed their creation.

Elaine sat down on the porch swing and waited for Derrick, watching him smile with childish joy as the boys ran in circles in the sandbox.

Finally Derrick stood up and brushed the sand off his hands and then his shorts. "Alright, you guys can start again. I want to see how well you can do by yourselves." With that he turned and walked up the wooden steps to Elaine.

She handed him the stack of papers and he sat on the swing beside her.

He was silent for a few minutes as he flipped through pages. "Looks good," he finally said.

Elaine almost jumped when she felt Derrick's warm thigh touch hers. She looked down and was startled by the contrast of colors. His skin was dark, almost black, and hers was the exact opposite, creamy white. Another tremor of excitement went through her and goose bumps appeared on her legs.

"I'm sorry, would you like something to drink?" Elaine asked, standing up quickly.

"A Coke would be nice," Derrick answered.

Elaine hurried into the kitchen, relieved to get away from Derrick. Her reaction to him had been totally unexpected. Maybe it was the fact that she hadn't had sex in over a month. However, she seemed to be horny all the time now. A friend told her it was just postpartum hormonal changes. She wasn't sure about that. However, whatever the reason, she new she needed to get control of herself. She got the Coke and steeled her self as she went back outside.

"Thanks," Derrick said as he took the glass from Elaine.

Elaine stood facing away from Derrick with her hands on the handrail. She could feel his eyes on her. Her heart was suddenly beating rapidly in her chest. She thought about reaching behind her and pulling her shorts down because they had ridden up, baring the lower globes of her ass. Instead she gripped the railing and leaned forward. "Jimmy, don't throw sand," she called out. The movement forced her shorts higher. She was certain that her could see the white cheeks beyond the tan lines from her tiny bathing suit.

Derrick got up and walked over to stand behind her. He placed one hand on the railing on her left side and one on the right.

Elaine tensed as she felt the tall man standing close behind her, his chest lightly touching her back. Her heart raced like it was going to leap from her chest.

"Did I tell you how much I liked those shorts?" he whispered, leaning closer.

"Derrick," Elaine said, but she didn't move as she felt him press his hips forward. A gasp escaped her lips... he was hard. She could feel it. He was pressed to her as his lips bent to her neck. "Don't," she whispered when he started kissing the soft skin at the crook of her neck. In spite of her reluctance and fear, she bent her head to the side, giving him more room.

Derrick smiled and moved one hand to her stomach. Quickly, he slipped it underneath her T-shirt until it touched the warm skin of her stomach.

Elaine was frozen in panic and excitement as she felt Derrick's hand begin to move. It moved up her stomach and closer to her braless breasts. "God no," she gasped when his large hand covered her breast and began to squeeze it. She felt helpless. Her head was spinning and she had difficulty keeping her eyes open and on the kids now fighting in the sandbox.

Derrick moaned quietly as he continued to kiss her neck and squeeze her soft breast. His fingers found her already hard nipple and he began to squeeze.

"Hello," came from inside the house.

The two of them jumped apart like they had received an electric shock. Derrick quickly sat on the swing again. A second later an attractive older woman walked out the back door. "Hi sweetie," she said to Elaine with a big smile.

"Grandma, " Jimmy screamed when he saw his grandmother on the porch. He jumped out of the sandbox and ran up the steps. Todd followed, falling out of the box before getting up and heading for the steps.

"Hi mother. I thought you weren't coming over until later?" Elaine choked as she watched her mother kneel and her two boys jump into their grandmother's arms.

"I got done early and wanted to see my boys," she laughed as Todd and Jimmy almost knocked her off her feet.

Elaine saw her mother look at Derrick as she picked the boys up in her arms. "Mom... Sandra, I want you to meet Derrick. We work together," Elaine said.

Elaine's mom smiled at Derrick. "My, my, Elaine, where have you been hiding this young man," the pretty woman said as she reached over to shake his hand, juggling the giggling boys in her arms.

"Mother," Elaine said, faking her embarrassment as her mother boldly sized up Derrick.

Elaine and her mother had developed a great relationship over the past several years. Actually, it was right after her father died. Her mother had taken his death hard. He had been a good man and they had been married for thirty-five years until his death. Prior to his death and since Elaine had married John, Elaine and her mother's relationship had been strained, mainly because her mother didn't like John. Her father's death had brought the two of them together and now they were more like sisters. In fact, sometimes people thought that they were sisters. They were about the same height and build, with Elaine's Mom having a slightly larger chest. The older woman often dyed her hair and this month it was blond. However, she had the same sparkling eyes as her daughter and her smile was broad and pretty.

Sandra was only fifty-two years old and was still a vibrant and outgoing woman that spoke her mind. She never minced words and knew whether she liked someone or not almost immediately. It was obvious that she liked Derrick.

"Well, I've gotta run," Derrick said, finally standing up after his erection had diminished.

Sandra's eyes uncontrollably drifted down to his crotch. A slight smile curled at the corner of her lips. "Nice to meet you," she said as she reached out to shake Derrick's hand again.

"Likewise," Derrick answered as he felt the older woman's hand squeeze his warmly. He turned to Elaine and said, "See you at work tomorrow," and then he hurried out the door.

"Well, they're down for their afternoon nap," Sandra said as she came downstairs.

"Thanks Mom," Elaine answered as she sat exhausted in a large lounge chair with a glass of wine in her hand.

"You look tired," Sandra stated as he poured a glass of wine for herself and sat on the sofa across from her daughter.

Elaine took in a deep breath and let it out. "I am. It's been a busy couple of weeks at work."

"Well it would be easier if you had a husband to help you a little," Sandra said with venom in her voice.

"Let's not start that Mom."

"All right... let's talk about Derrick. He's handsome."

"Mommmm!!!" Elaine said with an exaggerated look of shock on her face.

"Is he married?"

"No. Well, he was engaged but his finance died in a car accident three years ago."

"Oh no. That's too bad," Sandra said sincerely. Then she narrowed her eyes and looked at her daughter and said, "So you two are good friends?"

Elaine saw her mother's look and said, "Not really. We just work together."

"Oh, so what I saw on the back porch was 'just working together'?"

Elaine's eyes opened wide in shock. "We... uh... he... was..." Elaine stuttered as she realized that her mother had seen Derrick kissing her neck. Maybe she had seen him fondling her too.

"It's okay Elaine. I understand... I really do. He is a very handsome man."

Elaine closed her eyes and was silent for a minute. Then she said, "Mom, I don't know what's gotten into me. I can't believe I let that happen. I guess it's that I'm tired and frustrated because John hasn't been home much."

"You're a woman still in her prime and feeling neglected. Don't blame yourself for that."

Tears started to flow from Elaine's eyes. "It's... it's just that... John is away so much now. I wonder sometimes if he even cares for me anymore."

"Well, you know how I feel about him Elaine so I'm not going to belabor that. But I understand how you feel. I really do."

"How can you? You and Dad always had a wonderful marriage."

Sandra paused and sat back on the sofa. She was quiet for a few moments before speaking. "Yes it was good but we had our problems like all marriages. However, unlike John, your father worked hard to make the marriage work."

"What kind of problems did you have? I can't ever remember the two of you arguing."

Sandra sighed. "Well, I probably shouldn't tell you this but you're a big girl now." She paused again.

"Tell me what?"

"It was early in our marriage. You know that I got pregnant with you when I was seventeen and your Dad and I had to get married. It was what people did in those days. However, by the time you were three or four, our marriage was really struggling. W e had money problems as well as meddling parents. One thing led to another and we split up."

"Oh my God," Elaine exclaimed. "But... but you two stayed married. You obviously worked it out."

"We did, but not before I strayed."

"You had an affair?" Elaine almost screamed.

"Yes. I was so angry about everything. I blamed him for making me pregnant so that I would marry him. It wasn't true but I was too young and emotional to sort it all out. Unfortunately, I fell into the arms of a friend. In fact, he looked a lot like Derrick."

"He was black?" Elaine gasped with her eyes as wide as saucers.

"Yes," Sandra said and a wistful smile came to her face. "And, he had the biggest cock that I've ever seen."

"Mommmmm!!!" Elaine screamed. Her mother could be very direct when she wanted to.

Sandra laughed. "Sorry, but that's the only way I could describe it. Besides that, he knew how to use it too."

"I can't believe it."

"Can't believe he had a big cock or that he knew how to use it," Sandra said factiously and laughed loudly.

"That you had an affair!"

"Well, it only lasted for six months but it was pretty incredible."

"I would never have believed it," Elaine said in amazement.

"There's a few things that you don't know about your old Mom."

Elaine looked at her mother's pretty face and shook her head. A smile came to her face. "You're not old Mom and you know it."

"Too old for Derrick," she laughed. Then she added, "You think he has an older brother."

Elaine shook her head in exasperation and poured herself another glass of wine. She felt a little tremor of excitement go through her and said, "Tell me more about this affair."

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