The Gypsy And The Stranger
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Masturbation, Squirting, Voyeurism, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The year is 1935 and this is set in the European countryside. A beautiful gypsy dances for the family men. But is she happy? A story of lust and love.

It was very late at night, she sat in the caravan on her bed, crying. She just couldn't stand his beatings any more. It was always this way every time he drank too much but he was her father and she loved him. But he could never control his anger and when he went on a binge, he would take it out on her.

He blamed her for her mother's death in childbirth. She had died giving birth to her. When she was younger growing up he never struck her but then he wasn't so lonely, he was too busy raising his little daughter and trying to make enough money to feed them but as the years grew on, he started drinking and took it out on her.

He saw how she had grown into a beautiful young woman. And although he was proud of this fact and loved it when she danced for the male members of the tribe, he also resented her. Maybe it was because she was the spitting image of his dead wife. Oh, how he missed that woman! His dream s were always haunted by her ghost. That's why he needed the demon drink. He hated himself for it and he hated the way he took it out on his poor daughter, Yolanda.

She lay there with her prayer beads in her hand with her brown mongrel dog, Riko lying on the bed next to her. She could hear her father now passed out in his own bed, snoring. She couldn't stand it any more. She wished he wouldn't drink like this. He was a kind caring father to her when she was a little girl growing up but he became very bitter with the passing years. She knew how unhappy he was. The only time he was happy is when they were on the move with the other gypsies to a new camp. It seemed to give him a new hope, a new beginning somehow or the nights when they'd be sitting around the campfire and he would ask her to dance for them. He was proud of her dancing and of her beauty. But then as the night lingered on, he would always drink too much and it usually ended badly.

'Would it always be this way?' she wondered. Well, tonight she had to get some sleep. Tomorrow she would be telling fortunes for passers-by at this camp. Money should be good, the weather was nice and people liked to come out in the soft early summer evenings. Maybe she could even steal a little money from them with her posoti bag. She was excited about setting up her little table and had recently gotten herself a crystal ball. They loved that. It really added to the mystique.

"Ok Riko. Time for us to get some sleep tonight," and she patted her beloved dog's head. He looked up at her with his sad eyes and then fell to sleep. She blew out the candle, said her evening prayers and asked her Mother for help in dealing with her father. Tomorrow would soon be here. She needed her sleep. She pulled the old gold and burgundy satin and velvet blankets up around her and then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

It was a beautiful early summer day and things were busy at the campsite. The old ladies were cooking delicious things to eat and to sell. The men were busy with their daily chores and with the horses and gathering wood and chopping it and stacking it. Tonight they would light a nice fire. She hoped her father wouldn't get into the demon drink again. She'd hide the bottle from him.

She set up her mother's old little wooden table outside the vurdon, the gypsy wagon. She went into her mom's old chest and took out a beautiful old satin cloth. It was a deep amber color with red and gold brocaded threads thru out and it had long gold fringe and tassels. She carefully spread it out and placed her little square brass box, which held her tarot cards and also her new crystal ball on the table.

"Perfect," she smiled down at Riko, "Everything looks so beautiful."

"Hi Papa," she said when she saw her Dad come around the corner carrying a stack of wood. "It looks like God has smiled on us today."

"Yes Yolanda, it will be a wonderful night. Now go get me some stew. It smells so good. The women have been cooking all morning."

"Yes Papa." She said and she came back with two piping hot bowls of stew and a small loaf of crusty bread. They sat together outside on a small wooden bench her father had made years ago when she was a little girl and ate their meal. Nothing of last night was mentioned. She then got up and made some strong coffee for them. They sat together and drank it and ate some sweets her elderly aunt brought over for them. Yolanda shared hers' with Riko.

"You spoil that dog Yolanda." Her father said. He knew his daughter had a kind heart especially for animals. Things were tight for them and money and food was scarce but he forgave her this one bit of indulgence for her beloved dog. She was just like her mother, he thought. "So soft... one had to be tough to survive in this world."

"Well, time to go back to work. The people will be here soon."

"Okay Papa,"

He was really a good man she thought just unhappy with his life. She wished he would re-marry. There were 2 of her aunts, her mother's sisters in the camp and he got on well with them but wasn't interested in them romantically. There was also an older man who she, Yolanda was expected to betroth. He revolted her. He was ugly, boorish and also her father's good friend. The thought made her heart sink. She'd rather die than to marry him.

And speaking of the devil, she looked up to see him standing near her leering at her. She quickly picked up one of her skirts and waved it in the air. This was supposed to scare away evil. She tried to walk away from him but he grabbed her by her arm tightly.

"Let me go!!" she scolded him sharply, her eyes shooting darts into his.

"Eh, you tease me with your beauty Yolanda! Some day the teasing will stop, when you become my wife. Eh, yeah!" he laughed, his face close enough so she could smell the stench of garlic and drink in his breath. His eyes darted down to the white blouse she wore. It was a low-cut off the shoulder one with peasant sleeves and showed off her cleavage nicely. He could see her breathing up and down as he stared at her bosom.

"Some day those will be mine!" and just as he released his grip on her he heard her father call out, "Romano! Help me with this wood, will you?"

She rubbed her arm and shuddered to think of it... but what could she do? This' had been planned by the families for years. She wanted someone her own age, not this ugly old half- wit! The thought revolted her. But she tried to get him out of her mind and decided to take a walk with Riko. She climbed up into the wagon to get her shawl and started down the road with Riko at her side.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk in the woods. The grass was so green and the summer flowers sprinkled the woods. The sky was azure blue with big puffy clouds and every once in awhile a black crow would alight and caw- caw overhead. Yes, it was a delightful day and the night held promise too. There was a little stream where she liked to go. She'd sit nearby and put her bare feet in the water. Sometimes she'd take a little nap there with Riko.

She reached the stream and took off her sandals and stuck her toes into the water. It was crystal clear and felt cold but very good to her. Riko took a drink from the stream. She petted him then he lay down in the sun. The sun felt so nice and warm on her shoulders, she decided to get a little on her legs. She lifted her skirts way up to her thighs and lay back on the grass. It was very remote there so she felt comfortable in doing so.

'Ahh... the sun is so nice, isn't it Riko? It's shining just for us." She told him and she smiled. Her long raven hair shined in the strong sun and her light olive skin looked like soft cream in contrast. She closed her emerald eyes and fell asleep for a while.

She dreamed of a lover, someone tall and handsome who would rescue her from her misery who would take her away from that loathsome beastly dwarf of a man whom she was destined to marry. 'How could her father do this to her? She wondered. She fell asleep dreaming of a lover.

Romano finished his work helping her father and decided to take a walk himself. He told the older man he would go find more fallen limbs to cut. Her father was grateful as he was getting on in years and could use the help of this younger stocky strong man. 'As strong as an ox, ' her father would say.

Behind a thick group of trees nearby he had been watching her as she lay there. He saw her bare feet and toes as she stuck them in the water. His breathing getting heavier when he watched her lift up her petticoats to reveal her pale slender legs. He could see her pale breasts with their deep cleavage as she bent forward, her nipples peeking through the soft white cotton of her blouse. She had turned on her side and he could see up under her skirt. It revealed her bare bottom. He salivated at the sight of this. He wanted to go and lick her and touch her behind and finger her. He wanted to stick his tongue in her every hole and devour her.

"Oh how she loved to tease him! This chovexani... this witch! That's what she was! He'd go have his way with her right now if it wasn't for her father, "her Papa," he thought miserably. He was filled with lust for her and his cock grew hard. She was a demon. He undid his trousers and pulled out his cock.

"Ahh, god..." he moaned as he played with himself, pulling on his fat sausage of a cock, stroking it back and forth as his eyes took her in. She rolled over in her sleep exposing her bottom and pussy to him. It was all he could take and with a few more strokes on his hard cock, he felt the cum building up in his balls and he shot off his load spraying his pants and the grass below him with his giz.

He quickly fastened up his pants and headed back to the camp, picking up fallen branches on the way back.

Yolanda had a wonderful dream and felt fresh upon awakening. She stretched out her arms and yawned. She noticed her skirt had ridden up as she slept and quickly pulled it down. It was time to go back to the camp. The afternoon was drawing late.

"C'mon Riko! We've got to get back." And he jumped up fast, wagged his tail and they both walked back home.

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