Surprise Honey The Sequel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Father, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Continuation of the Alaska vacation of a wealthy widower and his crew.

If you remember, I had recently lost my wife and also 'retired' to enjoy my wealth. My daughter, from a previous marriage, went to work for me under an assumed name. I hadn't seen her since she had been just a small child, her mother having disappeared so long ago. I had tried to find her, but no luck.

She went to work for me on my yacht thinking of blackmailing me after getting me to have sex with her. Instead, she found out that I was not the monster her mother had told her I was, and that I did love her. Of course, this was after we had sex together.

On the yacht, headed for Alaska, the cook, the mate, my 'crew' and I all got... well... extremely familiar with each other. After having sex all the way up to Glacier Bay, seeing the sights of Alaska as well, we had anchored close to the glaciers.

Here, a Park Ranger, a nice young beautiful female, had fallen under our spell and was now enjoying our sexual fun. I had found out that I was a budding 'Master' and I had several 'slaves'. Knowing I had a lot to learn about Dom./sub relationships, I had been going slow figuring it out.

May, my yacht's captain, and I had decided to get married. May had also come up with the idea of all of us, Carl, Jan, Julie, Ann, May and I, living together in one big happy family type household. Since I was wealthy enough to do that I had agreed that it would be not only the right thing to do, but also fun for all of us.

Last night had been spent with the Park Ranger, Sandra, being my slave, along with Julie and the others as well. Carl had been kept busy with May, Jan and Ann, while I had played with Julie and Sandra. It was later that evening, and we had all been resting for a bit.

I was in my cabin, having just showered up with May. We didn't mess around other than just helping one another with washing our bodies. Sandra was waiting on my bed, naked, showered, and laying spread eagle.

We walked in by the bed and just watched Sandra as she lay there with her eyes closed, not knowing that we were there yet. She was trying her hardest to not reach down and play with herself, as we could see her arms moving a bit then resting back down on the bed.

Sandra's pussy was trimmed and so very wet right now. I reached out and lightly, so very lightly smacked her pussy with my hand. Sandra almost leapt out of the bed in surprise. Her pussy flooded with juice from the shock of the abrupt slap. I was careful... perhaps too careful... to not hurt her, just getting her attention. It... worked.

"Sleeping slave?"

"Oh no master. I was... I was just... resting... my eyes. Trying to not touch myself sexually as you ordered before you took your shower. It has been... hard. So very hard."

"Hmmmm. Okay. I will believe you... this time. Play with yourself. Start with your breasts. Pinch your nipples. Harder. Yes... that's the ticket. Pull them out... farther... farther... yes. My... your breasts are so lovely. Just the right size for playing with don't you think?"

"Mmmm... yessss. I love to play with my breasts master. Especially for you. It makes me feel... I feel like..."

"You feel like a naughty little girl don't you? A naughty little girl that needs to be... spanked. Isn't that right... Slave?"

"Yessss... bad girls need spankings. I've been so very bad. I need you to... I... Master... will you punish me for being so bad?"

"Yes. Sit up. Move over to the edge of the bed. Good. Now... kneel on the floor, your face down, your hands up above your head. There. Beautiful. My, your ass is just begging for attention isn't it?"

Sandra had followed my orders perfectly and was now face down on the bed, bent over at her waist, her knees on the floor. I moved my foot between her legs, and then kicked outwards, causing her to spread wider. Her wet pussy came into view, her lovely opening pulsing, as if begging for a large, hard cock.

I could see her quivering in the tense moments, wondering what I was going to do next. To be quite honest, I was not sure what I should do next. Spank her of course I knew... but with what? My hand? My belt? What?

May stepped up next to me and gave me my answer. She held out the little wooden back scratcher that I had under my nightstand. Made of Bamboo and with little curved end, I saw that the handle would make the perfect spanking switch.

I let Sandra remain as she was, the tension building in her. I then looked at May who was mouthing something silently to me. It took me a bit to figure it out, and then realization dawned to me.

"Talk to her... tell her how bad she has been."

Understanding at last... I turned to Sandra and bent over her a bit. Running the handle of the 'switch' from her hip to her shoulder and back down, lightly, softly, letting her feel what would soon bring her that much needed release.

"Naughty girl. You have been so naughty. How you dressed last night... scandalous. What would your parents think? My, my... I'm going to have to punish you dear. I think perhaps you need a spanking. What do you think... Slave?"

"Oh... I have been bad... so bad. I cut up a nighty of mine, and then I let others see me in it too. Then... I... I... didn't follow my Master's orders very well either. I deserve a spanking Master. I do."

I picked up the 'switch' and brought it down fairly hard on her naked, exposed rear end. The unexpectedness of the sudden pain from that contact caused Sandra to jump and moan at the same time. I waited then, silently. Tension building, letting her expect the worst, then relax ever so little... SMACK... the bamboo switch falling caught her unawares yet again.

I was leaving little red marks on her tender flesh, her cheeks looking fiery red where the switch had met soft yielding tissue. She was tense again, then as she relaxed once more... SMACK, SMACK, SMACK Three times, hard and fast. Sandra cried out on the third one, then whimpered as she lay there, waiting for whatever I brought to her next.

I leaned down and kissed each red line on her ass. Her body shook with each kiss too. I ran my hand over her bottom, massaging it, soothing it. Then I stood up and looked at her.

"I think you need more... what do you think slave, do you need more yet?"

"Oh no Master, you have taught me a valuable lesson now."


"I am not done yet slave. You do not assume to know if you have been punished enough or not. I will tell you when you have been punished enough. Understand?"

"YES. Yes Master. I'm sorry. Only you can tell me when I have been punished enough."


I reached out and caressed her now very red asscheeks. May was looking at me, then her, licking her lips as she did. I nodded to her and May leaned down, kissing her soreness. Sandra gasped when May's soft lips began to touch her, then she squirmed in pleasure as she realized that perhaps her punishment was finished.

May had progressed to licking Sandra's cheeks, and then down between them, targeting her little brown bud now. I watched as May enjoyed our park ranger fully. My cock had gotten hard as this had all transpired and I wanted some relief.

I moved to one side and signaled May to step back. When she moved away, I heard Sandra groan in disappointment. I gave her a swat, half-heartedly, with the switch, letting her know I was still there and watching her. Her groan became a little yelp.

"Oh... Master... thank you. I was bad again. I didn't earn the pleasure that May gave me. You reminded me of that. I'm sorry."

"Turn around slave. You may kiss me. No... stay on your knees... and just kiss me."

I could see confusion in her eyes as she looked up at me. She was thinking that I wanted her to kiss me on my lips, rather than kiss my cock. When the knowledge fully hit her she was quick in kissing my cock as I wanted. She bent over a bit more than she was and took me into her mouth.

Her lips felt heavenly to me as she sunk down around my cock soon to bury those lips at the base of me. I could feel the head bumping against her throat as she began to move back and forth on me. I put my hands on my hips and 'fucked' her mouth as she sucked. May reached down and began to finger Sandra's pussy and asshole.

Soon I felt the beginnings of my orgasm approaching. I pulled away from Sandra's hot wet lips and moved to kneel behind her. Taking my cock in my hand I rubbed it up and down that hot groove between her cheeks, pausing just at the opening to her tight little ass.

Each time I stopped and pressed against her there Sandra would moan loudly. Then, taking my cock firmly in hand I began to push it into her tight pussy. Her wetness was slippery and my cock eased in with one smooth push.

"Ohhhh, Master. Mmmmmm. Yesssss."

I shoved in and out of her tightness several times fast and quite hard as she began to moan louder and louder. On my last stroke out I pulled away completely leaving her moaning in distress. I could see her pussy lips undulating trying to grasp my cock, almost as if she were trying to kiss me with them.

I then pressed my cock, wet with her juices, up against her ass. She reached back and spread her cheeks, allowing me to see the head of my cock as it forced that tight little hole to open up wide to accept me. I was enthralled at seeing my cock disappearing inside her there.

I shoved in slowly yet forcefully until my pubic bone was crushed against her cheeks tightly. I heard her moaning softly as I held deep inside her, letting her get used to my size and shape. May moved to lay along side of us and then put her head up underneath Sandra, licking her pussy. I felt Sandra's asshole tighten up with the extra pleasures.

Suddenly I felt May's tongue on my balls. I almost shot off immediately and had a hard time holding myself from doing just that. It was a great feeling, one of a kind of a dirty and raunchy act that seemed right at that moment.

I pulled away and then began to fuck my slave's asshole. On one out stroke, May's tongue caressed my shaft as it pulled out, and then as I pressed it back in she barely moved her head out of the way. I could feel her nose against my ball sack her tongue still touching my shaft.

Sandra was crying out with pleasure and a wanton need now. Her hips moved towards me when I was shoving in and she would moan when I pulled out. Part of that was because of May's tonguing us right where we joined together.

We kept this up until none of us could stand it any more. I began to move faster and harder in and out of that tight hole of Sandra's as she moved with me. May pulled away and sat on her knees near me. Just when I was about to cum, I felt May's hands pulling me completely out of Sandra's asshole and then her mouth covering my hot hard shaft.

Sandra turned around and as I shot off into May's mouth and down her throat, Sandra licked and sucked my balls. I came for quite some time and May never lost a drop. Then, as I fell back, May and Sandra began to kiss each other, sharing my load back and forth. They were touching each other and fingering each other's pussies, soon seriously going at it.

As I watched they made love in that sensual way that only two women can. Lost in the sapphic delights in front of me I never saw the others come in the door. May and Sandra kept on playing with each other, even as Carl moved behind May and began to tongue her ass.

Julie and Ann came over by me and began to touch me, caressing my body softly as we watched the threesome develop. May was moaning into Sandra's pussy as Carl moved to slip his hard cock into her pussy. As he began to fuck my future bride, she reached back and fondled his balls. This movement pressed her face harder into Sandra's pussy causing her to orgasm hard.

I had begun to finger two very wet pussies, as Julie and Ann just sat on either side of me. Their hands were busy with my cock or touching me elsewhere constantly. I had an erection again, quite surprising to me. Julie moved down between my legs her lips right over the head of my cock.

"May I Master?"

"Yes. Only your tongue first. I'll tell you when you may put your lips over it."

Looking into my eyes with a need that betrayed her thoughts, she obeyed me. Her soft tongue caressing my shaft soon had me throbbing in desire. I finally told her she could put her lips around me. Smiling, she opened her mouth wide and took my whole shaft fully into her mouth and down her throat. Once she bottomed out against my pubic bone, her lips clamped around my shaft tightly.

Ann had begun to kiss my back and neck, pressing her breasts against me whenever she could. Those hard nipples of hers were driving me crazy. Carl meanwhile was driving his cock in and out of May fast and hard, working up a sweat. Sandra had moved around and was licking and sucking wherever she could get her tongue and head in close to.

May's hands were in tight little balls holding dearly to the sheets on the bed as Carl drove her closer and closer to a climax. Sandra's hands were on May's breasts, tweaking her nipples and cupping them gently at the same time. May dipped her head down and as she did, Sandra moved slightly so her pussy was right where May's mouth was.

May began to lick and suck on Sandra's pussy as Carl drove his hard cock deep inside her. It was a wild thing to see, especially since I had my hands full with the two young things busy with me. The stimulation drove me too far and I began to shoot off. Julie, being the good girl she was, swallowed everything I had. That thought, just at that moment made my orgasm even sweeter. A very good girl she was.

Carl began to cum and as he did, May pulled away leaving Sandra's face right there to get coated with his copious load. Sandra didn't miss a bit, even taking his cock deep inside her mouth cleaning it off. Once he stopped cumming, she used his cock like a spatula and scraped all his cum off her face and licked it up like it was the sweetest honey ever.

We all rested for a while, in one big pile in the bedroom. Naked and quiet we must have made quite a sight. I was flat worn out from all the activities so far over the last fourteen hours or so and I slept longer than anyone else did. Last to get up, it took a while for me to realize that I was alone.

Walking out on the deck I heard activity coming from the porthole to the kitchen. I went down and found everyone dressed and getting ready to eat a late night snack. I noticed that Sandra was fully dressed as if to go, wearing her rainsuit and a small bag in her hand.

"Leaving us so soon tonight?"

"Soon? I mean... I'm sorry... Master. I have to get up early tomorrow to work. Lots of tourists due in tomorrow morning."

"Hmmm. I wonder if you wouldn't rather be with us?"

May gave me a funny look, as did Julie. I could see that they hadn't thought that I would include Sandra in our 'living and loving in Alaska' plans. I on the other hand felt that someone with her educational background would be good to have around. She was after all; a college educated young woman... having told me that her B.S. was in Forest Biology.

"Well yes I wold rather be with you guys, but I do have to support myself. Living requires the fundamentals such as money for food, clothing, housing and the rest of those things one needs to survive. I am not rich or going to inherit a lot of money so I have to work."

"What if someone were to ask you to just live with them... and they could support you completely?"

"Well... I'd still want to work at something. My own money for what I want to spend it on is just something that helps my self-respect you know."

"How about if I were to hire you to take care of some property I was going to buy... say... up here somewhere?"

"What? Are you seriously offering me what I think you are offering?"

"Well, the details are still in process of working themselves out, but yes. You see Sandra; we are planning on finding a place up here. Something remote enough that we can have our own privacy, yet close to the civilized things the world has to offer too. I am after all, quite rich in my own right."

"I would be your slave full time then?"

"Well... not exactly. I think you would be your own person always. When you felt like playing with us, and if you wanted to be a 'slave' then, that could be fun too. Really, I am thinking that we would be an open community, living in shared housing, yet free to follow whatever paths we chose. May and I are planning on getting married of course, so we will be here regardless. Something for you to think about. I think I can speak for all of us when I say you would be more than welcome. Either as a close friend who visits often or as a live in partner with us."

May and Julie were smiling at Sandra and Ann was just behind her, touching her back in an affectionate way. Sandra had the makings of tears in her eyes, wiping them before those tears fell.

"I... don't know... what to say. This is an unbelievable offer... a great opportunity. But I have so much to think about...""

"Take your time Sandra. Just know that we will support whatever decision you should arrive at."

I took Sandra back to her cabin in the skiff. On the way she was quiet, contemplative and once in a while she would look at me with some kind of unknown deep unspoken thought. I wanted to know, to hear what she was thinking, but I felt she needed her time to decide her course.

Once we arrived at the dock, she took my hand as I helped her off the skiff. She turned and leaning down kissed my cheek softly.

"I am thinking I will love being with you guys more than being here. Just a hint of my thoughts right at this moment. Your offer caught me so off guard I just do not know what to say or do at the moment."

"Take your time Sandra. It is a big decision and I don't want you rushing into anything without your really wanting to be with us. We all have grown to like you... even though it has only been such a short time at that."

I tooled back to the yacht thinking about how much my life had changed over the last weeks. All the things going on, the changes coming up, and the growth of my family is such a positive way. In the still waters, the splashing of a killer whale as it breached and rolled through the water in it's playful way sounded thunderous. Another whale blew off in the distance, the spout of water reaching up quite high in the air.

The chill of the glaciers off in that distance was flowing around me and I shivered a bit, pulling my jacket collar up around my neck a bit more. I could almost see my breath; the coolness was so prevalent. I loved the view, the smells, the sights, everything I was experiencing here.

I was in love with this 'Great Land' as the natives put it at times. Alaska truly was and is the 'Great Land'. Stopping the motor I drifted, the silence deafening. I could hear the water washing up on the rocks out a ways from me. The reflections in that water enhancing the views as I took in the sight all around me.

Mountains rising out of the sea, rising to such heights as to be dizzying to me. The blue-green ice fields in the distance, the huge chunks of ice flowing past the skiff... showing just how cold this place could be. Ancient ice... from eons ago. Probably just as prehistoric man would have seen as snow, or in this particular area, rain.

When I got back to the yacht a bit later, May was waiting up for me. Taking my hand, she led me to the bedroom, where she slowly undressed me, bit by bit, kissing each exposed part as it came into her view. Then, as we laid down in the bed together, she began to gently and softly make love to me. All of me. Kissing, touching, caressing, holding, just being with each other.

We made love for quite a while, each orally pleasing the other, then fucking in several positions. We fell asleep, in each others arms. The morning sun was blasting through the porthole into the bedroom when I awoke the next morning. It was quiet on the boat. I got up and took a short shower, then throwing on some shorts and a tank-top, I took a stroll outside.

It was a warm and sunny day, several boats slipping past our anchorage. On one, someone, a young lady, waved at me. I waved back and watched as they moved off into the distance, soon becoming part of the colors of Glacier Bay.

I had an idea a few days ago, now I was preparing to put that idea into reality. It was time for me at least, to find some property and begin to get the ball rolling on our future home. It would be quite a community and hopefully a free and fun one too. I know I would try my best to make it all come together, and with the funds I had available to me... I was pretty sure at least May and I would be happy living there, no matter what.

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