Can David Find True Love?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - David is rich, he wants to find a woman to love him for himself, in this day and age is that possible?

David Marcham was about to shoot his wad. He was lying on his back in bed, head propped on pillows as the pretty young woman astride his hips rode him like they were going into the stretch at Churchill Downs.

She was facing away, her hands gripping his legs just below the knee. Her feet were on the flat on the bed next to his knees as she was squatting over his hard dick, her hard working thighs were pumping a very pretty ass up and down to swallow his cock all the way. Her brown pussy hair tangling with his black ones before rising till just the swollen head of his cock remained in her.

David had a hand on each moving round globe helping her move.

"Ohhhh yeah lover, your cock feels so good, ummm it's so hard, I'm gonna wash it with my Juice... Ummmm." She panted.

David was ready, he had already sucked her juicy pussy to one orgasm and fucked her to another as she lay on her back and he had her legs pushed back to lay along side her heaving breasts. He had filled her with his sperm as she groaned out her orgasm. She had told him to lay back and she would do the work this time. She sucked him back to hardness cleaning their cum mixture from his half hard prick, then turned and lowered her self to engulf him in her hot slick channel. She had worked tirelessly to bring them both to the brink of climax.

"Yeah Jane... Oh yeah your so wet and hot, do it babe." he groaned. She started giving a little twist of her hips as she bottomed out and a few strokes like that made her body convulse with pleasure, she clamped his hard cock with her inner muscles and flooded her channel with woman juice as she ground her ass around on his groin. "ummmmmmm lover, oh fuck that's good." she cried.

Her spasming cunt triggered David's balls and he thrust up into her rotating ass and fired several big shots of sperm up into her hot cave. It mixed with her wetness and flowed back down around his dick to leak out onto his pubic hair and run down around his balls.

He caressed her ass, hips and back as they came down from their high, she moving slightly back and forth, moving his softening cock around inside her. The slick feel of her moving pussy keeping him a soft stiff inside her. She was giving little satisfied moans as her hot cunt's throbbing slowed down.

She raised her ass up and let him slide out of her, a wet mass of cum running down over his cock when the head came out. She turned to lie beside him snuggling into his arms.

"Ummm that was wonderful lover." she whispered to him. "You're welcome to stay the night."

"That's sorely tempting Jane, but work tomorrow says I better get home." he sighed and kissed her lightly on the forehead. He held her in his arms caressing her back until she went to sleep. Carefully moving her so he could get out of bed he slipped back into his clothes and kissing her on the cheek made his way out of her apartment down to his car.

As he was driving home he was thinking back on how he got to where he was now.

Growing up in Louisville Kentucky he had a good life. His father was a department manager at the big truck manufacturing plant located there. His mother was a teacher in Junior High School... David was an excellent student and from the time he was ten or so was always on the school track team, running the middle and longer distances. His was a loving family, His father Ron, was always bringing little things home for his mom, flowers, a card that said I Love You, just little things that told her how much he cared.

From the time he was big enough to understand he knew they still turned each other on sexually, they were always touching or kissing and he had heard them making love many times. They were always happy it seemed as long as they had each other.

When he was in Junior high and later, his father often talked to him of his work. He said he couldn't understand why the executives wouldn't listen to the employees more. They were the ones that actually knew what was going on with the products, what improvements needed to be made and how things could be made more efficient. His father always lamented on the fact that the workers were being ignored in search of more profits, their benefits were degrading every year. He said you get what you pay for and unhappy workers make for a poor product.

David took all this to heart, when he finished high school he went to the University of Louisville, taking business courses. He was on a track scholarship and he took full advantage of it.

When he was a junior his dad and mom were killed in a car accident. The brakes went out on a tractor-trailer truck and it ran through a stoplight broad siding the Marcham's car. It was a tremendous blow to David, they were a very close knit family. After a few weeks of anguish he decided that the best way to remember them was to make something of his life and he threw himself into his studies with a passion.

His parents had left him pretty well off, with the insurance from his dads company and his mother's work, plus the extra life insurance that they had along with the investments his dad had made over the years, he was worth well over $1,000.000.00. David finished college and knew what he wanted to do, prove his father's theory about how a company should be run was right.

It took him three months to find an auto parts manufacturing company for sale.

The two owners were at each others throats and neither one would sell to the other, using his inheritance as a down payment, he wrangled a loan with one of the big banks in Louisville and bought them out.

There was only one man at the Plant that knew who the new owner was, He was recommended by the owners as the one to run the company, they said he knew every facet of the business. David took their advice after talking with the man. He was named CEO of TOPLINE PRODUCTS and David came to work as far as everyone else was concerned as the employee relations manager. The first thing David did was interview and hire an aggressive sales representative. The first year he made only little changes as he gathered information from the employees. The next year he made sweeping changes, he took less profit to improve the employees benefits, had a day care facility set up on the grounds and made the pay scale higher then any other in the area. When he started the plant was running two shifts, now it was running three.

The excellent quality of work and his aggressive sales rep had the auto industry taking notice. That was six years ago. Now 30-year-old David Marcham was a multi millionaire and owned five more plants in three states. His father's words proved true, his plants produced more and better stuff because the workers were satisfied and felt they had some say in the company.

That's were I am he thought as he pulled his car into his garage. I have everything and I have nothing. There was a big hole in his life. He could remember how happy his parents always seemed to be, the love they shared was what he wanted. He was looking for a good woman to share his life with, so far no luck, oh there were women, just like Jane Pullam that he had just left. They had met the day before at a work related seminar. She was sitting beside him and they struck up a conversation, she was pretty and fun to talk to. They had made a date and during the course of the evening David knew there wasn't going to be anything permanent there, she was recently divorced because her husband came second to her career. That wasn't the kind of wife David wanted and she wasn't' looking for another husband. So like many times before, he got his ashes hauled but that's about it. Not that there is anything wrong with getting laid you understand, that's a pretty good thing.

As he came out of the shower and got ready for bed he thought about the first time he got his ashes hauled as it were. He had to laugh to and at himself. He was a freshman in college, late bloomer as it were. Seems all thorough high school he was to shy to even ask a girl out, the guys on the track team teased him about it all the time. He was rooming with another member of the University's track team Greg Johnston who was a junior and he brought his girlfriend up to the room all the time. They were constantly making out in front of David, embarrassing him. She was a good looking girl, name of Dana, tall and lean but with all the right curves.

One night David came in and caught them in the act, they didn't even slow down, Greg had Dana on her back her legs up in the air and quivering with the force of Greg's pounding hips. She was groaning and panting and Greg slammed his hips into her and strained to hold them there as he poured his sperm into her receptive cunt. All David could see in the dim light was her fine looking leg and hip and one breast peeking out under Greg's arm with a dark nipple stiff with pleasure. Greg had his head down beside hers on the side away from David.

Dana looked over right at David and gave him a sweaty grin.

David's cock felt like it was going to burst when she smiled, that was the most lustful sexy look he had ever seen. He didn't know what to do, he just sort of grinned back waved a couple of fingers and eased back out of the door. He went straight to the rest room locked himself into a stall and jacked off to the sight in his mind of Dana's lustful just fucked look.

She didn't mention it and he was to embarrassed to. One night a couple of weeks later he was studying late and Greg was out with Dana, there was a knock on the door and when he opened it there was Dana trying to hold Greg up. He was totally wasted. David helped her get him into the room and laid out on the bed. He was mumbling something neither one could understand, then just sort of passed out.

David hadn't seen him that drunk before.

"Thanks, I don't think I could have carried him one step farther." Dana sighed.

"No problem, what happened." David wanted to know.

"We went to a party and he got into a bet with one of those Neanderthal football jerks about who could drink the most. Well he won the bet but he isn't going to be any good for a while." she explained, she cocked her head and looked at David with a little grin on her face. "And I did have plans for way the evening ended, and this sure wasn't it." She sat on Greg's computer desk crossing one long slim leg over the other. The skirt she was wearing sliding back to reveal a vast expanse of creamy thigh.

David's eyes were drawn to those bare legs, the picture flashed through his mind of those long legs stuck up in the air in a big V. He looked up to see Dana smiling at him, she knew where his gaze had gone.

"Remembering the night you caught us." she grinned.

"I... Uh... No," he started to stammer.

"Did you like what you saw David, I enjoyed you seeing me." she told him. She leaned back putting her hands behind her on the desk and uncrossed her legs letting them slide apart slightly. David's eyes were once again drawn to her legs and as she opened them he could see up the inside of her smooth thighs almost to her crotch. The secret that was hiding there so close to view making his cock start to fill with blood.

"I have thought about you since that night," she told him softly, you really are a handsome guy you know, have you thought about me?" she continued. While she was talking she got up off the desk and walked slowly toward David, one hand coming up to play with the top button on her blouse. By the time she was standing directly in front of him she had the button undone and when he looked down he could see the swelling of her breasts and the deep cleavage between them as they rested in her lacy bra.

"Uh... Dana... I... Uh," He was very confused, was his roommates girlfriend coming on to him, heck as inexperienced as he was he didn't think there was any mistake about that. So might as well see if he was right.

"Um... Yeah Dana I have thought about the way you looked that night." he stammered.

She smiled and ran a finger lightly up his chest to caress his cheek. Her brown eyes sparkling she asked him "Would you like to see the whole thing."

Her touch and the words she said sent a shiver through David's body. Dana cocked her head again, she saw his reaction and how hesitant he was. "David is this your first time?"

His face had to be bright red he knew, it was embarrassing to have to acknowledge that fact. "Ye... Yes it is." he confessed.

"That's so sweet." she cupped her hand behind his head drawing it down to hers as her lips gently pressed against his. Her lips felt so warm and soft, he moved his lips a little, the feel of hers moving on his had his blood rising. She stepped closer so that her breasts were pressed tightly against his chest, they felt so soft and firm at the same time. He felt something firm and wet pressing against his lips and knew it was her tongue, he opened his lips and she explored inside his lips pushing against his teeth, he opened his mouth and her tongue entered to run over the roof of his mouth and caress his tongue. The feel and taste of her was a new and wondrous thing for him and he put his arms around her to hold her close as they continued to kiss.

The nearness and intoxicating feel of her had him reeling, but a thought broke through the rising desire he felt. He broke the kiss, "What about you and Greg.

I... Uh this isn't right." he said.

Dana nibbled on his chin before answering. "Greg is a lot of fun and I enjoy his company, but that's all there is between us, we both know when we graduate that we probably won't see each other again. I love sex but I don't sleep with just anybody, Greg provides me with what I need and I do the same for him." she kissed him on his neck before continuing. "Ever since you caught us the other night I have been thinking about you and what it would be like to make love to you. I confess when Greg got so drunk tonight the first thought I had was, now was my chance to try." She had her hand on his waist and she slid it down palm in to press against his already hard cock. "Would you like to make love to me David." she whispered in his ear as she nibbled on it.

Now David wanted to say it wouldn't be right and he couldn't do that to his roommate but in situations like this as with most males the little head told the big head what to do and his answer was to hug her tighter to him and recapture her mouth to explore it with his tongue.

She eased him back over to his bed and pushed him down to set on it. "Just watch and enjoy David." she told him. Moving back a couple of steps she ran her hands up her sides to cup her breasts before starting to undo the buttons on her blouse. When it was open she slipped one arm out then the other and tossed it over on a chair. She kept her eyes on David's face the whole time watching the display of emotions that he was feeling, rising desire, wonderment, awe. She reached behind her and unzipped her skirt letting it fall at her feet, she stood before him in white lacy bra and white satin thong.

David's heart was racing at the sight of her. She turned so he could see her long legs running up into her tight little ass, looking back over her shoulder she unhooked her bra holding it in place with her hands as she turned back around. Slowly lowering her hands, the bra coming with them she revealed her dark aureole and stiff nipples. David had seen one, now he got to see its twin, Dana cupped her breasts proffering them to David as she stepped between his legs.

He looked up into her eyes, seeing the desire beginning to cloud them, he took one of the proffered tips into his mouth washing the aureole and the hard spongy nub with his tongue.

"Ummm suck it gently David" she cooed.

He loved the taste of her, the smooth texture of her breast and the hard little nub he moved around with his tongue. He sucked gently as she instructed. "Yesss babe that's feels good." she sighed, she let him suck that one a few minutes then pulled it from him to offer the other. David eagerly took it and continued his sucking. "Ummmm good, now give me your hand." she told him. She took David's hand and brought it to the Saliva wet tip of the one he had just left. "Roll it lightly between your thumb and finger,... ahhh good babe, now pull on it a little... Umm that's right," her voice was soft with mounting passion.

She guided his head from one to the other, her cunt was getting wetter and wetter.

David had his free hand caressing her ass, the silken skin felt so good under his hand. Dana took it and turned the palm in placing it on her stomach and guiding it down to slip under her thong. David felt her soft pubic hair running through his fingers then his middle finger slid down in between her vulva and over her clit, the lips were wet with her desire. His fingertip curled into her wet heat. She moaned and he did to, He had never felt anything like it in his life.

Dana lay her head on top of his whispering "take them off David."

He didn't want to move his hand from this wondrous place he had found but he took both hands and pulled her thong down below her knees and she stepped out, first one foot and then the other. David dropped them on the floor and his hands went quickly back to their former places. He now had free rein of her pussy and he rubbed the lips, running his hand up over her mound and through the soft hair, then he cupped his hand and slowly run his middle finger into that wet channel all the way.

"Ohhh yeah David, ummm now curl your finger and drag it along the top." she sighed. He did and felt her shudder when he caressed her G spot. "Ummm now fuck me with your finger, use your thumb to rub my clit... Oh yeah that's it." she moaned.

David's cock felt like it was going to burst. He could feel the precum wetting his jockey shorts. The lovely feel of a woman under his hands and mouth was just sooooo goood.

Dana put her hands on David's head and eased him from her sweetly aching breast and pushed his head down slowly, "little kisses babe." she instructed. David complied tasting her as he was guided down to where his finger was working in her. He licked her soft brown pelt, it tasted of perspiration and perfume, his tongue slid down between her vulva lips, washing her engorged clit setting at the top of her slit. Moving down to between those wet swollen lips till he was licking all around his working finger, her taste was hot and wet and tangy. Dana guided his working tongue back to her clitoris.

"Ohhh yeah just suck it for a minute, then work it with your tongue, ummmmmm babe that's right." she moaned with pleasure.

David was happy to oblige, she felt and tasted so good he would be happy to stay here all night. He felt her legs beginning to move back and forth a little, spreading farther apart, his finger slid in and out much easier with her flowing juice, little gasps and murmurs of excitement coming from her lips.

"Yesssss babe, you do that so good, I'm gonnna cum babe, ummmm eat my pussy." she groaned as David felt her hot cunt grab his fingers and warm liquid ran out of her spasming pussy to coat his hand and drip on the floor. David replaced his hand with his mouth and drove his tongue into that hot clenching hole to get all the woman juice she could offer.

"Huhhhhhhh good, umm keep that tongue working." she moaned.

David stayed with her till she released the death grip she had on his head, he kissed his way back up her stomach to her tits, briefly sucking each taut nipple. Dana bent down and kissed him hard licking her juice from around his mouth and running her tongue in to play with his. Raising up she smiled down at him.

"You sure this is your first time, you eat my pussy good baby."

The new experience was so great for him, he just sat there with a silly grin on his face and nodded.

Dana knelt between his legs starting to pull down his sweat pants, they had a wet spot over the head of his dick, she got them and his shorts off with him rising up to help her. As his hard cock sprang up right in her face she grinned. "Looks like somebody is ready to play." She quickly stripped his pants off then moved back and took his hard cock in her hand. "Nice cock David, I am going to enjoy this a lot." she cooed.

Her hand on his cock almost made David lose his load right then, It was the first hand other then his own that had ever touched him. It felt so different then his as it wrapped around his shaft. David's cock was almost 7" long fairly thick and had a big purple head, the ridge flared out very pronounced from the shaft.

Dana could feel the throbbing as she held it and knew he wouldn't last much longer. "Lets take care of this quickly so you can do me some good the second time." she told him as she wrapped her lips around the big head, washing it with her tongue, moving the tip of her tongue around the sensitive area right in the V on the underside of the head. It only took about two pumps from her hand and David was filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of his cum.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Dana, yeeeeeaah." he groaned as his balls worked hard to empty themselves in her willing mouth. She swallowed all she could but it leaked out around his cock at the corners of her mouth. She pumped and sucked on the big head till there was no more to be had. All the while she held his eyes with her own smiling ones. She enjoyed the look he had as she sucked his cum from him.

She took his cock out of her mouth holding it with her hand and licking it like an ice cream cone.

"Did my mouth feel good babe?" she grinned. For an answer he leaned down to kiss her wet lips, doing the same as she did he cleaned his cum from her face before sharing a deep tongue kiss with her.

She said breathlessly around his tongue "Oh yeah you ARE going to be a good lover."

Rising she maneuvered him back on the bed till he was on his back. Laying over him mashing her firm tits on his chest they kissed for a while, lips sliding around on each other and tongues playing. Dana started kissing her way down his body, stopping to lick and suck briefly on each of his nipples. The feel of her mouth on his nipples sending little tingly shocks through his body and his cock started thickening again.

She took his black pubic hair in her lips and pulled them, gently nipped the skin with her teeth, taking his cock in hand she brought it to her mouth closing her lips tight behind the head she slid down till his big head hit the entrance to her throat, with a swallow she had her lips pressed against his groin.

The hot wet cavern enclosing his cock felt like nothing he had ever experienced.

Her throat was working the head of his cock, massaging it every time she swallowed. She started moving her lips up and down his shaft, it didn't take very long and he was hard as an iron bar.

Dana let his cock slip from her mouth and turned to straddle his stomach, her wet pussy rubbing in his pubic hair and his hard cock sliding up the crack of her tight little ass cheeks. Everything she did felt so damn good to David.

Squirming her ass around on him she grinned down at him. "You want to stick that big thing in my pussy baby."

Just the look on her face and the feel of her moving on him and the husky voice she used made him hotter then he had ever been.

He smiled back at her, "Yeah Dana I want to be in you so bad I can't stand it."

She raised up on her knees reaching down between her legs she guided him to her wet opening, settling back she lowered herself, the feel of his big head spreading the walls of her pussy as it moved deep into her body making her moan with pleasure. She kept her eyes on his face, loving the look of exquisite passion and pleasure upon it as his cock was surrounded by hot wet tight pussy for the first time. When she had him fully ensconced she rotated her hips on him moving that big stick around inside her. He gasped with the feeling it caused.

His senses were almost overloaded with the wonderful sensations she was causing in his body.

"Hold back as long as you can David, that makes it better for both of us." she told him as she started moving up and down his cock. Those luscious breasts rising and falling in front of him had David reaching for them to pluck her nipples and caress those firm mounds of pleasure. He fought the rising feeling of climax several times, when Dana saw the look on his face and could feel the throbbing of his cock she would either stop moving or slow way down till he had it under control again. His bigheaded cock and working hands had her climax building quickly as well so when she saw that look coming upon his face again and his cock twitching she speeded up her efforts.

"Rub my clit baby." she moaned. David dropped one hand to slid under her undulating belly and rub his middle finger over her wet engorged clit.

"Ohh yeah I'm gonna go... Baby fill me with your cum." she cried working her pussy up and down his twitching dick.

David shoved up with his hips, his cock swelling inside her then firing three, four, five big ropes of sperm far up inside her. His hot seed flooding her cunt sending Dana over the edge and she dropped her ass down on him grinding around as she added to the flood of liquid in her stuffed pussy.

As their passions cooled she dropped forward on his chest to kiss him tenderly.

"Like I said, you are a wonderful lover." they cuddled for a while but the little movements of her body had David's cock that was still in her pussy coming to life again.

She rolled over pulling him with her and he fucked her like he saw her being fucked that first time with her legs sticking straight up and quivering under the force of his pumping hips, their mouths glued together as they moaned through another orgasm.

Once more she sucked him till he was hard and he had her from behind, his cock feeling like it was getting even deeper in her welcoming cunt, he reached around to fondle her hanging breasts as she moaned her pleasure into the sheets.

Feeling the cum rising in his balls he raised up to grasp a firm hip in each hand and pounded her tight pussy as hard as he could.

Dana was giving little yips of enjoyment every time his thighs slammed into her quivering ass. She flooded his cock once again with her woman juice and he slammed into her milking love muscle and blasted another load of sperm against the back of her well-fucked cunt.

They lay side by side cuddling and kissing. With a sigh she told him she had to be going. He too sighed, this had been the most wonderful night of his life.

After she got dressed he went with her to the door, She kissed him hard running her tongue in to tap on his.

"This may have been your first time but you were magnificent baby, I can tell you right now it won't be the last time for us." she whispered to him before going out the door.

David sighed and walked back to his bed. He saw Greg snoring drunkenly on his bed. "Well I sure am glad you got drunk tonight roomie, cause it was my good luck."

Dana continued to date Greg but she and David got together at least twice a month and she taught him how to love a woman. It was a lesson he was glad to practice. After she graduated David did start dating and did enjoy making love, but he never felt that emotional gut wrenching feeling of love. And he wanted that badly.

Settling down in bed David's thoughts were on the running of his companies, he traveled to each on a regular basis as an employee relations manager, getting ideas of how to better satisfy their customers and what they thought about how they were being treated. All were running at full capacity and he had his hands full. He could quit work tomorrow and never have to lift a finger the rest of his life but he enjoyed working, just wished he had someone to share his life with. That's one reason he didn't want anyone to know how rich he was, he wanted a woman to love him and not his money.

David usually ate breakfast at home but he overslept the next morning and was running late, he figured he would get something out of one of the vending machines. On the way to work there was a little restaurant he had to pass about a mile from his plant. He had noticed it before but hadn't gave it much thought as he had usually already eaten, but he was really hungry this morning and he thought "Hey I am the boss, so maybe this one time I could be a little late."

They always seemed to have a good crowd so the food must be pretty good. He whipped his car in the parking lot and went in.

It was a cheery place inside, looked like a typical diner with booths along the walls and tables in the middle, and a counter with swivel stools. It was about half full as most of the work crowd had already come and gone. He got a cheery greeting from one of the busy waitress's as he came in.

"Good morning, just pick a seat and someone will be with you shortly." she smiled as she delivered breakfast to her customer. He found an empty booth and sat down, it wasn't but a few seconds when a pretty waitress arrived to take his order. He usually just had cereal or toast for breakfast but he thought while he was here he might as well eat well. He ordered steak and eggs with biscuits and apple butter.

The waitress dimpled prettily as she smiled and said he must be hungry this morning. She brought him coffee and told him it wouldn't take long.

He studied the place as he waited sipping his coffee. The place was clean and bright and the four waitresses were all very pretty, although it looked like their age varied from early twenties to mid forties. They were cheerful, cutting up with the customers and seemed to enjoy their work. He had to laugh at himself, he was looking it over like a potential buyer.

His waitress brought his food, he saw her nametag said her name was Sue. She was in her thirties it looked like but a very nice looking thirty. The food was great and she kept his coffee cup filled and was very attentive. He left her a big tip and went on to work. He was full and felt really good about the day now.

He figured he might try them for lunch also.

It became a daily ritual for him to stop in on his way to work, although he got up earlier to make sure he wasn't late again and to eat lunch there if he wasn't at a business meeting somewhere. He got to know all the waitresses by name and enjoyed bantering with them especially at lunch, he took his lunch about 1:30 and most of the regular customers were already gone so they had time to talk with him. He sort of had a regular spot to eat, a booth in the corner so Shelly was usually his waitress, she was a very pretty girl with dark hair and good figure. He thought she looked in her early twenties. She had a bubbly personality as it seemed all the people that worked there did.

Once she got to know him as a regular customer she enjoyed joking and teasing him. She thought he was kind of shy but he really had a good sense of humor. At lunch if she wasn't busy she would go over to his booth and talk with him, he wasn't the only customer she did this with, she just enjoyed being with people.

Shelly found out where he worked and what he did, she told him she thought that sounded like an interesting job, he told her she was sort of in the same type business.

Over time David got to know all the waitresses and the cooks that worked there, they were like friends and they thought of each other as family, he got to know about their lives, kids, hopes and dreams. Most of the time now he never even had to order, they knew what he liked for breakfast and lunch and just brought it to him. He got to know Shelly best as she waited on him the most. They would talk about the world in general or what was going on in their lives. He became so comfortable with her that one day she asked about his family and he told her about his mom and dad and that he was looking for a love like that. She smiled and said she was too, and she knew there was somebody out there for everyone, you just had to find them.

David knew Shelly had a three-year-old daughter named Angie, she was a single mom, the little girls dad had run like the devil when he found out Shelly was pregnant. She didn't go to college because she had to work to feed her child.

Shelly's parents would have very little to do with her after they found out she was pregnant. David admired her courage as she tried to make a life for herself and daughter. He hoped she was right about there being somebody out there for them.

When David left that day Shelly thought about what she had told him, she really did believe that but it sometimes seemed like it was a hopeless quest. As she helped clean the place in preparation for the next day she thought back to the father of Angie and how she thought she loved him but he turned out to not have any backbone in him. She picked Angie up from the day care center and fixed their supper when they got home. They played and giggled and laughed till it was time for Angie to go to bed. Angie was a smart and good little girl and Shelly loved her like life itself, she wouldn't have changed a thing about her life if it meant losing Angie.

Shelly thought back as she got into bed on how Angie came to be. She had been dating John the start of their senior year of high school. John kept telling her how much he loved her and on their dates he wanted to go all the way. Shelly always had in her mind she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night. After about three months he had convinced her that he wanted to marry her when they got out of school, She loved kissing and petting, she had let him feel her breasts under her blouse and he had used his finger to bring her to orgasm, He had her jack him off and she loved the feel of his hard cock in her hand the slippery sperm running down to make the shaft slick when he came.

John kept cajoling and working on her and her body wanted to feel his cock plunging in her wet pussy so since he said they were going to be married she finally gave in. They were parked on a lonely road after a football game. John had her sweater and bra pushed up over her breasts and he was sucking on a hard little nipple and fucking her juicy cunt with two fingers. But this time he didn't bring her to orgasm, he built her up to the edge then he told her he wanted to put his dick in her, just a little, only the head, oh it would feel so good to both of them he said. He promised he wouldn't cum just wanted to feel her around him.

Her body was on fire with the need to orgasm and she agreed.

John quickly got out of his pants and moved her legs open, one heel laying up on the back of the front seat and the other with her foot on the floorboard. He lay between her wide stretched thighs and placed the head of his dick against her wet opening. She jumped at the feel of his spongy head spreading her channel. He got the head in and stopped for a minute. It felt so good to her and him. He wanted to go a little more and her body wanted that also. He pushed in till he felt her hymen. He eased in and out slowly. Once she got used to the full feeling it felt really good. He wanted to go fully inside, he promised he wouldn't cum. She wanted to feel that also and agreed. John drove in quickly and busted her hymen continuing on till he was balls deep in her.

Shelly felt a sharp pain and burning sensation when he broke through and tensed up. John just held himself deep in her for a minute and she realized the pain was going away and just that full feeling remained. John started moving slowly and the feel of his hard dick rubbing back and forth against her pussy walls sent a delicious shiver of pleasure through her. He picked up his pace and Shelly moaned in pleasure, she had already been close to orgasm and John's pounding dick quickly brought her to the edge.

She had given herself orgasms before but she knew this was going to be much more intense. Her cunt gripped John's dick hard and muscle spasms rippled up and down his shaft. Even if he had intentions of pulling out, her tight pussy just pulled his cum from his balls and he flooded her clenching channel with his sperm. At that point neither was concerned, they were lost in the throes of ecstasy.

From then on she made him use a rubber and they made love every chance they got.

However that first time was a charm and when she found out she was pregnant, John suddenly stopped calling or coming around. He spread the word around school that it probably wasn't his. It was a hard time for her, she wouldn't have an abortion and her dad called her a slut. He let her stay at home till she finished school and had the baby. As soon as she was able she had to get a job and move out. Her mom tried to help as best she could but Angie hardly knew her grandfather.

As she settled in bed for the night she thought about the last three years. She had dated a few guys but they either just wanted sex, or when they found out about Angie they backed away. It was getting harder to believe what she had told David.

A few months after he started eating there regularly he stopped in for lunch one day. There was a cute little dark haired girl sitting in the booth he usually ate at. She was coloring in a book. He started to look for another booth when Shelly called to him and came over.

"Hope you don't mind David, I had to pick Angie up at the day care, they had a problem with the water, I thought she would be more out of the way in the corner booth." She cocked her head trying to decide if seeing her there upset him. "I can move her if you want."

"No, no that's fine, I finally get to meet the apple of your eye." he smiled and teased her a little.

They went over and Shelly introduced them. "Angie this is David, he is going to sit here and eat with you... David this is Angie my daughter."

David held out his hand and bowed as she placed her small hand in his.

"Pleasure to meet you Angie, your mom talks about you all the time." Angie giggled at his actions before replying. "Hi David."

Shelly patted Angie's hair before telling David she would get his lunch. David watched Angie color, she kept peeking at him every once in a while. David thought she was cute as a button, he watched as she tried to stay inside the lines of her page.

"Angie I think I can show you a trick or two about coloring if you would like." he smiled at her.

She looked thoughtful for a second then a big smile came over her face. "Okay David." and she patted the seat beside her. David moved over to sit by her and they worked on a new page.

When Shelly brought his food she found them with their heads together laughing about something. It warmed her heart to see her daughter happy and laughing.

Sitting his food down on the opposite side from them she asked what they were doing.

"David is helping me color mom, look at what we have done." Angie held up the book so Shelly could see how good she was staying in the lines, Shelly grinned, not perfect but better.

David moved back to the other side. "If you got time why don't you sit and keep us company." he asked Shelly. She looked around at her area, it was close to 2:00 and most of the people had gone back to work by now, nobody in her area.

She grinned and sat down by her daughter. "Looks like you two are getting along all right."

David laughed "she is a smart young lady, it's a privilege to know." Angie just smiled at him and went back to coloring. Shelly stayed till he was finished, neither of the three noticing how the other waitresses looked over at them and either grinned with a secret thought or nudged one another and nodded their heads.

David was finishing his coffee and watching Angie in deep concentration on her coloring when he had a sudden thought, He knew Shelly worked six days a week and hardly had time to spend with her daughter and his company's annual outing was coming up next week. They rented the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park for one day. On a sudden impulse he asked Shelly if she and Angie would like to accompany him to the park next Saturday.

It caught Shelly by surprise and she didn't know what to say. Angie did however, she clapped her hands all excited, "Can we mom, oh please."

"Now hon you know I have to work on Saturday." she started to explain but seeing the look of disappointment crossing her daughters face stopped her, Angie hardly ever asked for anything. "Okay I will see if I can get off." Angie immediately started bouncing up and down on the seat and laughing.

Seeing the happiness on Angie's face made David determined that they would go if he had to pay the restaurant a days take just to make sure Shelly could get off.

That wasn't necessary though, the owners of the restaurant were the cooks, man and wife and Shelly was a good waitress, all of the employees were like family, the others said they would divide up her tables and cover for her. She thanked them all and told David they would be glad to go with him.

Angie was jumping up and down now and jumped into David's arms hugging his neck.

Making this little girl happy and the affection she showed him gave him a warm pleasant feeling in his heart, a feeling he hadn't had in a long time.

When he had gone Shelly just shook her head, she couldn't figure out if she had been asked out or if Angie was the one David had asked out. Laughing to herself she figured it didn't matter hopefully her and her daughter both could have a good day.

At home that night David realized that he had asked Shelly out on a date, ok so they were going to be chaperoned by a three and 1⁄2 year old. He grinned, sort of like ole pals he guessed since they did seem to get along real well.

He got a phone call from Mindy Allison, a girl he had dated a few times but then she moved to Orlando with a new job. She said she was going to be in town for tonight and tomorrow and wanted to know if he would like to have dinner tomorrow night. Mindy was a feisty red head and was really good in bed, since he hadn't had his 'ashes hauled' as it were for a while he readily agreed.

The next morning as Shelly was pouring David's coffee she asked him what time they were going and where they should meet. She told him Angie is already planning on what to wear and what she wanted mom and David to ride with her. He had to laugh because he hadn't even thought of those things. She laughed with him.

"Men, you are all alike." she grinned. She was surprised when he looked at her with sort of a hurt look in his dark eyes. It was only momentary then he shook his head and grinned back at her. "No, we aren't all alike, however I will have all the information for you at lunch."

All through the morning she thought about what he had said, although she had said it as a joke he evidently took it seriously, Shelly didn't want to hurt his feelings, he had become a good friend even if she only saw him at work. He was so easy to talk to once he got over his initial shyness.

David had to find out what time everything took place, this would be the first time he went, usually he took the opportunity to just relax on that day since he didn't have a family to take anyway. He also was thinking of what she said and he knew she probably had reason to believe that but he didn't want to be compared with somebody like her ex boyfriend. He would have never left her in the lurch like that. She was a sweet girl that deserved better than that he thought.

At lunch David sat a few minutes after he finished eating waiting for Shelly to care for her last customer other than him. She came over sitting down opposite him and began apologizing.

"I'm sorry for what I said this morning David, I was just trying to be funny." she started. He smiled and held up his hand.

"I know, its just that I hated to be compared with some of the past men in your life," he laughed "I know you were joking but I got my dander up anyway. So if you will forgive my stupidity I will tell you the plan for Saturday." His hands were laying on the table in front of him and she reached across to place one of hers over his.

"Then we are even and nobody has to forgive anything." she said grinning.

Her soft hand on his sent a tremor through David's body catching him off guard.

He tried not to show it but her touch felt nice on him. Shelly also felt something as she squeezed David's hand, she couldn't describe it but it was a nice feeling. She left her hand there and David after glancing down at her hand covering both of his started explaining the Saturday plan.

"Okay, the park opens at 10:00 so lets get there early and maybe Angie can get a lot of rides in before it gets to crowded. How about I pick you up about 8:00 and we can get some breakfast, if that's all right with you two." he stated.

"Sounds good to me." she smiled "I think I am looking forward to this as much as Angie."

It suddenly hit him that he was looking forward to this a whole lot also. Moving his hands so that her's was between both of his he asked " Okay now my friend you need to tell me where you live." She laughed as she said "I guess that would speed things up on Saturday wouldn't it." Neither of them noticed Sue and Lorrie, two of the other waitresses jabbing each other in the ribs and smiling over their way. Shelly wrote her address and asked him if he wanted directions. He was pretty sure he knew the area she lived in so he told her no, he would find it, he figured he would get a map from his address to hers on his computer.

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