One Night Stand
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by Mr Freeze

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two people with a rocky past meet on a one night stand and make a connection. Will their rocky past keep them from finding each other, or will true love prevail? Winner of the October 2004 Silver Clitoride.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Safe Sex   Oral Sex  

Stacia Jordan was on the hunt. It was the same hunt that she made every week. Some weeks she was successful. Most of the time, it was just a waste of time. She hunted man. Not just any member of the human race. She preferred tall, muscular, and blonde, with deep, soulful blue eyes.

Stacia put the finishing touches of eyeliner on, and then adjusted the red dress she was wearing, making sure to expose as much of her generous breasts that was legally possible. She smiled in the mirror once, rubbed a little lipstick off her front tooth, and the grabbed her small, red purse off the tank of the toilet.

Stacia dug into the small cocktail purse and fished out her cell phone, flipped it open, punched a few buttons, and put it to her ear.

"Becca?" said Stacia when someone picked up.

"Hey, girlfriend. Where're we going tonight?"

"I was thinking Sharky's," said Stacia.

"I don't know if I'm in the mood for jazz music."

"I'm getting sick of redneck guys," said Stacia. "I want a guy with a little class."

"We have yet to get a guy out of that place," said Becca. "Most of the guys that go there are whipped boyfriends there with their boring girlfriends."

"I'm feeling lucky tonight," said Stacia.

"If I have to buy a single drink tonight, you're paying," said Becca.

"Fine," said Stacia. "Like I said, I have a feeling about tonight."

"Well, I hope it's a good feeling. I haven't had a man for two months. If we went to Shooter's instead, I know I can get someone."

"Yeah, someone you've already had," said Stacia with contempt in her voice. "You give guys more than one night and they'll start falling in love with you."

"You're right," said Becca, defeat in her voice. "I'll be over in ten minutes."

"Damn it all to hell," shouted Kevin Nash as he threw a handful of papers across the room. The papers were a contract that he had been working on for the last week for an important client of his firm. If they landed this client, he was sure to make partner. The contract was rife with errors. His paralegals had bollixed up the research and thusly made inaccurate assumptions in the wording of the document. Now he was going to be stuck rewriting it until well past midnight on a Sunday night. That was assuming there were no interruptions.

Kevin hit the intercom on his phone and waited impatiently for his secretary to answer.

"Yes, Mr. Nash?" said his secretary, Rose Hamilton, over the intercom.

"Let's get out of here," said Kevin. "Make sure you give me your timecard tomorrow so I can write in that you left later than you actually did."

Kevin often gave Rose credit for working more hours when he made her come in on the weekends. It was the only way he could give her a bonus. His boss, Avery, knew what he was doing, but turned a blind eye towards it. Just as long as the extra hours weren't billed to the client, it was fine.

"Yes, Mr. Nash. Thank you, Mr. Nash."

Kevin clicked off the intercom and then ran his hand through his thinning blonde hair. He stared at the papers on the ground and shook his head. They were due to present those papers to the client in the morning.

Kevin thought about the ramifications of not finishing the contract. They would have to reschedule, thus risking the landing of this client. While it wouldn't get him fired, it would most likely delay his partnership.

"Fuck it," spat Kevin. He kicked the papers in front of him and grabbed his suit coat. He threw on the coat and walked out the door of his office and slammed it shut, startling his secretary.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Nash?" asked Rose.

"Looks like it, doesn't it?" said Kevin as he rounded the corner and into the hallway. He instantly regretted snapping at Rose and made it a mental note to apologize to her in the morning. She was just as burned out as he was; having to come in on a Sunday. As Kevin neared the elevator, he noticed that it was open and made a quick dash to get inside it. It was a lucky move as he heard one of the partners calling his name as the doors to the elevator closed.

Kevin took the elevator down to the parking garage and then quickly found his black Lexus in the sea of black Lexus's. After settling into his car, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number on the speed dial.

"Hello?" said his mother after picking up the call.

"Hi, Mom," said Kevin. "Do you think you could keep Ryan tonight? I need to stay in late tonight."

Ryan was Kevin's four year old son. Kevin's mom watched him whenever he had to stay late at the office, which was more and more often lately.

"You're working much too hard," said Kevin's mother.

"I told you, Mom. Once I make partner, things will be different. I will have more time for myself and for Ryan then."

"I'm worried about you," said Kevin's mother. "If you stress yourself out too much, you won't be there for your son when he gets older."

"Mom, I promise to take it easy real soon," said Kevin. In a way, it wasn't a lie. He planned on doing a little stress relief that very evening in fact.

"You take care of yourself this evening," said Kevin's mother. "I will see you tomorrow, then?"

"Yes, Mom. You will see me tomorrow."

"I love you, Kevin."

"I love you, too, Mom."

Kevin hung up the phone. He felt like shit for lying to his mom. He had been telling her all along how hard he was working to become partner. She would be really angry with him if she knew that he was blowing off a client to go get drunk, thus risking his partnership.

Kevin sighed deeply and then turned the keys in the ignition. He backed out of his spot and then exited the garage, feeling guiltier by the moment. As his car neared his favorite bar, though, the feelings of guilt started to subside. When he saw that there was a blues band playing that evening, he felt even less guilt. Kevin loved the blues. It was unfortunate that Sharky's was the only place in town to hear blues, and they only had blues once a week. To catch it on a Sunday night, out of the blue, was nearly unheard of. He quickly found a parking spot and then walked into the club.

The club was dimly lit with brightly colored neon signs in modern art deco patterns providing most of the lighting. A fine haze of cigarette smoke hung over the place. Every once and a while, the light would catch the haze just right, making the room seem to shimmer. A light jazz tune was wafting through the room. He saw that the band for the evening was still setting up.

Kevin went up to the bar and flagged down the bartender. The place was pretty dead, even for a Sunday evening. He quickly got the attention of the gentleman working behind the bar and ordered a Leinie's Red. After getting his drink, he grabbed a nearby table and lost himself in thought as he sipped his beer.

"This place is dead, Stacia," said Becca as they entered Sharkey's. "Maybe we should just head over to Shooter's."

"It'll liven up once the band starts," said Stacia. "Trust me."

"Yeah, well, if I don't get laid tonight, I'm holding you personally accountable."

"I'm feeling lucky tonight," said Stacia. "Trust me."

Becca and Stacia sat down at the bar and were quickly served. Stacia bought the first round of drinks, a white wine for Becca, and screwdriver for herself.

Stacia started scoping the place out. It was pretty dead. She really hoped that there would be more people. Then something caught her eye. It was a man in an expensive looking business suit. He was sitting alone. He had short, blonde hair, which was gently receding. She could tell that the business suit was an athletic cut and that this guy worked out quite a bit. She could only see the side of his face. He seemed to be concentrating on something.

The man turned and looked at her, right in the eyes. When she looked into his aqua blue eyes it was like a jolt of electricity went through her body. A tingle ran down her spine and ended up as a wet spot in her panties.

She noticed the man's gaze drift from hers and down her body. Stacia smiled as the man appraised her. She then looked at Becca, so that her stare would not be too obvious.

"There's a really cute looking guy over at the table behind me," said Stacia.

Becca craned her head around to look. The man looked at Becca and Becca turned away real quickly. She knew she was busted and giggled. "He is one fine looking man," said Becca.

"He's mine," said Stacia. "I saw him first."

"Fine," said Becca with a mock pout.

Both girls giggled, catching the attention of the man again.

Girls, thought Kevin with an amused grin. Always giggling. Still, the redhead was a knockout. He chanced another look at her. Kevin was a sucker for red heads. His ex-wife was a redhead. This girl's long curly hair that ran down to the middle of her back, was similar to his ex's. This girl was thinner; in better shape. She had the legs of a runner. He quickly found that she had the thighs of a runner, too, when she hiked up her dress a little bit. Kevin chuckled at her blatantly obvious attempt at being subtly flirtatious.

The redhead looked his way again, so he turned and looked at the band. They were still setting up their equipment. He and this redhead were playing a cat and mouse game until one of them eventually worked up the courage to go up and talk to the other. He decided to wait it out, see how far it would go first. He had to control himself from laughing out loud when the redhead dropped her purse. He knew what was going to happen next. Not that he minded.

The redhead got down off her stool and then bent down to pick up the purse. In the process, she managed to expose a good portion of her round, softball sized breasts to him, causing his manhood to lurch in his pants.

Kevin waited until he calmed down to stand up. He straightened his suit, hiding any future embarrassment, and then walked over to the redhead.

"Hi, Kevin Nash," said Kevin offering his hand to the redhead.

"Excuse me?" said the redhead.

"Oh, well I thought you might want to talk to me since it was pretty obvious you've been flirting with me for the last ten minutes."

The redhead's face became just as red as her hair. She giggled nervously and then shook Kevin's hand.

"Stacia," she said and then smiled warmly.

"Can I buy you a drink, Stacia?" said Kevin confidently.

"Sure," said Stacia. "Another screwdriver would be nice."

Kevin raised his hand to get the bartender's attention. The bartender nodded at him and then went back to serving another customer.

"So, I guess this is where I get to ask you if you come here often?" said Kevin with an amused smile.

"Not really," said Stacia.

"Not really, this isn't when I should ask you, or, not really, you don't come here often?"

"I don't really come here all that often," said Stacia with a giggle.

"Me either," said Kevin.

"What brings you out alone to a club tonight?" asked Stacia.

"Stress," said Kevin. "Pretty much hit my limit and I needed to unwind."

"Oh my, what do you do?"

"I'm an attorney," said Kevin. In his limited experience with women since his divorce, he found that most women shied away from him when they found out he was a lawyer.

"Oh? What kind of law?"

"Business law."

"Sound's interesting," said Stacia.

"It really isn't," said Kevin. "It pays the bills, I guess. How about you? What do you do?"

"The only profession hated more than lawyers," said Stacia.

"Ah, you're in car sales," said Kevin with a chuckle.


"What kind of cars do you sell?"

"Toyota," said Stacia. "Been selling them for three years now. Helped me pay off my student loan for the teaching degree I don't use."

Kevin chuckled politely. Stacia looked up at him and seemed lost. Kevin looked back and wondered if she was looking for a kiss. He figured it was too early to press his luck and turned away.

"What'll you have?" asked the bartender, bringing Kevin back to reality.

"I'd like another Leinie's Red and the lady here would like a screwdriver. Get her friend whatever she wants as well."

"How rude of me," said Stacia. "This is my friend Becca." She gestured over to Becca, who Kevin had his back too.

Kevin turned and offered his hand. "Hi, Becca."

"Hi," said Becca shyly. She then looked back at Stacia. "I'm gonna go talk to the band."

"Okay," said Stacia.

The two of them sat there uncomfortably for a moment until Stacia broke the silence. "Have you heard this band before?"

Kevin shook his head. "Don't get out much."

"Your job has you tied down that much?"

"Yeah, well, that and my son."

"You're not married, are you?"

Kevin chuckled and shook his head. "I've been divorced for a little over a year now."

"Sorry to hear that," said Stacia. "How old is your son?"


"It seems with all that going on in your life that you still have time to work out."

Stacia ran her hand down his arm and then gripped it, checking the muscle.

"I try to," said Kevin. "I can tell you run a lot."

"You can?"

"Well, you made an obvious show of your legs to me earlier. They are definitely runner's legs."

"Did you like them?" asked Stacia. Her look went from amused to sultry.

"Yes, I did," said Kevin softly. "You're very beautiful. Not just your legs."

"You're very handsome, yourself," said Stacia.

Stacia looked into Kevin's eyes and again became lost. Kevin returned the gaze and also became lost in Stacia's cat-like, emerald eyes.

Stacia leaned forward and let her lips brush lightly on Kevin's lips causing warmth to spread throughout Kevin's body. Kevin pressed in and completed their kiss. Stacia drove her tongue through his lips. Kevin allowed her tongue entry and joined it with his. Kevin put one of his hands on the small of Stacia's back and lightly massaged it. His other hand found the middle of her back. Stacia returned the hug and pressed into his body. Kevin stiffened as he felt the swells of Stacia's breasts pressing into him. The intoxication of her floral perfume released any concern he had about Stacia feeling his excitement next to her belly.

"You want to take this back to my place?" asked Stacia, dreamily.

"Aren't we moving a little fast?" asked Kevin. "I just met you."

"Aren't you attracted to me?" asked Stacia. Her words were punctuated by her grabbing his hardness through his pants.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to go to your place," said Kevin, now in a daze.

"Let me go talk to my friend first, and then we'll go," said Stacia. She kissed Kevin's cheek lightly before letting him go.

Stacia left and talked to her friend Becca over by the band for a moment. Kevin started having doubts about all of this. He was going with a practical stranger to have sex with her. Sure, she was hot. Sure, he could see himself falling in love with her. The fact was, however, that they had talked for a few minutes at a bar, ended up kissing, and now they were going back to her place.

Stacia came back and put her arm around Kevin's waist.

"You ready to go?" asked Stacia.

"Listen, Stacia..."

"It's okay," said Stacia. "I understand." She put her hand on his hardness and rubbed it gently. The problem was that Kevin knew that she didn't understand.

"Stacia, I..."

"We'll take your car. Becca will bring me my car tomorrow."

"But, I..."

"Let's hurry," said Stacia seductively. "I don't think I can wait much longer."

Stacia was practically dripping when she dragged Kevin through the door of her apartment. Of all the men she had taken back to her apartment, he was the hottest. Of all the men she ever brought back, he was also the only one that was reluctant.

Stacia wrapped Kevin in her arms and kissed him passionately, trying to remind him of his natural male urges. She needed him badly.

As they kissed, Kevin started to relax a bit. Stacia started unbuttoning his shirt. Once a few buttons were undone, she slipped her hand under his shirt and ran it over his soft chest hair. Shivers ran down Stacia's spine as she felt the muscles under her hand.

Stacia squealed in alarm when she felt herself being lifted in the air.

"What the... ?"

Stacia was now in Kevin's muscular arms, being cradled like a baby. Kevin leaned in and kissed her deeply. After a minute, he broke the kiss.

"Where's your bedroom?" asked Kevin.

Stacia pointed down the hallway. There was only one bedroom in the apartment. Stacia wrapped her arms around Kevin's neck and giggled like a little school girl as Kevin took her to her room caveman style.

Stacia swore to herself when they entered her room. The room was a mess. She hadn't made her bed, there were clothes on the floor, including some of her undergarments.

"You really are wound up," said Kevin, breaking her out of her brooding about the room.

"Mmm, hmm," said Stacia with a coy grin.

"You want me to make love to you?"

"Yessss..." hissed Stacia.

"You willing to do things my way?" asked Kevin.

"As long as I end up screaming your name in orgasm, yeah."

Kevin chuckled. "Good, then just relax a bit then."

Kevin laid Stacia on the bed gently and then climbed in bed next to her. He then took her hand and sat her up. Kevin reached behind her and while kissing her, unzipped her dress down the back. Before letting her back down, he unclasped her bra.

Stacia was not used to this. She was normally the one in control. She was the one that undressed for her man.

Stacia leaned back up again and reached for Kevin's belt buckle. She fumbled with it for a few seconds when her hand was knocked away by Kevin.

"Relax," said Kevin as he gently pushed her back down on the bed. He then started at the top of the dress and started pulling the dress off of her. Stacia felt herself powerless to his charm and lifted the appropriate body parts to aid in the removal of her dress. The next thing she knew, her dress was a crumpled ball on the floor and Kevin was kissing her again. Stacia kissed back with hunger and was mildly disappointed when Kevin broke the kiss and started kissing down her neck. Her disappointment was short lived as the effects of Kevin's tongue on her neck began to take a hold of her. She craned her neck, giving him better access to it.

Kevin moved down to her shoulder next, giving it a playful bite in the process. Stacia found herself giggling like a school girl from the attention.

Kevin shushed her and smiled. "Relax," he said soothingly.

Stacia sighed as his lips and tongue returned to her neck. He then kissed down to her throat. She arched her head back and gasped. Kevin continued going down her body until he was kissing between her breasts.

Kevin persisted to kiss her as he worked her red lace bra off, freeing her breasts. He ran his tongue around one of her breasts and worked it around and around, closer to the nipple. When he got to the nipple he didn't lick it or kiss it like Stacia desired. He merely blew on it sending a shiver of pleasure throughout Stacia's body.

"That feels so good," gasped Stacia.

Kevin shushed her again. "Relax."

Stacia sighed deeply as Kevin took the nipple into his mouth and lightly suckled on it. She moaned when he let go of it and flicked his tongue over it. Stacia felt Kevin's hands running up and down the sides of her body. His tongue was now headed to the other nipple. Again, he blew on the nipple causing her to shudder.

Kevin grabbed her other breast in his hand started kneading it while he worked the other nipple in his mouth. Stacia felt the world slipping away in the sensory overload that Kevin was giving her. She gave up a high-pitched gasp and then sighed deeply as warm tingles rushed through her body.

As Stacia recovered from her first orgasm of the evening, Kevin was working his way down her belly with his tongue.

"You have such beautiful skin," said Kevin.

"Most guys like a girl with a tan," said Stacia, still out of breath from her orgasm.

"I love your pure white skin. It's like that of a China doll."

"Thank you," said Stacia with a smile. Kevin was throwing her for a complete loop. First he takes over completely, then he made her cum without touching her down below, and now he was complimenting her. No other lover had done any of that for her.

Kevin kissed down to the waistband of her red lace panties. He blew on Stacia's sex through the panties, causing her to shiver with pleasure. He then started kissing down one of her legs until he got to the top of her sheer stocking. Kevin kissed her leg, down further and further as he unrolled the stocking. He pulled the stocking completely off of her and kissed the top of her foot.

Stacia giggled. "Hey, that tickles."

"Sorry," said Kevin with an evil grin. He then took her toes, one at a time into his mouth and suckled them, causing Stacia to giggle even more.

"You really are something else," said Stacia. Her expression suddenly got serious. She looked down at Kevin and their eyes connected. She looked into his soul through his sapphire orbs and saw nothing but kindness and love. Normally, the love would scare Stacia, but she found it... comforting.

Kevin repeated the process in removing the other stocking. After he was finished he sidled up next to Stacia and kissed her on the lips again.

"Why am I powerless against you?" whispered Stacia.

Kevin didn't answer. He just dropped his kisses from her lips to her neck and smiled. He kissed down her body again until he reached her panties. Stacia was half-tempted to rip her panties off herself instead of waiting through the incessant teasing that she knew Kevin would make her endure. Kevin, however, was quick about removing her panties. Before she knew it, she was completely naked and her panties were another bundle of cloth on the floor. He didn't make a move to her womanhood like she wanted, though. He seemed to be staring at it, as if in a trance.

"I've never seen a woman that shaved her... you know," said Kevin softly.

"Pussy?" said Stacia with a giggle. She thought it was cute that he was embarrassed to talk dirty to her. She always shaved her pussy with a little "landing strip" of hair left to turn on the guys.

"Yeah, that's it."

"Do you like it like that?" asked Stacia.

"Yes, very much," said Kevin formally. "It makes it look even more delicious. I also like the heart."

He was referring to a heart tattoo that Stacia had gotten near her pussy on a dare from Becca. It wasn't one of the brightest things she had done but she found that a lot of guys liked it.

Stacia shivered with anticipation of his tongue working its magic over her pussy. If the foreplay up to this point was any indication, she could tell she was in for some of the best orgasms of her life. Suddenly, without warning, his mouth engulfed her pussy. She had expected him to tease her, but he was now attacking the folds of her pussy with his tongue like a man possessed. Waves of pleasure rippled through her body as his tongue dove into her depths. Along with the pleasure, however, came tension; a need for release. All she could do was whimper as he continued to work his tongue in and out of her. She desperately craved for his tongue to hit her tiny nub and send her into orbit. He was making her feel so good, however, that she couldn't form the words with her mouth to beg for release. Just as the words were finally starting to form in her mouth, it happened. His tongue contacted her clit, sending unbearable waves of pleasure throughout her entire body, which was now tensing up with the contractions of her orgasm.

"OH GOD, YES!" screamed Stacia as a way to vent the extreme feelings she was having. Kevin was still licking her and her clit was now becoming oversensitive. By reflex she attempted to clamp her legs together. Kevin, however, didn't budge. His tongue continued to work Stacia's oversensitive clit, driving her further and further into an unbearable pleasure.

"OH GOD, PLEASE! PLEASE ST... PLEASE! OH GOD!" screamed Stacia, unable to tell him to stop. She wanted him to stop but at the same time it felt so good.

Stacia could hardly breathe as another orgasm washed over her. Every breath was now a gasp. Her athletic legs couldn't stop Kevin from continuing; their muscles long turned to rubber from her three orgasms. Kevin sucked in Stacia's clit and nearly sent her through the roof with pleasure. She could already feel her next climax coming.

"OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" wailed Stacia as yet another orgasm took hold of her.

This orgasm, however, didn't stop. It just kept going and going and going. Her body wouldn't stop shaking. The tingles that emanated from her sex and radiated throughout her were unbearable but soothing at the same time. Her mind seemed overloaded with pleasure. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, she slipped into a blissful darkness.

Kevin held the beauty he had met just hours ago in his arms and gently stroked her hair. His own heart was pounding after the realization that she was still alive and merely passed out. He had heard of it happening before, but he never caused a woman to pass out. Stacia was the most responsive woman he had ever been with. He could tell that a mere touch would set her on the road to a quick orgasm. For Kevin, it was like a dream come true. He had always derived more pleasure from making a woman happy than by the woman trying to make him happy. In every part of his life, he always thought it was better to give than to receive. Even in the bedroom.

Kevin felt Stacia stir in his arms. He looked down at her face and saw her eyes open.

"Am I still dreaming?" whispered Stacia.

Kevin shook his head and smiled.

"I've never had a man make me feel that good," said Stacia.

"I've never met a woman as incredible as you are," said Kevin.

Stacia looked away from Kevin for a brief moment, and then looked in his eyes again and smiled.

"You're still dressed," said Stacia.

"Yes I am," said Kevin with a smile.

"Maybe you'd like to get naked," purred Stacia.

"I guess I could," said Kevin slyly.

Kevin slipped out of bed, careful to reposition Stacia's head comfortably on a pillow. As he undressed, he felt Stacia's eyes riveted to him. It was a bit disconcerting, considering he only met Stacia hours ago. Never had he made it with a girl this quick. In the back of his mind he knew that this was probably going to be a one-night stand. He wanted more, though. Stacia was the most beautiful creature he ever laid eyes on. In the brief time that they had talked and interacted with one another, he had grown quite enamored of her vivacious personality. He was intrigued at how much she fought to suppress that vivaciousness when he took charge of the situation. This was a woman he wanted to know more. He wanted to know everything about her, even the most annoying habits she had, for they wouldn't make him desire her any less.

Kevin smiled when Stacia gasped as he pulled down his boxers. He knew he was bigger than average. His male ego always took a shot of pride with those gasps. He thought about how long it had been since someone had last gasped at his manhood; several years ago when Melissa, his ex-wife, had finally agreed to let him have sex with her.

"I need that inside of me," gasped Stacia.

"One problem," said Kevin. "I don't have any condoms."

"You don't need any," purred Stacia. "I'm on the pill."

"Please don't take this the wrong way, but I still want to use a condom."

"No offense taken," said Stacia with a desperate smile. "Top drawer of the bed table there."

Kevin opened the drawer and found several foil packets inside. He sifted through them, looking at all of the types she had. There were flavored ones, colored ones, ribbed ones, even glow-in-the-dark ones. He settled on a ribbed condom and ripped it out of its package. He quickly rolled it over his erection and then slipped into bed next to Stacia. Her warm, soft body next to his sent shivers through his body. Kevin wrapped his arms around Stacia and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"It's been awhile so if I... um..." stammered Kevin.

"You could've fooled me," said Stacia. "Whoever you slept with last was one lucky girl."

"I feel lucky to be with you right now," said Kevin.

Stacia looked away from Kevin. He could swear she was choking back a tear. She looked back into his eyes and gave him a sultry smile.

"Please fuck me," hissed Stacia.

Kevin wanted to take her with romance, but Stacia's charm and wanton desire infected his mind and made him a slave to her wants. Kevin rolled Stacia onto her back and climbed on top of her. He eased her legs apart with his legs and then positioned his member at her opening. He pressed into her surprisingly tight opening causing Stacia to gasp loudly.

"God, you're so big," hissed Stacia.

"Do you want me to take it slow?" asked Kevin, suddenly concerned.

"No, I want you to fuck me!" exclaimed Stacia. She had a look of desperate hunger on her face. Kevin couldn't resist her request. He thrust into her hard, causing Stacia to sharply inhale.

"GOD, YES!" screamed Stacia.

Kevin was becoming lost in the moment, spurred on by Stacia's excitement at his actions. He slowly started to fuck her, feeling her tight confines squeezing his member; feeling the friction of his love making; feeling the long lost passion that left him over a year ago. Stacia wrapped her legs around Kevin's waist, allowing him deeper access into her. Kevin took advantage of the extra room and pounded deep inside of her until the very tip of his cock met resistance.

"SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD!" gasped Stacia in a rhythmic mantra as Kevin fell prey to his carnal desires and fucked her harder and harder.

"OOOOOOOOH BABY!" squealed Stacia as she reached her climax. Kevin could feel her pussy contracting around his cock, milking the very essence from it. Kevin's body tensed up as his climax hit him. His release, however, was delayed as Stacia's pussy was gripping his cock too tight. When it released, Kevin grunted and shot his seed into the waiting receptacle in the condom. His orgasm drained the very life out of him, causing him to collapse on top of his lover. Stacia didn't seem to mind, however, as she wrapped her arms around him and snuggled into him tightly.

When Kevin regained some of his senses, he rolled off of Stacia and snuggled up next to her. Stacia, however, had other ideas. She sat up and then moved between Kevin's legs. Kevin saw the same look of wanton hunger on her face. He wondered what it would take to satisfy that hunger.

Stacia pulled off the condom and hefted the generous amount of semen in it and giggled.

"It really must have been awhile," said Stacia with a coy grin.

Kevin smiled at her warmly, appreciating her humor. That smile, however, turned into an open-mouthed gasp as his cock disappeared into Stacia's mouth. It was like nothing Kevin had ever felt before. The combination of her tongue and her suction caused him to harden like a steel rod in no time. Stacia released his cock from her mouth and then leaned over him. She reached over to the drawer and pulled out a random condom. She didn't even bother closing the drawer and instead hurriedly worked the foil wrapper off the condom and applied it to Kevin's hardness. Stacia straddled Kevin's body and then positioned her opening over his cock. Kevin sighed and Stacia gasped as she slid down on his member.

Kevin looked up at Stacia and made eye contact with her pretty emerald eyes. He knew then that he was falling head over heels in love with this marvelous redhead. A look of empathy crossed Stacia's features as she became lost in Kevin's eyes. Then suddenly, she looked away. Kevin could tell that she was trying to suppress something; some feeling or maybe some memory. Stacia rocked her hips back and forth and worked her clit over Kevin's cock as she slowly fucked him. Her hands were on her breasts, tweaking her own nipples. It was an image that Kevin never wanted to forget. Kevin ran his hands up and down her smooth sides and over her hips. He bucked his hips into hers but Stacia gave him a look that told him to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Before, his lovemaking was urged on by hormones and instinct. Now he felt the more intimate feelings of love as he watched Stacia slowly grinding her hips into him and massaging her breasts. Stacia stole glances every so often of Kevin's eyes but would invariably flinch away. Kevin felt Stacia shudder to a quiet orgasm. She didn't stop grinding, however, she just slowed down. Kevin felt the urge to feel his lover in his arms, to make intimate contact with this woman he had only met hours ago; a woman that he knew had changed his life forever.

Kevin attempted to sit up but found it rough going with Stacia's legs in the position that they were in. He grabbed one ankle and helped her leg around so that it was wrapped around his waist. Kevin saw the look of wonder on Stacia's face as he adjusted her other leg. He then sat up and took her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her.

"What are you doing?" asked Stacia.

"Making love to you," whispered Kevin as his lips neared hers.

Kevin kissed his lover deeply as he ground his hips into hers. There wasn't much movement possible between them, but that didn't matter. Kevin just wanted to feel close to Stacia, wanted to feel one with her. It took some time for Stacia to warm up to the new position, however. Stacia seemed hesitant, keeping her arms loose around his back and making tentative kisses. After a bit of time, however, she melted into the kisses and grasped onto Kevin as if he was his savior in a raging storm. They made love for nearly an hour until Kevin finally grunted and released his seed. In that time, Stacia had managed to quietly climax several times. Stacia backed off of Kevin after a final kiss, leaving Kevin to try and regain feeling in his legs.

"Can you spend the night?" asked Stacia. Kevin noticed that she was trembling.

"Of course," said Kevin softly.

Kevin laid down on the bed after removing his condom and placing it next to the other spent condom on the nightstand. Stacia snuggled next to him, putting her head on his chest and holding him possessively. As Kevin fell victim to his exhaustion and finally slipped into sleep, his thoughts were about how lucky he was to find this wonderful woman. There was also a bit of regret. A regret that things went too fast. Way too fast.

Kevin kissed the top of Stacia's head and whispered, "I love you."

His words fell on deaf ears, however, as Stacia's gentle snoring told him that she was already asleep.

Stacia woke lying on Kevin's chest the next morning. She felt so comfortable, so safe in his arms and on his chest. She turned her body so she could look at Kevin's face. He looked so gentle as he quietly slept. Kevin had made her feel like no other man had ever made her feel. Not only did he give her some of the best orgasm's she ever had, he made her feel wanted and loved.

Stacia shook her head, clearing the cobwebs and the spell that she felt herself under. The love she felt from this man was not something she could accept. She couldn't accept love from this man or any man. Love caused pain. It was a pain that she never wanted to experience again. The fact that she had to turn away this man, who gave her so much pleasure and made her feel so loved, was already more pain that she could handle.

Kevin opened his eyes and looked right into Stacia's eyes and smiled. Stacia felt a knot in her stomach that made her feel like she was going to burst. She couldn't hurt this man, yet she had to before he hurt her.

Kevin looked at his watch and then grimaced.

"Shit, I gotta go," said Kevin. "I've gotta go pick up my son. My Mom is watching him."

Stacia sighed with some relief. At least there was an impetus for him to leave. Still, she dreaded the question that she was sure was next.

"When can we get together again?" asked Kevin.

Stacia felt like there was a ton of bricks in her stomach. Her heart felt like it was going to pound out of her chest.

"We're not," said Stacia softly. She resisted the urge to cry with every ounce of willpower she had.

"What do you mean?" asked Kevin. "I thought we had a pretty special night last night."

"I'm sorry if you got the wrong idea," said Stacia. She felt a hot tear running down her cheek. "I don't date."

"So this was just a one night thing?" said Kevin, his anger rising.

"I'm afraid so," said Stacia. Another tear fell down her cheek. She couldn't cry. She couldn't show him that she really cared for him. She rubbed her arm across her face, brushing away the tears.

"If I would have known..."

"I thought it was pretty obvious," said Stacia. She felt like she had stabbed this wonderful man in the gut and was now twisting the knife. She realized that the knife was also stuck in her heart.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Kevin as he bolted out of bed. He quickly threw on his clothes.

He stopped and looked at her before leaving. Stacia could see the rage coursing through his veins. For an instant she feared for her safety.

"What you did was cold and callous," spat Kevin. "I was honestly falling in love with you. I thought we had a special connection last night. I guess I was wrong."

Stacia felt her tears streaming down her face, each tear a betrayal of her true feelings. She flinched as her bedroom door slammed behind Kevin as he flew out of her house and out of her life forever. She collapsed into the very pillow that he slept on and took in his scent. For the next hour she cried uncontrollably and vowed once again never to fall in love.

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