Rani and I in the Dark
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brother and sister in the dark

"Oh shit!" I moaned angrily the light has still not come.

It was mid October. The Weather in Pakistan was as usual, very hot during the day; while the nights were quiet pleasant.

We Pakistanis have to face the problem of Load shedding almost daily at such times...

"Where was every body?" I wondered as I entered the gate of my house "Hey! Anyone home" I called as I entered the darkened house.

"Hello!" I called again opening the lounge door.

I turned as I heard Rani my 18 year old sister, yell from the kitchen...

"Bhai Jan! (Elder brother) I am here in the kitchen"

As I opened the kitchen door, I asked "Why isn't the gas light on? It is too dark in here. Where are you Rani? I can't see a thing"

"I was trying to light the gas lamp" Rani answered in an annoyed voice" but I could not find the matches.

Come and help me find them Bhaiyaa, please."

I could not see in the darkness. As I tried to find the matches by touch. Moving slowly into the kitchen; my hand accidentally touched Rani's buttocks as she was bending down to check a drawer "oh sorry" I said 'realizing what I had touched.

Let me tell you about Rani. She is about 5ft 3 with a very good figure 32 28 34, long black hair and a very fair complexion. Beautiful large brown eyes that gaze at you from behind long dark eyelashes. She always has a misty look in her eyes that always made me wonder what was on her mind.

I have often looked at her lovely firm ass with hot eyes. Then felt guilty because she is my sister and I should think about her in a sexual way.

The first accidental touch of my hand on her ass did something to me. Her gaand (ass) felt so beautiful and firm and at that moment I wanted to press her buttocks a little. My hand was unwilling to move from her butt, but knew I had to stop touching her there. I moved Rani aside a little, my hands on her slim waist, so I could get to the counter. She did not move and took my hand in her soft hands and said "here is the counter."

After we had found the matches, I said "ok. I'll takes the chair, and stand on it to Light the lamp."

Rani placed the chair near the lamp and said "ok Bhai come on I'll hold it while you stand on it."

She gave me the match box after I was standing on the shaky chair, and I tried to light the lamp. The 'on' knob of the lamp was too tight; it had become jammed for some reason. The match I had lit to light the gas lamp, burnt my fingers." "Ouuccchhhhh "I said, dropping the stick and putting my finger in my mouth to ease the pain.

Rani laughed and said "kia Bhai aik aap lamp nahee Jala saktay? (What is the matter Brother? Can't you light a gas lamp?) I was very much annoyed by her remark and angrily said

"ok! Just give me the matches"

While she was handing the matchbox up to me, she accidentally touched my inner thigh. Her hand brushing my cock. When she realized this she hurriedly withdrew her hand and said "sorry Bhai.here is the box"

She had let go of the chair and as I looked down at her, I lost my balance as the chair shook violently. I grabbed hold of Rani to balance myself, one hand on her chest and other on her shoulder. I took a hold of her boob. My hands went around her to back and were roaming over her back then, I again took hold of her breast and caressed it she tried to resist and went rigid. At that moment, I wanted to put my hands inside her kamiz (shirt) and grip her boobs in my hand, and encircle them with my fingers; the feeling of her beautiful tits made my cock ache and it was getting hard.

I took away one hand, and realized that this was my Sister's boob I was squeezing. I still massaged the left one and in a trembling voice asked "where are the matches?"

Rani was quiet and just handed me the match box...

With One hand was still on her breast, I took the matchbox from her with my other hand, but before I released her firm boob, I again pressed it. I then got back on the chair and lit the gas lamp.

With the lamp now throwing a yellowish light around the kitchen, there was enough light for me to see my sister's face... Her sweat coated face looked into my face and her large brown misty eyes, met mine, and seemed puzzled. Then she saw the bulge on my pant. She looked at me for a hard moment, and then pretended as if she has seen nothing. Even though she had stared at the bulge in my trousers for a long time.

"Rani, I am going upstairs "I said" to take a bath and freshen up "

I was trying to hide my bulge, feeling suddenly very bad about what I had done.

I got down off the chair, my bulge still clearly outlined in my trousers and ran upstairs to relieve myself. I went to my room and immediately pulled off my trousers and underpants, proceeded to take my cock, now stiff and trembling in my hands and stroke myself harder and harder until the come splattered from my cock in an explosion of ecstasy.

"Oh God, oh God, Rani!" I whispered to myself, my eyes tightly shut "how I'd love to feel your body "

I was undressing her in my imagination, looking at that incredible body, touching it, feeling it, licking it kissing it, and fucking it.

After getting my heat down, and feeling a little relieved I went to the bathroom and took a bath.

Maybe an hour later, the lights came back on...

I went to downstairs and asked Rani where our parents were.

She told me that they had gone for a dinner party at Uncle Saqib and wouldn't be back before mid night.

"They said that we should lock the door they have the spare keys" She added.

Rani had her back to me all this time. We were in the Kitchen and Rani was busy heating the food up.

"Bhai" She said" dinner is ready, want to eat now or later?"

"No I don't want to eat..." I replied feeling uneasy

"I'll have a glass of milk only"

Rani turned to face me and asked "are you sure?"

My eyes focused her round firm tits. Seeing her watching me stare at her breasts I smiled at her. I saw her cheeks blush and her eyes shine in a strange way I had never seen before.

I went back to my room and checked my e-mails and surfed some porno sites.

About 11.30pm Rani came to my room and asked if I wanted some hot milk before going to sleep.

I nodded and thought "Rani, how about giving me some milk from your lovely tits?"

I was busy fantasizing about sucking her nipples and squeezing her firm breasts when I suddenly realised that Rani was beside me with a cup of hot milk.

"Aaahhhh Rani" I said, my eyes staring at her breasts and wishing I had the courage to ask her to let me see them naked.

My Lund (cock) was hard and throbbing in my shalwar (baggy trousers). That and a vest over my hairy chest were all I wore to bed.

I stared at her breasts even as I took the glass from her; she was in her nighty the thin cotton fabric allowing me to see the white bra and panties she was wearing, very clearly.

"Bhai what are you doing?" as she asked this question, she bent over my shoulder trying to read my mail. Her boobs touched my upper shoulder, sending something like an electric current to my Cock. My Lund (prick) was hard as rock and my shalwar showed the tenting bulge of my Cock. She also saw my hard on but stayed where she was, her tits pressed against my shoulder.

I moved my hand to flick a mosquito away from my ear, as I did so my hand struck her breast gently causing her boobs to shake slightly...

She asked me what had happened and began to massage my earlobes where the mosquito had bitten me.

I took hold of her hand and said" Rani you are so good to me"

She laughed and said "Why shouldn't I be kind to my brother who is sweet to me?" She pressed her boobs against my shoulder and kissing the top of my head said

"Ok good night Bhai "

I watched her leave the room, my eyes staring at her hot sexy figure and my mind filled with thoughts of sex.

I tried to sleep that night, but my hard Lund throbbed even after I had masturbated again thinking of Rani.

After a little sleep I woke up and was began wondering how could I fuck her?

I wanted to fuck my Rani but not to force myself on her The plans that I made up in my mind always ended with Rani and I fucking. It made me so hot I went to her room to see her. I opened her bedroom door it was dark but I could see to some extent. My cock was getting harder and more demanding as my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I saw her. She had put a pillow between her legs and was hugging it with her beautiful legs and arms...

Her nighty had rolled up and I could see her belly and her white panty covered butt The sight of my sister was so beautiful. I wanted to fondle her boobs so badly. I sat on the bed and moved her nighty up slightly her buttons were open and I just moved the neck open a little; she was wearing no bra I slipped a hand gently into her nighty and cupped one of her round firm breasts. Rani moaned a little but she was asleep or pretended to be asleep then easing her arms away from the pillow, I moved my lips to soft swell of her breast and kissed them. Rani could feel the sensational vibration deep within her body as my mouth moved against her skin. The touch of her skin was a dream come true. My lips finally tenderly possessed the eager excitement of her erect nipples. She was still asleep but I knew that she was giving little whimpers of shocked delight. The quickening of her breath and soft moans made me even hotter.

I started caressing the slender roundness of her hips, stimulating her pussy so that her whole body quivered with responsiveness.

I was now peeping at her panty and really I forgot that she is my real sister my desire took me over and I was there with my desire and not listening or paying attention to the reality of our blood relationship.

I sat there on the bed and waited for a while then instead of going to my room I came again to her. By now she was asleep and had turned on her side her knees tucked against her breasts her back towards me.

I stared at her round full ass. There in front of me and rested my hand on her butt. Then I slipped my hand down her panties and For a long while I ran my fingers over the firm and smooth ass beneath, my hand started travelling over her gaand along the crack of her beautiful ass to the hot lightly haired gates of paradise, that is between her thighs. I waited for a while waiting to see if my fingers brushing her wet choot hole would wake her up. She didn't wake up. I slowly moved her nighty further upwards she tossed and turned slightly, then settled again. I slowly tugged her panty down very slowly she was sleeping or pretending to be sleep.revealing herself. I felt the air of the room caress the dampness of her pussy (choot); she was totally exposed; my sister's choot (Pussy) was naked in front of me. I could smell her musky gaand and choot. And was eager and mad to lick her.

Her choot was covered with a little triangular bush of soft pubic hair, trimmed very short and neat My heart was pounding and my lund throbbing and as I sniffed the musky sexual scent of her choot I was now ready to break all the rules and bonds of family, I very gently lifted her legs up and spread them wide and her choot was accessible to anything... She stirred a little in sleep.

Her kunwari (virgin) choot was tempting me to make it wet with my tongue I put my tongue on her inner thigh and licked it.

Gently I lapped at the skin working its my Way upward.

I could hear her hot breathing and felt mine became hotter as I came to her wet Choot and then the tip of my tongue slid up the outer edge of her choot lips.it tasted salty first and then the sweet honey of her choot ki pani (Fuck juice) smeared my lips and tongue.

She was hungry to fuck. I pushed the tongue tip in her, into the tight opening of her choot and embedded it deep inside her tight fuck hole. Wriggling it and was bathed in more pussy juice.

She was awake now and she tried to press her legs together and wanted to change her position but I firmly held her by the her waist, she was struggling to get her legs out of my control still pretending to be asleep, I licked her the soft silky pubic hair. She was so sweet and the hair so smooth and silky At first she resisted, then she moaned slowly and was responsive and she opened the legs wide letting me lick her entirely with passion and love. I took the whole of cunt lips I my mouth and sucked it passionately and harshly wanting to eat it out. She moaned loudly and with pleasure. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and she come in my mouth I knew she was awake. I stopped licking and started removing her panty she was moved her ass helping me take them off. then she opened her legs wide I put my mouth on her pussy and sucked her cunt hole; she was pushing herself forward to bury my face between her legs her eyes were closed but she wanted to be licked by with my sucking mouth and swirling tongue Pushing her legs up higher and together, I saw her ass hole. I licked the ass hole she moaned loudly and heavily. I licked and licked her until she again came. I wanted to fuck her choot her gaand my Lund was desperate. Rani however again pretended to be asleep and seemed unwilling to let me fuck her. Not wanting to rape her, I sat on the side of her bed and masturbated, staring at her choot (Pussy) and breasts. Then I went back to my room.

The next morning when I went down to have my breakfast Rani pretended as if nothing had happened.

Ammi and Rani prepared breakfast as usual and Papa and Ammi talked about the usual things over breakfast.

A wave of relief washed over me, and I was thankful to Rani for her silence about the night before.

I was sure that she had enjoyed all that I had done to her last night when I tongue fucked her. The whole day passed with me dreaming about fucking her choot and gaand, I could not study. I thought only of how I could get into her kunwari choot (Virgin hole) I went for a long ride on my motorcycle, that didn't help, in the evening I asked her if she wanted to go out with me for a ride. She refused my invitation without looking at me.

There was some nervous confusion in her body language.

I knew that something was troubling her. I knew I was the cause and felt ashamed that I wanted to fuck her but I could not help it.

Later that night I was working with my computer when she peeped into my room to see what I was doing. I saw her and smiled. Then without saying anything she went to her room, both of us were in a trance, almost. The air seemed heavy and humid; a strange feeling of anticipation filled the house...

I closed my computer and tried to go to sleep...

I lay there for a while, unable to sleep, my Lund throbbing and tightness in my chest was making me uncomfortable. Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw Rani naked... My mind filled with thoughts of sex...

I stood up and went to her room she was sitting on her bed reading a book. Seeing me, she kept on reading.

I sat down beside her on her bed, she moved a little away from me looking at me shyly

"Rani" I said "Please stop reading for a moment"

She continued reading and ignored me. Getting angry, I took the book from her hands and threw it...

She looked at me in shock her mouth open in surprise...

Seizing the chance I got hold of her, and pulled her against me in a tight embrace. She tried to escape from me, but my arms held her too tight. She could not get out of my embrace.

Finally, she stopped struggling and laid still, her eyes closed and her breath coming faster and deeper...

I kissed her on her lips gently; she did not give me any response but was staring at me. The only thing she said was "Bhai" and moved away, she said then said "OK now get out I want to sleep"

I tried to hold her but she wriggled and moved until I let her go.

I went to my room, my Lund hard and throbbing in hunger... after 2 hours, again unable to sleep; I went to her room and peeped in...

She was sleeping. The thin lace gown she was wearing was open in the front, and the hem had risen to her hips... I went closer, she was still sleeping she turned in her sleep, she now lay on her back, the front of her thin lacy gown was open and I saw that she was without a bra again...

"Ohhhh Rani"' I gasped it was so welcoming... She wanted it, I knew, but was afraid... , She moved again in her sleep, now her gaand (ass) was in plain view... round, firm and silky smooth. I wanted to fuck her there and then, my Lund (Cock) eager to be in her choot (pussy)... As I moved near she again moved onto her back, and opened her legs slightly, her hemline now on her waist. Giving clear full view of her cleaned shaved choot, I licked my lips and thought "Wow! She has cleaned it, if she doesn't want her Bhai's Lund in it why she did she clean it and dress like this?"

I undid my shalwar and let them fall to the floor; I then took my vest off and stood naked beside her bed...

I moved to her parted her legs and then my hands went to her choot, I moved my head between her legs stared at her choot, as my fingers eased the shaven fold of her cunt open, I stuck my tongue out and licked the sweet salty flesh of my sister's choot. My nose was filled with the beautiful smell of her pussy as I lapped and sucked her...

As I was about to insert my finger into the pink, wet hole of her cunt, her hands went straight to her choot and denied access to her virgin choot. I took her hands away and looking up at her face, I saw that she was staring at me from half opened her eyes She closed them again, and moaned softly as I again bent my head between her legs...

I pushed my hands up under her gown and took hold of her full round breasts and cupped them... She moaned, and then I kissed her on the lips of her wet choot before moving up on top of her and kissing her sweet open lips. I felt the warm tenderness of her lips and felt her mouth respond...

I pulled her legs up so that her choot (pussy) and gaand holes were both visible and accessible I licked her choot and butt hole, getting them wet and hot with my tongue.

Then I took my hard Lund and as I touched the choot with its burning hot tip...

She said in low voice "no no Bhai jan..." and covered her choot with her hand.

I moved back and pushed her legs up a little higher, her gaand hole could be more clearly seen. Her ass was so hot I rubbed it with my hard Lund she stiffened a bit...

I held her tightly with one hand and rubbed the Lund along crack of her ass. With the other.

She tried to move back but she was under my control could not get away...

I was thinking "why she isn't she screaming?"

She was looking at me in a puzzled way. I lubricated her gaand with my pre cum... She pleaded "Bhaiyaa! No!

Don't touch my Body! I'm sister! Please leave me I promise I will not tell anyone about this. Pleassseeee


She tried to protect her butt hole with her hands, Her pleading and resistance made me more excited I wanted to tear her open and make her beg for more...

She said "its not funny Bhaiyaa you are trying to fuck your sister! Please think what you are doing"

"Come on Rani "I said "last night I licked your choot and pressed your boobs and you Enjoyed it. Don't say you didn't! You came in my mouth"

I tried to move my Lund at her butt hole and groaned

"I m so frustrated! I want your gaand hole.Rani "

"Oh Rani! Your butt is so lovely... I want to play with it, massage it, and fuck it." I struggled to get her hand off her butt hole

"Wow what a gaand" I said pressing my lips against her mouth, I kissed her and thought what a beautiful fuck it would be.

She struggled against my attack but finally my hand made it to her gaand hole and I inserted my thumb in it, even as her muscles tightened around my probing thumb...

She was sweating. She yelled "stop Mani "Aaaaarrrhh" it hurts."

But this excited me more...

I took out the thumb and I saw she was relieved I kissed her as she closed her eyes maybe thinking I would not do anything... but at that instant I lubed my lund with more sticky pre cum and satisfied that it was slippery enough (she still had her eyes closed) I pulled her legs up and held them there and then I pushed them with my thighs and knees and then I slid the lund up and down the sweaty wet gaand crack of Rani and, then as I pulled her buttocks apart, she tried to move back but I didn't let her go ; holding her with one hand and taking my lund in other hand I pushed my lund forward into her virgin anus...

She screamed "ammmmmeeee aaaarrhhhh oouuuffff bhaaaaiiii.pull it out I am dyingggggggggggg please Bhai please"

My Lund head squeezed its way up into her gaand.

Feeling the pleasure of fucking my sister's tight virgin ass, I was mad with lust.

She was yelling and pleading for me to stop. Tears were running from her eyes and down her cheeks.

My pubic hair was touching her gaand and my Lund was throbbing inside her.

"Ohhhh fuck Rani" I yelled and in one thrust I insert my Lund into her gaand.

She screamed "offfffff! Mar gai! (I'm dying) ammmmmeeee aaaarrhhhh oouuuffff bhaaaaiiii Pull it out I am dyingggggggggggg please Bhai please"

She moaned loudly as I rammed my cock into her deeper.

I moved so that I could stand beside the bed and deliver deeper harder thrusts into her butt hole... My strokes, getting faster and deeper as she groaned and moaned beneath me...

Then I came in her, exploding inside my sister's rectum in a volcanic eruption of spunk She was yelling with pain.

We were both exhausted.

As the last beautiful shots of seed squirted into her gaand, I lay on top of her kissing her passionately.

She put her arms across my back and held me tightly; she returned my kisses with equal passion and desire...

Now I felt that she belonged to me, I kissed her gently and moved away from her she did not say a word and wiped her eyes, I lay there beside her on her bed watching her, after half an hour it was hard as a rock now I wanted her other virginity.

I sensed that she wanted it too, but she was afraid to tell me she was ready to give her virginity to my prick.

"Ohhhh Rani "I kissed her. Then I took off her nighty and grabbed her lovely boobs and started licking and sucking them my hands slowly moving downwards till they found their way to her choot, I kissed her on the boobs then sliding down to her belly button then down until I found her choot and I put my mouth on her cunt lips and she moaned as if she was being tortured. I thrust my tongue into her hot opening as far as I could...

She thrust her choot harder and pushed my head tight into her choot and I felt her Choot jerking and clenching swiftly... I kissed her and then I took her boobs again and pushed them together and buried my face in her choot. She sighed repeatedly.

I moved my face to her breast and pressed my face down onto the soft pillow of her heaving breasts. Rani lifted her boobs to meet my face, I kissed her; I called her "Rani Jaan" then I lost my self control as I felt my hard lund touch the wet hot slit of her choot...

I kissed her and held her tightly. She responded to me by kissing me. At first shyly then passionately, her tongue thrusting into my mouth...

I felt the wetness of her slit and I was lost in a fantasy of lust as I felt her accepting me, and loving me. My Lund grew bigger and bigger then I began to slide my Lund into her slit and the tip of my Lund entered her tight virginal hole...

She closed her eyes, opened her legs wider. As much as she could, wrapping her legs around my waist as my Lund penetrated her hot wet choot...

"Oh wait Mani Bhai it hurts" she groaned "Offfffff Bhai you are so bad! You hurt me so much with your big Lund... "

She hugged me tightly as I thrust my hips forward, sending my Lund deeper into her choot...

She got hold of my hips and pushed faintly, trying to push my Lund back...

In agony she grasped my arms, her choot clenched at my Lund as she screamed, her choot clenching hard and her fingers digging into my arms. Her body was stiff and she was holding me tightly. I thrust my Lund in again and I said "Ohhhh Rani I can't hold it any longer."

Suddenly she said "not now" and gripped my butt and push to her hips forward I was about to take out my lund, her hips raised a little, I put it all the way in hard, till our mounds meet tight against each other and my Lund was there in the hot wet paradise Of her pussy...

I lay on her and held her tight against my body, she was sweating, and panting beneath me, moaning in pleasure as my Lund lay rammed up her choot...

I began to gently stroke my Lund in and out of her cunt. She returned each stroke with one of her own, her choot meeting my inward thrusts with hungry eagerness. Now we had the rhythm and we started to fuck... my Lund and her pussy meeting in wet sticky pleasure. I was feeling that I had been a little rough with her while fucking the ass hole but it had been due to her resisting me.

Now I loved her so tenderly as she had given her virginity to me willingly.

"Oh Rani you are so lovely" I whispered Not knowing what to say.

"You don't have to say anything" She whispered back

"You are my darling Bhai Jan and you can take me anytime you want, but my gaand is paining Bhai; please whenever you want my choot and gaand please do it slowly"

I kissed her and said "sorry Jaan, I will take it easy in future"

"OH I love your hard Lund""; she moaned meeting my pace and keeping the rhythm.

"It feels so good" she said "I always want your lund Bhaiyaa..."

"Oh yes" I said" it feels so good! "

I was pumping harder, as I felt the spunk building up in my balls. I wanted to cum in her sucking hot wet choot so desperately...

She moaned in pleasure her boobs pressing my chest; the feel of her warm smooth firm breasts against my skin was beyond explanation...

She was moaning in excitement, this seemed like the dream of mine, My sister fucking me, having her under me, and fucking her, I put full force into my hips and my excitement was too much... I burst and came, flooding her tight choot with my brotherly love juice... filling my paradise...

With my mound grinding hers she jerked as my cum shot into her... we were both moaning with pleasure as feeling of love spread all through our bodies.

Her body went rigid and then shook, her choot clutching and squeezing my Lund hard, milking it of every drop of cum, after some time we slowly came back to our senses.

My softening Lund still buried in her choot.

"Rani I love you Jaan," I whispered in her ears...

She kissed me and said "I love you too Bhai Jan"

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