Visiting Friends
Chapter 1A

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1A - I travel to visit some friends I met through my writing, and learn some things about myself

The key slipped into the lock and turned just like it was supposed to. As I opened the door, I thought how weird it was to just be letting myself in like this: This wasn't my house! With a flip of the stomach, I took a deep breath and stepped through into someone else's home.

This was kind of a strange situation. I mean, I'm not the breaking-and-entering type, and I wasn't doing anything of the sort. Though it was hard to believe, I'd received the key and address in the mail, with instructions to make myself at home if no one was there.

When the door quietly clicked closed, I found myself hoping there weren't any nosy neighbors calling the police. This whole thing was a little surreal to me, but I'd come nearly two thousand miles - of my own free will - so I wasn't about to turn back now.

Calling out, I discovered no one home. Good. I was half afraid one of their kids would be home, and I had no bloody idea how I'd explain my presence. "Well, you see, I met your parents through some erotic stories of mine they'd read on the internet, and we've been writing dirty emails back and forth for some months now. They said if I ever came to the west coast to let them know and we'd hook up." Yeah right. I could see the kid running to the phone and dialing 911 immediately.

Turns out, my little explanation there was right on target. Bill and Mollie L-- contacted me with some glowing feedback about how one of my stories had really turned them on, and we started a little email exchange not long after. They both admitted to being really aroused by the sexual imagery in my story, and being the type guy I am, I admitted to having no actual experience with a great majority of the stuff I'd written. They seemed unfazed by that little revelation, and I admitted some curiosity with bisexuality, to have put so much of it in my story.

So, we then began writing to each other. At first, it felt odd, but exciting, to be hearing from and getting suggestive messages from both members of a couple. I'd received naughty messages before from individuals, but this was the first time I'd started anything with an actual man and wife.

Anyhow, the opportunity arose for me to hit the west coast, and I let Bill and Mollie know I was heading their direction. After a couple of messages and some real soul searching, I gave them my real name and address. It was a tough decision to make. I mean, I was having a good time with these people, but did I really want them to know who I was in real life? Hell, as far as I knew, Bill and Mollie Lawrence were pseudonyms for Charles Manson and Squeaky Fromme.

Nevertheless, my heart was pounding like mad when I hit the "Send" button on the email with my name and address on it. There was no retrieving it after that, so I went - lightheaded - to bed, hoping for the best, and dreading the worst.

Within a few days, though, I received an envelope in the mail, bearing the names of "William and Mollie L--" and an address in California. These people really did exist! Huzzah!

I opened the letter and pulled out the paper inside. Something fell out on the floor. A key.

Picking up the key, I unfolded the letter and read:


It's great to hear you're coming out this way! Here's a key to our house. You'll be staying with us. The kids will be away all week, so we'll have the place to ourselves! We'll be happy to show you the sights, and maybe you'll get a chance to meet some of our friends. We can't wait to meet you.

See you when you get here,

Bill and Mollie

Wow. No beating around the bush with these two. Which, according to my stiffening cock, was just fine. We hadn't sent any pictures of one another out, so we had no idea if we'd be anywhere near interested once we met for real, but here they were, sending me the key to their house! The thought that they trusted me was intoxicating. For all they knew, I was really Ted Bundy or something. And there was no question in the note: I was staying at their place. I found myself really looking forward to the trip.

I packed light. The weather where they were couldn't possibly be as cold and nasty as it was where I was coming from, as well as the hopeful notion that we'd be living out some of the scenarios we'd drawn out in some of our steamier chats. Therefore, I figured I probably wouldn't need an awful lot of clothing.

So, there I was, standing two steps into Bill and Moll's house, wondering what the fuck to do next. After a couple minutes of indecision, my bladder told me my first order of business.

Thankful there was no one home - I hate going to visit someone and having the first thing out of my mouth after hello is, "Where's the bathroom?" - I wandered through the house for a minute or two before discovering my destination.

That taken care of, I decided to look for somewhere to put my bag. I once again searched the house, finally going upstairs, where I found the kids' rooms, their parents' room, an upstairs bath, and adjacent to that, a spare bedroom.

Tossing my bag on the bed, I sat down and considered the way this whole thing had come out. Here I was a long way from home, in somebody else's house, somebody I'd never even met in real life!

Having no idea when Bill and Moll would be getting home, I figured I'd take the time to wash the "dust of the road" off. Locating a towel, I hopped in the shower and enjoyed the feel of the hot, wet spray on my weary body. I hoped I'd have enough energy for whatever my two horny friends might have planned when they arrived, but was pretty sure I'd be able to "rise to the occasion" once the play picked up.

A naughty thought popped into my head as I was drying myself, and after hanging up the wet towel, I padded - completely naked - down to the living room. Anticipation and fear had me half-hard while I waited.

I could have probably turned on the TV to kill some time, but found my mind working overtime, wondering what kind of filthy, fun acts we'd get into once they got home. The scenarios playing out in my head had me stiffer than hell in no time, but I refrained from touching myself, deciding to wait for whatever was to come.

I was so wrapped up in my own mind that I barely noticed the sound of a key in the lock. A sudden bolt of terror streaked through me, 'What if I'm somehow at the wrong place? Here I am, sitting bare-ass naked, in a total stranger's house! What the fuck was I thinking?'

There was nowhere to run, so I just stayed where I was, and found myself realizing that, if anything, my cock had gotten even stiffer than it had been before. As quickly as the fear had risen, it was replaced by a large, overwhelming dollop of boldness.

'Fuck it. I'm here, they're there, we'll see how they react soon enough.' I grabbed my stiff cock and started to brazenly stroke it. By god, if I was going to get caught, I wasn't going to get caught cowering like an embarrassed ass! I watched the door with a defiant look, my hand moving smoothly up and down my length, the shaft shiny and slick with pre-cum.

The first one in the door was Mollie - or at least, I figured it was her - followed closely by Bill. Bill nearly knocked his wife over. She'd seen me right away when she entered and stopped dead in her tracks. He had no idea she'd stopped moving and continued into the house, not realizing she was just standing, stunned.

Mollie looked a little dumbfounded at first, but that was quickly replaced by realization, then when she saw my attire and what I was doing, lust. Bill was a little nonplussed by his wife's lack of movement, until he saw me. He didn't need the confusion part, he realized who I was right away. His lust popped up, followed quickly by the bulge in his jeans.

Relief swept through me, and I relaxed a bit, continuing the attention to my hard-on. These were indeed my people, and at the moment, the way I was dressed and what I was doing was the perfect way to greet them.

Bill and Mollie approached the couch, still not saying a word. The looks on their faces said everything. There wasn't going to be any of that inane, "How was your trip" stuff. Evidently, we were going to get right to it. Of course, I'd started the ball rolling before they even arrived, but it appeared there were no arguments.

For a moment, there seemed to be some indecision as to where to begin. That brief hesitation gave me the chance to get a good look at the two of them.

Now, to be honest, neither of them were fashion models, but then again, I'm not either. They weren't at all hard to look at though, and I found my mind starting to spin with possibilities.

Mollie was just as the few descriptions I'd received stated: petite, reddish hair, and from the silhouette showing through her gauzy little dress, a lovely little body that I couldn't wait to get my hands on.

Bill was sort of a cipher in our physical descriptions of ourselves, so I didn't really know what to expect. I knew what size his cock was: that was a number his wife seemed pleased with and had no problem letting out, but really, any other physical description of the guy was left to the imagination. From where I was on the couch, he appeared to be maybe a couple inches shorter than me, and a tad stockier, but still a fine looking man. I found myself tingling at the thought of having both of them to myself.

In the time it took me to get a first good look at this sexy couple, it appeared they'd decided what they wanted to do. They both started closer to where I sprawled, and began undoing buttons and reaching for hemlines.

Confusion crossed their faces when I stopped them from stripping. Didn't I want what they were offering? Little did they realize that I was recalling something else I'd learned from our electronic correspondence. The smile that came to my lips must have been reassurance that I wasn't rejecting them, because, slowly, their simmering horniness returned.

No, what I'd remembered was the little revelation that they both delighted in taking turns being dominant over each other. I'd also been told of times where some of their friends had dominated them together, and thought it'd be kind of fun to try that now.

It was almost a shock when I broke the silence that had reigned since Mollie and Bill had gotten home. The tension in the air was high enough that we all three jumped a little when I spoke in a low whisper, (ergo, my sobriquet: Susurrus), "Mollie, put your hand down Bill's pants and fondle his cock."

Both of them moaned a little when they realized how I wanted to play this at the moment. There was no argument, though, and husband and wife turned toward each other with lustful looks on their faces. Mollie's small hands unbuckled Bill's belt, then slipped into the waistband of his jeans. Moving slightly for a more comfortable angle, her wrist disappeared behind the edge of denim, and I watched the movement of her hand working down toward its destination.

I knew she'd found her target when Bill's moan was repeated, louder than before. For several minutes, I delighted in my voyeurism, while Bill enjoyed the naughty feeling of his wife's fingers dancing over his hard shaft.

Mollie's grunt of disapproval when I told her to remove her hand from Bill's hard-on was replaced by a tiny squeal of glee when I quietly ordered, "Strip your husband for me, Moll."

With the practiced skill of a girl who had done it many times before, Mollie's slim fingers deftly unbuttoned Bill's shirt and swept it off his shoulders to the floor. Here was the first male body I'd seen live that I can say I looked at in a sexual manner. Bill was no body builder, but he had a little definition here and there, and I found it a relief that he wasn't obsessed with his body, because it made me feel better about my own.

Since his belt was already undone, Mollie knelt in front of him and whipped off his jeans. Bill stood there for a second in just his boxers, his cock jutting out obscenely, before his wife grabbed the waistband and pulled them off, too.

I got only a brief glimpse of Bill's throbbing erection before Mollie, who'd gotten caught up in the moment, made it disappear down her throat.

Wow, Mollie was every bit as enthusiastic a cocksucker as their emails had said. She simply swallowed Bill down with no effort whatsoever. While her lips were occupied with his hard-on, one hand reached up to weigh his beautiful, hanging balls, and the other went further back and fiddled with his sensitive butt.

While I was sure he'd felt this before, the look on Bill's face told me it was something he had no intention of ever getting tired of. Slowly, ecstatically, his eyes closed, and his head tipped back, simply concentrating on the sensations emanating from his genitals. While I watched, I found myself eagerly anticipating the sight of Mollie kneeling before me, her lips wrapped around my cock head, giving me the kind of blowjob Bill was enjoying at the moment. Just as that image faded from my mind, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be in Mollie's position. If I was ever going to get the chance to try, it would be with these people.

I found I'd stopped stroking my hard-on, watching these two. My attention was so riveted on the sight of Mollie's mouth invaded by Bill's cock, and her hands doing their wonders on the rest of his lower body, that I'd become mesmerized by the immediate display. Never before had I witnessed two people having sex in real life. Always it had been on video, and I could now honestly say the videos were nothing in comparison to seeing it just a couple feet away. I realized I'd stopped masturbating when I discovered myself leaning forward to get a closer look.

Now, the distinct possibility exists that that could have been my introduction to sucking cock. I was so wrapped up in what was happening before me, I think I would have kept leaning forward, until I was cheek-to-cheek with Mollie, until she simply offered me the opportunity. Knowing Mollie how I do now, that's exactly what would have happened.

As it was, Bill came out of his erotic trance for a moment, and I looked up just as a twinge of surprise flicked across his face, as if he'd forgotten I was there. The surprise was short-lived though. When his eyes darted to my stiff, drooling cock, and a smile slowly brightened his face. I just smiled back, then returned my attention to watching Mollie's expert blowjob technique.

Bill placed a hand on Mollie's face and cleared his throat quietly. Mollie's eyes opened slowly, revealing a sizzling, loving lust. She looked up into her husband's eyes, having become so completely immersed in the raw sensuality of what she was doing, my presence had been blocked from her memory.

Bill nodded slightly in my direction, to try to remind her they weren't alone. How he could pry himself away from a woman as focused on sex as Mollie appeared to be at the moment escaped me, but she slowly rose from her erotic haze and glanced in the direction of her husband's nod, never once taking his cock from her lips.

Memory flowed back slowly, the primal, sexual creature inside being much more powerful than the reasoning woman at the moment. Suddenly though, the rational Mollie was back, and embarrassed and sheepish as could be at having lost control so easily. Her blush was entrancing, and the girlish bow of her head very erotic. I was looking forward to my time with these people more and more.

Now that Mollie had relinquished her hold on Bill's cock, I was finally able to get an unobstructed view of it for the first time. It was still stiff, and as the descriptions I'd been given said, it was, indeed, a little smaller than mine, but still enticing. I found myself looking forward to feeling my fingers wrapped around it, just before leaning in and extending my tongue to the drop of pre-cum seeping from the tip. These thoughts were just idle imagination before. I had now placed myself in a situation where curiosity could become reality, all I had to do was screw up the courage to "take the bull (or Bill) by the balls" so to speak.

My musings were interrupted by Bill clearing his throat yet again, this time to wake me up. It was my turn to blush and look sheepish, but Bill had noticed where my attention had been, and was grinning back at me: an unspoken promise.

This whole thing was getting out of hand. Somehow, Bill was keeping it all together, I had no fucking idea how. Taking a deep breath, I recovered some of my own composure. Looking over at the two of them, I realized: I still had a sexy lady to get naked!

"Bill, get that damn dress off her," I told him. With the same kind of wicked anticipation Mollie had shown at the prospect of undressing her husband in front of me, Bill bent over, grabbed the thin straps at his wife's shoulders and tugged her dress off in a single slick move.

Voila! Mollie was nude!

I'd always had a hard time imagining people going out in public wearing only enough to cover exactly as much as society says it's necessary to cover. Mollie had been wearing barely that! The reality was staring me right in the face, and the revelation was heavenly!

Mollie hadn't moved yet, her head still bowed, still kneeling at Bill's feet. She had a fantastic little body. They'd told me she was a little self-conscious about her small breasts, but I thought they were lovely. They had nice, big nipples that I really looked forward to getting my lips around, and from what I knew from our emails, they were very sensitive.

Seeing Mollie kneeling so nude and submissive was simply beautiful, but there was something missing. "Spread your legs, Mollie. Let me see that gorgeous little cunt."

Never raising her head, and without a word, Mollie inched her knees further and further apart, until I began to wonder just how wide she was going to spread. When she finally stopped, her knees were obscenely wide, exposing her well-trimmed, utterly fucking beautiful pussy. As I watched, I noticed the glint of a thin stream of fluid running down the inside of one thigh. Apparently, Mollie was enjoying this as much as Bill and I obviously were.

My heart pounded madly when I whispered, "Finger your pussy for us, Mollie. Rub yourself, then dip in deep and lick your fingers. Taste yourself for me, baby."

Mollie's hands slowly traced down her lithe little body, spending some time along the way to tweak her nipples and give them a slight tug, before continuing lower, until they obscured her smooth crotch in a writhing mass of busy digits. Moll was definitely as hot a lady as I'd been told, and unashamed to perform in front of others. At least, she was unafraid to perform for me at the moment.

After what seemed far too short a time, her shoulders hunched, and her fingers curled up and into her beautiful little body. When they emerged again, they were gleaming with a liberal coat of Mollie juice. Slowly, she trailed her shining hands back up her body, once again taking time to fondle her pretty little breasts, then when her tits and nipples glistened, she abandoned all pretense and popped as many fingers as she could into her mouth.

The moan that came out of her at the taste of her own pussy was intoxicating. She evidently loved her personal flavor, something I'd been told, but didn't really believe until I saw the evidence for myself.

I have no idea how long she knelt there with her fingers in her mouth, but at some point, she opened her eyes and fixed a penetrating gaze on me. Once she was sure she had my attention, she pulled her fingers out gradually, and started using just her tongue on them, giving me a more sensuous show than she had before.

Watching Mollie's talented tongue dance over her wet fingers had me wondering what that tongue would feel like dancing over some hard, throbbing portion of my anatomy.

I think that was the naughty idea Mollie had in mind, too, but she had a treat for me before that.

With a wicked grin, she leaned forward and caught herself on one hand, making sure the wettest one didn't touch the floor. In a three-legged crawl, she closed the slight distance between us, knelt as close to the couch as she could get, then extended her fingers to me.

With a wicked smile of my own, I leaned in and took her fingers in my mouth. Immediately, my mouth exploded with the taste of pussy. Apparently, Mollie hadn't really licked that much of her juice off her fingers, because it seemed that there was an awful lot of flavor to be had. Not that I was complaining, it was a taste I looked forward to getting a lot more of.

When our eyes met again, I saw many promises, and moaned at the thought. I hoped I'd be staying long enough to partake of as many pleasures as I was being promised.

So entranced I was in what Mollie and I were doing, that I found I'd completely forgotten about Bill. That is, until his stiff cock crept into my peripheral vision. Larger and larger it loomed, until the head lay right against the corner of my mouth.

This was an invitation I'd traveled two thousand miles to accept. I was so wrapped up in the erotic heat of the situation, that it was only with a shred of regret that I slipped Mollie's fingers from between my lips. Turning my head the slightest bit, I found myself face to face with Bill's swollen cock head. I think my own cock swelled a little more when I felt myself extend my tongue and with a quick little flick, for the first time, tasted the pre-cum from another man's hard penis. The flavor was only slightly different from my own, and mixed with the aftertaste of Mollie's pussy, I wanted more.

I was losing myself in the moment, in the sensuous energy we were generating, in the wonderful nigh-taboo act I was about to take part in. A brief thought of, 'What would the people back home think if they could see me now?' flitted through my mind, but I was so taken by what I was about to do, I doubt anything could have deterred me.

Before, when I'd thought about such things, I imagined myself holding the cock in my hand, comparing the length and girth to my own, examining closely the shape of the head, the pattern of the veins running down the shaft. I imagined gently cupping his balls in my palm, caressing the soft skin and playing with each nut in turn, wondering in the feel of another man's most masculine parts. Before doing anything else, I'd examine every inch of his cock and balls, committing each sight to memory, until I knew his genitals as well as my own. Then, I'd start to lick and suck my way around everything, just the way I like it myself, before "taking the plunge."

Oh yeah, I'd thought about what it'd be like to do this. I just never thought the opportunity would arise to try it, much less that I'd ever have the balls to actually do it, given the chance.

Now, here I was, the cock hovering before my lips, Bill being exceptionally patient, waiting for what was next. I could have chickened out right there, and I was pretty sure Bill would have understood, but as I said, I was riding the wave of erotic power we were creating, and although there was a tiny flash of apprehension, it was nothing before the tidal wave of lust I was feeling.

All those imaginings I'd had before were flung out the window. All the touchy-feely shit could wait. Mollie had done a fine job of enflaming my erotic passion, and subduing my doubts.

Just as I'd watched Mollie do earlier, my mouth opened, and my lips closed over the head of Bill's hard cock.

There was a small voice inside me that screamed, "What the fuck are you doing!" but it could barely be heard over the roar of the curiosity that had been building in me ever since I'd sent the message saying I was coming to California. I thought I'd lose my nerve when confronted with actually doing what I was now doing, but Bill's cock tasted great, and I regretted all the time I'd wasted wondering.

As the old cliche goes: "Only a woman knows what feels best to another woman." Similarly, I sucked Bill's cock the way I liked my own worked on. For a first timer, I must have been doing alright, because Bill was moaning and groaning even more than he had when his wife blew him. While I played, I reached up and felt Bill's hanging balls, and marveled at how loose they still were.

While Bill's cock wasn't huge, I still found myself surprised at how full my mouth felt with his hot, stiff manhood in it. I didn't think I was up to taking more than I already had, but I certainly wanted to take as much as possible before I headed back for home. Fortunately, there was still plenty of time.

Suddenly, it dawned on me: I was a cocksucker! I usually didn't give any thought to such (typically) derogatory terms, but I'd resigned myself to "cuntlicker" a long time ago. And at the moment, with as hot and dirty as we were being, and as much hotter and dirtier as I hoped we'd get, such language fit quite aptly. With a happy moan, I accepted the realization of this added label gladly. I was having so much fun, and felt so good doing it, that it couldn't possibly be wrong.

Reveling in my newfound oral freedom, a brief thought popped into my head: Where had Mollie gotten to?

I didn't need to wonder for long. First, I felt dainty fingers wrap around my hard-on and slide up and down a couple times, using the pre-cum that oozed down my shaft for lubrication. Just when I felt like I'd explode from the fantastic handjob, Mollie pushed me gently down on the couch. Bill just followed my mouth along, not wanting to break contact with my first cock.

Once on my back, Mollie grabbed my ankles and pushed them toward the ceiling. I bent my knees, pulling them to my chest, hoping I knew what was coming. I wasn't disappointed when I felt the electric sensation of Mollie's tongue flickering over my asshole. Through our email correspondence, both Mollie and Bill had told me about their love of rimming. I'd had it done to me a couple times in the past, so I knew how good it felt. Those times had been wonderful, but they were nearly nothing compared with the awesome sensation caused by someone who truly enjoyed it!

When Mollie's tongue stabbed into my tight asshole, my mouth opened wide with a surprised gasp. Bill, not one to miss an opportunity, laid his cock right on my tongue and pushed forward.

I was grateful Bill wasn't bigger, because now his cock head lay at the back of my throat. Apparently I'd been wrong when I thought I couldn't take any more. I marveled at the fact that I wasn't gagging at the intrusion, but was proud of myself because of it.

With his erection so deep in my mouth, my nose just touching his pubic bone, I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't know if I should just continue fucking his shaft in and out like I had been doing, or just let it sit and do other things. For a minute, I decided to just let myself get used to having a cock so far into my mouth, and continued to play with Bill's balls.

Mollie's tongue, meanwhile, was doing a mad dance over my butthole, sending shockwaves through my body, waves I hoped I was translating into great sensations on Bill's cock. Mollie was a phenomenal rimjob artist, and while I sucked her husband, I felt deeply honored to be treated to her talent so soon after meeting her.

Sufficiently satisfied I was used to the intruder poking the back of my throat, I started to slowly fuck the drooling shaft in and out of my mouth once again. I'm not sure what the difference was when Bill put his cock in my mouth, as opposed to my doing it myself, but again, I was only able to take just so much before I couldn't take any more.

Bill didn't seem upset by the fact that I was again unable to deep throat him. His wife giving my butt the rimming of a lifetime, I looked up Bill's body and watched his face contort as I did my best to make him feel good. I'd never tried it before with another guy, but hell, I'd never sucked one before either, so I reached between Bill's legs and started to run a finger up and down the crack of Bill's ass.

The moan that came from his lips told me he was ready for whatever I had in mind. With my mouth wrapped around his beautiful, stiff penis, I think Bill wanted what I had in mind. His body shuffled back and forth a little as he slid his feet further apart, spreading the cheeks of his smooth butt, and giving me better access to the tight little pucker at their center.

I, of course, was doing quite a bit of moaning, myself, I was so enjoying what I was doing and what was being done to me. Mollie was untiring in her voracious loving of my ass, and I found myself not minding in the least that she was avoiding my cock and balls altogether.

Just as I started to push a finger against the ring of Bill's asshole, he pulled away, surprising and confusing the hell out of me. Was I doing something wrong? Had he been lying when he said he liked to have his butt played with? Mollie'd been playing with it earlier. What the fuck was happening?

The smile returned to my face when Bill started to lay over my body in a sixty-nine, so he could suck me at the same time I sucked him, and so Mollie could continue what she'd been doing the past several glorious minutes.

As quickly as possible, I got Bill back in my mouth, and gasped again at the feeling of my own cock being swallowed.

Now, this was another first for me. I'd had my cock sucked many times before, but always, I'd been sucked by women. It had always been an otherworldly experience, and I had no intention of giving it up, but Bill was doing things to me I couldn't remember a woman doing before.

Mollie's mouth on my ass, coupled with the mindfuck I was giving myself at my first cocksucking, not to mention the expert blowjob Bill was giving me had me barreling toward an orgasm in a big hurry.

Was it my voice telling Bill to stop sucking me? Fuck, I wanted to cum in the worst way (or best way, however you want to look at it), but I knew I'd have to rest for a while before I'd be able to do anything more, and I didn't want to quit just yet.

With some reluctance, Bill slipped his mouth off me, and I gave him one more quick in-and-out, promising myself to taste more of him later, feel it pulse as it shot jet after jet of hot cum into my mouth, and get my first mouthful of another man's semen, straight from the source.

God, was I really becoming such a slut? I'd had nasty thoughts before, but I was thinking things I'd only imagined in the past. I was going into overload. I wanted sex almost any way I could get it, and knew these two would do practically anything I wanted to make those wishes reality. It was an overwhelming thought, but one I could deal with.

Bill rolled off me, and I very reluctantly stretched back out, forcing Mollie to end her furiously enthusiastic rimjob. Glancing at each of them in turn, I could see the question in both their faces. Before either of them could ask, I turned to Mollie, "Now, for some of this pussy."

At the sound of that, Mollie and Bill glanced at one another with huge grins on their faces. Suddenly, I was taken by the apparently total lack of jealousy in these two. They simply wanted the other to feel good, regardless of who that other was, and if they managed to get some overt pleasure in that accomplishment, all the better. Bill seemed truly delighted in the idea that I liked his wife enough to want her, and that she was going to get some of what he'd gotten just a few minutes before.

I got off the couch, brushing against Bill's hard-on in the process, and knelt on the floor while Mollie arranged herself. While she squirmed trying to get herself aligned in front of me, she swung one leg up and over my head, giving me a delicious view of her clean-shaven pussy.

Getting a little impatient while Mollie wiggled and jiggled trying to find a spot she liked, I reached out and grabbed her hips. With a little squeal from her, I dragged her pretty little ass to the edge of the couch.

Oh my, the smell of hot, horny pussy that wafted up from between that girl's spread legs... I nearly came from the intoxicating odor! Seconds away from diving down to get closer to the source of that amazing aroma, I was surprised by the feeling of fingers on my cock. I'd gotten so hypnotized by the sight and smell of Mollie's fabulous cunt that I'd forgotten that there was someone else in the room.

This was happening quite a lot with these two. It was quite a testament to how sexy I found them to be, to get so distracted.

Anyhow, Bill had knelt down beside me and taken my stiff cock in his hand and started to stroke it. I let myself be led by this man to his wife's waiting pussy. A drop of pre-cum leaked from my cock and dripped onto Mollie's hungry, distended clit just before Bill guided my cockhead up and down the length of her hot slit.

My god, I could hardly wait to feel more. I shivered while Bill ran my cock up and down Mollie's pussy, before he placed the head at her soaking entrance. I concentrated for a minute, my cock twitching in the shallow penetration, trying to keep from cumming right then and there. I'd been excited since I arrived, and the activity that had been going on since Bill and Moll got home had me building higher and higher.

Feeling my cock pulsing, just barely parting her pussy lips, soon had Mollie panting in erotic desperation. I glanced over at Bill, who had removed his hand once he'd placed me where I wanted to be, and watched for a moment as his own cock twitched in sympathy to mine in his wife. A whimper out of Mollie drew my attention back to the matter at hand, and I watched my cock sink slowly into her dripping pussy as I pushed my hips forward little by little, forcing myself to take some time.

Far too shortly, though, I was as deep as I could go, and let out a low moan the same time, a similar sound came from Mollie's lips. Oh god, she felt good! I couldn't imagine how Bill ever managed to get anything done, with a pussy like this so close at hand.

Mollie's pussy had all but sucked my cock inside, then held me in place when our pubic areas touched. Had I wanted to, I'd have been unable to start stroking in and out of her, her inner muscles gripped me so tight. Fortunately, I was in no hurry. Mollie's pussy felt so good, I had no intention of rushing anything. At that point, I think if I could have spent the entire visit right here, I'd have considered my trip well worth it.

I had no idea how long I stayed there, sunk to the hilt inside Mollie's cunt, but it was a blissful time, and as I said earlier, there was no rush. When I did finally move, I wasn't the one who led the initial movement. In fact, Mollie's pussy practically spit my cock out on its own, then drew it back in, all by itself.

Realizing I'd had my eyes closed, I finally opened them to see Mollie below me, a vague smile on her face, but more than that, a look of intense concentration. The product of that concentration was a sensation unlike anything I'd ever felt before, and bet that I'd never feel again from any other woman. Mollie's pussy was fucking me, seemingly, all by itself, with little other movement from either of us.

I dragged my own concentration from what was happening to my cock, and met Bill's eye. He sat there with an ear-to-ear grin on his face, obviously knowing what his talented little wife was doing to me, and the look on my face must have told him how much I was enjoying myself.

After several minutes where Mollie milked my cock furiously, I finally felt the intense pressure ease, and a slow sigh escaped from her as she relaxed from the difficult control she'd been maintaining. At the sound of her sigh, I looked down and saw the tired, but blissful look she wore. Her eyes were closed, and I think she was now simply concentrating on the sensation of my cock filling her tight little pussy.

I remained still while she lay there. I was waiting for some kind of indication that she wanted me to move. Occasionally I felt her inner muscles grip, then release, but nothing like the intense feelings she'd been causing earlier.

Eventually, her eyes opened, and a broad smile appeared on her face when she looked up at me. She was definitely pleased I was there, as much - probably - as I was.

Slowly, I moved my hips back, drawing my shaft from her grasping cunt. We both gasped at the feeling. The milking bit she'd been doing to me had inched me closer to climax, I had to move slowly to keep some semblance of control, otherwise, as with Bill, I'd be shooting off within seconds, and still I wanted all this to last.

While I fucked in and out, I was concentrating so hard on keeping my cool and not cumming right away, that I lost sight of Bill. I'd have been happy for him to stick his cock in my mouth again. It might have distracted me a little from the sensational thrills coursing through my genitals, but Bill had disappeared.

Or so I thought.

I jumped when I felt hands on my ass. This was the first time another man had fondled any portion of my anatomy in a sexual manner. I knew this whole visit was going to be chock full of firsts for me, primarily in relation to this man whose fingers were caressing my butt. I'd never thought how sensitive my rear could be, but just the feeling of Bill's fingers on my skin was something special. A grunt of surprise escaped my lips when his hands each grabbed a cheek and squeezed firmly. Women had grabbed my butt before, but never like this. Bill's strong fingers dug deep into the flesh, almost hard enough to make it hurt. When I tensed up in reaction to that firm grip, Bill whispered, "Relax, Sus. Relax." It was the first I'd ever heard of his voice, and there hadn't been a spoken word in the room since I'd said I needed Mollie's pussy. The sound was kind of a shock.

I willed myself to relax my butt. As I slowly managed to do so, I felt Bill's fingers dig deeper into the yielding flesh. After a short while, he released me, but his fingers didn't stop exploring. They roamed all over my ass, lower back and down my thighs. Every time his hands tickled down my leg, I felt a ghost of anticipation on the back of my balls.

While Bill caressed my backside, I found I'd stopped moving again. Mollie didn't seem too worried by it, in fact, she started in again with her pussy milking trick. That didn't last long, though, she'd apparently spent herself pretty much the first time. When Mollie's pussy stopped pulsing, that's when Bill's fingers dropped into the crack of my ass. His touch remained feather light, and when it brushed against my puckered anus, I couldn't help but moan.

Of course, I found myself thinking that if he started licking my asshole there was no way I was going to be able to keep from cumming. He didn't rim me, even though he spent a lot of time tickling that sensitive spot. A big moan was pulled out of me when his fingers slipped down and caressed my balls.

By now, it didn't matter that it was another man touching my balls and ass. My cock was sunk into the most fantastic pussy I could remember ever being in, and what Bill was doing to me was simply added sensation. Bill knew just what to do with my balls as I fucked Mollie, and I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, in spite of all the care I was taking to make it last.

Suddenly, I no longer felt Bill playing with me back there, and I stopped and looked behind me to find him completely gone. I was going to ask where he'd disappeared to, when Mollie reached up, grabbed my nipples and pulled me down on top of her. Now, my nipples aren't particularly sensitive, and being a guy, they don't stick out much, so she had to grab pretty tightly to pull on them, and I was certainly going where they went.

I now found myself laid out over Mollie's body, my cock still buried in her wonderful pussy. Now, the difference in our heights was accented. She disappeared beneath me, her head about the level of my chest. I'd never had anyone so petite under me like this before. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, felt her breath tickle the hair on my chest and her hard little nipples dig into my skin. If I'd have wanted to, I could have picked her up and carried her around the room, impaled on my hard-on.

When Mollie wrapped her legs around my waist, I took it as a signal to start fucking in earnest. I'd had a little time to rest and recharge, so I wasn't so in danger of cumming before I was ready. Still, I took my time, wanting to make it all last. For some reason, there was a part of me that was afraid that once I came, it'd be all over, so I found myself struggling to hold back as long as I could.

Oh, Mollie felt good. I was so into what was going on, I didn't even think about Mollie's thin little frame being crushed by my body stretched out on top of her. I don't think she minded, because she was soon moaning at the top of her voice as I slowly pumped in and out of her wonderful pussy.

Suddenly, I knew where Bill was. Once more, I felt his hand on my ass, but this time he was spreading the cheeks and stretched out as I was, he had a pretty good shot at my asshole.

I stopped cold, a million separate thoughts ripping through me. I knew what he was going to try to do, the question was: Was I ready for him to do it? I'd wondered what it would be like to be in the middle of a bi fuck like this, my cock in a hot pussy, a cock in my ass, but I'd certainly never tried it before. I'd played with my butt before, sticking in a finger or two, and I'd even found a slim dildo that I used back there. Sometimes, in some of my more curious moments, I'd fantasized about what it would be like to have the real thing, but that was in the safety of the idea that I'd never have the chance to find out what it was like in real life. Here, that safety net was swept away. I was on the verge of something I thought I was curious about. The question arose: How curious was I? Sure, I'd sucked cock just a bit ago, but this was something entirely different... wasn't it? I wasn't worried about being considered gay or anything, I didn't really give much credence to such labels, especially coming from the type of people who put a lot of stock in them. Put simply: I wasn't sure I was ready. Maybe it was the label thing. Maybe it was the idea of getting something so much bigger than I'd ever tried in that tight orifice, one that, let's face it, wasn't really meant to accept anything coming in. Bill wasn't huge, but he was a hell of a lot bigger than the skinny dildo I had at home.

While I agonized, a process that actually took far less time than it sounds, Mollie was whispering comforting words from beneath me, and Bill simply kept touching me. His fingers weren't coercive or urgent, they simply kept moving, maintaining the gentle, pleasant, arousing feelings he'd been causing in my body since we started this.

Finally, hoping I was truly ready, I said, tightly, "Okay, Bill, do it. Please... go slow."

Mollie's pussy gripped my cock once in mute congratulation at my bravery. They both knew I was unsure of myself at this. I forcibly willed myself to relax when I felt the cool slickness of the lubrication as Bill rubbed it over my anus. It warmed quickly, and Bill slipped a finger in, then after about a minute or so, slid another in beside it. This felt a hell of a lot different than working my own butt, and I'm sure, had I been able to relax more and just let it happen, that it would have been a really otherworldly experience.

Bill's fingers felt awfully big back there, and once again, I tried to get my body to relax. What he was doing didn't feel bad, but I was working myself up so much, the longer this all dragged on, the more I wondered if I'd be able to take him.

After a little while, Bill's fingers slid out of me, and while I lay there, I realized my rear sort of missed the feeling of being stretched and filled. I couldn't say if that would be incentive enough to let Bill's cock in there, but I'd told him to try, and was determined to give it a shot.

Bill's fingers had left my body, but I could still hear him behind me. I could imagine what he was doing, and felt myself tense up again. I think Mollie must have noticed, because I heard her whisper, "Fuck me, Sus."

Mollie's voice brought me back to where I was, and at least temporarily distracted me from my growingly crazed inner turmoil.

Pushing myself up a little, I looked into Mollie's eyes, and saw the big smile she was giving me. After a moment, she said, "It'll be okay, don't worry. Just fuck."

Gathering my wits, I again started pumping in and out of Mollie's pussy. The going wasn't quite as easy as it had been; I'd been worrying so much, I'd lost some of my erection. A few strokes in Mollie took care of that quickly enough, though, and after a little bit, I started to wonder what had become of Bill.

I shouldn't have wondered. He hadn't gone anywhere. Mollie had taken my mind off the difficulties I'd had earlier, but once I felt Bill nudge against my exposed butthole, I started thinking about it again.

Once more, I stopped fucking Mollie so I could concentrate on what was happening behind me. 'Relax, dammit, relax!' I kept telling myself. Probably not the best way to get yourself calm, but that was what I was doing at the time.

Bill was incredibly patient. He didn't force, but he did keep an insistent pressure against my anus that wasn't going away. As soon as I relaxed enough, the head of his cock would be up my ass.

Both Bill and Mollie were quietly encouraging me, trying to help me along, but I was having a terrible time relaxing. I wanted to let him in, I'd come a long way to find out if I could do it, but at the moment, I must have been too scared. Bill's cock nudged a little harder. I doubted he was trying to force his way in, but the added pressure made me tense up again.

I don't know how long we'd been at this, but I could tell there was no way. "Bill, Mollie, I don't think it's going to happen. I just can't let go." The pressure on my butt stopped, and was replaced again by Bill's fingers. "I want to try again later, okay?"

There was a little tinge of disappointment in Bill's voice when he replied, "Sure." Instantly, I felt kind of bad that I'd made him feel bad, but then again, it was my hole he was trying to bugger. I just didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Boy, had I put a damper on things. I wanted to explain, but that would bring everything to a grinding halt. From beneath me, Mollie said, "Sus, flip over. Me on top."

Suddenly, I think I knew what she had in mind. I still felt guilty, but I picked Mollie up without pulling out of her and stood for a second with her suspended on my cock. She weighed practically nothing, at least it seemed that way at the time, and for a brief moment, I imagined she could be held up simply by the connection of cock and pussy. I knew better, though, and sat back down on the couch with her clinging around my neck and her legs still wrapped around my waist. When I laid back she pushed herself upright, and I was treated to the sight of her lovely body "towering" over me.

Before I had a chance to take advantage of Mollie's erect posture, Bill pushed her back over me. Disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to maul those beautiful tits of hers, I was also excited by what was about to happen. I'd never been part of a DP before (even though, technically, almost the participant in another version of one a minute or so ago), but now, here I was.

Mollie eagerly leaned forward, a big smile on her face, knowing what was coming, and impatient for it to happen.

With much less preparation than he had taken with me, I felt Bill slide his hard, slick cock up his wife's butt, and up against mine.

One thing I found out about being the guy on the bottom: you can't move very well, at least, not until the girl raises up enough to give you some room to maneuver.

Even so, through the thin wall that separated our cocks, it almost felt like Bill was fucking me while he fucked his wife's hot ass. He slid with such ease in and out of Mollie, it felt like he was masturbating me with his hard-on. That alone felt damn good, but when Mollie managed to give me some room to thrust a little... oh my god.

Of course, through all this, Mollie was moaning and making noises unlike I'd ever heard. Once in a while, Bill and I would both thrust into her at the same time, and I thought she was going to die. That woman must have orgasmed for ten minutes straight! I think she started as soon as Bill's cock penetrated her tightest hole, and it sure seemed like it was just one continuous cum the whole time.

Eventually, the pressure got to be too much, and I finally decided to let go. My cock pulsed powerfully four times before the intensity tapered off, and it felt weird, but good, to cum up against another guy's cock, even if it was on the other side of the barrier separating a woman's ass and pussy. Of course, that may have been what made it so good.

Hearing and feeling my orgasm must have set off Bill, too, because he started moaning loud as he came shortly after I began. In fact, I think my last two cum pulses and Bill's first two occurred at the same time. So, technically, we were cumming on each other for a little while. I found myself looking forward to getting to try that, but without Mollie's body in the way, although having it there was certainly an exceptional treat. I looked forward to getting more of it as my visit progressed.

A few minutes passed as Bill collapsed, exhausted, over Mollie, who subsequently collapsed on me. After only a few minutes with them both laid out on top of me, I gasped, "Uh, guys? I need to breathe, here."

Above me, I heard Bill start to laugh, then felt the weight on top of me ease. Then, Mollie rolled off, and I gulped in a big breath. Mollie held her hand out to me, which I took, and she helped me up.

When Mollie sat back down on the couch and spread her legs wide, I knew, from my communications with these two, what she expected.

I glanced over at Bill, who looked back with a grin on his face. He knew what was next, and he looked forward to it. I knew what was next, and wasn't sure if I was really ready for it any more than I was for the penetration earlier.

Bill knelt between his wife's legs, and without hesitation, placed his mouth over Mollie's asshole. My stomach did a little flip. Surely he wasn't really eating his cum from her butt? No matter how clean she kept herself, that couldn't possibly be very hygienic.

Bill didn't stay down there too long, though, so I gathered it was more a symbolic gesture than a real act. Of course, when he stood up and motioned for me to take my place, I knew which hole I was supposed to clean up.

With some hesitation, I knelt between Mollie's outspread legs, and knowing I was having some trouble with this, she whispered, "Go ahead. It's not as bad as you may think. Do me, then it's your turn."

At these words, I felt a twitch between my legs at the thought of what it implied, then bent to my expected task.

I saw a small pearly drop oozing from the base of her pussy as I leaned in. Before it could get any bigger, I extended my tongue and lapped it up. Now, I'd tasted my cum in the past. Honestly, it's not my favorite flavor. Regardless, when I read stories where somebody describes semen as "delicious," I'm massively skeptical. Nevertheless, here I was lapping at Mollie's cunt shortly after spraying it full of my jizz. Once again, it wasn't a task I relished, but I could also have had to do much worse. Besides, the flavor of my cum mixed with her pussy juice, while still not delicious, was moderately better. This was one aspect of sex with these folks that was going to take some getting used to, because previous correspondence told me that this was a regular and expected aspect of sex in their world.

After a minute or so, I felt a tap on my shoulder, even though Mollie was far from clean, and I looked up to find that I was done. Again the whole "cleaning" bit must have been more symbolic than anything. I got up from where I was, Mollie rose, and I was guided to the spot on the couch where she'd been.

The few seconds I sat waiting, I could feel the twitch of life in my crotch. Slowly, Mollie sank to the floor between my legs, sending a further surge through my loins. When Bill lowered himself to the floor next to her, a streak of reluctance flashed through me. I guess - my earlier boldness aside - I was still unsure how ready I was for the gamut of bisexual experience. I didn't let that uncertainty stop either of them from settling down for what I knew was to come.

Even once they situated themselves at my feet, they didn't start doing anything. Instead, knowing I was having trouble assimilating myself to the situation, they both sat watching me, waiting for some indication that I was ready for this. They both knew it wasn't Mollie's participation, but Bill's, that I was attempting to convince myself was okay. I wasn't appalled or repulsed, but for some reason, ever since the whole anal debacle, I was no longer as sure of my readiness as I thought I was.

Swallowing some of that hesitation, I took a deep breath, let it out, then smiled and nodded. The smiles I received back from both of them were radiant.

I jumped a little when I felt hands caressing up my legs, but it felt good. These were two very sensitive people, who knew how to derive the greatest pleasure from the simplest action. When they reached my inner thighs, I chuckled a little and squirmed. It tickled. The hands continued upward, carefully avoiding my now rock-hard cock, gently touching all around my tingling genitals before traveling even higher. Usually, my belly isn't particularly ticklish, but it sure was with Bill and Mollie's fingers lightly straying all over it. I had an idea where their hands were headed, and I wasn't sure it was going to get the reaction they were expecting. As I said before, my nipples aren't typically very sensitive, even though from what they'd told me, they'd managed to increase Bill's nipples' sensitivity by judicious use of suction. I'd had no such treatment, though, which was the cause of my skepticism.

You can imagine my surprise then when they each brought their hands to my chest and began gently fingering my nipples. I actually felt something! It wasn't especially intense, but the sensation was there, nonetheless. A slight moan escaped my lips at the contact. There was no way I was going to cum like this, but it was a really nice feeling. No wonder they avoided my cock and balls. If they'd have touched me there, I'm sure I'd have felt virtually nothing at all anywhere else.

I lost all track of where I was while Mollie and Bill caressed my body. My eyes were closed and I just concentrated on the sensations I was feeling on parts of my body I hadn't given much thought to before.

When somebody stroked their fingers lightly down the hard shaft of my cock, I about hit the ceiling. The attention everything else had been getting had just made my crotch that much more sensitive. At least, it seemed that way. Now I saw why such attention had been given to the spots where sensation was a little less overt. As I figured, once my cock and balls were touched, all attention was focused on that area alone. Any stimulation of my nipples now would have been hopeless.

The more touching I felt on my privates, the tighter my eyes closed. For all my bravado when they first arrived, and all my good courageous intentions, at the moment I wasn't 100% comfortable with the idea of another guy touching me. I hoped this was the last of this trepidation, otherwise it was going to be a long, uneasy stay.

I couldn't argue with what I was feeling physically, though. Both Mollie and Bill knew what felt best, and they played that to the hilt. When I felt a mouth close over the head of my cock, I couldn't tell whose mouth it was, and with my eyes tightly shut, it didn't matter. Whoever it was, they were incredibly talented and very enthusiastic.

For quite a while, the mouth on me teased the head of my cock in and out, not going very deep. After a while, it got to be almost maddening. Nevertheless, maddening or not, it felt way too good to have them stop. When a gentle hand on my balls joined the mouth, the moans I'd been making just got louder.

Eventually, the mouth on my cock was joined by another. I'd imagined what it would feel like, but imagination was no competition for the real thing. Having a talented mouth on me was always a delightful experience, but two... it was truly an fabulous feeling.

After a few minutes of having a pair of mouths working on my nether regions, I pushed past my unreasoning fear and opened my eyes.

When I saw what was before me, I regretted having closed my eyes in the first place. Instead of freaking out, I thought what was going on between my legs was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

I was correct in my assumption that the mouth at the end of my cock was Bill's. Instead of being horrified, since what he was doing felt so damn amazing, it made me forget any reason why this should be wrong.

My satisfied smile must have been enough to assure Bill I wasn't going to lose my cool, because I saw a glint of pleasure in his eyes. I think after my inability to take his cock up my rear, that he was afraid I'd changed my mind about exploring my bi side with him.

Of course, the whole while I was paying attention to Bill, Mollie was still doing marvelous things with the shaft of my cock and my sensitive balls. If she was able to cause such delicious sensations on this part of my anatomy, I could hardly wait for her to take over where her husband presently happened to be. Even though I was again coming to grips with the idea of sex with another guy, I still found myself primarily thinking of what kind of mischief I could get into with Mollie.

A few minutes after I finally opened my eyes, Mollie and Bill switched places. As they moved, I felt a thrill of anticipation at the realization I was finally going to get the chance to find out how talented her mouth really was.

Instead of just starting in on my cock, Mollie gently teased me with one hand, while Bill locked his mouth onto my tight balls. For what seemed an awfully long time, she just sat there with an enigmatic smile on her face while she caressed my throbbing erection and her husband slavered all over my lower body. I wondered what Moll was up to - I was vibrating with erotic tension from the treatment I'd already received, and this fabulous torture merely heightened it.

With no warning whatsoever, in a single surprising, slick move, Mollie swallowed my hard-on almost to the base. There was no way to mistake how glorious this felt. My mouth gaped, and a primal scream tore from my throat. With the stimulation I was getting at my taut ball sac, coupled with how worked up I already was, I was surprised that I didn't manage to cum then and there. I was glad I didn't, though, because it meant I could enjoy more of the sensuous torture Mollie and Bill were putting me through. Where Bill had used shallow penetrations on my cock, Mollie raised up, then plunged back in deep, almost as if I was fucking her pussy. I wasn't sure how long she could keep it up. I certainly hoped it was at least as long as I could hold back.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, all things must end, and so it was with the enjoyable attention I was receiving. After a few more slow, excruciatingly pleasurable entrances of Mollie's talented little mouth, she pulled off me, followed by a regretful Bill, leaving me throbbing from the loss of stimulation. I was helped up from my spot on the couch, which was then occupied by Bill. I knew he was to receive the same treatment Mollie and I had gotten. Mollie again knelt on the floor, then motioned for me to take up the place next to her.

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