My Loving Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Rape, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, InLaws, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Fisting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dad becomes a chip off the old block, his son becomes a cuckold and the bride becomes a sex toy.

I led a very successful business life. I started my own cumputer design firm right after graduating from MIT. I created a design program for three dimensional archtectual drawings and soon found myself with a seven figure yearly income. I married lucky, we met before the financial windfall and married when it was just starting, so my wife wasn't a brown nosing money grubber or a trophy wife. Peggy was a saint, she bided my moods and comforted me when I needed it. She also taught me how to live with wealth, not to flaunt it, or use it to buy favors but to help others, to help the environment, and to support the arts. She refined me from a nerd into a well dressed, well mannered, need I say even debonair, gentleman. She bought my clothes then hired a private tailer to see that they fit properly. She gave me lessons on how to eat in public and at private dinners. She made me play scrabble and do crosswords so my vocabulary would grow. She made sure I always had something to read, and every night before sleep she would grill me about the days events, from world news to office gossip. I put my foot down when it came to opera, but all the other arts were on the table, and she seemed to have a knack for picking the best, some to physically or mentaly experience, and some to financialy back. My darling wife Peg, the love of my life, took sick one cold winter night and despite all the medicene and doctors I could buy, nothing made her well. She passed from my life but not from my being.

My wife was a saint, would I could say the same about our only child, Jerry, a son who seemed to take delight in torturing his parents. I'm sure we both over indulged him and ignored him as he grew up, at once showering him with all that money could buy, while shuttleing him around from one boarding school to another, each one more remote from the next, as he was expelled and or kicked out from one after another. He then blamed me for his mothers death and as soon as he turned eighteen he quit school and disappeared from my life. Oh it would have been easy enough to just look at the adresses where the checks from his trust fund were sent, but I nevered bothered to. As much as my Peg turned me into a moneyed squire, our son turned into a loud, obnoxious oaf, I was glad to be rid of him. Then he returned fourteen years later with a wife of his own and my tune changed.

Jerry was now a subdued, obnoxious oaf. He finally learned to tone down the bluster, but still retained the gift for gab. He had even, much to my astonishment, managed to mary a former beauty queen turned model. After wasting ten years of his life and his trust fund, he found himself on the wrong side of a gun at a high stakes poker game. He was able to glib his way out of the situation, but even his desultory brain realized it was time to change his behavior. I have to give him credit, of his own volition he turned himself in to a rehab center (very exclusive and expensive, of course) and came out a success story.He was able to quit taking drugs and pills and to stop drinking. He met a fellow resident who got him interested in real estate sales and provided him his first job. His toned down bluster and gift for flowery exageration, plus the connectons his new found friend provided, soon added up to a successful career, something that he could finally say he did on his own. So with his new found confidence and an even sharper hone to his patter, he met, wooed, and won the heart of one Phyllis Jones, the former Miss North Dakota, who, after being one of the final ten contestants in a national beauty pageant, decided to try her luck and limited talents in the big city. She soon found work as a fashion model, but when she blossomed from a slim ninteen year old into a curvacious twenty two year old, her agent guided her into lingerie modeling. Jerry met her at party thrown by the recent buyer of a penthouse condo in the toney part of town, she was a friend of the owner and party thrower, Jerry was the sellers agent and wheedled his way to an invitation even though he knew nobody there, not even his host. He was quite taken with her, and made sure he was introduced to her. His silver tounge and large wallet soon had her saying I Do, and he decided to bring his blushing bride home to meet his father, where he thought he would gloat while showing off the trophy he felt he was finally good enough to win. Bad idea. As soon as I laid eyes on my sons wife I knew he didn't stand a chance next to the man his mother had turned into a middle aged smoothy. I may not have the glibness of my son, but I sure had the class and the style. And, it turned out, the good fortune of being an older man.Who knew the young vixen had a thing for older men?

So Jerry came back to town with his wife and bought a house right across the street from mine. Peg designed our mansion and grounds with impeccable taste, and we found ourselves the lead actors in several archtectual and home and garden magazine articles. As you would expect, Jerry went the exact opposite route, making his house and grounds as garrish and glitzy as he could, unwittingly of course, he thought his taste was impeccable. He and his wife invited me to their first party after the renovation was complete. As I walked up the sweeping curve of my sons driveway I looked with distaste at what he had done to the landscaping. He had removed stately elms, oaks and maple trees that had stood there for years, and replaced them with small trees and bushes that he had trimmed into different shapes, with one near the house even shaped like a phallus, something he made sure to point out to every guest, along with a wink and a poke in the ribs with his elbow. I was standing idley by when Phyllis made her entrance to the grand ballroom, which I might add, was festooned with what would be black velvet paintings of Elvis, except that Jerry could afford silk, so the walls were bedecked with irredescent Elvi painted on shimmering black silk.

My daughter in law looked stunning. Her long blonde hair was swept up in a crown haloing her head, exposing her long alabaster neck where a simple gold locket hung and drew your gaze to the magnifecent breasts her strapless dress was barely containing. As my eyes traveled down her body I took in the sight of how her dress hugged her waist and hips before billowing out over her shapely legs and ending just above her black stocking covered knees. Her feet were shod in a pair of four inch high stiletto heels, held on by a single strap wrapped around each ankle. As my gaze retraced it's path back up her body I took an oath to myself that by the time the night was over I would know if those black stockings she was wearing were pantyhose, thigh highs or gartered nylons. Seeing as she was a lingerie model each was a possibility, and I vowed to find out, while at the same time getting a little revenge for all the trouble my son had caused me.

My obnoxious son and his equally obnoxious business associates joining us for dinner, had no chance against the suave father, and by the time the after dinner drinks were being served I had my daughter in law hanging on my every word. I made sure I was seated next to her at the table, and with the practiced guile learned from thirty some years of conducting multi million dollar deals with men I didn't know, my seemingly simple questions illicited all the information I would need to put her under my spell. I learned of her infatuation with older men, how her first real love was a professor from her college who was thirty years her senior, and how she never met any men her own age who knew how to treat a women. Needless to say my manners and attentiveness to her needs while dinning went into high gear and I soon had her under my spell. Seeing his wife doting on his hated father drove my son over the brink and he began drinking glasses of wine. He was now passed out on a couch, his dry years causing his tolerance to shrink, and making him vulnerable to the several glasses of wine he downed at dinner and the vodka tonic I toasted him with in the drawing room. I pointed out her snoring husband to Phyllis and smiled to myself when I heard her mutter under her breath "uncouth bastard." I instantly asked her to show me around the house, as I hadn't seen the renovated rooms. She eagerly took me up on my request, wanting to get away from her passed out husband and his fellow inibreated friends. We walked out of the room and down the main hall, by the time we had reached the curved main staircase we were in stitches over the snide comments I had first started and then she willingly joining in, as we made fun of the pretentious art hanging on the walls. Phyllis paused on the first step of the staircase and wiped away a tear of laughter. She then confided in me about how Jerry loved his taste in artwork and bragged that it was the best private collection in town. We laughed again as I said only if the second best consists of poker playing dogs. She laughed so hard she lost her ballance and started to tip forward. I quickly grabbed her around the waist to keep her from falling and found my arms and chest supporting her entire weight as she leaned into me. Our faces were at the same level, our eyes met and held, almost as one we tilted our necks and put our lips together. The softness of her lips brought back long supressed desires, and with a passion I thought I no longer posessed, I kissed her long and deeply, folding my arms tightly around her waist, crushing her breasts into my chest. Phyllis returned my passion, mashing her lips into mine, then opening her mouth to push her tongue at my lips, urging me to open my mouth as well, so our tongues could caress each other.

I slid my hands from around her waist and moved them so one cupped her silk covered tits and the other grasped her ass cheeks to grind her crotch into mine. I could feel her pelvis start to make a circular motion against my groin, I dropped my hand and put it on the back of her thigh under her dress. I was about to find out what she was wearing, and to my delight it turned out to be thigh highs. As I ran my hand up her inner thigh I whispered in her ear that I was glad she didn't wear pantyhose, while at that very moment my hand reached the juncture of her legs and torso. Phyllis quickly spread her legs apart giving me access to her panty covered pussy. I gently stroked the silky material, outlining her labia through its thinness. Suddenly my finger found her clit, my massaging had awakened the sleeping sprite, and it popped it's head out from between her pussy lips where I could trace it with my thumb while continuing to stroke her lips. Then I felt the material of her panties wasn't as slick, pussy juice was saturating the gussett, turning the frictionless glide of my fingers over her panties into the panties doing the sliding over her very wet pussy lips.

While still kissing me Phyllis reached under her dress and pulled the crotch of her panties out of the way. She wanted my fingers to feel her bare skin, what she got was four of my fingers unceremoniously shoved up her pussy in one quick jolt. Phyllis squealed loudly, both from the pain and the pleasure that surged through her body. Her pussy quickly widened and I could feel the walls stretching around my fingers. Her pelvis started jerking back and forth as her torso pivoted above her spread knees. Her rocking motion caused my fingers to plunge in and out of her cunt, first just my finger nails at the edge of her pussy cavern, then with one sharp thrust, I'm in up to my palm, all four fingers wiggeling inside her pussy, stroking the walls and feeling them quake, then just as suddenly back out to just my finger tips, Phyllis' juices soaked my hand, making my it feel cool from the hallway air. I moved my hand and placed it on her hip. With a bit of force I pivoted her ass around so she was slightly bent over with her hands grasping the railing. She was standing on the first step, so I laid down on the floor and rested my head on the step. I was now looking directly up her dress, her feet on either side of my head. For the first time I got a look at her panties, at least the part that was left showing, for the leg bands had been forced up her ass crack so the only portion showing was her crotch, and that looked like just a patch. The panties were a pastel blue, but the material that was covering her cunt was almost dark blue from the juices collected there. I reached up between her legs with one hand and pulled her panties up and away from her crack and pussy. I put my other hand in between her pussy lips, then put my fingers in the shape of a cone and slowly began to insert them into her cunt. Phyllis began a long slow steady moan, she didn't move a muscle, allowing me the honor of setting the pace for her finger fuck. But again, it's not what you assume will happen that will get you, it's the unexpected that rears it's ugly head. When I decided my fingers were lubricated enough I put my thumb into my palm and the next time I had all four fingers inserted up her snatch I rotated them, making sure to juice up the back of my hand, then I shoved a little harder and my knuckles were at the entrance to her cunt. Phyllis continued to moan, but the tone changed to a higher pitch when she felt the knuckles of my hand as they penetrated the edges of her pussy and too late realized I was going to fist her. With no time to protest or squirm away I shoved my hand into her cunt beyond my knuckles, my hand was up her snatch about two inches from my wrist. I stopped pushing it in and just rested it there, letting her get used to the intrusion and relaxing her cunt muscles so I could get the rest on my hand inside her. I rotated my hand again, making sure it was well oiled, I wanted to give her some pain when I shoved my whole hand up her cunt, for the stupid bitch had married my son, but not so much that she would demand to stop before I could give her the exquisite pleasure she so richly deserved, after all, the beautiful bitch did marry my son.

I put my free hand on Phyllis' ass to steady her, then proceeded to slowly shove my hand further into her, slowly rotating it as I watched it disappear up her widening hole until only my wrist was visible and I could bend my hand around in her pussy. I was rotating my fist from wall to wall in her cunt while making little in and out motions, being careful not to let my knuckles slither out. Suddenly I was blinded by a light, Phyllis had lifted the front of her dress so she could look at me as I fisted her. Her legs buckled at the knees and she squatted down on my fist, forcing it ever deeper into her orifice. Now my hand was in past the bone on the upper side of my wrist. With a jerk Phyllis stood straight up and my fist came flying out of her, followed quickly by a gush of pussy juice that drenched the front of my shirt. Phyllis spread her legs further apart, reached down thru her legs and grabbed my fist. She rubbed her hand around it feeling her own juices. She dropped my hand and put hers where mine had just been. With another quick squat, she impaled her self on her own fist, bending her knees and pushing forward until I could no longer see it. She again stood up and again a gush of her pussy juice washed over the front of my shirt when her hand came out. She grabbed my hand again and wet it down with her fresh juice. Then she lifted her skirt again and looked me in the eye and told me to shove my fist up her cunt, and that's the word she used too, shove my fist up her cunt in one quick jab. She spread her knees and squatted down, opening up her hole to my lustful gaze. Her clit was blood red and stood like a mountain over some craggy valley below, her cunt lips forming a vee around its prominence. The lips themselves were swollen and thick, a ready invitation to any object that would like to pass their portal.

I didn't even bother to cone my fingers as my hand neared her pulsating hole. I made a fist, placed it on top of the opening and shoved. Phyllis screamed very loudly, I knew I hurt her and it filled me with a sensation of power I never knew I harbored. Now the time had come to pleasure her beyond the likes of which she had ever known. My fist had forced its way into her pussy, my fingers were in a ball which I twirled and twisted from side to side, up and down and in and out. With my free hand I reached up and put a finger tip on the top of her clit. Almost imperceptibly I touched it, but that was enough. Phyllis started breathing in short deep pants, her pelvis began jerking in quick spasms, she grabbed my hand and pressed my finger tighter down on her clit and then she collapsed, her legs no longer able to bear her weight. I suddenly found my self holding the entire body of my daughter in law by only a fist shoved up her pussy so deep that the bottom four inches of my arm had disappeared. She had a flesh and bone, five inch around, thirteen inch long dildo crammed up her cunt and she was having one orgasm after another, her trembling body impaled on my arm, while her juices flowed copiously out the sides of her engoged hole. I could hear her shrieks echoing down the hall even from under cover of her dress, which at that very moment was swept up from behind and I saw the man who raised it surrounded by six or seven men with mouths wide open as they watched my hand and part of my arm ramroding in and out of their associates wifes' pussy. Phyllis was so lost in her exstacy that she hasn't noticed the men gaping at her, but when she felt someone ripping the front of her dress open to expose her braless tits she opened her eyes and bobbled her head around to take in all the men now surrounding her.

A look of fright passed over her eyes, but before she could do anything to ruin the mood, I played with her clit some more, stroking it, feather touching it, and then, on a whim, I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger. Phyllis jumped so high my arm and fist came free from her cunt. She landed awkwardly and wound up sprawled across the floor. Her body jerked and shook, reminding me of someone having an epilepsy attack. Her dress was now a band of fabric circling her waist, exsposing her incredible looking bare tits topped by her distended nipples, appearing as rock solid hard as any Viagra laced cock. Her thigh high covered legs were also on view and they were topped by the thin fabric of what remained of her once pastel blue silk panties. Her pussy lips were red and swollen but compared to the size of the gaping maw they bordered were tiny. Phyllis' pussy was stretched enough that she could have given birth, we could easily see four or five inches of it as it wound up and through her abdomen. The sight had all of us in thrall, but that was nothing compared to the sight the scantily clad beautiful blonde then presented to us. She put one hand on her left tit then began to pinch and pull her nipple. She pulled so hard her breast went from bowl shaped to funnel shaped. At the same time she put her other hand back upher cunt. Her hole was still so big she could have put both hands inside. That scene was then topped by her sudden vocalization that she wanted to be fucked, fucked hard and fast, she wanted, no, she needed, to have a big warm hard cock shoving in and out of her wet cunt. She had no problem with getting someone to take her up on her offer. One of the men had unzipped his pants and was stroking his cock as he watched, he now simple lay between her legs and put his dick up her willing snatch. He slammed his pelvis into hers for a few seconds and then withdrew. He said her pussy was stretched so wide he could get no feeling, he said it was like fucking the thin air in a cave. He stood up, leaving a very unsatisfied woman at his feet, and joined a group of very peplexed men. Here was the most gorgeous woman they had ever seen, let alone been invited to fuck, and they were at a loss at how to do it. Finally, the sight of a nearly naked, totally unsatisfied woman thrashing around at his feet was too much for one of the men. He reached down and flipped Phyllis over onto her stomach, took off his jacket and shoved it under belly, elevating her ass, and making it obvious what his next move was going to be. He unzipped his pants, flipped out his stiff cock, knealt between her legs and rubbed his dick along her ass crack, smearing it with her juices. When he felt it was wet enough he spread her ass cheeks apart exsposing her puckered ass hole. Just like I had done to her pussy with my fingers, he now did to her asshole with his cock, shoveing it into her without warning. Phyllis squealed at the top of her lungs and tears formed in her eyes, but she never once told the guy to stop the rape of her ass. In fact it didn't take her long to begin to push back, silently inviting him to fuck her harder and faster. She arched her back and slid a hand down to her crotch so she could play with her clit. The guy fucking her lifted his head, grinned at all of us and said this is what a pussy should feel like, tight and hot. He then started grunting and panting and soon thereafter had his orgasm, placing his sperm deep in my daughter in laws rectum. He slowly removed his softening dick from her ass. Accompanied by an air fart, his cock slipped out from it's captivity. Again we men were enthralled as we watched her streched ass hole pucker back to its original size, the trickle of a brown hued ooze seeping out from it the only hint that it had been brutally attacked.

Phyllis didn't move from her supine position, she just rocked her ass back and forth, in silent invitation asking for more abuse. The men were quick to oblige and for the next several hours one after another, the business associates of a drunk and passed out husband put their cocks up his wifes' ass, where they fucked it, enjoyed it and left their cum to accumulate, so that first little trickle of ooze leaking out her asshole became a stream, coating her ass cheeks, thighs and stockings. By the time they were finally sated the beautiful blonde wifes' ass hole was almost as stretched as her cunt, it no longer puckered but gaped wide open allowing the amassed sperm to puddle at the opening. I lost count but I seem to recall the seven men fucked her ass at least twice each, with several going back for thirds and one man trying for a fourth. He found her asshole too loose so he went around to her face and jacked off until he was able to unleash a load that sprayed her lips, chin and cheeks. Then in a mood of male commaraderie they patted each other on the back, straightened their clothes and left the scene of their carnage. I was left with a passed out son totally unaware that his new bride was the recipient of an ass fucking gang bang that left her also passed out, but at least she was a well used lump of human flesh, he was just a drunk. I lifted her inert body and carried her to the master bedroom and dumped her on the unused bed. I contemplated leaving her there, clothed in her high heels, black stockings covered in cum and criss crossed with rips, tears and runs, a shredded pair of panties hanging from one leg, and her dress just a useless band of cloth surrounding her waist. It would serve my son right to discover his wife in such a state and be forced to deal with the consequences. Then I gazed at my lovely daughter in law and my heart melted. I couldn't leave her to face my son alone and undefended so I ran a bath, stripped her naked and laid her into the warm water. I washed her body as gently as I could, almost sorry I began the whole sordid mess. Then I remembered the feel of her cunt walls as they held my fist and arm, the look of utter bliss pasted on her face as the men fucked her ass, and I realized I may have unleashed an inner monster, I just wasn't sure if it was mine of hers. Slowly the warm water and gentle scrubbing brought her back to life, she stretched her arms and legs while she hummed to herself. She looked and sounded like a contented cat waking from an afternoon nap in the sun. Then she bolted upright in the tub, looked at me with wide frightened eyes and began crying, her sobs shaking her body almost like her orgasms had. I put my arms around her shoulders and tried to comfort her, she violently shook them off and began crying louder and harder. I again put my arms around her, but this time I wouldn't let her loose. I hugged her and stroked her until she had cried herself out, then I washed her face, helped her out of the tub and went to get her a hot cup of coffee while she toweled off. When I returned she was dressed in a chaste terry cloth robe that she kept tightly wrapped around her. I offered her the cup of coffee which she took with a gratefull look. I then put my arm around her again and told her that my son need never know what happened this night, and that I would make sure the seven men at the party would never mention it to my son or to anyone else. She thanked me and said she needed to sleep. I agreed, kissed her lightly on her forehead like a concerned father would and left her in her wedding bed, contemplating her future until Father Morpheus took her off to a deep and restfull sleep.

The dinner and gang rape happened Friday night, Saturday passed uneventfully, but Sunday afternoon I found Phyllis at my door, her face tear stained and a small suitcase clutched in her hand. I ushered her in and sat her on the living room couch. She began crying again so I just held her, not saying a word. Finally she composed herself and told me she was leaving my son, but she had no place to go. I offered her the use of my house for as long as she needed and told her I would help her in any way I could. She leaned into my chest, put her arms around my waist and hugged me as hard as she could. We sat that way in silence for many minutes. then she looked up at me with those deep blue eyes and whispered that she had something to tell me. I rocked her in my arms and said she didn't need to tell me anything. No, she insisted, she needed to talk. I looked at her and nodded. She stammered a few moments then blurted out that she loved what I and the men did to her. Now it was my turn to sit in stunned silence, I was really at a loss for words. When I didn't speak she continued to talk, telling me the sensations she felt, the utter feeling of helplessness she expierinced and reveled in. She relived the entire scene from her perspective, opening my eyes for the first time to the womans point of view of sex. Well this particular womans view anyway, because I'm sure a typical woman wouldn't have enjoyed an unexpected fist up her pussy which was followed by an ass fuck gangbang. As I listened to her I realized I had to tell her why I did what I did. When she finished talking I told her why I wanted to hurt her and give her pleasure at the same time, that i wanted to get back at my son, and I used her to do it. Then I said I would understand if she hated me and never wanted to see me again. She silently shook her head no and hugged me tighter. We sat in silence for awhile longer, then I told her I had something else to confess, that I discovered I enjoyed administering pain and having complete power and control over a woman, and that watching her getting fucked over and over again gave me great plesure and a very hard cock. When I finished talking she didn't say anything, so we sat in silence for another while. Suddenly Phyllis put her lips up to my ear and whispered she learned something about herself too, she liked the feeling of powerlessness to help herself, she liked that I dominated her to my will, and in an even softer voice, that she liked the pain I gave her. Again I sat in stunned silence, mulling over in my mind the enormity of her confession. A thousand thoughts went whizzing through my mind, when it hit me and the light bulb turned on. I told Phyllis to follow me and got up to go to the computer room. Phyllis instantly stood up, said yes sir and dutifully followed me into the room. We sat at the console and for the next several hours we surfed the net looking at Bondage and Discipline sites and there links. There was a ton of information and I didn't quite know how to assimilate all. Phyllis suggested we keep notes of what we see that turns us on, what turns us off, and what we want to explore further. We stayed up all night and by the time Monday morning sun rose in the east we had come to a meeting of the minds, and flesh as it were.

Phyllis was going to divorce my son while forcing him to pay alimony, I was going to compare our notes and come up with a set of rules for Phyllis to live by, and if she agreed to them, she would move into my house, where I would controll both her public life and her sex life, no questions asked.

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