Sarawak Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Spanking, Interracial, White Couple, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Charley Ryan is on assignment in Borneo to find a plant site for a new, high tech surveillance product. Mark and his beautiful wife introduce Charley to their country and their unusual life style unfolds before him. If you have never had a Eurasian lover, you will almost feel the intense tightness of her pussy in this story.

The four girls made fast work turning all the Mah-Jongg tiles over on the marble table. Their talk seemed uninterrupted by the task of preparing for the draw of tiles, and the air was filled with laughter and friendly teasing. The room was shaded from the intense sun of the Island of Borneo by rich horizontal blinds at the windows. The filtered sunlight gave the room a cheerful, bright look, heightened by the crisp modern style furniture of Su Lee's home.

"Ohmigod! I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I can concentrate enough to play today!" Su Lee began, still snapping tiles over in front of her, and giggling. "This guy is so cute! He is driving me crazy!"

"Who are you talking about?" Mei Ling had arrived a few minutes after the others and missed the first part of Su Lee's story.

"Damian, Damian, Damian! He is Sean's best friend and he is visiting us again. Every time he visits, I get hotter and hotter about him! He is so sexy, I go crazy being around him! This time he is staying here in the house! If he doesn't leave I'm afraid I will just jump his bones!" She went into gales of nervous laughter and looked from one friend to the next around the table. "What am I going to do?"

They exchanged quizzical but knowing glances.

"Su Lee? You? Quiet little Su Lee? What has happened to you? Getting into sexy relationship?" Chen Ni laughed and pretended to be fainting.

"My grandmother always said that 'Quiet ponds are often the deepest!" Mei-ling said joining the laughter.

"Mei Ling, maybe we heard wrong? Was that Siaw Yen talking? Cannot be Su Lee." Chen Ni stared at Su Lee, a smile on her face.

"You have a problem!" Chen Ni said. "Sure you want advice from a sinner like me?"

"Girls, girls, let Su Lee continue. She has my entire attention!" Siaw Yen chimed in, eagerly.

Su Lee began explaining further as they began selecting tiles for the walls of tiles the game requires.

"Seriously. I have a problem. Damian is moving to town, he is here looking for a place to live. He's even looking at an apartment here in this building."

"Oh, how convenient!" Mei Ling said, smiling broadly.

"Last night I got up in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen for a drink of ice water. In the dark hallway, I bumped into Damian. He was in his boxer shorts. I had a nightie on but no panties. When we bumped, we both just stopped. I touched him!... Then fumbling for the light switch, I touched it again. It was hard. That quick! I decided not to turn on the light!"

There was a chorus of laughter and "Ahhhhhhh! Very smart!"

"Tell us more!" Chen Ni urged.

The click of tiles had stopped. Three pretty women leaned forward against the table, eager for more details; All eyes were on Su Lee.

"'Sorry!' he whispered. "'Sorry!'" I muttered. "We just stood there a moment getting our balance."

"'Want a drink of water?' I said, 'Here, take my hand.' I didn't turn on the lights because we were nearly naked. I led the way and big, sweet Damian just followed me down the hall to the kitchen. I thought it would be OK. Then when I opened the refrigerator, the light came on. It was like a spotlight on Damien and I realized that he could see my nipples and my mound through the gown. Of course, the light shined directly on his dick. It was even a little moist; I could see a reflection on it. My heart almost stopped. He is so big. Extemely big. He started to push the door closed to turn off the light but... then."

"What, what, what?" Mei Ling said.

"Well, I just wouldn't let him. I wouldn't let him close it. I just stood there looking at him. He stood looking at me. We just stood there, slowly drinking our glasses of water! The thing is, it was sexy for me. I was shivering and shuddering like a teenager. You could have cut the sexual electricity with a knife. It just felt,... well, it felt delicious. That's all I can say. I could actually feel it. Just a warm glow in the air between and around us."

"Mmmm, this is interesting. Go on, Su Lee. You have our full attention." Mei Ling said. The others nodded, openmouthed with excitement. They had stopped moving tiles and all three were leaning on their elbows listening to their friend.

"We both tried to make small talk. But instead, just stood looking into each other's eyes. It was... EXCITING!" Su Lee almost shrieked it out. "It was wonderfully exciting. I started to close the door finally, and... well, Damian,... Damian stopped it with his big hand. He just held it and looked at me, looked down at my breasts, at all he could see through the gown."

"And you got... excited?" Mei Ling asked, already knowing the answer, but helping Su Lee tell the story.

"... Yes. Yes, I could feel myself, you know, getting... Well, I could tell that I was getting moist, just standing there a foot apart, drinking our water. I haven't been so excited in the last 15 years. Not since our honeymoon. Well, maybe a few times after that, but, you get the idea. I mean,... I was excited! And of course, Damien couldn't hide his excitement." Su Lee giggled with the pleasure of remembering the forbidden secret intimacy.

"Come on, Su Lee, more, tell us more!" Chen Ni urged, her hand nervously tugging at her long black hair and pressing it against her mouth. "That is, if you... want to."

"We couldn't stand there all-night, so we finished the water and we both closed the door quietly. Do you know what that means? We were BOTH trying to keep from making noise. Both of us, were trying to keep from waking my husband sleeping just down the hall. That's what scares me. Quietly, I led the way, reaching back for his hand. I think he may have done it intentionally, I... I touched it again! I couldn't lead him that way, could I? I found his hand at last and we walked down the hall. At his door, I stopped to show him that we were at his door. But, again, we stood there; close together; again, feeling the closeness. I could smell the scent of our sex rising between us. He leaned closer. I leaned toward him. He reached down and kissed me, our lips just touching until I touched his lips with the tip of my tongue. His hand slipped under my gown and touched my nipple, then held my breast in his hand. As we continued kissing, I took hold of his cock and just held it, warm and hard and big. Damian's tongue found mine. His other hand touched my mound; he just tenderly brushed back and forth against my hair,... just touching. Sparks shot down my spine!"

"Ohmigod!" Siaw Yen gasped. The tension in the room was intense, all three girls still leaning forward, their legs tightly crossed and curled under their chairs.

Su Lee continued: "It felt just wonderful. I felt warm and comfortable. Damian's cock was a pleasure to hold. It felt big and his skin was like velvet; except for the end which was round and fleshy feeling, slicker than the rest of it. I leaned closer and pressed his hand between our bodies. Just at that moment, Sean made a noise like he was getting up. I could hear the bed creak and him clear his throat. We sprang apart, Damian's hand tangled in my gown for an instant, and then he was gone, swallowed up by his dark doorway. I hurried down the hall and climbed into bed, my heart still in my mouth."

"Was Niew actually awake?"

"Yes, he asked if I was all right. I said I had just needed a drink of water. He had too much to drink and he wasn't any good. He just went back to sleep."

'Just like a husband!" laughed Siaw Yen. "You can't count on them!" The girls all joined in the laughter.

"What would you have done?" she asked the three of them. "Tell me. Am I awful? What if he moves here? I love my husband. But,... I also liked the excitement I felt last night. What should I do?"

"Relax and enjoy it." Chen Ni advised. She smiled and began sorting her tiles once more, but more slowly, waiting to see what was going to happen next. "But you knew that's what I would say." Chen Ni was the oldest of them and she had confided her long-term affair with a married man.

Siaw Yen and Mei Ling looked from one to the other.

"Su Lee, we are all married. I think you know that we have talked about the times we have been attracted to other men." Siaw Yen said. "Husbands are not exactly completely honest, so why should we be? Even your quiet old Niew, in the right situation, would stray and probably wouldn't have a second thought!"

"Am I right?" She looked at the others for support.

Mei Ling and Chen Ni nodded slowly.

"Yes, that's right. Even Niew!" Mei Ling said.

"Sex in marriage just becomes the same time after time. And that makes it boring." Chen Ni advised sagely. "It doesn't mean you shouldn't stay married, though. If it works in other ways, that's great. But, for sex to become boring is a sin!"

The other three laughed loudly at Chen Ni's comment. Su Lee was a little flustered, but she laughed too.

"What do you do? To get the excitement... back?" Su Lee wanted to know. Her face was crimson with blushing, but she pressed for an understanding. "That's what I want to know."

Siaw Yen, the youngest, was the most outgoing of the four women and regaled them with sexual adventure tales often. She put her chin in her hands and looked across at Su Lee.

"Su Lee, remember that I went shopping in Kuala Lampur last week?"

"And came back with a big grin on her face?" Chen Ni and Mei Ling, chimed in together. The laughter was infectious and the Mah-Jongg forgotten as all eyes turned to Siaw Yen.

She grinned openly at their laughter.

"OK, laugh if you want to, but I have to put that smile on my face somehow!" she giggled. "We each have something we use to get our smiles back!" The others nodded smiling agreement and waited for her to begin.

"I was in KLCC looking for some new lingerie."

They interrupted her with their laughter. "Naturally!" Chen Ni said.

"Well, I was!" She looked at them defensively. "I noticed a tall American at another counter," She continued. "The clerk was having trouble finding what he wanted, and I watched them out of the corner of my eye. He was a tall, rugged, good-looking type. Suddenly he turned to me and spoke."

"'Scuse me, Mam! Do you speak English?'" he said.

"Yes, of course," I said.

"I'm right sorry to bother you." His grin was full of teeth and he just exuded confidence. I decided that he was definitely a Texas oilman. He was well-dressed, everything looked trim and his chest and shoulders grew wide from a thin waist." She drew a triangle with her hands. "He was wearing a bright yellow golf shirt, tight across his chest and tucked into tight Levi's like a cowboy.

They giggled uncontrollably for a few seconds, then turned back to her expectantly.

"And you decided to ask if he had ridden anything good lately?" Mei Ling teased.

"Anyway, he said he was buying a gown for someone and she was about my size. 'Would this fit you? I'm a long way from home, and just don't want to get the wrong danged size and... well, if you don't mind?' he said, holding it up."

"'I have a little time, why don't I try it on and see? Would that help?' I said. 'Oh, Mam, I hate to put you out. But that would be right neighborly of you! Would you do that for me?' he said." She tried to mimic the Texas drawl.

"His smile was just bowling me over. So I nodded and took the gown and went down toward the changing room. 'Follow me, ' I said. I went in and undressed and put it on. It was beautiful. He was right; it was the right size. But something about him made me want to have a,... little excitement for my trouble."

"Oh,... and?" Mei Ling said, screeching her chair closer and leaning even closer to the table. You could have heard a pin drop in the room as all eyes were on Siaw Yen.

She took a deep breath.

"So I said, 'Yes, I think the size is all right. Would you like to see what you think?'"

I swung the door open and he stood holding the door open. His eyes went up and down my body as I turned for him to see. I had left my bra on the bench and snatched it up, pretending to be modest. There was a slit in the gown and I put my leg through it and watched his eyes. He had nice eyes, too.

In her "Mandarin" Texan drawl, Siaw Yen continued: "' Oh, Mam, you look... you look lovely in that. That is just perfect! I can't thank you enough for helping me out here.'"

I held my bra in two hands in front of me and curtsied and smiled into those steel blue eyes. He backed slowly out of the door, his eyes taking one long, last look as I turned and dropped the top to my waist, letting him see my bare back as I prepared to put my bra back on."

"Oh, my god, Siaw Yen, only you would have the nerve,..." Chen Ni laughed and smiled at her friend.

"What happened then?" Su Lee interjected. The eagerness was obvious in her voice, though she tried to hide it.

"When I came out, I handed the gown to the clerk and she went off to wrap it for him. I turned my back on the Texan and said, "I couldn't reach the zipper, could you zip my dress?' I felt his big cowboy's hands fumble with the zipper. 'There's a hook at the top, too.' I said. He slipped his hand into the neck of my dress and struggled manfully to loop the tiny hook and eye. 'There, there, there you are, Maam!' When I turned, I couldn't find even a hint of a blush that I expected. He just looked clear-eyed at me and said. 'Maam, I'm here all alone in Kwalalamper, the first time in my life. I'd surely like to do something to show my appreciation for your help. Can I invite you for a drink, a cup of coffee, anything... ' His smile was so serious and so sexy, that I could feel myself getting slightly moist already. So I said yes."

The girls quietly sighed and waited for the story to continue.

"Well, we had a drink and then it was time for dinner and we had dinner. I noticed that he had very big hands, very big index finger. You know, Su Lee, that is how you tell if they have a big one, don't you?" she paused.

"Wh... what?"Su Lee looked incredulous.

"Sure. If a man has a large index finger, you can be sure his cock will be proportionately large!" Siaw Yen said, happy with her shocking statement.

"But, but... " Su Lee looked upwards, thinking. "But, Niew has tiny hands!" And then it dawned on her and she smiled self-consciously, "ohhhhh, I see. I guess you are right."

Again their laughter filled the room.

"And, was it true, Siaw Yen?" Chen Ni asked.

Siaw Yen just smiled and nodded her head up and down in a very big nod.

"Oh my god, are you kidding us?" Mei Ling asked in the now quiet room.

"Texans seem to be different from most men. They are so confident of themselves. They just surprise you. When he came out of the bathroom, he just walked right out, naked as the day he was born. His big thing was jutting out before him I had the sheet up to my neck and there he was proud as anything."

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute!" Mei Ling shouted. "How did we get into bed already!"

"Sorry, dinner was OK, but I kept thinking of the size of his finger and we just naturally went to his hotel, the Sheraton Imperial." She giggled. "When we got in the Taxi, he said to the driver 'can you hurry right a long, sir?' I just grabbed his finger and squeezed it, it made me giggle, he was so eager."

"You squeezed his... finger?" Chen Ni couldn't believe her ears.

"Yes, Chen Ni, I'm not a slut! After all! There would be time to squeeze the real thing when we got there." Siaw Yen laughed, relishing the fact that she had them so enthralled with the story.

"Is anyone else feeling moist like I am?" Mei Ling giggled.

"Well anyway, there he was looking like a golden haired, tan, Greek god. His stomach was ribbed with muscles and his arms bulged too. And his cock and balls were just tight as they could be as he stood there, legs apart looking at me and grinning like a little boy. 'Darlin' would you like some champagne?' he said."

"Aarrrrghhhhhhhhh!" Chen Ni said, pretending to faint once again. "I love it!"

"And we had a sip of Champagne, him sitting on the bed and me sitting up with the sheet still covering me. His lips came from the wine to kiss me and I pressed my tongue out just a little bit. His lips felt surprisingly gentle," Siaw Yen continued, her voice softening.

"And then, his big hands took the sheet from mine and he pulled the sheet down my body. I just lay back on the pillow. He took it off the bed and stood at the end, looking at me. I covered myself with my hands for a moment. But, he was standing completely naked to my eyes, and so I just put my hands down at my sides and watched him stare at me."

Siaw Yen smiled at her breathless friends, hanging on every word.

"And then, he took my foot into his hand and pulled it up to his lips."

"He kissed each toe, one at a time."

"It tickled." She wet her lips with a pointed pink tongue before continuing.

"And then he took my big toe and put it into his mouth and sort of... sucked on it, gently. His eyes never left mine as he moved his head in little circles with... my toe in his mouth."

"His hand slipped along the arch of my foot and he kissed the bottom of my foot, brushing his lips back and forth under my arch as his hands caressed my leg. He raised my leg higher and knelt on the bed so he could kiss the back of my knee. It was spellbinding," she said, a wistful note in her voice.

"You're kidding,..." Mei Ling said, a little breathlessly.

"He lingered there, nuzzling me and then picked up the other leg and began kissing the inside of my thighs. He was looking at my mound, I noticed, and he worked his way down, kissing and tasting my thigh with his tongue. It was like lightning striking when he looked up into my eyes and I felt his lips between my legs."

"Ohhhhh, sssssSiaw Yen!... " Su Lee said, her voice quiet, not wanting to break the image.

"Where can I meet this Texan? Do they have a website you can just sign up?" Mei ling said to the others' laughter.

"And... ?" Chen Ni nudged, her voice tense.

"And,... he... Wrote 'S - I -E - W- Y - E - N' with kisses up and down my pussy lips."

"Aarrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!" The others squealed loudly, then went back to their chin-in-hands positions and looked at her, expectantly.

"Then I felt his tongue."

"I was so ready!"

"But his tongue just followed my body. He touched everything. My clitoris felt as if it were being bathed in the Fountain of Trevi. And he sucked it gently and turned his head back and forth as I guided his head. I couldn't stand to wait. I pulled him up to my lips and then, I felt him pressed against me. It felt very large, very nice, very reassuring. I parted my legs more and suddenly, he just slipped inside."

She took a deep breath and continued. "I felt full, just very... FULL! I have never felt such a feeling before. Like I was being stretched, but at the same time, it was a nice feeling. He looked into my eyes and we kissed some more and then, he moved again and slipped the rest of the way into me. It was... just wonderful."

"And,... and?" Chen Ni nagged.

"Oh, well, you know. We just spent the whole night doing it. The sun came up and we finally fell asleep." Siaw Yen concluded.

"And will you see him again?" Su Lee said seriously.

"No, Su Lee, I don't do that." Just one at a time,... once. Then back home. I makes me happy. And I try to make sure it doesn't hurt anything at home. That's my answer. You have to find your own."

"Yeah... yeah," Su Lee sighed slowly.

"Su Lee, has it occurred to you that Niew may actually be hoping that this happens between you and Damien?" Mei Ling asked quietly.

"What? Hoping? I would think it would kill him!" Su Lee protested.

"Maybe not, though. He may get excited by it." Mei Ling said.

Chen Ni smiled knowingly. "Well, Mei Ling, now you have opened Pandora's box. Now you have to tell. We all know it's true, but you have to tell."

"Yes,... yes, Mei Ling!" Su Lee said urgently.

Siaw Yen put her chin in her hands and smiled at Mei Ling.

Well, Mark and I have little fantasies. Some of them about my friendship a long time ago with Alex. Alex Pang. He is too much of a playboy for me, but, we dated before I married. It was exciting. But he was not the person for me, even though he was attractive and very sexy. Still is!" she said.

"And does he have a big finger?" Chen Ni asked pointedly as the others laughed.

"A very big finger!" Mei Ling laughed. "That 's part of the fantasy. We have seen each other a few times over the years and I tell Mark fantasies about it in bed and we have great sex. It seems to bring back the excitement. Mark gets very hard and very excited with the thought of me doing it with Alex."

"Really?" Su Lee sounded doubtful.


"Tell us one of the stories?" Siaw Yen urged.

Mei Ling looked from one to the other, looked down at her hands and then began:

"One story that we sometimes use is from a time before we were married. About a month before we were married. Mark had been away for quite a while. He was due to arrive the next day. I was very excited thinking about him coming back and the things we would do. The thoughts had me very, very excited. You know how you are in those days!"

"Yes. I remember," Su Lee said.

" I was staying in the Puspa Hotel in Brunei overnight so Mark and I could be together the next day. My old friend Alex was manager of the hotel. When I arrived, I didn't know that; but I soon found out that Alex had them put me in the nicest suite in the hotel. I asked if Alex was there so that I could thank him, but he was not in his office. I had not seen Alex for twelve years -- so I was disappointed. I had always found him attractive. In fact, I nearly let him take my virginity once in his car. I stopped just in time, though! He was too much of a playboy for me, and I knew that he would never be true."

"I went upstairs to the room and unpacked to get ready for Mark to arrive the next day. I felt like having a long soak in a tub of hot water with lots of suds, so I decided to do it. I took off the t-shirt I was wearing and was unfastening the snap of my skirt when there was a knock at the door! Holding my shirt in front of myself, I opened the door and there was Alex! He looked as good as ever. I put my arms around him and hugged him, thanking him for the special room, forgetting that I was in my bra and panties."

"Oh, sure, you forgot!" Siaw Yen chided her. The others joined in laughing at that.

"Well, I did, sort of." Mei Ling said defending herself with a smile.

"I told him I was just going into the shower. He said, 'go ahead, Mei Ling, I'll just sit here and wait. And then I'll take you to dinner; someplace nice, away from the hotel. It is so good to see you!' He kissed me again and we hugged again. I went off to the bathroom. I was sure that he was watching my bottom as I went, and I took it slowly. When I came to the mirror, I could see his eyes were following me and he had only halfway sat down, he was so intent on watching. Just knowing that he was still excited by looking at me, turned me on. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him, and then went in to the shower.

I took a hot shower and felt the spray all over my body and soaped myself over and over. My nipples were hard, just from Alex kissing me and holding my nearly naked body against his. I reminded myself that I was meeting Mark the next day, but I was still excited. I decided it would be fun having dinner with Alex and began getting excited about it. When I came out of the steaming shower, I dried off and then reached for a special robe I had bought because I would soon be with Mark. It was the only robe I had with me and it was thin. Sort of 'see through'"

"Sort of? Sort of see-through?" Siaw Yen asked gleefully.

"Well with the steam and my body still a little damp, I guess you would say that it was see-through. But, I was pretty excited, so I didn't think about that. When I opened the door, steam rolled into the room with me. I looked at Alex and he was staring at my breasts. I turned to the mirror and put a little perfume between my breasts and behind my ears, while I watched Alex as the steam died down. That was when I realized that in the mirror I could clearly see my nipples jutting out excitedly through the gown. I was glad that I had at least put on panties under the gown."

"We talked a little about old times and I sat on the bed for a minute to cool down from the hot shower. I pulled the gown a little to keep it from clinging so much and pulled my legs up on the bed so we were facing each other, Alex in the chair and I on the bed. As I was straightening my gown, I caught his eyes again and realized he had been able to see my yellow panties for a brief moment. 'Same old Alex, ' I said to myself, but I smiled happily that he was so interested still."

" Then Alex came over and sat on the bed with me. 'Old friends shouldn't be so distant' and it was easier to talk and so I didn't mind. His hand was soon casually bumping my thigh, and I could smell his aftershave in my nostrils. It was masculine and reminded me of how he used to smell when we were in his car. The memories came flooding back and made my head a little light. We were laughing and having fun."

"Then as we laughed and looked into each other's eyes, Alex moved forward and kissed me. I didn't move back and he did it again, just a light kiss. I guess he was waiting for me to pull back, but I didn't. His lips felt nice, just like they always had. Next his hand was on my breast and my nipples tingled with his touch. 'I remember that... ' he whispered in my ear, and squeezed my nipple. I felt his breath against my ear and it sent tingling sensations all along my stomach and right down between my legs. I knew that I was already moist there."

"His lips were against mine again, lightly as before and I felt his tongue dart out, wet and sweet. I parted my lips and let his tongue enter to find mine. When he did, I thought I would explode. Then I touched his tongue with my own and the kiss became more intense. His hand still held my breast and then his other arm slipped behind me and stroked my hip. He ran his finger along the band of my panties, several times in a little caress. Our lips were wet with each other."

"We were soon lying on the bed. I turned toward him and Alex pressed his leg between mine pushing the gown aside. I couldn't help myself; I pressed my mound against his firm thigh and heard myself moan. I could feel Alex's big cock against my belly and he nibbled my ear lobe as I writhed under him."

"Alex's hand had slipped down the back of my panties and his other hand slipped down the front of them. I felt him join his fingers together between my legs. My heart was pounding, even though I knew I had to stop him from going further."

"I had just unzipped his pants and reached inside to hold his cock in my hand, when there was a knock at the door. We sprang apart. 'Pretend we're not here.' He whispered urgently."

"I assumed that he had ordered something from room service and got up to answer the door. I looked quickly in the mirror to find my face looking flushed and splotchy. My nipples were jutting out and tenting my rope. They looked dark and highly visible and very aroused."

"I opened the door just a crack at first, and I was shocked! I felt the blood rush from my head and I felt weak in the knees. I opened the door a little further."

"There in the hallway stood my fiancée. Mark came a day early to surprise me."

All the girls sat in stunned silence. They had not expected that ending to the story.

Su Lee was thunderstruck. "Ohhhh, no,... what did you do?"

"There was nothing I could do, Mark came into the room with a big surprise on his face and his eyes just gobbling up the vision of me in my see-through gown and wrapped me in his arms. But over my shoulder he saw Alex standing at the head of the bed, looking red-faced and with a big erection tenting his trousers, which he had just finished zipping up in time. I said, 'Mark, do you recall me mentioning my friend Alex? He is the manager of the hotel! We were just catching up on old times.' They shook hands and tried to make small talk. I said that I had to go finish dressing. I ran to the bathroom with my clothes with me. I couldn't imagine what would happen out in that room. I hurriedly put on some clothes and a little lipstick. I tried to calm myself."

"Alex left as soon as I came out. We exchanged a kiss on the cheek and the door closed behind him."

"As soon as the door closed, Mark and I jumped into each other's arms, our lips locked together. Without even breaking our kiss we walked to the bed together, his leg thrusting between mine and then we tore each other's clothes off. Mark kissed my nipples and thrust his hand between my legs immediately. Of course, he found me wet, and said something about it. I replied, whispering in his ear, 'darling, I have been waiting so long for you, I got excited knowing you were coming near.'"

"As I said that, he shoved his cock into me and we had the best sex we had had so far. He was wild, thrusting and thrusting in and out of me. I had to hold on tight to his neck and wrap my legs tight around his waist as he fucked my to three orgasms. It was wonderful."

Mei Ling looked down at her hands, folded on the table as she finished the tale and the others all sat back in their chairs and stared at each other.

"Didn't Mark bring it up,... after... Afterwards?" Siaw Yen wanted to know.

"Yes, he brings it up often, even now. We both get very excited. Each time we fuck like crazy and each time, my telling of it includes a little more detail, Su Lee. That's why I suggest that you ask Niew, how he feels. He may... well, he may just happen to find it,... very,... very,... thrilling and exciting."

The click of the tiles on the marble table continued.

"MahJong will seem dull today, girls," Chen Ni commented wryly.

"Look at the time!" Mei Ling stood up and stretched. "We've talked so long that I won't have time for Mah Jong, ladies. I'm sorry, but I promised to run an errand for Mark this afternoon. See you next time!"

Charley Ryan stood reading an ad:

Camp Permai Kuching
"Outdoor Training and Adventure Camp."

Royal Brunei flight 145 from Singapore had arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule and he waited patiently for his ride. He looked once again at his wristwatch and took another look around Kuching Airport. He hated being dependent upon someone to pick him up, and would have preferred finding his own way to his hotel. But Alex had insisted on picking him up.

Charley ambled around the lobby by the meeting place sign. He began noticing the Malaysian women all around him. They all looked beautiful to him, slim and elegant; short skirts and colorful light blouses. From behind his Singapore Duty Free Shop sunglasses, he watched a girl at the counter ahead of him; her bright red dress was slit to mid-thigh and the skirt cupped her round bottom beneath a slim waist. He would have been happy to gaze at her for hours, he thought.

"Mr. Ryan?" a male voice behind him brought him back to reality.

"Yes, that's me! Are you Pang?"

"Sorry that I was delayed, why don't you follow me this way. Got all your bags?"

He didn't offer to help by carrying one of them, and Charley had an immediate dislike for him. He didn't enjoy working with slick looking characters like this guy. He was too handsome, too sure of himself, too confident that he was personally the center of the Universe. But, this was the guy they had located. They said he was well connected in Sarawak and would help Ryan find a manufacturing plant location.

"You are staying in the Merdeka Palace Hotel. Not a bad place. I have booked a suite there too." he said smugly. "I haven't scheduled anything for tonight. I thought you might want some sleep? And then get started in the morning if that is OK."

Charley noticed he didn't stop for answers, but he didn't mind having the night off either.

They walked out into the bright sunlight and the heat and moist air felt like a wall to Ryan; more accustomed as he was to Northern USA climate that had about two months of warm weather each year.

"I never get used to this heat," Ryan grumbled. "It's like walking into a solid wall when you come out of that air conditioned terminal."

"An old friend is picking us up. I had to drop my car off at the garage, so she said she would pick me up. Actually, she is in Insurance, might be useful in answering questions for you. Wife of the guy you're meeting tomorrow, by the way. Name's Mei Ling, though I sometimes call her 'chiok tam po.'"

His smile was almost a leer, and Charley wondered what was behind the un-businesslike reference.

"You call her... what, again?"

"Chiok tam po! It means 'came close.' We were friends before she married Mark." He laughed, but Charley still didn't understand. "Oh, explain later, here she is."

The Mercedes swung to the curb and Ryan saw her attractive legs first, stretching out from a short dress hiked high on very curvy thighs. Her legs looked golden in the sunlight spotlighting them through the windshield. Her hands pushed the dress down, blocking the quick flash of panties. Charley didn't miss it though.

"Hello, Alex!" she said warmly as the window rolled down. She popped the trunk lid and Ryan lugged the suitcases and tossed them in with a thud, then closed the lid. He declined the front seat and slipped into the back. Alex closed his door and sat in front with Mei Ling.

"Mei Ling, how good to see you! It has been a long time." Alex began, turning his full attention to the beautiful woman. "When did I see your lovely face last? Do you remember?"

Charlie felt like a third wheel sitting in the back seat while they exchanged banter. They only slipped into Chinese a few times.

"Oh, and this is Mr. Charles Ryan from America. We are helping him find a plant location here."

She turned in her seat with a radiant smile, red lipstick, pretty teeth. She tilted her sunglasses sexily downward with one hand, and beautiful dark brown eyes joined the smile to make her beautiful. Ryan was taken with her immediately and held out his hand. She shook it briefly, and then held it for a longer moment.

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