Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman discovers that with love sex really is alright after all but it needs an older man to show her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking  

When my son, Tom, became eighteen he got involved in a round of his friends' eighteenth birthday parties and there could be two or even three over a long weekend. Inevitably he and his friends used us as a staging post. One night he brought back about eight of his friends and they all sat about in the kitchen eating pizzas and drinking the wine they had brought in. While not wishing to intrude my wife and I spent a short time with them. They were a great bunch but I was struck by one girl in particular. She was a Scot with that dark skin that many of the true old Scottish families have, particularly from the West coast.

The following morning as I was off to work I met this girl in her nighty, still half -asleep, looking for the lavatory. She had shed all her sophistication and was just a lost little girl but a very appealing one and I felt a surge of lust but also one of protection. Anyway I showed her where the loo was and went off to work.

We saw quite a lot more of Morag, particularly when she became a temporary nanny to one of our nieces. I chatted to her on and off and we enjoyed each other's company. She confided her hopes of going on to university and was still tossing around in her mind what she might do afterwards. We also made each other laugh: always a good thing. My feelings of lust were replaced by genuine affection and admiration. Certainly I still thought her very attractive physically but I was more drawn by her intelligence, sense of humour, vivacity and fun.

I met her again at the elder niece's Confirmation, when I was standing in for my wife who was a godmother but unable to attend due to a holiday abroad that had been planned ages ago. Morag arrived slightly late, just as we were about to go into the church. She rushed up, flung her arms round me and kissed me fully on the lips: none of the "Mwaa Mwaa" stuff to my cheeks.

"Thank Heavens! She said, "I thought I was going to be late".

"Not quite", I replied and led her into the church.

At the party afterwards she circulated but seemed out of sorts and finally found me again, tucked her hand under my elbow and said:

"Safe haven!"

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"All these people but I can't seem to get through to any of them. It's always the same. I go up to talk to people and they are all polite and pleasant but actually treat me as a child. Even people my own age".

"That's nonsense", I replied. "You're not a child but a thoroughly attractive and intelligent young woman".

"Thank you", she said, smiling a little sadly. "That's what I love about you. You always treat me as one".

"Well, I can't see any reason not to. You're physically a young woman and you talk and behave like one".

Oh, I don't know", she answered. "I'm over-weight which gives me a baby face and the 'young men' are only interested in slim girls".

"Silly asses!" I said. "They don't realise what they're missing. You have a lovely, lovely face. Your skin is absolutely flawless and you have a beautiful curvaceous body. More like Marilyn Monroe than one of these modern, Hollywood-style, anorexic sticks. On top of all that, I know that you have a lively and amusing mind. So don't get hung up. You're a bit of all right".

"Smooth talker", she grinned, giving my elbow a squeeze and incidentally pressing one breast against me. "You make me feel good and I love you for it".

It was all outwardly light hearted but I sensed that she was no longer the happy girl I had known. That protective feeling came back and I had the urge to try and help her.

"Come and have supper with me after all this is over", I suggested.

"I'd love to", she answered swiftly. "Can't we go now?"

"Bit early for supper, isn't it?"

"Not by the time I've changed into something more suppery and we've had a drink before we eat".

"You win", I smiled delightedly back at her and, saying our goodbyes separately, we left.

Her flat was not far away so we walked there. I restrained all my impulses such as to take her hand or put a protective arm round her waist and remained the gentle, avuncular figure I thought she considered me.

"Right!" she said, turning to me on arrival. "What would you like to drink?"

"Tea, please", I answered. "What about you?"

"That sounds just right. If I show you the makings, would you bring me a cup when it's ready?"

"Of course!"

She showed me the kettle, tea caddy and fridge and with a "one sugar" vanished to do her thing. I found the mugs myself. I made the tea and let it brew, added the milk and sugar and then went and knocked on her bedroom door.

"Go on in", she called from the bathroom. "Just leave it on my dressing table. Give me about twenty minutes".

I went back out and sat with my own mug. There were a couple of magazines on the table and I leafed through them while sipping my tea.

Almost on the dot of twenty minutes she emerged and I mentally awarded her ten points out of ten for punctuality. How many other women had I known to whom twenty minutes could be an hour?

She looked stunning, with a deep blue blouse which showed off her cleavage and a long dark skirt and wide belt which gave her a waist, showed off her hips and accentuated the length of her legs. Her forearms were bare and I gloried in the alabaster smoothness of her skin. Her dark hair fell to her shoulders. Her green eyes were sparkling again.

" Wow!" was really all I could say, taking both of her hands and looking at her. I pulled her towards me and pecked her on the lips. "You look quite lovely."

She smiled. "You don't have to be that restrained. I'm wearing non-transferable lipstick".

"Morag, my sweet", I replied. "Much as I might like to kiss you passionately I don't want you to think I'm just a dirty old man. You're much too dear and special to me".

She looked up at me searching my eyes. "You mean that, don't you?" she said softly.

"Yes!" I answered, equally softly, wondering at her insight.

There was a slight pause and then her eyes began to dance. "In that case, sir, you may kiss me whenever you wish".

So I did but with my lips firmly closed. She leant against me and looked into my eyes throughout and her hands returned my grip. Reluctantly I released her.

"Where shall we go?" I asked. "You know the area better than I do".

"Do you like Italian?" she asked, "because there's a place not very far away and it's relatively cheap".

"Sounds good", I said and so off we went, walking again.

It was good. She'd been there before a number of times and was clearly a favourite with the waiters who, unlike the 'young men', appreciated a voluptuous and beautiful girl. I don't remember the details but we ate well and I drank sparingly. Morag matched me on drink that relaxed her without her becoming in any way silly. Our conversation was easy and light and we laughed and enjoyed each other's company as we always had.

Nevertheless she returned to the business of being treated as a "baby". Rather than go over all the old ground again, I asked her,

"Are you still a virgin then?"

"No!" she answered, blushing. "But it wasn't very nice. One of the boys at school took it. I wasn't very keen on him but wanted to keep up with everybody else. He wasn't rated very high by the other girls either and they were dead right. He groped me and virtually raped me."

"Raped you?"

"Not exactly because I was 'willing' but he didn't sort of get me ready, just excited himself with my tits, stuffed two fingers up my pussy to get me wet and then, to put it bluntly, stuffed me. It hurt a lot and, thank God, he came very quickly, pulled out and left leaving me sore and disillusioned."

"You poor darling! You really have missed out and, for that matter, been abused. I'm surprised you haven't been put off for life."

"It has put me off. That's true. But not forever, I hope. Trouble is it's knocked my confidence on the head. I've got a friend, Sophie, who has had a partner for three months now and she says their sex life is wonderful. It's just I'm so shy and stiff with people and so can't let anyone get close to me. That's really why I came back to you this afternoon. What I told you wasn't entirely true because I'm the one who puts up the barriers".

"OK! I understand that. That bloody boy knocked you sideways and two years later you still haven't got over it. It wasn't apparent while you were down at Heatherdown looking after Theresa. There were no such pressures of that sort on you. Then as far as Sophie and her boyfriend are concerned, I 'm sure but they are making love not just having sex, which is what you did at school. Does that make sense?"

" Yes, sort of! It's just that the guys of my age can turn on the charm and all that sort of thing but I can see that so many of them are just thinking about how they can bed me. And it scares me, James. I think I could like sex with the right guy but this sort of sizing me up frightens me after my last experience".

"Of course it does. You need to learn what Sophie is enjoying so much: a guy who lusts her but also loves her enough to give her a "wonderful sex life". I love you, not like I love my wife, I do love you and I lust you too so, if you'll let me, I'll try and prove to you the difference between having sex and making love."

Her eyes shone and with a huge smile she said: "Yes, please! Ever since I got to know you I've been wishing that you had been my first because I knew that you would do it with TLC."

I put an arm round her shoulder and, pulling her to me, kissed her gently but lengthily.

"Darling! I wish I had been your first too. You might have been a lot happier than you are now and, believe me, I haven't been unaware of your attractiveness. I just had to behave myself. After all, I am old enough to be your father and was worried that I might frighten you off and then I'd lose your friendship as well and that's something I really value. To enjoy the company of an attractive girl like you and have it reciprocated is something very valuable, particularly to an old codger like me. Are you sure that you're happy with this?"

"Quite sure!" she replied, nodding vigorously. "I wouldn't care if you were old enough to be my grandfather although (and here she got the giggles) I doubt you'd be quite so much use".

At that stage the waiter arrived and offered us coffee. Morag hesitated but I said, "Yes, please. Two!" Quickly and that was that.

Now that the evening was assured I could mould it to Morag's full enjoyment and her anticipation was an element of that. I put my arm round her shoulder and pulled her towards me. She responded by resting her head on my shoulder. When the coffee arrived I disengaged but gently moved my hand to the top of her thigh. As expected, she closed her legs. I kept my hand still but got the conversation going again. Her thighs relaxed. I squeezed gently, really only increasing the pressure. Her thighs closed again but slowly, not convulsively this time. I decreased the pressure and moved my hand marginally up and then down her thigh again. Thighs relaxed further. I moved my hand down to her knee, rolled over it slightly and came gradually and gently up the upper inside of her thigh. She opened her legs slowly and slightly as I drew my hand three-quarters of the way up her thigh. Her legs closed again and she let out a gusty sigh.

We drank our coffee in quiet, slightly halting conversation. Bill requested. Another little cuddle and kiss. Bill paid. Another gentle squeeze of the thigh. Help on with coat and a squeeze of the shoulders. Walk home with arms intertwined.

"Would you like another drink?" She asked.

"What about you?" I replied.

"Yes!" she said. "I'm a little nervous".

"I'm not surprised. How about another glass of wine and we'll talk it through?"

She fetched us some wine while I relaxed on the sofa. Coming back she sat down beside me putting the glasses on the occasional table.

"Here's to a wonderful woman!" I said, taking a sip. "Now, why don't you relax and put your head back on my shoulder?"

She did and I put my arm round her and, pulling her gently towards me, softly kissed her forehead. She gave a deep sigh and relaxed against me. I continued with soft kisses to her forehead, temples, eyelids and then her cheeks. Finally I brushed her lips with mine. This met with a groan of pleasure so I increased the pressure and flicked her lips with my tongue. They parted immediately so I probed delicately. Her tongue came back straight away and began a gentle intertwining play with mine. I sucked on hers and was rewarded with a grunt and a reciprocal suck. The dance continued as each of us probed deeper, licking the roofs and delving into the recesses of our mouths.

I stroked her shoulder and upper arm through her blouse then, pulling back from her mouth, I nuzzled her chin and neck before moving up to her ear and plunging my tongue into it. As I had hoped the result was electric. She gasped and then clung to me whispering, "Yes! Oh, yes!"

I withdrew and started again on kissing her neck, jaw line then back again to her ear while at the same time moving my hand to her left breast which, over her clothes, I caressed and gently squeezed. Her breathing became shorter and harsher. Encouraged, I slid my hand into the top of her blouse and grasped her breast over her bra as I once again plunged my tongue into her ear. She gasped and convulsively lifted her hips. Keeping my tongue in her ear I squeezed her breast and ran my thumb over her nipple. Another gasp! I kept my tongue gently working her ear as I eased her breast free of its small bra. I continued the kneading and then moved my mouth to make love to her nipple, which I flipped with my tongue and began to suck. Her breathing became shorter and sharper so I decided to undo her blouse and bra. As soon as I started on her buttons she started up to do the job herself.

She only managed to get the buttons undone and start to pull her blouse back. Her breasts were glorious: full, flawless, upstanding and crowned by stiff, half-inch nipples set in brown aureolae. I pounced on the left hand one with my mouth while kneading and caressing the right. Then as her breath got shorter and her hips began to buck I started the same treatment on the right. There was a short scream of "No! No! Don't stop" followed by a slight pause before she was crying: "I'm coming. I'm coming. Aaaagh!" and her body convulsed for all of half a minute.

I took my mouth and hands away and gently stroked her abdomen as she came down from her high then pulled her to me in a close embrace.

"Oh God! " she finally said. "Can I have more of that? I've never felt anything like it before."

"Yes, my darling!" I said. "But not just yet! I think we need to get a bit more undressed".

She sat up immediately and started to take off her blouse.

"May I?" I asked.

She smiled sweetly and let her arms drop. I took the front edges of her blouse and pushed them back over her shoulders. She helped by reaching back with her arms which pushed forward her magnificent breasts. I eased the blouse off her arms and reached behind her to undo her bra.

"No, James!" She said. "Front opener!" And took it off herself.

Grinning, I stuck my thumbs in her waistband and after a quick reconnaissance said: "Elasticated waistband!" before sliding her skirt and panties down over the hips and bottom I still longed to examine. All I got to see for the time being was her pubic hair which was dark and dense.

"Now!" I said. "Are you going to help me?"

"You bet", came the reply as she attacked my shirt buttons and virtually ripped my shirt off my shoulders. She knelt in front of me and loosened my belt and then drew my trousers down.

"I'm not taking your shoes and smelly socks off," she said with a grin.

"OK!" I said as I removed the offending articles plus trousers. "Do I do the rest or you?"

"Oh! Me!"

She hooked her fingers in my pants and started to ease them off only to go into a fit of giggles as they got stuck on my erection. Her giggles subsided and carefully she pulled the front gently forward and eased it over my penis.

"Oh wow!" she breathed. "Is that going to fit?"

"Yes, my darling. I'm not that big AND as we're going to do it together there won't be a problem. Remember I'm not going to fuck you but to make love to you".

"OK, but do I really know the difference?"

"Wait and see. What that boy at school did was to fuck you and made a pretty poor job of it. When we've finished I'm pretty sure you'll know the difference".

Once again those green eyes locked on mine and searched. Then the smile came back. "Do you know? I really think I will. Can I have another of those kisses to help?"

Again our lips met, our mouths opened and our tongues explored. She clung to me and she pressed herself against me but there was no other movement and I realised that I was dealing with a very innocent girl. In all but name I was about to make love to a virgin. Lust stirred my loins but once again I felt that lurch of my heart and a wash of warmth invade my being.

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