Heros of Isador
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Heros of Isador is the first installment of a world I have been creating. Heros of Isador focuses on a young man, Kyle Grey. A man thrown into an adventure of heroic deeds, and choices. These deeds forge a name for himself, but will this name be worshipped and cheered, or feared?

Traders Guild
West Gate

"Everyone in this world has a price... So what is your price, eh?" He spoke in statement rather then question, planting his hands on the wood counter as he leaned closer with a coy grin across that convincing face. I watched as the female trader behind the counter raised an eyebrow. Then she turned her head from side to side seeing if anyone else was around or hiding from sight. Her eyes then focused in on me, narrowing. Peter turned to follow the lady's eyes and shrugged casually "He's with me you don't need to worry, most trust worthy guy I know" He wasn't lying, for it was true that I was trustworthy, to him at least. So in trying to follow suit with Peter I gave my best shot at tossing a charming smile her way. From her other quirking brow I figured I had yet again failed at the skill that is facial expression. The lady turned her attention back to Peter

"Alright, I'll do what you have asked, but like you stated I do have a price."

"Well that's grand! So what's this price then?"

"I have a sister in Bowerstone I would like to contact, but with my job here I never have time to make the journey. So I'll get you the documents you have requested as long as you agree to take this letter to her on your next journey into Bowerstone." I blinked; I thought her price would have been higher, more difficult. Peter nodded then flashed a smile

"We are traders, be it in the shady or not, we keep our word, as long as it benefits us. Also it so happens we will be heading to Bowerstone after our business here." Now it was the lady's turn to nod, she then asked exactly what documents he needed and basic check out information, well fake information, but information none-the-less, which was needed to sign out the documents, officially.

This part always bored me; so I took my leave from that run down sandstone building, town hall. The dry heat lapped across me in an unforgiving grace. That's what this town was to my eyes, a dry heat that in some manner held a strange concept of grace to it. The desert town of West Gate, oh how I loathe this town: this heat. Even with it's odd grace it's still just a town of faded stone and sand. Kicking at the sand, watching the small grit scatter into the air only fueled my frustration with this town. I couldn't help but direct my anger at Peter and his idiotic Traders Guild. They had the nerve to drag me all the way out here! I could have been back in the Inner Kingdom; in Lythindor, with Victoria. But I can't direct my anger at Peter; after all he is the one that opened the gates of Lythindor to me, the one that fought for my citizenship of the Inner Kingdom. ARRGHH It was so frustrating, yet there was nothing I could do with my troubles with the guild. There was even nothing I could do about being stuck in this God forsaken town of heat. At least they still had a Spring of Eden, and despite where we were the springs always seemed to give me this inner warmth. Tossing away my troubles for the moment I flopped onto a batch of dead grass, drowning my worries in that warmth.

"Kyle, Kyle! Heh Day dreaming again are we?" Peter chuckled as he towered over me. "Well friend it's time to get up, brush those dreams from your eyes. We are needed over at the Spring of Eden, well not needed but I hear there is a very rich hero looking for some fine wares! I told you stocking up on the exotics was going to pay off." Blinking I looked up at Peter, looked into his sharp rosy face, feeling uncomfortable under that warm stare from under his glasses. Taking his hand as support, I replied

"Yeah yeah I know... you were right as usual, but your forgetting something now, we're not allowed near the Spring of Eden, only town officials and heroes are welcome there." Once on my feet I began to brush myself off; only soon to notice, I had said the wrong thing. Peters beaming grin shrank, and his shoulders drew in, causing his faded green leather suit to wrinkle in. Now he looked shorter then me; which was awkward having to look down at someone, I usually looked up at. "Hey I want you to remember what you came here to do, more importantly I want you to remember the reason." I tried my best to correct what I just did, tried my best to speak in a convincing tone. There was a chuckle, at first I only could see the chuckle forming but then Peter's form shook with the sound and his hands swept over to my shoulders.

"You my friend are starting to sound more like me every day!" That smile flickered across his face. Patting me across the shoulders he grinned once more and turned to face the cracked roadway, which winded into the center of the town. Shouldering the leather bag across that pale dress leather. Peter began to stride across the road "Your right, I can't forget! And yes my young friend before you ask, I do have a plan! Meet me at the gates to the spring." With that last shout over his shoulder Peter faded into the distance.

Just great he had a plan for getting into a rather illegal place for us to be, even more so with us being part of the Traders Guild. But I guess I would have to go along if it weren't for him I would still be wandering that forsaken wasteland. Besides he's a friend and mentor to me, mine as well go get my things then.

Still shaking my head I turned and began the short walk back to the Inn, the Point and Feather. No longer interested in the scenery of this town, which was like every other town in this desert region. So I had no idea why I was so fascinated with that odd grace which kept flowing over me. But every block I passed my eyes would drift and wander to the surroundings to the citizens, to merchants and the beggars sitting on the street corners. I found my self-watching their daily routine in this world, and feeling the want to protect and serve, and also the feeling of hate. Wanting to give into that violent devious instinct. Once my mind cleared from these thoughts I felt dazed: tried, and sick to the stomach. Once the daze cleared I found my self at the doorway to the Point and Feather.

Now lets shake these feelings, this wonder of this town and get ready to leave. I would have done what the voice inside my head was planning in till the sight of five men wielding rusted swords and leather grab filled my sight, with their evil grins and pointing fingers. Yet another reason why I disgust these desert towns.

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