Ascension Of The Alpha Male: Turbulent Times
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A terrible bio-weapon has been unleashed upon the earth without warning of any kind. Survivors of the once heavily populated planet are few and far between. Dale Young and House Manix have survived intact. What will the new future bring? What will the Wizard's part in it all be?

The normally cool and collected morning news anchor looked very near panic as he began to rattle off the details of a story which fit the criteria of shocking and appalling. Many who were experiencing the onset of severe cramps now learned that they were caught up in a far reaching epidemic.

Hospitals were filled to capacity. The waiting rooms of urgent care centers were filled to overflowing. The dedicated men and women in the medical field were just as affected by the plague as anyone coming to them for treatment. The Centers for Disease Control had no answer and were completely unprepared for the malady that seemed to have traversed the globe overnight.

Slowly but surely the various news networks began to stop broadcasting. In some cases the cameras were still aimed at the anchor desk, but no one was manning the cameras or sitting in front of them. Radio stations seemed to be broadcasting since the channel frequencies were not filled with static, but as their automated programming ran out, they were sending out an empty signal devoid of any real content.

Ju Chang was delighted with the news coming his way! The microscopic warrior he had unleashed was doing its job with incredible speed; yet those who had received the antidote in advance were largely unaffected. For the past two years, before his 'company' had begun to distribute the special 'filter paper' that was used to distribute the organism, General Chang's operatives had been lacing the public water supplies all over China with an antidote that should effectively eliminate the organisms ability to bond with human genetic material. The entire sequence of lab tests had shown that, denied the ability to make the genetic bond, the organism failed to activate and was passed harmlessly through the system.

No projection was available concerning how much of the antidote had to have been consumed, or for what length of time it remained effective; but the General and his hand picked members of the "New Party" drank their dosage undiluted each day without fail. General Chang hoped that the majority of his fellow countrymen would make it through the plague, but considered their lives to be of only partial consequence. The plan must succeed either way and he would see that it did.

Jim Bridgert was a very big man. His pappy used to say that things came in four sizes: small, medium, large, and Texas sized. Jim definitely fit into the last of the four categories and that couldn't be denied; but if you were looking to find an ounce of fat on the recently retired Army sergeant you'd be out of luck.

Uncertain just what to do with himself after his twenty four years of service, Jim had been looking for someplace to call his own. He had saved up as much of his pay as he could each pay period planning for the day when he'd be a civilian again. Following the advice of a friend, Jim had pulled out about half of what he'd been saving for retirement and invested in a startup company that had done quite well for itself. It wasn't the goldmine that some of the dotcom companies had seemed to turn into; but it had stayed alive during several of the cyclic up and down periods the economy was subject to and still turned a decent profit.

By the time Jim finally had decided to make a change and retire, he had enough to make an offer on a pretty little place in New Mexico not too far from Santa Fe. He decided that a morning ride might be pleasant and saddled up one of the two horses he'd bought during the summer months and was now housing in the new barn he'd built.

Rosie, the calm and well mannered mare he liked to ride the most, was happy to see Jim and had grown very fond of the big man who often brought her an apple or two. She gently nosed around near the pocket of the jacket he was wearing trying to see if he might be hiding a nice juicy sweet apple in there. Jim laughed at Rosie's antics. He led her out of the barn and was just getting ready to mount up when he looked to the north just as a large plane plummeted down from the sky several miles away. The subsequent explosion shook the ground he was standing on. Rosie was pretty spooked by the noise of the explosion and the movement of the ground. Jim led her over and tied her lead rope off. He ran into the house and dialed 911 and was very amazed when no one answered. Quickly pulling the phone book out of the kitchen drawer he'd stashed it in, Jim looked up the emergency services page and found the number for the local fire department. Again he got no answer. "What in the hell is going on?" he yelled as he slammed the receiver back down.

Running out to his jeep, he hopped in and hit the gas as he headed the four wheeled drive vehicle in the direction of the crash. When he got there, Jim decided there probably wouldn't have been much point in the rescue workers showing up anyway. "God damn!" he muttered as he looked at the flaming pieces of wreckage littering the impact site and the surrounding area. "No way in hell anyone could have survived that."

He took a good look around and verified his original conclusion - no survivors. Back in his jeep he again, Jim headed out to the road that would take him to the nearest town. As he was driving he couldn't help but notice that the road seemed just a bit too empty even for a Saturday morning. The feeling of uneasiness that had been growing ever since he'd seen the plane plummet was ratcheted up yet another notch when he reached the edge of town. Glancing at his watch to double check the time, Jim was amazed that no one seemed to be up yet. He didn't get into town much and hadn't for a week or so; but this was just downright weird!

He drove up to the police station, parked his jeep, and pushed open the glass door. The hackles on Jim's neck rose as he saw the dead bodies on the floor. Jim could see no evidence of a struggle having taken place but he took a look around the place to see what he could learn. His examination confirmed the fear that had been rapidly growing in his mind. He was the only living person in the building. "These bodies don't look right," he said speaking aloud to the empty room. "Don't be an idiot!" he chided himself. "Of course they don't look right. They're dead."

Placing the toe of his boot under the shoulder of one of the victims who had been laying face down, Jim gingerly began to turn the body over. Before he could complete the maneuver, the corpse of the unfortunate officer began to crumple into fine powder.

Jim went back to his jeep and sat down trying to get a handle on things. "Is anyone else alive?" he wondered. He decided the best way to find out might be to make a lot of noise - so he blasted his horn for a minute or more and then just sat back and listened to the eerie silence.

It took a little while, but after about fifteen minutes he saw four other people heading his way from four different directions: two women, a teenage girl, and a young man who looked to be in his early twenties. The next few minutes were a bit chaotic as they began to ask questions all at once.

Finally Jim couldn't take it anymore and the sergeant in him stepped forward, "Quiet everyone!"

"Everyone will get a chance to speak; but we need to remain calm. Obviously something terrible has happened on a massive scale. Now let's just go around the group here and introduce ourselves. I suggest we each tell our name and just a bit about what we've discovered over the past few hours or so."

"My name is Jim Bridgert. This morning when I was out by my barn I saw a large jet crash a short ways away. No one answered my call to 911 or any of the emergency service numbers. I drove to the crashed plane and discovered that there were no survivors. Then I came here to the police station to report it and found all of the people inside were deceased," Jim concluded as he nodded his head towards the woman on the immediate left to indicate that she should go next.

And so it went around the group. Jim met Ann, Jasmine, Heather, and Rick. They were able to give him more of a progression as to what had happened since they lived in town and had seen everyone around them dying over the past three days.

After Rick told what he had seen, he looked at Jim and said "So how isn't you didn't see anyone dying?"

"Well just last year I retired from an Army career as a Sergeant and bought a little secluded place where I could relax and enjoy the scenery. I like company well enough but I don't have a family and I'm new around here so I hadn't really gotten to know that many people yet. I usually drive into town at least once a week for gas and groceries or sometimes to catch a movie or get a bite to eat. This just happened between visits," he told them.

"You didn't catch the news on TV or Radio?" Heather wondered.

"I rarely watch television and don't often listen to the radio either," he said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Ann looked at Jim and said "any suggestions on what we should be doing now?"

Jim looked around the small band of survivors once more and said "Actually I've gone through quite a bit of survival training and even served as instructor a time or two. It would be helpful to know what talents we have in our little group here since we may need to depend on each other for a while."

"I'm a nurse," Jasmine volunteered to start things off. Ann was a waitress, Heather had been majoring in business at the local community college, and Rick turned out to be a computer programmer.

"Alright, now that we have a little more of an idea of what skills our little group has to work with, I suggest that we go into the police station here and gather a few radios and other necessary supplies. We're going to need something to carry them in though, Rick and Heather could you run across the street and grab a shopping cart each and then meet us inside?"

"Sure thing," Rick said. Heather nodded in agreement and the two departed.

"Now ladies," Jim said as he and the two women entered the police station, "just think about what kind of things it would be useful to have if we were to go say on a long camping trip. I'm thinking of things like a first aid kit, some radios to stay in touch with one another, and perhaps a few guns in case we have to defend ourselves as unlikely as that may sound. I guess you should just grab anything that might look useful, bring it into this open area here in the lobby and then we can look it over as a group and decide what will be worth taking."

"I can do that; but would one of you come with me? I've been alone with dead bodies for the past few days and I'm just a little spooked from the whole thing," Ann said.

"I'll go with you," Jasmine said.

"That's good then. Just yell if you need anything ladies and I'll come to you okay?"

"Sounds good," Jasmine answered.

The two ladies got started and Jim did as well, though he stayed near the entrance so he could give Rick and Heather similar instructions once they arrived back with the shopping carts. Rick used his smarts and had fitted eight of the shopping carts into each other. With Heather at the front end to help steer and Rick providing the horsepower, the pair was able to get the carts over to the police station without any problem.

After a bit of time the small band of survivors had brought quite a few things together and sorted them into piles. Jim seemed to be focusing on weapons, which was good since the others didn't seem inclined to do so.

Finally Rick asked some questions the others seemed to have as well, "Do you really think we'll need the guns? You don't really think will run into any serious trouble do you?"

"Well, I hope not; but quite possibly yes to both questions. I certainly don't plan on purposely starting any trouble and I think we would be advised to do our best to avoid any situation that looks like it might be trouble; but I think it's best to be prepared for just about anything. Since you raised the question Rick, let me ask you one. Do you know any people that might make you nervous if they had a gun? Especially if they had one and you didn't? And ladies, do you know of any men who are enough of a scumbag to take advantage of you if they found you unarmed?" The looks on the faces of the others were answer enough.

"You kind of need to have an Old West mentality. Your gun is a tool you hope to not use unless it becomes necessary to procure food; but just the same you don't want to go anywhere without it just in case," Jim told them.

"I've never even fired a gun before," Ann said.

"Me neither," Rick added, "and I'm not exactly thrilled about doing so now; but I guess I'll have to get over it."

"My dad taught me how to shoot. I can use a gun if need be; but I probably should brush up since it has been a while," Jasmine said.

"After the three rapes this summer, I bought a handgun; it's locked up in my house," Heather said managing to surprise everyone in the group. Somehow she would have been the last person you expected to have a gun.

"Okay, let's get these radios all on the same frequency. I've been carrying one around the whole time we've been in here, switching from channel to channel and listening to see if anyone is using them. So far we have our pick of channels. Right now let's use channel 7," Jim said as he motioned for each person to pick up a radio.

Jim showed the group how to use the radios and made certain that they understood his instructions. Then he had them move into different rooms and try the radios. After they seemed to get the hang of it he moved onto the next task and handed each one four or five sets of keys.

"If you check the number engraved on the metal tag attached to each keychain, you should be able to match it up to one of the police vehicles in the parking lot. We need to get at least one truck to haul this cargo we've gathered together, and probably four police cars. We can use the P.A. system and sirens to attract any other survivors the same way I did with my horn earlier.

After checking the parking lot it became clear that they wouldn't be finding the truck Jim had hoped for; but they did find quite a few police cruisers. Jim thought about what he'd learned about the people in his group. Ann and Rick had never fired a weapon, Jasmine hadn't done so for a while but knew how, and Heather was already locked and loaded having strapped on the holster, checked the load, and locked the safety.

"Originally I was thinking that we should each take a vehicle so we could cover as much of the town as quickly as possible; but maybe it would be better if we didn't since the town isn't that big. Heather, since you seem pretty much aware of how to use a gun, why don't you ride with Rick and let him drive while you keep a lookout. Remember, we don't expect to find any kind of trouble and the guns should only be a last resort. Since we can't give a life back to someone, we should generally avoid taking one."

Rick was listening carefully to what Jim had to say, and as he heard Jim mention to avoid using the gun unless it was absolutely necessary, it seemed as if some of the tension left him.

"Jasmine, would you feel comfortable riding alone if Ann rode with me?" Jim inquired.

"No problem. We've got the radios in case we need anyone anyway," Jasmine replied.

"That's right. Now just a couple of suggestions, if you encounter someone who is armed use the P.A. to ask them to put their gun down as a sign of good faith. If they will not, just drive away. In any case call in any sighting on the radio immediately and we will try to approach any difficult situations as a team. On the other hand, if you see a clearly unarmed person who seems non-threatening, call them in on the radio first; but go ahead and talk with them. If they ask what we are trying to do tell them our objective: we want to contact as many survivors as possible. There's a good chance we will need each other in the near future."

All around the globe in what were once large population centers as well as in rural locations similar scenes were played out over and over again with varying results. Often someone just seemed to naturally be in charge as if by unanimous consent though usually no words were spoken about it. Occasionally there were a few hotheads who managed to cause significant trouble; but by and large most of the people left were bent on survival and managed to find non-lethal ways around their issues with one another.

General Chang and his crew had stayed locked up tight and secure in their own private underground fortress. They were waiting until the worst of the plague had blown over. Once that happened, the General expected that he would emerge to lead his fellow countrymen in the development of a global government with him at the helm and the "New China Party" in firm control of the earth.

"Exciting times!" General Chang kept saying to the loyal followers who were with him.

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