Neglected Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kelly, a sexy mature woman in her 20's, is a neglected wife. Her husband never touches her and she's very sexually frustrated. And Tom, her co-worker, notices and decides to take advantage.

Kelly was 25 years old, she'd been married just a few years, and she was learning what it felt like to be a very much neglected wife. She'd never thought her marriage to Ray would be like this. Being married to him was supposed to be wedded bliss, non-stop hot loving sex and having his undivided attention. She'd quickly found out that her married life was anything but what she'd imagined. Her husband always seemed busy with something other than her, he seldom wanted to make love to her, and he didn't seem to think she was sexy or desirable at all. It dealt Kelly a severe blow to her own self-esteem and she found that she didn't feel very sexy at all most of the time.

Then, Tom came to work at her office and things began to take a gradual but steady turn for the better. Tom hadn't even been in the company 2 hours that morning of his first day at work, when his eyes caught Kelly over at the photocopier. His cock responded automatically because Tom liked what he saw. Kelly was a nicely built sexy woman, her breasts were very nice and large, he figured probably at least DD-cup sized, and she had a rather nice rounded ass and pretty hair and face.

Tom quickly decided he wanted to find out much more about Kelly and he began to figure out her daily routine in the office and when she came to work and when she normally left. Then, he started trying to make his positioning match up with Kelly's so he could have a chance to chat her up and get to know something about her. Tom loved the way Kelly normally dressed to come to work, and he spent a lot of time mentally undressing her. He delighted in imagining what she'd look underneath her skirts, tops, or pants. Tom thought Kelly was very sexy and then one day he overheard her make reference to the fact that she was a mother of two small children and that made her all that much hotter to Tom. He loved to fuck sexy mommies and he hoped that would soon happen with Kelly.

Tom finally got the chance to talk with Kelly one evening; they both worked the night shift for a couple of weeks, and with fewer people around, he was able to have time to talk to you by herself. Tom quickly found out that Kelly was what he called a "neglected wife" since she was married but her husband apparently did very little to meet her sexual needs as a mature woman and wife. Tom shook his head in amazement; he often found married women just like Kelly and he wondered what their husbands could be thinking of. Tom also knew that a married woman like Kelly whose husband was neglecting her was very fertile ground for him to plow and enjoy himself.

Two nights later, Tom decided it was past time to make his move with Kelly and see where he could get to with her. He made his way to Kelly's private workspace and when he saw she was sitting at her desk working on some paperwork, he closed the door and stood there silently for a moment.

"Hi, Tom, what did you need?" Kelly asked, feeling a sudden rush of sexual excitement and arousal starting the moment she saw Tom and he entered her office. She quickly looked down at his crotch, seeing that he had a very large bulge and she knew her sexy co-worker was carrying a big hardon inside his pants. Kelly wanted to make a comical comment about the large bulge in his pants but she felt her voice suddenly catching in her throat.

"Kelly, you really turn me on, girl," Tom said and he walked over to where she sat, looked down into her eyes and then he reached down, cupping her full large DD-cup breasts through her blouse.

"Ohhh, Tom," Kelly moaned as she realized that her own dreams were going to come to reality. She'd been fantasizing about Tom for some time and now he was going to seduce her -- right here in her own office. She felt her nipples suddenly jump into hardness and her pussy became wet with the touch of this sexy man's hand on her breasts.

Tom firmly squeezed Kelly's tits through her clothes and then he bent over, unbuttoning her blouse, button by button, and when he got her blouse unfastened, he grabbed her chair and scooted her around where her legs were facing him. Tom knew precisely how he wanted this affair with Kelly to begin; he knew what a neglected wife needed most and that was to know that a man wanted to pleasure her as a priority. Tom reached down to Kelly's lap, grabbed her short skirt she'd worn that day and he scooted her skirt up until she lifted her ass from the chair and let him move it as far up as it would reach. Then, Tom grabbed the waistband of Kelly's thong and he stripped her thong panty off her body in one smooth motion. When he had her lower body nearly naked, he spread Kelly's thighs, and he buried his face in between her shapely spread legs.

Tom could smell the sexy aroma of Kelly's horny pussy and he spread her legs a bit further, then he began licking and kissing her pussy and sucking on her clit. Kelly could hardly stand the sudden eroticism of having a strange man come into her office, bare her lower body and then begin eating her pussy out. She threw her head back in disbelief and sexual ecstasy at the feel of Tom's mouth on her pussy and in no time at all, Kelly felt her needy hot pussy exploding in sexual climax.

Tom kept his mouth there at Kelly's pussy and clit and he reached under her rounded asscheeks, pulling her pussy close against his mouth as he ate her to two more strong wet orgasms.

Then, finishing Round One, Tom looked into Kelly's eyes and said, "Now, that's just a promise of what's yet to come, Kelly." Then he stood up, and walked out of her office, leaving her there in a total confusion about all that she'd just had done to her.

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