Gift of the Gods
Chapter 1: The Door

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slavery, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Door - This is the story of a weekend in the life of Tony and his three loved slaves. Vacations don't come to him often, and he plans on making the best out of this one.

"Well, at long last it went down" Tony said as he turned his back to the window, where the sky was painted purple by the setting sun.

Elizabeth smiled at him as his body blocked most of the view out, only allowing her to see the broad silhouette of his body.

"Long day, uh?" she said, trying to stop her smile from turning to an outright amused grin, "Did the servers misbehave that much today?".

Tony glared at her for a moment, until her smile turned into a beaming grin. He turned back towards the darkening window as he grumbled, thinking, as he often had to do in days like this, that it was a real shame that he could never really get angry with her when she was happy, even if her grin came from amusement at his own bad temper.

"Not the servers... computers are logical and obedient, I can deal with them very well... it's those damn users and the problems they bring on themselves because of their lack of brain!", he said, the last of his frustration coming out in a loud sigh.

"Come on, Tony, it could have been worse, much worse, and you know it" Elizabeth said, that beaming grin still on her face, "it could have been pay day, you know?", her grin turning into outright laughter as she saw Tony's face twist at the thought.

"Well, the day is over at last and there's a 4 day weekend ahead of us" he said, rubbing his big hands together, a smile appearing on his face for the first time in hours, "the cabin should be ready, Jamie called me at noon and told me that she and Angie would be leaving for the mountains at noon to get everything set."

Hearing his words, Elizabeth's eyes seemed to glow, the mere thought of the long weekend ahead of themselves lightening her soul with the warmth that she hoped would warm her body before the end of the day.

Tony walked back to his desk, covered with two 21" LCD screens, each of them sporting several virtual terminals open, monitoring the operation of the many servers housed in the site located on the top 3 floors, where most companies would put the executive offices. But not this one. The institutional paranoia that had made "Vox Information Security" the number one company in its field, protecting information for all kinds of businesses, both on the client's site and off site, on VIS' own servers.

As Elizabeth saw Tony sit at his desk and look at his monitors, she couldn't help it but smile "He's too much of a damn geek at times" she thought, "at least Angie will be screening his email during the weekend, so hopefully he won't get stuck dealing with something or other of his geek pursuits and forgetting that he's supposed to be relaxing and taking advantage of the three of us!".

"Soooo..." she said, masking her voice with fake annoyance, "how many hours will I have to get ready? Or will I have to go on my own, so you can stay and look at your blinking lights and rolling lines of logs?"

"Uh?" Tony looked up, his eyes slightly wide with the look she recognized as his famous Tony-forgot-humans-were-around.

"I asked if you are going to stay there looking at blinking lights and rolling lines of logs or if we are going to get moving so you can use and abuse your three slaves" she said with a smile on her face.

"Oh, yes, sorry" he said with one of those smiles of embarrassment that he saved for when he was caught lost in his computer when he should have been doing something else, "let's go, Steve should have my laptop downstairs, so we'll just pick it up and get on the car" he said as he stood up, pulling his security card from the side of his keyboard before hitting a short sequence of keys on the keyboard to tell the computer to lock up in I'm-out-of-here mode.

Elizabeth laughed out loud as she heard him, making him look up at her, an eyebrow going up as his head tilted slightly to his right.

"Sorry about that, Tony, but... your laptop is already in the mountains, and Steve got it set on weekend mode already, so..." she concluded, a big smile lighting up her face, "that means you won't be using it at all!"

He threw up his hands grumbling and mumbling under his breath as he started walking around his desk, then his typical tirade of days like this came out "I should have never accepted that 'weekend mode' crap!" he said as he picked Elizabeth up and threw her across his right shoulder, slapping her leather-covered ass twice hard with his left hand as she shrieked loudly, "As usual, you get to pay for it with 20 strokes of whatever comes to mind whenever I want to check my email and remember you have me locked out, slavegirl"

Tony walked out the door of his office, passing in front of Kate, his Personal Assistant, still carrying Elizabeth over his shoulder.

"Ready for the long weekend, I can see" Kate said with a laugh.

"Yup, we are ready" Tony answered her with a smile, thinking about the big change between Kate's amused reaction and her reaction the first time she had seen Tony come out of his office with a shrieking Angie a year ago. Only Angie's impassionate pleading has stopped her from calling 911 right then and there. It still took a long day of talk between Kate, Angie, Jamie and Elizabeth for Kate not to resign, which was one of the million and one things that Tony had to thank his loved slaves for. Kate was the best Personal Assistant he had ever met.

"We are driving directly to the cabin right now, and should be there all weekend. If anything at level 4 or 5 comes up, please call, ok? Don't let these brats" he said slapping Elizabeth's skirt covered ass again, "stop you if it's important" he continued, "I'm hoping that the long weekend will remind them who's the boss" he finished with a smile.

"I'll call if anything 4 or 5 comes up, don't worry, boss" she answered, "now, shoo, or your girls are probably going to want to hang me next to Elizabeth from one of those damn contraptions of yours!" she added laughing as she waved at them.

"You'd love it!" Elizabeth said as Tony walked pass the desk and she was almost face to face, tho upside down, with Kate, "we'll convince you one of these days, and you'll never go vanilla again!".

Elizabeth waved bye at the still smiling Kate shook her head at her until the elevator doors closed between them when Tony called out "Lobby" once the elevator beeped its recognition of his security card which it had read as he passed the door.

As the elevator started moving down from the 11th floor (where his office was one of the only 2, since it was the floor right under the site), he put the still laughing Elizabeth on her feet between himself and the door, and pulled out his secure ID as the door opened on the 10th floor. The only elevator that could move past the 9th floor, it still made a stop at the 10th on its way up and down, and IDs were religiously checked, as were fingerprints and retina scans. Nobody but Tony, Elizabeth and Kate could go beyond the 9th floor, under no circumstances. "Paranoia is our lifestyle" was often said by Tony.

Tony and Elizabeth walked out of the elevator as it reached the lobby, wishing a happy weekend to the security team normally on guard near and around the main entrance to the building. The door opened quietly as he placed his hand on the right place of the door after it beeped its recognition of his security card. They both walked calmly to his car, slight smiles on both their faces as they finally started relaxing and thinking about the weekend ahead of them. It had been a while since the last time all 4 of them had been able to get away from the office at the same time for any kind of vacation, even a 4 days one like this one.

As they started heading out towards the mountains in Tony's Porsche 911, Elizabeth dialed a number on her cellphone without even taking it out of her pocket, hanging up after a couple of seconds. It was the signal that Angie and her had agreed on... everything should be ready when they got to the cabin in 30 minutes or so.

She and her collar sisters loved Tony with all their heart, and they knew he loved each of them just as much, but some times it was a very difficult relationship, and not because of it being poly, but because Tony was a geek. No, he wasn't weird... well, not too much; and no, he wasn't ugly. He wasn't drop-dead gorgeous either, but he was well built, even if a bit short at only 5'6", he was broad of shoulders, strong and ruggedly handsome. He kept forgetting to shave, and the goatee he usually prefered would some times turn into a strangely uneven full beard before he even noticed. The real problem with his geekiness was that he tended to be extremely focused on the technology he worked with, to the point that it wasn't strange for him to forget appointments, meals and even sleep when he was concentrating on a project.

When he was out of the office, he wasn't one to neglect his loved ones, and he was always a romantic who thought of small details to make them smile and remember why they loved him... but getting him out of the office was some times the problem. Tho this time they had managed it, and it only took Elizabeth an hour to get him moving out the door... it was a minor miracle, and it bode well for the weekend... the fact that he had been so easily pulled away from his computers meant that nothing really major was happening, which usually meant that Angie's cellphone would not be ringing during the weekend.

As Tony turned up the volume of the stereo, getting his music-to-drive-with mp3 selection rolling with the first of a series of Simon and Garfunkel tunes, Elizabeth decided to take a nap until they got to the cabin... she would need all the energy she could muster; being carried out of his office on his shoulder usually meant he was in one of his moods for a long scene... and that usually meant she'd spend a few hours bound and in pain... sweet delicious pain... she started getting wet as she fell asleep, half thinking and half dreaming about what his wicked mind would come up with by the time they got to the cabin.

He smiled as he noticed Elizabeth's deep breathing that meant she was asleep... he knew it meant that she was expecting to be in a long and intense scene later that day, if she was willing to take a nap at such a strange hour; of course, he had expected such a reaction from the moment he picked her up in his office to carry her out... it had become one of the little things that'd make the two of them ready for an intense scene... Tony was a firm believer in training a sub, and ritualistic behavior was one of the pillars of the training of his subs.

The drive to the cabin went through fast as he was thinking about how he was going to mix and match the needs and talents of his 3 girls for that night's scene, coming up with ideas and refining them as the 911 flew through the mountain's highway.

Tony softly shook Elizabeth's shoulder after parking in front of the entrance of the cabin "Here we go, slavegirl, we finally got here," he said, "time for me to get some use out of you and your collar sisters", he finished with a slight chuckle.

Elizabeth stretched on her sit, trying to work the sleep out of her body, then got out of the car and walked to the cabin's door at a fast pace as Tony walked to the front of the car, pulling the bag of his most essential toys that he always carried with himself from the trunk. He took his time, knowing that Angie and Jamie would be quickly filling Elizabeth in on whatever preparations they had taken while waiting for them. Finally, after a slow look around himself to make his brain recognize the fact that he was at the cabin and not at work, he walked slowly up to the door, opening it to find the sight he appreciated the most in life.

In front of him were kneeling his 3 slaves. Knees wide apart, ankles crossed, their butts sitting firmly on their ankles. Their backs straight, their hands crossed left-over-right behind their backs, their heads slightly bent forward.

On his left and dressed in red (a very nice corset, self-holding stockings and high heels this time), as always, was Angie. Her raven-black hair shiny and long, pulled in front, partially covering her left tit from his view.

On his right, as usual, a very changed Elizabeth, wearing a black set of half-cup bra and very small tongue that he knew from previous occasions, contrasting nicely with her blonde hair and with the one feature that all his slaves shared: a very very pale complexion.

On her normal place at the center, right in front of the door, was Jamie, dressed in an emerald green corset with quarter cups and stockings of the same color, held by the garters that were part of the corset. Her red hair held in a high horsetail, the end of which softly touched he top of her bare shoulders.

Tony smiled as he placed his toy bag on the floor and closed the door behind his back, never taking his eyes off the three people he loved the most in the world.

"Good evening, slaves" he said

"Good evening, Master" all three responded in unison, their voices soft and a smile on their faces as they look up at His face.

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