Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son, Father, InLaws,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - thought I heard burglars but turned out to be my wife and son arguing

I was a bit pissed off with myself as I walked up the side of my house. While dropping my daughter-in-law, Sue, in town on my way to the golf course I had run into one of my regular golfing buddies and he jogged my memory by complaining about not being able to play our regular mid-week round. There was a ladies tournament being played and I had forgotten that the course was closed. I might just as well have got up and gone to work.

When I finally reached home I parked out the front of our property, rather than in the drive-way, as I wanted to check the mailbox before changing and going into the office. This is how I came to hear the sounds of raised voices coming from inside as I, almost soundlessly, passed between the garage and the side wall of the kitchen. I was absolutely stunned as there was no one at home, my wife having gone to play bridge or backgammon or something equally as silly, at her ladies club, and there was only the two of us living there now-days. My surprise quickly turned to anger and I was very careful not to make a sound as I let myself into the kitchen and looked around for a weapon suitable to sort out a couple of burglars.

It was then that I realised that it was, in fact, my wife, Mary's, voice that I could hear and she was arguing with our son, who was supposedly so busy at work he couldn't take his wife into town. What was going on? I decided rather than confront them I would check out the lie of the land first.

Between the country-style kitchen and the lounge/dining room there is an island serving bench which we kept usually kept separated with a Venetian blind. I crept over and sat on one of the stools that were beside the bench/casual table and peered through one of the narrow gaps between the blind slats.

My wife was standing beside the fireplace with her back to it and she had a hand on each shoulder of Pete, our son, appearing to be holding him away from her. Pete also had his hands up, one on each side of her, holding onto the mantelpiece and imprisoning her between his outstretched arms. Mary had definitely intended going out as she was all dressed up, black blouse, dark red skirt and black stockings, and was fully made up. Pete must have arrived just as she was about to leave and I wondered what they were arguing about.

"No! No! No! DEFINITELY NO!" Whatever it was, Mary seemed to have definitely made her mind up, "What is wrong with you? That's absolutely sick. Go home to your wife."

"Oh, come on, Mom. It's not that bad. Sue just doesn't seem to want to know lately and I've wanted you since forever. Since I started peeping on you when I was 14, in fact." Suddenly it was starting to become clear to me, Pete, my son, was putting the hard word on Mary, my wife and HIS MOTHER.

I should have been shocked and angry and stormed in and put a stop to it but I didn't, I decided to wait, watch and see what happened.

"What do you mean? Started peeping on me at 14 years of age?" Mary looked outraged and was a bright scarlet from embarrassment, probably thinking back on what he may have seen.

"Yes, that's when I first started watching you and I did it for years." Pete looked quite defiant and totally lacking in any feelings of regret or guilt as he replied.

"How could that be and how did you do it?" she now looked somewhat disbelieving and a bit relieved, probably assuming that he was lying to wind her up.

"OK." He replied, 'can you remember how there was a shaving socket on the wall of your old bedroom?"

"Yes. So what? Nothing special about that. All the bedrooms in that house had them." Mary looked puzzled.

"Well they were all double plugs for 2 different voltages and since we only used one voltage I took the extra parts out of the plug. When I removed the plate in my room it was like having 2 tiny triangular windows into your room. I could see everything." Pete was smirking at his mothers discomfit. "Don't you want to know what I saw?"

Mary just sort of spluttered.

"I've seen you and Dad fucking, him on top, you on top, side by side, doggy fashion and lots of other ways. I seen you sucking each other off and I've seen Dad fucking you up the arse." Pete was definitely not going to give an inch and Mary was looking more and more mortified as he went on, "And I've seen you and Dad and uncle John have a threesome. And Uncle John's your brother, so don't get on your high horse about incest. Anyway, what's it like getting fucked in your pussy and your arse at the same time. It looked like you were enjoying it. You're both quite inventive, you know."

Mary was on the brink of bursting into tears and I suppose that I should have stepped in at this stage but I was intrigued to see how far Pete would go and exactly what Mary would allow.

"You always get me excited. Every-time I see you in fact. See!" Peter grasped his mothers hand and pulled it from his shoulder and pressed it against the crotch of his trousers. Mary must have been quite impressed with the way he was hung as she didn't jerk her hand away when he released it to wrap his arms around her, pulling her closer.

It seemed that Pete was starting to win as Mary didn't try to pull out of his embrace and I could see, but not hear, that he was whispering something to her, while he had his face pressed into the side of her neck. She must have enjoyed what he had said as she grabbed the back of his head with her other hand and dragged his face to hers and locked her lips on his. I knew what he was feeling. Mary loved to kiss and she had a very long and sensuous tongue and she would have it thrust deeply in his mouth and, probably, by now, even down his throat, sucking feverishly and they would well and truly be sharing saliva. During all this Mary had retained her grip on his cock and I was sure that she was now fully intending fucking our son and I was surprised that I didn't mind. I probably should have been angry and jealous but I wasn't, since I was sure that it was only sex involved and I didn't see Pete as a danger to our relationship. I fully intended being a voyeur, watching and enjoying what occurred between the two of them.

Pet's hands slowly worked their way down Mary's back until they were firmly grasping her arse and he clutched her buttocks tightly as he used them to pull her groin firmly against his own. I knew that his erection must have been either digging into one of her thighs or forcing a way into the gap between them. Pete's hands began to work on his mothers bum, squeezing and stroking and, in doing so, he began to work her skirt up her legs, which was surely his main intention. The skirt was reasonably tight, not exactly describable as a pencil type, but it was not far off and it took him some time and effort before he succeeded in getting it above her hips.

When her legs were no longer concealed by her skirt it became clear that she was wearing stockings rather than pantihose and that they were not the self supporting type but needed a suspender belt to keep them in place. She was a very desirable sight, black blouse, red skirt in a tangled bunch round her waist and hips, white lacy panties and suspender belt and a pair of black stockings that left a wide expanse of pale white flesh exposed at the top of her thighs. By now her hair was dishevelled and her makeup smeared and she looked like a very wanton horny slut. I was erect and trembling with pent up excitement and I was just watching, so God only knew just how hard and what sort of state Pete was in.

Mary was still kissing Pete and I saw that she was getting very wound up herself as she had begun making small involuntary movements with her hips, thrusting her pussy forward and trying to make contact with her sons' genitals. It was probably just my imagination but I was sure that I could smell her arousal even from way out here in the kitchen. When there was space between their groins I thought I could see a wet area on the gusset of her delicate panties.

"Let's get your top off as well." Pete was fumbling at the small buttons on her blouse and she finally released his head and cock and began to undo them herself before her blouse was torn to shreds. "I've wanted to touch your tits forever."

It didn't take Mary long to unfasten and remove her blouse and then she was an even more erotic sight, wearing, above the waist, just a small white bra that merely cupped and lifted her breasts and highly arousing underwear below. The bra, panties and suspender belt were obviously a matched set and, even though they were almost non-existent, they probably cost a fortune but it was definitely money well spent. The lacy white garments showed off her assets to perfection and Pete definitely appeared to appreciate what he was seeing as much as I was.

The cups of the bra only covered some of the lower portion of each breast, leaving most of the creamy white flesh exposed and available. The larger portion of her nipples were also uncovered and I watched my son pull the bra down, completely freeing my wife's boobs, and then bend down to wrap his lips over one of them and I could see his mouth working as he sucked and tongued furiously. Mary loved having her tits and nipples fondled and played with, and the fact that it was her son touching her this time seemed to make no difference to her enjoyment and I could see, from the way she had her head thrown back and her face screwed up, that she was, in fact, getting extreme pleasure from his attention.

The material that the underwear was made from was heavy enough to cover but too flimsy to really conceal and it was easily seen that Mary was the proud possessor of a good crop of pussy fur. I knew, and it could be seen, that she only trimmed round the edges of her dark and thick bush to keep it tidy and attractive. It was now even more obvious that her excitement was high and I could now confirm that her panties were definitely soaking up the moisture that she was flowing from her and I was sure that, when Pete's hand finally reached the goal that he was heading to, Mary would be completely receptive to his caresses and very quickly be at his total mercy.

Watching the movement of his hidden hand deep down the front of her panties almost had me jealous, not of his doing this to my wife but because it wasn't me getting her this aroused, and I felt that there was every chance I was getting so excited I would be the first to reach an orgasm, without so much as having my erection touched.

Peter was still fully dressed and still had his face plastered against his mothers bared tits and she was holding him closely there with both hands, clinging to and fondling his head. Keeping one hand down the front of her panties, he lowered his other arm until he could insert that hand down the back of her panties and I saw that he was now rubbing and exploring with both. It didn't take long before the panties became a major hindrance and he stopped his ministrations to drag them down, drop them to the floor and lift her free of them.

While removing my wife's panties my son had moved away a little from her and had pulled his face back causing Mary to let go of his head. Instead she began to unbutton his shirt, having obviously decided to succumb totally to their mutual desires, until he stopped her, removing it and his trousers himself, while getting her to take off her skirt. They were soon standing there, my wife in only a white suspender belt and black stockings and my son in just his underpants, blue with an enormous bulge in the front of them, before once again moving into each others arms.

Again they began to kiss, frantically, and hands seemed to be wandering all over both bodies as they both caressed and explored each other. Mary slowly sank to her knees and, after looking up into his face, she grabbed the elastic waistband of his shorts and slowly eased them down, taking great care not to get his cock tangled as she did so. Once it was freed his cock stood out, proud and erect, and it appeared gigantic, much longer and thicker than mine, and, since it was actually pulsing with blood and had an almost bright purple head, it looked quite threatening. Mary didn't seem too worried about it, however, since she leant forward and, with her tongue stuck far out, she licked up and down the shaft of it a few times before swallowing part of it between her wide open lips. Pete groaned with the excitement of it, grabbing her head to keep her in place, and tried to force in more, while his mother mumbled something in protest and fought to get free, finally succeeding and complaining,

"Don't do that, Darling. You'll choke me with that monster. If you just let me do it my way you'll love it." It wasn't sucking his cock that was upsetting her, it was the way he was trying to force her to take more than she was comfortable with, that was the problem.

"I'm sorry, Mom. It's your turn now, anyway. And we don't want me to cum in your mouth and waste it." Pete pulled her to her feet as he dropped to his knees, in turn, and buried his face in her crotch. I couldn't see what he was actually doing but, I knew that he would be enthusiastically using his lips and tongue to lick, suck and probe his mother's pussy, while she absolutely loved it.

Mary's colour was rising and her tits and nipples were swelling, both certain signs of her arousal. I could now very definitely smell the odour of highly aroused hot and wet cunt and it was becoming very clear that my wife was soon going to have a major climax, and all I could think about was how lucky my son was and how I wished it was me.

Pete pulled Mary down to the floor and encouraging her to lie on her back with her legs spread wide to let him move on top of her. I had, by now, in anticipation, opened my zipper, taken my erect cock out and grabbed a convenient tea-towel that was close to hand and, as I watched my son slowly force his huge cock into the wet pussy of his mother, I began to stroke myself, increasing my tempo as Pete succeeded in inserting the whole thing and beginning to thrust in and out. Watching the two of them hard at it and seeing Mary's hairy cunt, wide open and wet, from a completely new perspective, was really turning me on and I was even surer that I would climax first.

I was correct, I came long before they did, managing to catch all of my spendings in the towel, and, almost replete and satisfied, I continued to sit and watch as they fucked with increasing vigour. Pete was withdrawing his cock almost completely with each stroke and then seemed to be slamming himself back in as deeply and forcefully as he was able. I would have thought that this would be hurting my wife but she looked as if she was welcoming each thrust with great pleasure. Her legs were wrapped around the hips of her son and her arms were around his back and it looked, from the way she was straining, as if she was desperately trying to get him even deeper inside her. I had never realised how much she could take inside her and I guessed that her cunt must be a whole lot stretchier and more flexible than I had aware of.

It was becoming quite noisy as both of them were virtually crying out with pleasure and excitement and I watched with great interest as my wife closed in on her climax. Her head was shaking from side to side, she was sweating profusely, her colour was bright red, she had her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her mouth was wide open and gasping breathlessly. I didn't envy Pete having to explain the serious scratch marks that he was getting in his back and I could imagine how they were going to hurt in the shower.

Finally she screamed, began to shake furiously and clutched her son desperately, trying to prevent him from moving while she orgasmed. Her climax seemed to go on for a long time before she began to relax and allow Pete to begin to move again to reach his own peak. Mary now seemed lost in the afterglow and content to just lie there, cuddling and just holding him while he bucked and grunted his way to his own climax. When I saw that it was almost over I decided to leave and see if I could find my daughter-in-law and pick her up to take home early.

I saw that Pete had his face buried deep into his mothers' neck as he thrust feverishly and, since he wouldn't see, I decided to let Mary know that I was there. I was careful not to make any noise as I moved towards the back-door and I paused in the doorway to the lounge and watched as Mary's eyes met mine and showed her shock and dismay, as she registered that I was there. I had my fingers to my lips and when I saw that she understood, I smiled at her to re-assure her, waved goodbye and walked out, knowing that Pete never even knew I was there.

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