The Werewolf and Sandy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, non-anthro, Group Sex, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A beautiful woman survives a plane crash deep in the rockies, she is shocked to be rescued by a naked man. That shock is mild compared to what she finds out next.

I couldn't help but laugh as I watched Lon Chaney portraying a werewolf in the movie The Wolfman. It's funny seeing what they thought a werewolf looked like.

They certainly don't look like how they had him made up, I should know, I am a werewolf.

My name is Jerome Baskins but most people call me "Red" because of my dark reddish hair, I am about 250 years old, born in the Kentucky wilderness to John Baskins and Mary Longdon both werewolves themselves. No my parents weren't married, I will explain that a little later.

People have a misconception of what and who we are and how we act due to Hollywood's depiction of us. Oh there is the occasional rouge that does rip somebody's throat out or terrorize a region but the council won't put up with that and they are either hunted down and destroyed or taught to mend their ways.

The council is made up of 50 of the most respected members of our species one for each clan, there are about 10,000 of us in North America, yes that's right, that many, Europe and Russia have around 100, 000, we seemed to have originated there. but it is essential for our survival that we keep a very low profile.

That's why there is no tolerance of rogues who would bring unwanted attention to his or her brethren.

We all love the taste and smell of the fresh blood of a good kill, but it is just as good from a bull elk, or big whitetail deer as any human. Part of the thrill is in the hunt and I guess that's what causes some to crave the human blood.

Let me tell you some more about us. I would say that the movie 'The Howling' came as close as any to showing what we actually look like when we morph into our beastly selves. Myself when in my beast form stand about 7-1/2 feet on my hind legs, my sharp teeth are about 1-1/2 long with the fangs running to almost three inches, I am covered in long reddish hair and I weigh about 600 pounds none of it fat, all muscle. I have a sixteen inch cock when fully aroused, oh yes we are very horny creatures when in our beast form. Now in my man state I am 6' 2" weigh in at 210, all muscle and a respectable 8-inch cock. I am not the biggest of the clan by no means, some reach a height of almost 9' and I have heard the boasting of a 20 inch cock but I haven't seen it. I am more interested in the hot cunts of the feminine side of my species. I haven't reached my full size yet, I still have a couple of hundred years of growing to do so hey I could be one of those 20-inch cock guys yet.

When in our beast form we like to fuck as much as we like to hunt, heck in my man form I am about the same way so I don't know if we are really any hornier or not. Whenever we can we try to go in groups of four or more, males and females, there is a lot of mating going on intermingled among the group.

The hot smell of a female will drop the hard length of the male fully out, unlike a dog we don't have that big knot, don't know if that is a good or bad thing but that's the way it is. I like mounting a willing bitch and driving my hard cock deep with one thrust and pounding the shit out of her. It's so exciting to feel her hot wetness surrounding me while I clasp her hindquarters in my front legs and pull her to me while I fill her with hot sperm.

Now we can walk upright, we're not as fast that way but we can do it, and we can fuck in the missionary position if we want, that feels really good to have a hot bitch under you, hind legs spread wide while you fill her with your plunging cock, licking her muzzle, her ears and neck, it feels really good. But there is nothing better then the primal, no thought, ramming of a hard dick in a wet pussy and pounding the hell out of it till you both are howling and cumming. If it is a group, before the night is over every male has fucked every female usually more then once.

Like I said before, we love to hunt either alone or in a group. When we are alone that is occasionally when one of our kind lets his or her lust overtake them and if they come upon a member of the human species alone will take them in a sexual frenzy, you have heard stories of women who have been raped by a wolf like creature, well some of them are true. The council investigates all and if found to be true the perpetrator will be chastised, if the council deems them to be unrepentant they will be destroyed.

What you don't hear much of, and I guess this is a macho thing, is a female werewolf raping a man. It happens I tell you, if she catches a camper or hunter alone she will rip his clothes off, use her hot wet tongue on him till he is hard, and lay him on his back, impaling her self fully and riding him till she gets off, now most men aren't big enough to really satisfy her but just having that orgasm takes the edge off for a while.

Let me tell you more about our way of life. Werewolves live a natural life somewhere around a 1000 years, we can be killed, but not by that stupid silver bullet thing. Our bodies regenerate at an astounding rate, being shot may knock us back or down but the torn tissue is mended almost instantaneously. We can't grow a new arm of leg but one that is mangled will be fully whole in less than a minute. Naturally if our head is cut off we die, or if our body is so tore up the regeneration system is overloaded, A grenade probably wouldn't kill us but a large explosion would.

We live mostly on the outskirts of man, along the mountains and wilderness areas where we can hunt. None of us have to work, the council secretly owns many mines both gold, and silver all over the world, as well as many lucrative businesses.

All the money is put into a central pool and equally divided among the clans.

None of us live a decadent life of luxury but we do about any thing we want.

About two thirds of North America's werewolves live around the Canadian wilderness, there is far more places to roam and hunt there. I have always liked the Rocky Mountains myself around the Colorado area.

There are marriages among our kind although they aren't common, but love among us does exist and the council doesn't mind. The birth rate is controlled, too many of us would eventually bring the worlds attention to us and we don't want that. Many centuries ago we developed a herb mixture that keeps the female from conceiving. If our population drops below a certain level the council will let the clan that is the smallest have children, there are no numbers attached, just for that season all the clan females quit taking the herb and try to get pregnant, Oh yeah, there is a lot of fucking going on in that clan in both guises, man and beast.

All the pregnant females go to a central area deep in the Canadian wilderness to have their babies, they are raised there by a group of older males and females, teaching them our way of life, how to avoid being detected, why they can't satisfy their blood lust on just anything they want, all the rules that keep us a part of this world.

We aren't able to transform until we reach puberty, around twenty five for us and that first time is very traumatic, the initial change is very painful and that's why the council wanted teachers around to help the young ones through it. Once we learn to control it then it becomes second nature. I still laugh when I read or hear how a full moon will make a werewolf turn into the beast. We do it when we want, the moon has nothing to do with it.

I have explained all this to give you some background for my story I was running in the Rocky Mountains, there is an area of about 300 square miles of forest near my home, the area is too mountainous and rough to develop so it's a perfect area for us to hunt in. there are plenty of deer, elk, mountain lion, bear and cousin wolf. I usually go with at least two or three others, I especially like it when Riva goes, she is a light tan beautiful beast that has the tightest wettest pussy in the clan, and she is a beautiful blonde when she is in human form, that still has the tightest cunt in the clan.

But this time seemed like everybody was doing something else and I didn't want to wait so I ran by myself. I had been two days in the woods, about to the center of the area, it was a large valley inaccessible to the outside world, I had already enjoyed the hot blood of a bull elk and a huge tom cougar, he gave me some pretty good battle scars but they healed almost instantly.

My blood lust was much diminished now and I was thinking of heading home when I caught on the breeze several smells that shouldn't be in this area, the scent of human, I could tell it was female, but what would a woman be doing here, there are no trails and we had never seen man in this area. There was also the scent of bear, this could be a bad thing. I cautiously followed the scent trail through the trees till I came to a large clearing by a swiftly running stream. Staying just inside the tree line I carefully scanned the area with sight, smell and hearing far greater than a man.

I could smell burnt rubber and scorched metal as well as the scent of the woman, another smell that had been hidden under the burnt rubber was the sour sweet smell of a decaying body. I could see long gash marks in the grassy valley, looked like a plane had crashed, I ghosted around the edge of the clearing, the smell of bear and woman and death in my nostrils, I could hear the faint huffs and grunts of a bear feeding.

At the far end of the valley I saw a small single engine plane crumpled into the trees, both wings sheared off and the tail section broken and crumpled. The sounds of the bear feeding was loud in my ears now and as I came closer I could see two pants covered legs laying beyond the plane, jerking and moving, I knew they weren't doing that of their own accord. The bear was well aware that I was around but he wasn't going to give up his meal. From the smell I would say this happened sometime yesterday and the bear just happened upon it not to long ago.

I padded around the plane and saw I was correct, the brown bear was ripping chunks of meat off the ribs of the guy, whoever he was, he didn't concern me, lying near by was the form of a woman, she wasn't moving but I could tell she wasn't dead.

Bears are unpredictable you never knew what one would do, I needed to get him away from the woman. He was watching me through those little beady eyes as he continued to feed. Well there was only one way to do this and I was prepared from the time I first scented him. Tangling with a full-grown bear is a real challenge, there have been cases of one of us being killed by bears, but the challenge makes the blood of a werewolf race, my lips drew back showing my sharp teeth and fangs the challenge rumbling from my chest in a fierce growl. The Brown jumped over the body and stood between his meal and me, he thought I wanted to steal it. On his hind legs he was over eight feet and probably weighed more than me.

I was on all fours circling him as we sized each other up. I was quicker than he and darted in to try and hamstring him, I did gash his thigh but he was quick enough to avoid the hamstring, I took a hard blow to my neck, those long claws cutting furrows in my skin, by the time I had circled him again the wounds had disappeared. Now a werewolf has much more than the normal strength of a wolf, I knew I was stronger than the bear but part of the joy of the battle was to see if you could defeat your enemy without taking damage to yourself. We parried and struck at each other for a good fifteen minutes, I had him bleeding from his legs and side, he was pretty good I will give him that, he scored on me again twice, once down my shoulder with a wide swinging paw and got a grip with his teeth and took out a chunk of my side when I slipped on some of his blood and didn't get away quick enough.

If I hadn't been worried about the woman I would have enjoyed stringing out the fight but I figured it was time to end it. Darting in under a swinging paw I barreled into him knocking him over and before he could recover I was on him, teeth around his throat. I clamped my jaws shut hard and twisted my neck, ripping his throat out, the gush of hot blood in my mouth made my senses sing.

Leaving him to bleed out I padded over to the form of the woman, I carefully sniffed her all over, the woman smell of her making my cock start to harden. I could see she had a bad gash on her head but couldn't tell how else she was hurt, I wouldn't be able to in this form either so I morphed back to man.

Being over two hundred years old I knew quite a bit about medicine and human bodies so I carefully felt for any broken bones, couldn't find any, pressing gently on the abdomen area trying to feel if she had internal bleeding that would fill her abdominal cavity. As near as I could tell she only had a concussion.

I picked her up and took her around to the other side of the valley as far away from the crash site and dead bodies as I could. There was no way I could carry her out of here in my man form, she would have to be conscious for me to lead her out so I built a three-sided lean-to making it deep enough to keep any rain from blowing to the back, gathered a huge pile of pine boughs to make her a soft bed and laid her down on it. She never moved.

I knew she was alive, her breathing was regular, the rise and fall of what looked like very nice breasts catching my eye. I stopped to really look at her.

She had long black hair, looked like it would fall about halfway down her back, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, and that's a long time, even the blood and bruises couldn't hide her beauty. She was dressed in a blue tank top and white shorts and tennis shoes. I could tell she had no bra on and her tits were firm and upstanding, she had a small waist and curvy hips running into tan shapely legs. My cock started to rise.

Down boy, I told myself she wouldn't even know you were there. I sighed and went to gather some herbs to make a broth. I found a piece of wood that was hollowed some I went down to the stream and got some water, very primitive but its all I had. I went back to the bear and turning beast again I ripped out some of the shoulder meat, when you don't have a knife you have to do what you can.

I got a fire started, the boy scouts would be proud of us werewolves, and cooked the meat shredding it with my teeth and adding it to the water and herbs I had mixed. It certainly wasn't chicken soup but she needed some nourishment to survive.

Raising her head to lie in my lap I held her mouth open and poured just a little in, massaging her throat till she swallowed, I had to do this about three times before she started swallowing on her own. That was a good sign I thought. After getting all the broth down I laid her back down and went to get some more water.

I cleaned the wound on her head, water and my hands was all I had but I got all the dried blood off, the gash wasn't to deep and about two inches long just above her ear.

I morphed into beast and licked her wound, my saliva would help it heal faster.

I know what you are thinking but we can't turn someone into one of us by just biting them, it is a much more involved process that takes about two weeks.

As night came on and the temperature dropped I went beast again and lay beside her to keep her warm. The smell of young female lying right beside me had my cock hanging out of my sheath but I resisted the urge to ravage her. I did have to go back to man and jack off till I shot a huge wad of cum right beside her head. Now I would like to jack off while in my beast form but no fingers sort of hinders that.

I was feeding her the next morning when I could smell where she soiled herself.

I figured I had better clean her up. I raised her up and drew her top off revealing two very nice breasts, more than a handful but not slopping big, they were capped by the cutest pink nipples, I couldn't help it I had to palm one of those beauties and roll a nipple in my fingers just a little. I lay her back down, took her tennis shoes off and started sliding her shorts down over her shapely hips and her full thighs and off those fine legs. They were wet and I knew I would have to wash them. She had on a pair of white lacy panties, stained now with her urine, they went the way of the shorts. She was nude before me, such a gorgeous body that beautiful face serene as she slept gave her a look of total innocence, but her body was the body of a model. Those long legs slightly parted.

Did I leave them that way on purpose?

Full firm thighs curving out into the shapeliest hips I have ever seen, the insides of the thighs coming together at a pure treasure. She had a large triangle of black hair(being a beast I like that a lot) leading down to tight held pussy lips.

Deep sigh, man I sure wish she was awake.

I moved her over a little and took out all the soiled branches and brought new ones in then carried her down to the stream and washed her all over, running my hands over that beautiful body caused me to have to jack off again, this time I shot my load over those magnificent breasts before washing her again.

I was feeding her for the second time today when she coughed and started choking while drinking the soup, if you can call it that.

I patted her on the back till it cleared up and saw that her eyes were open, they were the brightest blue I have ever seen. She had a very confused look in those blue eyes. She slowly looked around taking in the lean-to and the forest before coming to rest on my face.

I gave her a big smile. Didn't do any good, she looked like she was lost.

"How do you feel, are you hurting anywhere" I asked brightly. It looked like it took moment for the words to register. When they did I could see her mentally going over her body, checking for damage.

"Nooo I don't think so" she whispered in a soft voice that sent thrills through me, my cock started to thicken again. "Where am I, what happened" she asked.

Then it was like a light bulb went off. "John, where is John" she cried trying to get up, she was too weak and the sudden movement made her dizzy, she fell back in my arms. Now that was alright with me I loved the feel of her skin on mine.

"Where is my brother" she asked weakly. How do you tell somebody her brother was eaten by a bear.

"He didn't survive the crash, I'm sorry" I told her gently. She burst into tears and I held her as she cried herself back to sleep.

I washed her clothes and hung them on a limb to dry, fixed her some more soup and waited.

She woke about an hour later, turning her head looking around again, I was sitting just inside the lean-to my feet back against my buttocks and my head lying on my knees watching her. She saw me.

"Where are we" she asked.

"Still near the crash site deep in the Rocky Mountains' I told her.

"Who are you" she wanted to know?

"My name is Jerome Baskins" I told her. "I found the wreckage, your brother was already dead. You had a bad gash on your head and have been unconscious for about two days I guess."

She felt her head, she could feel were she had been hit but it seemed like the cut was almost healed.

"What's your name" I asked?

Her brow furrowed as she looked at me again "Sandy, I mean Sandra Tolliver" she replied, suddenly she realized I was naked, her eyes widening in fear, she looked down at herself seeing she was also. She started scrambling back into the corner of the lean-to looking for something to protect herself with.

I never moved, "Sandy I am not going to hurt you, you are nude because you peed yourself and I took your clothes and washed them" pointing to the tree where they were hanging. Her eyes darted out to see the clothes and then back to me.

"I am nude because I like to run around this way sometimes, I didn't expect to meet anybody way out here." I was hoping she might think I was just a naturalist.

"I want my clothes" she demanded.

"No problem, they should be dry by now" I told her calmly, I got up to go get them, my dick swinging as I moved. She glanced down and I saw a flicker of something in her eyes before she looked away. I got her clothes, I could feel her eyes on me the whole time. When I turned to walk back to her she looked away, but not before looking down to my swinging dick and balls again.

I stopped just outside the lean-to and tossed her clothes to her. She grabbed them and quickly slipped her panties and shorts on then her top. She was still pushed up against the back of the lean to.

I sighed and sat back down in the position I was when she woke. "Sandy here's what I know, I was exploring in this valley when I came upon the crash site, I found a man already dead and a woman unconscious. I couldn't do anything for the man but I built this lean-to and gathered enough food to make you some broth. I have taken care of you for two days, I mean you no harm" I concluded. And while that was true I sure did want to fuck that beautiful body. My cock was hardening at the thought of it and I dropped my elbow down hoping she wouldn't see it and scare her more.

"Do you have a vehicle or something we can get out of here with" she asked?

"No" I replied.

"Well how did you get in here" she wanted to know?

"I walked" I replied.

"Then we can walk out can't we" she questioned?

"No it isn't that easy, I probably could but you couldn't, for one thing you are still to weak." I told her.

"Didn't you bring any supplies with you" she looked around?

"No I live off the land" I calmly said.

She still didn't trust me but she was calming down a little I could smell the fear lessening and see her body relax a little.

"Can I see John's body" she asked?

I sighed again "I don't think you want to do that, he was pretty tore up in the crash, what happened anyway" I was hoping to get her mind off her brother's body.

She knew what I was doing but she let me do it. "John had just got his solo license and he was so excited, he wanted to take me up and show me the sights he said, I can remembering him saying I would see things I never had before." She gave a sad smile at the memory. "We flew out over the Rockies and it was beautiful but something happened to the engine, it just quit, John tried everything he knew but it wouldn't start, we were heading down fast when he saw a valley, I can remember coming in just over the trees and the plane bouncing on the ground. There were trees coming up fast and that's the last I remember till I saw you" she took a deep breath.

"Shouldn't somebody be looking for you before long" I questioned. "Parents, husband, boyfriend."

She shook her head, "our parents are dead and we only had each other, we just moved out here about two month ago, we have been living off the money our parents left us, John wanted to get his license so he could become a charter pilot." Since she didn't mention husband or boyfriend I assumed their wasn't' any and that thought pleased me more than it should.

"Okay what about the plane won't somebody be looking for that" I asked. She shook her head again. "John became friends with the instructor and he told him he could use his plane while he was gone on vacation, he won't be back for three weeks" she said.

"Humm, looks like its up to me to get you out of here." I gave her another big smile. She wasn't buying it, man this is beginning to be a blow to my ego.

"I still want to see my brothers body" she said and tried to get up, she made it but she wasn't steady on her feet.

"Look, here's what I think, we will stay her a couple of days till you get some strength back and then I will take you out of here" I explained.

She tried to walk out of the lean-to keeping as far away from me as possible, she wasn't frightened now just apprehensive. She didn't get far before she had to set down. "Do you have any food " she asked?

"No but I will round us up some, you stay here, I won't be long." I got up and walked into the woods, I could feel her eyes following me. Once out of sight I changed and quickly caught a couple of rabbits and couple of fat partridges, we don't usually hunt this type game, to easy. Now I had to figure a way to clean them without using my teeth, I don't think she would like that.

I came back into camp carrying the game, looking around I didn't see her anywhere. "Shit" I said. I dropped the game and headed for the crash site, you could just see it at the other end of the valley and I saw her heading for it.

She didn't appear to be walking to steady. I took off after her running at a pretty good clip but I didn't catch her before she got there. I heard a scream and found her laying about ten feet from her brother's body. I picked her up and carried her back to the lean-to.

But going back to the crash gave me an idea that I should have had before. Surely there would be something sharp there I could use to clean the game. I left her and went back going through the wreckage I found an emergency kit, it had some pretty good scissors with it. Luckily they were the kind that comes apart easily so I could use one side like a knife. I also ripped out a couple of cup holders to drink out of.

In deference to Sandy I used the knife to cut one of the clothe seats up and made me a crude but effective loin cloth.

When Sandy came to she sat up suddenly "OH John, nooo " she cried.

I was roasting the rabbits over a fire when I heard her, I went and knelt down beside her taking her shoulders in my arms, she lay her head against my chest and sobbed. I liked the feel of her in my arms. I smelt the sudden fear as she realized where she was, she pushed away from me. I let her go, her blue eyes were once again frightened. I didn't move as she looked down at my lap expecting to see my dick, she got a surprise when she saw the seat cover.

I felt her fear leave her as quickly as it came, She looked up into my eyes then back down to the seat cover, then back up to my eyes and I saw the most beautiful smile in the world light up my life as she giggled, "I think your loin cloth is out of style Tarzan."

I could see her as she came to grips with the reality of the situation and I could tell the tears were probably over. "Is there anything we can do with my brothers body" she asked?

"I'm sorry Sandra, I would bury him but there isn't anything to dig with and there aren't enough rocks around to cover him. I have tried to figure out something, the best I can do is put him in the plane" I said.

She looked at me with those big blue eyes "would you do that Jerome, I think I would feel better knowing he wasn't lying out there on the ground."

"Sure I would be glad to and call me Red, everybody else does, Jerome sounds so formal don't ya think" I grinned. I got one of those stunning smiles "Red does seem to suit you" she laughed and I saw her eyes flick quickly down to my groin again and back up. Like I said when a beast I am covered in reddish brown fur and when a man I am still pretty hairy around the groin area, all of it a dark reddish color. I could see her start to blush when she knew I had caught her look.

"I'll take care of John, you rest, eat some food, you need to get a little stronger so we can get out of here." I went back the plane and looking around in the crumpled fuselage I cleared a place to lay his body, picking him up easily I placed him in the plane, there was nothing else I could do for him. I went down to the stream and washed the stink of death off me before returning to Sandy.

She had eaten one of the rabbits and was roasting the partridges when I got back. "I saved yours" she said as she tossed her long black hair back over one shoulder to get it out of her face. That innocent gesture was very erotic and sent a tingle of lust straight to my balls.

"Why don't you go ahead, you need it more then I do" I said. "No we can share, I will eat one of these" she grinned.

We ate and then sat around and talked. She told me of her life and growing up and I gave her the made up version of my life. We stayed there another day before I felt she was well enough to travel. I found myself enthralled with this captivating woman, her smile lit up my day, her character was strong and good, and man that body was driving me wild. I have been with a lot of human women in my life but there was never any emotional attachment, actually that is discouraged by the council but not forbidden.

The journey back was going to be difficult and it took over a week since I had to stay in the man form. I would go out in the evening, change, catch us some dinner and then change back. Sandy was wore out. I would make us a small camp and fire. The first night she tried settling down on the opposite side of the fire from me but the nights get chilly in the mountains, even in the summer time. I was watching her the whole time, she was drawn up in a little ball and shivering.

"Sandy" I called softly, she looked over, I patted the soft pine boughs beside me, I smiled "I won't bite I promise".

She looked at me for a minute and then moved over nestling in close to my side, I put my arm around her. I could feel how tense her body was. She was cold and trembling but as we shared our warmth the trembling lessened, I was comfortable and I closed my eyes to try and get some sleep, I could feel her hair moving on my arm after a while as she looked up at my face. Evidently she figured she didn't have anything to fear cause I heard a small sigh and she snuggled down against me and drifted off.

Wish I could have but the feel of her soft body against me and her warm breath caressing my chest, that had me hard as a rock and I didn't get much sleep.

The next night she didn't hesitate to snuggle up to me as we settled down.

During the night I let my arm close around her and slowly stroked her soft skin as she slept. When she woke the next morning I had her hugged close against me.

I pretended to be asleep to see what she would do. I felt her hair moving softly against me as she studied my face, I felt one arm moving and a soft hand sliding over my belly in a gentle caress before she slowly moved my arm so she could get up without waking me. I kept my eyes closed till she was up and into the bushes to do her business. When she stepped back into the camp I was up and ready to go.

The third night when I left to catch dinner I had to stop just out of her sight and double back where I could watch her without being seen, I dropped the loin cloth and started stroking my cock as I watched this beautiful human working on the campfire, I worked my cock faster and faster, the foreskin pulled back as my fist flew over my hard meat. I knew I had to have some relief or I was going to do something I would regret. I wanted this woman bad but I wanted her to want me back. Thinking of that dark haired pussy had me shooting my load in no time.

That took the edge off but sure didn't satisfy me.

As we settled in for the night, she willingly came to my side and taking my hand in hers pulled my arm around her. "You make a good blanket" she said. I just smiled and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head, I figured this would be a good test of how she was thinking. She didn't do anything for a few seconds then pulled my arm tighter around her and snuggled down farther before going to sleep.

I woke before she did, we had moved around a little during the night and she had one soft thigh lying over my leg her knee just touching my makeshift underwear right against my cock. Her leg felt so good on mine I wasn't moving till she did. When she woke she moved that fine leg and the feel of her skin sliding on mine made my cock twitch and start to thicken. She snuggled closer her hair soft against my ribs and her lips just touching my chest sent a shiver through me.

I lay there soaking up the feel of her next to me. When she woke she looked up and gave me that heart-stopping smile before saying "got to go to the little girls tree" and pushed herself up and away. I gave a big sigh, I don't know how long jacking off will be enough.

This journey was very rough on a human body, when in beast form I can jump almost twenty foot high and very far, treacherous trails are no problem for my surefootedness, but it was very difficult for Sandy, every day her hands were cut and her legs scratched. I had my share also but they healed almost before you could tell. After the first night I gathered some herbs and crushed them together with some water from one of the many small streams. When she wasn't looking I spit into it and mixed that in, I knew it would heal her much faster.

By morning they were still visible but had closed up and were healing nicely. I saw her look at her hands and legs before grinning at me "You sure you are not a doctor."

I laughed "nope just know my mountain medicine".

About noon the next day we came on a stream that had a big pool of smooth water and Sandy said she had to get some of the grime off her so I made a camp while she bathed and washed her clothes. She put them on wet but the sun soon had both her and them dry. I went and did likewise, by the time we were dry it was to late to go farther. When we settled down for the night she didn't come into my arms, she sat close by and looked very serious, I knew some kind of decision had been made and I was afraid to hear what it was.

"Red, are we going to make it out or here" she looked me in the eyes.

I knew she was not in a joking mood so I told her "Sandy it is still rough going ahead but we will be fine, don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you."

She kept looking at me steadily as she replied "I believe you, you have been so kind and good to me I don't know how I could ever repay you."

"A simple thanks from the most beautiful woman I have ever seen will be more than enough." I was hoping to see which way the wind was blowing with this answer.

I got a quick smile. "Red, at first you scared the hell out of me when I saw a naked man by me and me also naked, I just knew I was going to be raped. I know now that you wouldn't do that, you are kind and gentle, and funny, but sometimes when I watch you as we go, there is something different from any other man I have ever seen. You still scare me sometimes and I don't know why, but I feel myself drawn to you, I like being with you, I like feeling your arms around me."

This sounded very good to my ears because I had discovered in the last few days that I loved this human, I don't where it would end up but I wanted her to be with me.

"Red, I don't for a minute believe that story you gave me on why you were out there. And that bothers me some" she said seriously.

Well there is always that other shoe that has to drop, my good feelings went down with it, now what was I going to tell her.

I looked at her serious face, so beautiful I thought, "Sandy there is an explanation, finding the crash and you and your brother, the fight with the bear, trying to bring you around, well the truth is kind of strange and I just didn't have time to think up anything else" I told her truthfully.

I could see her brows knit in confusion. "Bear, what fight with a bear?"

Whoops put my foot in my mouth that time. Which way to go, try lying again, telling the truth, man sometimes this stuff is hard.

"Look I'll tell you the whole truth when we get out, its very complicated, I will tell you now that I am not in trouble with any type of the authorities or am I running from anybody or anything, you will have to trust me Sandy" I told her earnestly.

Well my future, and hers to maybe rested on how much she trusted me.

It seemed like a long time to me before she said "I do trust you Red, I don't know why, I shouldn't but I do, even though you still scare me a little."

"Sandy, I would never hurt you for any reason, you have come to mean a lot to me" I confessed.

She took one of my hands in hers, "make love to me Red" she whispered.

Now here is where I should have immediately took her in my arms and rutted in her body till I couldn't cum no more, but no, I had to make sure, I must be in love I thought.

"Woman I would like nothing more in this world than to give you pleasure until you can't take anymore, but, I will not take advantage of someone who has had the traumatic experience you have had. You have to be sure what you want is not just out of gratitude or some misguided sense of duty. Sandy when you are sure of your feelings then let me know, I can wait for you however long it takes." I was afraid when she thought about it she might change her mind.

She looked deep into my eyes and said softly "I am sure Red" as she came into my arms.

She snuggled in against me and I put my arm around her, she lifted her mouth to kiss the corner of mine, I turned my head and pressed my lips against her soft ones, just sliding them gently together, hers were so soft. She had her hand lying on my chest and she moved it around feeling me like for the first time. I tilted her head up more and let my tongue touch her lips, for a second she resisted then opened hers a little and I slid between them touching her white teeth.

I curled my tongue and ran it around the inside of her lips then probed between her slightly parted teeth. She opened more and I plunged into her sweet mouth, touching the roof with the tip, sliding over the top of hers, she didn't know what to do with her tongue at first, then she started pushing against mine and rolling it around mine. The feel of being inside her mouth and her wet tongue against mine was delicious. My cock was already almost hard. I raised a hand to her breast, squeezing it through her top, I lifted and rolled it around in my hand loving the feel and heft of it.

Sandy drew back, I thought I had went to fast although I was trying to go slow.

"I, I know what I feel, but I don't know what to do" she softly whispered.

Could she be a virgin, so beautiful a young woman, with my fingers I raised her head till I was looking into those deep blue eyes.

"Sandy will this be your first time" I said gently.

"Yes" was the answer.

"Okay baby let me guide you, I want this to be the best thing you have ever felt."

I returned to kissing her sweet mouth, once again we let our tongues dance together, I ran my hands down her arms and up her back slowly caressing her body. I turned her and laid her down on her back on those soft pine boughs and kissed her eyes, her nose, around her cheek. I chewed gently on one delicate earlobe before trailing kisses down her soft neck. I was running my hands over her belly brushing her breasts in passing and down her legs, just rubbing, calming her.

I whispered in her ear, "anything you feel like doing to me go ahead don't hesitate, use your hands your lips, anything your want. Then I took her full lips with mine kissing her with more passion this time.

Sandy returned my kisses with more confidence her tongue pushing into my mouth, I thrilled to the touch of her soft hands sliding up my back to grip my shoulders. I brought a hand up to cup one of her breasts squeezing it through the material of her top, running a palm over the tip I could feel her nipple pushing a dent in the top. I stopped kissing her raising her up till I could slip the top over her head then lay her back down once again raining kisses all over her face and neck.

This time when I cupped her breast it was my skin against hers. It felt so soft on the outside but firm underneath as I slid my palm around on this magnificent mound.

I plunged my tongue in her open mouth as I took a tight nipple between my fingers rolling and pulling gently. This brought a small groan from her mouth vibrating on my tongue.

The feel of this beautiful body already had my cock fully hard but I knew I had to take my time. I wanted her to get the most pleasure she could. I kissed down her neck and between her breasts before taking her hard nipple in my lips and sucking, bringing another soft moan from her lips. She brought one hand up to cup the back of my head holding me to her tit. I worked her nipple with lips and tongue till her little bud was standing up a good 1⁄4 inch above the aureole. I gently chewed on her tit, I flicked it with my tongue and sucked it deep into my mouth.

She was giving little "ummms" and 'Ohhhs". I left that glistening salvia covered mound to ravage its sister while I continued to tease that wet nipple with my fingers.

Sandy was arching her back trying to get more of her tits into my mouth softly sighing "so good Red, it feels so good."

I left her tits and kissed down that sleek belly till I got to the top of her shorts, I rose to my knees and grasped the top of her shorts and worked them down over her hips taking her panties with them, she raised that sweet ass to help me.

Stripping them off her legs I once again bent to kiss her flat belly and down into that soft dark hair on her mound.

"Wha, what are you doing" she raised her head and looked down her body at me.

"Just lay back and feel baby, its all good". I told her.

I was on my belly between those luscious thighs, I ran my hands up the back of her legs putting them in the crooks of her knees and lifting and spreading them as I licked and sucked my way down one succulent inner leg, when my tongue dipped into those glistening pussy lips I felt her legs tense and drew a surprised "oohhh" from her.

I delved my tongue deep into her hot hole, she was already wet from the good feelings I had given her tits. I swabbed it around and then up and over her clitoris getting another jerk from her legs as an electric bolt of desire shot through her.

I used one hand to hold her left leg open and the other to run a finger in her virgin pussy as I sucked her clit.

She had both hands in my thick hair holding me to her while she experienced feelings she never knew existed. Her legs were quivering and she was clenching that round ass trying to get her pussy closer to my mouth while she experienced her first real orgasm with something other then her fingers. Her hot pussy clenched around my fingers and little "yes" "Oh good" sounds coming from her mouth. I dipped my head and glued my lips to her hair lined vulva drinking all of her honey.

I have eaten a lot of pussy in my over two hundred years, this was the sweetest tasting women I have ever had. I kept gently tonguing her as her climax subsided, when she relaxed her grip on my head I moved back up her body mashing my lips to hers once again and running my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste how sweet she was. At first she acted like she wanted to pull back but then attacked my tongue sucking it into her mouth and lashing it with her tongue. When I drew back to look into those blue eyes, they were sparkling with satisfaction and more desire.

"Oh Red I have never felt anything like that" she gasped.

"That's only the beginning dear one, you have much more pleasure ahead" I grinned. She gave me that million-dollar smile that just sends chills through me. "There will be a momentary bout of pain when your hymen is torn, that can't be helped I will try and make it as easy as I can, after that dear one its all good feelings climbing to great ones" I told her.

"Red, I want to see it, to feel it" she whispered shyly. I knew what she was talking about, I got up on my knees beside her my 8 inches of hard cock in front of her face, I am uncircumcised but the skin was pulled back exposing the big plum colored head. "Its so big" she breathed "you can't get that in me" she paused looking up into my eyes, "can you?"

"Trust me, in just a little time it will feel wonderful in you" I answered her.

She reached her hand up and timidly wrapped it around the shaft just behind the head, "its so hot, and soft, and hard at the same time" she whispered.

"Is this the first dick you have ever seen" I asked, I couldn't believe nobody had tried to seduce this beauty. She started running her hand down my shaft softly squeezing and then back up, she was watching the skin slide over the head when she pumped her hand up, I was to hard for it to completely cover the head but it rolled up around about three fourths leaving a big round plum sticking out.

"Only my brother's when he came out of the shower a couple of times, it didn't look anything like this, it was soft and small and it didn't have that loose skin around the end" she said.

"You make mine this way, your beauty and just who you are excites me greatly. I want to bury myself in you, make you mine and I want to be yours" I told her sincerely. As much as I enjoyed her hand jacking me off I wanted this time to be totally hers.

I bent over and took her lips with mine again and slid a hand alongside one fine breast before tweaking her nipple again. This brought a gasp into my mouth. I moved down and sucked both firm breasts before moving on leaving their hard tips glistening with my saliva, once again I ate her sweetness till I could tell she on the verge again.

I gave one last lick between those sweet lips before getting on my knees between her legs. Taking her legs in both hands I spread them wide then eased forward, I aimed my hard dick at her wet entrance and moved in till the head was lying against her opening.

Both of us were groaning with the feel of the others flesh touching. Slowly easing forward I moved the head inside, it opened up her pussy into a big O. She had a sharp intake of breath, I slid another inch in bringing a low moan of pleasure from her.

When I had about two inches in the head bumped up against her hymen causing her to jump. I backed off a little and pushed back to the obstruction I kept doing this very slowly although I wanted to plunge into this tight hot hole and fuck her hard I knew it would be better for her this way.

I continued to pump slowly, a little harder against her hymen each time, I could feel it stretching until finally it parted and the head slid past it. Sandy stiffened momentarily.

I didn't move "Are you alright" I asked?

"There was just a little sting" she replied and I felt her move her ass like she was trying to get more of me in. I started slowly going farther and farther into that hot treasure cave till my balls were lying on her round ass. Now I was fully engulfed by her slick channel, she felt so tight around me I had to concentrate to keep from filling her with my sperm.

I started building a rhythm going a little faster each time I felt like she had become accustomed to my plundering cock. I turned her legs loose and propped my self over her on my hands, once free she instinctively put her legs around my waist.

I loved watching the play of desire and lust playing over that beautiful face as my pounding prick built her ecstasy up. She was clutching my arms above the elbows with both hands, her eyes closed, lost in her passion, on the next in stroke before pulling back I made a circle with my hips rotating my cock inside her.

Her eyes flew open "Oh Red" she breathed hard. I did it again "Ummm yes" she gasped.

I did it again "Gahhhhhhh Yess so goood " she cried as she contracted around my cock, her tight virgin pussy sleeve rippling up and down my man meat trying to milk the cum from me. That wouldn't be long, I started pounding her hard pulling out till the head was just inside those working lips and driving fully in till my balls slapped against her upturned ass. She was still in the throes of her climax when I tried to pin her to the ground and blew the first hot wad of cum deep in her cunt.

This set off another orgasm and her pussy gripped me even harder, It was such an intense feeling for both of us, the wonderful hot velvet sleeve squeezing in waves all up and down my dick and my hot pole twitching and filling her with my hot cum. I dropped my head down taking her lips in a passionate mating of the lips while my dick jerked and twitched inside her, my balls trying to pump out every last drop of sperm.

We lay there locked in an embrace till I felt her start to relax. She let her legs fall open and rubbed my shoulder with one hand, I dropped my head to lie on her shoulder, she kissed me on the ear. "I never knew feelings like that, I thought I was going to explode" she said softly. I kissed her neck and started to pull out of her, she hugged me tighter, "no leave it there I love the feel of it inside me' Sandy sighed.

"If you wish there will be plenty of times to feel me in you" I told her earnestly, for with this one mating I knew I wanted her to become one of us, to be my wife for the rest of our days. Before that could happen she had to know the truth and it wasn't time yet.

I kissed her cute nose and eased my cock out of her, when the head dropped out our mixed juices and her virgin blood flowed out with it. The smell of that warm blood was good and I kissed my way down her body through her damp hair and closed my lips over her flowing entrance sucking and licking her clean, the sharp taste of her blood a bonus I loved.

"No Jerome, What are you, ". You shouldn't. Ohhhh " she dropped her head back as my tongue once again sent tremors of pleasure through her body. I made love to that black haired cave, slowly and tenderly I brought her to another orgasm, she crying out softly when her hot sleeve squeezed my tongue in rhythmic contractions.

After I had once again devoured all her sweet honey I moved up beside her and took her in my arms, She was almost asleep instantly, but before she did she reached up caressing my face, "tomorrow night its your turn my darling."

That simple my darling sent a chill right through me, maybe I did have a chance with this wonderful woman.

We woke early the next morning, I watched her come awake, and she looked so sexy with her long black hair in disarray about her shoulders, arms crossed over her pretty tits, one long leg stretched out and the other with knee bent. Her eyes went to where I had lain, not seeing me she looked around and when she did see me my reward was that heart-stopping smile.

"I slept good last night, something wore me out" she giggled.

I laughed with her and went to help her up, pulling her into my arms and kissing her sweet mouth. "We have a long way to go and as much as I would love to continue your education madam we better get on the way" I sighed heavily.

We were only a couple of days out now and the going was getting a little easier, I thought all day about how I was going to tell her the truth. She was happy as a lark and when we rested she sat beside me holding my arm in hers and leaning her head on my shoulder. During one of those breaks I asked her how such a good looking woman was still a virgin, to tell you the truth I didn't know how old she was.

She just turned 21 she said. She and her brother were born and raised in the Kansas plains, their parents wheat farmers, the nearest neighbors were five miles away.

They had never went to school, her mother home schooled them and they had their high school diploma. They had a loving family and she said she never felt lonely till about a year ago and she wondered what there was in the rest of the world. When her parents were killed in an accident she and her brother both decided they wanted to see something else in the world besides miles of wheat growing. When she had finished she hugged my arm looked at me with those blue, blue eyes and asked if I was going to tell her the truth now.

Oh how I wanted to, but the time wasn't right yet, I had to make sure that when she found out she would be in a position to get back to civilization if she couldn't accept what she heard and saw. I brushed back a strand of black hair and kissed her forehead. "Tomorrow I will tell you every thing ". I assured her.

She smiled, man I love that smile and squeezed my arm, "I'm going to hold you to that you know."

We made good time that day and when we camped I knew by noon the next day we would either be together or I would lose the one woman I had ever loved.

After we had eaten and I had made a bed of fresh pine boughs, I lay down on my back with my hands behind my head just watching this beautiful woman as she moved around the fire, She stepped over to me standing right beside me, my eyes traveled up those shapely legs to the v of her shorts, I knew the treasure they were hiding, up to those firm mounds hidden under her top, her nipples were making two tents bringing a smile to my lips. On up to her soft hair hanging around her beautiful face as she looked down at me. She gave a little grin and pulled her top off over her head, those magnificent globes bouncing as they came free. Hooking her hands in her shorts she stripped them and her panties off and lay down beside me.

Playing with my chest hair she shyly asked "Red you gave so much pleasure with your mouth, would it feel good to you if I used my mouth."

Well that started the old blood to pumping in my dick. "It would feel wonderful dear one, if you want to". I assured her.

"You will have to teach me, I don't really know how to begin" she said as she tweaked one of my nipples.

Oh yeah I liked that. "That would be my pleasure love" I said.

I took the loincloth off, hopefully it would be the last night I needed it. My cock was just starting to swell with blood, It lay curled over my balls the foreskin covering the head.

"It looks so different than last night" she said looking from it to my face.

"It won't look that way long love, just looking at you makes me hard" I told her.

She reached down wrapping a soft hand around it and lifted it. "It feels so soft and hot" she whispered. She moved her hand down stripping the foreskin back and exposing the head.

Oh man that felt so good. I took my hand and placed it around hers showing her how to move up and down, when I took mine away she continued placing her head on my belly so she could watch as she repeatedly covered and uncovered the head. My cock was stretching now, her rapidly moving hand was causing tingles straight to my balls. She scooted down and when the head was uncovered she licked it with her tongue. That brought a groan from me.

Sandy turned her head to look at me "You like that huh" she grinned.

"Oh that and more sweet lady" I said.

She scooted down farther and using her hand brought my now fully hard cock to her mouth, opening wide she placed the head in and closed her lips.

"Use your tongue love, go slow and try to get as much in as you can without choking.

Keep your lips tight and move up and down the shaft" I gave her instructions.

She was a very quick learner and she soon had me squirming as she worked about six inches in and out of her mouth while her tight full lips slid up and down the shaft.

It was wet with her saliva as her tongue flicked against the underside of my shaft and swirled around the head when that's all she had in her mouth. I didn't have to tell her, she was stroking the remaining two inches within the circle of her thumb and finger.

That wonderful tension was building quicker than normal just from the feel of her hot mouth around my cock and watching her head as it bobbed up and down on my dick.

I loved the feel of her long hair tickling my belly.

"Ohh Sandy if you keep that up I am going to cum in your mouth, is that what you want"

I groaned.

The only answer I got was a speeding up of her efforts and the swabbing of that warm wet tongue driving me into my orgasm. I tried not to drive into her mouth just let it go, She felt my dick swell and then the first hot gob shot into the back of her throat, she swallowed instinctively. Sandy kept her lips tight around the shaft and backed off till just the head was in her hot mouth running her hand up and down the rest of the shaft, milking every drop I had.

I filled her mouth and she swallowed as fast as she could but some leaked out around the corners of her mouth. When my balls were empty she let me slide out of her lips licking the tip of my cock as it came free. I pulled her up into my arms and mashed my mouth to her swollen lips using my tongue to clean my cum from her lips.

She kissed me passionately.

Sandy drew back and looked me in the eye. "Red you taste good, kind of wild but sweet, I loved feel your hardness in my mouth, did I do it right" she grinned, she knew she had done it right.

"You drained me dry love" I told her, "it might take a minute of two to recharge but you are going to get my hard dick right up that pretty pussy again" I growled at her. She started rubbing those luscious tits around on my chest.

I think I have a tiger on my hands. I had her straddle me sitting on my belly, the feel of her black curly bush and wet vulva pressing against my stomach had the blood rushing back to my cock. I reached up and took a breast in each hand squeezing and cupping them, rolling her nipples and pulling on them.

She placed her hands on mine just going wherever mine went. I was entranced by that beautiful face framed by her hair hanging down brushing her breasts as she watched me play with her tits.

I raised a hand and she took my fingers in her mouth gently sucking, I pulled them out and worked one hard nipple bringing a little moan from her, giving her my other hand she wet those fingers in her warm mouth and I pleasured the other nipple slick with my saliva. She was beginning to rub her pussy on my belly the feel of her ass and cunt caressing my skin made my cock fully hard, when she felt the head touch her round ass she reached back and started jacking on me again.

"Raise up love and let me in your sweet body" I told her.

She rose to her knees and scooted back till she had my head positioned at her wet opening. Holding me with her hand she spread her knees farther apart and lowered herself down engulfing about half my dick. Her hot slick channel felt like hot velvet around me. Turning my dick loose she finished sliding down till her ass was against my thighs.

Oh did this girl ever feel good. "Its up to you now dear one, you can control the speed, the depth whatever feels best.

She placed her hands on my chest and rose till just the head was enclosed in those tight lips then slowly slid down again, the exquisite sensation of the slick friction when I slid once more deep into her caused us both to groan with pleasure.

Sandy experimented trying different strokes and speeds, I was trying to hold on, the tightness of her surrounding me made me want to shoot my load. She was getting slicker her juice running down around my balls as she found the speed that was doing her the most good. I watched her face as it flushed with pleasure her eyes closed, just feeling her climax building. I had my hands on her hips just riding with her movements. Her ass was slamming into me hard now, driving little grunts from her each time. Sweat glistened on her face and breasts while she reached that peak slamming down on my thighs she ground her ass in circles as her cunt poured its honey over my cock and gripped me tightly in spasm after spasm.

I drove upwards and filled her with my sperm, it felt sooo soooo good to be in this wonderful body. Sandy fell forward on my chest and I cradled her in my arms as the hard milking contractions started slowing down, every tightening bringing an answering twitch from my tightly gripped cock.

"I can feel every beat of your heart inside me" she whispered against my cheek. We lay that way till she went to sleep, me still half hard inside her. Eventually I softened and slipped out of her as I rolled her over on her side hugging her to me as I went to sleep.

I woke early and lay there watching her sleep, she looked so cute and innocent.

Her blue eyes opened and looked into mine, I got that smile and she moved over and kissed me quickly, "Morning Red, I slept good, you wore me out."

I grinned back "I hope to wear you out a lot."

She pinched me on the arm and rolled away from me, "got to find that little girls tree" she threw over her shoulder as I watched those tight round cheeks swaying while she walked away. I sighed I sure would like to between those globes right now but I knew we better get moving.

By 1:00 we had reached a place I was looking for and dreading at the same time.

We were at a place where we could go one way and be at my house about 10 miles away or go the other and be in a small town nestled at the bottom of the foothills, also about 8 miles in that direction. I sat down on a fallen tree and she came to sit beside me.

With a big sigh I began to tell her about myself. "Before I begin" I told her. "If you look to your right you will see a trail leading down the mountain."

She looked over and nodded, a puzzled look on her face.

"If you follow that trail its about 8 miles to a town where you can get help, I'm telling you this in case that's the way you want to go after you hear my story" I continued.

Now she had a worried look in those blue eyes.

I started with the old "Now I know this is going to be hard to believe thing."

I looked into those blue eyes and told her everything, leaving out locations and names, if she left I didn't want anything to point to the rest of us. I will give her credit she never interrupted me or acted outraged. I did see disbelieve in her eyes so maybe that was why. I told her of my journey back into the hunting area and finding her brother and the bear, of taking care of her and of falling in love with her. When I had finished she sat there for a minute before saying anything.

Finally, "I know I am not a sophisticated city girl, is that why you are trying this story on me, why can't you just tell me the truth."

I could hear the hurt in her voice.

"Sandy, think for a minute, I couldn't make something like that up if I tried.

I will prove it to you but I want you to accept the fact that it could be true.

I want you to think about how you would feel if I am what I said, how would you feel about me then."

I saw a quick flicker of dawning in her eyes, what if I was telling the truth. She never took her eyes off me but I could see the tension in her body as she went over the last week. About how she felt about me and what would she think if I was a werewolf.

She gave a soft sigh "you said you would prove it."

I nodded and stood up, this was going to be the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. Now in the movies you see bones popping and agonizing contortions of the body, well the first time is like that and maybe a few more until you learn to control the change, then it's almost instantaneous.

Sandy's eyes widened and her hand flew to her mouth when suddenly I wasn't standing before her but a 7- 1/2 foot wolf like beast, I dropped to all fours. I could tell she wanted to run but was too scared. We can talk in this form but its not easy and hard to understand. "It's still me Sandy" I growled.

She was breathing hard her heart pounding, she later told me what she saw was a giant wolf covered in reddish fur, sharp teeth and big head, she said she was scared to death till she looked into those dark eyes. She saw kindness and love instead of the eyes of an animal staring back at her.

I didn't know this at the time, I was watching her closely, if she ran I would let her go and just keep watch till she made it to the town. She started to get up and I thought all was lost, but she sat back down and I saw the fear diminish a little in those blue eyes.

"Red is that really you" she asked?

"Its me alright" I growled, then I changed once more, naked now since the loin cloth busted when I was beast. I didn't move from where I was standing.

Now she looked like she didn't believe what she just saw. "But, how... am I seeing things" she stammered.

"Sandy I am going to change again, I won't come close to you but I will move around so you can understand that it's real." So saying I changed and dropped to all fours, turning and running a little way down the trail. When I came back I could see her eyebrows furrowed in thought. I changed back and sat down on the tree not to close to her.

She looked me over "are you not human" she asked?

"Well when in this form I am as human as you in most ways, I heal faster and can see and smell better than most humans, I am stronger than a man of my stature is normally." I informed her.

"How often do you have to be a wolf" she wanted to know?

"I don't have to be any certain time, we can change when we want" I answered. I saw the fear creep back in her face. "Do you kill people" she managed to get out softly.

"No Sandy I don't kill people, have never wanted to kill anybody just because I was in my other form, I won't lie to you and say its never been done, just like your race of human kills for different reasons we have had our rouges that kill for the pleasure of it, they are hunted down and taken care of just like a criminal of your race."

"Sandy I am over two hundred years old, I have never loved a woman before, I love you and I want you to be my wife but I will understand if this is too much for you to accept" I told her.

She sat there for a long time looking down to her lap and up at me then back down chewing on her lower lip. After about twenty minutes she looked up and said

"Change Red and then come over here."

I could hear the tremor in her voice, she was about to make a decision and what I did next would be the deciding point. I stood up and changed, dropped to all fours and very slowly walked over to her.

She was looking in my eyes the whole time. When my head was right in front of her she reached out a hand and gingerly stroked my head like you would a dog or a horse. She did this for a while, then took her other hand and scratched me under the chin, I wanted to laugh but I was afraid the sound would scare her.

She stood up and moved along my side running her hands through my fur, her hands felt so good I was afraid I would start getting hard, that would really scare her. She went all the way around me before sitting back down in front of me.

Taking my big head in both hands she whispered "Red can this really be you" and I got a little grin, my heart leaped within my chest, I had a chance.

"Yes love it's me" I tried to growl softly.

"Change back please" she asked.

I stood before her as a man.

"It's so unreal" she said. "Red, I had thought I had come to love you too, you sure shook that feeling up. I think that deep down I still do, but I don't know how to handle this yet. If you want me to go with you I will, guess we will just have to see how it will work." she finished.

Now it was my turn to ponder, if I took her home and she decided she didn't want to stay I would have to move again, now that's not a big deal but I liked where I was. I know she would meet more of my brethren and I would have to make sure she only knew their first names so they couldn't be traced.

Was she worth the risk, my heart said yes so, "we go this way to my house" I smiled holding out my hand. "But we can get there much quicker than walking."

She looked at me questioningly.

"Have you ever ridden a horse" I asked?

"Yeah, we had two for various chores around the farm, they could go in bad weather better than the tractors" Sandy replied.

"Okay how would you like to ride a wolf" I asked cheerily hoping it wouldn't scare her.

"O... Okay I think" she stammered.

I changed and knelt down on my front knees.

She hesitated then walked over and threw her leg over my back, I waited till she had moved around getting herself firmly seated right behind my front shoulders.

I stood up, her feet were not to far off the ground, and my back is about four foot high when I am on all fours. She grabbed two handfuls of fur right between my shoulders.

"Ready" I growled.

"I guess." was the weak answer I got.

I started off slowly letting her get used to the feel of being on my back. She caught on pretty quick and wrapped her legs around my sides her heels back towards my stomach. She didn't weigh much and pretty soon I was trotting down the path, I think she was beginning to enjoy it.

Before we got to the little valley my house sits in I stopped, you can't be to careful, there probably wouldn't be any humans around but I don't like to take chances. She slid off me, gave me that smile that kills me and said "that was fun Red." Then rubbing my shoulder she said "you really are a beautiful wolf."

I changed, startling her I think and took her in my arms kissing that sweet mouth.

For a second I thought I may have went to fast but then her arms came around my neck and she was answering my kiss with equal passion.

When we came up for air she asked me if it was far to my house.

"Just about a 1⁄4 mile" I replied.

She grinned and drew my head down to hers again for another quick kiss. "Good, because I am not going to wait much longer to have that hard thing in me again."

I laughed "it's called a dick, or a prick, or a cock, well many other things but any of those will do."

"How about my pleasure stick" she giggled and took my hand as we walked to my house.

There hadn't been anyone there since I had been gone. Sometimes one of the clan will stop by even if I am not home and stay overnight. I showed her around the place and when we got to the bedroom she put her arm around my waist, now that looks much more comfortable than that hard ground" she laughed.

"Is that the bathroom" she pointed to a door leading off the bedroom.

"Yep that's it" I said.

"Well I think I need somebody to scrub my back" she said as she tossed her top over her shoulder and headed for the shower. Now she didn't have to tell me twice, I didn't have anything to remove so I lifted her up by her waist so she could remove her shorts and shoes without stopping and carried her in the rest of the way.

I tickled her and she tried to tickle me, I am not ticklish in human form, that got her going and she pinched my side. I had her soaped up and running my hands all over her, she felt so good to me, I got her under the shower and rinsed her off. Then I dropped to my knees shoving her gently back against the wall and putting my hands under those magnificent round globes I drew her ass to my mouth buying my nose in that fragrant black hair and tongued her sweet pussy. She threw her head back against the wall and had both hands holding my head, the water was streaming down over her belly and my face as I ate her to a wonderful orgasm.

When I felt her contractions slow around my tongue I leaned back and smiled up at her

"I think I have you cleaned out love."

She gave me that smile "well its time to fill me up again" as she pulled me up and headed for the bedroom, neither one of us bothered to dry off. She shoved me on the bed, I fell back with my feet still on the floor. I was already half hard from eating her sweet cunt. She knelt between my legs and dipping her head she took about half my dick in then tightened her lips and begun a slow firm stroke up and down my dick using her tongue and getting a little more in each time. She didn't get it all but she had about 7 of my 8 inches. She didn't use her hand at all on my shaft those she was using to knead my balls and caress the inside of my thigh.

That hot mouth and wriggling tongue running up and down my dick had it hard as a rock and my balls were starting to tingle, she is either a fast learner or just quit at the right time because she let me slide out of her mouth, my dick springing to an upright position it was so hard.

She took her hand and moved it to the side slowly sliding her palm up and down as she looked at me with those bright blue eyes and grinned. "I love the taste of you but I need this big boy somewhere else."

She didn't have to tell me twice I reached down taking her hand and pulling her up my body, the feel of her firm breasts as they slid over my dick and up my chest sent shivers through me. She fell on me kissing me hard, her lips sliding around on mine as she pried mine apart with her tongue, didn't take much prying let me tell you.

I sucked her agile tongue in and trapped it with my teeth rolling mine all around it before chasing it back into her mouth with mine and she repeated the procedure for me.

She started to roll over but I stopped her, getting up I positioned her on all fours her knees just on the edge of the bed. Moving around behind her I kneeled down, she looked back through her legs at me, "oh wolf style huh" she laughed.

I laughed also as I dropped to my knees and ran my hands up the back of her thighs and getting a handful of firm round cheek in each hand I spread them so I could get my face right into her hair-fringed cunt, once more tasting her sweetness.

She watched me with hanging head "oh yes Red, your tongue feels wonderful" she cooed. I ate her till her honey hole was very wet, then stood up kissing each lovely globe of her ass on the way.

Holding my hard cock with one hand I guided it to its waiting home, the touch of the head to her wet entrance caused us both to tremble with excitement. When the head spread her open and sank into her hot butter softness a bolt of pure pleasure shot though my body, hers also it seems bringing a hissing "yessssss ssooooo gooood" from her.

I grabbed her hips and pushed and pulled that tight wet sleeve on and off my dick, the glistening wetness of my rod as it slid out of her exciting me even more. She could watch my balls as they moved forward coming to rest against her clit and then back. The feeling was so intense as I slid in and out it caused a tremor to run through me on every in stroke. I didn't want to speed up because it felt so good.

I leaned over and laid on her back my hands reaching under to enclose her hanging swaying breasts. Palming her nipples then pulling and rolling them brought little moans from my love. She dropped her shoulders down to the bed and reached back cupping my swaying balls as I moved in her hot slickness. This caused me to utter a lustful groan. I started moving faster raising myself back up and grabbing her hips once again my slamming thighs making her hard ass quiver with each blow, she was making little grunting sounds now every time I slammed home. She moved her hand up to rub her pulsing little nub as I fed her my cock.

"Ohhhh Red, I... I'm Cummming" she cried.

I felt her hot contractions milking my cock and I slammed into her ass holding her against me as I shot bolt after bolt of cum deep inside this exquisite rippling channel, every throb of my dick brought another "ahhhh" from her. She had a tremendous orgasm, her cunt milking me for what seemed a very long time. After that I got a satisfied "that was so wonderful" whisper from her. She was still flexing that wet pussy.

When I finally pulled out of her she was almost asleep, she looked so cute with her head and shoulders lying on the bed, her pretty ass up in the air. Those swollen lips between her thighs with the hair fringed hole slick with both our cum.

I couldn't resist, I once again knelt between her firm thighs and cleaned out all our juice with my tongue, she tastes so good. She just gave a satisfied sigh and little


I fell on the bed pulling her against me, her back to me, my arm around those delicious peaks and nuzzled into her still damp hair. She put her arms over mine and snuggled her ass back against me, a little satisfied sigh and she was asleep with me following soon after.

So begin our journey together, over the next few months we laughed and loved and grew closer. For the first week or so she never mentioned the wolf and I didn't change, I wanted her to be fully sure before I brought up the subject of changing her.

One day I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride, well she was all for that. She wanted to know were the horses were.

I just smiled and took her hand, when we were out of sight of the house I told her that her mount awaited and changed. I think it startled her for a second but she grinned and said "what a handsome steed you are" and climbed on my back. We traveled far that day, I loved the feel of her smooth legs around me and soft hands running through my fur. It made my cock poke a little bit out of the sheath. She kept up a steady stream of chatter that I would try to answer occasionally.

We stopped around noon and I changed back, we lay in a grassy meadow and I made sweet love to her filling her with my cum and thrilling to her soft moans of delight.

Soon it became commonplace for us to go riding we both enjoyed it so much, she told me the feel of my soft fur rubbing her legs felt wonderful.

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