Instant Messaging
Chapter 1: An Introductory Conversation

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Humiliation, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: An Introductory Conversation - A man struggles with his desire to be a cuckold. He shares a conversation with an online stranger. She's trying to be objective about his fantasies and definitely makes him see his very descriptive life as it could be! She's struggling to give him honest advice but she's not sure he's truly getting it. It's about to become real!

"Hi there. You don't know me, but a mutual friend of ours suggested that I IM you. Are you the guy who posted the fantasy "Enjoy the View"? I read the story and found it interesting.

"Oh, hi there. Yes I am. Who suggested that you contact me?"

"There's a guy from the Cuckold Forum that you've been chatting with. He knows me as well and he said that you needed to hear a woman's point of view regarding the cuckolding theme."

"Well, yes. I'm so mixed up and confused with emotions these days. I feel like I'm in a constant state of turmoil but arousal as well."

"Do you want to talk about it? I'm a good listener and maybe I can help with some advice."

"That would be great! I could really use a woman's perspective. I've been fantasizing about my wife cuckolding me. It's not a new idea to me, but I don't know how to go about getting it started or even if I should."

"Go on. How long have you been having your fantasies?"

"Actually, I've fantasized about being a cuckold for over twenty years now. It started when I was married to my first wife and then continued through my second marriage as well."

That's quite a while now! You say it started with your first wife. Did she cuckold you?"

"Yes. My first wife apparently had quite a few lovers. I only knew about one or two. I found out after we divorced that she had more than those. I never did find out how many. When I was married to my second wife, she too had quite a few boyfriends. Again, it was the same way in that I didn't get to know the story until after the divorce."

"Did you ever suspect either one of them?"

"Yes. Not at first though. I especially suspected my second wife quite a bit!"

"What did you do when you suspected her or both of them?"

"It's a little bit embarrassing, but I would masturbate at home or on the road thinking about them with other men. I didn't want them to know that I was suspicious."

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's a very common fantasy that men have. When you were masturbating, what turned you on the most?"

"I guess that I wanted another man to fill my wife's pussy with lots of cum or even a little bit and then I would have loved to lick her pussy afterwards. It would have been best if we both knew I was eating another man's cum."

"I get the impression it was a stronger desire with your second wife. If it is, let's talk about her for a while."

"Yes, with my second wife the fantasy got deeper. Her name was Karen."

"Did Karen go out with her friends a lot?"


"Were you always alone at home when she was out?"

"Not for the most part. Most of the time I would be traveling and in a hotel room."

"And you would masturbate while you were in your room on a trip? Did it get you hot to imagine another man with a stiff cock pounding away at her pussy?"

"Yes, extremely! It was a great turn on to imagine some stud banging her. I only wish I could have known for a fact that it was happening her! I used to even called to a couple of sex numbers and ask the women to pretend to be my slutty wife. That was extremely hot!"

"You did have it bad didn't you! What would you have done if you had caught her or known she was with a boyfriend?"

"Actually, I wouldn't have done anything. It would have helped to know for sure that she was fucking someone else. All I wanted to know that she was indeed getting laid! I wouldn't have wanted them to stop so I wouldn't have even brought it up! Just knowing they were getting together regularly would have been a tremendous turn on!"

"So I take it that you wanted Karen to get laid a lot. Would you have wanted to watch the whole thing?"

"Actually, I would have loved to have seen her get dressed for a date with her boyfriend. And then I would have enjoyed clandestinely watching the two of them carrying on while they were on their date. A tremendous turn-on would have been if I could have heard them together!"

"I take it that the foreplay was important as well. Did you want to hear your wife telling her lover what a dunce you were for not knowing? Why is that?"

"I tremble a little when I think about it, but something that goes through my head is that our friends would know she was cheating on me. The foreplay, if you could even call it that, to me would have been seeing them together in public just carrying on as lovers, especially in an environment where many knew that she was married to me."

"Do you tremble because you wanted your friends to know she was fucking another guy?"

"Yes! I'm pretty sure most our friends knew. But yes, I did want them to know. I know for a fact that her girlfriends knew about it. I'm told she would joke about how she had kept me from knowing the whole time!"

"How long do you think Karen was seeing other men?"

"Actually, I think she was seeing other men pretty soon after we hooked up. Something like four or five years. She eventually left me for her last boyfriend."

"Looking back on it now, could you have stopped it or maybe a better question for you is, would you have wanted to stop it?"

"I guess if you're asking me what I fantasized about then, I would have wanted her to start fucking other guys almost right away!"

"Then it would have been all right with you if she had some stud fucking her right after you got together? What would you have wanted out of the deal?"

"Well, like I said earlier, all I would have wanted was to know for a fact that she actually was fucking other men. As for what I got out of it is very different from what I wanted from it!"

"Go on. What did you really want?"

"I wanted to get the chance to eat her pussy with cum still inside!"

"You seem pretty sure about that. Did you ever get to eat her pussy when you thought she'd been with another man?"

"Like I said, I rarely knew or suspected that she was going to bed with others. I think I got the opportunity a couple of times to go down on her pussy after she'd been with someone else. The difficulty is, I'll never really know! Now I think that's what I want to have happened and to happen again."

"What makes you think you did?"

"It was extremely exciting! One time when Karen and I were separated for a few weeks, we agreed to get back together over the phone. The night that we were to get back together, she went out drinking with her friends. She got to our house at about four in the morning and she was pretty well loaded. She said that she had been dancing all evening and didn't even notice it was that late. She climbed in the bed and I was extremely horny! Karen said that because it had been so long, I could have sex with her any way I wanted to. Whenever she said that, I knew that I could go down on her pretty easily. She tried to resist letting me do that right off but she didn't resist too much. Needless to say I got right to licking away at her pussy."

"Did she resist letting you go down on her all the time like that?"

"Yes, Karen rarely let me get right to licking her pussy. Strangely to me, that wasn't the kind of foreplay she wanted me to get to. She would always make me get my dick inside her vagina for a couple of minutes before she'd let me crawl between her legs with my hungry tongue."

"So was there something special about that time?"

"Karen seemed to be extremely wet. When I realized how wet she was, I imagined that she had just had sex with another guy. That thought was never far from my mind with any woman! I devoured her pussy for some 45 minutes to an hour! I almost came in the sheets imagining that I was eating another man's cum out of her!"

"Did you bring it up about her being so excited and wet?"

"Not at all when I was eating and licking, but later after we had finished I asked her if she had been with someone else. She had gotten home late and we had been separated so I thought it was a valid question. There wasn't even any hostility in my tone of questioning. She didn't say yes or no; she just commented that since I had just eaten her, if I couldn't tell, she wasn't going to tell me!"

"How did that make you feel?"

"I was incredibly turned on. My heart said that she hadn't been with another, but my dick wanted her to have been! I think after a while my brain accepted what my dick had suspected."

"So you truly wanted her to have been with another guy?"

"Yes! Even though I wasn't absolutely sure, she tasted so good just then, that I wanted to encourage her to have more sex with other men!"

"So I take it that's what you're struggling with in your current marriage?"

"Yes! I don't really want her to have other lovers! Not lovers where she falls head over heels in love, but head over heels in lust with some guy! I can't bring myself to say it or even express my feelings out loud to her. My heart says it's not right, but my dick wants her to have others!"

"And then you could go down on her and eat the cum out of her worn out pussy? What's your current wife's name?"

"I can't tell you how excited I am about wanting to go down on Kristina. That's her name. I know it's ridiculous, but I want her to be with other men! Maybe only once but maybe all the time! I just want her to come home to me afterwards, the man she still loves emotionally!"

"Have you mentioned this to her?"

"No, I'm scared that she would leave me! It's just my penis gets hard every time I imagine another man with his cock buried to the hilt in her pussy! I find myself fantasizing about it nearly all the time! I want her to have lovers that fill her with their cum!"

"How's she supposed to know if you don't at least bring it up?"

"I don't know. This being my third marriage, I don't want to screw it up!"

"Can't you give her any hints? Maybe you could get her to explore the web with you. Visit a few sites with her that are oriented to sex the way you think you'd like it to be. You're not the only guy in the world with this distorted view of things. Sorry, should have been a little more delicate there. There are lots of websites devoted to your particular fetish!"

"I'm just scared that she'll think I'm a pervert! It's just that I can't get the feeling of wanting her to have sex with another man out of my head! My penis gets so hard when I imagine a cock driving inside of her and spitting it's cum all up inside of her!"

"Do I take it from that, you're back to masturbating about it."

"Yes! I masturbate all the time now. Sometimes two or three times in a day!"

"That must make you a little worn out when it comes to having interactive sex with your wife later."

"It makes it very difficult. In fact, we haven't had intercourse in almost a year!"

"A year! That's a long time for either of you to go without it! Why has it been so long?"

"I don't know for sure. Part of it is because I can't seem to keep an erection unless I'm thinking about her and another guy... any guy! When I do get an erection, it only lasts for a couple of minutes, tops! My mind is spinning in turmoil telling me I shouldn't be thinking of things like that while I'm with the woman I love and I just wilt. But if I do keep thinking about it while we're having sex, I cum within just a moment of being inside her! Then I can't get hard to try again. It's a lose-lose situation for both of us, but especially for her!"

"Do you go down on her in the meantime?"

"I did for a while, but I had to keep apologizing for not getting hard enough for long enough to have intercourse with her. I couldn't just blurt out what was bothering me! It's as if these thoughts have taken over my mind when I'm with her, even when I'm not, and I have no way to block them out!"

"Does that mean you don't even go down on her now?"

"Yeah. I mean, no I don't go down on her now. I avoid sex with her all together now. I know it's pathetic, but I don't know how I can make it better."

"So in the meantime you masturbate with your little penis dreaming of your wife in the arms of another man? You're getting your rocks off but you're not even trying to help her?"

"Uh huh."

"That really seems to be a dilemma! And just so you know what I think about it and you did ask for my opinion. I'm not going to mince words here. That is pathetic! You're pathetic for not trying! Now, what do you want me to help you with?"

"I'd like to be able to make love to my wife properly and not always be imagining her getting fucked by someone else."

"I hate to ask it this way, but are you sure your wife is not already having an affair? Almost any woman would be pushed into one given what you've made her endure."

"I don't think so, but she does have a lot of opportunity."

"It sounds like you've purposely been giving her opportunity, but we won't go there just yet. Now for the million-dollar question: Would you be upset if she was having sex with other men? (I'll bet I know this answer!)"

"I know I couldn't blame her if she was. And if I can't make her happy sexually, then I guess I would want her having sex with other men. The biggest fear I have is that she'll leave me!"

"(I won that one!) That is a real possibility! It seems you're too embarrassed to tell your wife how you feel! You know, she's probably worried about losing you as well! She probably thinks you don't want her or that you're not attracted to her for some reason! She probably even thinks you're the one who's having an affair! She needs you to touch her like you care and need her!"

"I couldn't have an affair! It's just not in my nature! I don't want another woman either!"

"Okay. I just had to see if that's what this is all about. Some men need to be able to justify to themselves an excuse for having an affair of their own. You know the old cliché; 'she did it so it's only fair'. Never mind you haven't wanted to try anymore and you have been pushing her to other men!"

"Really, I have no intention of wanting another woman! And I don't know anything else to do, or even how to go about fixing it! That IS why I've been wanting to talk to someone."

"I didn't say that you want another woman, it's just that I had to ask."

"Okay. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get carried away."

"There's a lot of things we have to run through here so let's let your problem simmer for the moment. You've put it on the back burner for a year so another day is not going to make that much of a difference right now. But we will get back to it! Promise me you'll read everything I type here for you today! Will you read all of what I'm going to give to you today?

"Sure. Okay."

"Good that's all I can ask of you for now. We both know why you're here right now though. You're horny and your fantasy is eating you up inside! You want to explore this little fantasy of yours, don't you?

"Yeah. Of course I do."

"So let me ask you a simpler question. Are you playing with your dick right now?"

"Uh huh."

"I could have guessed as much! Your mind is filled with lust and we couldn't get you to think straight if we tried right now. The only thing you can get straight right is the stiff little dick in you hand, so we're going to play for while. Is that what you want to do?"


"Would it get you even more excited thinking that your wife might be having sex with another man right NOW?"


"I could have guessed that answer but I thought better to ask. If you could be a fly on the wall where your wife is right this very moment, what would you hope to see?"

"I'd like to see her in a bed totally nude below a man with a stiff, hard cock sawing it in and out of her."

"Yep, there they are all right. I see them too! Let's paint that picture in our minds together! They've been going at it for about thirty minutes or so. You're not that interested in what he looks like. For you, any guy will do for this portrait, huh? Don't worry; you don't have to answer that. Kristina's already has been sucking on that cock of his earlier to his delight. She let him fuck her from behind for a while too and then sat on that stiff hard rod of his, letting his searing flesh penetrate her horny pussy. We got here late so we've missed them tearing their clothes off each other as they stumbled into the room. Next time we'll have to start earlier so we can catch every delicious moment of their encounter, but for us it doesn't matter right now. We could fill in those blanks without much effort if we tried, but there's really no need for our canvas. His cock has been swollen and hungry for her since they met! They're both desperate for one another! It's been really hot between them for a while already! Each one of them is trying to impress the other with their sexual skills! Their bodies are covered with a faint sheen of pleasure. The room would smell sweet with the perfume of their desire for one another. That rock-solid cock of his is showing her that THIS man really desires being with her! She's doing everything and anything with him to show him that she indeed is a desirable woman! She'll try any position he suggests and if he can't come up with one she'll suggest a few. She needs to have a man, THIS man, to desire her! Now they're both ready to come! Their bodies have been simmering with their need to quench the fires of their loins. They both need to cum but they won't come too quickly. They still have some things to learn about the other. It's too bad you couldn't be like this real man for your wife! Do you think your wife is liking this?"

"Oh yeah! She keeps asking her lover to push it in deeper and faster!"

"Don't worry about those two sweetie! They both know how to fuck! They've already had a lot of practice together! His cock is in deeper than you've ever dreamed of going! Even if he wasn't, this man WANTS her! She WANTS him! Right now, she NEEDS him! What else do you think she's telling him? What do you want to hear them talking about?"

"She's probably pulling at him and pleading with him to get his cock deeper inside! She's calling out his name and telling him to fuck her harder!"

"That's pretty obvious from what I can see! She's got her fingers dug into his back and pulling at him to get him closer! She's already left a few pleading scratches in his flesh. I don't think he could get into her much farther in that position and they both look like they're enjoying the hell out of this fuck right now! She's even craned her neck towards him to nibble on his earlobe. Now she's showering him with little kisses as her tongue plays with the rigid flesh of his neck! She tastes the sheen of his vigorous workout and he fills her nostrils with his manly scent. What else would you want her to tell him?"

"I want to hear her tell him that he's a better fuck than I could ever be!"

"That excites you, doesn't it? Don't worry, she's not even thinking about you right now! You're the furthest thing from her mind right now! You can't give her this kind of fucking, can you? No, you don't even want to! You want him to be the better man than you, don't you? He's got you beat by a mile right now, that's for sure! But she doesn't need to tell him anything about you right now! No sense spoiling a good thing! His cock WANTS that pussy that you've abandoned! She's whispering and cooing in his ear as his cock continues to pile drive endlessly into the molten slick channel of her vagina! Her passion for this man's cock is spurring her body to twist and writhe beneath him! What else is she begging him for?"

"Oh yeah! I know she needs a man with a hard cock! She loves the feel of him pounding away! I can see her back being pushed into the bed every time he plunges in!"

"His big, hard, rigid cock has been making her feel really good so far! I'll bet she's been getting laid a lot by this guy! Look at the way they're clutching each other! They move like they've been together quite a few times, but that's what you want, isn't it! You made her find a real man! What else does she want from a REAL man? A married woman who's dating other men only needs one thing! S-E-X! Right now that's ALL that's on her mind! Right now that's all she wants from this man! That may change if they keep seeing each other, but she's not focused on that! Neither are you sweetie! Nothing else outside this room is troubling their minds! At this moment, with this man, Kristina's getting that raw, hot passionate sex her body yearns for!"

"She's begging him to cum inside her with her words and the way she's hugging and grasping him! She knows that's what this will culminate in and she wants that cum in her just as much he does! Her body is more than receptive to that hard shaft of pleasure he's spearing her with! She needs him to use her for his pleasure! Her joy right at this moment is in feeling so wanted by this hunk of a man! She's saying that she loves having his cock inside her!"

"She DOES need him! Can you blame her? You haven't fucked her in a year! No matter how many times you plead 'I'm sorry', you can't fix that! You didn't even try! You pushed Kristina into the arms of other men! Your wife Kristina wants his cum to get deep inside her! She doesn't have to beg too hard for this man to fuck her, do you think? She probably wouldn't be doing this if she had a real man at home, but she doesn't! An 'I'm sorry' right now would probably be way too late! She knows her husband just decided to take his own problems in his hand without thinking about her! Kristina needs to be with a REAL man! An 'I'm sorry' tonight, tomorrow or the day after probably won't stop her from coming back to this man for more! Right now she's focused on the one thing she wants more than any thing; she loves the feel of THIS cock in her pussy right now! That's the ONLY thing she wants or even needs right now! And this man is giving her what she needs so desperately! But he's just as desperate as she is right now! That cock is boiling with his cum that wants to ride that long wave of life down that engorged shaft to a snug, warm and willing receptacle! The last thing they're worried about is whether this is right, wrong or whether anyone approves or not! He's showing his affection for her in a magnetic, animalistic hunger and that's what she wants! Is this getting your little penis all worked up there, sweetie? This is that picture you've got bottled up in your head, isn't it?"

"Oh Yes!"

"Who's the better man? We know he's probably been fucking her for a while, but you're ready to cum in your hand already, aren't you sweetie? But you'll stay and watch even if you do cum, won't you?"

"Oh yeah!"

"That's exactly what I want you to do sweetie! Even if you've dribbled your cum in your hand, I want you to watch your wife with this REAL man! This is what you've been fretting about in your head. You need to pay close attention and watch them. Keep playing with your stiff little penis while you're getting you voyeuristic jollies from watching your wife with a real man! You think about THIS every time you masturbate anyway! Now I'm going to help you see the images you're little mind has been conjuring all along. You want to watch them fuck like that! Even if you didn't want it, it's too late for you now! You've pushed Kristina to this by avoiding her and denying her of your caressing and loving touch! They're grunting and beginning to sweat as they buck together in their little symphony of physical pleasure! What they're doing this moment has nothing to do with love! It's pure, raw, physical sex! She's had all this pent up frustration and anger in her body and this is the perfect way to release it! What are you thinking about right now, little boy?"

"I want her lover to cum inside her! I want her to scream that he's so good!"

"That'll come in time sweetie. He's a real man isn't he? Don't worry sweetie, he's REAL good at this! He won't be cumming as quick as you would! Look at how hard and strong his cock is! Look at how the veins in his cock are swollen. His cock is so fiery red and engorged with lust! It almost looks angry the way it thrusts into her. Your wife is milking his cock with her slick, velvety, glove-like cunt! Her vagina is grasping that cock desperately every time he drives it in her! She hates yielding to him pulling it back slightly but she knows it will be going right back in their to test the depths of her vagina. Even if he was too big for her pussy earlier, his cock has a perfect fit in her right now! It sure doesn't look like it's hurting her; that pussy has gladly and willingly stretched to accept his manhood! His cock is glistening from their fuck juices. Can you hear the squishing sounds her cunt makes when he rams his cock in deep? I'll bet every part of Kristina has the taste of him on or in her. She could probably pick him out blindfolded from a group of men now that she knows his scent and taste! Her mouth was stretched earlier to accept him and she could still taste his slightly salty but deliciously divine cock juices. She had rolled his pre-cum around in her mouth earlier. She has savored its texture and flavor, relishing the desire her tongue longs to taste in his cum! She'll run her tongue along his cock later and taste their combined flavor and after he's spent himself in her. They've got an intense rhythm going as his cock knifes into her buttery channel! He's driving in as deep as he can go but he's saving his strength with those long, steady, oh-so-wonderful strokes! Kristina loves it! She craves that feeling! Look at how her mouth is just barely open. You can hear her pleasure barely escaping her lips each time he sinks his cock in deep forcing the air in her chest past them! When he reaches bottom she grasps her bottom lip with her upper teeth slightly bites it. Look at how her eyes are closed so lightly. Every so often they flash open and you're be able to catch a glimpse of her eyes glazed over with the lust and passion that's smoldering from her body. She's not squeezing them shut; she's just writhing with the sweet pleasure this REAL man is giving her! Unnhhh! Slowly he withdraws for another wonderful stab! Umphhhh. He pulls back again and let's her feel the length and the breadth of his mighty sword! Ohhhhh! That cock just sliced down and forced another breath to exhale through her lips! See how her full breasts sway gently with the rhythm of the stabbing of his cock. Those nipples have been as hard as erasers with excitement since they tore their clothes off and fell into the bed. You can hear Kristina moan with pleasure each time he uses one hand to firmly knead those firm pillows of flesh as his cock glides into her depths. When he bends his head down to grasp one of Kristina's tits in his mouth and then gently tweaks her nipple with his teeth, Kristina's pussy spasms in delight. Her delicate hands grasp his hair to pull him closer. Each time his tongue traces her earlobe his torso is pressed flat against hers and those stiff nipples burn and scrape softly into his chest. All the time his cock is insistently stabbing into her womanhood! Kristina's in her own little world right now, where the only thing that matters is that cock and how Goddamn good it feels! His cock keeps driving; sometimes harder and faster and then slow and languid, unhurried as if to make this time together never end! She doesn't want this feeling ever to end! She can barely move her pelvis up so he can get deeper still! That COCK is her heaven right now! Her world is transfixed in this beautiful coupling of their loins! Her pussy is his! He's won the right to call it his! His hot poker can skewer her passionate embers any time he wants! You can just look at the lust they're sharing and know this will happen again! It has to! There's too much erotic electricity between them to be a one-time event. He's really enjoying that sweet, tender cunt right now! Her pussy is so Goddamn tight! He doesn't give a fuck that she's married and right now and neither does she! That's the last thing either of them will think about! Her pussy wants his virile, man-cock right now and he's all too happy to give it to her! If her husband can't take care of her, he'll give it to her again and again and again and again an again! Goddamn her cunt is sweet and tight! I'll fuck you! You want this cock? I'll give it to you! Oh my God, are you gonna get my cum! She's egging him on too! Oh yesssss! He's bottomed out yet again! Ummmhhhh! She never wants to feel that emptiness from his withdrawal! Unnhhhh! So fucking sweet when she's fully penetrated by his manhood like that! That feels so gooooood! Don't stop! Don't ever stop! She wishes she could stay full like this always! You wish you could do that, don't you sweetie?"

"Uh huh."

"Not really! You don't want to be a man for your wife at all! You want someone else to be the man with her, don't you? You don't want to be him! You want him to make her feel like that! You don't mind if he takes your place! He's your surrogate doing what a husband should be doing or at least trying to do with your wife! Her husband shouldn't be just imagining the pleasure another man is giving his wife while he jacks-off in his hand! You want that cock that's slicing at Kristina's pussy as hard and as often as he can get it! You WANT your wife sneaking out to get that man's cock inside her! So what if she runs out in the middle of the night for his cock, she deserves it you think! She doesn't deserve that cock sweetie! She NEEDS it! And it's going to get to the point that there's no sense telling you where she's at or where she's been or who she's been with. She'll drop anything at a moment's notice to feel the pleasure of the cock of a man who WANTS her! You KNOW it! She KNOWS, and she knows YOU KNOW IT too! So fucking what! She NEEDS to feel that cock, ANY cock that'll make her feel this good, has to be right! All he has to do is make her feel wanted! And right now he wants her bad! But you just sit or lie there pulling on your rigid, little useless penis, trying to capture that tingle or spark of passion they've created, in the cum that dribbles between your fingers. Even if you have the strongest cum of your life because of this fantasy that makes you breathless, it won't match the fire that's there between two people!"

"Oh yeah! I want him to be the man with his hard penis!"

"Oh no, baby. He doesn't have a penis! He's a REAL man and he has a REAL COCK! You have a penis! Your little penis can't make her feel like that, can it? You won't let that happen any more. Your penis may not even be that little, but that's the portrait of the cuckold that you've chosen to define you! It's little all right, but not because of your size! You want the world to know you as that image! You don't want YOUR penis to make Kristina feel like that! You think she wants a REAL man with a REAL cock in her! A cock that pounds away and spits its cum deep inside your wife! You've given up trying to be a man for your wife! You want that surrogate husband to take your place in bed! That's what you want! That's what you want her to want! And right now she does WANT HIS cock! Not yours, and not his because YOU want it to be so! She wants his cock because SHE NEEDS to feel desired! THIS MAN, WITH THIS COCK is willing to TRY to satisfy her hunger and lust! Even if he can't, he'll at least try! She's never said you're terrible in bed or your penis is too small to satisfy her. This man she's with right now is not really that perfect. You didn't see them fumbling and all awkward earlier. They got through that though! Kristina didn't think less of him then nor does she need a perfect man! You've conjured this fantasy in your mind to fit your definition of your self! That's what being a cuckold is for you! You don't get a say anymore! It's not about what you want anymore! You don't matter anymore! A REAL MAN can fuck and pleasure your wife like you can only dream of now! She first gets her pleasure from the desire he has for her! But now she's found a stallion that can thrill her to further highs between her splayed thighs! And all you can picture right now is this perfect fantasy and lust you've created for Kristina and her lover or lovers! You've focused on dreaming up this image of a man's cum that's going to be blasting and lining the walls of Kristina's oh-so-horny, snug-and-slick and now oh-so-willing-to-open-up-for-another man's cock pussy! Millions of little sperm will be swimming in her cunt that will try desperately to find her egg! You've imagined it's like nectar for you. You can't wait to get the chance to crawl between her legs and cup her pussy with your mouth! You want to lick a REAL man's cum from her vagina! A REAL MAN that has a REAL COCK while you've just got this horny, pathetic, little, wouldn't-know-what-to-do-if-it-could-stay-hard penis! That's all right there sweetie because you've helped your beloved Kristina find a REAL cock and he's going to use it in her as much as she'll ever want!"

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