A Family That Loves Together...
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Son, MaleDom, Light Bond, First, Slow,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Outwardly, Justin appears to be a normal sixteen year old student but, inside, he quietly harbours desires to be a Dominant Master... and then he discovers that his own mother is secretly a submissive slut...

Justin used his left hand to slowly roll the mouse across his cluttered desk as he intently studied the computer monitor, his eyes fixed to the screen and the images displayed there. As a bright, sixteen year old student, he was often to be found at the desk in his bedroom, the door shut against intrusion by his parents or, even worse, one of his three sisters as he struggled with his assignments from collage. Yet now the mouse moved jerkily, causing the cursor to slide wildly across the screen, hardly in the smooth and controlled manner of a skilled computer operator that Justin was. Of course, the fact that he was right-handed might have had something to do with this which only posed the question of why he was operating the mouse with his left in the first place. The answer was, of course, blindingly simple in that the lad's right hand was already busy stroking his erect cock which currently protruded from under his T-shirt in a proud and haughty manner. It didn't, of course, now take a genius to figure out that Justin was not, in fact, doing his homework at all as a quick glance at the address bar on the screen would have indicated - www.CitizenCane.org - Free Fetish and BDSM Galleries. Closely studying the expression of pain and distress upon the face of a naked young woman who was tightly bound over a vaulting horse while an older man stood behind her forcing a large cucumber up her back passage, Justin slide his hand up and down his rampant hard-on as he fantasised that it was he who was tormenting the bound slut and not the man shown on the screen. The lad had found, several years earlier, that the wanking material which was commonly passed around the boy's toilets at school had done little for him and a chance find of a magazine dedicated to BDSM had shown him the area where his interests lay. From that point on, Justin had actively sought out material of this nature and had regularly masturbated over it. Partly because of this and partly because of his innate shyness when confronted with a real, live girl, the boy remained one of the few virgins in his class - at least according to the bragging of his peers, though Justin did doubt many of their claims. So his usually twice daily hand massage had become his one form of sexual release and gratification...

Across the corridor from Justin's room, the boy's middle aged mother struggled to force some freshly ironed clothes into the drawer of her eldest daughter, Kayla, who at seventeen, was a year older than her sibling, Justin. Stuck in the house all day with only her four children for company most of the time, Lori envied Kayla the freedom that her job waiting on tables at a coffee shop in the city gave her. And yet, as Lori sorted out her daughter's clothes, she couldn't help but wonder just how her child could afford such a large collection of garments with fancy labels in them on what must have been a low wage. Maybe Kayla did well with the tips, Lori pondered for, after all, her daughter was a good looking girl with a pleasant and vibrant personality...

Squatting down on her haunches in the cluttered and dingy alleyway, her micro mini skirt riding up her smooth thighs, Kayla swallowed the man's cum before she let his cock slip totally out of her mouth. Standing, she smoothed her bright lime green leather skirt down into place before she wiped the back of her hand across her mouth. "Thirty quid, mister," she stated matter-of-factly. Zipping himself up, the balding man pulled three crumpled ten pound notes out of his trouser pocket before handing them across to the overly made-up girl, his face unsmiling, his eyes sullen. "Bye," Kayla called to the man's departing back as she shoved two of the notes into her handbag. A few more tricks like that, she thought to herself, and she'd have enough to get those nice jeans she'd seen in H&M on the high street this morning. Heading out the alley, back to the main road and her spot there amongst the other working girls, she slipped the third note to the large, muscular black man standing nearby who's suspicious eyes seemed to follow her everywhere before she took up position on the kerb, her gaze seeking out her next potential trick...

Clicking his left mouse button again, Justin languidly stroked himself as he waited for the next picture to form on the screen. Cursing the slow speed of his dial-up connection, his eyes swung towards the door to check that he'd shot home the bolt since he could hear his mother walking down the corridor. To his horror, Justin spotted that the bolt was not in place at all! Releasing his grip on both the mouse and his penis, Justin swiftly stood and moved towards the door - but far too late as he saw the door knob start to turn...

Pushing her son's bedroom door open, Lori wandered in, some of Justin's smalls held in her hand before she suddenly pulled up to a halt, the underwear slipping from her uncaring hands as she drank in the sight of her sixteen year old boy moving towards her, naked from the waist down, his bloated manhood pointing up at her face.

"Mother!" Justin cried aloud. "What are you doing coming into my room without knocking?"

"Justin!" Lori cried aloud. "What are you doing?"

For a moment the pair stared at each other but then both sets of eyes slid over to the monitor on which the next piece of erotica had now formed - a picture of a naked middle-aged woman bound spread-eagled over a highly polished dining room table while a man of similar age and dressed in black leather forced a huge vibrator deep into her pussy. Justin's eyes widened as he looked from the screen and back at Lori then back to the screen again. "Mother?" he gasped, "What... what are you and dad doing?"

"Oh, god," muttered Lori as she struggled to recover from the double shock she'd just received, her eyes darting between the monitor and her son's still proud manhood which, in terms of both length and thickness, put her husband's cock to shame.

"Well, mother - I'm waiting for an answer!" snapped Justin in a strict and masterful tone such as he'd imagined that the older Dom he'd been pretending to be in certain internet chat rooms he'd joined over the past months would use when questioning an obedient and well trained submissive.

Addressed in such a manner and attitude, Lori found herself replying immediately and to type. "Your father, my Master, is punishing me for burning his dinner one evening. He then threatened to put the photographs up onto the internet. I... I never believed that he'd actually go ahead and do it..."

Excited beyond belief now at his discovery, Justin walked around his mother and closed the door to his bedroom, this time making sure that the bolt was securely locked into place and thus ensuring that his two smallest sisters, Lauren and Brittany, who were in the house didn't burst in on him. "So, my father is a Dominant?" the lad questioned.

Lori nodded and licked her lips, her gaze now riveted on the boy's penis as he stood before her, only his T-shirt preventing him from being naked in her presence for the first time in years. Often had she fantasised about having sex with her fit and virile son but never had she imagined that the opportunity might arise. But now that it had, Lori wasn't sure that she wanted the situation to progress further. Somehow the possibility of the reality turned her stomach over and was not like the fantasy at all...

"Which makes you a subbie, does it mum?" Justin pressed.

"Yes," Lori agreed before protesting, "but you shouldn't talk to me like that - I am your mother after all!"

"Looking at your obvious interest in my cock, you're currently more of a slut than a mother!" the boy retaliated angrily.

Lori's right hand swung round, her open palm aimed at her son's face but Justin was much too fast for her and his hand closed in an iron grip about her wrist. Bigger, taller, stronger and heavier than the woman who squirmed before him, Justin squeezed and pressed down, slowly forcing Lori to her knees. "Let me go!" she howled helplessly.

Justin chuckled, enjoying this moment of power, the first time in his life that a female had been his thus to command. "Look at me, mother, and tell me that your knickers aren't getting damp..."

Defiantly, Lori looked into her boy's eyes meaning to deny his accusation but she found herself overwhelmed by the unexpected strength she discovered reflecting back at her and her stare slide away to the floor, her words of protest unspoken and forgotten.

"I thought not," crowed Justin. "And does anyone else know about your and dad's little relationship?"

"Only the other members of the club," she replied from her kneeling position on the carpeted floor.

"Club?" questioned the astounded Justin. "What club?"

"The club where the photograph was taken. Where local people like us gather. Where the dungeon is."

"Interesting," the lad muttered thoughtfully as he released his grip on his mother's wrist. "Stay down there," he warned her in his best commanding tones. Turning his back towards the woman, Justin returned to his desk before studying the picture on the monitor again for a good few moments. Then, peeling off his shirt, Justin faced his mother again, his penis waving before him, thick globules of pre-cum dribbling from the exposed glands as he watched his mother's eyes widen as she took in his hairless but well muscled chest. "Like what you see?" he taunted and his mother replied with a nod. "Good," he smiled as he approached her, taking hold of her blouse in both hands and ripping it open, torn off buttons flying away into the distance. Before him, Lori flinched and the trembled at this treatment which, she admitted too herself, was making her excited and sexually aroused.

Pulling what was left of the blouse off down his mother's arms from behind her, Justin then unclipped her bra before sliding that to the floor as well. "Don't!" he snapped as his mother started to lift her hands up in an attempt to cover her modesty. Slowly the hands drifted away to the floor and Justin smiled knowing that he was now winning the battle of wills here. Circling the kneeling woman, he looked down at her breasts - and tried to cover his disappointment for, unlike the female sluts on the sites he studied so rigorously, Lori's tits were not melon-sized and they sagged badly.

Seeing the ill-disguised expression on her son's face, Lori opened her mouth. "What did you expect? I'm almost forty and I've breast-fed four children. You thought I'd look like those bitches you fantasise over? The ones half my age and with much of silicon valley stuffed into them? Welcome to the real world, sweetie!"

Stung by his mother's words, Justin tried to cover for his error by telling her to remove her jeans. "If you want," Lori replied.

"Just like that?" questioned Justin. "No protesting? No threatening to run off and tell dad?"

Shrugging as she tugged down her fly, Lori tried to explain. "What would be the point? Now our secret's out, you father will simply consider you to be a chip off the old block. If I complain to him, he'll simply instruct me to behave towards you as I have to towards him..."

"Hmmmm..." mused the lad as he took in the sight of his mother's now almost naked body, her modesty covered only by a thin pair of black knickers, the front of which clearly showed a damp patch where her juices were leaking out of her pussy. "Excited, mother? Why?"

Gathering her thoughts, Lori tried to explain. "You're young and virile and... and being in this situation with my own son is... stimulating..."


"Very much so..."

Justin's smile broadened. "Get 'em off then!"

Just for a second, Lori hesitated but then, slowly at first, she slide her panties down her thighs before slipping them over her ankles and stepping out of them. Now it was Justin's turn to lick his lips as her stared had his mother's shaven pussy. "Now," he muttered, "what should I do with you... ?"

Hearing her son's words, Lori's blood ran cold. She didn't want this situation to go any further, she didn't want to be her own child's plaything. Simple vanilla style sex with him she might have considered and that might, indeed, have been pleasant, but something told Lori that Justin wasn't thinking in those terms. The nasty glint in his eyes, a sadistic smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth made her think that he was having other thoughts, other ideas what she did not really want to go along with...

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