Newlyweds Mixing It Up
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ed and Barry are each married to a very sexy wife. Barry's wife, Sally, is a pretty brunette and Ed's, Wendy, is a gorgeous blonde. They decide one night to swap mates and see what happens.

Barry and Sally were only married about six months earlier and they were really enjoying their new status as husband and wife. They enjoyed being with each other, and enjoying all the pleasures of being married. One of the pleasures they enjoyed the most was fucking their brains out daily, sometimes morning, noon and night. The interesting part about their lives was that Barry was a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and he was going through flying training in a city in California. He was really enjoying himself and he and Sally were enjoying all the new friends they were making among the other Air Force couples they'd meet. Sally was a very sexy brunette with a nice figure and Barry had fallen in love with her the first time he saw her. He and Sally had been intimate lovers from nearly the first months of their dating and marriage had certainly done nothing to dampen their amorous desire for each other.

One of their new friends was Ed and Wendy. They were also married, Ed was also a lieutenant and he was also going through flying training. Wendy was a very tall, statuesque young blonde and she was well proportioned and very sexy as well. She and Ed also loved to have sex with each other, but Ed and Wendy were a bit more sexually adventurous than their new friends, Barry and Sally. And, Ed and Wendy were interested in doing some sexual experimentation as soon as they could arrange it.

One Friday night, Ed and Barry had to attend a dining-in at the officers' club at the base so Sally and Wendy got together for the evening to keep each other company. Little did the guys know but when it was time for the "smoking lamp" to be lit, a very sexy dark-haired stripper from a local strip club had been hired to light the lamp. She came into the gathering in nothing but a very sexy see-through negligee with her long mane of hair hanging down to her ass and proceeded to let all the guys there see how hot she was as she initiated the part of the evening's events when smoking could take place. Both Ed and Barry got hardons as they sat there watching the beautiful young woman dancing around in a very seductive manner. Ed especially noticed how sexy the stripper's nice shapely breasts jiggled underneath the see-through material of her negligee and he could feel his cock growing even harder in his pants. Since she was totally naked underneath the negligee, they didn't allow her to perform an actual strip and expose her nude body but her little routine got the desired results among the men present. Ed knew precisely what he and Wendy would be doing when he got home that night. He would pick up Wendy over at Barry and Sally's place and take her home to throw her naked on the bed or the living room couch and fuck her hot sexy brains out.

On their way back home that night, Ed mentioned to Barry how sexy the exotic dancer had been who'd come strolling through the officer's club dining room, and how he'd love to see her perform sometime. Their conversation drifted onto various strip clubs where each of them had gone, and Ed decided to broach a subject with Barry that he and Wendy had considered.

"Hey, Barry, how would you like to swap wives when we get back to your place tonight? You know, you could take Wendy to a bedroom and I could take your wife, Sally, to another bedroom and we could find out what it's really like to fuck each other's wives. You game?"

Barry found his cock growing hard in response to Ed's question as he asked, "Oh, swap wives, Ed? How do you propose to pull that off?"

"Well, I can assure you that Wendy will take the necessary hints and she would readily respond to any advances from you leading to you guys hopping in bed together. It's me that might have the challenge, Barry, based on how open you think Sally might be to making a swap," Ed said. "You think she'd even consider such a proposition or am I pissing into the wind?"

"Ed, I'll be honest. Sally and I haven't fucked anyone but each other since we started dating and then got married. So, if you think you've got what it takes to seduce Sally, then have at it and if you think Wendy would let me fuck her, I'm all for the swap."

"Let's give it a shot then, Barry, if you're interested in fucking my wife. I've been lusting after your bride for some time, and I happen to know that my bride, Wendy, thinks you're pretty hot. So all I've got to do is convince your Sally to drop her panties for me," Ed said as they pulled into the driveway.

Inside the house, Sally and Wendy were busy looking through some catalogs and things that they'd found to do while Ed and Barry had been on base at the dining-in. They both looked very sexy when the guys walked in even though they'd both just been dressed casually for the evening. Sally had on a sexy sleeveless top and a pair of shorts while Wendy was wearing a rather tight pair of jeans and a button-up blouse that did nothing to conceal the nice roundedness of her C-cup titties or the bra she had holding them underneath it.

"Hey, girls," Ed said as he walked over and embraced Wendy, taking a moment to whisper something in her ear as though he were saying sweet nothings to her. She looked him in the eye and smiled, privately sending him just the message he'd been hoping for.

Barry knew what the plans were and Ed had just informed Wendy that he was going to try to seduce Sally and Barry was all hers to do what she pleased with. He and Wendy knew each other's thoughts and desires. Wendy didn't waste any time getting serious about this swapping fantasy that she and Ed had been relishing for some time. She stood up, made sure Ed was watching her and then she started walking off down the hallway towards where she knew Sally and Barry's bedroom was located.

"Barry, wouldn't you like to give me a little tour of the house?" Wendy asked as she saw Ed start walking over to where Sally was sitting, somewhat puzzled at the sudden events transpiring after her husband and Ed had come in from the dining-in. Before Sally could protest, Wendy reached out her hand in invitation to Barry and down the hallway they walked, hand in hand.

"Sally, Wendy wants your husband to show her some things, and she'd like me to show you some things too if you're interested," Ed said as he walked over to where Sally was sitting in semi-shock. Without saying anymore to Barry's young brunette wife, Ed leaned over, placing his hand underneath Sally's chin and lifting her face so his lips could meet hers.

"Sally, if you haven't guessed, Wendy's taken your husband down the hall to seduce him and I'm about to do the same thing with you."

Sally smiled as she looked into Ed's eyes, "I've been wondering how long it would take for the four of us to move to this." Sally took Ed's hand, placing it solidly over her left breast and he felt her nipple harden under the touch of his palm on her tit. Ed's cock jumped as he realized that everyone in the foursome between their two couples seemed to be already predisposed towards a mate swap, and Ed knew now that he would encounter very little resistance, actually none probably, in seducing Barry's sexy young brunette wife. Ed squeezed Sally's rounded breast, loving her firm tit and knowing that Barry was probably already feeling up Wendy's nice big rounded breasts as well down the hall in one of their bedrooms. Ed quickly moved into high gear in his foreplay with Sally, not wanting to waste any time in seducing her right out of her clothes just in case she should change her mind about switching mates with he and Wendy. In only a few minutes, Ed had Sally divested of her sleeveless top, her pants and then he soon had her bra unfastened and her panties off too. He moved her over onto a nearby couch and moved his face in between her legs to eat her pussy and really get her going.

As Ed brought Sally off with his mouth and fingers, down the hall it was actually Wendy who was doing more of the seducing than Barry was. She and Ed had talked specifically about the possibility of their mutually seducing their friends and when Ed whispered that Barry was open to the idea of swapping, Wendy knew precisely what she needed to do to make it all happen. Like Ed, she quickly took control of the situation. Wendy quickly had Barry's hands on her tits to let him feel how nicely rounded and sexy her breasts were, and then she managed to get her hands on Barry's growing bulge of hardon in his crotch. She soon her his pants unfastened and she went down on Barry, getting his cock out and into her hot wet mouth to really make him hard and horny for her. As soon as she had Barry moaning in arousal, Wendy unbuttoned her top and got her blouse and pants off, too. Then she led Barry over to the nearby bed, finished getting him undressed and she slipped out of her bra and thong panties and then climbed up on the bed, laying down and spreading her legs wide in invitation for Barry to join her and to fuck her.

Barry needed very little encouragement from Wendy. He'd been secretly horny to fuck Ed's sexy blonde wife every since the day they'd first met. Now he was about to realize that fantasy after all.

Barry climbed up on the bed with Wendy, leaning over to lick her pussy and give her some of the pleasure she'd just been giving him. He had Wendy moaning and mewling like a hot tigress in heat and then he moved on up over her prone naked body, aiming his engorged cock into her pussy and when the aroused head of his cock hit her wet naked flesh, he bucked his ass forward, feeling the hard big head of his cock spreading her pussy lips and sliding inside her body. Barry pushed his cock all the way inside Wendy and then he smoothly began a steady in and out stroking of his cock into the sexy blonde's pussy as he quickly took her to her first orgasm. Wendy was climaxing on his dick as he rampaged in and out of her body, and when Wendy orgasmed the second time, Barry bucked his hips swiftly in and out and then buried himself inside her and remained deep in there while his balls began spewing his cum into her pussy.

Meanwhile, back in the family room, Ed had gotten Sally fully naked as well and as soon as he'd prepared to mount her and begin their fuck, Sally surprised him by asking Ed if he'd let her be on top first. Then, with Ed lying back on the couch, Sally said, "You, Wendy and Barry may have cooked this up, Ed, but I'm one hot fucking wife too and I'll show you what you've tackled when I get your dick inside me."

Sally, her brunette hair swaying around her face, moved astraddle Ed as his big thick hardon jutted hotly up from his groin. She took his cock in her hand, aiming the full head up into her pussy and then she settled downward, letting Ed's big cock spread her pussy lips as she rode downward on his dick.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Sally moaned as she felt herself spreading with the big cock that entered her pussy. She immediately took all of Ed's manhood inside her body and then she smoothly started writhing up and down on his cock as he filled his hands with both of her naked jiggling titties as she moved up and down on top of him. It was totally erotic and hot for Sally and within 10 minutes she began to climax. Then, as she felt a second orgasm rising inside her pussy, she could tell that Ed was about to cum as well. She kept riding up and down and when her orgasm exploded inside her pussy, she stopped moving and then heard Ed moaning and felt his jism spurting deeply inside her body.

When the two couples had finished their first fucks together, both new pairings came back together in the family room to see where the future lay for all four of them.

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