The Supernus War
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A war rages between the two Mentalist countries of Earth: the Imperium and the Supernus. But even in war, there is time for fun.

He crept up to the mansion slowly, staying hidden inside the forest for as long as possible. None of the guards had yet spotted him, and were still performing their normal routines. No one expected a single man to actually attempt to take on a main base of the Supernus, of course. The only kind of attack that could hope to breech the base would be an army of massive strength to punch through the defenses- or an attack that was never known.

He darted from the trees, leaping onto the fence leading to the mansion, and climbing over. He feared using any telekinetics to help him along, as they would immediately be sensed. The guards, however, weren't searching for Norms- they were sweeping for telepathic emissions of some sort. They didn't see him even as he raced across the grounds, right up to the front door.

The guard standing in front of the doors didn't have a chance. Paul leapt out from behind a nearby tree, already in mid-spin, his sword flashing out. The guard's head fell against the porch, the rest of the body soon following.

Inside the mansion

"So, what's going on with you, Joe?" Adam asked.

"Ah, nothing man." Joe responded.

"Come on. I know you better than that. We killed a good ten Norms yesterday. You're normally excited after a good killin' spree."

"Man, it's that Lauren chick." Joe answered. "I tried to ask her out yesterday, when I was taking my third kill. She refused me! You know, I'm starting to think she's an Imperium spy. She never kills any Norms, and she won't do anything with any of our guys. I mean, even Commander Tarlas asked her out, and he got rejected! He's the most powerful man in the whole damned squad."

"Please, Joe. You think every girl that won't lay you is a damned spy." Adam rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Listen you damned son of a..." But Adam never found out what he was the damned son of, as the door chose that instant to explode inwards, hurling both of them backwards with more shrapnel in them than humanly possible to remove.

Paul walked in casually, his katana's handle spinning expertly between his fingers. "Yoo-hoo... is anybody home?"

As he expected, several guards walked into the room, their leader's eyes going wide upon seeing him. He noted the reaction, and filed it away in his brain. Then he drew the grenade that he had been hiding, a wire trailing from it to his pocket.

"So, how's everybody doing today? Good? Good. Just so you know, this is not your average grenade." Paul practically radiated with confidence. "Do I have your attention? Well, if I don't then your evidently not getting the picture here. You see, this grenade is filled with Semtex, and the wire trailing from it goes to my trenchcoat, as you can see. Oh, did I mention that the coat was lined with five pounds of C4? So, let's do the math- five pounds of C4 and a grenade full of Semtex. Enough to put a hole in the world. So I suggest you all back off, or be blasted off."

The guards all looked to their leader, a rather attractive female. Surprisingly, he found a light touch from her mind snake out to him- not enough to be an attack; just a message. He cautiously lowered his defenses, letting her communicate with him.

My name is Lauren... I'm the local Imperium plant. I wasn't supposed to be here when you arrived, but I am constantly monitored, unfortunately. I need your help to get the hell away from these murderers.

Paul raised an eyebrow. Oh? And how do I know that you're an Imperium spy, and not a Supernus Guardmember?

Lauren rolled her eyes. To be or not be is not the question. How to be is the question.

Recognizing the code phrase, Paul nodded. His katana flew from his hand, guided by telekinesis. It flew into one of the guard's throats before he could react, the other four around Lauren immediately throwing kinetic shields around their bodies.

Paul, working in sync with Lauren through telepathy, ran at her as if to attack her, then leapt up, propelled by her and his kinetics, landing at over sixty miles an hour on top of two guards. They were dead before their bodies impacted the floor.

Lauren flew at the other two, her sword flashing from her back into the first guard's face. She then twisted her torso around, slashing across the other's chest before he had a chance to swing his own sword out. Paul and Lauren caught each other's eyes, and winked.

Paul sent a burst of telekinetic power from his body, flinging him up past a banister to the second floor. He quickly kicked in the door in front of him, two guards awaiting him, and Commander Tarlas standing behind them, a triumphant smirk on his face.

"Boys, take him." Tarlas commanded.

The two guards flew at Paul before he had a chance to raise his sword. He leapt upwards with his body while ducking his dead down at the same time, sword attacks from the two passing underneath and above him. He twisted hard, his brain slowing time down to a crawl for him, letting him see his targets plainly. His legs flew out, telekinetically aided, catching both guards in the small of their backs, and flinging them over the banister railing. They came down neatly upon Lauren's sword.

Tarlas whipped out his broadsword, and swung it towards Paul's face- but stopped as the grenade Paul held was moved to the path of the sword.

"So, you must be the commander of this base," Paul stated rather casually, "Good to meet you. As you can see, I do possess high explosives so powerful that no kinesis shield would be able to protect against your body splitting into no less than five hundred separate pieces. Henceforth, we both already realize how this is going to work. You'll drop your sword, and any other weapons you may be carrying, or your precious base is going bye-bye."

Lauren came up beside Paul, a submachine gun pointed towards Tarlas. "Hello, sir. How are things going?"

Lauren smirked, and fired a shot into Tarlas' foot before the man could raise a shield. He cried out in pain and fell to the ground, holding his foot as tears escaped his eyes.

"Pathetic," Paul grumbled. "You guys can dish out pain, but you can't take it."

Tarlas' grimace of pain changed to a look of fury in a heartbeat. He lashed out with his telekinetic powers, slamming them into Paul so hard that it flung him straight through the banister's railing to smash hard against the tile floor below. Unfortunately for the commander, he dropped his guard by a fraction too much during the attack- three shots from Lauren's submachine gun rang out, boring into his skull and implanting themselves deep into his brain.

She leapt down after Paul, landing a little hard beside him. He was already standing up, and with a quick crack of his back, he was fine. "Let's say we get out of here... preferably before twenty Guardsmen come storming in. Oh, by the way- my name is Paul."

Lauren nodded, and they both took off running out the door, throwing themselves into the sky with all the force they could muster from their kinetics. They landed a kilometer away, deep into the forest surrounding the mansion.

"Okay, let's camp out here." Paul suggested. "If we tried flying our way out of here, we'd be caught by a Guardsmen squad before we could move more than ten feet. We should be fine as long as we don't use our powers- those guys are clueless without their abilities to guide their way."

"I agree fully... but where will we sleep? I don't exactly see any cots lying around." Lauren pointed out.

Paul took off his heavy trenchcoat, throwing it to the ground, all five pounds of what looked like C4 clearly visible in its lining. He pressed his foot onto a little black pad in the middle of the "C4," and began pumping. The little balloons that appeared to be C4 expanded into an air mattress. "I come prepared."

Lauren raised an eyebrow, and asked him a question. "So I suppose the grenade wasn't real either?"

"Oh, it was real." Paul responded. "A real plastic canteen." He took out the "grenade" and swallowed a mouthful of water.

"Want some?" he asked.

Lauren gratefully accepted, downing half the canteen in a few gulps.

"The water is terrible out here," she said. "Everybody is more concerned about security than running water- a lot of good it did them."

"Well, we better get some rest... you can have the trenchcoat mattress, I'll sleep in a tree."

Lauren looked at him quizzically. "Are you crazy? We can both fit on this thing; besides, its yours, and you just got me out of a pretty tight situation. If anyone was going to sleep in a tree, it should be me."

"Fine, we'll both sleep on the wannabe mattress." Paul said. He really didn't like the idea; she had beautiful blue captivating eyes, a large bust that pushed out her Supernus uniform, and legs that looked as if they were sculpted out by God himself. He didn't trust himself around a woman this beautiful.

His jaw dropped open slightly as she began removing her uniform.

"Um... why are you taking off your clothes?" he asked.

"Well," she responded, "I don't exactly like the idea of wearing this damned Supernus uniform, and its uncomfortable. You don't care do you?"

"Of... course not."

When she removed her uniform, she had on only a black bra and black panties, both which did absolutely nothing to conceal any part of her. She laid down on the false mattress, and he slowly lowered himself down beside her.

At first, he figured they'd be fine, since there was a good foot of space within them. Then, with an innocent enough statement that she was cold, she wriggled up against him, her tight ass cheeks pressing against his rapidly hardening member.

So, he did the only thing he could think of. He wrapped his arms around her to warm her up, and pulled her tighter against him.

He laid their for a half an hour before his arousal got the better of his nervousness. Figuring she was sound asleep, his hands drifted. First it lightly roamed over her stomach, tracing a pattern upwards. He then lightly began rubbing against the cloth of her bra, gently cupping her tits. He was so surprised when he heard a moan of pleasure from her that he withdrew his hands immediately, chiding himself for acting like a typical male.

"Please... don't stop." she whispered.

Taking her cue with surprise, he reached back up, and with one swift move that drew a gasp from her, yanked her bra off her body with ease. His fingers lightly pinched her nipples, rolling them between his thumb and index finger. This elicited another gasp from her, but not of surprise- of pure pleasure.

Lauren turned around, slowly, sensuously, drawing Paul in and kissing him ferociously. She slammed him down onto the mattress, ripping his shirt off, and quickly undoing the button on his pants. She had his underwear off before he could even blink, and his penis in-between her sweet, lush lips.

It felt as if his body melted into a warm butter; the pleasure was indescribable. She slowly and softly worked her mouth up and down on his manhood, slowing each time she reached the head, her tongue forking out to the small hole in the center of it. It didn't take a minute before he shot off deep into her throat. She didn't even miss a movement as she swallowed the entirety of his ejaculation and removed her head from his still erected member.

She slowly stood up and pulled down her panties, tossing them to Paul with a smirk. He put them in the pocket of the trenchcoat mattress, and then playfully wrestled her to the ground.

That's when he got his biggest shock of the entire event. She whispered into his ear, "Paul... you saved my life, and for that, I have determined that I will try and make you happy any way possible for the rest of your life. You should know... I have never done this with anyone before... please go slow... "

It only took him a second to get over his shock, and get back to the situation at hand. He lightly flicked his tongue over one of her nipples, and then slowly kissed his way down to her beautifully shaved mound. His tongue snaked out, working its way deep into her love tunnel, as his hands gently kneaded her breasts. Just as she was about to climax from the slow and agonizing pleasure that was sweeping over her, he moved up and kissed her intensely, slamming his organ deep into her.

Her cherry was broken before her brain had any time to register the pain, and he began slowly moving in and out of her. His pace began to quicken as she grabbed onto his back and forced him deeper into her, keeping as quite as possible though; they were still in Supernus territory.

Before long, Paul didn't care about being quite nor gentle though. He began ramming himself deeper into her, his pace quickening as both of their pleasures began to rise together. They gripped each other tightly, her tits poking into his chest as he finally erupted deep inside of her, filling her with his seed.

She gasped, wiping sweat from her face. "That was absolutely ama-"

She was cut off as a shrill alarm cut through the air, and a blast of telekinetic power struck Paul so hard that he spun into the ground beside the mattress, unconscious.

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