House of Leo
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rebels start to take control, but the Empire fights back. How will it all end?

Scorpio October 27, 1069 A.E.

I am High General Thomas Tagard the IX of my line from the House of Leo. I am one of twelve Zodiac Knights who serve as Personal Councilors for Emperor Brian Boru, as well as Governor of the North African Sector of the Empire. At the moment I am seriously wounded on my left shoulder, and we are severely short of all supplies. Not knowing if my men and I are going to survive I am writing this to describe what just might be our last battle and the events leading up to it in hope that the Empire will know of our heroics.

It was the time of Libra October 18, 1069 when I received the message from Mayor Rona Lucas of New Nubia stating that her city was under assault from rebel forces. New Nubia was only three days hard riding from my capitol city of Bakiet. I sent a force of two squadrons or fifty knights of the third degree warrior class. That should have been well enough to handle the usual untrained rebels of the common class. Little did I know that these rebels were not only professionally trained, but had weapons of the warrior class!

It was not but the sixth day since ordering the knights to go help New Nubia when news reached my city that the rebel forces won a major victory in the desert as well as the city of New Nubia itself. I was in a state of shock when I heard the news. Nothing like this has ever happened before! Rebel forces never once defeated our empirical warriors in 300 years, let alone take a city in the process. Besides that Mayor Rona was an old and trusted friend of mine, in fact her own nephew was one of my senior captains. I stayed in that horrible state of mind until my servant David came to help. Good old faithful David, always there to give support or advice which I gladly accept. Though, he is only a servant he has long been a trusted confidant of mine.

I finally got my senses back and ordered David to prepare to march for New Nubia. I also sent notices to all of my Captains so they could prepare my personal company of 250 knights to retake the city of New Nubia in the morning. That night I could barely sleep, I knew nothing of the enemy but that it took a city and destroyed two squadrons of well trained warriors who had the best equipment. The best I could figure at the time was that the rebel forces must have heavily outweighed the knights. Though, if I only knew then what I do now, I would have never left Bakiet!

The next morning in the time of Scorpio October 25, 1069 David woke me early to get ready for the traditional military inspection and parade before leaving for battle. My company was in full military dress and at attention in the public square. Many of the people of all classes in Bakiet came gathered to parade us out of town. Most of the city was there. They shouted and screamed promises and oaths of loyalty to the empire, while I led my men out of the huge stone walls that protect the city of Bakiet.

We rode hard and by the end of the first day had made very good time. The sun was barely visible when I deemed it time to break for camp. That night my captains and I met under my tent to discuss and plan out our strategy for the upcoming siege. We were sure that upon seeing us the rebel forces would lock themselves inside New Nubia and we would have to pry them out without destroying as much of the city as possible. It wasn't until late in the second watch that we convened and went to bed. At that point I was totally confident that my company could handle almost any rebel forces.

On the morning in the time of Scorpio October 26, 1069 my company started the march south toward New Nubia again at a steady trot. It was about midday and the sun was at its zenith when I gave the command for a stop to rest the men during the hottest part of the day. I needed them and their horses fresh to attack the enemy when we got into range of the city tomorrow. Traveling in the desert is hard enough without having at least one good rest stop a day. It might just be that I am getting older, though I have not yet seen fifty-six cycles of the zodiac my hair is already turning to silver. However, I still retained my strength, and could not wait for tomorrow to come! I could already see our victory as my company marched out from the desert to surround and take the city.

About the same time as yesterday, I called once again for the company to break and make camp. That night I went to sleep ready for tomorrows battle, though it would be late in the day when we made it to New Nubia, I was sure there were going to be some rebels loitering around the desert near the city that we could kill.

Early in the morning in the time of Scorpio October 27, 1069 the pickets I posted for the third watch of the night came roaring into the camp. Their warnings brought all the men out as if they were never asleep, but just waiting for the war drums to beat. The pickets reported that a huge host was marching this way from the south and estimated that there were at least 650 men, half on horseback. We were about a little more than half day away from New Nubia, but I still didn't think we would be in any danger from anyone, much less a host of rebels more than twice our size.

The camp was enclosed in a portable square palisade fence which is used to defend mostly against any scavengers that may come unwelcome in the night. I ordered my most senior captain, Robert Anthony, to take two squadrons of 25 men each and build up the palisade with anything and everything they could find. My captains and I started to organize our defenses as best we could, give the terrain and materials we had at our disposal. At the time, I still did not think we would really lose, though I damn well knew we would have a costly victory.

It was about an hour or so before our camp lookouts caught sight of the rebel host. Strangely, at first it was not the awesome host described to us by our pickets. What we saw was just half a company or about 125 men. Our pickets swore that they saw many more than we were seeing now though; so my captains and I figured this was the advanced guard. That in itself was unsettling with me and my men. For rebels to have an advanced guard means, first of all, that someone is leading them, who, has some sense of military tactics.

The advanced guard stopped just beyond the projectile range of our arrows and spears. We waited and watched as they formed into a large circle and lit a fire. Then one of the men lit a torch from the fire and started to wave it around. All of a sudden our whole perimeter was lit up from the torches of hundreds of men who had surrounded our camp while we watched the decoy "advanced guard" from the south. I could tell that all on our command platform in the center of our camp, myself included, was shocked to see not only the size and force of these new rebels, but of leadership it must of taken to accomplish such a strategic maneuver at night without any one of the camp lookouts or pickets discovering them. Surely, the leader must have been someone from at least the third degree warrior class (which is a captain, or higher, for only they were trained in military leadership.)

On the platform, my five senior captains and I had the birds-eye view of the battle field, which would make it easier to direct our forces in battle. Our knights were ready as they would ever be; each squadron was divided and put into two columns. The frontal columns armed with their swords and daggers while the back columns were armed with bows and arrows. Their standing orders were for the back column to shoot down all enemy individuals they could until the enemy got too close, at this point they would pull out their own swords and daggers. With two squadrons guarding each front of our perimeter, and two in reserves around our platform I felt relatively secure that we were going to be the victors of this engagement.

An hour before the sun was due to come up a small force of the rebels attacked our southern front. It was not a full frontal attack, but a test to see what the strength of our defenses was. They did that to each front every five minutes until they tried all four fronts. Then half an hour before day light, our eastern front was attacked in full force for the first time. For a while, our troops easily shot and cut them down. Then, they breached the palisade and knights with their bows and arrows had to take them to the steel. By this time our southern front was being attacked by almost a full company of the rebel forces. That forced us to call in reinforcements to the south, instead of sending them to the eastern front. A few seconds later both our northern and western fronts were attacked at the same time. Our brave lads were just simply being overwhelmed by the enemy numbers while fighting with the courage of the desperate. The perimeters started to compress as the knights were pushed back by the waves of rebel forces with equal weapons.

It took me some time to realize that the weapons the rebels held were those of our fallen comrades, and from the armory at New Nubia, which usually holds enough for one company. The thing that struck me the most though, was the discipline of these rebels. They could only be people of the common or scholastic class because all of the warrior classes are registered at birth. After birth, an eye is kept on them to make sure they are trained, and most importantly, are loyal to the Boru Empire. But these common people were defeating my knights! Suddenly, I was filled with rage and was about to scream an order to captain Anthony, but when I turned he was no where on the platform. In fact, none of my captains were on the platform, but on the battle field fighting with the men. Just then, the sounds of the battle penetrated my enraged mind just enough for me to realize I was hearing singing! Led by Captain Anthony, every last knight that was left fighting started to sing the battle hymn of the House of Leo.

"Our swords are the claws,
Our Daggers are the teeth,
We have had the taste of blood,
While your corps lies beneath,
For we are the Lion of Leo!"

I hurried to join in the blood bath that awaited me below the platform, singing with all the courage my heart could conjure. What I did not even realize is that Anthony and his fellow captain's, James Yenn, and Wilbur Lucas, who was the nephew of the Mayor of New Nubia, were slowly leading our men toward our horse lines. To my surprise, after killing another rebel David suddenly appeared out of no where holding the reins of my best horse. I quickly grasped the situation and started to mount up when I heard David shout and felt a sword go through my left shoulder. I could see the point of the sword sticking out of me at an awkward angle. There was no pain, only the shock of seeing the sword protruding out of my shoulder slick with my blood. Then after hearing David killing whoever wounded me, I felt him steady me as he removed the sword from my flesh. With David to help me we mounted our horses and started escape what was quickly becoming a massacre.

I didn't know how long we rode until Captain Anthony gave the order to stop and rest, but I am told that we rode for three hours straight until after sun up. The battle did not last for but an hour at the most; though, I swear it felt like several more to me. Anthony ordered some men to set me up a small, shaded area with some of the blankets and spears that were left on the horses. David started taking off my uniform after I was comfortable in the shade so that he could have a look at my shoulder wound. While he was doing that, my three surviving captains came to give me their reports. We had exactly one squadron including the captains, David, and I. We also had twenty seven horses with just enough supplies to last us for maybe a day or two, if rationed. Most of our men still had their weapons; though, one or two of them were unarmed.

After David bandaged me up to the best of his ability I gave Anthony the order to have the men mount up again. They will be busy looting the camp for a couple hours, but when they find out that I am not dead, whoever was the leader will send men to come looking for us. Anthony agreed, and we were on our way in less than four minutes. While riding I told Anthony I wanted to send a dispatch back to Bakiet to warn them of what happened. He gave me this face and told me he had already done that before we even retreated from the battle. As it turned out, when the rebels attacked the northern and western fronts, Anthony sent a man with David to the horses; one to ride with all haste back to Bakiet to deliver the dispatches and the other to bring the horses closer to the platform.

According to Anthony, in the dispatches he sent a map with the location of the camp and an area marked which is about half a day's ride from our present location. Included, were instructions to send reinforcements to that area of at least two companies, as ours was not going to survive the battle in any great force. So I have decided we are going to head for Captain Anthony's rendezvous point while backtracking and sweeping any sign of our passing through the desert. I will get back to my capital city of Bakiet, dead or alive!

Thomas Tagard
High General of the House of Leo
Zodiac Knight of the Boru Empire
Personal Council of Emperor Boru
Governor of the North African Sector of the Empire

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