Doing Samantha
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom and Samantha met on the Internet through her admiring his erotic stories. They finally get together and reality is far hotter than their fantasies had ever been.

Tom and Samantha had known each other for many months and they'd come to know each other very well -- but they'd never been together physically up to that day. They'd met online and Samantha and Tom had hit it off like no two other people either of them had ever known. Samantha had found Tom very sexy and erotic and Tom had found Samantha so hot that he'd jack off usually at least two or three times a day from the way she turned him on. It would only take an email from one of them to the other one to get both of them started towards an ultimate orgasm.

They'd arranged to meet at Samantha's place and if they had strength and time after they first met, they were planning to go out and have dinner together before they spent the entire evening, night and weekend in each other's arms. Samantha spent two hours getting ready for Tom's arrival and as Tom had driven to Samantha's address, he'd love the feeling of the large hard 8-inch erection that had kept itself on his mind while he tried to drive safely. All he could think about was how much he wanted Samantha and how much she assured him that he was never out of her thoughts. Tom was thoroughly and totally infatuated with Samantha and he intended to give her the sexual pleasures she so badly needed for the rest of their horny lives.

Samantha had actually rushed home from work and gotten ready to meet Tom for the first time. She'd picked out a nice outfit and she planned to be wearing a whole lot less before their first evening together was over. Samantha had been so horny in anticipation of this meeting with her lover, Tom, that she'd been masturbating two times a day, morning and night, as well. She had lots of hot sexy little toys that she used to help herself get off, and she knew Tom found that to be extremely sexy that Samantha was so sensual and so horny.

Samantha had told Tom something about how he'd find her when he arrived that she had known would make him hotter than a firecracker. They'd often talked about how hot and horny Samantha got and how after they'd talked online, she'd get naked, get her favorite vibrator called Tom Toy, out and she'd go to her bed and prepare to help herself get off as many times as possible. She'd told Tom that was where he'd find her and he should just let himself in and be quiet so she'd never realize he was actually in the house watching her get herself off to multiple orgasms.

Tom parked his car and then slipped inside the front door of Samantha's home just as she'd told him to. But, unlike what she'd suggested, Tom stopped at the front door and he quickly got naked until the only thing he had on was his boxers. He'd picked out a pair that were comfy for his drive to Samantha's but not overly big and when he got a hardon, Samantha would definitely be able to notice that he was fucking hard for her.

Then, Tom made his way down the hallway towards where Samantha had described her bedroom as being. He could hear her and he could distinguish her voice as he already knew she was masturbating and rapidly working towards an orgasm, or one of the orgasms she'd succeeded in helping herself have. Tom stopped at the door of Samantha's bedroom and just stood there listening. What he heard made him hornier and hotter to fuck Samantha than he'd been already.

Tom could hear the distinctive sounds of Samantha's sexy female voice as she was deep in the fantasy of making love with Tom. Apparently she'd already gotten to the point where she had Tom Toy inside her pussy and Tom could hear Samantha's sexy hot words and sounds as she was fucking her sexy hot vibrator in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, baby, you fuck me so good, Tom," Samantha moaned as Tom could hear the sounds of her vibrator slicing in and out of her wet pussy. That made him so horny and hard that he could hardly wait to join Samantha. But, he didn't want to spoil this experience of being there and experiencing the sounds of Samantha fucking herself. Tom slid closer to her bedroom door, and he peeked around it, seeing Samantha lying totally naked there in the middle of her bed, one hand thrusting her vibe in and out of her pussy rhythmically while her other hand alternated back and forth between playing with one hard nippled titty and then the other one. Samantha seemed to love not only having her pussy fucked with her dildo in one hand but the sexy feeling of having her large shapely breasts and her hard little nipples caressed and titillated at the same time.

Tom couldn't help himself as he watched this sexy babe there on her bed getting off and imagining that she was copulating with him. He rubbed his large thick hardon through his boxers and then he pulled his boxers completely off and started stroking his large thick hardon as he saw Samantha put her ankles up on the bed headboard and then she was driving her vibe in and out of her pussy rapidly as she began to approach yet another orgasm. Tom wanted to walk in and talk the vibe/dildo from her sexy hands and give her a real hard cock to fuck, but he allowed her to continue her masturbation session and awaited his turn to do Samantha, too.

Tom stood there, watching Samantha, his sexy hot friend, helping herself to a very erotic and very lusty series of strong powerful orgasms from the attentions of her vibrator/dildo "Tom" fucking in and out of her pussy. Samantha was so intense in her lovemaking and even when she resorted to helping herself get off, she was totally unrestrained. Tom couldn't believe how hot and sexy Samantha was as she was lying there naked on her bed, her breasts jiggling hotly on her chest as she stroked her dildo in and out of her tightly clasping pussy. When Samantha was sliding her big thick dildo in and out, she'd also let her fingers graze over her clit and the end result was a series of very hot and very satisfying orgasms.

Tom's cock was harder than a flagpole as he stood there watching Samantha masturbating and fucking her pussy with her sex toy. He wanted to say something, to tell Samantha how much he'd been wanting her and now that he was there, he was so fucking hot watching her get off that he couldn't wait to do her himself. But, Tom constrained himself, not wanting to scare Samantha or ruin her approach to another orgasm. When he knew she was cumming, Tom stood there silently stroking his meat and preparing to let Samantha know it was time for some serious fucking.

"Mmmmmmmmm, baby, you're so hot. I hope I didn't scare you, but I've been standing here jacking my meat, Samantha, and now I'm ready to give this big hard dick to you FINALLY. I've been wanting you and I know you say you've been burning with need for me, too."

"Ohhhhh, Tom, mmmmmmmmmm, baby, I'm so glad you're here. I've been so hot to have you show me how you'd make love to me, sweetie," Samantha said as she slid her dildo/vibe out of her pussy and lay there naked, still breathing hard and waiting for me to come join her.

Samantha was so fucking hot lying there naked in front of Tom. He didn't know how she would have preferred to be dressed the first time they met, but this was "the best" as far as he was concerned. For one thing, there's no pretense at that point - when you meet someone and they're not only buck naked but you've just watched them pleasuring themselves and getting off. Now he knew a lot about Samantha and she drove him fucking wild.

Tom moved over where Samantha still had Tom Toy halfway inside her pussy and he leaned down, first kissing her sexy lips and then moving downward until his mouth was even with her naked breasts. He kissed and licked over the hardness of her dark nipples and he cupped one naked tit and squeezed it gently. Samantha had the most awesome C-cup sized breasts and they are so fucking hot. He kept sucking her nipple and then he moved down toward her naked pussy with the sex toy still sticking from it where she'd just used it to help her masturbate. Tom grabbed the shaft of her vibe/dildo and he began gently and slowing moving it in and out of her pussy. Samantha began moaning as she felt her new lover fucking her with her own sex toy. His cock was jutting hard and leaking pre-cum as he was actually already fucking Samantha but not with his own cock just yet.

Samantha was the sexiest and horniest babe Tom had ever known. She was amazingly hot and responsive to his fucking her pussy with her own dildo. She loved that. As soon as he started sliding her vibe in and out of her pussy, Samantha was moving with him fucking the toy into her pussy and he'd rub and caress her clit and she was soon orgasming. Then, he pulled her dildo out of her pussy, licked it clean from her own juices and he moved quickly over on top of Samantha as she lay there naked, aroused and totally exposed to him. His cock was fucking harder than steel, and he rubbed the swollen head in her pussy and got it lubed and then he aimed his cockhead straight up into her horny pussy. Tom bucked his ass forward, got his cock seated in Samantha's hot cunt, and then he smoothly slid his cock home as deeply inside her body as it would fit. Samantha was moaning and she cupped both her large sexy breasts in front of his face and offered her perky nipples for him to suck. Tom filled one hand with a tit and locked his lips over the other one. Then, as he was titillating her breasts, he began to fuck in and out of Samantha's sexy hot tight pussy as lustily as he'd ever fucked any woman.

Tom was lost in the hot tightness of Samantha's pussy and she was bucking and moaning with him. They were headed straight for the edge of Orgasm Valley. Tom couldn't wait to take her there.

Samantha is such a hot sexy woman. And she's so hot to look at. Her body is nicely built, she's got a gorgeous face, beautiful eyes, nice hair and her body from her neck down is awesome. One of the hottest parts of Samantha is her awesome tits. Her breasts are so fucking sexy that Tom frequently got hard from just thinking about her. Being inside her was beyond description. That first time that he slid his cock deep into Samantha's pussy was beyond believing. And he was going to give Samantha something she said she'd never really had before -- a long sexy caring prolonged fuck.

Tom slid his cock fully inside Samantha's pussy and then he leaned over, kissing her sweet lips and then moved his lips on down to her nipples and kissed and suckled both of them while he was starting to thrust his cock in and out of her body. Samantha began moaning and bucking underneath him, and in no time, she was orgasming. He didn't let that slow me up one bit. He kept on driving his cock in and out of Samantha's tight horny wet pussy and she was quickly into multi-orgasms. The horny couple made love for 30 minutes before Tom finally shot his first load of cum deep inside her pussy, and when he pulled out, he leaned down, kissing and licking Samantha's pussy and licking up her creampie before he began the next round of foreplay in anticipation of their next fuck together as well.

Tom and Samantha were planning on going out to dinner but at that moment, neither of them could have told you when. Tom was getting all the satisfaction and fulfillment of his highest wants and needs right there in Samantha's arms. They'd both teased and taunted and titillated each other mercilessly, and now they were ready to fuck each other's brains out. Tom didn't care if he never fucked another woman again -- as long as he could continue to fuck Samantha for the rest of his life.

Their second round of sex began before they could get themselves moving in the direction of leaving to get supper. With Samantha lying there naked in front of him, Tom felt his cock grow very hard and thick again, and he knew he had to knock off another piece of Samantha 's sexy pussy or he couldn't begin to think about eating.

Tom lay down with Samantha and he took one full large sexy breast in his hand and was caressing it, kneading it, squeezing it and flicking his fingers across the nipple while he had the other tit in his lips and he was avidly sucking on her erect tit. Samantha started moaning from the hotness of having a sexy man actually showing her sexy titties the attention she'd been craving for so long. Samantha's tits were so sensitive and she loved having them fondled and kissed and suckled until she could almost orgasm from that touch and stimulation alone.

Tom had loved Samantha's sexy body from the time they'd first started corresponding and then being there with her and enjoying her tits, her pussy, her face, and her hair was so erotic he could hardly believe he wasn't dreaming. She was so hot, so sexy and so very sensual that Tom knew he could never tire of enjoying her body and of sharing hot lusty sexy with her.

Tom continued suckling and enjoying Samantha's sexy body, and then when he couldn't wait any longer, he moved on top of Samantha, aimed his hard thick cock straight into her pussy and bucked his ass forward, feeling her pussy lips spreading to take his cockhead in between the hot wet tightness of her pussy, and Tom slipped his cock inside his horny lover until his nuts smacked firmly against her tight sexy ass. Then he began slipping his cock in and out until he heard Samantha in the throes of an orgasm and he continued to thrust his dick in and out until she came 3 or 4 times.

Tom knew now that he and Samantha would probably finish this fuck and get cleaned up (another fuck while showering?) and then they'd go have a bite to eat before they returned and spent the rest of their first night together, naked in each other's arms and fucking their brains out.

Tom slammed his cock into Samantha's hot wet pussy and in only minute he felt his cum exploding from his nuts and spurting up the shaft of his cock deep inside Samantha's waiting pussy. He kept thrusting in and out while his nuts spurted, and then he lay inside her while they both came down gradually from their mutual climaxes.

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