It Started with a Castle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Historical, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alys was a servant, and a good girl. Well, for a start...

God, I'm nearly old enough to marry, and my mother still throws me out of my bed the moment visitors arrive. Oh, I know it's not their fault. They are servants just the same as us, doing the best they can. Apparently, it's really Lord Rohanne's fault, but I can hardly complain to him.

I made the mistake of hiding in the stables. Usually it would have been a good plan. Avoidance of further laundry duty is a worthwhile aim in itself, even if it weren't for the horses. But today, it was just the opportunity Mother needed to offload her problem to me.

Actually, it could have been worse. The Staples worked for a cousin of Lord Rohanne, in a castle not too far from here, and for some reason their Lord liked them to travel with him, and they had been here numerous times before. I quite liked them actually. They were fairly young, and jovial. They would sit and play cards with my parents for hours, and even knew how to make my father laugh; an impressive accomplishment.

I raced back into the kitchen as soon as I heard they were there, hoping that I could think of a good reason for Mother to suggest they sleep somewhere other than my room, but as soon as I got there, and saw the number of people hovering, I knew I was out of luck. If it wasn't them, it would be someone horrid, or smelly, or old. So I didn't argue. I even showed them where the room was.

They were really nice about it too, in a way. Normally, I would have to find some floorspace somewhere, and curl up there, hoping not to be stepped on, or tripped over, before morning. But not this time.

"So Alys, this is your bed we are stealing?"

"Oh, yes Mr Staple, it is, but it's not a problem."

"Do you have somewhere to go Alys?" This was Mrs Staple.

"Nowhere specific, but I'll be fine, I'm sure. Here we are."

"Oh, Henry, look, she can sleep on the floor in here, can't she?"

"It's fine with me, Kath. You two work it out."

"Oh, listen, it's not a problem, really."

"No, Alys dear, I insist. It's bad enough to lose your bed. Henry snores a little, but I'll just prod him if he becomes a problem."

"Well, thank you Mrs Staple, if you are sure."

"You people are so formal here. Rohanne must be a real stickler."

"Formal, Mrs Staple?"

"Well, yes. That's a good example. We can't be more than ten years older than you. Well, twelve for Henry, maybe, and yet you don't call us by our first names."

"Oh, I couldn't, Mrs Staple."

"Nonsense Alys. Tell you what, how about you call us Henry and Kath, unless we are with your parents. They wouldn't like that, I'm guessing. Alright Henry?"

"Fine with me, my dear. Call me anything you want Alys. Can I go now?"

"Of course Henry, off you go." She turned to me as he left. "Men have no patience, you know. Now, I insist. Say 'Kath'."

"Well, I... alright. Kath."

"See? Easy. And if you don't keep it up, I'll start calling you Miss Porter, and see how you like it."

"I'll try Kath. And thanks."

"Nothing." She waved then, dismissing the whole discussion, and looked around the room some more. "Alys, I've been asked to assist with serving the meal tonight. Do you happen to know where I might find a suitable hat?"

We walked back downstairs together, chatting, and I showed her where to find Mother, who was undoubtedly the best source of clean hats in the whole estate. I tried to escape to the stables again, but Mother caught me, and I was involved in linen arrangements for the Lord's guests for the rest of the afternoon. As soon as that was sorted, preparations for a huge feast were underway, and inevitably I was assigned tasks.

At some point, at a lull in the proceedings, I was sent back to the servants kitchen to eat something. The kitchen was fairly quiet when I got there, and I helped myself to some soup, and sat at the big communal table. I was basically ignored, and as I neared the end of my soup, I realised I was very tired, and headed up to my room, thankful at having no more duties for the evening, collecting some spare blankets on the way.

I eyed up the bed when I arrived, and wished that today, of all days, I could use it, but resigned myself to the floor, laid out one of the blankets, removed my working clothes, and lay down, wrapping myself in the other blankets to keep away the cold. I must have been at least as tired as I thought, because I can't remember lying there at all, until much later, when Henry and Kath stumbled in, and nearly walked over me.

"Oh, Gawd Henry, I forgot about her."

"Oh, that's... Alys, right?"

"Yes dear. Alys. Not so loud, you'll wake her up."

Obviously, I was already awake at that point, but I figured that letting them know would just involve a lot of awkward conversation and embarrassment, so I pretended to sleep, and continued listening to the conversation as they undressed. I also peeked.

It was strange thing. They both took off all of their clothes, despite the cool air, and continued to chatter rather casually.

"God, that Rohanne is a bore, isn't he Kath?"

"He is that. He's a handsome man though."

"He is?"

"Yes, he is Henry. Not that I'd want anything to do with him."

"You would so."

"Not me. I've got you Henry."

"Do you know how rich he is?"

"Two things. You didn't ask me if I wanted his money, and anyway, it's not his, is it?"

"Well, it's effectively his until the Prince returns."

"There you go then, Henry. If I was with Rohanne, and then the Prince returned, I'd be handed over with the silverware."

"Are you that valuable?"

"None of that cheek, Henry dear. You know how valuable I am."

"In the bedroom, perhaps."


"Oh, was that what you meant Kath?"

"Of course."

"Well in that case, I would have to concur."


By this time, the two of them had shed their clothing, and were standing, either side of the bed, stark naked. I couldn't really see Kath too well, but I had a perfect view of her husband. He looked younger somehow, without his clothes, and he had a substantial endowment as well. I haven't seen too many of those, I know, but the girls talk about them, and this was a good one. It became apparent that Kath thought so too.

"Henry, is Alys still asleep?"

"Oh, she must... Alys!" His whispered call was ignored, though I had trouble refraining from a smile. "Must be. Why?"

"Well, this is a nice bed. We could... test it."

"Kath, didn't your mother ever teach you about lying back and thinking of England?"

"My mother was worse than me, Henry. At least I'm only wanton with you."

"You are?"

"You know I am."

"Yes, I do."

"So come here."

"What if she wakes up, Kath?"

"I'm pretty sure she's never been near a man Henry." She was right, unfortunately. "Maybe she'll learn something."

With that, the two of them rolled on to the bed, and commenced kissing, stark naked, on top of the covers. I was astounded, and stayed still, listening intently, and trying to work out what exactly they were doing. I was aware that I ought to be disgusted, and somehow make it clear that I could hear them, and then leave the room or something, but I had no intention of doing any such thing.

The mostly silent kissing became a festival of caressing slowly, accompanied by suggestions from both of them as to who should stroke what, and I eventually became convinced that they were sufficiently engrossed in their activities not to notice me, and I slowly removed the blanket on top of me, and sat up. My head was just high enough off the floor to be level with the top of the mattress, and the view was astounding. Kath was crouching down on top of the bed, on her hands and knees, her dark hair in sharp contrast to her pale skin, and I could clearly see her breasts, hanging from her chest, as her body rocked back and forth.

Henry was on his knees behind her, his erection plain and huge in front of him, his hands caressing her back and hips. As I watched, he leaned forward, and took Kath's breasts into his hands, caressing them as she moaned gently, and continued to sway back and forth, her backside pressing against his erection, and then moving away again.

Without stopping her calm movement, Kath began to speak again.

"Put it in me Henry. I'm hot and wet. I want you inside me."

"Shh. You'll wake Alys, Kath."

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?"


"You could service us both, you stallion."

They both started to laugh then, and Henry bent down again, took hold of her shoulders, and manoeuvred himself behind her. Dipping his hips slightly, his erection disappeared between her legs, and as Kath swung back, Henry pressed forward, and a dull grunt from Kath, along with a subtle change in their positions confirmed that he had impaled her with it.

I was entranced. I couldn't move away, even though they might see me. Henry's movements behind Kath were hypnotic, and I just kept staring.

"Oh God, Henry, that's good, I remember now why I married you."

"Oh, was this the reason?"

"Well, this and the money."

"I don't... grunt... have any money."

"Yes, I found that out. But I stayed for this."



They were quiet then for a while, their good natured banter overtaken by passion and lust. A few thrusts later, Kath changed the rhythm again, by lifting herself up onto her knees, her height giving her the capability to stay connected with her husband, and she pressed her back up against his chest, necessarily limiting the possible movement for the two of them, and started to knead her own breasts.

As I knelt now, on my knees myself, I was unable to tear my eyes from the sight. The two of them were almost motionless on the bed, a small rocking movement between them, Henry's tight backside pushing in and out slightly, Kath's hands gently massaging her chest, both of them panting, with a sheen of sweat in the moonlight.

As I watched, kneeling in a similar position, I couldn't help myself any more, and I lifted my nightgown gently up to my waist, feeling the cold on my legs, and not caring. A lack of underwear made it easy to slide both hands up the insides of my legs, and inner thighs, to slip them gently over my mound, feeling the texture, and the heat. I'm a readhead, with pale skin, and countless freckles, and it always astounded me that my dotted skin had no bumps that I could feel. The feel of my hand sliding over my pubic hair was exquisite, not remotely ticklish, as it usually was. I'd done this before, of course, my intimate parts were thoroughly familiar to me, but not like this. This was blatant. Public almost. That, of course, was half the reason I was so wet. I could imagine Henry's cock inside me, though none had ever been, and I wished I were Kath, to be so beautifully violated, so full, and so hot.

Henry's hands had been resting on Kath's hips, assisting with the gentle motion, but he slid them forward now, down and to the centre, exactly where my own hands were, and started to caress Kath's most private parts, while he continued to manipulate her nerves with his penis. As his hands began their most intimate of massages, so did mine, and I dipped them deep inside to pick up some of the plentiful moisture, and stroked myself, frantically, dripping wet, rocking back and forth a little, just like the two on my bed, completely forgetting now where I was, and just concentrating on their movements. One of my hands would slide up and down my labia, slick with moisture, while the other concentrated, as Henry's was, on more sensitive parts. I would watch, and try to match Henry's movements where I could, getting hotter and wetter as I went.

Kath was getting very close now, I could tell from the whimpering noises coming from her mouth, and the desperate way she was pinching her nipples, and running her rough, servant's hands across them.

"Oh God Henry, a little faster. I'm just about..."

"Kath, you are such a sweet girl the rest of the day, how do you get like this?"

"It's you Henry. You make me bad. Now finish the job!"


"God yes, now."

Henry started to move more then, flexing his hips, and moving his penis in and out of her much further. Kath continued to caress her breasts, and Henry tried to maintain contact with her nether regions with his fingertips. I was frantically stroking between my legs, wishing I had his cock inside me, wishing I could feel like Kath, wishing he would stroke me like that.

Suddenly, a big groan escaped Kath's lips, her body bucked sharply in front of him, and he responded with a deep moan behind her. They came together in a fascinating convulsion on the bed, a wriggling single ecstatic beast, shuddering together as I shuddered on the floor, collapsing on myself, my fingers giving me the release I was desperate for, my mouth so very, very nearly releasing a gasp of bliss, but held in check. My thighs clamped hard around my hands, my legs throbbing with both orgasm, and the release from kneeling on the floor.

Henry collapsed on Kath at the same time as I collapsed to the blanket, and they lay there, exhausted and sweaty, as I tried to balance up the delight I was feeling with the need to maintain my silence.

Eventually, they whispered a few words to each other, and as the pulses slowly died around my fingers, they pulled the blankets on the bed up, and slowly but surely everything quietened down, and somehow I must have gone to sleep again.

The next thing I understood, Henry was stumbling from the bed, and pulling a robe on. It was daylight, and I would have been able to see him much more clearly, were it not for the blurriness in my recently awakened eyes. It was a great pity, for I did not get another chance. He bundled up his clothing, and took it with him to change into.

Kath got out of bed a few minutes later, pulling on some clothing for the trip to the ablutions, and stumbled out the door. As she left, I sat up, thinking about last night, and all that I had seen, and wondering how I could get to do it again. Deciding that I ought to be out of the room before anyone came back, I stood up from the blankets, my eyes blinking still in the morning light, and I heard a noise behind me. Turning to the door, I realised it was Kath, standing there watching me.

"Good morning Kath"

"Good morning Alys. I hope you got enough sleep last night."

"Oh, yes, I certainly did."

"Oh, good. I was worried we might have woken you up."


"But mostly, I was worried about how your knees put up with kneeling for that long on the floor."

"Oh! I..."

"No, don't. I hope you enjoyed it. Looked like you did."

"You were watching?"

"We were performing."

"We? Henry saw me too?"

"We didn't see a thing. Unless you did. Miss Porter."

"Not me, Mrs Staple. Not me."

"I thought not. Pity we have to travel back home today though, Alis."

"Oh, you do?"

"Yes. Of course, that means you get your bed back."

"Oh. I'd rather you borrowed it again."

"Perhaps another time Alys?"

"I hope so."

"So do I. He's so much better with an audience. Bye Miss Porter."


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