Life In The Tesseract
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by hammingbyrd7

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - VGAVoy pointed out to me that I had left the door open for a sequel to Undiscovered Countries

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Time Travel  

The first thing they noticed, even before pushing the door open, was that the lights of the stairwell dimmed to half-power, and then toggled between normal brightness and half-power every second. During every transition, there was also a brief but distinct horn sound. Turning back to the last escalator flight, Kathy and Matt were amazed to see that the stairs had stopped moving...

"Don't even think about it, Matt. We could never climb 200 miles of stairs, even under the best of conditions. And these flashing lights and horns have the distinct urgency of an evacuation warning..."

"My gosh, Kathy! Look at the top of the stairs! Let's get out of here!"

Slowly cascading down the stairs was a deep black ink, reflecting no light at all, even in the flashing lights. Kathy and Matt quickly pushed open the door and went through, closing the door behind them. They found themselves in a hexagonal tube, about six feet per side, fortunately oriented with a flat floor. The flashing lights and horn sound were still present, and Matt and Kathy began to run down the tube. They exited after a minute of running, entering the corner of a large cubical room. Turning around, they watched the tube's hexagonal aperture smoothly shrink to nothing, leaving a smooth wall in its place. The horn sound and flashing lights were no longer present.

"Well" said Kathy, looking around. "After 12 days of gray, I guess it's nice to see a little color, and some open space. Get a load of the height of this ceiling! This whole room looks like a perfect cube!"

Kathy and Matt were standing in the corner of large cubical room, about 45 feet on each side, providing over 2000 sq ft of floor space. The room was moderately lit, with a cream color ceiling, floor, and three walls. The fourth wall opposite them was a light orange color. Halfway between each corner, along the center of each of the four walls, was a closed dark-brown door. In the center of the room was a gold spiral staircase, extending both up and down. Otherwise, the room was empty.

"Well, not quite what I was expecting, Kathy. Coming into an empty cube. Actually, I take that back, I don't know what I was expecting... The orange color is useful for orientation. Let's call that north. It seems we have a choice of going north, east, south, west, up, or down, assuming all these doors are unlocked. Any preference on which one you want to try first?"

"None at all. I'm standing closest to east. How about we try that? The spiral staircase is pretty, but I think I've had enough of stairs over the last 12 days."

Kathy and Matt walked over to the east door. There was a small sliding lever adjacent to it on the wall, and Matt found he could control the room lighting, from quite bright to pitch dark. "Wow. It feels nice to be able to control the environment again, at least a little bit..."

Kathy smiled and slid open the door, glanced at the next room, and shouted "Yes!" Before them was laid out a large kitchen area, with the same cubical proportions and color scheme as the empty room they were exiting. Walking in, they saw the kitchen also had a door in each of its four walls, plus another spiral staircase at its center. Ignoring the six exits for the moment, they both walked briskly to a large refrigerator...

"Excellent!" said Matt. "This thing is packed with food. I see eggs, green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, bacon... I can make a wicked Western omelet, care for one?"

"Sounds great!" I'll find some glasses for the milk and OJ. There's also a large plate of bagels here, and the bowl of spinach leaves looks delicious too." While Matt ate an apple and cooked the omelets, Kathy munched the spinach and set the table. She then began to explore the great number of kitchen cabinets.

"There's a huge amount of food in this kitchen, Matt. All these cabinets are packed! At least the ones I've opened are. It's so amazing to see them go right up to the ceiling. It must be 40 to 50 feet high. How would we ever get to the top ones? I don't see any ladders..."

Kathy and Matt had a great time enjoying their first real meal in 12 days. "All this food was terrific!" said Matt. "Super fresh. This kitchen is so amazing. It looks so much like home, except for its size. Any guesses, Kathy? Is this Earth, or not Earth?"

"Gravity feels like Earth. Actually, if we traveled down 200 miles, gravity should be 5% less. My guess is not Earth. How about you?"

"My gut says not Earth, too. Though this kitchen does feel a bit like home, despite its size... Look, it even has its own dishwasher."

Matt loaded the dishes into the dishwasher, and was then was puzzled by the lack of controls, just a single button near the top. Pressing it, he heard the soft ding of a bell, but nothing else. Kathy opened the unit, and they were both surprised to see the dishes spotlessly clean. "Wow" said Kathy, "I'd love to have this in my apartment in Chicago."

After a brief discussion, they decided to continue heading east, keeping the kitchen's orange wall to their left as they exited. The next room was a large bedroom area, keeping the same color scheme, and with closets vaulting to the ceiling. Continuing eastward, they were delighted to find a super-sized bathroom, complete with his and her showers, plus an oversized Jacuzzi in the shape of a 20-foot radius quarter-circle, taking up nearly a quarter of the room. Both the new rooms also had the four side exit doors, plus their own spiral staircases in their centers.

"Matt, these showers look really tempting; as did that king-sized bed in the room we just left. My great curiosity is competing with my great fatigue. How about you?"

"You're right. We need rest, and the chance for a hot shower after 12 days of escalators is very appealing. Remember to be careful with the controls. If they are like the sinks, they'll give you the option of showering in boiling hot water. Let me satisfy just one last bit of my curiosity." Matt walked across the room to the east door and opened it. "Ah, this one is empty, just like the first room we entered. With all these doors and stairs, who knows how many rooms there are, thousand maybe... But you're right, a shower and bed would be delightful." Within a half hour, Kathy and Matt were sacked out for the night.

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