Watching My Wife's Dates
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband tricks himself into becomming a cuckold

I met my wife Virginia, Ginger for short, when we were in high school. I was an eighteen year old senior and the star quarterback on the football team, she was a sixteen year old junior who transferred from another town. She was a tall, slim, blonde beauty who quickly took the school by storm, first by making the varsity cheer squad and then becoming the junior class homecoming queen. It was at this dance, where I was the king, that I first got my chance to talk to her. We hit it off and by the time senior prom rolled around we were a tight couple. In clichéd high school fashion, it was after this dance that I took her virginity.

We fucked off and on during the summer between her senior year and my going off to college. She seemed to only do it at my prodding and never seemed that enthused about it. At the end of that summer I went of to college and she began her last year of high school. During that school year she babysat my fourteen year old brother when my parents went out. Having spent a good deal of time at my house she was familiar with my brother and my parents were trusting of her. It was my brother they should have worried about. The job was easy (so I was told at the time) and she could use the extra money. When I returned for the summer we again resumed our fucking, but this time she was much more aggressive about it and even climaxed quite often, something that never happened the summer before.

At the end of summer I went back to school and she entered a two year business school near home. After some apprehension and much debate she decided to study secretarial skills. She still babysat my brother and we spent all our vacation time with each other, fucking our brains out, mostly at her instigation. I proposed to her a year later, and we married soon after she graduated business school. I still had one year of college remaining, but a company I had interned for offered me a full time job, so I could afford to marry.

Ginger accompanied me back to college and proceeded to get a series of secretarial temp jobs while I worked and went to school. Our sex life wound down and became like that first summer, where she didn't seem enthused about it at all. What with school and a full time job I was too preoccupied to give it a second thought.

My senior year a headhunter looked me up. He told me that thru the good old boy network he'd learned of my accomplishments and told me about the company he represented. He offered me a position I could hardly refuse. I would be given my own regional office to manage, free use of a car, membership at a health club and a high five figure salary. The job called for a move to another city, so I knew I had to talk to Ginger. After some discussion Ginger and I decided to take it.

My first day on the job was going along well. I met the five salesmen who would be my staff and the secretary who kept the place running. It all seemed simple enough until quitting time, then the secretary told me she was quitting and gave me two weeks notice. I was a little taken aback, but she assured me that it had nothing to do with me, she just wanted to move on. I thanked her, and then pondered what to do about getting a new secretary. Of course I thought of my wife first thing, but the company had a policy of not allowing married couples to work together. Lost in thought, and in a fog, I closed up shop and somehow found my way home.

Ginger right away noticed something was wrong, so we sat and talked during dinner. By the end of the meal she had me talked into hiring her, but as a single woman, not as my wife. She reasoned that with the home office thousands of miles away, and we in a brand new city where no one knew us, we could get away with it. I reluctantly agreed and soon my wife was a single woman working in an office with five men. My first mistake.

It didn't take very long for my mistake to became very clear. Ginger was constantly getting hit on by the salesmen. I could hardly blame them, my wife had blossomed into a beautiful woman, a beauty only hinted at by the innocent teenager I had met in high school. Her figure had ripened and firmed up. She was a 5'8" blonde goddess. Her hair cascaded down to her shoulder blades, framing the face of a model which complemented a 36-24-36 body and long lean legs. The first day she came to work the crew wanted to know where I found her and everything about her. Not expecting the onslaught, I just invented things off the top of my head. My second mistake. I inadvertently made her a vulnerable single woman, with no friends or relatives, and with no clue as to the entertainment and nightlife the city offered.

From that moment on Ginger was inundated with offers to be shown around the town, each salesman taking turns in repeatedly asking her out. She turned them all down, but after the first month it began to get tiring. I thought of letting Ginger go, but we had become addicted to our salaries and needed both incomes. I considered firing one or two for sexual harassment, but collectively they were the best salesmen of any region in the country, and I was now faced with my first ethical dilemma. Fire someone for cause, illustrating sexual harassment wont be tolerated in the work place, while saving my wife from all the attention. This course of action would most probably precipitate the disintegration of my team and the subsequent loss of sales, which in turn would put the brakes on any advancement I wished to gain inside the company. I decided not to fire any one, rationalizing that it was Gingers' and my fault for getting us into this predicament to begin with. It seems Ginger was thinking of our predicament too.

One night at dinner Ginger cleared her throat, over the years I had learned it was a sure sign she had something serious to say. I waited for her to begin. It became a long wait, so I prodded her. Then she opened up. She was running out of excuses and reasons for telling the guys she couldn't go out, and she was getting worried that they would begin to think something was wrong when a single woman, new to the big city, wouldn't want to be shown the sights. She cleared her throat again, looked down at her hands folded in front of her on the dinner table and asked would it be all right if she accepted one of the men's offer. I was stunned, the images of my five salesmen ran thru my head. Which one did she choose? Dan, always with a quick joke and a smile, Jerry, even as a man I could tell he was good looking, Joseph, a smooth line of chat, Andrew, with a quiet confidence, and Daryl, the lone black man and a force to be reckoned with in his own right. To say no to her never crossed my mind, but the notion that it might be good for our sex lives did. I was always too busy to take her out, which left her alone and bored. I finally spoke up and said it would probably do her good to get out and see the city. I winked at her and said that maybe I would be the one to reap the rewards of her coming home from a hot date. She laughed and replied she hadn't thought of that, she just wanted to stop the constant attention and that by going out with one of them once might stop their nagging. Then I asked which one would she say yes to. She hesitated before telling me it was Andrew. When she saw me raise an eyebrow she said it was because he reminded her of me, she wasn't seeing me enough, and he seemed to somehow attract her the same way I did. Not thinking of the consequences, I took her comment as a compliment and told her to tell him she would go out with him.

Three days later I watched my wife as she walked down our sidewalk and got into a car driven by another man, to be his date for the next several hours. I had observed her getting ready for it, lurking about as she fretted and flitted from room to room, nervously preparing herself. After a long shower she entered the bedroom and put on the clothes she spent hours selecting. A red under wire bra and matching bikini panties, dark panty hose, and a high necked dress that gently flowed over her as it draped to her knees. She put on just a touch of mascara, highlighting her high cheek bones, then outlined her almond shaped blue eyes and added a touch of color to her lids. Finally she dried her hair, combing it into a nimbus surrounding her face and down her shoulders. She took my breath away.

Ginger left the house a little after eight, just before one I heard a car drive up. I had been in our darkened bedroom waiting her return. I leaned over to the window and peeked out. Fortunately, or not, the light from a street lamp illuminated it as it parked, making the couple sitting in it highly visible. I watched as they spoke for awhile, then Andrew put his arm around my wife's shoulders and leaned over to kiss her. He pulled her to him as his face neared and Ginger didn't resist. They kissed and nuzzled each others face for a good ten minutes when Andrew reached out and touched one of her breasts. Ginger instantly broke the kiss and took his arm from around her shoulder. She leaned back from him and opened the passenger door. The interior light came on and I saw the hem of her dress was so high up her legs the band of her pantyhose was exposed. She adjusted it as she exited the car. She then closed the door and walked towards the house without looking back. I watched Andrew as he shrugged his shoulders, put the car in gear and drove off. As soon as he rounded the corner of our street, Ginger took of her shoes and ran the rest of the way to the front door. She unlocked it as fast as she could and raced up the stairs to the bedroom, the whole time yelling at me that I better be up because she was horny as hell and needed a fuck very badly. The next I saw her was in the door way hopping from foot to foot as she struggled to remove her pantyhose. She jumped into bed and pulled the bedcovers off of me, telling me to get ready to fuck her. She yanked my pajama bottoms off and buried her face in my crotch. I don't think she had ever sucked my cock with such ardor before, she just devoured me in her mouth, licking, sucking, blowing and kissing, almost all at once. It didn't take her long to get me hard and as soon as I was, she hiked up her dress, moved her panties out of the way and settled her pussy down on my cock. As soon as she had me inside her she began to shudder, then her pelvis got a life of its' own and started to spasm rapidly back and froth while grinding against me. She collapsed on top of me to rest, but only for a moment, for she soon propped herself back up so she was once again riding my midriff like it was the bareback of a bucking horse. Her next orgasm came slower and lasted longer, my body again feeling the brunt of her weight when she dropped onto me in exhaustion. This time she rested on me a few minutes before she raised herself again so she could ride me to her next completion. Not a word was spoken between us, just her moans, screams, and whispers communicating her desires. After her third orgasm she fell off of me like a ton of bricks, puddled into a fetal position and was soon softly and gently snoring in a deep and satisfying sleep. Her panty covered ass was pointing at me, exposed under the crumpled dress caused by her collapse. I took the occasion to rub my dick around her silk covered ass cheeks while I stroked myself, eventually spurting all over them. We fell asleep in the spoon position, wrapped in each others arms for the first time in a long time.

The next morning we had a long and deep discussion of the previous nights events. I made Ginger give me a minute by minute description of what happened on her date. When I asked her if she let him kiss her she looked at me and said yes, but that's all she did. From what I saw of her actions in the car, I took this as true. She then asked me what to say to the next salesman who asked her out. I smiled and said if you do what you did to me last night again, then by all means, say yes.

The next Wednesday found my wife once again walking down our walk to another mans car. This night she was wearing a white blouse covering a black bra that showed thru, a tight, just above the knee length skirt, and black tap pants. No hose covered her luscious legs.

I had to wait until almost two before I heard a car enter our street. Once again it parked beneath the streetlight, giving me an unobstructed view of my wife and Dan, her second escort. As soon as he parked they were in each others arms, their lips locked together in obvious passion. Dan soon reached for her breast, this time Ginger didn't stop him. She leaned back in the seat, closed her eyes, and waited while he unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, freeing her firm, bare tits to his gaze, then his hands, and finally his mouth. I could see her gyrations as his actions turned her on. When he dropped one hand to her leg and began to run it up the under side of her thigh she froze, then grabbed his hand to stop him from going any further. She sat up and straightened her clothing and abruptly got out of the car. I watched as Dan drove away, shaking his head. Ginger wasted no time in getting to the bedroom as fast as she could, but this time I was ready for her, my stiff cock bared and waiting. Before she could jump on the bed I wrapped her in my arms as we tumbled backward. I flipped her on her back and pulled her skirt up to her waist. I turned the nightstand light on, I wanted to see how wet her panties were before I shoved my cock in her. Her black tap pants camouflaged her moisture pretty well, but when I put my hand on her crotch the front of her panties were slick from her wetness. Because the leg bands were so loose it was easy to slip my fingers under them and feel the cream from her pussy as it dribbled down her upper thighs. I guided my prick through the leg holes and into her overly warm and gushing cunt. Once again, as soon as she got me inside her she came. And like before she took only a moment to recover before she was urging me to fuck her harder and faster. I did my best to keep up with her demands, before finally exploding in her womb. The extra pressure of my pelvis against her clit as I drove into her when I came triggered Gingers next orgasm. We grasped each other in a bear hug as we came, seemingly squeezing our life fluids from one body into the other. Ginger had one more cum in her, so when I was sufficiently rested I disengaged myself from her clasp and wriggled down her body until my face was even with her crotch. I buried my face between her legs and pushed my lips and tongue up her snatch as far as I could. I then began to nibble on her clit while running my tongue around her labia. It took me awhile to get her to cum, but I didn't mind. My cum and her cunt juices tasted delicious and I had no problem slurping on her pussy for as long as it took. When she finally freed my head from the grip of her thighs which she had pinioned around me as her body quaked in one last orgasmic frenzy, I crawled up her torso and once again hugged her. We fell asleep facing each other, our arms wrapped in a tight embrace.

The next morning we talked once again. She told me where they went and what they did. When I asked how far she went with Dan, she once again told the truth, as far as I knew, about letting him feel and kiss her tits, but stopping him when he tried to feel up her skirt. We didn't have to speak of it, by now it was understood, she would date each of my salesmen, even Daryl, the first black man she had ever met, let alone dated.

A week later was her first date with Jerry. She wore a red silk blouse with no bra, the top three buttons were left undone, showing a goodly amount of cleavage. I asked her to bend over in front of me and when she did, the blouse fell from her shoulders far enough to allow an unobstructed view of her bare tits, all the way to her nipples. A white pair of string bikini panties covered her pussy and ass cheeks. Her skirt was the shortest she had worn yet, a pleated, dark blue one that ended about three inches above her knees, just long enough to cover the dark band of the black thigh highs she was wearing for the first time. I could see them flashing from beneath her skirt as she sashayed down the walk while giving her hips a little bump with each step, knowing it caused her skirt to jump about on her thighs, and also knowing that Jerry and I were getting a good look.

It was after two when I saw her again. The light (and the new pair of binoculars I had just bought) gave me an open view of she and Jerry as he parked. I noticed right away her blouse was completely undone and her bare breasts were in plain sight. I focused in on her nipples and saw that they were hard and extended to their full length. I roamed down to her lap, her skirt was bunched up there, exposing the gusset of her panties where it covered her pussy mound and her thigh high covered legs. Their blackness contrasted sharply with her white skin and panties. She looked extremely erotic and Jerry was quick to take advantage. He was soon sucking on her tits and exploring her legs with his hands. Ginger did nothing to stop him so his fingers found their way to her panty covered pussy. Still finding no resistance, they worked their way around the lace edged leg band and entered her cunt. I zoomed in on his hand as it wormed its' way under her panties. I could distinctly see the outline of his fingers as they pushed and pulled themselves in and out of her cunt. Ginger soon began to rock back and forth in her seat and I knew she would be cumming soon. Suddenly her body went stiff and she sat straight back against the seat. I could see her tits and chest rapidly rising and falling as she came. I zoomed in on her nipples and saw they were harder and longer than I had ever seen them. She finally relaxed, closed her eyes, and rolled her head back onto the headrest. I noticed Jerry moving around and saw him unzip his pants and take out his cock. He put his hands around the back of Gingers' head and began to pull it down towards his lap. She opened her eyes with a start, and when she finally realized what he was doing she deftly slipped her head out from his grip and shook it back and forth. She quickly gave him a peck on the cheek, opened her door and was gone. Jerry looked genuinely pissed, but he put the car in gear and drove away.

Ginger was soon in our bedroom, and even sooner impaled on my cock and cumming like there was no tomorrow. We fucked with her riding me, then missionary, and finally dog style. It seemed like she never stopped shuddering and quivering from her constant orgasms, her body at once both pliable and stiff as I moved her around in my lust. I finally gave in to the fact I enjoyed seeing my wife with other men, accepting the act of cuckoldry, while taking out my shame and passion in her pussy by pounding her as hard as I could. I wanted to make her suffer like I was, but it was more pleasure than pain. When I at last exploded inside her I almost passed out from the intensity of it. This time I collapsed on her, my body dead weight and useless. We fell asleep jumbled together in a pile. I remember half way waking up several times with a hard on and fucking her lifeless body. I didn't care that she didn't respond, I just wanted to mark my territory.

The next morning we talked again. She told me of the clubs they visited, and what they did, dining dancing, drinking. I asked her how far she let him go, wondering if she would tell the truth. She cleared her throat, glanced once at her lap then raised her head and told me she let him feel her bare tits and then she let him finger her to orgasm. My cock got hard as I asked if he rubbed her thru her panties or if she let him finger fuck her under them. She looked down once again, and mumbled he finger fucked her. I unzipped my pants and ordered her to suck me off, she looked at me in alarm. I told her her story turned me on, and that if my wife would let another man fondle her then her husband can sure as hell get a blow job from her. She obediently got on her knees and sucked me off until I came in her mouth. She dutifully swallowed it and looked up at me. She chuckled and said that date turned you on quite a bit didn't it. I replied it sure did. We then discussed what would happen on her next dates and I left it up to her. I then told her how I watched what she did as she said goodnight to her beaus under the streetlight. She blushed and said she didn't realize it was so out in the open. I told her that she could do whatever she wanted to with her dates as long as she did it under the streetlight. She grinned, hugged me around the neck and whispered in my ear, you've got a deal.

Things changed at the office too. Ginger began to wear flirtier clothes, short skirts and dresses, and no bras. The men got more and more brazen with their actions toward her and she never turned them down. More than once I would walk out of my office into the main room and catch one or the other of the men kissing and feeling her up, with a hand on a bare breast or up her skirt. They would straighten up as soon as they spotted me, the salesman would laugh and say just keeping morale up boss and walk away. I would look at Ginger and get a wink in return. Each night when we got home from work we would fuck each others brains out, Ginger horny from the fondling she received and I horny from watching it all day.

I couldn't wait for her date with Joseph, for if she followed the progression, she would suck him off before entering the house. Sure enough, as soon as they parked under the light they were in each others arms. Soon her blouse was completely off and her skirt was rucked up in her lap. Ginger threw her legs wide apart and let Joseph have complete access to her pussy with his fingers. It didn't take him long to get her cunt gushing and her body writhing. When she regained her senses, my wish came true. I watched raptly as she unzipped Joseph's pants and extracted his dick from it's confines. She instantly gobbled it down and began fucking her mouth with it. It didn't take long for him to cum. Ginger pooled it in her mouth, raised her head to look up at our bedroom window, where she knew I was watching, and then swallowed it in one big gulp. I had to stop stroking myself because I almost came when she did that. Ginger then got out of the car and quickly as she could found her way to the bedroom where my engorged manhood awaited her. She almost attacked me in her urgency to be fucked, and came with a shudder the instant I entered her. She didn't stop cumming for at least five minutes, she just kept having one orgasm after another. Finally she collapsed on the bed and passed out for about a half hour. She woke with a start, looked back over her shoulder at me and asked to be fucked some more. I spooned up next to her, moved her skirt and panties out of the way and stuck my still hard cock up my amazing wife's cunt as far as I could and leisurely fucked her off and on for the rest of the night.

Once again our morning talk centered on her date and our reaction to it. I told her of the progression of her dates and how only Daryl and fucking were left. She reddened, and said she didn't realize that, I smiled and said semi sarcastically yeah right. She put up a fight and I merely laughed and said I was just kidding, but it would give her a chance to see if what they say about black men is true. My beautiful blonde may fuck like a minx, but she is still a blonde. When she asked what I was talking about I had to explain the old adage about black men having bigger cocks. Ginger blushed again and asked if it were really true, I smiled and told her she would get her chance to find out for sure.

We both found out it was true, at least in Daryl's case it was true. After their date and under the street lamp I watched her fuck a black man. As they made out Daryl freed his dick from his pants and it was enormous. Ginger could barely get a hand around it, and could jack it off with both hands. Daryl moved out from under the steering wheel and sat my wife down on his lap. Unfortunately her dress covered the action of his entering her, but from the looks on her face and the moans I could distinctly hear, she was able to get him inside her. She then leaned back against the dashboard, raised her dress and looked down at her lap. Together we watched as his huge cock slithered up and down in her pussy. He would slide almost all the way out and then thrust his entire length back in, all the while Ginger was shrieking and shaking her head in unbridled passion. She finally collapsed into his chest, spent and cummed out. Daryl lifted her off him, his cock still hard. It glistened in the light from all her juices deposited on it. The movements jarred Ginger from her stupor and when she saw Daryl's cock she lowered her head and tried to get as much of it in her mouth as she could. Slowly but surely, I saw more and more of his length disappear into her mouth and down her throat, until she finally succeeded in swallowing him entirely. She deep throated him for a few minutes and then he exploded into her mouth. Ginger took her mouth from his cock, and once again looked up to our bedroom window. I could see her cheeks puffed out and some of his cum dribbling over her lips. This time it took her three gulps to get all the cum down her throat and then she took a finger, wiped up the cum on her face, put it between her lips and sucked it clean.

Ginger composed herself, gave Daryl a quick peck on the cheek and left the car. Within seconds she was in our bed, on her back, screaming for me to fuck her. I was quick to obey and was soon shoving my own cock up her cunt, the same place that had so recently been filled with someone else's. And I could tell, her pussy was stretched beyond anything I had ever felt, or in this case, not felt. It seemed like I was in a dark cavern with no walls to guide me, for her cunt was so big the only thing I was touching was her cunt lips. To compensate I pressed harder with my pelvis, grinding it against her clit, it must have worked, because soon she was yelling at the top of her lungs for me to fuck her harder and harder and thrashing around under me to such an extent that she almost threw me off her like a bucking horse. Ginger had the longest and hardest cum I had ever seen from her, it made me feel proud to know I could give her such pleasure. But in the back of my mind I wondered if her pleasure came from her being allowed to act like a slut. It turns out she was a slut, but I love her deeply.

Once Ginger fucked Daryl it was no holds barred at the office each day. It seemed every time I walked out of my office I would catch one of the men fucking her on a desk, or getting a blow job with her on her knees. It all culminated at Halloween, when everyone wore a costume to work. Gingers happened to be a school girls uniform, a thigh high pleated jumper covering a white blouse and matching tie, with white knee high socks and tennis shoes. With her hair in pig tails she looked like a ripe over sexed virgin. Needless to say once the men got a look at her no work was going to be conducted that day, so I just locked the doors and watched as all five took turns fucking my wife. They never took her clothes off, they all wanted to shove their dicks in the little school girl. At first it was just one at a time, but as the day wore on two and some times three men would fuck her at once. I had never fucked her ass, but someone must have because at one point, with Dan's cock firmly lodged in her ass, she blurted out that it was a long time since she had a cock in her ass, and that she loved it.

When the last man had finally had his fill, and they were all laid out on the floor in exhaustion, I looked over to my wife, also sprawled out on the floor. The skirt of her jumper was spread out over her chest, revealing her cum sodden panties and thighs. The top of her blouse was almost see through from the amount of sperm that had dripped from her face and down her neck. I gathered her up in my arms and took her home. I ran a hot bath, stripped her naked and gently placed her in the tub. She woke for a few moments, purred like a cat, smiled and mouthed the words I love you. Then she closed her eyes and laid her head back against the rim. She was soon lightly snoring and I let her be. About two hours later she came out of the bathroom, dressed in a robe and drying her hair. I couldn't wait any longer and finally asked her what she meant when she said it was a long time since someone had fucked her in her ass, because I never had. Ginger sat on the edge of the bed, motioned for me to join her, and told me she had been hiding a secret from me for several years. With a little prodding I got the story of what went on when she baby sat my little brother. And what a story it was.

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