Jack and Sarah: The Honeymoon
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Continuing with the Jack and Sarah series, they are just married and are going on honeymoon. Judging by their experiences on their wedding day and night, who knows what they could get themselves into?

Jack and Sarah were at the airport. Their luggage had been checked as had their tickets and they were excited to take off to go on their honeymoon.

Sarah's flowing, long blonde hair was tied back onto her head in a ponytail, all except for a few small wispy strands that fell beside her face. She looked over at her newly wed husband with her piercing blue eyes. She had bought a few brand new bikinis just to tease Jack. Sarah was able to fill them well, she had luscious breasts, and a great body from working out in preparation for the honeymoon. She wanted to top up on her golden tan by day and fuck like rabbits with Jack at night, well maybe during the day too...

Jack was a tall, muscular man of 26. He had short brown hair, brushed back over his head. He had deep brown eyes which was what first attracted Sarah to him. He was well built due to his short period of weight lifting in university and this gave him a firm ass, which Sarah loved to squeeze.

The couple ran through the airport to gate 26 in order to catch their flight. They were flying on a 747 to the Caribbean Islands, where they would take a short boat journey to a secluded island and remote couple's hideaway.

Jack and Sarah reached the gate just as the flight was closing. They gave their tickets and passports to the member of staff and Sarah whispered into Jack's ear "She's cute...". Sarah had discovered her sexual appetite for women on her wedding night when her and her husband got caught in a closet with a hotel waitress. Jack and Sarah crossed the tarmac and boarded the plane. As the walked up the steps, Jack couldn't help but stare at Sarah's cute ass. It was so curvy and firm and he couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight of it. Jack and Sarah were ushered to their seats by a flight attendant. Jack sat in the aisle, while Sarah sat beside him. The other seat beside her lay vacant. She grinned inwards to herself, thinking of the naughty possibilities.

Soon enough, the other passengers had boarded and the flight had begun. The cabin was shrouded in darkness, apart from a few people reading by overhead lamps. Sarah spread a blanket over both her and Jack. Jack smiled as he thought of her loving gesture, but then his smile grew even wider as he felt a hand snake across his inner thigh and begin to rub his crotch. Jack bit his bottom lip suppressing a small groan. "If you don't stop that, I'm gonna force you to become a member of the Mile High Club." Jack whispered.

"Bring it on" smirked Sarah as she started to rub harder. Sarah felt herself begin to get wet from the erotic act of rubbing Jack's crotch. She got even more excited at the thought of him making love to her on the plane.

Jack decided to reciprocate the pleasure he was receiving. He reached under the blanket. Sarah stifled a moan of pleasure as Jack slid a hand under her dress, a finger pressing against her panty covered clit. Jack rubbed with varying intensities, keeping her guessing what he would do next. It also coaxed her closer to an orgasm, then let her slide back down. Sarah bit back a cry of pleasure as Jack's hand slipped under her panties, a finger sliding easily into her wet pussy as his thumb pushed against her clitoris.

Quickly she looked around to make sure no one could see and then trying not to disturb Jake's probing fingers, she raised up and pushed her knickers down off of her hips and down her legs. Jack's free hand helped her remove them ; then with a quick kick she sent them under her seat. A feeling of wanton lust engulfed her as Jack slid yet another finger into her moistening pussy. Sarah lay back trying to muffle her groans of pleasure as Jack's hand sent her rising towards a satisfying orgasm. Through partially closed eyes she saw a young boy of 16 or 17 looking at her, the realisation of her exhibitionistic nature and that he could see her dripping pussy pushed her over the edge into a trembling orgasm.

As her body recovered she lifted her face to look directly at the boy and then as he watched she lifted her husband's pussy juice coated hand and licked it clean. Sarah smiled as she saw the boy turn away, his face flushed with a mixture of arousal and guilt. Sarah laughed to herself, thinking of how that fantasy she had just provided would satisfy the boy for a good while to come. Turning her face up she kissed Jack deeply before snuggling up against him and relaxing.

"You're so naughty." smiled Jack, knowing full well what he had just been accomplice to.

"And you love it!" smirked Sarah.

"So when are you planning to make me a member of the Mile High Club?" added Sarah.

"Anytime you want, sexy!" laughed Jack.

With a nod of her head, Sarah stood up and walked towards the rear of the cabin. Making sure no-one could see her this time, she slid her hand under her dress, rubbing herself, needing stimulation. Meanwhile, Jack had swivelled around in his seat and was watching his wife intently. "Come on" she motioned towards the back of the plane, still rubbing her pussy beneath her dress.

Jack couldn't stand it anymore. Fingering his wife had really turned him on, and especially because it was in such a confined public space. He stood up, trying to casually walk to the back of the plane. However, his increasing speed and tenting trousers betrayed him. Luckily most people were asleep or reading and not paying attention. Jack pushed Sarah into the nearest toilet cubicle. Locking the door behind him, he dove into her arms, pressing her up against the sink. Jack ripped at the buttons on his own trousers and peeled off his shirt, revealing his tanned muscular body. Sarah reached out and stroked his face, running her hand over his hairy chest, his firm muscular stomach and then round to grab his tight ass. As she squeezed his ass deep in the palm of her hand, she pulled him forward, mashing their crotches together. Feeling his covered, erect cock against her pussy stirred up the juices and the lust deep within Sarah. She slowed peeled her dress off, letting it slide past her shoulders, down over her ample breasts, over her beautifully curvaceous hips, past her tanned muscular thighs, past her knees and smooth calves and down to her ankles. When she stood up, Jack stared, for she was wearing a thong... not just any thong, but a black, lacy, see-through one. Jack could see through it and saw Sarah's pussy on view. He could see the small triangle of pubic hair just above her clit, the smooth outer lips covered in her juices, her small, engorged clit stuck out like a small thumb. Jack just had to taste her on his lips.

He fell to his knees as Sarah gave her clit a quick rub, burning in anticipation of feeling his touch on her skin. Jack slowly ran his hands up Sarah's inner thighs, kissing every inch of skin as he painstakingly slowly moved along. Sarah trembled with pleasure, knowing that he was teasing her body, but she loved it. As Jack reached higher and higher, still covering Sarah's thighs with kisses, his hands moved to the side, avoiding Sarah's pussy. She groaned, her cunt needed stimulation, she wanted to cum so badly, but she knew Jack would do that and more in time. With Sarah' body still shaking, Jack reached her hips, allowing himself a fleeting moment to swirl his tongue around in her belly button. Eventually, he started to slide his tongue further towards her hips. Jack could smell her lustful arousal and his cock got even harder in his boxers. When he reached her cunt, he very lightly trailed his tongue over her outer lips, avoiding her clit. This brought forth a deep growl from Sarah's throat as she gripped the edge of the sink even tighter. Jack continued to kiss down her thighs, further away from Sarah's pussy, bringing a pained moan to her lips. Reaching her knees, Jack began to work his way back up Sarah's supple thighs. Jack lifted one of Sarah's legs to the side as she sat on the edge of the sink. He continued kissing up her thighs, first one, then the other, slowly creeping up, inch by inch. Sarah was running her hands through Jack's hair by now, trying to pull his face deep into her cunt. Slowly, but surely, Jack reached her pussy. As he did so, Sarah opened her legs even wider, her outer lips spread apart, showing the beautiful pinkness inside. Jack could see everything, his new wife was so beautiful. He slowly ran his tongue along her outer lips, making her tremble. Sarah was so turned on that her juices were beginning to form a small puddle on the edge of the counter. Jack slid his tongue deep inside Sarah's cunt, scooping out the juices an swallowing the sweet nectar down his throat. "That's it, I can't take it. I have to feel you in me." Sarah panted. She jumped off the sink, turned around and wiggled her ass in the air. Jack smirked, before hurriedly peeling his boxers off and moved behind his wife. This was only the second time that Jack had made love to Sarah, so he wanted to take it slow until she was used to him. He positioned his rock hard erection at her entrance and began to slowly slide in. Sarah was too horny for that. She held on tightly to the sink and pushed back sharply, forcing Jack's cock to deeply penetrate her, stopping only when it reached her cervix.

Both members of the couple moaned out deeply from the penetration. Sarah trembled as a small orgasm coursed through her body. It took a few moments for him to recover from the sensation of the initial penetration, but Jack was finally able to feel the warm, wet cavern surrounding his hard cock. Sarah was so wet... she was ready.

Jack slowly began to pull out, leaving just the head in, before quickly thrusting back in. Sarah moaned again, letting her head flop down onto her outstretched arms, focusing on the pleasurable sensations in her pussy. Jack continued his thrusting, allowing Sarah to reach higher and higher plains of pleasure. He snaked his hands up her sides, over her back caressing her spine, running his hands through her hair. A thought flickered through his mind, and he went for it. Jack took hold of Sarah's hair, and began to pull gently on it, using the leverage to thrust himself, deeper inside his wife's cunt. Sarah cried out in pleasure, not caring who heard. That felt amazing, the small bit of pain amplified the pleasure to another level for Sarah. She was going to come very hard, very, very soon.

Sarah felt could feel Jack's cock growing bigger and his breathing getting heavier and faster as he neared his orgasm. Suddenly, Jack sped up. His balls began to hit off Sarah's clit, and he reached down and began to stroke her breasts and highly sensitive nipples. Sarah groaned loudly again, she couldn't take this much stimulation. She could feel her orgasm breaking like a tidal wave. It began deep in her stomach, travelling down to her crotch and thighs, and up to her breasts and nipples. She began to thrash wildly in the throes of orgasm, Jack barely managing on hold on to her. "Cum in me, I want your cum!" screamed out Sarah. As she came, her vaginal muscles clamped down on Jack's cock, hard. Jack felt it, it was like a strong hand squeezing him. They were both so horny and Sarah's pussy's ministrations on his cock took him over the edge. With one last thrust, burying his cock deep inside Sarah's body at the entrance to her open womb, Jack came. His cock erupted, spewing forth hi built up passion and lust. Sarah, who's orgasm continued, could feel the hot liquid pour into her unprotected womb, washing, bathing her insides. The flow of cum continued, some spilling out the sides of their joined bodies, Sarah's body to filled to cope with any more.

As the flow of cum slowed down, Jack collapsed on Sarah's back. "That was so fucking intense" managed Jack as he gasped for breath.

"Tell me... about it..." panted Sarah. Jack's cock slipped out of Sarah's pussy and a small trickle of their combined juices ran out. Sarah managed to lift herself off the sink and turn around to face Jack. "Thank you." she whispered as she took his hand.

"You're welcome" he replied kissing her lips.

"Only one thing left to do... clean you up!" Sarah beamed as she sunk to her knees.

She took Jack's cock into her mouth in one go. She opened her throat, ignoring her instinct to gag as she cleaned their mixed juices off his shaft. "Are you alright in there madam?" enquired a female flight attendant's voice from the other side of the door. Sarah went to remove her mouth from Jack's cock so she could answer, but Jack held her head firmly in his hands, giving her a sly smile. "Yes, she's fine." replied Jack, his cock still buried in Sarah's throat. "Just a bit of pregnancy sickness" he added. Sarah smiled into herself as she began thrusting her mouth back and forth on Jack's cock trying to distract him. She could feel him growing harder in her throat, the eroticism of the situation clearly getting to him. "Ok" came the woman's voice, "Press the call button if you need some help." replied the voice as she walked off. Sarah reached down, slicked up one of her fingers using their juices in her pussy and started to rub at Jack's asshole. "Oh god, you're a dirty bitch." he moaned as he began to thrust into her mouth. Sarah slipped her finger slowly inside Jack's ass, penetrating his tight sphincter. As Sarah slid her finger deeper inside and began to rub Jack's prostate, his cock began oozing pre-cum. The sharp tang of it spurred her on, as did the anticipation of the creamy load filling her mouth and sliding down her throat.

Sarah rubbed harder on Jack's prostate, feeling the minute changes in muscle tightness she knew he was about to cum. Jack, although never usually into assplay, was loving this. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls, faster and faster he thrust into Sarah's mouth. The gagging sounds she made only served to make him thrust harder. With one final thrust, Jack's orgasm washed over him, submerging him in pure, unadulterated pleasure. His cock lay deep at the back of Sarah's throat, her nose nestled in his pubic hair as his cum blasted deep into her stomach. Sarah swallowed quickly, feeling the hot, sticky seed slipping down her throat. It made her happy knowing she could satisfy her husband. As the streams of cum tapered off and Jack's cock began to shrivel, Sarah licked his entire cock clean from head to base. She even gave his balls a quick mouth washing. Sarah removed her finger from Jack's ass and let his cock slide from her mouth. Jack pulled his wife to her feet and kissed her, tasting himself on her lips.

"That was... fucking amazing." panted Jack in contentment.

"You certainly know how to give a girl a good lunch!" exclaimed a satiated Sarah. Jack smiled at her as the couple got dressed and cleaned up. They left the toilet cubicle and returned to their seats, Sarah holding her stomach to keep up with the 'pregnancy sickness' ruse. They sat down, smiled and kissed once more, knowing that the only thing to testify of their dirty little secret, was the small puddle of combined juices on the bathroom floor. The couple faded into sleep as they would need their energy for the rest of the week, after all, it was their honeymoon!

Sarah awoke with a start as she felt the plane shake, they were landing. She closed her eyes again and snuggled back into Jack's arms. She could catch a few more minutes sleep. But, before she knew it, they had arrived and everyone was getting off. Sarah and Jack walked down the aisle of the plane, patiently waiting to go and collect their luggage. As they left, the female flight attendant gave Jack a knowing wink, he laughed and followed Sarah down the steps. "She knew..." laughed Jack.

"Knew what?" asked Sarah.

"She knew we fucked in the bathroom." he grinned.

"Good..." Sarah replied "Cause I want everyone to know that your my little fuck toy!" Sarah giggled. Jack laughed with her and gave her ass a quick squeeze as they left to get their luggage.

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