Teen Katie's Diary
Part 1: Katie's Entries

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Reluctant, Gang Bang, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1: Katie's Entries - Katie is a gorgeous young brunette who has run her own non-nude modeling website for the past three years. She has many loyal fans who watched her grow from a cute 16 year old british girl to a grown 19 year old who still maintains the cute look of when she was 16. She begins a diary about her website experiences, but it quickly turns into a sexual diary as her hormones run rampant and her friends introduce her to various kinks. Many of her fans are interested in more than just a few sexy photos on her website.

JUNE 12, 2001

I started a diary today to keep track of my new modeling experiences. My website is getting popular and all the guys think I'm gorgeous. It's kind of weird to have so many guys I've never met like me so much.

JUNE 24, 2001

I'm not off to a good start updating my diary but here's my first real entry. I got a strange email from a fan of mine today. He was really weird, talking dirty and stuff. I was going to just delete the email but I kept on reading it. He talked about all kinds of nasty things he wanted to do to me. It was pretty creepy. He wanted to meet me in real life too but I would never do that.

JUNE 26, 2001

I went shopping today and got some new outfits to model for my website. The guys are going to love them on me. That fan emails me twice a day but I have not answered him yet. He keeps talking dirty and saying he's going to meet me, and it's starting to creep me out a lot.

JUNE 28, 2001

That guy won't leave me alone. Today he sent me web links to some dirty sites saying that he wanted to do these things to me. I went to the sites and they were pretty crazy. This one site showed a chick with a whole bunch of guys and another site showed a chick with a dildo the size of her arm. The internet is a sick place!

JUNE 30, 2001

I had enough of that guy's emails so I had his email address blocked. He was really getting weird, talking about barnyard fun and stuff. I wonder if that's what he does in his spare time haha!

JULY 7, 2001

Went shopping again and got some really sexy outfits. The guys are gonna go crazy, I can't wait to see what they say! If I were a little older, I would go topless and really drive the guys wild!

JULY 21, 2001

A while since I updated this thing. Not much has happened. I partied with some friends last week and flirted with the guys. It's so easy to drive them wild, all I have to do is smile at them and they follow me around the rest of the night.

JULY 27, 2001

A couple of new outfits for my website again, and another party to mention. This time at the party, I met a really cute guy and took him upstairs. We made out for a while and then he showed me his thing. I was grossed out at first but it started to get hard and REALLY BIG! I played with it for a while and he wanted me to suck it but I wouldn't, I just teased him and left the room before he came hahaha! I didn't know his thing was so big! I will remember him for later.

AUGUST 6, 2001

I had two of my girlfriends over for the weekend and we played around on the internet for a while. I haven't really told anyone that I have my own website until now. When I showed them, they went crazy. They were full of questions, asking me if perverts were trying to find me and stuff. Other than the one guy, nobody else has tried yet. We ended up going to some dirty websites before going to bed and I woke up in a cold sweat after a really hot dream. I don't remember it though, just that it was HOT!

AUGUST 14, 2001

My girlfriends came over again and gave me all kinds of ideas for poses on my website. I'm glad I told them. Now they want to come over all the time and all they do is talk about sex. Both of them have done it before, but I'm still waiting for the right time, and I'm learning a lot from them, and the dirty websites they always go to.

AUGUST 30, 2001

Boring two weeks to report on. It's getting close to school time again and I can't wait to get back into it. I love meeting people and talking to different guys. I will be in the 10th Grade and all the boys will be just starting to become men.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2001

Back in school. I've met lots of new people, mostly guys though because they are always hanging around me. Some of the girls hate me already because I always have a crowd of guys around me at my locker and at lunch. There's a party next week that I'm going to with this new guy I met. We'll see how it goes!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2001

The party was great except for the guy I went with. He wanted to do it in the bedroom and got pretty pushy about it. He ripped my new shirt right off and if someone didn't burst in the door, he would have raped me. It's hard to rape the willing though. I wasn't going to stop him! He was cute hehe.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2001

My friends came over again, this time we had two new girls join us, Sherry and Kathy. I think they were lesbians because they kept looking at lesbian porn on the internet and laughing and saying we should try it. We had a few drinks because my parents were out and things started getting rowdy. Those two girls found some nasty websites like the ones that guy emailed to me. We all pretended it was funny but I could tell those two girls really liked it. I started getting a little wet while I watched them and had the most erotic dream I ever had that night.

OCTOBER 3, 2001

My two new friends came over by themselves. It was the last day that my parents were out of town so we thought we'd get a few more drinks in before they came back. I don't know if it was a good idea to let them stay without my best friend over because BOTH of them kept hitting on me and trying to get me to strip for them. I had so much to drink that I almost did it!

OCTOBER 7, 2001

I went over to Sherry's house with Kathy yesterday. Those two are wild girls for sure. Sherry was talking about all the dirty stuff she has done like swallow cum and then she pulled out this dildo that she uses all the time. It was bigger than that guy's dick I saw a while back and had veins and everything. She said it felt awesome and that I could borrow it any time. Later we got looking at dirty websites again. These things are corrupting my mind! After I go to bed I can't stop thinking about all the nasty stuff I saw.

OCTOBER 15, 2001

I was at Sherry's for a while today, but didn't spend the night. It was just her and I and she practically forced her big dildo down my throat. I didn't want to tell her that I was a virgin and didn't want to lose my cherry to a dildo so I took the stupid thing anyway. I can't keep my eyes off it now. It's sitting on the desk standing on it's end beside me. It's HUGE! It has to be as long as my forearm and just as thick.

OCTOBER 16, 2001

I couldn't stand just looking at the dildo so I used it a little bit today. I feel so dirty now and I didn't even take it all the way. I just rubbed the head in me a little and got really wet really fast. I can't wait to lose my cherry to a guy so I can really start enjoying sex.

OCTOBER 18, 2001

Sherry wanted her dildo back so I gave it to her and said it was awesome. She asked if it was difficult to get inside and I told her no, but now that I think about it, I should have said yes since it's so big. She was surprised that I said it was easy.

NOVEMBER 1, 2001

Halloween was fun! I dressed up as wonder woman and went trick or treating for a few blocks. All the old perverted men gave me a ton of candy so I didn't have to go far haha! Later I went to a costume party. The guys went crazy over my outfit. I am thinking about doing a wonder woman set for my website, that would drive those perverts nuts!

NOVEMBER 12, 2001

I met another new guy at school today. I thought he was nice until he told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I slapped him for it but I couldn't stop laughing. I could see he had a hardon under his pants and he kept looking at my cleavage and my ass. Guys are so obvious.

DECEMBER 27, 2001

Exam time at school kept me away from doing a lot of fun stuff the last while and then there was Christmas. I had a great Christmas, got a ton of new clothes that I'm sure my internet pals will just love wink wink. My stupid friend Sherry got me a dildo just like hers and I had to hide it in the closet so my mom wouldn't find it. She'd kill me if she did. Now I just have to lose this cherry and I can try it out!

JANUARY 2, 2002

New Years was awesome, I went to a new years party and met that new guy again. He took me upstairs and I let him strip me totally naked, but I wouldn't let him touch me. I just kept teasing him and his dick was so hard. It wasn't as big as the other guy's though. I told him that I would let him do it sometime but not tonight and he got pissed off at me, called me a cock tease and pushed me to the bed on my stomach. He put his dick in my ass and it really hurt at first but I relaxed and let him take me. I didn't know it could feel so great, I came hard three times before he came inside me. I'm glad no one burst in this time.

JANUARY 4, 2002

I told my friends about what happened at the new years party. They almost sounded envious of my first assfuck ever. If my ass felt that good, I can't wait until I can get something into my other hole!

JANUARY 6, 2002

I tried the dildo Sherry got for me in my ass but it was too big to fit. I think I need some help with it! I don't know if I should get Sherry to help or a guy because I know Sherry would love to, I can tell that she likes me and gets wet for me when I'm changing in front of her. I think she is pretty cute too, but she is so much taller than me I think she intimidates me.

JANUARY 12, 2002

I started getting dirty emails from that old guy again. He changed his Email address and sent me like 10 emails in one day. He's totally obsessed with me! Stupid me though I keep reading all the stuff he sends. It's really dirty and I feel like I need a shower after.

JANUARY 17, 2002

Another party another male pervert. Every time I go to a party, some guy wants to do it with me. I like to tease them though so I turn them down. This guy didn't force himself on me though. I wouldn't have stopped him if he did haha! I think I might let him have my cherry soon. He's cute, and was a gentleman about it when I turned him down. I made him show me his dick though, and it was a perfect size! He said it was 8 inches long but I think he was exaggerating because that other guy was bigger and so is my dildo!

FEBRUARY 4, 2002

Not much as happened lately except those dirty emails and lots of homework. My 17th birthday is coming up soon and I can hardly wait. I'll be able to drive and go anywhere I want because my parents are FINALLY going to get me a car! I also think it's about time I got rid of this cherry. It's so debilitating and all my friends lost theirs when they were 15. Matt is going to be the lucky guy I think.

FEBRUARY 10, 2002

Mister Pervert on the internet sent me some new websites to look at. This one girl was getting it hard from a guy. He had his whole hand inside her and was really going at it. They call it fisting and every time I see it I get wet, I don't know why but I think it's awesome. I think I'm way too small to ever take one though, and I still have my cherry.

February 18, 2002

Sherry came over again while my parents were out at a party. I showed her the fisting pictures and she got so horny I thought she was going to attack me and do it right there. I almost wish she did because I was pretty wet just from watching her and looking at those pictures. My birthday is in ONE WEEK! I can't wait. I get wet and really bothered when I think of Matt inside me. I have to masturbate every night, two or three times just so I can fall asleep!

FEBRUARY 19, 2002

Can't wait!

FEBRUARY 20, 2002

Shit I can't wait!

FEBRUARY 21, 2002

I got so damn horny thinking about Matt that I took my dildo and got it all the way in my ass. I had to use some lubricant that Sherry gave to me but I got it in! I only had a few inches in and I started cumming so hard that I screamed and woke up my parents. They thought something was wrong and they burst into my bedroom. I heard them coming though and pulled the blankets up over me. I still had the dildo hanging out and told them that I had a bad dream. I had four more orgasms from it that night, and didn't get much sleep!

FEBRUARY 22, 2002

Fuck I can't wait for Matt to take me! I will make do with my dildo for now. I measured it today, it's over 10 inches long! I didn't think it was so big! I can only take about half of it in my ass though.

FEBRUARY 23, 2002

My Parents got me high speed internet for my birthday. It was hooked up early so they decided to let me at it before my birthday. It's great! I spent all night surfing the dirty websites and talking to my fans. Those guys are so hot for me it's funny. Sometimes I feel sorry for them and feel like I should invite a few of them over!

FEBRUARY 24, 2002

My Birthday is tomorrow and I'm going to give Matt a present I know he'll love hehe! This new internet is so fast, I can download whole movie clips of dirty stuff. Mister pervert sent me some more sites that I went to. This time there was a gangbang video on one of them. It took a really long time to download even with my new internet connection but it looked great. There was a really cute, tiny blonde girl and she took on 15 guys. She even took two dicks in one hole. I used my dildo while I watched the video from my bed and lost count of how many times I came.

FEBRUARY 26, 2002

My Birthday has passed and it was so awesome. Matt was great, he was gentle with me and took my cherry and it only hurt a little. After that he went crazy. He fucked me harder than anything and after he came, he was still hard and kept on going. I didn't think I would be able to, but I took all of his 8 inches. It felt so good to be filled up. I wish I had given up my cherry when I was 14 or 15. I feel like I've lost years of good fucking now!

MARCH 3, 2002

Matt and I are doing it every single day now. He can't get enough of me and I can't get enough of his dick. Sometimes he gets pretty rough but that just makes me even hornier.

MARCH 5, 2002

I didn't want to use my dildo while Matt and I were fucking because I thought it would stretch me out too much for him, but I stare at that thing every night and can't stop thinking about it so last night I took it. Gawd it was great. It took a lot of lube and time to get it all the way in, but I eventually got the whole 10 inches inside me. I think it might have even gone through my cervix because there was this weird feeling. It was so big that it hurt a little when I came. My muscles tried to squeeze it but it was too hard.

MARCH 15, 2002

Matt and I are still going strong. I like him a lot and he really knows how to get me off. He had three fingers in me today and rubbed my clit with his thumb and nibbled it. I went crazy and squirted his face. I thought I had peed on him but he said it was my cum.

MARCH 21, 2002

I went to Sherry's last night and she showed me this story that she wrote on her computer. It was a dirty story about herself with another girl. I got so hot reading it, and it was really hard to hide from Sherry. I'm sure that she noticed I had soaked right through my jeans. If she ever wants me, I'll let her have me in a second. She can be so damn sexy.

MARCH 28, 2002 Sherry took me. We had so much fun at her place I didn't ever want to leave. We started out reading another one of her stories and then she told me that the other girl in her stories was actually me. I almost came when she told me that and couldn't do anything but kiss her on the lips. After that we went nuts. She tasted so good and she just devoured me. I came so hard I squirted again. It doesn't happen very often and I always get embarrassed but Sherry loved it.

MARCH 29, 2002

I can't remember the last time I talked about my website in here. It's still going great, I have so many fans that are probably jerking off looking at my pictures even though I'm not even of age yet and I'm not even naked. One guy told me that he masturbates to my pictures at least five times a day! I wish more guys could do that!

APRIL 7, 2002

I took Sherry's idea and wrote my own story tonight. I just finished it. It's a little short but it took me a long time to write because every time something happened in my story I had to masturbate and cum. My story has Matt and the first guy I ever saw. His dick must have been 9 or maybe 10 inches long now that I think about it. Anyway, they both took me in my ass and pussy at the same time beside a fireplace. It was such a turn on to write an erotic story like that.

APRIL 9, 2002

Sherry got me another dildo to play with. I don't know where she gets these things. This one was smaller than the other, but it vibrates! It's just a little smaller than Matt's dick but still feels awesome. Last night I read my story over again with both of my dildos inside me and the vibration made me cum so hard that my keys are sticking on my keyboard now hehe.

APRIL 15, 2002

Sherry and I are still going at it almost every day and Matt and I are still doing it every day. I get so much sex now that when I do my photo shoots I start to get horny and want to strip for the camera and show all my fans what I can do but I know I'm too young to do that.

APRIL 20, 2002

Mister pervert sent me some new websites today. I haven't seen anything this nasty before. The site was filled with pictures and videos of girls with dogs and horses. One video I downloaded was of a girl being mounted by a horse. She was strapped into something that looked like a fake horse and he fucked her really hard. He didn't last long though and there was soooo much cum I thought it would never stop coming out of her. Nasty stuff for sure!

MAY 1, 2002

Sherry showed me a new website that has dirty stories on it so I have been reading them all day long. I pretended to be sick and didn't go to school so I had the whole day. I lost count of how many stories I read but some of them were really good and some were really nasty. One of them was about a young 16 year old girl on a farm helping her step-father and at the end of the story, she gives a horse a blowjob. I was disgusted and stopped reading it. Some of the other stories had gang rapes and one of them had some fisting. The fisting story is so hot; I came the most while reading it, I think.

MAY 7, 2002

I've been thinking about that story with the teenage girl and the horse all week. I can't get the visuals out of my head. I don't think I like the idea of being with a horse but the thoughts still won't go away.

MAY 18, 2002

This entry is going to be crazy! I went to a party with Matt and we ended up in the bedroom like usual. Matt was just finishing up and asked me if I wanted to swallow it this time. I haven't done it yet but thought I would try. Right then my old pal popped into the bedroom. He's the guy with the really big dick, the first one I saw. Right then, Matt covered my whole face with his cum. Joey was speechless and his huge dick got hard really fast and made a tent in his pants. Matt didn't notice right away and I just stared at him. I couldn't help but smile. Joey left the party. Last I heard he was running down the sidewalk as fast as he could. I hope he doesn't tell anyone.

MAY 19, 2002

Joey called me at my house after school to talk about what he saw. He said that it really got him turned on and he had to run home before he made a mess in his pants. I told him not to waste it and he asked if he could come over. I would have let him but my parents were at home.

MAY 20, 2002

I saw Joey outside the window of my science class today so I asked to go to the washroom to see what he wanted. He wanted me of course, in the bathroom right then and there but I told him he would have to wait. I didn't want to get caught. He was really frustrated.

MAY 22, 2002

Joey is following me around like a lost puppy now. I can't shake him, so today I gave him a little something to hold him off. During science class again I went to the bathroom and took him to stall and gave him a blowjob. His hands were all over me and he almost tore my shirt. It was the first time I really swallowed cum because the last time Matt got most of it on my face. It tasted really salty but I liked it. I agreed to let him have another tomorrow at the same time.

MAY 23, 2002

I'm in so much trouble. Today in science class right after I went to the bathroom with Joey, our science teacher made us partner up with someone in the class. We were studying bacteria and microbes and examining spitballs to show us how much crap is in our mouths. My partner was Matt's best friend Michael and I didn't even think when I spit onto the piece of glass and put it under the microscope. Mike looked in first and then his eyes went wide and he stared at me with a huge grin on his face. I didn't know what he was smiling about until I looked into the microscope and saw sperm swimming around. He had a bulge in his pants the rest of the class and didn't say a word. I hope he doesn't talk to Matt about it.

MAY 24, 2002

He talked to Matt about it. Mike assumed it was Matt's cum he was looking at but when they got talking, Matt told him that it was the first day he and I didn't do it, and it must have been some other guy. Matt was pissed at me and started arguing after school. He wanted to know who it was but I wouldn't tell him.

MAY 25, 2002

Matt apologized to me today and said that what I did was OK by him. Then he asked that next time it happens, I tell him right after and he wants to know the details. I agreed but I don't think it will happen again, I think he'll get pissed and just wants to know if I did it again. Sherry got a real kick out of the story. She called me stupid for spitting on the glass plate right after a blowjob.

MAY 29, 2002

Joey still won't go away even when I told him that I couldn't pleasure him anymore. I think Matt is starting to figure out who the guy was because he's hanging around me. There's always a crowd of guys around me, but he's the newest one and always the last to leave when Matt comes around.

JUNE 10, 2002

My website is doing great! I think I have a few thousand fans. I went shopping today and picked up a whole bunch of outfits to wear. I wish I could show my fans everything. I'd like to show them my big fat dildo. They'd love it!

JUNE 26, 2002

No updates in a while, been busy with my exams in school. I think I passed everything except science class. That teacher just doesn't like me and I'm supposed to go see him about my grade after school on Friday.

JUNE 28, 2002

Well it turns out I passed my science class. That asshole teacher blackmailed me. He said my real grade was a C+ but gave me an F because I didn't bring him with me to the bathroom. I didn't get what he meant at first but I guess he followed me to the bathroom and found out I was giving Joey blowjobs. He said if I didn't show him what I was doing in the bathroom, that he'd fail me. I planned to take other courses next year so I didn't want to fail. I gave him a quick blowjob. He lasted all of about 2 minutes and told me about how much he loved my website and that he was one of my biggest fans.

JULY 10, 2002

What a week! I had the senior prom to go to and a few end of the year house parties, and then the Fourth of July party for my American fans. Matt, Sherry and I did it so many times! I can hardly walk haha!

JULY 20, 2002

Summer is off to a good start. Joey somehow finds me wherever I go but I'm getting used to him being around. Matt doesn't seem to mind him either. I wrote two more stories this week about myself. In one story, I fuck Matt, Joey, Mike, and Mr. Evans my science teacher all at once. It's so hot! The other story is more romantic, I'm out with just some new guy horseback riding and we stop and make out in a green meadow. At the end even the horses enjoyed the show because their dicks were hard hehe!

JULY 29, 2002

Man what a weekend I just had. I don't remember much of it. All of my friends and some people I didn't even know went camping. There was so much beer everywhere and everyone got really, really drunk. The first night I was there, I got drunk and passed out cold and when I woke up, I had cum between my legs. I don't know who it was but it looked like he jerked off or just rubbed me through my clothes until he came. I didn't tell anyone and made sure I didn't get so drunk the next night.

AUGUST 2, 2002

I'm so embarrassed. My friends have been making fun of me all day long. The camping trip sucked now. The cum that was between my legs wasn't from a guy, it was Mike's Great Dane. The dog humped me while I was passed out and my stupid friends took pictures of it. I think only Mike, Joey and Matt have the pictures and I really hope they don't spread them around.

AUGUST 3, 2002

I got my own copies of the pictures. That dog was huge, he was bigger than me and his dick was red and really weird. It dripped before he came and when he did cum there was this huge bulge at the end of it that must have been the size of a grapefruit. I think his dick was longer than Joey's too! I don't know if a dick shaped like that would feel weird or good.

AUGUST 12, 2002

One of my website fans sent me a picture he made today. It was a fake one but I can't stop looking at it. He took my body and face from one of my photo shoots and edited away my cloths. My nipples don't look right but that's just because he used some other chick's boobs. The picture has me about to take a big dick from behind and looks very real.

AUGUST 14, 2002

The artist sent me another picture today, this one made me delete him from my website. He edited on of my pictures and made two more, one had me under a horse with the horse dick above me, all the way up to my neck and the other picture was edited with the dick inside me and bulging out of my stomach. It looked very real but it was so nasty I deleted him for it. I keep looking at the pictures for some reason though.

AUGUST 24, 2002

I wrote another story today. I was feeling really dirty so I went all out with it. The story has me in this biker bar with a whole bunch of really big bikers. I'm wearing a tight and very short skirt and all of them keep looking at me. When I try to leave, they stop me and then rape me. It doesn't get too violent though because I'm not actually resisting much. In the end, all 20 bikers do me twice over and I'm a mess. I'm not sure I'd like this to actually happen because they would probably hurt me badly.

AUGUST 30, 2002

Sherry made me fist her today. It was soo hot I wanted her to do it to me too but I didn't want to be all stretched out of shape for Matt. Sherry was cumming like non-stop and I could feel her muscles squeezing my hand! It was the hottest thing I've ever done!

SEPTEMBER 17, 2002

School is back in! I'm meeting lots of new guys but some of them are young ones from the 9th grade. They're so easily intimidated by me, I just laugh at them. I have more fans than ever on my website. I'm getting so many emails a day that I barely have time to read them all, AND make out with Sherry and Matt. Somewhere in there I found time to write another story. In this one, I'm out horseback riding with Brad Pitt and he takes me in the meadow while the stallions watch. I get pretty nasty though and I make Brad Fist me! He's such a hunk!

SEPTEMBER 30, 2002

Busy, busy, busy. I love only one thing about school, Guys. I hate the homework and the teachers but I love the guys! There's so many to choose from. If I wasn't with Matt I might have a new guy every day! And it would be easy because they are just falling all over me every day. I could tell them all to piss off and there would be a whole new batch the next day hehe!

OCTOBER 15, 2002

I went to this party that was pretty far out of town. We heard that it was a college party and there would be lots of older good-looking guys there. Sherry and I went and when we got there, we found out it was for guys only! We smiled sweetly and they melted and let us both in hehehe! The guys were all crowded around both of us for most of the night and they kept asking if we'd put on a show for them. At first we wouldn't do it but after a few beers, we said what the hell and started french kissing in front of them. They all cheered but we drew the line when they told us to strip for them. Sherry and I couldn't drive home because we were too drunk but the owners of the house let us crash there. There were four guys in the house and all of them invited us to their rooms. Sherry went up and made out with two of them but I wasn't feeling good.

OCTOBER 18, 2002

One of the college guys called me up and invited me to another party. I called Sherry and she was excited to go again. She said those two guys fucked her so hard she got rug burn but still wanted more.

OCTOBER 19, 2002

The party wasn't a party. Those four guys just wanted some more action. Sherry went up and did her two guys again while the other two stayed and just hit on me all night. One of them started to get angry that I wouldn't fuck him and he pulled me up to his room and pushed me onto his bed. He was going to rip my cloths off but I stopped him and stripped for him instead. I liked my outfit and didn't want to ruin it. I gave him a blowjob and he came inside of 5 minutes only to be replaced by his roommate. That guy lasted longer and fucked me in the ass. If I had resisted them, I think they would have hurt me pretty badly; they were a lot bigger than me.

NOVEMBER 1, 2002

We all went to Mike's for a Halloween costume party this year. Nobody ever goes to Mike's so it was weird. I dressed up as a whore with makeup all over and high heels. I looked like such a slut. Mike's Great Dane remembered me right away and had a boner the whole night. All the guys made fun of me and said I shouldn't leave without relieving his frustrations. He jumped up on me and knocked me down one time because he's so big. He started humping wildly and everyone laughed. I couldn't get him off me until Mike and Matt pulled him off. Good thing because I think he was about to cum all over me. Then I would have looked like a real whore hahaha!

NOVEMBER 30, 2002

No time for updates in a while. I've been busy shopping for clothes, posing for my website, writing stories and making out with Matt and Sherry. Sherry's starting to get nastier by the day, she wants to try new things, bigger toys. One day we went all over the house looking for stuff we could use. We found cucumbers, bananas, hairspray bottles and who knows what else. We went crazy!!

JANUARY 3, 2003

Holy Crap I think this is the longest I ever went without writing in my diary. I got lots of new stuff for Christmas. I got a new computer, and Sherry got me some new toys! I have got to find out where she gets these things since she's still under age! One toy is like a clothespin but it pinches your clit and vibrates. Oh my GOD! It feels so awesome. I've cum so hard I squirted and I haven't done that in forever! The other toy is a red jelly dildo with two heads so we can share it!

New Years Eve party was great until Matt showed up. I was upstairs with this guy who gave me 50 pounds for a blowjob. I thought it was worth it and was going to tell Matt about it after. He didn't barge into the room but the rumors spread around the party and he found out. He was pissed but not as much as before.

JANUARY 21, 2003

My 18th birthday is coming up in just over a month and I'm preparing a new website to launch. When I'm 18, I just might show a little more skin to all my fans. I know they'll like it. Speaking of fans, I got another email from Mister Pervert. He hasn't sent me anything in a while and I found out why. He took every one of my photos from my website when I was just 16 and edited them all with dicks and cum. Some of them had dog dicks, horse dicks and manly dicks and almost all of the pictures looked fake. He wasn't as good as the other guy.

FEBRUARY 20, 2003

Almost my B-Day! I can't wait until I'm 18, then I can legally do anything I want! My new website is ready to launch too!

FEBRUARY 26, 2003

My friends had a wicked party for me. We all went to Joey's because his parents were out. I got pretty hammered and had to crash for the night. Matt stayed with me to make sure no hanky panky happened but it didn't work! Matt and Joey started arguing over me after everyone left and I said fuck you both and they said really? Just like that stupid movie. Next thing I knew, Matt had his 8 inches up my ass and Joey was squeezing his HUGE 9 and a half inches into my cunt! It was the best feeling, having two throbbing big dicks inside of me. We got into all kinds of interesting positions and I made both of them cum three times each before we quit.

FEBRUARY 28, 2003

Matt and Joey and I fucked all night again last night. It's like my sex life is renewed. I was getting bored of Matt for a while but not any more! Both these guys really hammer me hard and I cum so many times. I told Sherry and she is like totally proud of me.

MARCH 14, 2003

Trip to Florida! This year for spring break, Joey, Matt, Sherry and me are all going to Florida. It's going to be wild!

MARCH 23, 2003

I wish I could have brought my computer with me to update my diary. Instead I had to write some of it down on napkins but then my napkins were lost because some guy used them to clean the cum from his dick. Well what I remember is that there were drunk people everywhere, partying like there was no tomorrow. One guy recognized me from my website and I took him back to the hotel room. Matt and Joey followed us and watched as the guy fucked me. He didn't last long but got hard again really fast and did it again. After that, Matt and Joey took me at the same time while the other guy watched. I think he got his money's worth out of my new site!

Another night the same thing happened but this guy had no idea who I was; he just kept grabbing my ass and boobs all night. I took him back to the hotel and all three of them took me at the same time. I had Matt in my ass, Joey in my pussy, and this guy in my mouth. He's the one who used the napkins I was writing on.

On the last day we had a party in our hotel room with a bunch of guys and girls and I got really hammered and passed out on the couch. When I woke up, I was totally naked and had cum leaking out of me. Matt and Joey told me that three of the guys stayed behind after the party and fucked me while I slept. They didn't stop them because one of them said he had a gun and that they wanted to teach me for being a cocktease. They poured beer into my cunt and I was all sticky from it. I think it killed the sperm though, so I didn't get pregnant.

MARCH 30, 2003

I wrote a story about myself again. This one has me kidnapped and taken to a warehouse filled with fans from my website. They are all horny as hell and I fucked them all twice over. I think it was a little fake though because I think I had 50 guys or more. I would be so sore if I fucked that many guys!

APRIL 1, 2003

Today sucked. My friends played an APRIL fools joke on me and I didn't even catch on. We were at Mike's during our spare class and he had his Great Dane roaming around with a boner again. They told me that some guy on the internet offered to pay 500 pounds for a picture of a girl with his Great Dane. I agreed to do it but only if they didn't show my face. I got naked in the bedroom except for my panties and the dog started humping me again. Matt snapped some pictures and then the dog squirted all over me. He was like a garden hose with a never ending stream of cum. It soaked me and my panties totally. When it was over, Matt and Mike were laughing their asses off and told me there wasn't anybody willing to pay for that. I was so pissed. I had to go the rest of the day without panties under my skirt.

APRIL 2, 2003

I was over at Matt's after school today. He wasted no time developing those pictures with the dog. I'm so glad he develops his own pictures or there would be some really disgusted people at the photo shop. They didn't even try to hide my face in the pictures so I got pissed off at him. We started to argue and then I said I was taking all the pictures. He put them in his dresser drawer but I pushed him out of the way and took them.

APRIL 3, 2003

I'm so pissed again. When I took the pictures from Matt's drawer, I grabbed more than one pile. In one of the envelopes were 90 pictures, three whole rolls of me passed out and getting fucked by those three guys in Florida! They had close- ups of my face and pussy with cum leaking out and even with the beer bottle stuffed inside me. I was surprised I had taken it and even in some photos I had the thick end first! I don't know why I didn't wake up but now I think they drugged me. Not only that, but Matt and Joey both fucked me after the guys did! I'm going to Matt's tomorrow to give him shit for this.

APRIL 4, 2003

Well I gave Matt shit and then we had makeup sex. He told me how much of a turn on it was for him to see me getting fucked and he especially liked the beer bottle. He said that I came at least twice while they did me with that thing. Matt took me in the ass and while we were fucking, he reached over to his dresser and pulled out the beer bottle. He said it was the same one I had in me before. I didn't bother stopping him when he pushed it into my pussy. Gawd it was soo thick and tight, especially with this dick in my ass at the same time. It was painful when I came, but I liked it.

APRIL 15, 2003

Last night I was surfing the dirty sites and found one with a gorgeous girl that looked almost like Kathy, Sherry's old friend. I always liked her but she drifted away from us. Anyway the girl was getting fucked by a Great Dane and his big knot was slapping into her and making her cum, then right after that, she was going to be taken by a huge stallion. The site wanted me to sign up though, so I have a plan.

APRIL 16, 2003

I was at school talking to Mr. Evans today, my old science teacher. He said he was happy to see me and that he missed me. I told him I needed a credit card number to buy something and I would do anything for it. It wasn't long after that and we were in his office. Ever since I had to go to school without panties on because of that dog, I really liked it, so now I never wear panties, even if I have a skirt. It made for really easy access for Mr. Evans.

APRIL 17, 2003

Last night I used Mr. Evans credit card and signed up on that website. It had tons of videos of that girl with the horse and I downloaded all night. I don't know how many times I came while watching it, and I even squirted the screen. I don't think it ever squirted that far before, it must have been 3 or 4 feet! My dildo was getting too small so I started using a soda can. It's short, but really thick like the beer bottle!

APRIL 20, 2003

I wrote a story about myself tonight. I sort of continued my other story where I'm in a warehouse being fucked my 50 of my website fans. After all that action is done, I made all the guys fuck me with their beer bottles and then fist me until I cum! I could just imagine being fisted so many times in a row. I haven't even been fisted once yet. That's going to change soon I hope!

APRIL 23, 2003

I wrote EVEN MORE to my story again. This time after all the fisting is done, the guys bring in their Great Danes and German shepherds and rotweilers and they all fuck me. Mike's dog is so fast at humping I always wonder what it would be like.

MAY 15, 2003

School's almost out and I'll be done for good! That means more sexy poses for my website that's making me a TON of money now. Oh and more sex too!

JUNE 4, 2003

It's been a while since I updated. Matt and Joey keep on fucking. Those two guys are getting really good at getting me off! Matt just had to show Joey how I can take a whole beer bottle into my cunt and now every time we do it, Joey's got a beer bottle with him. Even Sherry is in on it and loves to use the beer bottle when we fuck. Both of us love the feeling of it stretching us.

JUNE 12, 2003

We had our first summer party after the prom. Things got a little crazy. Somebody spiked my drink with ecstasy and I went insane. Matt and Joey had nothing to do with it this time, but it might have been one of the three other guys I fucked that night. That shit just made everything seem erotic and I couldn't get enough satisfaction, even with Matt and Joey fucking me after the other three guys. One of those guys commented about how loose my pussy and ass were and called me a slut. I felt kind of dirty but didn't mind.

JULY 29, 2003

We were at Mike's again with his dog and his super boner. Mike was given some ecstasy at the party but never took it. Matt and Joey decided it was time for Mike to get in on the action with me. I liked Mike but I didn't want to fuck him, I didn't want to ruin our friendship. I knew I would not enjoy it so I agreed to take the ecstasy. What a mistake that was. Matt, Mike and Joey fucked me for about three hours straight. They kept all three of my holes completely filled the whole time. If one of them had to take a break, they'd shove the beer bottle into my cunt and the other two would do my mouth and ass. All of them came at least three times but I still wanted more. I was dripping for more because of that stupid drug. I was lying on the couch with my ass hanging over the edge when Mike's dog came trotting in with his boner as usual. He dove in and licked the cum from my pussy and ass. His tongue was awesome! It was so fast and like sand paper it drove me wild! I came hard and squirted right in his face. After that, he mounted me and fucked my cunt with his big dick. He only lasted a few minutes and his knot wouldn't fit inside me thank god! I was too involved in pleasure from the drug to care about what he was doing.

AUGUST 2, 2003

I hate my friends but I love them too. They recorded me fucking the dog with a video camera! They tried to tell me it wasn't hidden and was in plain view, I just didn't see it, but I didn't believe them. I keep watching the video over and over and it makes me wet. I remembered that dog had a hell of a tongue and a huge dong. I might go back to him some day!

AUGUST 20, 2003

I almost forgot about this thing. We went on another camping trip last weekend and had a lot of fun. It was me, Sherry, Matt, Mike, and Joey. With just the five of us, things got pretty raunchy. I let the guys in on our secret and they went crazy when they found out Sherry and I had been doing it since forever. We gave them a show and then had a huge orgy. It was awesome!

AUGUST 21, 2003

I thought I'd make up for my missing entries with another entry today. I have so many fans on my website, every single day they complement me on how cute I am. I can't let it go to my head so I just think to myself that if they were here, I'd probably give them what they wanted. After my photo shoot today, I continued my old story again. This time after the dogs do me, a whole herd of beautiful black stallions with huge cocks fuck me! I wish it wasn't such a taboo thing or I'd be out on the farm with those big dicks right now!


Sherry brought me a new toy today and was desperate to try it out on me. She knew how much I liked the beer bottle so she found a dildo that was just as thick but 12 inches long! My god it was great. She fucked me with it for two hours and I must have come 10 times. At one point, she said there was only an inch of its length left but it wouldn't go any further. After that, Sherry took the whole thing. She's taller than me so I guess she's deeper too. I almost lost it inside her and had to fist her to get it out.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2003

My computer has been acting a little funny lately. I think I have a virus or something but my virus scanner won't pick it up. It worked well enough for me to write another story about myself though. This time, after the horses took me in the warehouse, all my fans had special toys they wanted to try out on me. I couldn't think up 50 different toys so I just described the big ones. I had one that was almost as big as my leg! hehe I don't think that's possible but if it were...

OCTOBER 17, 2003

I've been getting a lot of extra email the last little while; all of them are from perverted guys wanting to get laid. They call me a slut and stuff and then describe what they're going to do to me. I even got more from Mister Pervert who I haven't heard from in a while, he said he was going to do so much stuff to me that I wouldn't be able to walk! I don't know why all of a sudden I'm getting so many emails, maybe it was my last photo shoot. It was pretty sexy!

NOVEMBER 12, 2003

My computer is still acting weird. I had Matt over to look at it, but he said it was fine. He started snooping around and I had to stop him from looking in My Documents. I have all my stories and the pictures I scanned from Florida and of me with the dog. I didn't want him to know that I saved them all.

NOVEMBER 15, 2003

I added more to my story today. After all those toys go through me, the guys bring all of those gorgeous stallions back and I fuck two of them at the same time. I don't think it would work out, but I thought it would be cool if one horse lay on his back and I laid on his stomach with his dick in me and let the other horse take me from behind. In another part, I lean over a bench with two horses over top and they bend their cocks in to fuck me! Another time they take me from the front, in my mouth, and behind. That would hurt I think! I think I might even be able to take the two horses above me, and use the one laying down as a bench!! Then three horses go at it! hehe no way that could happen, there's nothing to hold me in place. My story is pretty crazy now. Too bad it will never come true!

NOVEMBER 29, 2003

I found a really nasty website on the internet with this girl known as the stretching queen. She's insane! In one scene, she has two girls shove three whole hands into her. I think I'm much too small for that. I still have to get someone to fist me with one hand!

DECEMBER 10, 2003

I can't bring myself to ask Sherry to fist me. I know she would jump at it but I've always been a little tamer than her and I would feel like a total slut if I made her do that. Maybe another time though.

DECEMBER 29, 2003

Almost 2004! We've got a crazy new years party planned and I can't wait to try out the new toy that Sherry got for me. It's a fake dog dick with an inflatable knot and everything! We're planning to try it out during our New Years Eve orgy. It's going to be just the five of us again.

JANUARY 3, 2004

My god, I can barely walk. My twat is so sore from that dildo and all the fucking we did. The dog dildo wasn't as big as Mike's dogs but it was still big. I think the knot was the size of a baseball when it was inflated and the shaft was about 8 inches long. It felt good until the guys started getting rough with me. They were just ramming it in and out and juices were flying all over. My lips turned red and raw because they each took turns and fucked me for over an hour with that one toy. Even Sherry used it on me pretty rough.

JANUARY 24, 2004

Sherry finally fisted me! I didn't even have to ask her. We were just making out with the toys last night and she started fingering me and soon she had her whole hand working inside. It felt so great; I could feel all her fingers wiggling around inside me. I came hard and coated her whole arm with my juices.

FEBRUARY 10, 2004

All my orgy friends keep telling me they've got a surprise organized for my birthday but won't tell me what it is. My birthday is in just two weeks and the thought of what they have planned is driving me nuts.

FEBRUARY 20, 2004

Shit, I can't get enough of Sherry's fist. I think her hand is just too small. I might ask one of the guys to do it later, but I think their hands might be too big. This big thing they have planned for my birthday is still on my mind. I know it's something sexual but I just don't know what exactly.

FEBRUARY 24, 2004

Tomorrow's the day, and we're leaving tonight! I'm going to update my diary as soon as I get back. I don't know where we are going but they're going to blindfold me so it's a surprise.

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