A Little Different
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a much too familiar problem for many men: He wants to but it wont.

"Will it be all right if Louise comes over?" Lisa asked me.

"Sure. I'd planned to do a little work on the car anyway."

Lisa was - and is - my wife and Louise was her best friend. I liked Louise, but when the two of them were together they would either be acting like silly schoolgirls or talk about boring things like clothes, gossip and their mutual interest: books. I read, too, but mainly factual books and if I read fiction I read crime. Lisa and Louise read romantic stuff, not exclusively, but those were usually the kind of books they discussed. In other words: they preferred to talk without having to look at the bored expression on my face, and I preferred to do something useful while they chatted.

Louise came over around three o'clock and we all had a cup of coffee before I went out into the garage to work on the car. It wasn't much, just a little scratch on the left door I wanted to fix before the rust attacked. I had a nice big garage fitted with just about everything I needed to do normal maintenance on our car. I was not a home mechanic, if you know what I mean, but I could do small things like change an airfilter. The only thing needed in the garage was running water; I had to go into the kitchen.

The kitchen was next to the living room where Lisa and Louise were chatting away. It was never my intention to sneak in unnoticed and eavesdrop on their conversation, but either I was very quiet or they thought I couldn't hear them. I heard them, but the words passed through me until a few caught my attention.

"... I want, you know, something to happen. You know, do it a little different."

It was Lisa's voice and Louise replied.

"What do you mean? In bed?"



"I don't know. I mean, Tom is more or less my first," Lisa said.

I'm Tom. Lisa and I met when we were eighteen and got married at the tender age of twenty. Neither of us were terribly experienced when we met and it had never been a problem, or so I thought.

"I thought it was okay with the two of you," Louise said.

"It is! It doesn't matter, really. It's just... it's nothing, really. Did you read Fay Weldon's new novel?"

Perhaps Louise could hear it as well. I could; the disappointment in Lisa's voice. I went out again. It hurt at first. I didn't realise until that moment, but one of worst things you can tell a man is that he is boring in bed. Then I felt angry. We made love two to three times a week and I always thought of her first. Not only that but it was always me who had to take the initiative and it was never me who was too tired to make love. What was wrong? What was it she wanted?

Our lovemaking followed a pattern; she was right about that. We cuddled up close together. I usually began to caress her tits. My hand would move down to her pussy and start "warming her up". When she was ready I would enter her while I still stimulated her clit. After she had climaxed we would either continue in this position or I would get on top of her. It varied a little. Sometimes it would last ten minutes, sometimes an hour. What was wrong? This question led to new questions: if she wanted more, what was it and would it be something I wanted, too? Did I want things to be different?

My anger slowly disappeared while I began thinking about what I wanted. For beginners it would be nice if she showed a little initiative and interest in sex sometimes. She was interested in sex. She wasn't just lying there, waiting for me to do my thing and get it over with. It was just that I always had to start it. I wondered how she would react if I said I was too tired?

Perhaps it would also be fun to do it at a different time of day and in another place. We had showered together once a long time ago and it had been so much fun. It was after a party and we'd both been slightly intoxicated. Lisa was more relaxed when she'd had a few drinks. I did bring it up later but Lisa had some vague excuse about the shower stall being too small and that was the end of it. I had tried to seduce her a couple of times in the middle of the day and even in the morning, but she always had some excuse for not doing it.

The more I thought about it, the more unfair it seemed to be that she complained to Louise about our love life being too monotonous. If anyone was to blame, it was she, not me. My anger grew again and I almost polished the paint I had applied right off again.

There was one thing I had never suggested: oral sex. I had done it with one of the two girls I had known before I met Lisa. Back then, I thought of it as a pre-intercourse form of sex, meaning that at the time we did it, we hadn't gone all the way yet. Once I had tried the real thing I sort of forgot about oral sex, but lately it had crossed my mind and I remembered it as being very enjoyable. Lisa and I had never done it and I didn't know if Lisa had tried it at all. Perhaps I had been too shy to bring it up. In the four years we had known each other we had never really talked about our sex life.

That evening we watched a movie on the telly until late. After the movie Lisa yawned and said that she was awfully tired. I didn't bother to suggest anything.

Sunday morning after breakfast, Lisa took a bath. She came out wearing her short bathrobe. It only just covered her lovely buttocks and made her look very sexy. I moved up behind her and began massaging her shoulders. She liked that and leaned back against me. So far so good. I gave her shoulders a good massage before I moved my hands down the opening in the front and cupped her breasts.

"Perhaps we should go back to bed," I whispered in her ear.

She didn't protest. I could feel her nipples grow harder and I began to gently tease them between my fingers. It was part of our normal foreplay and she usually loved it. Her nipples were sensitive and sometimes it was enough to tease them with my fingers and tongue to make her wet and ready. Perhaps this time...

"I got to get dressed," she said and snaked out of my arms. She was blushing and giggling shyly as she disappeared towards the bedroom, leaving me more frustrated than I had been the day before.

It just wouldn't leave my mind. It made me frustrated, excited, and angry, but it couldn't forget her remark. Apparently I wasn't doing the right thing. I thought of a million things I could do until I finally decided that the only way was to talk about it. We were both adults, we were married, and we should be able to talk about it like adults. My main problem was how I was going to bring the subject up without admitting that I had listened in on their conversation. It took me another day to figure out.

Suddenly it hit me: Perhaps Lisa knew I was in the kitchen and could hear her. I was simply going to tell her that I overheard the conversation and ask her what she meant. Easy, really, but it proved hard to find the right time to bring it up. At last, on Friday evening, Lisa mentioned Louise' visit the previous Saturday and I took the opportunity.

"When I went into the kitchen to get some water, I heard you say something to Louise about missing something when we make love. I never heard the end of it. What is it you're missing?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

Lisa blushed furiously. "I... it was... I mean, it was just..."

I interrupted her. "Come on. I want it to be as good for you as you are for me. Please tell me."

"I... I'm not really sure. I... Just feel that I - we could do things, you know, perhaps different."

"But you never want to do anything except when we do it the way we usually do."

I felt the anger rise within me and tried hard not to let it show.

"I do. I just don't know... how."

"Every time I try to do something, like Sunday, when you came out of the shower, you reject me," I said.

I said it harsher than I had intended to and she looked hurt.

"But I do want to. I just... I wanted to but I couldn't let go. Perhaps if you had been more persistent..."

"How am I to know when you don't want to and when you want to? It's not like I can read you mind and I don't want to bleeding rape you!"

Lisa looked down at the floor and I could see that I had really hurt her feelings.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Love. I didn't mean to yell at you. It's just so frustrating sometimes. I will do anything you want to, but it's impossible if I don't know what you want."

I pulled Lisa close to me and hugged her, while I silently cursed myself for overreacting this way. We sat in silence for a while until Lisa cleared her throat and looked up at me.

"Do you think sex with me is boring?" she asked.

I was taken by surprise.

"Me? No. I mean, sometimes it would be nice if we... sort of..."

I found myself wavering as much as Lisa did. Neither of us were very good at it; talking about sex. Why did it have to be so hard to talk about sex with my own wife? I had talked about sex numerous times with guys and at parties with people I hardly knew, no problem, but now I was blushing and couldn't get the words out. I really wanted to say a lot more, but the words stuck in my throat. I seriously tried to pull myself together.

"We could vary it a little, like do it in the middle of the day and not necessarily do it in the bed, if you know what I mean," I said and added: "but only if you want to, too."

I could feel my cheeks burning. At least it was a beginning.

"I know I haven't been behaving like I want to, but I do and I'll try not to run away," Lisa said.

She made it sound like a sacrifice, maybe because she still was upset.

"I don't want to push you to do something you don't want to do," I said.

I could feel the irritation rise again within me, but I manage to hide it this time.

"Why don't you tell me what you want?" I continued. "You are allowed to take the first step, too."

I said the last part with a smile to ease up the tension.

"I just want to keep you, always. I don't want you to grow tired of me," she hesitated, "and perhaps I also want to be less... restrained. It's just so difficult to let go."

"Why? We know each other and you know I would never grow tired of you. There's no reason to be so shy about it."

I found it as hard as she did, and it was as much an encouragement to myself as it was to her.

"I'll try," Lisa said. "Just be patient with me."

She smiled and snuggled up close to me with her head in my lap. We had the telly turned on because we had planned to see a movie, but it was pretty boring and I couldn't really concentrate. I stroked Lisa's hair, feeling generally relieved that we had finally talked about it, when I noticed that her breathing was slow and deep. She had fallen asleep. Even though I had planned for us to have sex, I couldn't really get worked up about it. She looked so cute, lying with her head in my lap. I didn't want to wake her up, but I was beginning to feel sleepy as well. I gently woke her and we went to bed.

I thought about things that we might do, if I could get myself to say it to Lisa. Before I fell asleep I convinced myself that it wasn't so hard after all and I would prove it to Lisa and myself in the morning.

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