How High a Price: A Conclusion
Conclusion 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Conclusion 1 - Another conclusion to the Troubador's story 'How High a Price?'

On Monday morning Early went to work at the usual time and upon arrival checked his mail finding his company Visa statement and when seeing the hotel account for his last trip listed he suddenly thought what surprises Susan's Visa statement might contain. He told Carole to cancel his days appointments and went home and went into the den/home office where he looked for and found her statements.

He checked out the last 12 months statements and found that about every 2 to 3 weeks there were entries for a days accommodation at a middle of the road motel, the Welcome Inn situated about 15 minutes from Susan's office. He then rang a private investigator he knew through work and asked to meet him at lunch time at a nearby coffee shop. He found a recent photo of Susan and went back to work until lunch time when he met with Laurie the PI and told him of his suspicions and asked that he go to the motel and see if he could get a description or name of anyone Susan may have been there with.

Laurie rang him late afternoon and said he was lucky that a $50.00 bribe had opened the clerk's memory and he got a reasonable description of the woman who had been meeting Susan there fairly regularly. After racking his mind as to who the woman could be, Early thought of Jennifer and suddenly it clicked remembering the little private chats and extended visits to the restroom that the 2 women seemed to constantly have when they were either at work functions or when the 2 couples dined together.

He felt that this was the ultimate betrayal, her choosing another woman for sex instead of him. Hetero adultery he allowed was bad but not earth shatteringly bad, whereas same sex adultery was the lowest card in the pack.

At home that night they spoke to each other only when absolutely necessary and that night slept again in their separate beds.

Next morning, he Tuesday contacted the law firm which handled his companies business and was put through to an acquaintance Tim, who handled the family law side of the practice and set up a meeting with him for 11.00am that morning. He told him of the 2 instances he definitely knew of and she had admitted to where she had stayed in both cases 2 days and nights with John Strickner and John Stockton and also of the trysts with Jennifer at the motel where he was confident that sexual liaisons had taken place. Why else would they meet in such a situation?

He asked Tim to act on his behalf and arrange for their bank accounts to be frozen mid morning the following day Wednesday and to freeze all cards except her Visa card which was in her name only, the other cards being in both names. He gave Tim written authority to do this. He also arranged for $10, 000 to be transferred to a new account in his name only. He then arranged with a local locksmith to change the house locks mid morning Wednesday also and then he arranged with Carole to move his appointments so that he could be missing until lunch time so that he could let the locksmith in.

He decided then and there that he was going to give her as much grief and humiliation as possible due to her behaviour so he set that ball rolling that night Tuesday when they were in their separate beds he made sure that she could hear him masturbating and when she commented on his doing that when she was there for him he just said that he was scared on STD's and goodness knows what she had picked up through her dalliances. Her sobbing went on until he fell asleep and could hear her no longer.

He awoke at the usual time Wednesday morning and followed his usual routine except for going into the office. He drove around for a while and returned home around 9.30am to wait for the locksmith who arrived at 10.00am and spent the next 90 minutes changing and upgrading all the locks. He then sat down with a coffee and rang Susan's mother and told her an abridged version of what was happening and felt uneasy when she broke down when she realised what a trollop her only child was. He arranged to meet with her in a few days time to talk to her about the lose/lose situation he was in.

Early then rang one of the other partners of her employer and gave him also an abridged version of the current situation. The partner was extremely angry that she and Jennifer had compromised the firm's good name in such a way and he also of course knew of her affairs with the 2 Johns.

He then rang Jennifer's husband Brian at work and filled him in on his findings and Brian went absolutely ballistic after a period of silence and told Early that he had known something was not quite right for some time and although he had checked the dirty laundry basket several times he could not find any sign of her having been with another man and now he knew why.

Early got home at the usual time late afternoon and waited for Susan to attempt to enter the house and he would be able to twist the knife a little more. His car was, unknown to her, in the garage and she noticed that the automatic door opener would not work to allow her to park her BMW beside his but did not take much notice of that alone. At this stage she did not know whether he was home or not. When her key would not open either the front or back doors it still did not click with her so she rang their home phone from her cell phone and could hear it ringing with no answer so she rang Early's cell phone which he answered immediately. She told him that she could not gain admittance to the house and he then told here that he had had the locks changed and suggested that she could stay at the Welcome Inn Motel where he knew they would accept her Visa card. Her scream was quite audible to him inside at her hearing this and she collapsed in a heap at the front door and he let her lay there, watching from an upper storey window. When she came around he rang her and he told here that this was only the start of what she was going to suffer and suggested that she get a lawyer as she would certainly need one. He also quoted the passage from the prenuptial agreement which states "that in the event of adultery by either party, the other party would be granted an uncontested divorce, custody of any children, ownership of all properties both real personal including jewellery, furniture, homes, cars and virtually everything except clothes," and told her that he would adhere to the agreement to the letter as he was sure that she would have if he had been the adulterer.

The next day the shit hit the fan at Susan and Jennifer's office with both of them being sacked on the spot. John Stockton was severely censured by the other partners and it was suggested very strongly that he took early retirement.

The following Saturday Susan rang Early and asked if she could come and speak to him. He told her that she was never setting foot in the house again but gave in to her pleading and arranged to meet her at a local coffee shop at 3.00pm. When she walked in he noticed that she looked like shit, her face was lacklustre and even her shoulders drooped.

They went through the current scenario and she agreed not to contest the divorce or contest the prenuptial agreement and he told her that although he had not taken out an intervention order, he would if she tried to enter the home or harass him. The points he made to her were that by her reluctance to honour their wedding vows, and her failure to be able keep her knees together she had forfeited which was to then a good marriage, good home, a good social life, more than adequate money, a good job and career, and the respect of her former friends and their mutual friends.

Being a city of around only 90, 000 the word had spread and she became a social pariah, and she became virtually unemployable except in menial minimum wage positions like waitressing and checkout operating. She told him that John Stockton would not accept responsibility for the child and with her knowing that her financial situation would be precarious for possibly the rest of her life she had an abortion. This sent her further into a depressed state and she even contemplated suicide but thankfully did not take that drastic step.

They parted in a civil manner with her begging him to trust her again and take her back. He told her 3 times bitten, 4 times shy.

Early returned to his single life and started dating again, nothing serious but at most times enjoyable. After the split up he started to leave home a half hour earlier in the morning and have a hot breakfast at a diner near the office, have his lunch at his desk and most nights have dinner at a nearby hotel which served good value nutritional meals, thereby only having to feed himself at weekends. After some time he started to notice that a pretty but not especially beautiful woman around his age had her breakfast also at the same diner and they started to nod to each other and then bid each other good morning and after a couple of weeks when the diner was packed they were put in a position where Early asked if her if he could use the vacant chair at her table. Her name was Belinda. She agreed and they started eating together each morning and became increasingly familiar with each other until Early asked her to have dinner with him the following night, a Friday night. She said she would love to and he agreed to pick her up at 7.00pm at her apartment.

They had a great time and they swapped their stories with Early not being too explicit in his case. She spoke of her relationship of 2 years breaking up recently and each sensed that the other had been badly burnt. They kept seeing each other and eventually Susan asked him to visit her home for a home cooked meal to which he quickly agreed. Their relationship problems were not mentioned and they had a very nice evening with them kissing as he left.

They started frequently having meals at each others homes and after a few weeks they grew more comfortable with each other with quite a bit of old fashioned necking until their hormones took over one night and he stayed the night with them making love gently and passionately.

They started spending their weekends together either going on trips for the weekend or just crashing at one or the others home. They were both a bit cautious about committing and hesitantly Early asked her to move in with him. She did and the only thing missing in their lives and romance was a marriage certificate.

They dined out at a very nice restaurant one night and who should be waiting on their table but Susan. She looked like something the cat had dragged in and she spoke in a nasally whine, such was her low self-esteem. Early was very polite and introduced her to Belinda as his ex wife. At last there was closure.

When they got home Early found that a great weight had been lifted from his being and felt that Belinda was the one he could spend the rest of his life with. Little did he know that she had felt the same way for quite a while and had been hoping and praying that the air would clear between them and they could commit.

Early ran into Jennifer's ex husband Brian one day and Brian told him that after the dual spit up, Jennifer and Susan had shared a small apartment for a few weeks but it did not last, with Jennifer returning to her home town in an endeavour to make a fresh start and escape the stigma she had suffered due to her actions.

At this moment Belinda and Early have been married for just over a year after having lived together for 7 months and they are expecting their first child.

Early is on top of the world and Susan is doing it hard. If only she could have used her leg muscles to keep her knees clamped together when she should have.

Early had had a very good relationship with his ex mother-in-law Eleanor, and whilst they did not visit each other even living in the same city, they kept in touch by telephone, with Early sending her small gifts on her birthday and at Christmas. She did the same for him. She had just celebrated her 50th birthday, the big 5 zero.

Although Susan was her only child and Eleanor was devastated over her adulterous actions precipitating Susan's loss of her husband, marriage, potential for having children, lifestyle, career, her happiness, and her ability to hold her head up high, she still loved her daughter unreservedly and was utterly disturbed as she learnt via the "grapevine" of her new lifestyle.

Susan had been in a couple of very short term relationships with men best described as "unsavoury", one of whom had coerced her into prostituting herself for his benefit to finance his "habit". Although at last she had also found part time work as a clerk, the pay was minimal and her constant illnesses wrought havoc with her finances. She needed the extra money the whoring gave her.

The illnesses could mainly be attributed to her botched abortion that the scumbag Stickner had arranged and paid for as his parting "gift" to her.

Apparently he had sabotaged her diaphragm, just for fun.

She relied on the diaphragm because she could not tolerate birth control pills.

The decision to abort was the result of her being treated as a pariah within the business community and being unable to secure work in any company of any substance and his refusal to contribute to the child's upbringing because of his own financial predicament brought about by his sacking from the Practice. He was unable to secure a well paying job because the "legal brotherhood' had also blackballed him throughout the profession.

When Early and Belinda's baby was almost due, it was learnt that Belinda had a heart problem which the doctors, if they had known of the heart condition in the first few weeks of her pregnancy, would have advised her to have a termination, but this was not to be.

Someone said to Early that slags had abortions and nice women had terminations.

To everyone's distress, Belinda died whilst giving birth to darling little Ruby Belle, and of course, whilst Ruby was still in hospital for tests to her heart it enabled Early to make arrangements for Belinda's funeral and Ruby's future care. When Early took her home, he was overwhelmed by his friend's and neighbour's help in settling father and daughter into a comfortable routine.

Eleanor came to be a tower of strength considering that she had only recently lost her husband Jack to a long battle with cancer.

Early took his annual holidays and paternity leave to establish a regimen for Ruby's childcare requirements and on his return to work, would deliver her to a reputable childcare facility at 7.30am on his way to work and collect her on his way home around 6.00pm. The care facility was first class, but Early was upset that, for 52 out of 168 hours in the week, nearly a third of her week was spent in what was virtually an institution, and not with those who loved her.

One Saturday morning while he and then 6 months old Ruby were doing their weekly shopping at a mall about equidistant from his and Eleanor's homes, he ran into her and they went to the nearest coffee shop where Eleanor absolutely was delighted with, what under different circumstances, she had hoped could one day have been her grand daughter. But again, this was not to be.

Early noticed that she was not her usual cheerful self, and when he asked her why, she told him that Jack's long running battle with cancer had taken all their savings and she had sold everything she could including her car, but all she had left was a small pension from his superannuation and the house. She was about to put her house on the market, as she could neither afford the rates and taxes on it or the utilities necessary to enable her to live there. Her plan was to sell the house to finance her old age, and if possible to secure a live-in job which would give her accommodation and a small wage. This, with her pension would enable her to live at least with a modicum of security.

Of course, many other women in her situation had the same idea, and the future did not look bright for her plans of securing such a live-in position, whether child minding, housekeeping or cooking or whatever.

She had replied to many advertisements but was unsuccessful; generally not even receiving a reply.

Early drove her home and was nearly back to his home when it suddenly hit him. Eleanor would be perfect for his needs, looking after Ruby, thus saving on the very expensive childcare, whilst maintaining his house and cooking for him and Ruby. He said to himself, "I'm a bloody genius".

He turned around, went back to her home and laid it on her.

In an instant, she agreed and they came to an agreement on conditions and a wage equitable to both.

Eleanor was 50 and she looked 50, with a figure, which brought the words "Rubinesque" "motherly" or "well covered" to mind, but was a lovely person who became an integral part of the home immediately, and loved being part of it.

She let Susan know of her new living status and she garnered from her phone conversations with her that her daughter was desperately unhappy with her present lot, and her self esteem was as low as it could possibly be.

The fact that she had just been thrown onto the street by her latest and very abusive lover had had her contemplating suicide, thankfully with her not taking that desperate step.

The three ate out once a week, Early always having been of the mind that a child should not cramp the parent's doing normal things, like eating out or having holidays and so on, so within reason, Ruby was being brought up to be included in things which would stand her in good stead as she grew older. One warm Friday evening, Early and Eleanor walked to the local steak house with Ruby in her pusher for a nice meal and a few drinks; Ruby's her bottle and theirs a few red wines.

After having her bottle, the baby nodded off to sleep, and the nice "easy to listen to" music did not disturb her so they stayed for a while with Early and his ex-mother-in-law getting a bit of a glow on.

Driving home was not a problem as they had walked the kilometre or so, and the 2 adults were quite mellow, due to the nice meal, nice wine and the nice company.

When they returned home after a slightly wobbly walk, they changed Ruby and put her down for the night.

As they both bobbed up from kissing Ruby goodnight, they bumped their heads together and on hearing Eleanor crying out from the sharp pain, he rounded the bassinet and held her, apologising for hurting her.

As he held her, she broke down and cried, not with pain, but for joy.

She sobbed out to him that although Jack had been a good provider and husband, he had had many affairs of which he thought she was unaware, and she had never felt 100% secure in her marriage. She assumed now that Susan had inherited her father's promiscuity gene if there was such a gene.

With him walking her to a lounge room couch, and with her ensconced in his arms, she told him that her life had changed from one of worries with her finances, her previous insecurities with her marriage, the loss of her husband, and the reprehensible behaviour of her only child, to one where she felt secure, had a purpose in life looking after the little cherub Ruby, a relatively sound financial situation, a nice place to live and a wonderful kind man to look after.

To this day they cannot define how they started kissing and eventually, in a nanosecond, undressed each other, still in the lounge room, and after a frenzied few minutes of exploring each other's bodies whilst laying down onto the carpet, they fucked each other, raw animal fucking.

Early had heard that the reasons it was brilliant shagging a post menopausal woman is that:

  1. They don't tell,

  2. They don't swell,

  3. They're as grateful as hell,

  4. They don't yell.

But, Eleanor did yell. She was very excited when she had her first orgasm in a long time. Still, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

As a bonus, older women generally have subliminal thoughts that this particular sex act may be their last ever, and so put everything into it.

They were overwhelmed, Early having his first non-masturbatory sex in several months, and Eleanor having her first sex of any type for some years.

When they had returned to Planet Earth, she led him to what had been the bedroom he had shared with her daughter and they slept in a warm embrace until Ruby woke them at around 5.00am with a wet bottom.

Eleanor went across the hall and changed her, and when she returned to Earl's bed, the consensus of opinion was that it was too early to get up, and too late to go back to sleep.

Long slow loving sex was what they did filling in the time, until Ruby woke them again for her breakfast around 7.00am.

After feeding her they propped the bathroom door open so they could hear Ruby if necessary, and when they entered the shower together, Early found that in the light of day, his new lover definitely had a 50 year old body, but it was fairly firm and although she sagged a bit here and there, she was not a throwaway. He discovered that although he was about 4 inches taller than her, it was possible to doggy fuck her if she stood on tiptoes leaning towards the shower wall resting her hands on it, and he spread his feet apart a bit.

The sight of her pendulous 50-year-old breasts swinging back and forth and side to side was probably as erotic as anything he had ever experienced, even with Susan.

After a little while, he grasped her breasts from behind her and gave them the "treatment", again causing her to yell out in exultation, whether from the fucking or the manipulation of her breasts, or both.

After breakfast, they loaded Ruby and her bassinet and drove off in the SUV for a day at the beach about 50 kilometres away where they had a long discussion about the fact that they loved each other as members of an extended family love each other, but neither were "in love" with the other and they decided to see where their paths led them without any commitment other than her looking after the baby and house. The expected regular shagging was seen as a bonus.

Eleanor had moved in to the master bedroom and Early discovered that she was an adventurous and very passionate woman and they both thrived on their new circumstances.

Ruby was in a next-door bedroom and she could be heard by use of an intercom linked to the master bedroom, kitchen and lounge room.

One Friday evening after a few drinks and a meal with the guys from work, Early came home to find Eleanor in a distressed state, and on quietening her down learnt that Susan had been arrested for soliciting and as she had no access to funds for bail, she was being remanded until Monday's hearing. Of all people she solicited, she had to choose the local bible thumping, morals crusading politician.

Early immediately went to the police station with card and cash, where he secured her release pending her Monday hearing.

She was distraught, and looked like shit. Dirty, drawn, scratched, bruised and utterly demoralised.

He did not need to think anything through and took her home with him where her mother bathed her, tended to her injuries, fed her, and only when she awoke from 12 hours sleep they talked at length about this critical stage in her life, actually both their lives.

Early rang his lawyer friend Tim and gave him the pertinent facts and asked that he do what he could for her.

On Saturday afternoon, Tim came to the house and they discussed her brush with the law. Although he was a corporate lawyer and was not up to speed with this type of case, he drew information from a couple of his lawyer buddies who were conversant with the handling of this kind of offence.

After considerable cogitation, he advised that she should plead guilty to the solicitation charge as she had been nailed clean and clever for that, and as a first offence it should only attract a moderate fine but most likely no conviction as the presence of a lawyer at her hearing would take the sharp edges of the matter.

Their advice was that as she had never been charged with prostitution, that would be a non-event as long as Tim did her talking and she did not risk putting her foot in it by slipping up by saying anything at all.

The 4 lounged around the house all weekend with Eleanor sleeping in "her" room, with Susan sleeping in the other bed in that room.

Early, of course slept alone in the big bed.

Susan was enchanted with Ruby and seeing the lovely little girl made Susan realise even more what not keeping her knees together had brought on her.

Early, Ruby and Eleanor accompanied Susan and Tim to the hearing and her obvious remorse and Tim's representation meant that she was fined $50.00 with costs and no conviction recorded. The fact that the magistrate wrongly assumed that Ruby was Susan's child did not hurt the case either.

Tim and Early went on to work, and the others returned home.

That evening, Early took Susan out to dinner and they had a heart-to-heart during which Early told her that although he had never stopped loving her, he could never trust her again and that she was welcome to stay until;

She had regained her health and
She had secured proper accommodation and a job.

He would stake her until she was financially independent, hinting that it was payment in lieu of the 10 happy years they had until she fucked up; put bluntly; it was payment for 10 years sexual services.

That was really twisting the knife, but several months ago, she had hurt him very badly too.

They had a lovely meal and a couple of drinks and on the way home, after her suggesting that they could have sexual relations again, he twisted the knife a little more and told her that he never had, and never would risk contracting STD's and that to be perfectly honest he was enjoying the commitment free sexual relationship he was having with her mother.

On hearing this, Susan spun around in the car seat and went for his eyes, with fortunately very short fingernails, calling him an evil incestual deviate bastard.

He stopped the car, and holding onto her hands to prevent her injuring him, he pointed out that:

He was single.
Eleanor was single.
At this time neither had no commitment to remain monogamous but were doing so.
As he was now single, and as his present relationship was with a person who had only been at one stage related by marriage, there was no incest.
And most importantly, Eleanor did not sleep around, thereby creating a health risk.

As he put it this way, Susan was utterly deflated because he was 100% correct, and she knew that to pursue it would only have her probably suffer feeling the twist of a knife further.

When they got home, Susan rushed to her mother, hugged her and blubbered out her remorse and told her she was very lucky woman to have Early as a friend and lover and that she loved them and Ruby with all her heart.

Months went by and they all lived in harmony and Eleanor started dating the manager of the local supermarket, and several weeks later she told Early that she envisaged having sex with Ralph and she believed that she would in all probability move in with and most likely marry him, as she was completely comfortable with him and although she and Early made glorious love, the nearly 20 year age difference was matter of concern really to both of their lives.

Early did not want to jeopardise the relationship between Eleanor and Ralph, so he guided her thoughts around to her vacating his bed for everybody's sake.

Ralph had been invited to dinner one evening a bit later on and Eleanor dropped a bombshell on them telling them that she and Ralph were being married in 2 weeks time and they wanted Susan to be Matron of Honour, Early to be Best Man.

She dropped a bigger bombshell when she stated that seeing that Susan was still living there, she should give up the menial job she had and take over from her as cook and housekeeper and that if she and Early had any sense, they should try to the utmost to regain what they had had until she fucked up.

Susan had never heard her mother swear in her life and as Eleanor took Ralph into the kitchen ostensibly to help wash up the dinner dishes, Susan and Early both burst into tears and rushed to each other, holding each other in a death grip.

Early went to the kitchen and told the others that he and Susan were going off to spend a night together to see if they could overcome their problems and perhaps even resume their lives somewhat as before and even if this was not possible, Susan could stay on and perhaps time would cure the wounds caused by her adultery and his sticking the shit into her when she was so vulnerable.

Ralph said that he would stay the night to help looking after Ruby as long as they could sleep on the master bedroom's super king sized bed. They may or may not sleep though.

The upshot of all this was that the motel manager had to warn Susan and Early about the noise of their rutting disturbing the guests in the 2 rooms on either side of theirs.

Thank goodness that Susan made no comment on Earle's insistence on using condoms, which he obtained from a machine in the corridor.

Instead of Ruby waking the oldies at home, they woke her several times with the noises of their rutting.

It was a tenuous situation for Early and Susan, and it took about 6 months for them to become comfortable with their situation but although they became lovers again, Early felt he could never fully trust her and whilst there was definitely deep love between them, they did not remarry but remain monogamous.

Their biggest stumbling block that by doing what she did, the abortion resulting from her actions rendered it impossible that they could ever have children even if they returned to the situation which existed before the John Stickner episode.

Incidentally, they learnt that Stickner's wife took him to the cleaners and he was now reputedly living out of, around and in dumpsters.

At this point in time, marriage it starting to come up at times in day-to-day talk, and Ruby has started calling Susan Mummy.


If Susan had not allowed herself to be taken in by a lecher.
If she had not had the abortion.
If Eleanor had disowned her.
If Susan had committed suicide.
If Early had not bailed her out and provided legal help.
If he had not taken her in and put a roof over her head.
If he had not wanted to have anything more to do with her.
If he had ever fallen out of love for her.
If Jack had not died.
If Eleanor had not met up with Early that day at the mall.
If Eleanor had not met Ralph.

If my Auntie had had balls, she would have been my Uncle.

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