In Love and War
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A threesome relationship is disrupted by the appearance of a third woman over the holidays.

The wind continued to howl with the winter storm as I hunched in my chair in front of the computer, trying to put the words to paper. The chapter was not coming as smoothly as I wanted it to, and the frustration was threatening to turn into full-blown writer's block. I sighed and deleted most of the last page I'd typed. Character development is normally my strong point, but my wife Renee had been gone for a few weeks and she's the one I usually discuss female characters with. Grumbling I stood from my cushioned chair and walked over to the fireplace to toss another log on in an attempt to ward off some of the chill that seemed to be imbued in the tile floor, trying to remember just why we had chosen to put the dark tiles in this particular room. I had just closed the glass doors on the fireplace when the phone started ringing. I walked into the kitchen and picked up the black cordless phone.

"Hello," I said tiredly.

"Hi hon," came Renee's musical voice, "how's things?"

"Bloody cold and wet," I replied with a wry smile, "another storm's blowing through and we're pretty socked in. How's things in Florida?"

"Well... The weather's great, but I managed to get some time off and we're coming back tomorrow."

"Really... wow that's... wonderful, I wasn't expecting you until next week" I answered, stunned, "wait... who's we?"

"Me and Stacy," Renee chided me gently, "who did you expect?" Stacy is a mutual friend and lover of ours. Lately they're pretty much inseparable since they work together all the time.

"Well..." I paused for a moment gathering my thoughts "I wasn't sure that you two didn't manage to find a third person to bring with you for the holidays. That's been known to happen..."

Renee laughed. "You're right of course, we're bringing someone. Tori's coming in day after tomorrow."

"Tori... which one's she again?" I asked. I have terrible trouble keeping my wife's friends apart.

"The one you think is so cute," replied Renee, sounding a bit miffed, "curvaceous blonde, fake tits, bubbly personality, probably kick your ass if you said the wrong thing. The one you flirt with so much every time you see her."

It slowly came back to me. Tori was a fitness instructor that had befriended my wife a number of years before we'd met. She was everything my wife had just described and more. The thing was, Tori was married and seldom went anywhere without her husband. I don't think he was the jealous type since he always seemed to be flirting with both Renee and Stacy, but then again, he may have been doing it because his wife was getting all the attention.

"She bringing... what's his name... Tom?"

"Honestly, J, do you never listen to me? I told you last month that she'd gotten a divorce. He had someone on the side and she was terribly hurt. Anyway, she ran into us out here at the last show and mentioned that she was feeling so down during the holidays and how hard it was now that she's alone. We felt so bad that I invited her to spend a week with us."

"We felt bad, but you invited her... Didn't Stacy have anything to say?"

"Look, Tori doesn't know about the situation with Stacy ok? She thinks that Stacy is just coming for a few days. And since Stacy does still have her apartment in the city, we didn't think we should bother letting her know. Anyway, can you please get the guest room together for Tori? Put some towels out for her and make up the bed."

"Fine hon,... look do you want me to make up the hide-a-bed for Stacy? Keep up appearances?"

"No, I think it's going to be ok. Tori tends to sleep in and even if she doesn't, I don't think she's really in the state of mind to notice. Besides, it's not like she's likely to wander into that room if she doesn't realize it's there. We'll just shut the door and tell her it's the storage room."

"You're tired aren't you," I interrupted, "where do you think Tori going to think that Stacy's going to be sleeping if she's in the guest room."

Renee gave me a huge sigh. "Fine, you're right. We'll just have to tell her about us. I don't think it's going to bother her. Anyway... you're right, I'm tired and I'm going to take a shower and go to bed, here's Stacy."

"Heyyyy cutie, how's it hanging?" Stacy always sounded so happy on the phone; it's almost annoying to deal with someone so perky.

"Hello, dear. I guess I did it in with her again."

"Oh... she's just pissed because I got the best of her again tonight. That and... well, she's been really missing you, in more than ways than one. So have I for that matter. I think she's coming down with something too, so don't take it so personally, she mentioned that she wasn't feeling well earlier."

I chuckled softly. "It strikes me as odd that I'm getting marriage advice from my wife's lover."

Stacy let out a loud guffaw. "I know! It's kind of strange to me too. But then, I try to give her advice about you all the time and she's been known to say the same thing. Anyhoo, we're getting in around seven, tomorrow night and should be home around eight or so. Got any time you can set aside for me? After dinner maybe?"

"You're taking first dibs on me? Renee feeling ok?"

"Babe, just trust me. She's not going to be in the mood. She never is after traveling. As for me, I need some real live cock and you're the best solution for that."

"Thanks," I retorted dryly, "I'm reduced to being a live masturbatory device. You sure know how to make a guy feel good."

"C'mon now, you know you mean a hell of lot more than that to me... well actually to both of us."

"We'll see. I'm trying to get the next installment written and I'm kind of getting close to a deadline."

"You'll get there." Stacy paused for a moment. "Gotta go," she yawned, "I'm beat. See ya tomorrow night."

"Bye dear." I stood in the darkened kitchen for a long moment after hanging up the phone. I was trying to sort my feelings out. It's not often my own wife gives up her opportunities to go to bed with me when she's been gone for three or four weeks. It's even less often that she sends Stacy to me as a surrogate without being there. I was feeling a bit troubled about the whole thing. It's not that I don't trust my wife, I do and I love her very deeply, it's just that lately things have been odd and it feels like something is missing in our relationship. Of course, when you're spouse is gone two or three weeks at a stretch it's easy to start finding problems in your relationship that are probably phantoms to begin with.

Giving up on writing for the present, I wandered up the stairs of our two-story ranch style home and made my way down the hall into the guest bedroom. For my money, it had the best view of our property. The huge windows were frost covered, but when clear you could see south across the huge three-acre backyard all the way to the small stream, which marked the boundary of our land. I had never bothered to fence it in and rarely made any improvements to the land. It was still a wild grass covered meadow that occasionally had deer, elk and other animals passing through. From time to time, I had managed to get a few good pictures, especially in late fall when the animals took refuge on the edge of the woods to avoid the hunters. Renee and I both had been known to run the borders of the homestead to keep in shape. One trip around the perimeter was almost a full mile and running two or three laps at the sixty-five hundred foot elevation was no picnic at first. I'd adjusted in time, but running three miles with thin air was not my favorite past time, especially when the weather was as crappy as it was tonight. Renee felt the same way, and in that vein, we'd actually converted the basement to a small workout room housing some of the same equipment that Renee sells to gyms across the country.

Turning from the windows, I opened the large walk-in closet and pulled down some plain powder blue sheets and the bright green electric blanket. A few minutes of searching located the controls for the blanket and I set about making up the queen sized canopy bed. I shivered slightly as I finished making the bed, knowing that Tori would be grateful for the electric blanket and wandered out to the hall linen closet. I pulled out a set of white towels and took them back into the guest room, setting them on the bed, before wandering back downstairs.

I returned to my study and walked over to the bookshelf made by my grandfather. The top shelf held books, the middle had a fold-out shelf built on the front and contained a small liquor cabinet behind it, the bottom had two doors behind which were a good portion of my video collection. Opening the middle portion, I pulled out a glass and poured two fingers of my favorite single-malt scotch. Carrying my glass to the nearby couch, I sat down and regarded the fire while trying to work on the plot line of my book. I scratched some notes on a well worn notebook as I sipped the smooth, smoky liquid and by the time I'd finished my drink, I had a good idea of where the story was going, but I was going to need the input of my wife before I felt comfortable putting the dialogue to paper. She gives me some great insights into how women think and probably prevents me from making a number of assumptions in my writing to that effect. Finishing off my drink, I headed back upstairs to the master bedroom, took out my contacts and fell onto our waterbed. Moments later I was fast asleep.

The next morning dawned clear and very cold. It seemed to drag from the onset, but I did manage to get the article written for a magazine a friend of mine worked for and I finished the chapter I'd been working on the night before. Around six, I decided to knock off and make dinner for my girls. Rummaging through the freezer I found the ground round and set about defrosting it in the microwave while I pulled out the green chili and flour tortillas. Knowing Renee, she'd be looking forward to some good southwestern flavored food and as for Stacy, she loved spicy food of any kind, so enchilada's seemed like a good choice. I thawed the meat a little more, then realized that it was much too soon to start cooking. I could finish the meal in about forty minutes, but the girls weren't due to land for almost an hour, then it would be about a thirty to forty minute drive from the airport depending on the roads. I unwrapped the meat and stuck it in a bowl in the refrigerator. The green chile would thaw a bit on the counter, as would the tortillas, so I just left them there and walked back into the study. Grabbing my digital kitchen timer on my desk I set it for an hour and logged on to the 'net.

I was just stirring the browned meat and green chili mix when I heard the garage door opening an hour and a half later. Turning down the heat under the skillet slightly, I walked over the door and out into the garage, just as Stacy exited her black Explorer.

"Hey there," she said with her usual infectious grin as she wandered towards the back of the truck, "want to give us a hand?"

I cocked an eyebrow at her and slowly started clapping.

"Always such a smart ass," remarked my beautiful wife as she climbed out of the passenger's side and approached me.

"Hi, hon," I smiled as I leaned forward to kiss her hello.

She gave me a quick buss on the lips then darted around me, mumbling about having to use the bathroom.

I shrugged and walked over to help Stacy with their luggage.

"Did you have a good flight?" I asked after collecting a welcome home kiss from the tall blonde.

"Yeah, it was ok," Stacy replied, "A little rough coming in over the mountains and Renee's got a case of the runs, but we're ok. How're you?"

"Fine. Regretting my choice of dinner now that I find that my wife's under the weather, but ok."

Stacy laughed as she handed me the two large suitcases. "You're so predictable. Renee told me that you would probably make either enchiladas or green chile stew for dinner because it was cold and you knew we'd want something southwestern. Don't worry she'll still eat some, probably a lot actually. All I heard the whole way from the airport was how starving she was."

"I'd have made something a little less spicy if I'd known her stomach was bugging her."

"She's fine, I think it was just a mixture of stress and lousy food," Stacy continued as she led me back into the house. "Shit it's cold in here," she snapped as we shut the door to the garage and headed upstairs. "Don't you ever turn on the heat?"

I sighed and stopped by the thermostat long enough to turn it up a few degrees. Stacy laughed at me as we walked upstairs and deposited the luggage in the master bedroom. "I will never understand how you can deal with it being so damn cold," she teased.

"Sixty five is NOT cold," I retorted sourly, "besides, have you seen the bill to heat this place, it's absurd."

Stacy winked at me as she popped open a suitcase and began sorting out clean and dirty laundry. Renee wandered in a moment later to envelop me in a hug. "Hi babe," she said with a sultry smile, "I missed you."

I slipped my arms around her back, kissed her forehead and held her close. "I missed you too. Welcome home. You hungry?"

"Yeah," she replied, "give me a few minutes to sort out some of this laundry and we'll be right down."

I winked at her, kissed her forehead again and walked down to my kitchen. The girls joined me a few minutes later and we had a nice quiet dinner for three, while the washing machine rumbled with the first of several loads. Both Stacy and Renee wanted to know what I had managed to get written while they were gone and gave me a lot of excellent feedback that I could incorporate into characters in the novel. Renee had barely finished eating when she stretched back and gave a great yawn.

"I'm beat," she announced, "I'll see you two in the morning." With that my wife got up, kissed us both goodnight and crept back upstairs and to bed. Stacy could see that I was itching to put some ideas to paper, so she shooed me off to the study and began clearing the table. It didn't take long and I was fully engrossed in what I was writing. So engrossed that I lost track of time until Stacy came in the room and asked if I was ever coming to bed.

I swiveled my chair around to look at her standing in the doorway. She was standing against the frame dressed only in pink sweat pants and a white tee shirt, rubbing her wet, shoulder length hair down with a towel. Slowly she walked across the room to me as I turned my chair back to facing the monitor and leaned over to see what I'd been working on. She smelled faintly of her favorite apple soap as she leaned her chin on my shoulder and slid her arms over my shoulders and down to my chest. She stayed leaning over like that for a few minutes, occasionally reaching over to the mouse and scrolling the wheel while she read the last couple of pages.

'That's good, I really like how you're working in background's for these characters while not deviating from the plot," she said after awhile. Straightening up she looked at me, noticing that I was staring at the damp part of her shirt, right over both breasts. The shirt was thin, but not quite wet enough to be see-through. Her nipples on the other hand were drilling holes in the damp cloth. Grinning she swung one of her impossibly long legs - her inseam is easily forty inches - over my waist and settled down into my lap facing me, legs outside mine.

"Like the view," she teased as she put her arms around my neck while throwing her shoulders back to emphasize her chest.

I smiled up at her and slid my arms around her waist while she leaned in to kiss me. We teased each other for long moments with our tongues. My hands slowly stole underneath the back of her shirt and up to her shoulder blades as I gently sucked on both her lips and reacquainted my tongue with her sexy mouth. She teased me with her tongue and gently sucked on my lips. We kissed for several minutes letting our hands gently roam over each other. Then she broke of the kiss to concentrate on unbuttoning my flannel shirt. While she did that, I brought my hands around to her front and gently cupped her smallish breasts in my hand, enjoying the way her nipples pressed into my palms. Once she got the shirt unbuttoned, she spread it to the sides and ran her hands over my chest pausing to flick the silver rings in my nipples. I gave a small groan and flicked her nipples in turn with my thumbs. She gave me a muffled moan and leaned back in to kiss me again.

I kissed her back intensely for a few moments before sliding my hands down her flanks and grasping her tee shirt hem. She raised her arms up and broke the kiss so I could take the shirt off and toss it on the floor beside us. When she leaned back in I began nuzzling her neck and working my lips across her collar bones. She brought both hands up to the side of my head and guided me down to her engorged left nipple. I gently sucked and tugged on it with my teeth and she rewarded me with a louder groan and began shifting against my waist. Replacing my lips with my right hand I moved over to her other breast as she reached down in between us to play with my very hard cock.

First she rubbed me through my jeans, but she soon tired of that, and popped open the buttons to reach in and grasp me through my underwear. After a moment or two of rubbing me that way, she pulled my erection all the way out and began stroking it with one hand while fondling my balls with the other. I groaned and slid one arm around her back and down under her sweat pants. She obligingly leaned forward and gave me access to her very wet pussy. We licked and nipped at each other's neck and ears as we continued our mutual masturbation for several minutes. First I licked and sucked on her neck and shoulders then I moved back down to her lovely breasts. She let me suckle her nipples for a long while before tugging me up by the hair. She reciprocated by nipping and sucking on my neck then moving down to tug on my nipple rings with her teeth.

Growing tired of the teasing game, Stacy stood up suddenly and quickly lowered her sweat pants. I kept her standing in front of me for a few minutes while I continued fingering her sopping slit and admiring her clean-shaven look.

"I just touched it up for you," she said, breathlessly, "I know how much you like it when it's bald."

"Do you want me to eat it?" I rasped as I switched hands and licked her juices off my fingers.

"No," came the reply as she stepped over me, "Just fuck me." With that she grabbed me and slowly lowered herself until she had completely enveloped me in her tight wet cunt. I groaned as she guided my head once more to her firm breasts and I slid my hands around to take two handfuls of her firm ass. She undulated against me slowly at first then began to pick up steam. The only problem being that as she picks up steam, Stacy has a tendency to get rather loud. She yelled obscenities, my name, Renee's name and a number of incoherent things as she pumped up and down. All too soon she was screaming meaningless obscenities at the top of her lungs as she began to orgasm. The clenching of her tight pussy was too much and I erupted deep inside her as she thrashed around. Finally after what seemed to be several minutes, she slumped against me, catching her breath. I held her close as she began to shiver. I reached down to pick up her shirt and she pulled away long enough to put it back on before huddling back against my chest. After several long moments of cuddling, she stood up and my softening cock came out of her with a loud plop. I could see my cum beginning to run in a small stream down her leg as she reached for a tissue and began dabbing it up. With a wicked grin, she slid her other finger through her lower lips then licked it clean. I smiled at her and held out the pink sweats. She put them on and told me to come to bed. I sighed, feeling a little more relaxed and saved the document I was working on before shutting down the computer.

I followed her up the stairs, admiring the view and into the master bathroom. She moved to use the toilet while I began taking out my contacts. A few minutes later, she had changed into the long tee shirt she prefers for sleeping in and had tossed the now soiled sweatpants down the laundry chute. We walked into the master bedroom to find Renee curled up on the left side of the bed, snoring quietly. I slid under the covers carefully, trying not to slosh the bed too much and then Stacy slid in after me. The girls have always insisted that I sleep in the middle if both of them are there and to tell the truth, I kind of like it that way. I stay a heck of a lot warmer with two female bodies pressed up against me and then they can both try to hog the covers all they want. Renee stirred a little then rolled over and snuggled in on my right while Stacy did the same on my left. Soon we were all fast asleep.

I woke up the next morning having a wonderful dream about a gorgeous blonde giving me a wet, sexy blowjob. Opening my eyes, I discovered that it was no dream. Renee was buried under the covers doing incredibly wicked things to me with her tongue. Stacy was nowhere to be found, but under the circumstances I didn't mind. I reached down to Renee's head and ran my fingers through her hair. Realizing that I was now awake, she released my cock from her warm wet mouth and slowly kissed her way up my torso, pausing to tug and lick my nipples.

I reached down to squeeze and fondle her breasts while she did this and she moved up to kiss me good morning. We frenched each other for a long moment, just letting our mouths reacquaint themselves. Renee pulled back, letting me continue playing with her soft springy breasts and said, "Good morning."

"Morning yourself. You can wake me up like that any time you want. In fact, I'll give you forever to stop doing it."

"Hmmmm... a man who likes having his dick sucked... who'd have thought," she teased.

"Never would have guessed huh?" I teased back, "It must have been some really easy woman."

Renee sneered at me and tried to pull away. I rolled with her and found myself on top of her, pinning her shoulders to the bed.

"Oh you beast," she gasped in her best Scarlette O'Hara, "now I suppose you just want to have your way with me."

I growled in return and bent my head to suck on her very erect nipples. She gasped as I bit down lightly and began to work her fingers into my hair, holding my head in place. I groaned as she writhed beneath me and wrapped her legs around my back. Reaching down between us with my left hand I tried to line my still spit slicked cock up with her leaking pussy. She giggled and squirmed left and right, doing her best to ruin my aim. We played around like this for a few minutes, but finally, I'd had enough. I sat up quickly and before she could react, I got loose of her flailing legs, grabbed a handful of her ass and flipped her over onto her stomach. Using my knees to keep her legs apart, I lined my cock up with her engorged pussy lips and pushed. Renee let out a little squeal into her pillow as I thrust in. That was followed by a long groan of pleasure as I slowly took her from behind.

"Ohhhh... that feels soooo... goooood... " she groaned as she tightened her internal muscles down on me.

"Yeah..." I grunted, "you always did like being taken from behind."

"Harder," she moaned, "harder... fuck me like your bitch in heat."

I did my best to oblige, but she'd obviously been doing her Kegel exercises and she felt as tight as she did the first time we'd had sex. I did my best for her and with a little help from my fingers she had her first orgasm within minutes. I continued to rub her clit lightly with one hand while sucking on my middle finger. Once I had the digit good and wet, I slowly worked it into her ass. She came again loudly as I got my finger ensconced up to the first knuckle. I was really working hard and could feel my cum starting to race up as she humped back at me while clamping down harder on my overly excited penis. All too soon it was over as I sprayed down her insides with a huge load. I slowly pulled my finger out of her ass as we collapsed on the bed.

"Mmmm... thank you babe," she murmured as she craned her neck around to kiss me, "I love it when you do me like that."

"Welcome home," I returned as I held her close.

"God, I came so hard," she said as she wrapped my arms more tightly around her, "Stacy always seems to scratch me with those damned French manicured nails of hers if she tries to finger my ass."

"Speaking of the legs in the family," I began, "where is she?"

"Don't know. She was gone when I woke up; probably downstairs working out. She did say something about cooking us breakfast this morning too."

"Oh no," I groaned in fear, "You know what a terror she is in my kitchen. The woman can only do two things - burned and raw - and neither one of them properly."

Renee laughed and began crawling out of bed. "Guess we'll just have to shower and go help her then."

We played around in the large shower before Renee chased me out so she could actually wash her hair. I combed my hair, found a clean shirt and pair of pants, dressed and walked downstairs. All my worrying was for naught as Stacy was just ascending the basement stairs looking sweaty and disheveled. She leaned over to kiss my cheek then headed upstairs to take a shower. Renee joined me in the kitchen a few minutes later.

We had a quick breakfast after which the girls sent me to run errands in town. Anxious to avoid cleaning house - the place looked fine to me - hearing about how I never take care of myself when they aren't around for a few days - not true at all - and having to listen to them complain about the lack of food in the refrigerator, I jumped in Stacy's Explorer and made the thirty minute drive into town. Stacy had given me instructions to stop by her apartment and pick up her mail, check the apartment out and find her favorite slippers, so I made that my first stop.

Her mailbox was stuffed and it took me a few minutes to get everything out of it. Fortunately, most of it was junk mail, some catalogs that we'd received duplicates of at the house and just two important pieces. I tossed the junk mail and stuck the two bills in my pocket. The inside of her studio apartment was frigid. I quickly located her pink fuzzy bunny slippers - a gift from my wife a number of years ago - and located her heavy, soft black polyester robe. Ducking back out of the apartment, I locked the door and crunched through the snow back to the truck. The gray morning had given way to dark storm clouds, which were beginning to spit snow. Grumbling to myself, I drove to the grocery store to start filling the list Renee had made for me. An hour later and almost two hundred dollars lighter, I shoved the cart through the lot and unloaded the bags into the back of the truck.

The snow was starting to come down more heavily as I brushed it off the windows and climbed in. Shifting the beast into four-wheel drive, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. The snow was coming down even more heavily as I made the forty-minute drive home, and as I pulled into the long driveway I was glad to get out of the storm. It was obvious that it had been snowing by the house longer than in town as my tracks from leaving two and a half hours earlier were almost completely obscured. I managed to get the truck turned around and backed into the garage without getting stuck and closed the overhead door.

Stacy met me at the door of the house and instructed me to hand her the bags of groceries as Renee had just finished sweeping and mopping the kitchen and didn't want my dirty boots messing it all up again. I did as she asked then tromped out the side door and around the back of the house to the large pile of wood we keep for the fireplace. I made several trips out there and stacked a large amount of wood to dry beside the door of the kitchen. I was just finishing that chore when Renee came out the door, dressed to leave.

"Ok, let's go. Tori's flight should be getting in soon."

"Are you kidding," I sighed, "I don't think they fly in this kind of weather."

I got 'The Look' that says stop now if you know what's good for you, and promptly went over to open the passenger's door on the truck. After Renee climbed in, I walked around to the other side, climbed in and off we went to pick up her friend. Renee called the airline from her cell phone as we drove back across the canyon to the airport. Satisfied with the answers they gave her, she settled in for the short drive.

"J, is everything ok?" she asked after several minutes of silence.

I shrugged, "Sure, I guess. Why?"

"Well, you just seem... a bit distant."

"Sorry... I guess I was just looking forward to having both of you home for a while and now... well it's not just going to be the three of us."

"Hon, I know it's kind of a bother, but trust me, Tori needs friends right now and I think it will be good for her to spend a few days with us. I promise it won't affect things."

"I know, Renee, it's just that... it's been a hard year and with you traveling all the time, I feel like we never see each other. When you are home, I'm always up to my ears in work or deadlines and... I'm just frustrated."

"Joshua Renard!" she snapped, "I know you're frustrated and I promise it will get better. You don't think I get frustrated being gone from home two to three weeks a month? I hate it, but if it gives you the chance to write and it gives me the opportunity to make enough money to support that, I should think you'd be grateful."

"Renee, we're not having this argument again. I appreciate what you do. I appreciate the fact that I get to pursue my dream because you make enough to support us. My problem is that I miss having my wife around. I keep hoping that we could just spend a few quiet days together and lately it seems like every time we're both home, we don't see each other. It also seems like when you are home, all that seems to happen is we run around doing errands and chores, we don't spend any quality time together."

"Do you want Stacy to leave?" she asked quietly, "I'm sure she'd be happy to spend a few days at her apartment."

"Stacy isn't the problem, it's us. I feel like I'm losing you."

"Why do you say that?"

"Simply because you've been gone for three weeks and the second you come home, you're throwing Stacy at me. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy having sex with her and I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy this morning, but... it just seems kind of fucked up that my own wife isn't interested in me after having been gone for three weeks."

Renee fell silent then, contemplating the snow falling outside the vehicle. We didn't talk the rest of the way to the airport. I was parking the truck when she finally spoke up.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you were feeling like I was rejecting you last night. I wasn't feeling well and I was exhausted from the trip, and I suppose I was just thinking about myself. I guess I also take for granted that Stacy was there and is more than willing to be a surrogate for me." She turned to face me with her eyes brimming with tears. "I do love you very much and I'm sorry that things are so stressed for us."

I couldn't say anything, so I did the next best thing and hugged her. She sniffled a few times, but didn't break down in tears. After a moment of holding each other, we climbed out of the Explorer and walked hand in hand into the terminal. I stopped her just outside the doors and gave her a quick kiss.

"Let's try not to fight the rest of the time you're home, ok?"

She smiled and nodded as we made our way to the escalator. Tori's flight was only delayed about fifteen minutes and we decided it would be easiest to wait at the bottom of the stairs by the security checkpoint rather than with the crowd at the top. The crowd slowly thinned out and Tori finally appeared looking a bit more bedraggled than I expected. She gave us both a wry grin as she came down the escalator and staggered over to both of us.

"Well, I made it," she said in her midwestern twang with a lopsided grin after hugs were exchanged, "wasn't too sure coming over those mountains."

"Glad you decided to come," smiled Renee, "it's so good to see you."

"So, who's the hunk you've got to help with the luggage," teased Tori, "he don't look like he works here."

"Ah, you know, some guy I picked up on the street for his looks not his brains," replied my wife wryly.

"Hey now, is that anyway to treat the guy who drove you all the way here, risking life and limb in that snow storm?" I bristled.

"As long as one limb remains in working order," teased Tori as she stared pointedly at my crotch, "I'm sure Renee won't mind."

I ogled her tits for a moment, then fired back with "Glad to see the swelling's going down on your eyes there Tori, but you might want to find a stronger sports bra if you insist on running with those things. A body could get hurt."

Tori snorted with laughter as Renee rolled her eyes in my direction. I took the big bag the curvaceous blonde had over her shoulder and offered her my other arm. She took it and we allowed Renee to lead us down towards the bag claim. As it turned out, Tori had only brought carry-on luggage so we were able to skip the bag claim and just head for the car. The girls both decided to sit in the back and made me feel like their chauffer while we made the forty-minute drive back to the house. Tori seemed remarkably upbeat the whole drive back, much to my surprise and I began to wonder if it might actually be a pleasant visit after all.

The drive home took longer than I expected due to the accumulation of snow, but we made it in good order. I pulled into the garage and sat behind the wheel for a moment letting the adrenaline fade from my system. Driving in storms always seems to do that to me. I never feel quite comfortable and then when it's over, I need a few minutes to calm down. Renee understands this and as a result had already gotten out of the vehicle. Tori had exited with Renee, but now she stood in front of the truck looking at me quizzically while Renee gathered her luggage from the rear of the vehicle. Renee said something to her and the two women walked into the house while I slowly unclenched my fingers from the steering wheel. After another five minutes or so, the cold air of the garage seeped into my brain causing me to make my own quick exit from the car and head inside.

Stacy had apparently heated up lasagna from the freezer, as the house smelled heavily of oregano and garlic as I stepped through the door. I had made the dish a few weeks ago when the mood to cook had struck. In my present state it smelled wonderful and I suddenly realized that I had managed to skip lunch earlier and as such was now famished.

I could hear Renee setting the dining room table before I saw her as I removed my coat and Stacy was putting together a green salad in the kitchen. She gave me a quick grin, before returning her attention to the carrots she was slicing. At a loss for what to do, I hung up my coat and wandered into the living room. I paused at the door admiring the view of my sexy wife bent over lighting the candles, before sliding up behind her. I caught her around the waist as she stepped back blow out the match she was using. She started at first, then relaxed against me as she put the match out. We stood like that for a long moment until Stacy appeared holding the large wooden salad bowl.

"Geez," she groused lightly, "you two need to get a room."

I let her set the bowl down on the edge of the table next to us before I reached out and smacked her cute jean covered ass. Stacy giggled, took a quick glance to make sure we weren't being watched and gave us each a kiss on the cheek before retreating once more to the kitchen.

Renee then wriggled away from me and suggested I open a bottle of wine as I heard Tori coming down the stairs. With a sigh, I retreated to the basement and my electric wine cellar. Renee had bought both of the little refrigerator style units at Sam's Club a few years before as a Christmas present for me. Since she had been so thoughtful and bought two, I now put whites and a few select blush wines in one and red wine in the other. Deciding that we needed a heavy red for my Italian dinner, I grabbed two bottles of my favorite Zinfandel - marking it on the sheet I keep for such purposes so I would remember to replace it - and headed upstairs.

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