Bloody Shirt
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Historical, Incest, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Howard Randolph returns home to Virginia after the War Between the States. A former Confederate Officer deals with the loss of his parents, the disappearance of his sister and the loss of his humanity. Period language and extreme violence.

Until April 9, 1865, I was Captain Howard Christian Randolph, Army of Northern Virginia. With General Lee's surrender, I became just Howard Christian Randolph.

On the evening of July 2, 1863, I had moved a company of CSA infantry across Spangler's Spring toward Cemetery Ridge. It was hot and dark in Gettysburg. The tree branches and brush struck me as I moved up the ridge. We rarely fought at night and communication was difficult. As we climbed the ridge, the Yankees opened up from behind fortified positions. We moved up the ridge, but their fields of fire hit us from two sides and cut us down. An artillery shell landed near me and I was knocked out. When I came to, a Union Officer, Captain John Nabler, of a Pennsylvania regiment stood over me.

I had spent two years at the VMI before accepting a commission with the former VMI professor, General J. A. Jackson. My father, a very religious man, accepted General Jackson as a fit commander and allowed me to accept a commission under his command. We had no camp followers in our camp. The General was a very religious man.

I fought in several engagements and was on the General's staff when he was killed. At VMI, I had joined the social fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, and like many of my fraternity brothers, I wore the black diamond and white star in battle. When captured near Spangler's Spring, the commanding officer of the company that captured me recognized my fraternity badge and offered to keep a fraternity brother at his farm, if I would give my parole.

I had seen enough of battle anyway and gave my parole. I went by train to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A stocky man with a thick German accent met me at the train. "Captain Randolph, I'm Fritz Nabler."

"Howard Randolph, sir."

Fritz drove a single horse buggy. I climbed in and he took me to a farm outside of town. "Have you worked on a dairy farm?"

"No sir. My father raised beef cattle and crops for feed." I assisted the understaffed Nabler family as a farm laborer, which was much the same as I had done on my father's farm outside of Waynesboro, Virginia. From the Gettysburg battle until Lee's surrender, I was a dairyman near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My fraternity brother's family, devout German Lutherans, treated me well. I had a room in a clean barn and was provided everything but sex. I read, learned German, tended the herd, cleaned the barn, harvested and stored winter feed for the stock. The hours were long and I worked hard, but I wasn't in a dreadful Union prison and I had sufficient food to eat. The family allowed me space for a small garden where I grew vegetables. I stayed to myself and honored my parole. I was up early and to bed early.

In late April, the Nabler family received word of the Lee's surrender at Appomattox, and though it was a busy time on the farm, they took me to the train that returned me to Gettysburg, the site of my capture.

During my parole, I did not wear the CSA uniform. The Nablers provided me with shoes, a canteen, and dried food. I intended to walk to Frederick and cross the Potomac at the Point of Rocks. If things were bad, I planned to walk up the Shenandoah River most of the way. It would take most of the summer but I would have water and might be able to catch fish.

If I got a horse, I planned to go to Leesburg and then either to Charlottesville or Fort Royal, and then to Waynesboro. Either way I could make it by living off the land, though on foot the river route would be the longer but the safer. Stealing a horse would be risky and I had no money to buy one. I wanted to get home as quickly as I could to help my father and help protect my family.

From Charlottesville, I planned to cross the Blue Ridge at Afton Mountain and go five miles along the Blue Ridge Mountains to Sherando and Tory Furnace. My father's land was encompassed the canyon beyond Tory Furnace. My brothers had farmed the high meadows near Reed's Gap above the family property. Sherando Lake was on our property. I knew that my brothers had died in the war. They left widows, but no children. I was the sole surviving son and had two younger sisters.

The terms of the Lee's surrender allowed me to return to my home. I did not have money or a horse, or much of a way to get home. The weather was cool as I walked. Along the road there was more traffic north than south. The mountains were to my immediate west. Just over the border into Maryland the road became steeper as I got into the Catoctin Mountains. The trees were blossoming, but there was nothing growing in the fields. It was the wrong time of year to get anything from the orchards of the area.

In the Catoctin Mountains near Saint Anthony, Maryland, less than ten miles from where I had started my journey, I was beaten and robbed by a band of negroes in Union uniforms. My knapsack of food, jacket, and shoes were taken. If the robbers had not been drunk, I would have been killed. They left me for dead beside the trail.

Elizabeth Portmess and her daughter, Rachael, were being driven back from church in a buggy. Mrs. Portmess spotted me beside the road and stopped. Elizabeth said, "We must help."

Rachael said, "Mom, it's too dangerous. You don't know anything about him."

Rachael and her mother lifted me into the buggy and took me home. They put me in their barn. The barn was small and no stock was in it. Soldiers had taken all their stock much earlier in the war. I came out of the unconsciousness on the third day. Rachael sat with me. "Where am I?" I was on a blanket in a small stall.

"In a barn on a farm outside St. Anthony, Maryland. Just south of Gettysburg."

"How long have I been out?"

"Three days. The doctor wrapped your ribs. He said it would be three or four weeks before you could do much."

I had bandages on my head and my ribs had a cloth rap. I was naked under a sheet.

Rachel was fourteen. She was thin and intelligent looking. "Would you like some soup?"

I had a great deal of pain from cracked ribs. Rachael said, "We had to take your clothes off to clean you."

"I hope your husband didn't mind."

She smiled. "No husband or boyfriend. My father was killed during the first year of the War. He was a West Point graduate and chose to stay in the Union Army."

"I'm sorry to hear you lost your father. I went to VMI. I was injured and captured at Gettysburg. The last two years I helped a diary farmer and his family near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I'm trying to get home to Virginia. And thank you for taking me in. You saved my life."

Rachael said, "It was my mom's idea. I was afraid to stop... Are you married?"

"No wife or girlfriend. None. My father is very strict and religious. I went to a military school and then I served under General Jackson, who was more strict and religious than my father. I gave my parole and never left the dairy farm after Gettysburg. They were very nice, but I had to stay away from everyone. And they were very religious."

Rachael asked, "Never had a girlfriend?"

"Yes, Rachael, I'm a virgin."

"You are too. I knew it. You can be my boyfriend until you leave. I mean you can barely move, I don't think you're much of a danger."

"Thanks a lot."

She just blurted out, "What makes a man like a woman?"

"I have no idea. I think it's mating instinct."

"That's what mom says. I heard sex is all men want."

"Not all. I mean my brothers were crazy about their wives. It was more than just sex. They liked to be around them. Both my brothers were killed in the war."

"I'm sorry. Did they have children?"


"Mom said that so many men were killed that women her age don't have much chance of ever remarrying. There aren't enough men."

"That's sad. I'm sorry for her."

"Were you afraid you were going to die a virgin?"

I nodded. "Still am. I know it's silly."

"Thank you for not making fun of me. I wanted to ask a guy questions."

"What are boyfriends for?"

She smiled. "I'll let you rest. I have chores to do."

"Rachael, be careful. Some bad things happen after a war."

She nodded.

"Do you have some guns?"

"My mother hates guns."

"Your dad must have had something."

"There is his officer's pistol."

"Get it. I'll clean it and load it. You may need it."

"I don't know."

"Look what they did to me. Imagine what they would do to you and your mom."

Rachael got the pistol, a Colt Army Model. I cleaned it and loaded it. If I didn't move my back, I didn't have much pain in my ribs.

Everyday we talked. A few days after she gave me the pistol, I heard her as she screamed in the yard. I saw a group of negroes in soldier uniforms as they attacked her.

I cocked the pistol and moved near the barn door. Three men rushed into her house. I shot the man in the yard that was on her. He slumped on top of her. The one that held her crawled toward their rifles. I shot him as soon as he was clear of Rachael. Two men ran from the house toward the stacked rifles. The big Colt knocked the men down. I shut out the pain and ran to the house. A man, I presumed to be the leader, was astride Elizabeth in the bedroom. He hit her as he moved in and out of her.

"White whore. Do you like this big nigger cock?"

I shot the man him twice and the empty cylinders clicked as I tried to shoot him more. The pistol held six shots. I moved and got a pistol from the man's pants. I heard someone at the backdoor. I moved to the bedroom doorway and shot the man as he came through the backdoor.

I went to Rachael and pulled the man off her. She was hysterical. The man appeared to have penetrated her before I shot him. She grabbed me. "Where's mother?"

"She's in the bedroom. She's alive, but she is hurt. The man beat her as he raped her."

Rachael ran to her mother. Rachael's sex leaked white fluid streaked with red onto her thigh. When she saw her mother was alive but unconscious, she said, "Please, finish. I want you to be my first."


"Please finish me."

I took into the bedroom.


"Are you sure?"

I pushed against her. "Go slow. It's my first time." She got wet enough for us to move together. I didn't last long in her.

She said, "I'm glad my first time was with you. He was just in me when you got him."

Afterwards I kissed her. "We need to see about your mother."

Elizabeth was still unconscious. Her face was red and puffy. Her breasts were red and swollen too. Her sex was matted with cum.

I wet a cloth with water from the pitcher and washed the dirt from her wounds. I washed her sex and then I covered her body with a sheet. I couldn't wake her.

"Rachael, do you have relatives nearby?"

"My grandparents live in Mechanicsburg."

Mr. Nabler suggested I go to a church if I had problems or needed something. "What church do you go to?"

"The Lutheran in town." I walked two miles to the church as fast as I could go with my ribs. The Lutheran minister came to the door. I told him what had happened. He got the doctor and we rode to the farm in the doctor's buggy.

The doctor said, "Some appointed federal officials use the freed blacks as a constabulary to protect the carpetbaggers' interests. The army leaves them alone. It's a bad situation."

When they had gone, Rachael asked, "Would you move into the house until mother is well enough to go to Mechanicsburg? The pastor said he would find someone to take us to Mechanicsburg as soon as she is ready to go."

Rachael was thin and her breasts were barely developed, but I fit well in her. She got on top and moved so she wouldn't hurt my ribs. We tried different positions. Standing behind her, with her on the edge of the bed, was the most comfortable position and we had sex that way often. She and I made love every chance we got.

Rachael said, "You should take my father's things. I don't think you will make it all the way home unless you do."

"I can't take his uniform. I could be shot and nobody would believe a major would be without a horse."

"Like you are any safer without them? You would have a better chance."

I tried on the uniforms, but he was much shorter than I.

A little over a week later, three deserters surprised Rachael when she went to get water one morning. They were so intent on raping her; I was able to get the drop on them. I shot them all before they hurt her. While I hugged her, one man, who was only wounded, fired and barely missed Rachael. When I joined General Jackson, my first 'command' was a scout platoon. An experienced sergeant taught me stealth operations and quiet killing. We often had to kill sentries. He stressed cutting the throats of the wounded so there were no presumed dead, only dead. It became an automatic reaction. During my parole, I had lost the edge and because of that, Rachael had almost died. I was furious with them and with me. I needed the sergeant's training for what I had to do to get home. The deserters had three horses, one with a USA brand and two with CSA brands.

Rachael said, "We have to go. They are getting too frequent." She went to her mother, "Mom, we have to go. There are too many men coming by."

Rachael got her father's equipment. I was surprised to see a 10.25' carbon steel Bowie knife with a solid brass 'D' hand guard. It was just like the one I had used in the scout platoon. I loaded four large campaign boxes across the two CSA packhorses. Under the bed, he also had a Henry Repeating Rifle and extra ammunition. In a campaign box he had camping gear and field gear.

I emasculated and castrated the men, who attacked Rachael. I hanged their white asses on the porch. I took a horse into town and told the preacher that Rachael wanted to go and that she had been attacked again. I hurried back though the pain in my ribs almost took my breath. We made love before the preacher came to take them to her grandparents.

"Promise me you'll take my dad's stuff and go." Then she gave me his USMA ring. "Please, I want you to have it. Mom has the miniature. He gave this one to me. Promise me."

The ring fit my finger perfectly. I kissed her. I left before the preacher arrived. I dragged the bodies to the road behind the horses and left them by the side of the road.

I had three horses. The two CSA branded horses were decent draft horses. I was sure they had pulled a caisson. The third horse looked bad. It wasn't an officer mount, but I wasn't going to pass it up. In the saddle was a Sharps 54 caliber rifle. Rachael's father's boots fit but his uniforms didn't. I took the slouch hat with cavalry officers' gold cord, his major's leaves, and his weapons. The find though was the Henry Repeating Rifle with several bandoleers of ammunition for the Henry and loads for a Sharps.

Riding was painful, even at a walk, so I stopped south of Thurmont at Blue Mountain. I went off the road and followed a creek until I found cover. The horses had been neglected badly. While they drank at the creek, I cleaned their hooves. I hobbled them in a grassy area, changed out of Rachael's father's boots into moccasins and scouted around. When I found some rabble in uniform, I returned and got my horse. When I caught up with them, they had gone into a house that was set back from the road.

Two men dragged a woman out the house door. She kicked and screamed. They had torn her dress and it fell completely away as they dragged her into the yard. One of the men slapped her face hard twice and she stopped her resistance. The other held her, as the man who had hit her, took his pants down, spread her legs and moved onto her.

I tied the horse to a tree and carefully aimed the Sharps. The large bore weapon blew a hole through the middle of the man's chest. He slumped against the woman. I shot the second man with the Henry as stood to run. A naked young girl ran out the door of the house. I watched as a man stepped to the door and raised a pistol. I put four rapid-fire shots from the lever-action Henry through the open door. The older woman scrambled from under the man and ran for me. The young girl followed her to me.

"How many were in the house?"


"How many have guns?"

"One, I think."

I thought that I had gotten two in the door. I ran for the door. I took no fire. I stopped at the door and said, "Come out with your hands up."

A young white man came out with his hands up. "Any more in there?"

He shook his head. He expected to be shot. "Strip."

He hesitated. "Faster or I'll shoot you here." The young man stripped on the front porch. He had his back to me and wet himself when he turned and saw that I had cut the man's throat, who had had the gun in the door. Then I did the same to the second man who I had shot through the door. I saw the kid had a long cock.

"Keep your hands over you head and walk to the tree line." As the young man walked, his dick bounced as he walked. "Stop." I cut the man's throats that had been holding the older woman and I stood. The man I had shot with the Sharpe's was obviously dead. I had no feeling at all for the dead deserters.

I asked the girl, "Did he hurt you? Give me the word and I'll kill him."

The young girl said, "Don't shoot him. He was gentle with me."

I said, "You married, rapist deserter?"

"No sir."

"A girl waiting for you?"

"No sir."

I whispered to the boy, "You better sweet talk that girl. Tell her you will take care of her and her family for the rest of your life. Tell her you will love her and your kids. Tell her you will protect her. Sweet talk to her like your life depends on it, cause it does. Now go talk to her."

I gave mama my shirt to cover her nakedness. In a few minutes, the boy and girl came back. He had a smile on his face.

Mother said, "What are you doing?"

"You want to stay here by yourself?"

She shook her head.

"What are your names?"

"James Rider."

"Laura King."

I look at the mother and said, "Stand beside James."

"James Rider, do you take Laura King to be your wedded wife?"

He was startled but responded, "Yes sir."

"Laura King, do you take James Rider to be your wedded husband?"

She looked at James. He smiled. She said, "Yes sir."

"James Rider, will you provide for your family and be a husband to Laura and her mother?"

"Yes sir."

"Laura, will you be a loving wife?"

"Yes sir."

"Mother King, will you support James and Laura?"

Very softly she said, "Yes."

"Mother King, will you obey and perform wifely duties for James?"


"You heard me. I expect that you will be James' lover too."

"I never heard of such a thing. I will not."

"After a war, there is a shortage of men. Suit yourself. Would you rather stay here alone?"


"James will you provide for Mother King's needs for a man?"

"Yes sir."

"You may kiss the bride. Tonight Mother King, you will provide for my needs."

After I got the horses moved to the Rider house, I ate with the family and went to bed with Mrs. King. She was less than a spirited hookup.

The Catoctin Mountains were not much as mountain ranges go. They were not nearly the size of the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Appalachian Mountains near my home. It was apparent that the Union troops were not attempting to control the freed slaves in Maryland and had little control over deserters. Deserters and negro men dressed in Union soldiers' uniforms went from house to house. They looked for easy prey and looted. I thought They could be doing this to my family. Get a grip. You need to get home.

I stayed with the Riders and slept with Mrs. King. She warmed the second night. That afternoon, I had her give James a lesson in what women like and give him a blowjob. After a week, my ribs had healed enough so I didn't have pain riding, only when I got up and down in the saddle. I scouted around and watched for deserters and freed slaves. I shot two sets of freed slaves and a set of deserters as they came from burned out houses. When I hadn't seen any for three days, I left the Riders and went south.

At Catoctin Furnace, I came upon a house with six former slaves on the front porch. They took turns with a naked mother and her three daughters. I shot the six with the Henry, castrated, emasculated them and hanged their naked bodies on the main road. I stayed with a grateful mother and daughters three nights. The middle daughter was a spirited hookup and she slept with me. I hated to leave her, but I wanted to get home.

Between Catoctin Furnace and Thurmont, I saw three burned out houses where women laid dead in the front yard. I tracked six men until I caught them. I shot the three men with the Henry. Three looters got into the woods before I shot get them. I slit the three men's throats I had shot.

The scared mother and older daughter happily entertained me until I finished tracking the three men. I tracked the men into the woods. The three were noisy in the woods. I got the first one with the Sharps and I got the other two with the Henry. I slit their throats and left their emasculated, castrated bodies by the road. I moved on after I got the men.

In Hansonville, I ran upon three recently gutted housed. I tracked five white men to a house and waited until the men were well into the yard of the recent conquered house. I gut shot the five men with the Henry. I severed their cocks and balls before they died. I put the dead women under sheets and moved south toward Frederick. I really want to get home. I have a bad feeling.

I stayed along the south ridgeline for as long as I could. I saw the burned out houses of Frederick and knew it had been looted. Near Fort Detrick, I came upon a young lieutenant as he was set upon by four negroes. They twisted his mount to the ground and killed the lieutenant. The horse looked like a good one and my need for a quality horse overcame my reluctance to act. As the rabble searched the lieutenant's body, I shot three of them with the Henry and the fourth ran. I cut their throats and searched their bodies quickly. I took their weapons and ammunition. They had no money, but I did get a nice pocket watch. I threw the lieutenant's body over his horse, mounted the horse and galloped into a wooded area. With my pistol, I shot the negro as he ran and then I hid and stripped the lieutenant. His uniform was a good fit for me, as were his boots. He had a small amount of military script, which I kept. I washed the blood from his uniform and repaired the tears. I needed his identification. I became Jack Gannon of New York with orders were to proceed to the Military Governor at Winchester, Virginia. You must of have been a staff officer. I can't believe a USMA regular would have allowed himself to be taken by this rabble. Of course, I, a graduate of VMI, was beaten and taken by six negro rabble myself. Thank you, Lieutenant Gannon for this fine mount and identity.

His class ring fit, so I took Rachael's ring and sent it to the address of the grandparents. I wore Gannon's ring.

In my nearly two years in Lancaster, I had learned to mimic the Pennsylvania German accent well, so I didn't fear that I couldn't mask my normally very distinctive Virginia accent. I would need the accent when I assumed Lieutenant Gannon's identify. Howard, you are Jack Gannon. Assume the identify. As General Jackson said, Assume the role and let the task absorb you. You know what to do. There had been enough USMA obnoxious ring knockers at the start of the campaign in our outfit. To give them their due, most adapted quickly and were superior officers. I shall be that obnoxious regular USMA staff asshole. Jack, buddy, I can't believe you weren't a higher regular rank and brevetted to senior staff. Two years at VMI are more than sufficient training for me to improve your status.

My sense was that south of Frederick was unsettled and dangerous with freed slaves and discharged soldiers. When I caught up with rabble, I saw that were in the same pattern as the others. I wonder who taught these people. I watched the rape of a mother and young girl in the front yard of a house, while the others looted the house. I counted six horses and five men. I tried to concentrate on the men and put what they did to the women from my mind. With a strip of rawhide, I quietly garroted one man as he raped the girl. I plunged the Bowie into the other rapist before he dismounted the mother. I cut the rapists' throats and left the dead on the beaten and comatose women. When the three looters came from the house, I shot the one who looked most like a soldier with a rifle shot and then shot the two drunken ones with Jack's pistol. I cut their throats and then checked their pockets. I helped the women into the house. They were alive and stunned, but not seriously hurt. I left two horses in their barn. I decided that I should tie the men's bodies across their saddles and proceeded toward Winchester. I moved quickly away from the farm and camped near Jefferson. If asked, I planned to say that my orders were to take these men to the Military Governor in Winchester for some personal offense against the colonel.

These horses had not been cared for in some time either. I stopped at a stream and let the horses drink. As I allowed them to drink, I cleaned their hooves. I tied the bodies on the horses and tied lead lines between the horses. At first light, I left and traveled the road. I figured no one would question a lieutenant leading horses that carried dead negro troops. I walked the horses until I was not far north of Harpers Ferry. I camped before I attempted to cross the Potomac River at Point of Rocks. I didn't look forward to swimming seven horses across the swift river. I offloaded the bodies and saddles onto tree limbs and allowed the horses to drink from a stream. I hobbled the horses in a grassy area and moved into the woods where I observed the trail that I would have taken if I had been on foot. About dusk I saw a man in a CSA sergeant's uniform on the trail. I hailed him from cover and he held up his arms in surrender.

"Sergeant, if you are willing to enlist with me, I will let you keep a mount when we get to Staunton." He nodded.

The sergeant stripped one of the negroes and washed the stink and blood from the uniform. There was no need to dry it, as when we crossed the river it got soaked. We practiced, 'Yes sir and No sir' until I was satisfied he sounded Pennsylvania German.

We crossed the river without great difficulty before dark. The second person made a big difference with the horses. We passed through a checkpoint on the Virginia side of the Potomac without problem. We climbed the bluff toward Leesburg and went west toward Berryville. We didn't stop until we passed through another checkpoint on the Berryville road. When we cleared the Berryville checkpoint, we stripped and dumped the bodies and put them in a gully. We found a wooded area by a stream and camped for the night.

The sergeant was from south of Blacksburg. He caught some fish and we cooked them on a stick spit. The fish were tasty. In the last month a lot had happened to me. I wasn't remotely the same person. I was very angry. My ribs hurt. And I was very, very worried for my family, but I wasn't worried about myself at all anymore.

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