Do For Love and Healing
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sequel to Do For Lust. He still hasn't made up his mind and there are more trails as he tries to and more sex sometimes rough.

He was standing on the porch of the house they sometimes rented out. Currently it should be vacant, but it wasn't. His wife and her bastard of a lover were in one of the bedrooms, fucking away. As he looked through the window he could see the guy's large hairy backside as it moved forward and back when he pushed his large dick into Manty's wife. He felt outrage as well as being turned on more than he had ever been in his life. His pants had a bulge where his cock was tenting the material.

Manty had followed his wife to this location hoping to find the evidence he wanted showing her affair. The positive, no questions, proof he needed to show she really was having an affair. He had known it for some time but his subconscious had taken its sweet time to show him the bits of evidence he had known. Now he had all the evidence he needed and had it in spades. He had already watched her suck that big cock and now she was fucking that large thing and soon he knew she was going to take it up her tiny anus. She hadn't ever done that for him, her husband, but she would for this bastard and she would enjoy it, he somehow knew.

She had enjoyed sucking the large cock, making happy noises all the time until it spouted in her mouth. Her lover had cum a lot too. The first spout had filled her mouth to capacity. Her cheeks had puffed out like a squirrel's even though just a tiny bit had leaked out one corner of her mouth. She had swallowed all of it before the next shot came out of his huge cock. It was a repeat of the first one, her cheeks puffed out, big time, a tiny bit leaked but she swallowed it before the third shot. Manty wondered how she could get all that much man stuff down her throat so fast. She most have had a lot of practice he thought. As soon as the guy had finished orgasming he pulled out, roughly pushed her back on the bed then just as roughly shoved her legs apart. He climbed on top of her, shoving his massive cock into her small pussy.

Manty had thought HEY, wait a minute that's my wife you're shoving around but by the smile on her face showed she had enjoyed that rough treatment and now she was enjoying that huge rod plunging in and out of her. The bastard was moving fast, faster than Manty had ever done but she was making sounds, happy ecstasy sounds, that she had never made with her husband. He could hear her easily through the pane of glass. She was getting so loud that probably the neighbors as far away as they were would be hearing her soon.

She was speaking suddenly in a demanding tone, "Shove it in my Lover!! I need it, I want it hard. Its better than what my husband does to me, Goooood soo Goooood, Faster! Manty never fills me like you do, he never knows what I want, But you do Lover."

Suddenly as he was watching his vision increased and zoomed in like somebody adjusting binoculars, he could see every part of her womanhood as it was opened by that massive cock. He could even make out individual hairs from her and his pubic areas intertwining as the monster filled her up. He watched with a mixture of fascination, horror and pain, along with arousal, as the couple continued their fuck.

She spoke again, "Lover, you're just right for me, my husband is way too small but this monster is just right. Do it harder, faster, I need your loving."

She ended with a series of groans that got louder with each one. She had that habit of getting loud as her arousal grew. Now she was louder than any time with Manty and her moans were increasing in volume even more.

Suddenly he looked around and found that he was in the room standing to one side and right behind them.

She was speaking again, "I'm glad Manty isn't here. He would want to stop my fun. He really is too small for me, I just allow him to have sex with me for pity and some type of sense of duty, I'm still his wife after all." He looked up at her with a growing resentment along with grief, anger and a pain he had never known before. He looked down again and watched as if he was inches away from the place were the Bastard's goliath of a cock was spreading his wife's small slit.

After what seemed like hours she spoke again, it sounded closer so he looked up at her face twisted in passion like he had never seen it before. It was so twisted he hardly recognized her. Even as twisted as it was she was looking straight at him as she repeated those hurtful comments. Suddenly her lover moved pulling out, but immediately he moved his monster up a couple of inches and touched the tip to her tiny brown hole.

She said, "That's it, I want to feel you fill my ass, plunge it in now."

Her lover leaned forward first barely touching her hole, then pushing that gigantic head into her very small anus. Manty said to himself that no way could that thing get in there but it did. It slipped right in with practiced ease, emphasis on practice. As he watched the Goliath open her up and begin to disappear into her, she groaned in pain and pleasure. Her lover shoved it deeper, she got louder with groans of both pain and ecstasy. She seemed to be enjoying the pain also. He wondered how something that big could fit in her. The guy was over twice as long as Manty and almost three times as wide but it slid right in with little effort on the part of the Bastard. All of it disappeared into her tight narrow rectum. Her groans of euphoria grew even louder.

"That's it deeper, all the way in. I want to feel that hunk of flesh spread my tiny rectum. My husband's is just too small for that opening. He wouldn't fill me half as much as you do. That's why I haven't allowed him in there, but even if he was big enough he just doesn't know how to fuck me. Not like you do Lover."

Suddenly she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit. Immediately after it she yelled for the guy to go deeper and for him to cum inside filling her so full she would leak. Her first scream had been loud, louder than he had ever heard her but a second orgasmic scream was louder still, it shook the windows and almost made him cover his ears. His anger and hurt felt no bounds as he let loose a scream himself but this one was a primal yell of anger and hurt. Both of the lovers ignored it in their twin feelings of euphoria.

Suddenly he was sitting up in his bed drenched in sweat. He had almost yelled out loud as he sat up. He paused when he saw his surroundings. When he realized he was in his bed in his room he automatically reached to touch his wife. Just her presence would comfort him but he found nothing on her side of the bed as he recalled that she was still sleeping in one of the other bedrooms. In the exile he had imposed on her.

All that happened in the seconds it took him to lay back down. He thought, "Not that dream again. Why do I keep having them? And why does my subconscious insist in putting in things that never happened."

True he had seen his wife and her lover at the rental having sex, including anal sex which she denied him, but the guy wasn't that much bigger than Manty. According to his wife he was only an inch or so longer but not as wide and he definitely didn't have a cock that grew from big to gigantic. Obviously his subconscious was getting her lover mixed up with the guy she had her first tryst with. That had been a one night stand with a waiter or maintenance worker, who according to her, had been big. Not a monster as in his dreams but still significantly larger than Manty and even bigger than most men. He just shook his head as he thought about what she had said in his dream. She hadn't said all of those hateful, hurtful words, nor gotten that loud with her orgasm.

Since he didn't have the answers he decided it would be better to think on other things, such as the phone call he had that day. It was his father wanting to know what was up with Manty and his wife. Their children had noticed the change in the relationship. They knew she was sleeping in another room for one thing. Both Manty and Darlina had lied to them at first, explaining she was sick and that he didn't want to catch what she had, next they pretended that she was again sleeping in the master bedroom but the kids knew. Tomy had even asked if they were going to get a divorce. Manty was surprised that one as young as Tomy would know of such things but than again a couple of her friends at school had parents who had gotten divorced. Manty had squatted down to look her in the face to say that they had no plans for a divorce.

He said, "things are a little, rough right now between mommy and daddy but we are not planning to get a divorce."

As he straightened he thought that it was true, even with all he had gone through since learning of his wife's cheating he had no plans to divorce her, of course that could come up later if they couldn't work things out, but at the moment there were no plans for that. The children, however had told each set of grandparents that something was wrong with their parent's relationship. So of course each set had to call. Darlinia's parents had called yesterday and his had called that day. He had been afraid they would but hadn't known how to keep them from finding out something was up. He had tried to make it clear to both parents, Darlina hadn't been home when hers had called so he had talked to them, that it was something that could be worked out.

His dad had said,"Your mother thinks your problems involve either money or sex. She read some where that a of couples are having more sex problems these days."

There was a pause then he continued, "she wants to know how your sex life is."

Manty rolled his eyes and blushed as he said, "Tell her our sex is good."

Now he rolled his eyes again as he remembered blushing, he's forty years old talking to his dad over the phone and his dad was relying the information to his mother and he still blushed. He thought that his answer hadn't been much of a lie. They had had a good sex life until the confrontation. Now it was practically zero, and the very few times they had had sex hadn't been very satisfying.

Going back to the conversation he had said to his dad, "I mean it when I say we can work things out. Darlina still loves me and I still love her. That is a good foundation for working through troubles."

He dad had said, "You're right it is. I will tell your mother you both love each other and that you expect to work things out. Whatever needs to be worked out."

"Thank you and I would explain more but I really don't feel comfortable talking about it right now."

"That's alright son, I understand, your mother will just have to be curious. Bye for now."

"Bye and tell Mom I do love her and you."

His dad said he would then hung up.

As he put down the phone that was when it hit him. He had been having trouble trying to decide what to do about his wife, and just at that moment he had realized what one of the reasons for that indecision was. He still loved her. Even after all she had put him through with betraying him, sexually speaking that is, he still loved her. It amazed him, even though she was a good mother and up to that point they had had a good relationship. Over all it had been good that is. There had been that second year of their marriage when they had fought a lot but they had gotten beyond that. There was that time he missed that date she had been planning for weeks because of a misunderstanding about why he was working late that night. It had been an extreme emergency but she thought he had just forgotten. It was that misunderstanding which had led her to begin her affair with that guy. But other than those bumps in the road it had been a good marriage. She had done things for him, had been there for him when he needed her, plus she was the mother, a good mother at that, of his children. Maybe it wasn't so hard to understand why he still loved her. Of course on the other side were these blasted dreams he kept having. They just made his anger and hurt last longer.

That brought him back to the dream. "God, it's always rough to hear her say those things, even if it is only in my dreams. She has never said anything close to those things in real life. She had explained, during the confrontation, that her attraction to the guy wasn't that he was a better lover, it was just some type of animal magnetism. Some type of electricity that flowed to her when they touched, and had nothing to do with his ability to make love. She insists that I satisfy her. I have wondered, however, if that is true. She does get very excited when I make love to her but she sounded pretty excited the one time I saw them together too. She sounded sincere when she had said it that first time and each time we have discussed her affairs since but I'm not so sure that it really has nothing to do with my ability to make love or my size."

He shook his head and changed directions of his thoughts. "She swears that she loves me and not that bastard, which I think is true. She is sticking with me even with my exile of her and our lack of love making, not to mention my attitude toward her. I have been rough on her... in more ways than one."

They first time they had had sex after the confrontation was one of those times. In no way could it be considered making love, it was just rough demanding sex. A month after their talk, he was horny. They hadn't had sex during that time and she was wearing one of her outfits that turned him on. A very skimpy set of light blue sleeping shorts and a tight top that matched. There were darker blue flowers down each side of the top. The shorts were so short the bottom of her butt cheeks could be seen. The top of the same color, with the same flowers on the short sleeves, barely covered her breasts leaving her belly button out in the open. Manty didn't think she had done it on purpose since they had ran into each other by accident. It had been in the afternoon. She was headed toward the other bathroom for a shower. He had been going down the hallway to go get something. There she was and he had been instantly aroused. For some reason he still wasn't sure about, they went back to the room she had been sleeping in. Could have been to talk or maybe she had indicated she would be interested in love making.

He, however, wasn't interested, not in making love that is. He just grabbed her, kissed her hard, than shoved her on the bed. He almost ripped off her clothes. Once he had her shorts off, she hadn't been wearing any panties which he had noticed in the hallway, he had stared at the spot where her legs joined. He leaned over and roughly pushed two fingers into her pussy rubbing both sides until she was wet. No gentleness or love making about it. He did lick her slit and clit some, but it had been for him not for her. He had just started licking without doing any of the little things that turned her on. He just dived in, licked up and down her arousing slit tasting her juices and rivaling in the feel of her pussy on his tongue. He did stab his tongue into her but only because his body demanded it in his state of arousal. After a few minutes of tasting and feeling her with his mouth, he stopped without warning, stood up and quickly undressed. Once naked, without saying a word or further preparation, he climbed up between her legs. He noticed a look of surprise on her face but ignored it as he easily, after years of practice, found the hole he was looking for. He inserted his hard shaft into it, going all the way to the hilt in one movement. She grunted in surprise but she had been aroused enough to feel pleasure in his movements. He immediately pulled out part way then pushed in all the way again. She grunted again as he hit bottom. He fucked like that after setting a hard rhythm.

He was just starting to feel his orgasm building when he went in particularly deep and he heard her gasp in something other than pleasure. He opened his eyes and saw her grimacing in pain. He thought he most have hit an ovary. Part of his mind had been glad, she deserved that pain for what she had done, especially since it was pain during sex. He continued his deep thrusts hoping to hit her ovary again, however after a few seconds he realized what he was doing and slowed his thrusts. He pushed in with shallower thrusts but continued his fuck.

He continued as he had been thrusting, with no finesse, no gentleness, no waiting for her climax to build just shoving in and pulling out as fast as he could. Finally his orgasm built up and he increased his speed and force.

All she could do was grunt as he slammed it into her. Finally he exclaimed loudly and came. He filled her pussy with his hot juice thrusting in as fast as he could with each spout. He finished with five short, fast thrusts and than pulled out. No cuddling, not even a thank you, he just dressed and left. He saw the shocked look on her face as he left the room, for he had never been that rough on her before.

Later he had chanced down the hallway again and, feeling a little guilty, had paused by the door. It was still part way open just as he had left it so he could hear small noises from within. He scooted closer to the opening and the sounds turned into sobs. She was crying, very softly probably so he wouldn't hear. His heart had almost broken, he had treated her as a nothing. Not even as a prostitute just as a masturbatory convenience. But as much as he wanted to he couldn't go in to comfort her. Part of him was glad to hear the sobs, that part thought she deserved it and another part thought she wouldn't want him to come in right then. That was why she was trying to keep her crying silent. So he had just listened for a moment longer and quietly left.

He went about his business thinking off and on about how he had treated her. Later after the kids had come home, had dinner, than went to bed he went to her room. He knocked and went in, she was in bed already dressed in a more modest sleeping outfit. This one was a medium red and the sleeping shorts went down to her knees and were loose. The top completely covered her torso and was loose also. It did have some pretty blue and yellow flowers embroidered on the part covering her bosom but they didn't make her breasts stand out or in any other way make them sexy.

He just stood there for a moment than sighed and said, "I'm sorry for the way I treated you this afternoon. I... well, I just let myself loose control... It wasn't right."

After a moment he had turned and headed toward the door but just before he went through it he stopped and without turning said, "I'm sorry for hitting your ovary,"

Without waiting for a response he went out the door and on to bed. It hadn't been much of an apology, he hadn't sounded that sorry and he hadn't looked at her in the face, but at least it showed he did think of her as a person and not as a thing, or so he hoped she would see it that way.

They had made love, well had sex one time after that. He had made sure she was aroused properly and experienced at least one orgasm. He thought it may have been two even though the second one was a smaller one. After the way he had treated her before he was glad that she had gotten something out of that time. When they were done there had still been no cuddling but he had sat on the edge of her bed and thought about what he should say. He knew she would know he still hadn't made love to her, it had been more like he would treat someone he had picked up at a night spot but Manty at least had treated her as an equal not as a cheap hooker or a thing. He didn't have any experience with pick ups or one night stands so didn't know what one said in that situation.

He finally turned to her and said, "thank you. It was good and... I well, I needed it."

All these thoughts swirled around in his head as he tried to relax after that dream. It had been just another in a series of that type of dream. He thought if he would just stop having them he could heal better. As he thought about those nightmares his mind drifted back to a month after the talk.

He had wanted to get back at her for the way he had felt after finding out she had cheated, He also wanted her to feel the same as he had, however, his conscience would not allow him to actually cheat on her. He had finally come up with a plan. The plan involved two female coworkers who knew a bit about the situation. They had accidentally overheard Manty talking to his wife over the phone one day. They had just walked into his office while he was on the phone talking to Darlina and couldn't help but overhear him say she had cheated. Since they knew she had cheated he thought they might go along with his plan. Both coworkers would dress as sluts than come over and pick him up for a night of fun. His wife would have only met them once or twice so he thought she wouldn't recognize them. Surprisingly enough both agreed to it. Later he learned one had to be talked into by her more adventurous friend.

Three nights later his doorbell rung. He made sure he was busy so his wife would have to get the door. One of the two coworkers wearing a lime green miniskirt with a very low cut green blouse, the other one was dressed in a flora pair of short shorts and low cut tube top that showed her midriff. even though it was tight around her breasts it didn't show any cleavage like the other one's blouse did and the shorts were not as tight as they could have been.

He heard the one in green ask, "Can Manty come out and play."

He didn't see it but they both later described the shocked look on Darlinia's face. He had shouted that he would be there in a minute. While they waited the two woman had tried to chat with his wife but she had pretended to ignore them.

Manty didn't know what they had said to her but it most have gone along with the way they were dressed for when Manty told her not to wait up for him since he didn't know when he would be home she just nodded miserably.

He had been prepared to remind her of what he had said during their confrontation about her losing the right to say anything about his philandering but she didn't protest.

After they drove away they just went to dinner at a coffee shop, he paid, they talked about business and other such stuff than drove around for a while. He had gotten some funny and envious looks at the coffee shop and they had gotten some both lustful and distasteful stares. The more reserved of the two did a lot of blushing during that dinner. On the way out the less shy one also did some blushing at one point but the other one seemed to be in continual blush mode. After a few hours they drove him back home. Just before they got out of the car one waffled his shirt, to look like something happened and the other one kissed him on the side of his mouth as he opened the door. It was on the side of his mouth but she explained that if Darlina was watching through the window it would look like a full kiss. His wife was in the living room as he opened the door so he cheerily waved good bye as they drove away.

As he saw his wife, standing in the living room he said, "I told you you didn't have to wait up."

"I know but I couldn't sleep and I decided walking around the house might help calm me."

He had gone to bed feeling satisfied that he had gotten back at her without breaking his moral code. Not with a physical act anyway. As he thought on these past events Manty finally fell back to sleep.

A few days later he was in his bedroom reading when his wife knocked. She wanted to talk, the kids were asleep and they were both going to be up for a while longer. He told her to come over to the bed and to sit.

She began to again apologize for her cheating, both the tryst and the affair. He just nodded because he had just heard this all before. It seemed to help a couple of times but at other times it just made him angry. This was one of those times. Flashes of what he had really seen, especially the anal sex she had denied him but allowed her lover to have, went through his mind. This was followed by scenes from various dreams he had had, of her putting him down as she made love to that Bastard. He sat sat and smoldered getting angrier as she went on. He could see everything as clear as he had that day he had seen them in the rental.

She paused and just sat there next to him than she said something he didn't catch since he had stopped listening.

When his attention was back to her she was saying, "I know I did wrong but at the same time its unfair the way you have been treating me."

There was a pause then, "I know I am responsible for this mess but at the same time..."

That's as far as he let her get, he had been thinking about that word she used, unfair and something snapped inside him and he stood suddenly, looked at her and yelled, "Unfair?!!"

He pulled her up as she flinched from what she saw on his face, "I've been treating you unfair?!!" he paused for a moment than having made a decision he said, "You want to know about unfair? I will show you unfair!!"

He roughly pulled off the robe she had been wearing, and pushed her onto the bed on her stomach. He next pulled off her panties ripping them in his haste to get them off. She gasped when she heard the rip. He sat down hard and pulled her onto his lap. She probably had been thinking he was going to use her sexually again but he had something else on his mind. Manty than pulled up her nightie exposing her now naked butt.

Darlina most have figured out what he was planning for she started to fight him and said, "You're not going to..."

But he interrupted his wife by bringing down the hand he had just raised hard on one cheek. The slap resounded through the room and she cried out in surprise and pain. He felt the slap as his hand stung a bit. He quickly raised his hand and slapped the other cheek before she finished making the sound. She gasped as her body tried to cry out again before she was completely done with the first exclamation. HIs hand stung again and this time he felt the flesh of her butt cheek give as his hand landed hard on that fleshy mound. He didn't care about the sting on his hand, he was good and mad. He was finally giving in to the frustration that had been building since he saw them together.

She began to wiggle trying to escape his hold but he had her in a body lock. Or so that was what he thought of it anyway. He had one arm around her waist in a position she couldn't escape from. Manty didn't know if he had just lucked out on a hold that would keep her from escaping or if his anger gave him extra strength but no matter how she moved she couldn't escape the stinging blows from his hand. He slapped her butt again, harder yet, he could feel the mound under his hand shake as it absorbed the blow.

She cried out again ending with a "please no" but he just raised his hand again

This time just before he brought it down he said, "Unfair is denying me because you fucked your lover."

He brought his hand down with a louder slap, raised it again and said with pain and anger in his voice, "Unfair is going with him on a business trip but refusing to go with me."

He continued after hitting the other cheek, "Unfair is letting him cum in your mouth, twice, than kissing me so I would taste another man's cum!"

After another slap he raised his again and said with even more pain, "Unfair is allowing him to fuck your ass when I have wanted it for years!"

"Unfair is allowing him to keep fucking your ass when you keep denying me!!"

Another slap on her reddening butt and he said, "Unfair is wearing nightgowns I bought for you to have sex with him!"

"Unfair is buying nightgowns for him you don't buy for me!"


"Unfair is making me wait five weeks for sex because you screwed him the night before I was to leave on a trip!"

He kept up the swats and the statements until he run out of things to say.

He paused for a second than in a volume that was almost a shout said, "Slut" than he brought down his hand again.

Manty raised his hand saying, "Tramp" as he brought down hard.

He raised it again and cried out, "Bitch, twat."

He hit her butt once more than raised his hand again, this time calling her a two bit whore before bringing it down. He went through the names again before shutting up and just spanking her. He looked at his handy work as he brought his hand down again and was pleased to see her whole butt was a fiery red. His hand was stinging more and more from the sharp contact with her flesh but he still didn't care. He stopped at that moment. He didn't know how long he had swatted her but now he looked at what he had done. Both cheeks were red and swollen. It looked like a bad sunburn, and two places looked discolored like he had bruised her. She was sniffling, along with some whimpering, like she was trying not to cry out loud and he realized that through out the spanking, after the first three outbursts, she had been pretty much quiet. He didn't know if it had been to keep from waking the kids or not to give him satisfaction or some other reason, but he wasn't about to ask. He looked over her butt again and saw that, even in-between the crack was red. It most hurt a lot he thought but that dark corner of his mind he had given into said, "Good, she deserves it",

That corner reminded him of something else and he used his hands to roughly open up her crack, separating the cheeks so he could see her anus. He looked her sexy butt over, even with its redness it still turned him on big time. He decided to do something about it this time. She had quit struggling probably thinking the worse was over but it wasn't as he was about to show her. He quickly placed two fingers on her anus. He had just barely touched it, she hardly had time to realize what he was touching and what that might mean, when he drove both fingers deep into her rectum.

The last time he had done that had been on the day of the confrontation, her reaction was different on that day since she had been sexually aroused and her anus had been at least partially lubricated. Today she not only wasn't aroused but was the opposite, and there was absolutely no lubrication on his fingers nor on her brown opening. He pushed in the fingers as far as he could get them in one quick movement.

She let out a half scream of pain and shock, the spanking had been painful, very painful after a while, but this was a different type of pain and she couldn't help but cry out from the sudden unexpected intrusion into her tight small hole.

Darlina immediately realized what was probably going to follow his fingers, she couldn't help but plead, "Not that." than to ask "not dry... Please use some lubrication." in a very entreating tone.

Her exclamation of pain followed up by her pleading penetrated the fog of his anger and hurt. He froze when he realized what he had done and the two things he had been thinking of doing.

His mouth fall open and he said,"I'm sorry," In an almost pleading voice.

He looked down at his fingers still sticking out of her butt. He pulled them out than gently pushed her off his lap onto the bed. He quickly got up and hurried to the door, almost running as he left the room.

A couple of minutes later she exited the room wearing her robe again. She looked for him and found him at the end of the partially dark hallway. He was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. His knees were drawn up against his chest. As she stopped in front of him he looked up at her.

With tears in his eyes he said, "I'm sorry... God, I hate that part of me."

She said, "I'm responsible for that part of you being able to come to the forefront like that. That spanking hurt a lot but I can forgive you for that."

He looked up again and said, "But that's not all I was planning in doing."

"I think I have an idea what else you were going to do."

"Not everything. I... um, I was planning not only to shove my shaft up your butt hard and fast without lubrication, but after I was done I was going to make you clean me up"

His voice had guilt and disgust in it as he finished, "with your mouth."

He saw a look of disgust go across her face at that but she only knelt down suddenly. She bent her legs so that her knees were pointing at him and her face was almost level with his. She groaned as she lowered herself slowly and he knew her butt was still sore.

She said in a gentle voice, "As I said I know I'm responsible for your anger and hurt. I am really sorry for that. I promise you that if you want to do anal sex I will let you. Anytime, any place. If you want to wake me up in the middle of the night or if I'm working and you get the urge you will just have to call me up and I will drop everything and head home. If I'm sunning myself in the back yard or working in the garden and you come out I will do it for you. I just ask you to use a lot of lubrication and to prepare me first."

"I don't know," he started to say but she interrupted, "As I said I promise you any time anywhere. Even if I am in the kitchen getting things ready for breakfast, as long as the kids aren't around I will let you. That goes for if I am fixing dinner, all you have to do is show up with a tube of K-Y jelly and I will know what you want."

She paused for a moment than continued in a sterner voice, "But I warn you if you do succeed in giving in to that dark side and anally rape me I will leave. That goes for if you ever slug me or choke me. Rather you use your hands or force me to deep throat you so deep I choke, I will leave and I may even call the police. There is a lot of stuff I will put up with, including that spanking and sleeping alone, because of what I did and because I still love you but there are limits."

He just looked at her nodded and said, "I understand."

She said, "Good but now my butt is on fire," she stood up with a loud moan, almost a cry and walked to her room. He could tell by the way she walked that it hurt to walk.

Fifteen minutes later he knocked on her door and went in. She was laying her stomach on her bed, with her butt completely uncovered. Even though he saw it from the side as he walked in he still was immediately aroused by the sight. He just shook his head and walked over to the bed.

He sat down next to her and said, "I have read a couple of stories where this was supposed to help with the burning after a spanking. I don't know if it works or not but I will put some on if you want me to."

She looked at him funny but said, "Ok."

He unscrewed the jar he had in his hand and began to apply the ointment inside it to her still very red buttocks. He gently rubbed it across the fleshy mounds of her so sexy butt. She arched her bottom spreading her legs a bit to give him better access. After covering all of the outside her pushed his fingers into her crack. He went all the way down to her anus rubbing it in right before and right after it. His breath got faster and he realized the sight of those two erotic mounds of flesh were turning him on, even more so was the sight of that luscious brown small opening of hers. God, even after all these years it turned him so much. He looked lower and saw something that turned him on just as much if not more. Her beautiful, arousing slit. He made a slight noise as his arousal grew significantly. Even though he hadn't planned on it, hadn't even thought about it as he went to get the jar, he couldn't help himself and reached out with one hand. He pointed with one finger and touched that wonderful opening. He pushed the finger in to just past the first knuckle, than he began to slide it up and down that hole. She was a bit dry but soon became wet. He just enjoyed the arousal that motion brought him. She made a movement and he thought she was probably thinking it was not the right time for that type of thing, which he didn't blame her.

He started to pull out the finger but she said, "That feels good."

He pushed it back in going even deeper but he kept the same speed as he just slid his finger along the inside of her sexy slit. He didn't know how long he did that, she groaned softly every so often, but suddenly his eyes raised to her other hole and his hand seemingly on its own moved up to her anus. He just touched it as if he had never seen it before. He couldn't believe what he was feeling. It was the same as he felt the first time he had seen her sex and her anus for the first time, extremely erotic. He ran his finger back and forth across it and after a moment when she didn't protest as he half expected he placed the finger onto the puckered opening and pushed slightly. It went easy and he continued pushing until it was just past the first knuckle. He made a soft noise of hunger but waited to see if she would say anything. When no protest came he pushed again this time slowly sliding his finger all the way in. When he could go no further he stopped and looked at it. If he hadn't had a hardon already that sight would have been enough to give him one instantly. He slowly pulled out half way then just a slow pushed back in all the way. Twice more he did that than pulled it all the way out than pushed it in all the way. He was still moving slowly, still half way expected her to say stop but also because he just felt like going slow. It was more erotic. He reveled in the feel of his finger moving in and out of her rectum. God, he always enjoyed that feeling, it was so different from her other opening. It was tight and had a rubbery feeling

He was so into the sight and the feeling he was enjoying he didn't hear her say something. Finally it registered that he had heard her voice so he looked up at her. She had turned her head, as much as possible that is, to look at him. He had a puzzled look on his face so she repeated it.

"Do you want to do it now?" she asked softly.

It took him less than half a second to figure out what "it" was. He looked at her in anticipation and hunger.

She added, "There is a K-Y tube in our medicine cabinet."

He was so engrossed it his feelings he didn't care that she had said ours instead of yours.

In response he said very softly almost to himself, "Just a minute."

He continued to use his finger to fuck her butt hole. But he brought his other hand around and placed it on her pussy. He slipped two fingers in, and began to caress the walls of her slit. After two moments he moved his thumb around to rub her clit. He had to hold his hand awkwardly but he didn't care. He moaned as the triple sensations, feeling her anus while feeling the inside of her pussy while at the same time massaging her clit, affected him. He almost came in his pants without even touching his super hard manhood. He continued this triple pleasuring of her until she was groaning constantly, louder and louder. He joined her in an expression of ecstasy. He pushed his finger in deeper than he had before just reveling in the feeling. For a second he felt something else in there but he didn't care, he hadn't been able to do this for months and he was enjoying it.

In the middle of all these thrills he knew she most be still hurting a lot even if that ointment was working. He wanted to make sure she was really aroused. She was willing to go through the extra pain of him butt fucking her after that spanking and he wanted to make sure that he was as careful as possible to keep from touching her cheeks. He wanted it badly but at the same time he didn't want to hurt her more than he had. She was so willing right now and they were being so loving to each other that he thought he could be careful.

Finally he decided it was time to go to the next step. He was about to run to the bathroom in the master bedroom when an image popped into his mind. He said out loud even though he didn't realize it, "Not now!"

It was the image he saw that day at the rental of her lover doing what he was doing now. He next saw him begin to insert his hard cock into his wife's anus. This was quickly followed by a series of other scenes from that day mixed with images from his dreams. He looked down at his finger and the emotions produced by the scenes playing in his brain were so intense it was almost as if the image of that bastard were being superimposed over the actual image of his finger in Darlinia's butt. He lost his erection and suddenly just pulled his finger out and sat back. Darlina turned around to look at him with a concerned look on her face.

"What's the matter?"

He looked at her and said, "I keep seeing the image of that bastard sticking his fingers, then his shaft into you, they are followed by images of the dreams I have been having."

He stood, backed off, turned around to leave. He stopped turned back around and said, "I'm sorry I ever saw that,"

He paused than as anger filled his heart he said in a voice full of pain. "And I am very sorry I ever had to see it!" Darlina realized what he meant by that last statement and as he was turning back to the door he saw her face crumble and tears formed in her eyes.

She said, "I'm sorry, I... I'm sorry I hurt you."

Suddenly with clarity he realized one of the things that had been bothering him. She had never said she was sorry for having sex with both guys. She had felt guilty about it, even before being caught, but that wasn't the same a part of him insisted. He wondered if his emotions were just being confused by semantics. She had said that she was sorry for hurting him and that she had never meant to, but never those exact words. Not that he could recall anyway. He couldn't remember everything that had been said during the confrontation, nor every word spoke since but he thought he would recall those words. He believed that she was really was sorry for hurting him, that her heart ached because of what she had done to him. That helped but part of him would not be satisfied until she said those words. He just glanced her way on the way out.

A quarter hour later he was passing her door again and heard her crying. He stopped and listened wondering if he should go in. He didn't feel like comforting her this time and even if did go in he didn't trust himself to say anything helpful. He just continued on his way. During the next few days their relationship lost some of the ground it had made with growing back together.

Six days later he came across her coming out of the hall bathroom after taking a shower. She had just a towel wrapped around her. As she came through the door and saw him she stopped in surprise glancing down at herself. He thought she probably was thinking about what had happened last time he happened on her when she wasn't wearing much.

She quickly said, "What are you doing here? I thought you were working in your den."

"I was, but had to get something."

He looked her over. The towel just covered her from the top of her bosom to just under her buttocks. Manty could see her upper thighs almost to where they connected to her body. He swallowed suddenly as he thought about what was in-between those legs. He realized he was still aroused from the other day. His anger at the memories that had come unbidden to his mind had done nothing to lesson the arousal he had been feeling.

He had that dream again that night than had masturbated afterwards to help calm himself but that hadn't done much to satisfy the horniness either. He had just grabbed his hard shaft and began sliding his hand across it hard and fast. It had felt good to create friction over it, not as good as the friction caused by the inside of her wet slit but it had been something he needed. When his orgasm hit he just wiped all the cum off with the sheet. He had done this a few times before and he always wondered what his wife thought of the stains he was leaving. It should be obvious to her what they were but she never spoke of it when she changed the sheets.

Today though as he stared at her the towel slipped some revealing the top quarter of one breast and the very top of the other. His eyes went up at the motion and he looked at the tops of those beautiful mounds of feminine glory. His mouth dropped open as he felt his hormones raise. She just looked back as if she was wondering what he was going to do, even though Darlina most have recognized the look on his face she didn't say anything or try to move away.

Finally he just grabbed her, brought her forward and kissed her hard. She most have been feeling the same arousal for she immediately kissed back just as hard. The towel dropped as she put both hands around him and passionately smothered his mouth with hers. He began to rub her back, caressing it softly but quickly working his way down to her butt. As soon as his hands touched the upper regions of her cheeks he grabbed hold of that butt, with one hand per cheek, gripping hard and pulling her even closer. Instead of protesting his rough handling of her she moaned in desire. She slipped her hands down to the back of his pants, where she slipped them under his belt and further in. She slipped her hands down the back of his pants, under his briefs and gripped his butt. Darlina massaged her husband's bottom as they continued to kiss. After a long moment he broke the kiss and looked in her face. He saw the same passion he was feeling mirrored on that lovely, dear face. She just nodded at his unspoken question and he reacted immediately by turning and heading toward her room. She followed moving as one with him. Seconds later they were through the door and as they neared the bed he put his arms around her and kissed her again, just as hard and maybe even harder than out in the hallway.

He thought she most be as extremely horny as he was. She had to know they weren't going to make love, just have sex, but obviously she didn't care. Soon she shoved him down on the bed and a soon as his back touched the mattress she was on him, undoing his belt, snap and unzipping him. She quickly pulled off his pants forgetting that he was still wearing shoes but in her desire she just pulled at each leg until they came off over his shoes. Soon his underwear joined the pants on the floor and she almost fell on him in her haste to suck on his cock.

She sucked and licked him as her slit burned with arousal. She had been needing this since that day he interrupted himself while getting ready to butt fuck her. She made meowing sounds as she suckled the shaft she loved and currently needed. He managed to get his shirt off while moaning and enjoying the feelings she was producing. When he had the shirt finally off he just watched her mouth go up and down his shaft. She was bobbing her head up and down pretty fast, like she was very hungry for him. Manty could feel his wife's teeth and she gently brushed them against the flaring sides of his cock's head. The wetness of her mouth aroused him to greater heights of enjoyment. Soon though he tried stop her.

She stopped her sucking for a moment to say, "I need to taste you and to pleasure you."

She went back to sucking just the head as she gripped his shaft and began to slide her hand up and down it. The twin sensations made him almost swoon. She moved her fist up to the head touching it than immediately slide it back down to touch his balls than back up again. She gripped his steel like shaft moderately hard and the pressure increased his ecstasy even more. Soon he warned her that he was close and that it would be a large amount. She just kept on sucking alternating with licking the top of his cock. All the way up and all the way down in long slow licks. She also nibbled on the head causing almost painful sensations. But there were ones he liked as she had learned over the years. Suddenly she stopped and completely engulfed his cock's head with her mouth. The suddenness of the motion coming right after she had nibbled for a while caused a jump in his ecstasy. His hips jumped off the bed as he let out a groan almost as loud as hers could be. She went right back to licking and nibbling and after a minute suddenly engulfed the head again. This time his groans were louder still. She repeated that three more times varying the length of time she licked and chewed on his shaft each time.

After the third time however she couldn't stand it anymore and went back to how she had begun this blow job. She just grabbed half of his manhood with her mouth and sucked. She varied it by plunging her mouth all the way down the shaft quickly followed by pulling it almost off than right back down to where her nose touched his pubic hair. She made the same noises she had at the beginning and wasn't disappointed when he gave her a final warning that he was cumming.

"(UGH) I'm Close (Gaaaa) Almooost, (UggaaHH)"

She tried to say, "I want it, fill my mouth."

But she won't leave of her sucking long enough to say it so all he heard was a "I mmmphableoea mougggau"

Since she didn't stop he took that to mean she wanted it. So he relaxed and enjoyed the euphoria she was producing.

A few seconds later she did stop so she could say, "Fuck my mouth Manty. I want to feel your cock going in and out, then cum in my mouth."

Immediately she was back sucking him. He looked at her in surprise but then leaned back again to enjoy it. Half a minute later he arched his back driving his shaft almost down her throat. She was ready for it though and after one short gag she pulled her head back enough to keep from choking. Two seconds of an eternity later he felt his climax reach the edge and his mouthed opened in wordless scream it froze there for a moment. Finally he went over the edge and his sperm short through his shaft with the force of a high caliber bullet. As it burst forth a high pitched yell burst forth from his lips. She felt the wet, soft bullet smack into the back of her throat quickly followed by a second. He let out a second scream almost as loud as the first as the second glope of cum shot out of the tip of his manhood. A third and fourth were in the heels of the first two than both lost count of how many shot into her mouth.

As she swallowed again and again she thought that he had been right it was a big load. That only satisfied her more though since she had spoken the truth when she said she wanted to taste him. Before she swallowed each time she swished what was in her mouth around so she could taste and feel his wonderful cum. It had been so long it had seemed that not only was her body demanding to feel his hard cock in her hot, wet, pussy but that she also savor what she hadn't been able to for months.

Soon he relaxed and said, "Thanks. That was great."

Deciding it was her turn he swung his body around so that he could sit on the edge of the bed. She was standing but he his mouth was at the right height. He began to suckle on her breasts, first the right one than the left. Going back and forth like that for over five minutes. She was groaning louder and louder as he did. He stood suddenly and moved her around so she was against the bed. He gave her a little push sending her backwards onto the bed. She knew what he wanted so she spread her legs as she hit.

As he dived in to lick her center of joy he thought that she wanted this as much as he did. He stopped his movement just before reaching her with his mouth so he could look at her. He still liked the sight that was before him and it aroused him even more. After a few seconds he lowered his head and began to lick. All the up and all the way down that wonderful beautiful pussy.

She again surprised him by saying, "Keep licking my pussy Manty. I love the feel of your tongue on my pussy."

He continued his actions for three minutes and some seconds than just grabbed hold of her clit with his mouth. She had groaned as he touched her with his tongue now she almost screamed out a moan as he abruptly sucked hard. A couple minutes of that and she began to get really loud, which meant that her orgasm was starting to get close and that it was going to be a good one.

She bucked against his mouth three times than said, "Get up now, I want to feel you inside... Please."

Without saying a word he stopped and climbed higher on the bed till his shaft was in the correct place to go in. But instead of pushing in he teased her by stabbing her clit.

After half a dozen soft hits she said, "No, I want you in me... Fuck me! Please."

He stabbed her clit two more times, finally relented and lowered his body a bit. This time as he stabbed forward the head of his cock pushed opened her hot, wet pussy. She sighed as he went in a third of the way, than as he pushed in the rest of the way in one shove she let out a sound that wordlessly expressed satisfaction with him. He immediately got a good fast rhythm going, fucking in and out quick long strokes. Her groans increased in volume again as Darlinia's orgasm built and built.

She again surprised him by say loudly, "Fuck me like that dear husband. God, it feels so good to have your hard, strong cock in my pussy."

Soon she was bucking against him joining him in a dance of ecstasy.

She cried out in a voice full of ecstasy,"Fuuuck Me Manty. Push that steel rod up my pussy harder."

As her words fired him up even further he lifted himself up on his hands and shoved in even deeper and harder, his thrusts were getting frantic as his climax built. Soon he was letting out his own loud groans even though hers moans almost dawned his out. She let out a long yes than a loud scream as hers finally hit. The scream was loud enough that Manty was glad the children weren't home. But a second later that thought dissipated as his orgasm hit. He thrust in hard, even deeper and in the middle of hers she felt the sudden extra wetness that meant he was cuming.

The feeling and the knowledge of what it meant caused her orgasm to redouble, almost starting again. She let out a second scream joining his moose call yell. He froze for a moment than relaxed as his climax ended. She relaxed a moment later. He fell on top of her, as they both enjoyed their afterglows. Finally as he caught his breath he rolled off her and sat up on the edge of the bed. Instead of getting right up though he sat there for a couple of minutes.

She said, "thank you, I really needed that."

He put on hand on her thigh right above her knee and softly caressed the inner thigh.

He looked at her and said, "I needed it too, so I thank you."

He stood up and looked down, realizing as he did that he had never taken off his shoes. Now he sat back down and took off the shoes. She sat up to see what he was doing. When she saw his shoes were still on she giggled.

"I guess we did both really needed it."

He glanced at her and in mock anger said, "Hey it was your fault, showing up in that towel, than just taking off my pants over my shoes."

"You weren't supposed to be there and I was so horny thanks to you that I couldn't wait for you to take off your shoes. But you could have stopped me."

"You're right I could have but I was too horny myself to stop you."

He than smiled at her as she smiled back. He finished putting on his clothes,

As he zipped up his pants he said, "I, uh... I, um, I mean that was good."

She frowned realizing what he had almost said. Something he hadn't said since just before the day he saw her and Tony together.

The next few weeks went by about the same, their relationship seemed to improve even though slowly, he kept having those dreams and the dreams kept his anger alive which in turn effected his mood. At the same time they talked more. Just about small things, how their days were and what the kids were doing and such.

Three and a half weeks after their impromptu fuck session, a friend who worked for the same company called Manty and asked him to come over to the friend's office. It was in another part of the building for the friend worked in the security section of the company. When Manty showed up Bill took Manty to a video room where the security personal could watch the video tapes made by the Security division of the company. He said he had something to show Manty, something a security camera had caught. Bill seemed concerned about what ever it was, so Manty decided to watch the tape. Bill said that he had to watch it there because these tapes were not supposed to leave the building. So Manty sat at the console as Bill left the room. Manty thought that strange and wondered about it as he put in the video tape and started it. An image immediately appeared on the small TV screen. It showed a hallway, probably in an office building. As he suspected it was from a Security camera up, near the roof in one of corner of the hallway. There was a door across from the camera. Manty wondered what was about to happen, but after a minute or two a certain person came down the hallway. Manty sat up as he saw the face. It was that bastard that had the affair with his wife. He had never met the man, but his wife had showed him the guy's picture, both still and video. She had taken one video at some party or some such. The guy was just one of many in the background of the video so if Manty had seen the video, before he knew about the affair, he would have not of thought any thing strange about it.

As he saw the guy walk toward the door, Manty realized that the image showed the hallway just outside the conference room his wife used as an office. He frowned as the guy went straight to the door. He just opened it and walked in. Seconds later Manty could make out the doorknob jiggled. Did the guy just lock the door than tried it to see if it really was locked? Manty's eyes narrowed and his mouth tighten as he thought about what that meant. He kept watching for a few minutes but decided that nothing was going to happen except for a few people walking by. He hit the fast forward button and finally after what he estimated to be over half an hour, he saw the door open again. He stopped the advancing tape then rewound it a few seconds. He started it again at normal speed and watched. The doorknob jiggled again. It was a small movement easily missed except that Manty was looking for it. A second later the door open and there stood his wife and the guy. Both seemed to be flushed and he had a satisfied smile on his face. She looked relaxed also. They said a few words he couldn't hear of course than the bastard left and Darlina went back inside closing the door. Just before they separated he was able to read his wife's lips, it looked like she said "thank you, that was good." Of course he should know the words he had heard her say them enough times after they had made love.

Manty's lips thinned even more and he realized why his friend had left him alone. He thought Manty would want some privacy to watch this. Bill knew Darlina and since it was obvious what had happened in that room he had thought he needed to show it to Manty.

Manty's anger grew as he thought, she did it even after promising me she won't anymore. He felt like hitting the panel. He thought "I really thought she was going to keep her promise this time. I have been keeping an eye on her so carefully. There was nothing to indicate that she had gone back to her lover. Not her demure not her actions nor anything else I could point to. God, I wish I could take this video home and show it to her. I would pretend it was something good that she would enjoy and watch her face as she realized she had been caught... again."

Suddenly, though, as he was trying to decide rather he should leave or kick her out, most of his anger dissipated as his gaze sank to the time stamp at the bottom of the video. Manty blinked and looked at it again. This event he had watched had taken place two months before the confrontation. He hadn't known that the security division kept tapes for that long. He just sat and thought about it for a moment. He still wanted to punch the bastard out but his anger at his wife had cooled considerably. Finally he decided he would ask for any other recordings of his wife and lover.

He wondered why Bill had been watching the tape to begin with, maybe to check quality control or while investigating some other event and of course he would have recognize Manty's wife when he saw her on the tape. In either case it was time to go.

As he walked out of the room he saw Bill near by, he said, "thank you. I found that most interesting. But could you check and see if there are any other recordings of this couple after the date this was recorded on?"

"Yes... I could do that. I can tell my personal that it is an exercise, something for practice."

Manty nodded and said thank you again.

The other just nodded and Manty said that they would have to get together some time. Bill agreed.

As he walked away Bill watched him thinking about how calm Manty looked after seeing what he had just seen. He could tell it had effected him, by his tone and body language, but hadn't been as much as Bill had expected. Manty hadn't seemed to be surprised either. Hmmm, he thought maybe he knew about it already. Come to think of it Manty hadn't been himself for a couple of months now, so maybe it wasn't a surprise after all. Bill shook his head thinking that he did not envy his friend and he wondered how he would react if he had found his wife was having an affair.

For the next two weeks everything pretty much stayed the same between Manty and his wife. Their relationship seemed to be healing at times but than there would it would slip as Manty continued to have those dreams. At one point Darlina confused that she had seen her ex-lover that day. He had come by on business. He had just come into her office without announcing himself or knocking, he tried to kiss her neck but Darlina had stood up and told him to stop. It was over and he would have to get used to that fact. Since he had legitimate business, she had gone to get a coworker and asked her to come in to be with them as they carried out the business. Darlina hadn't explained everything to the coworker, just enough to say someone was supposed to be there with them. His wife added that she also kept the door open during the visit. Manty just nodded his head to indicate that she had done good, he wasn't sure if he could trust himself not to say something that was better left unsaid.

After those two weeks Bill asked Manty to come by his office, he had the tapes Manty had asked for. Manty did just that, and over the next three days he watched the tapes. He had to watch them in half an hour slots. There were too many scenes over a series of tapes to watch in one day when he was supposed to be working. There were only three more scenes like one he had seen already before the date of the confrontation. He watched the tapes recorded after that date more carefully. Two or three he times the Bastard walked up and down the hallway a couple of times but those times he didn't go in, didn't even stop. One visit came two days after the confrontation but was very short. The guy went in and the door knob jiggled again but five or maybe six minutes later the knob jiggled again just before Darlina opened the door. She looked upset and said something that looked like no more followed by more words. She said she knew it was hard on him but the answer was no. Or that was what it looked like to Manty.

Next came one of the events Darlina had described. One had been awhile back and one had been just few days ago. Soon after her ex-lover entered the room Darlina came out, left for a moment than came back with another woman. They went in and the door stayed open. After awhile the bastard and the woman left. They talked as they went out the door but Manty wasn't able to see their faces to try to read their lips. Not that he was an expert at that but he might catch something.

The next tape showed the visit his wife most have just described. This time the guy locked the door and it was two minutes before Darlina rushed out to get the same woman she had gotten last time. The tape after that one, which according to the time stamp was only a week before the date he was watching the videos. It showed showed something different. The guy went in and closed the door. The doorknob jiggled. Manty's eyes narrowed as he knew what that meant. But this time the door stayed closed for quite a while. Manty wondered if they were getting it on or if they were arguing. He hoped it was the last.

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