Gary's Gauntlet
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Humiliation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He couldn't deal with her weight, and he abused her. It was only after she left that he realized what he had lost. He wanted her back and she gave him a chance. But the price! Follow-on to 'Redemption.'

Gary Blum could not believe the mess he had made of his life.

The night he returned from the company Christmas party to discover his wife Kirstin gone, Gary had felt a sense of relief. He was free to do what he wanted. He could finally connect with the hot woman at work who had been teasing him for years. She had the body of a model, and he had dreamed of caressing those tight, sleek curves. This would be the first time he had broken his marriage vows, but he was ready.

The first disruption to Gary's little fantasy happened immediately when he forgetfully went to check on the kids and found the empty beds. The love he felt for Sean, 8, and Courtney, 6 was genuine. As a father, he did very well, honestly enjoying the time he spent with them. With a mental shrug, he pushed thoughts of the kids from his mind. His life was about to change, and he wanted to enjoy it.

Dreams of a new life with his slinky new love lasted only until that Monday. While in a stall in the men's room at work, he overheard two co-workers bantering as they walked in. They were talking about his new woman! She apparently had worked her way through most of the good-looking men in the place already. Gary was to be one of the last of her conquests. His dream fizzled at that moment. Like a bucket of cold water, realization of what he had done jolted him.

Kirstin was a blond bombshell when they married. She was never slender, but with her impressive mammaries, the extra weight worked well to make her sexy and desirable.

After their first child, Kirstin worked hard, with Gary's support, to get back to her wedding weight. After the second, she was not successful, and the pounds kept accumulating until she was carrying at least forty extra.

The couple's early years had been loving. They both liked the sex, neither realizing how unimaginative it was, nor how one-sided the pleasure was in Gary's favor. Both worked hard at parenting, although neither considered it a chore. Gary had an excellent relationship with Helga and Alfred, Kirstin's parents, and with Karina, her younger sister who lived with her parents.

Relations with Gary's mother were a different story. She was a huge woman with a nasty, domineering personality. It was Kirstin who made Gary keep at least minimal contact with his parents, though he insisted it never be alone.

Those childhood scars left by his mother began to affect Gary as Kirstin's weight grew. Though both happy, loving women, Helga and Karina were heavy, also. Helga was a very strong, controlling person, just without the nasty temperment of Gary's mother.

Visions of his wife turning into his mother, even if totally irrational, troubled Gary more and more. The prospect of spending the rest of his life with a large, domineering wife panicked him. Over the last three years, he had gradually forgotten the love he had for Kirstin, and seemed to think only about her weight.

As with much abuse, it increased gradually, never reaching the point of striking her. The belittlement, the virtual imprisonment, and the withdrawal of affection were as devastating to Kirstin as physical abuse. In the midst of her depression over her treatment, food was one of her few comforts, and she could never mount a serious weight-loss attempt.

When Gary left her at home with an angry blast about her appearance, after she had spent hours of nervous preparation for the Christmas party, Kirstin fled with the children to a local shelter. Because of the flood of holiday cases, she was taken with two other women to the home of Dex Madison, a long-term supporter of battered women.

Dex was already harboring Megan Shaughnessy, a woman who worked for one of his clients. Megan had been severely beaten by her locally prominent husband, and had escaped to be rescued by Dex. Morgan, Megan's twenty-one-year-old daughter was staying with Dex and her mother. Morgan, a psychology major, had taken the lead roll in working with the women sheltered at Dex's, whose ranks grew to seven by Christmas day.

The very night he discovered his foolishness in lusting after his co-worker, Gary went out and spent a bundle on Christmas presents for Kirstin and the kids. The problem was, he did not know how to get them to her. The best he could do was call Kirstin's parents and ask them to help. Actually, he would be asking Helga, Kirstin's mother. Her father, Albert, was a non-factor, except that he was big and strong and very protective of his daughter. Taking the chicken way out, he called a courier service and had them deliver the packages to Helga, along with a note.

The remaining work days that Christmas week were pure agony, and Christmas Day alone was even worse. Finally, Christmas night, he could stand it no longer and called Helga.

"I'm not telling you where Kirstin is!" Helga insisted as soon as he identified himself.

"No, I wouldn't expect you to. Helga, I have been a complete fool. I still love your daughter with all my heart. I have probably lost her forever, but if there is any way to get her back, I would do anything. Could you get that message to her."

"I don't know, Gary. It might be better to just let her get on with her life."

Gary's sigh of resignation carried clearly over the phone. "Yes, it probably would be better for her."

Over the next week and a half, Gary resigned himself to the loss of his family. That is not to say he accepted it. Instead of sleep, he endured fitful periods of dozing, unable to rid his mind of visions of Kirstin and the children - mostly of Kirstin. In his dreams, he saw her body, and he was not repulsed. He saw her smile and he felt her strength and her love. When he would rouse to full wakefulness, the feeling of loss would be like a physical blow.

When images of the things he had done to her came to his dreams, he could not believe he had done them. When he awoke those times, he was nauseous. Over and over, day and night he was haunted by the questions: how could he have abused her? how could he forget what a treasure she was? was there any chance of getting her back?

On the Sunday night after New Year's, he sat staring at the TV with no idea of what was showing. He was unshaven, and empty beer cans surrounded his chair. The doorbell rang, jarring him from his reverie. Seeing no one at the door, he looked down and noticed an envelope. He immediately recognized Kirstin's writing.

Almost in a frenzy, Gary opened the letter, barely able to control his hands. When he had read it, he collapsed into his chair. Kirstin had offered him a chance for reconciliation. But the conditions! They were outrageous! How could she be so cruel?

Kirstin wrote that to get to her, he had to run a gauntlet. He must meet with four groups of people and convince them to recommend that she go back to him. He had to answer all of their questions honestly and completely, no matter how intimate. He had to listen to their stories. Their stories? That must mean there would be women in the group, and the last condition made the whole thing impossible.

At the very end of the letter, Kirstin said he must meet each group at the door naked, and remain naked through the whole meeting. To rub it in, the last sentence said 'You are not allowed to cover yourself. It must remain in full view at all times.' He shuddered because he knew just what she meant.

There was no mention of who would contact him, or when. It did not really matter, though, because there was no way he could do it. Kirstin and his teammates in various locker rooms were the only ones to see him naked. He could not imagine exposing himself to strange women.

All through the following week, Gary alternated between sorrow at his loss, anger at Kirstin's unreasonable demands, and depression because he could not comply to get her back. It was clear she was trying to punish him and humiliate him. He did not need to be naked to convince people she should take him back. Why was she doing this?

Day after day, he mulled over the same questions and ran the same gamut of emotions. But day by day, the answers began to change. Yes, she was trying to humiliate him, but what had he done to her for the last few years? Yes, she was trying to punish him, but didn't he deserve it? She was in control. She had the right to make him do anything, but could he do it?

Concentrating on work occupied his mind for part of each day, but it was never long between thoughts of Kirstin. At night, nothing could keep her from his thoughts. When Saturday came, he was ready to do anything to have her back. Without work, the weekend seemed to take months. Finally, Sunday evening, the phone rang.

"Gary, are you ready to meet with Kirstin's friends?"

"Wh... who is this?"

"You will meet me tomorrow night, if you decide you want Kirstin back."

"Oh, I want her back, but... Will I have to... ?"

"Absolutely. She is adamant about that. She wants it right out in the open all the time."

"But why? I'm sorry for the mess I made of things. It will never happen again. That would be so humiliating!" There was a pleading tone in Gary's voice, now.

"Gary, you've had a week to think about this. That's longer than we had planned, but other things happened around here. Kirstin says you're pretty smart. You know exactly why, don't you?" Gary mumbled his agreement. "I've only known Kirstin for two weeks, but she is one of the most delightful, one of the strongest people I have ever met. She is a treasure."

"Believe me, I know that. I have been beating myself up ever since she left."

"Well, if you manage to convince us, and Kirstin comes back, your marriage will be different. Much better, I'm sure, but different. You will have a new Kirstin, and she will knock your socks off!"

Gary gave a small groan, then asked "But why naked?"

"I will explain that tomorrow night. Are we on?"

Gary felt like a man confessing to murder. He took a deep breath and said "What time?"

"Goody!" Morgan purposely let a teasing tone creep in. "We'll be there at seven. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what she is so anxious to get back to." That carefully rehearsed shot almost made Gary swoon with its suggestive tone.

Monday at work, Gary almost got himself fired, Shortly after lunch, he finally declared himself sick and left. The problem was, that left him several hours of agonizing waiting with nothing to fill them but worry and dread. Worst of all, since the call the night before, he had been sprouting a hardon every time he thought of the suggestive tone the woman had used.

Before that call, he had known it would be humiliating being naked, but there were no real identities to the people, and he had somehow pictured the meeting as rather formal - clinical, even. Now, there was a voice, a young, sexy voice, that expressed eagerness to see him. He knew exactly what she talked about seeing, too.

Just thinking about the unknown woman with the teasing voice staring at his cock had Gary hard as stone. Almost unconsciously, he started stroking himself through the work slacks he still had on. Before he realized what was happening, he was spurting into his underwear. Stunned and alarmed, he frantically unbuckled his slacks and pushed them off before they got stained. Hurrying to the bathroom, he removed his shorts, rinsed them out, and wiped his crotch with a wet rag.

Gary sat down heavily on the toilet seat and held his head in his hands. How had he gotten himself into this mess? How could he face these people? Four groups of them! Who were they? He thought he knew all of Kirstin's friends, and there weren't many. She didn't go out much, and with a moan, he realized that was because he had not let her go out. How could he have done that to her?

Out of all the questions pummeling Gary's mind, the worst was 'How could he face them naked?' What if he got hard in front of them? Kirstin had warned him not to cover up, but she couldn't mean to let them see his hardon, could she? Was she that angry at him? Of course she was, he had to admit to himself. He had treated her like shit for years.

As it got later, Gary was unable to even think about food. He had undressed after his accidental ejaculation, and stayed that way, thinking it might help him get used to it. He did find he had to turn up the thermostat a little to stay comfortable. About 6:15, he got in the shower.

The first come had been an accident. It wasn't until he stood under the hot shower spray that Gary thought about masturbating to help prevent an erection while the people were there. Feeling an ironic sense of relief that he could at least avoid the ultimate embarrassment by jerking off, he went at it with a vengeance. Because of his high emotional level, it was once again a short ride, leading to another sizable deposit.

Even after his second climax in a couple of hours, Gary felt his penis stiffening as he dried himself off, thinking again about the teasing voice on the phone. Almost in disbelief, he sat on the toilet and started stroking himself again. His cock did indeed swell to erection, although it was very tender to the touch, and his balls were too sore to go near. Using light touches in just the right places, he got to the place where the arousal overcame the tenderness. Finally able to stroke with some intensity, he was able to generate three small spurts from his overworked equipment.

By now, it was 6:45, and Gary stepped back into the shower to rinse off. He did not shave after either shower, afraid his trembling hands would cause cuts.

The sound of the doorbell at exactly 7:00 felt like a blow to the head, so tense was he. He had just enough awareness to stand back as he opened the door, denying the neighbors a look at the strange sight.

"Hi, Gary. I'm Morgan Shaughnessy. I talked to you on the phone, and I'll be calling you for all the visits. This is Sandie Kasten and her son Eric. Gary was unable to react for a handshake, but this had been anticipated, and no one made a comment.

Morgan walked to the dining room and brought an armless straight-backed chair to the living room. She set it just a few feet from the sofa, then she and the Kastens sat on the sofa and motioned for Gary to sit on the chair. The positioning had all been worked out. He was actually higher than the guests, but his cock was high enough for very thorough examination by those on the sofa. Eric, the least interested in staring at it, was to the side a bit, with Sandie in the middle. Both women had very good views. Since they had to look up to see his face, it was only natural for much of their gaze to rest on his crotch. Once again, it was all carefully and deviously planned.

Guessing that Gary was not yet capable of speech, Morgan started right in, making sure to set the humiliating tone. "You're aware or Kirstin's requirement to keep it in plain sight, right? Good, that's better."

"You're probably wondering who we are and why we're here." She proceeded to tell him about the abused women at Dex's house. "We have all fallen in love with Kirstin. She is a force. Frankly, we think she is crazy to want to get back with you, but we will help her all we can. In abuse cases, one more chance almost never works, but she wants to try."

"Our job is to recommend to her whether or not to get back with you. Your job is to convince us to recommend that she should. All the people who will visit you will talk to each other, so if anything you say doesn't ring true, we will know it, and you will get divorce papers."

"Now, there is a chance you won't want Kirstin back. While she has been gone, she has not been unfaithful to you in the strictest sense. In other words, she has not had intercourse with anyone. However, she has done most everything else, things that you would never do with her. If you can't live with that, tell me now and we can all get on with our lives. Shall we proceed, or do you want us to leave?"

For the first time, Gary had to say something. "G... go ahead," was all he could get out.

"OK. That's good, I guess. That's what Kirstin wants, so we're happy to do it for her. First you're going to hear Sandie and Eric's story. I don't really have a story, but my mother does. She'll be here in another group." Sandie told her story, with Eric adding some details, especially when his mother lost her composure.

When Sandie and Eric had finished, Gary was visibly shaken, enough to temporarily push his nakedness from the front of his consciousness. Sensing his shock, Morgan was relatively gentle as she told him "Now, Gary, you have to tell us Kirstin's story. Don't leave anything out because we will know."

For nearly an hour, he told of things he had done to his wife. At first, it took a lot of prompting, but as they went along, he talked more spontaneously. Most of the time, he was unable to look at the others as he spoke. Several times, his eyes were moist. When he ran out of things to tell, Morgan spoke again.

"Gary, can you convince us to recommend that Kirstin come back to you? Can you explain why you did all those things?"

Gary spent several minutes explaining that he realized what a fool he had been, and that he could not even understand how or why he had changed the way he had. She kept probing for the reasons for the change, but he could offer nothing specific. After the third try, Morgan picked up her purse and told him "Gary, if you can't be honest with us we might as well leave and forget the rest of these meetings. I'm sorry for Kirstin's sake that it's over."

As she stood, he protested, "No, wait! I'll tell you." He proceeded to describe a woman at work who had started coming on to him about the time of he started in on Kirstin. She was very attractive and sexy. Gary had been her particular target. Seeing her svelte form every day and going home to an expanding Kirstin wore at him.

"And?" He was about to protest that that was all, but her look told him it was a bad tactic. He told her of his strong aversion to obesity, stemming from a mean, very overweight mother. Kirstin's mother was also heavy, and he was afraid she was heading in that direction.

"And?" He just continued talking this time, telling how a group of guys he hung out with had begun riding him with vulgar comments about making love to his fat wife.

"So that was the justification for abusing her?"

"There was no justification, there can't be! I don't even have an excuse, except for stupidity."

"What about the woman at work?"

"I had a hotel reserved for us just after Kirstin left, but I heard two guys in the men's room joking about being with her. It hit me what a fool I was. Now when I see her, I feel only disgust, and I have not been with my old buddies since.

"What conditions would you put on Kirstin before getting back together?"


"Well, I can guarantee she'll hve some for you. What if she gets even heavier? How could you love her then?"

"You know Kirstin. She is hard not to love. We were so good together until I lost my mind. I want that back so much I can ignore the weight. She's still sexy the way she is now. She and the kids have left this huge hole in me."

"OK, Gary, let's change subjects here. Tell us about your love life."

"Wh... what do you mean?"

"You know, describe a session of making love between you two."

"Oh, no. You can't mean... I couldn't tell you..."

"Gary, it seems that you are not a very accomplished lover, would you agree?"

"Wait a minute! How can you say that?"

"Well, for example, how many orgasms does she usually have when you make love?"

"How many? Well, sometimes she has one, but not usually."

"Why not?"

"I guess... well, I can't keep going long enough."

"So you don't get her off first?"

"No, I, uh, never thougt..."

"I see. You always come, but she rarely does, is that right?"

"Um, yeah." Gary was hanging his head with that response.

"I understand you've never gone down on her."

"Uh, no."

"Why not?"

"It's, uh, just that I, uh..."

"You mean it's too disgusting? She goes down on you, though, right?" Gary did not respond, just kept his head down.

Eric entered the conversation at that point. "It's too bad you never licked her pussy, Gary. She really loves it."

"Whaaaat? How do you know that?"

"Because I gave her her first one. And all the time, she wished it had been you." To Gary's total shock, Eric described in detail his encounters with Kirstin. As he talked, a reaction other than shock was evident, and Gary suddenly crossed his legs.

"Gary!" Morgan admonished him. "You know the rules. Open up!"

"But I'm... I can't let you see..."

"Shall we just leave, then?"

"Oh, God, no, I... Please!"

"Kirstin's rules, not mine." Blushing and shaking, Gary got his legs spread apart once again. His cock was at about half mast. As Eric continued with his story, it rose to full stiffness.

When Eric finished, Morgan told Gary playfully, "We came here to discuss your manhood, Gary, but not that aspect of it." She pointed at his erection, almost touching it. "The way you treated Kirstin, we're not sure you have any other kind of manhood. Tomorrow night. Same time."

As the three filed out the door, Gary just sat in disbelief and abject shame.

Looking back at that week after it was over, the only description Gary could think of was 'surreal.' It all had a dream-like, or nightmarish, quality to it, yet every detail was permanently stamped on his memory.

When he opened the door Tuesday night, two women and a man stepped in. The taller woman with her arm in a sling introduced herself as Megan Shaughnessy, Morgan's mother. The other two were Tracy and Stan O'Connor. They each explained how they had come to know Kirstin, although the O'Connors did not divulge that Kirstin was currently staying with them.

From the first moment, Tracy looked at Gary with an appraising, mischievous stare. Gary thought she looked overweight, but she still had an overall sexiness to her. She wore an extremely short mini-skirt that her chunky thighs did not really justify, and a scoop-necked pullover that her very nice cleavage did justify.

As it turned out, although Tracey seemed to make a point of opening her legs, Gary could not see far up her skirt because he was sitting slightly higher. Tracey probably could have arranged to give him a panty shot somehow, for that was the plan. She would have had to be so obvious, though, that she could not bring herself to do it. What she could do easily and naturally was bend over slightly for some nice down-blouse views.

The pattern of the meeting was identical to the night before, except that there was not one obvious leader, as Morgan had been. Also, no one had the intimate details Eric shared, either.

As the group stood up to leave, Tracey hung back, stood close to Gary, and told him "Gary, Kirstin and I became almost like sisters, instantly. I love her to death. If you guys get back together, I think we will all become close friends." That thought disturbed Gary, considering how much of him she had seen.

"I can see why Kirstin wants you back, but I feel a little cheated." At Gary's puzzled look, Tracey giggled and told him "I didn't get to see this," and she cupped his whole package in two hands, "in it's full glory like last night's crew did."

Of course, that was all it took. Gary had felt huge relief that he had stayed soft through the whole time. Now, his guard was down, Tracey was cheating, and suddenly, it almost leaped to fullness. The touch, combined with the realization of how his intimate details were being talked about overwhelmed him. Tracy stared at it unashamedly, and gave it a couple of gentle strokes. Then, she kissed him quickly and hurried to leave with the others.

As the door closed, Gary stood motionless like some kind of fertility idol. No sooner had the door closed, though, than it opened again and Morgan stepped in carrying a small bag.

"Oh, I see Tracey succeeded. Did the talking get to you like last night, or did she have to take matters in hand?" Morgan asked with a giggle. Gary was totally unresponsive, so she continued in a teasing voice. "She was a very determined lady. When she heard how Sandie and I got to see it hard for so long, she was practically bouncing in her chair. I hope for her sake that she got a good, long look. Did she?"

"N... no. Just n... now?"

"Too bad for her. She wasn't sure she could actually wear that skirt. She almost chickened out."

When Morgan had taken off her jacket, she had just kept on going. She wasn't doing it like a tease, she just undressed quickly. When he finally realized what she was doing, he objected. "Morgan, what..."

"Oh, I'm staying the night, and clothes won't be appropriate for what we're going to do."

"Morgan, I... I don't think... Look, I've screwed up enough already. I won't make it worse by sleeping with someone else."

"Right answer, but yes you will. Believe me, it took a while for Kirstin to talk me into this. She has come to realize that you are not a good lover. She could teach you herself, but she's not sure you are teachable. So, my job is to find out if you are, and teach you as much as I can. In other words, I will recommend to Kirstin whether the sex will be worth coming back for, or not."

"But I never cheated on her. I came close, but I didn't. And you said she hasn't gone all the way with anyone else."

"That's right. I told her that many times, but I think you know how stubborn she can be. She has two concerns about sex: can you become a good lover, and will you be a good lover for her?"

"I want to be a good lover for her. I... I guess I didn't think I was being a bad one. But this seems like cheating!"

"Here." Morgan walked over to her bag, bent over, and pulled out a letter. Of course, she faced directly away from him, spread her legs, and bent from the waist, generating a small groan from him.

"Gary," the letter said, "As of right now, we are no longer a couple. I want us to be together again, but not like before. Many things have to change. Neither of us have been good lovers, even though we enjoyed each other in the past. I have been exposed to some of what really good sex can be, and I won't settle for anything else."

"I am giving you a chance to learn and practice with Morgan. I will not consider this cheating. If you decide you would rather have Morgan than me, then you do not love me enough for me to come back. That is not what I want, but I do not want you chasing other women if I come back to you."

It was signed just 'Kirstin, ' and he had no doubt it was her writing. Morgan had watched his expressions as he read. "Guess you don't know your wife like you think you did, huh?"

"I... I guess I don't know her at all. 'Fraid I didn't try very hard. She sounds like someone I really want to get to know."

"Even if she is a lot different - a lot stronger - than the woman who walked out?"

"Especially if she is!" At that moment, Morgan felt a surge of joy for her new friend Kirstin. She knew this troubled couple would make it. Gary had been rebelling against any resemblance to the harridan his mother was, yet he truly longed for a strong, equal partner. There was no doubt the new Kirstin would be that partner.

Morgan had been angry with Gary since she first met Kirstin. Their meeting last night had made him seem more human and less of an ogre, but her feelings about abuse were so strong that she still could not manage to 'like' him. Nevertheless, Kirstin had asked her to do this. Besides, Gary was a legitimate hunk with a decent-sized cock that was already at attention and beckoning her. Since she had ceded her place in Dex's bed to Elise, she had had only a few liaisons with Eric, and she was beyond horny.

Morgan went over to her bag again, making sure the display was just as good as before. Gary was not able to see what she had in her hand when she came back and guided him to the chair he had used during the meeting. Sitting him down, she knelt in front of him and tore open the condom packet. As she began putting it on him, she explained.

"I have not had time to get on the pill. Three weeks ago, I was a virgin, pretending to be a lesbian. In between, I have learned from a true expert. I am going to pass on as much as I can in one night. But first, I'm so horny I'm about to fall apart, so we're going to take care of that, first."

"Morgan, really, I don't think this is a good idea."

"Do you want her back or not."

"Yes, but..."

"Was her letter clear?" To that, he just moaned, and the moan got louder as she straddled him and worked herself down on his staff. "Gary, the rule you are going to operate under for the rest of your life is 'the woman always comes first.' I am adding to that rule 'at least as often as the man.' Got that? How are you going to live by that rule right now?" Morgan desperately wanted to forget everything else and just slam up and down on him, but she was just able to control herself and remember that this was for Kirstin, not just for herself.

Forcing herself to hold still on his cock, Morgan moved her breasts right up to his face and jiggled them, certain that he would get the hint. When he did not, she remembered the discussion in bed with Kirstin and Dex. Kirstin had mentioned she suspected a 'tit phobia' because of the way Gary's mother used to smash his face between her gigantic mammaries when he was younger. Those hugs were probably more possessive and commanding than affectionate.

"Fuck it!" Morgan burst out. She thrust one hand into her crotch and immediately began rubbing her clit while bracing herself on Gary's shoulder with the other hand. He sat transfixed, hands hanging limply at his sides as she took herself higher and higher. After a few minutes, she came, jerking so hard she almost fell off of him. Though weak from the impact, she forced herself to start moving against him. The increased stimulation extended her tremors, and soon she did not have to force herself at all.

When Morgan began moving, Gary came out of his stupor and started to thrust back against her. This was the first time in his life with a condom on and he had jerked off twice just before the group arrived. He had far enough to go that he finally started to notice the sexy body on his lap. Almost in fear, he brought his hands to her hips, eliciting a 'yesssss' from her. Thus encouraged, he held her more firmly and stated pushing and pulling to aid her motions. She quickly shifted from up and down motion to back and forth against him.

The rest of the ride took three or four minutes. Still ill at ease with the strange situation, the strange partner, and significant feelings of guilt, Gary nevertheless came hard, his whole body flexing violently, even though the ejected volume was predictably modest. Through his mental haze, he noticed that Morgan seemed to enjoy a small climax as he was coming.

Morgan rested her head on Gary's shoulder as they both recovered. Then, she told him "That was not in my plan, Gary. I just needed it badly, and I think it broke the ice between us, didn't it? I see from your eyes that you are feeling pretty guilty. That's a good thing. Just remember what Kirstin wants from this. She wants you to learn so you can treat her better. Say, have you two ever done it this way?" At his sheepish negative head shake, she encouraged him. Don't feel bad about it - think how much fun it will be in the future, OK? Let's get a shower."

It turned out Kirstin and Gary had not showered together since early in their marriage. Morgan made him wash every inch of her, repeatedly. She had to cajole and finally order him to do a decent job on her tits, her pussy, and her ass. When it was her turn, she showed no such hesitation, and made it as stimulating as she knew how.

With Gary following docilely along, they went to the kitchen for a snack and a drink. He had cleaned up, but the refrigerator's contents were rather scary. They settled for a glass of wine each.

When they reached the bedroom, Morgan asked if there were any clean sheets, already guessing the answer. She had discussed all this with Kirstin, of course. "Well, let's use the guest room bed. We won't need all this space, anyway."

In bed, both still naked, Morgan pushed herself up against him, and asked, "Gary, what do you think of my body?"

"It's... it's beatiful. I mean, I really like it."

"How about sexy?"

"Yeah, it really is."

"Then why didn't you say that?"

"I... look, Morgan, I am feeling pretty guilty about all this."

"Are you afraid you'll start preferring my body to Kirstin's?" Letting out an explosive sigh, Gary admitted it. "Is she not sexy any more?"

"God, I don't want to talk about her that way."

"What way? Sexy, or non-sexy?"

"She's my wife. She's..."

"So she's not sexy any more? She doesn't excite you?"

"Look, I shouldn't think of her like some slut?"

"Why not?"

"Whaaat? She's not that kind of girl."

"She damn sure is! She is one highly sexed lady who is practically bursting because it's all pent up. Tell me. Would you have done things with that whore from work that you wouldn't do with Kirstin?"

"Well, sure, I..."

"Why? Why wouldn't you do them with Kirstin?" He had no answer for that. "Look, Gary, a slut is a woman who enjoys sex. I am definitely one. So is Kirstin. Boy, does she enjoy it. If it didn't seem like it to you, it's your own damn fault for not making it good for her. Being a slut is not a bad thing. A whore is a slut who doesn't care who she enjoys it with. Kirstin would like nothing more than to be your own private slut."

"She would?"

"That's why I'm here. I'm afraid you have this attitude that sex is something you do TO Kirstin. That's so wrong! It's something you do together and both enjoy. It's supposed to make you closer, but it hasn't done that, has it?"

"OK. We need to have an honest talk about her weight. You said she's hard not to love, and I believe you do love her. But it's hard for you to see her as sexy with the extra fat, isn't it? Do you want her to lose weight?"

"I said I wanted her back no matter what. I meant it."

"That's not what I asked. Do you want her to lose the weight?"


"What do you think is the best way to get her to do that?"

"She has to want to."

"Gold Star! Do you think the way you treated her made her want to lose the weight?"

"Um, apparently not."

"Can you imagine why not?" There was a long pause after that question.

"Maybe it was her way of getting back at me for the abuse?"

"How did a genius like you get into this mess, anyway? The next answer should be simple. What's the best way to make her want to lose weight."

"Make her feel good about herself? I don't know," Gary complained. "I'm confused about this."

"I'll say. I know this from painful personal experience, 'cause I'm losing weight pretty fast. It's all about self-image. The better it is, the better I want it to be. If you make Kirstin feel sexy, she'll want to make sure she looks that way. She will be so thrilled by your reaction, she'll do anything to get more of it. Other people's reactions, too, so you should celebrate that and not get jealous."

"I don't know if you picked up on it, but Kirstin spent a lot of her time at Dex's naked. Any idea why?" When she got no response, she went on. "She had this huge need to be accepted and appreciated for who she was and how she looked. When everyone treated her nicely and didn't seem to even notice, it's like a whole new Kirstin emerged. And let me tell you, she is an awesome woman."

"Even with men there?"

"Yup. 'Course it was just Dex, Eric, and Patrick, my grandfather. I think she would have done the same thing if there were men walking in and out all the time. She was so desperate."

Gary's eyes got moist before he spoke again. "And I did that to her?"

"Gary, I know a little of what you grew up with. It's not all your fault, but it's up to you to get over it. Your marriage depends on it. And that brings up the next subject."

"Most men," Morgan continued, "are naturally tit men. You, however, seem to have a tit phobia."


"Your wife has an absolutely awesome set. Any centerfold would kill to have them. Yet, you don't pay them much attention at all. I'm assuming it's because of your mother, right?" Morgan could feel him stiffen at the mention of his mother, and knew she was right.

"As she got heavier, what do you think was the one part of her Kirstin was still proud of?" Gary's expression gave her the answer. "And what part were you least interested in?"

"God, what a disaster!" he groaned.

"The big question is, can you get over it? Can you start worshipping those beautiful things like they deserve?"

"Morgan, I don't know. But by God, I'll fake it if I have to. I had no idea!"

"I know you didn't. If you fake it, I think before long you won't have to. Just keep telling yourself 'These are not my mother's smothering jugs. These are the envy of every man who sees them.'"

"But I don't want other men thinking of her that way."

"Why not? She does!"

"You're kidding!"

"Hell, no. The fondest dream of any woman, if she's honest about it, is to leave a trail of hardons as she walks across the room or down the street. Kirstin won't do anything about it to anyone but you. You will be the sole beneficiary of her improved self-image."

"You want me to encourage her to show herself off?"

"For a while, that may be necessary. More likely, you'll just have to bite your tongue and be sure not to discourage it. Tell me, what can you say when the guys at work razz you about making love to your fat wife?"

"Well, I try to stay away from them, now."

"You have to work with them. Instead of avoiding them, make them jealous."


"Remember, I said every man is naturally a tit man? Well, how about something like 'Man, I spent half the night lost in those awesome boobs! It was unbelievable!'"

"But wouldn't that be disrespectful to her?"

"Then talk it over with her first."

"But that's pretty embarrassing."

"Bullshit! She's you wife. You've got to start talking about everything, or she'll be leaving again. She'll be excited that the guys are talking about her. If you tell them positive things about her, she'll be over the moon."

"Boy, do I have a lot to learn, huh?"

"Yup! Let's get started." Morgan threw back the covers, lay on her back, and spread her legs. "Let's do this lesson first. If you flunk it, it's all over and we can save some time."

It took quite a while to get past Gary's aversion to putting his mouth on her pussy. Unfortunately, his ugly, mean mother seemed to have colored his feelings about a woman's body in general. Morgan several times had to use the 'fake it til you like it' mantra. By the time he had brought her to three orgasms, he was almost suffering lockjaw. He had, however, found that her responses were very satisfying to his ego. He had to remind her about the condom when she became desperate to have him in her. When she was able to think, Morgan concluded that he was indeed teachable.

After napping for a while, Morgan went back into teaching mode. "You said you liked my body, Gary. How do you think you should let me know that?"

"By telling you?"

"Of course, I'll take compliments. Ever owned a cat?"

"My parents always had them, why?"

"What do cats want most from people, besides food?"

"Uh, petting. Oh!"

"Yup. Women are like cats. We love to be touched. Not just for arousal, but to say 'You are so sexy I can't keep my hands off of you.' If your touch is to tell her 'You're mine, and I'm not letting you go, ' she'll probably love that, too. Other than her boobs and her face, what else about Kirstin is really beautiful?"

Gary thought only for a moment before answering "Her skin! It's incredibly smooth!"


"I, uh, should touch it as much as I can?"

"Another Gold Star! Tell and touch. Believe me, it will work. Speaking of working, any chance of reviving this?"

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