Aphrodite's Revenge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Goddess Aphrodite calls a slave girl to her service, where she begans a journey of revenge mingled with mythical creatures and seduction.

Life as a slave wasn't so bad for Kaia. Many slaves had a much worse life as they were forced into field or municipal labor or as a soldier in the army. Kaia had been a slave ever since she could remember, but her situation was unusual. She was not owned by a specific master or the state, but rather by the Temple of Aphrodite. The High Priestess Cassiopeia presided over the Temple, services and sacrifices that took place here on the island of Cypress.

Cassiopeia was mistress to eleven slaves including Kaia and was the kindest, gentlest mistress for which a slave could hope. Kaia, however, was her favorite. All slaves were required to work on maintaining and cleaning the Temple and grounds but Kaia was also allowed to participate in the some of the services that took place at the Temple. In addition, she lived in a room at Cassiopeia's house that sat on the hilltop overlooking the city and the Temple. The rest of slaves were housed in shacks located near the Temple grounds and at her estate.

Kaia did receive some menial jobs, such as this morning's task of scrubbing the alter in front of the Temple to remove the cum from last night's rituals. However, once her morning chores were finished, she would be allowed to participate in the worship services on the Temple grounds. She had been given this opportunity when she became of age and sacrificed her virginity to the Goddess Aphrodite in an exceptionally beautiful, incredibly erotic ceremony she would never forget.

Kaia walked around the grounds looking for someone who required her services. It was her job to ensure orgasmic energy wasn't wasted and spilled on the ground but rather transferred from one person to another. There were hundreds of men and women walking around the Temple grounds. Some were partially dressed but most were completely naked. The idea was to build and sustain orgasmic energy over several hours and then release energy to Aphrodite, or one of her servants, in a glorious prayer of primal power. The small compartments which lined the outer walls were all filled with people. The fountain pool was lined with multiple orgies of different sizes. She usually ignored the participants of such reveries, instead it was the spectators who would need her help.

Over by the Temple, she noticed a group of needy spectators. Their attention was focused on a foursome while they lightly stroked turgid cocks; several looked like they were about to loose control and spray their cum on the scene before them. Some lucky girl was getting a double penetration while sucking the cock of a third person. It was just such groups that required her attention. Most were waiting their turn at one of the slippery openings of the woman being ravaged, but the few who had already been at the Temple for some time already could not withstand the pressure much longer. The rest were still fresh and had many hours still before they would cum.

Kaia approached one man whose entire cock glistened with precum as he slowly stroked himself. His cock was so hard the veins stood in sharp contrast and the head was a dark purple. He was sweating profusely trying to keep himself from going over the edge.

Kaia tapped his shoulder, "My sir, has your time come for release?"

The man turned to gaze upon her and immediately removed his had from his cock to avoid any more stimulation. Kaia was a tall woman, standing as high as most average men. She had long dark hair almost black. Her breasts were large and full as were her hips giving her a beautiful curvy figure. She was topless wearing a red sarong signifying her level of servitude to her Goddess. It was tied on one side and hung low on her hips.

"Yes," he whimpered, his voice cracking, "I've been worshiping for six hours today. Our dear Aphrodite should be pleased with me."

Kaia dropped to her knees and gently cupped his balls in one hand while grasping his cock firmly with the other. He inhaled sharply as she placed her lips on the head and slowly began to suck him off. Years of service to Aphrodite had given Kaia great expertise in the arts of fellatio and cunnilingus. Her skill even rivaled of some of the most experience Priestesses. It was well known throughout the land she had one of the best mouths on Cyprus.

She continued her administrations, massaging his balls and stroking his cock while sucking on him, then circling her tongue around the head and along the bottom, sometimes taking the whole length into her throat. Her mouth was like the softest silk; the touch of her tongue was firm yet pliant. Precum was flowing freely from his cock and the taste was like pure nectar to Kaia. She felt his balls began to tighten and his cock twitch. A growl began deep in his throat while at the same time a spasm began in his balls. Both moved quickly as he screamed in ecstasy. Cum shot out with such force that skilled as Kaia was, she wasn't able to swallow it all. He sent shot after glorious shot into her mouth. It escaped from her lips and dripped down off her chin and on to her ample breasts. She continued to suck and stroke him after he finished cumming to get every last drop of precious liquid. At last, she released him and he collapsed into mass of quivering bliss.

It was then Kaia noticed a line of three more men, none of whom could wait much longer. She motioned for them to gather around her; all three of their cocks were slippery with precum. She engulfed the man in the center with her mouth as she took the other two in her hands. Moans of pleasure filled the air as she sucked and stroked. It was a matter of seconds before the man on her right threw back his head and howled, shooting stream after stream of cum into Kaia's face and onto breasts. This sight was too much for the other two and both came simultaneously. So as not to waste another tasty treat, she grasped the cock she had been sucking and swallowed his orgasm as the man on her left side came on the other side of her face.

Kaia stood as the three men collapsed next to the first man still on the ground. Cum was dripping off her nose, chin and nipples; globules hung in her hair and shoulders. She turned to look for others in need, only to be confronted by a woman who began to lick the cum off her face and breasts, paying extra attention to her nipples. Kaia caressed the woman's nipples as she submitted to the tongue bath.

With her passions enflamed from cocks she had serviced, Kaia's pussy throbbed as the woman sucked Kaia's nipples. Her wetness dripped down on to her inner thighs making them slick and intensifying every movement around her pussy. She pulled the women down onto the soft grass and moved to her breasts where she lightly caressed and fondled them, grazing her nipples with her fingers. She kissed down her neck and between her breasts, then to her sensitive buds. They were hard and protruding as she took one into her mouth sucking it gently. She swirled her tongue around it and sucked it some more. The woman arched her back and moaned in pleasure, quickly approaching her oncoming climax. She moved down to sweet pussy which was as wet as a rainy April day. Kaia lapped at her cunt savoring the exquisite flavor. One more stroke of her tongue along the lips and across the woman's clit was enough began a tidal wave. Kaia licked and sucked at the woman's clit as wave after wave of orgasms crashed down on her, releasing hours of pent up orgasmic energy which suddenly forced its way out and washed her away on crests of pleasure. The power overwhelmed her and she fainted.

As a slave, Kaia was not permitted to contribute her own orgasm to that of the worshipers; she was required to give her orgasm privately, which she now desperately needed. Her cunt burned with desire and her inner thighs were slick with her juices. She made her way to the Temple, which was usually deserted during the day. Most worshipers preferred the open air and the company of the Priests and Priestesses who gave of themselves in the compartments along the outer walls of the compound. She quickly crossed the courtyard and made her way to the front steps of the Temple, every step gave her pussy a jolt making it ache with need. She paused for a moment at on the stairs and steadied herself as she leaned against a massive column, then continued past the large ornate doors and in to the main chamber of the Temple. Several torches burned, illuminating the interior with faint yellow glow. The statue of Aphrodite towered in front of Kaia; the alabaster skin seemed to glow. Her long hair, covered in pure gold, seemed to flow like water, and the golden patch a pubic hair shown like the sun.

As many times as Kaia had been in here, she was always awed by the beauty and sensuality of Aphrodite. Legend says the artisan who carved the statue actually saw the birth of Aphrodite from the sea and at the spot of the statue is where she made love to him. Flowers sprung from the ground during their passion and still grow around the Temple and down to the shore. When they were finished, Aphrodite was born away to Mount Olympus by Apollo; but not until she had anointed the artisan to be High Priest for her in this land and bade him to capture her likeness into an object of worship for all to endear.

She stood at the base of Aphrodite, her body quivering with yearning. Maybe it was her state of extreme desire but it seemed Aphrodite was looking down at her, smiling, rather than looking out upon her alter in the courtyard. Kaia undid the knot holding her sarong, dropped it to the floor and settled down on the cool polished marble floor and immediately dove for her cunt. The moment she touched herself there was a blinding flash of light, which startled and frightened her. She screamed in panic. As her eyes adjusted back to the dimness of the Temple, she was shocked to see the enormous statue of Aphrodite was gone and there, on the raised dias, stood a woman, naked with long flowing golden hair and white cream-colored skin. Her whole being seemed to shine with the brilliance of the full moon. She was the most beautiful woman Kaia had beheld in her entire life. Kaia averted her eyes both out of fear and reverence for she knew that this was her Goddess, the Living Aphrodite.

"Fear not, my child," intoned Aphrodite with the voice of a sweet song. "Look upon Me and behold My radiance." Kaia looked upon her Goddess and began to weep, overwhelmed by her emotions of joy and wonderment. Aphrodite stepped off the dais and approached, almost floating, towards Kaia stopping in front of her. Kaia's eyes were locked as she gazed into Aphrodite's eyes. Never had she beheld such beauty and perfection. After a few moments basking in Goddess's glory, she came to herself.

She spoke in reverence, "How may I be of service to you my Goddess?"

Aphrodite smiled, reached down to grasp Kaia's had bade her to stand. "Kaia," she spoke, "I've been watching you since the day you were born. You are incredibly special to Me, as was your mother."

"My mother?" asked Kaia in shock.

"Yes," replied Aphrodite, "Your mother was one of My greatest Priestesses. She was dedicated to Me throughout her life, until the day she was murdered."

Kaia's thoughts raced. 'My mother was murdered? She was a High Priestess? I never knew. I thought I was born into slavery.' She tried to sort through the confusion suddenly forced into her mind. She had so many questions but didn't know where to begin.

"Shh," whispered Aphrodite, "be still. I know you have many questions and soon they will be answered. I placed you in the care of Cassiopeia only hours before your mother was killed. Here, you were hidden from those who hunted both you and your mother." A tone of hardness crept into Her voice, "Now you are ready, ready to exact My vengeance, ready to receive My power, ready to take your mother's place at My side."

Kaia's head began to swim in confusion. 'Revenge? The power of Aphrodite? What was happening?'

"When you leave My Temple, go directly to Cassiopeia. She will answer as many of your questions as possible. But first, I must empower you," explained Aphrodite.

Aphrodite spread Her arms as a burst of light emanated from Her. Ever so gently, she cupped Kaia's head in Her hands and offered a deep passionate kiss. Kaia accepted fully pressing her tongue forward to meet Aphrodite's. The moment their tongues touched, the light and grace of Aphrodite begin to flow into Kaia and she was overcome by a sexual hunger she had never experienced in her entire life. Their tongues swirled around and explored each other's mouths deeply as they continued kissing. Kaia raised her arms to embrace Aphrodite, pulling her closer, pressing their breasts together, body-to-body, soul-to-soul. Finally, Aphrodite broke the kiss smiling at Kaia. Kaia looked back, her eyes burning with desire, her body drunk with passion.

"With this kiss," whispered Aphrodite, "I bless you with My desires, My awareness and My passion." Kaia's skin felt hot, yet her body shivered with excitement. Her pussy was throbbing, aching for release and her wetness was running down her thighs. She began to unconsciously grind her cunt against Aphrodite, trying to get some leverage on her clit. Aphrodite, feeling Kaia's agony reached down and caressed the wet and wanton snatch. The orgasm came in an instant with blinding intensity. It seemed to emanate through her whole body sending shock waves from her toes to her fingers. She screamed with pleasure as arched her back trying to throw herself harder on to Aphrodite's finger. Yet as powerful as the orgasm was it did nothing the quench the fire the seemed to be burning even hotter now in her pussy.Kaia's chest heaved, her breasts bouncing invitingly with each breath. Aphrodite bent forward taking a nipple into her mouth. The effect was almost electric to Kaia. Aphrodite swirled her tongue around each nipple, while sucking it into her mouth. Slowly, gently Aphrodite lowered Kaia to the floor. The shockingly cold stone floor seemed only to fuel the inferno within Kaia. She lay panting as Aphrodite continued to stroke and kiss her breasts, sucking on one nipple while she lightly pinched and pulled the other with her fingers. Kaia felt as though pure energy was entering her body through her nipples only to be stored in her soaking pussy waiting for an explosion.

Moments later, an explosion came as another orgasm ripped through her body like lightning. Aphrodite kept at Kaia's breast in spite of her body thrashing around. She beat the floor with her fists and rubbed her slick wet thighs against her clit trying to release the energy this orgasm seemed only to store in her pussy. She was flowing like a river as was evident from her wetness smeared on the smooth marble floor. As this orgasm subsided, her breasts seemed to glow with heat and light.

Aphrodite sat up and whispered, "With this kiss I bless you with My beauty, My strength and My constitution. From this time on, no mortal will be able to look upon you without feeling desire for you." She continued, "The lust of man can be powerful and dangerous, therefore I give unto you strength of men. Now take caution, for although you are strong, you remain mortal. I also grant you the power to restore to health any injuries you receive though the passion of your body." Kaia was surprised she was able to hear anything with her blood pounding in her ears and the ecstasy of her body buzzing in her head.

"Now," said Aphrodite, "drink of My nectar." And with that, she climbed over Kaia, settling over her mouth and lowered her pussy to Kaia's waiting lips. Kaia touched her tongue to Aphrodite's glistening pussy lips savoring her Godly dew. The scent and taste were so exquisite, Kaia felt as though she had been lifted into the realms of the Gods. Aphrodite's sweet wetness flowed over Kaia's face, coating her face in the slippery honey essence of Aphrodite. Kaia lapped it like hungry lion. She licked and sucked at Aphrodite's silky folds burying her face as deep as possible.

Aphrodite began to whimper and pant feeling the tension build in her loins. She leaned forward, providing her clit for more direct contact with Kaia's tongue. Kaia caressed her were ever she could reach, squeezing Aphrodite's ass and spreading her pussy lips to allow deeper access with her tongue and more sweet nectar. Kaia fingers were now slick with Aphrodite's juices and she could feel her tense as she came closer to climaxing. Kaia inserted three fingers into Aphrodite's soft pussy and slowly worked them in and out. Aphrodite began flexing her hips, rubbing her clit harder on Kaia's tongue at the same time pushing the fingers deeper into her pussy. Aphrodite gasped in delight; never had a mortal displayed such skill in the arts of love.

With her other hand, Kaia inserted her middle finger in Aphrodite's ass. Her bliss had been building in a gradual crescendo of loves music, but this was too much. Like a shattering vase, Aphrodite's orgasm seemed to almost split Her apart. The Temple shook as in an earthquake and the room lit up like the noonday sun. In spite of the rumbling temple, Kaia kept lapping at Aphrodite's soft sweetness. As everything grew quiet again the Goddess spoke again, this time there was a slight quiver in her voice as Kaia's tongue work continued.

"With the nectar of my body I bless you with my carnal knowledge. All with whom you consummate shall be within your power. You shall be able to bring pleasure the likes of which few mortals have ever imagined. Know this my child, the fire of passion now burning within you will not be easy to quench. Your desire, your longing, your lust will be more acute than you ever thought possible. Your arousal will be flowing continuously like fresh spring. Therefore, I give unto you a gift: the Wand of Aphrodite."

Aphrodite stood and pulled a long golden strand of hair from Her head and placed it to Her Devine wetness. When she withdrew her hands She was holding a golden phallus larger then the any prick on the most well endowed men Kaia had ever seen. It was flat on one end and tapered to a rounded point on the other end. The shaft was encrusted smooth rounded pearls. "Use this when ever you have need, when you worship Me with orgasms or when you need to quench you inner fire. This will help you control your craving, to curb the passions I have left with you. But, take care that no other mortal uses it for it will be more then they can bear." Aphrodite's wetness was now freely flowing again due to Kaia's continual administrations with your tongue. "And now My child," declared Aphrodite, "My final blessing. With your orgasm, I bless you with a premonition to know man's intentions and deepest desires."

By now, Aphrodite was pleasantly building to another orgasm. Kaia on the other hand had such a firestorm in her pussy she could barely stand it. Her juices were flowing profusely forming a pool female essence on Temple floor. Her pussy muscles were clenching uncontrollably. Her clit was throbbing, almost painfully, waiting for contact with anything that could offer sufficient stimulation. Aphrodite bent over and lowered her mouth over Kaia's quivering pussy. The instant her tongue touched Kaia's clit it sent a jolt of pleasure through causing the energy of her three previous orgasms to come rushing forth. Her breath was caught in her throat. Stars burst in her eyes and her whole body went limp. As haze drifted out of her head and she regained control over her consciousness, she became aware of a velvety tongue gliding within the folds of her pussy. It was the most incredible thing she had ever felt. She then became aware of Aphrodite's pussy, which was still positioned neatly over her own mouth. This might well be the last chance she had to taste sweet nectar of her Goddess. With renewed energy, Kaia began again to greedily consume Her silky soft pussy.

She could feel Aphrodite's tongue slip deep into pussy then glide over her clit; it was exquisite. The energy that had only recently been released seemed to build again. The sensation was so pleasurable, so intense and so heavenly, Kaia barely withstand it. Kaia inserted her fingers into Aphrodite's pussy and again began to finger fuck Her. Aphrodite groaned in ecstasy as She approached another orgasm. Kaia's own orgasm was building faster than she could control, Her velvety tongue and soft fingers were almost unbearable. Kaia muffled her cries into Aphrodite's pussy as she continued to lick and suck at those immortal petals and pearly clit. Aphrodite reached over and grabbed the gold wand she had created for Kaia. She licked vigorously at Kaia's clit while she spread her lips with one hand and inserted the phallus with the other. Both Aphrodite and Kaia were lip-locked at each other's clits, rising closer and closer to heaven. Aphrodite fucked Kaia with the wand while Kaia finger-fucked Aphrodite, their passion knew no end. Kaia was riding a wave of energy only a Goddess could provide.

Aphrodite's orgasm washed over her like a warm summer wind and Kaia's erupted. Her orgasm started like a ball of hot fire in her clit and in an instant spread through her whole body. She felt as if lightning was shooting from her pussy and sparks from her nipples, her screams of pleasure reverberated through the Temple, then everything went black.

She was floating on air; lazily drifting through the clouds over Olympus without a single care, then began to descend back to earth. Slowly she regained conciseness and became aware of the hard cold surface of the stone floor and a small pool of her own arousal which she was lying in. She opened her eyes and looked around. The Temple's interior come in to focus with the gold and alabaster statue of Aphrodite looking down on her.

'Was it a dream?' Kaia wondered. Then, she noticed the golden phallus wand Aphrodite had presented as well as growing desire within her loins. Remembering what her Goddess had told her about her mother and revenge, she grabbed the wand and ran from the Temple straight to her mistress Cassiopeia's manor on the hill.

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