Reigniting On Halloween
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife comes up with a drastic plan to reignite her and hubby's passions and realtionship during a halloween party, before eiter or both cheat.

"Hurry up dear," Becky yelled to her husband as he was dressing in the bathroom, "we will be late if you don't."

"I am," came back the response, "Or I'm trying to. This outfit is not so easy to get into. Which explains why they put in that flap."

"Yeah, looks like I was right, it is so the wearer can use the bathroom without taking off the outfit," but she didn't say the other thing she thought that flap could be used for.

"Yes, you were right."

There was a pause filled with the sound of cloth moving and zippers being zipped.

Becky said, "You done yet? Hurry up so you can help me with my last zipper."

He finally came out of the bathroom, dressed like a mummy from the original horror movies. He stopped as he saw her. His eyes went wide. It had been her idea for him to put that on in the bathroom while she dressed in the bedroom. Supposedly so they wouldn't get into each other's way. He had protested that the bedroom was big enough but she had insisted. The real reason was so he would not see her completely. She had draped a sheet over her to look like part of her outfit. He only saw her back but she had positioned herself so she could see him in the mirror.

Their sex life had been boring which may have been why it was also seemed to be almost nonexistent lately. Their relationship also seemed to be on the low side, each taking the other for granted. She hoped what she had planned for the evening would ignite both again. She saw him look at her with a bit of amazement on his face.

He said, "Your back is bare, I mean there's not even a bar strap there. Does that mean you aren't wearing one??" "No bra for me tonight. It just won't go with this outfit I had to get. Its either not wear one or stay home. I almost decided to stay home but I know how much you are looking forward to this tonight and since we haven't been out for a while I need to go also. I will feel naked without one but I will have to just be embarrassed if anyone stares."

She was proud of that statement, it not only showed that she still cared for him, but got in a dig at his lack of interest in her lately. Plus it was true. She had considered staying home and she may feel embarrassed when the men stare but she would just have to put up with it if she was going to carry out her plan.

He just said, "Ok... and thank you," for he knew how much this feeling naked was going to cost her, of course he didn't know it all yet, but he would.

She smiled at his thank you for it did warm her heart that he apperciated her effort. Soon he was done with the zipper than as he went off to get his coat she quickly slipped off the sheet and put on her jacket. Becky took a second to stare at herself in the mirror still amazed that she was able to carry this through, then she quickly covered herself with the long coat she had gotten out earlier. It was much like an overcoat worn by spies and flashers and therefore covered her from neck to ankles.

They hurried to the car and he opened the door for her and quickly got in. Hmmm, he hadn't done that for a long time this party most be getting to him also, she thought.

On the way he wondered why she had a map of the outside of the mansion the party was going to be at. He had found it be accident and it was obvious that she had been hiding it from him. Was there a meeting planned he was not to know about? He didn't really blame her if she had planned something like that, it would surprise him greatly, as well as hurt greatly, but he won't blame her, not the way he had been treating her lately. They arrived at the mansion just in time to join a line of cars arriving at the same time. It took them a few minutes to get parked, valet parking too, and to the house. Once inside an attendant asked for their coats. Tom gave him his but it took Becky a moment to take her's off. She almost chicken out and had to remind herself why she was doing this, but the delay worked out OK since Tom looked at her, wondering why she was taking so long. Finally with a flare she ripped off the coat and swirled it around one arm. The maneuver went off exactly without a hitch and Tom's eyes went wide at her doing that. Than as she handed the coat to the attendant who stood there staring for a second longer than he should have before grabbing the coat, Tom's eyes went even wider as he saw what she was wearing. Except for the bare back and the color it was not the outfit he had seen in their bedroom.

His mouth dropped open and she could see shock mixed with desire raise in his eyes. She stood there in a white something. A dress maybe, some type of feminine toga like those worn by goddesses on certain TV shows maybe, whatever it was it showed of her figure like nothing she had ever worn before. She turned to let him see it all. Her arms were completely bare and her shoulders were bare all the way to her upper breasts. From there to the the bottom of her bosom was a tight bodice that had some extra cloth that draped over her breasts. It allowed whoever was looking to see not only that she didn't have a bra on, but they could make out the size, shape and contours of her boobs. Not to mention the cleavage that would allow anyone looking to see the inner slopes of her breasts.

Her back was completely bare as he already knew but now he could see that the bottom half was designed in such a way as to show off the curves of her butt. The cloth was tight but it also hung in such a way as heighten and uplift her cheeks. Much like some outfits do to bosoms. The costume continued down ending just above the inside of her knees. He remembered that the front had ended half way to her knees.

He finally closed his mouth and noticed that he was so aroused that he had half a hardon just by what he had seen so far. If that what happened in just these few seconds he would be embarrassed by the complete hard on he was going to be spouting before the night was half over. In this outfit it would be noticeable. Of course if they stared at his wife tonight half the men here would be spouting hard ridges in their pants.

He tried to speak, "But... b... but." He cleared his throat and said, "But that wasn't what you where wearing in the bedroom." "Yes it was, you just didn't noticed."

"I would have noticed that, half the men in here have noticed that already." he said in a reproving voice.

That may have an exaggeration but it wasn't much of one. He had quickly glanced around the room and he could see men turn and stare. Especially one guy who was one of the companies two playboys, that guy had stared opened mouth and by the look on his face he wanted to get Becky alone someplace tonight. Over my dead body Tom had thought.

Becky just smiled even though inside her shyness and morals were giving her fits. Half of her wanted to run screaming from the room while a small but still significant part wanted her to strut around the room giving each man a good look at her, while she enjoyed their stares.

She said, "As I said, its what I could get, I admit its not what I usually wear but I think I like everyone's reaction. I like it when men find me attractive."

Tom's eyes widen than narrowed as he was first surprised and shocked by that attitude from his wife, than wondered if that was a dig at him. He hadn't been paying her much attention recently he realized, too busy at work and too used to having her around. Fear replaced the other emotions on his face as his heart suddenly half froze, with the thought that Becky might be planning on leaving or becoming a slut. God, he had been taking her for granted, thinking she would always be there but treating her like piece of furniture or a comfortable old coat.

At that point she just smiled in way he couldn't interrupt and turned and walked away. He hurried to catch up but as he did he couldn't help but notice her rear. He almost stopped in shock. That outfit made her butt look terrific and sexy as hell. He had seen it for eighteen years and had made love to it quite a few times, but tonight it was turning him on like he hadn't been for years. At this point he slowed down wanting to keep it in sight for a while longer. He just could not keep his eyes off of it even though he tried to look around him to see who was here and where she was leading him. His eyes just kept going back to her rear as if it was a magnet, and tonight it was. As he neared her he suddenly realized something he hadn't noticed before. She was not wearing any underwear. Not only was there no panty lines but he could make out the movement of her butt muscles as she walked. He had been completely hard by this time but at that realization his manhood got even harder. It was now harder then it had been in months and he thought if this kept up it would rip out of his mummy outfit before the night was over. Usually just the thought of that happening would be embarrassing but tonight he didn't care.

When he did catch up to her the first thing he said was "You're not wearing any panties."

He tried to make it an accusation but it came out sounding like he was awe struck, which he was. Not only because she, the shy conservative not appreciating woman who look like sluts, Becky, wasn't wearing any but also because of how sexy it made her.

She turned and that mysterious smiled again and said, "I know, there was no room for them under this, people are just going to have to see that I am naked under this outfit."

He was partially relieved when she blushed as she said that.

They joined a group of friends and joined in with the conversation. He kept glancing at her, both to look at her and to see if she had anything else planned, like going off with one of the other men who were finding it hard not to stare.

He knew he was being paranoid but he hadn't seen this side of his wife before, that combined with the knowledge that he hadn't been paying her much attention lately, of the sexual type or of the romantic type, made him wonder. Of course it was also true that Becky hadn't been paying him very much attention lately either. They had both been taking the other one for granted. Sex was always the same, when they had it, and they hadn't talked, really talked about their days, friends and their hopes etc. for a couple of months. Now she was wearing this outfit. Even if what she said was true, about it being the only one she could get and that there really was no room for underwear, it still represented a significant change in her behavior.

His thoughts were partially supported when she went to use the bathroom twice in the next thirty-five minutes. The second time it took her a few extra minutes to come back to him and when he saw he make her way across the large room, Johnny was with her. He peeled off about half way across the room and he had a frustrated look on his face as he left Becky. He and that other leech probably both had been able to see that she had no panties on immediantly, which would explain the hunger on their faces that Tom had seen. Tom was partially relieved by that look of hunger denied that had been on Johnny's face, but just the fact that he had been with her as she came back from a second trip to the bathroom gave his emotions pause.

Twenty minutes later she told him that she was going to the buffet table set up in a corner of the room, both had already been by it nibbling on some of the finger foods there, but she said she wanted something more. He had been engaged in a conversation he couldn't leave so he had to watch as she went to the table by herself. She spent some time there deciding on what to eat and then standing nearby as she nibbled on what she had chosen. It didn't take long for some single and not so single men to show up around her. Tom could see that she talked to some of them and that more gathered around her as she did. Before she broke off and came back to him there were seven men clustered around that section of the table. She had chatted with most of them he thought. Even with that new playboy, Richard. He suddenly recalled the map he had seen, had she set a date to meet one of them outside somewhere? He would have to watch her to see if she disappeared for a while. He shook his head at his paranoia. His paranoia probably came not just from his fear of losing her, but from his guilt. Guilt both for taking her for granted, and for that incident a couple of weeks ago. She wouldn't do that, but at the same time he had been neglecting her lately, as she had been neglecting him, plus she was wearing that costume. She worn it for some reason. He just shook his head again, that type of thinking would do no one any good. The person he was talking to appeared puzzled why Tom would disagree with what he just said. Tom got his mind back to the conversation.

She strolled over to the buffet table, picked up a plate, and looked over the dishes. There were some things here she had never seen or had been able to taste that often. Like the caviour, and those little sandwiches with that strange looking substance in them. While she looked over the items, Becky thought about her second trip to the bathroom. That one had been to check her makeup and to adjust her outfit. Parts of it had slipped a bit showing even more cleavage than it had when she first arrived. The hallway leading and from the bathrooms was a bit dark and she had been the only one in it as she walked down it. As she left the bathroom she immediantly noticed someone standing a few feet away. It took only a few steps to see that it was Johnny. She knew what type of guy he was and what he wanted so she should have walked on by but for some reason she still wasn't sure about, she stopped when he called her name. He was wearing, she had noticed before, a King Author outfit. Complete with what looked like real gold circlet in his head and a sword strapped to his waist. He did look very dashing in the blue swordsman shirt and lighter blue tights. Blue most be his color she thought.

Now as she neared him she wondered if that sword was as real as it looked, and if he knew how to use it. A second later her eyes rolled heavenward as she caught herself thinking of course he knows how to use his sword he won't be the company playboy of he didn't. She almost stopped as she wondered did she really just think that? Its something he would think not her.

As she neared him she had greeted him and they had chatted for a couple of minutes. Than he had made his move, he had stepped closer supposedly to whisper something to her. He had already complimented her costume and how she looked in it. He did it in a not so obvious way too, sounding more like an average conversation between friends than a wolf trying to score. Once by her ear he softly said some nice things, more direct compliments. Ones that went directly to her pride. They really made her feel good after hearing them. He continued talking close to her ear and before she realized it he was nuzzling her neck. It felt good. Tom hadn't done that for months. Soon he was kissing her neck just below her ear. It sent shivers down her back. Good shivers. She did turn her head away from him as he tried to kiss her lips, but he just went back to kissing her neck. A minute or so later he began to lick it. Long swipes of his tongue, from just under her ear to where her neck joined her shoulder. That sent more of those good shivers down her back, more powerful ones. These ended up in her love tunnel. She didn't understand why they were more powerful than when her husband licked her neck. Maybe because they were longer licks, she didn't know.

She turned her head again as he tried to kiss her again, but this time he kissed her cheek, licking it as he did. He slipped his tongue down and begun to nibble on the curve of her chin. Her eyes went wide as the good sensations from that hit. She didn't know that could feel so good. Suddenly though as her conscious warred with her pleasure center, and her conscious was beginning to win, she felt something on her leg. It was his hand moving up her thigh, he had some how gotten his hand up her skirt while she had been enjoying the licking and nibbling. Of course with this outfit's short front that probably hadn't been that hard. Johnny's fingers were on her upper thigh making their way to what was in between her legs. He probably knew she didn't have any panties on so he could go directly to his goal with no cloth barrier to block his hand.

That made her angry, bad enough to try to kiss her, but this was way out of bounds for anyone other than her husband. Two seconds after first feeling his hand she stepped backwards forcing his hand from her thigh. As she did she noticed that his other hand was left hanging in midair, where her bosom had just been. Both breasts had a slight tingling as if they had just been caressed. So that's why his licking of her neck had produced such strong sensations, he had been lightly caressing her breasts through her top at the same time. Boy, he was good at this seduction, she hadn't even notice. Now apparently he had been in the process of reaching down her top to touch her naked breasts. She hadn't noticed that either. As his one hand slipped out from her skirt when she took a second longer step back Becky felt like hitting him, hard. How dare he try to touch her in her most intimate spot without her permission. For that matter how dare he try to seduce her at all, especially with her husband not that far away. She thought she growled as she turned slightly and began to walk toward the doorway to the main room.

He followed and tried to talk her into talking with him. He sounded like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, which analogy was appropriate for this situation, she thought She wondered if he really sounded like that or if it was a ploy to get her sympathy and mothering instinct. How many woman who had at first rejected his advances, had later succumbed because of that ploy. She was not going to be one of them. She angrily stated that only one man was going to get to touch her there and Johnny could just go taking a flying leap off a tall building. He said something about dreaming about her, he went on to describe what parts of her body he would see and how beautiful and sexy he knew they would be. He described everything in just the right tone and infliction to make it sound his compliments were real. Of course certain compliments probably were real, she won't be surprised if he didn't find her breasts sexy, but that would be true for every woman.

She said, "That's good because you will only see them in your dreams, jerk."

It was about that time he turned and left her side. She had been looking at Tom as she had been talking and listening. At first he looked perplexed and worried than anger appeared on his face. She wondered if he really thought something had happened between her and Johnny, but she notice that as Johnny walked away Tom's eyes followed him, so it was him that his anger was directed to not her. That was good and since Johnny had probably also seen Tom's face it had may have been that look that help convince Johnny to leave.

By the time she finished replaying that in her head she had chosen some of the finger foods and was standing near the table eating. As she nibbled she wondered why she had allowed him even the small amount he had done. It was like she had stopped thinking with her conscious mind and her pride along with a certain part of her body, had taken over her thinking. She just shook her head wondering how far Johnny would have gotten if she had been even more horny than she was, of course she was about as horny as she had ever been so being significantly more aroused may not be possible.

Soon someone came over and begun to chat with her. This guy, wearing a white pirate outfit with a long black captain's Coat, wasn't as boorish or as obvious as Johnny, but at the same time she felt he had come over only because of the outfit she was wearing. Soon another man came by and started staring at what was on that end of the table. Then a third showed up, this one joined in the conversation she was having with the first guy. Some of those who gathered, seemed to just want to be around her while others, even two married men, wanted to chat with her. At one point she went around the table to get something to drink and another man offered to get it for her. They had two punch fountains going. One was an alcoholic something or another while was nonalcoholic. This fourth guy was dressed like Lawrence of Arabia, in a very rich looking coloful outfit. The colors matched his eyes just right. She smiled and nodded her Ok. She decided she liked this type of attention and would take her time eating the food she had gotten. He grabbed a class and put it under the spout for the alcoholic drink. He didn't leave after she took a sip. It was some type of alcohol punch, good but she knew she had to set a limit on it. After a few sips she put down the class for a moment to eat and when she did the guy filled it again. He got himself a class and drank some of the punch, commenting on how delicious and refreshing it was. After she and he sipped some more he bent over a bit to tell her something. It was a compliment. The guy was handsome and young. It felt good to be considered sexy by a handsome young man. But as she smiled and didn't seem to mind he stepped back, got her another class even though hers was only half empty, gave it to her. Obviously, she thought, he was trying to make her tipsy. He moved closer, snuck a look down her front and propositioned her. He did it in a light hearted friendly way but she realized he was serious. At that point she just shook her head and moved back to her original position on the other side of the table.

Soon after she finished and walked back over to Tom. She could feel the stare of some of the men who had been around her, she found she didn't mind them watching her walk away. Well, a good size part of her still wanted to flee, but that part that liked the attention was growing. Ten minutes after she rejoined Tom, doing which time he explained that the handsome young man in the Arabia costume, was the other company playboy, they were temporally alone. They had done some of the socializing necessary and it was time for the fruition of her plan which meant going outside.

She said, "Lets take a walk, they have a wonderful garden path that people can walk through."

She pointed at a certain French door that lead outside.

He asked in an almost sarcastic tone, "what about your entourage?"

"Do I detect a hint of jealously?" He looked down and said, "More than a hint, I'm afraid."

She snuggled up to him and said, "Its nice to be the center of male attention, but its you I want to take this walk with. Not Johnny, not any of the men over there, nor any other male or... even female person, just you."

He ever so slightly sagged in relief. So small was the movement she only knew it from years of living with him, he probably hadn't even known he made it. What amazed her though was that at the same time he seemed to, again ever so slightly, stand taller. She just took him by one arm, snuggled next to him as she led them over to the door.

Once outside they saw clearly where to go, a couple, a Knight and a female werewolf with large, hairy mummery glands, were just coming back in from a walk. It took Becky a few steps to realize that the mummery glands were imprinted on a shirt of some type, but, she thought, from their size and the fact that they stood out so well indicated that the real ones underneath were large. Soon after the couple went by, a Princess came out from the foliage surrounding the walkway's entrance.

Becky and Tom strolled their way through the first of the garden, enjoying the flowers, smells and each other. There was plenty of lights in this section to see each rose bush and other flowers, including quite a few night blossoms. They hadn't done this type of strolling for over a year and both enjoyed it. At one point Tom even tipped his head so he could give her a gentle kiss. Inside she smiled because it hadn't been out of lust or desire but love. Not that she would have minded a kiss full of desire, but that was for later, once she saw her plan to the end.

At another point, as they neared where she had been told was a darker area of the garden, he began to say, "I love you, and I am sorry for not paying..."

She interrupted him by placing her fingers on his lips and saying very gently, "Now's not the time, we need to enjoy this moment and these surroundings. We will talk later."

He just nodded but she could see guilt in his eyes as he looked at her. If that guilt was for taking her for granted and neglecting her, she wanted him to feel it, just like she was feeling guilt for not paying him the right type of attention the past few months. Of course if it was for something he had done that he shouldn't have, she thought it was better she didn't know. Not tonight anyway. She wouldn't expect him to do that but than again she had been tempted a couple of times in the past few months. She hadn't done anything, allowing Johnny to nuzzle her neck was the worst she had done, but at the same time she couldn't blame him if he had been tempted also. God, she hoped he hadn't given in. She didn't really believe he had, but the possibility was something she had to be honest about.

But enough of this morose thinking, it was time to carry out her plan. So saying she turned down a side walkway, and sure enough just as it had been explained on her map, it was dark in this cal de sake. There was also a bench. A larger then usual one.

She steered them to the bench and suggested they sit for a while to enjoy the cool air. It had been hotter than usual lately and was now just beginning to cool down for the year. It was a bit chilly for her costume, but she figured that she would be heating will soon, if fact from the way it felt between her legs she was already beginning to get heated.

They did talk some at first, he mentioned an upcoming concert with a singer both wanted to see. During this time a male angel walked by. He just circled the cal de sake they were in, smelled some flowers and left. Soon after Becky made her move, they whole evening had been planned for this moment and she was going for it. In fact she decided to move even faster than originally planned, she was wet already and would need no foreplay to get her body ready for him. The whole evening, the way she was dressed, his reactions to her costume, the attention of the men and yes even what Johnny had done, god how his licking her neck had felt good, had all combined to get her excited. She had started off horny of course but right now she was glad she didn't wear any panties for they would have been soaked all the way through. Now she could feel her juices dribbling out of her love tunnel, uhm make that out of her pussy and over her pussy' lips. She hadn't been this wet in years.

As she thought that she turned and suddenly kissed her husband. He returned the kiss, at first easy and gently like the kiss he had given her earlier. Soon though the kiss turned hard and passionate. He pressed his lips against hers like he was trying to bruise hers. It was like he had lost control. She smiled around that kiss, this was the passion she had been trying ignite in him with her outfit.

As he finally stopped and pulled back looking a bit surprised at his own passion, she followed him kissing him again and again. She shoved her tongue into his mouth forcing him to suck on it, he did and it turned her on even more.

At one point he asked if they should be kissing like that where someone could walk by and see them. Her answer was to suddenly straddle his lap, with her legs on either side and her face inches from his.

She kissed him hard, but he leaned back looking amazed. She just smiled wickedly and asked if he liked her surprise. He began to answer with a question but she just covered his mouth with hers again, for second or two he mumbled into her mouth but than returned the kiss with passion. She managed to grab his tongue with her teeth and to suck on it. After a minute or so of that he tried to grab hers. She pulled back and said there's something else I want you to suck.

Than she did something with her hand he wasn't able to catch but suddenly her breasts were exposed. He blinked, for one second he was looking at the cloth that was covering them and the next he was looking at them, displayed in all their glory. He sucked his breath in at the sight, but than looked around to make sure no one else was there. Finally he looked at her face with a shocked look on his face. It was if he couldn't believe that his shy, reserve, conservative wife just exposed herself in public. Which was probably the case she thought, actually she couldn't believe it either but she was desperate.

She just looked him in the face and with the most wonton look she could manage, she asked, "Are you going to suck on them or not?"

He just looked at her for a moment than glanced down, the sight of her exposed breasts must of made the decision for him as he just bowed his head and grabbed a nipple with his mouth. He began to suck hard. Boy he most turned on big time, she thought.

Normally the amount of suction he was applying would be too much, but she was so turned on the little bit of pain added to her ecstasy. He sucked for minutes than switched to the other to give it the same amount of attention. When he was about to switch back she told him to bite it. That indicated how turned on she was for she only asked for that when extremely aroused. He bite, not hard though. She commanded to bite harder, he did. Uh, that was it she thought.

"Bite the other one harder," she said.

But he was already moving his mouth over to that breast. Once he had that opening on it he did bite the nipple even harder. He sucked and licked, licking over where he had bit. That felt good. He went back to the other one as she commanded again to bite. He did. She let a small scream of pain and pleasure for he had bitten down harder and longer than he had ever bitten before. Almost too hard but it still felt good. When he went back to the left one, she looked down and was not surprised to see bite marks around the nipple of her right breast. Boy, he most by aroused to do that and she most more aroused than usual to not get mad at him, normally a bite half that hard would have ended their lovemaking and she would have felt like slapping him. Even when she was aroused big time that would have been too hard, tonight though she felt like he could do anything, even slap her face hard and it would add to her ecstasy, not that she wanted him to test that theory, but she did feel that way. She did wish he would do the same on the breast he was now sucking on and a second later he did only not quite so hard. She still let out an exclamation of her bliss and pain.

She was amazed how turned on she was and he hadn't even touched her between her legs yet. Everything tonight had contributed to her being this aroused, even as she had thought before that included what Johnny had said, his licking her and how he almost touched her there. It also included those men gathering around her to look at her and to be near her, as well as Richard's advances. It had especially included how her man had look at her all night. He hadn't been able to keep his eyes off of her, that had felt really good.

A second later all thoughts fled her mind as she leaned back to the sudden increase of her pleasure. Tom had gone back to the bitten nipple softly licking over the bite mark, at the same time he used his other hand to tweak the left nipple. God, how good that licking felt she thought. But it was time to go to the next step. She reached down to his lap and swiftly undid the flap his outfit had. She flipped it open an reached in to grab his manhood. He gasped loudly as her hand touched it, than wrapped around it, squeezing it as it did. His head jerked back and he almost screamed as she squeezed. She nodded in agreement with herself. He would not last long once inside her so she would have to take care of that problem the fun way.

She slipped backwards, dropping to the pavement of the walk way. She landed softly knowing her costume would not be much of a cushion to her knees. As she landed she knew she had been correct the pavement was very rough, but she thought she would not be down there long, not as turned on as he was. Without further delay she leaned forward and grabbed the head of his shaft with her mouth. As soon as he felt her mouth his head went back again and this time he let out a loud Agggaaa OOHH. She lowered her mouth all the way down slowly. He made sounds all the way down, finally she sucked and was rewarded with, "God, so good," from him.

Two minutes later she knew she had been right as he almost screamed and began to buck into her mouth. She looked up at him watching as his head again went back and his mouth opened in a soundless scream. Seconds later she felt him jerk in her mouth and immediantly felt something warm and liquid in her mouth. He did scream this time in a guttural caveman voice. She swallowed, then swallowed again as her mouth was filled again by more shots coming from his manhood, than she swallowed a third time. It seemed like he shot out twice as much sperm than usual.

His head had jerked back as he cam but as he calmed down he was able to move it forward and look down at her. He was able to see her swallow twice. God, that was so sexy watching her swallow his cum, he most have shot a large load for her to be still swallowing. A second later his eye was attracted to something white that flowed from her mouth. He glanced down and saw some of his sperm leaking from around his manhood. Unless she was pushing it out on purpose so he could watch, that was more proof he had cum big time. Of course it could have been for both reasons.

When he was done all the way she let go of him and stood. He looked at her and said, "Thank you, I had almost forgotten how good that feels"

"We aren't done yet."

So saying she did something with her hand again, that again he didn't catch, but this time her whole outfit dropped to the ground. She stood there with all her glory revealed. He breathed in suddenly gasping. Not only that she would do that where others could see her but from how sexy she looked. He looked at her from top to bottom, admiring her breasts, her stomach and belly button and glancing at her bush that wasn't there. As he looked closer he saw it was there but she had just trimmed it, very short. He had been asking her to do that for years and he was amazed that she finally had. He had been correct all those years too. She looked magnificent with it trimmed and he could see her womanhood's lips as she stood there. She spread her legs more so he could get a better look and even in the dimness he could see they glisten with wetness.

His breath quicken even though he just had a climax. He licked his lips as great desire grew to taste what was on those sensual lips. It had been a month and probably more that he had stuck his tongue in that alluring slit. His tongue, and another larger and harder part of his body, missed being in contact with that center of femininess. His manhood has stayed hard, hadn't even soften or shrunk any. In fact it felt like it was larger than usual. He glanced at it and he could swear that it was a bit longer and wider than normal. That had happened a few times before, but tonight it seemed even bigger than those times. He saw a wetness on it and realized that it was not only her saliva but his precum was almost bubbling out of the slit on top of the head. God, he hadn't been this excited in ages.

Becky looked at him for a moment saw him glance at himself so she automatically followed his look. Her eyes widen bit as she too thought he looked bigger and harder than ever. Come to think of it had felt like his hardness had filled her mouth more than usual. She also saw the precum leaking off of the top of the head as it stood straight up. Boy, he must be producing more of that tonight than ever. Sometimes he didn't produce any, but tonight it looked like he was making up for some of those times. She knew he wasn't the only one to be tremendously aroused, she was wet enough so that she didn't need any further stimulation. In fact she had been dripping her lubrication along the inside of each thigh even before they went for the walk. She was sure, since she was wearing no underwear, that she had left drips of her juices behind as they had strolled along the garden path. However as much as she liked looking at his manhood, especially when it was that hard, it was time let a certain part of her body get reacquainted with a certain part of his body.

So thinking she took a step forward than swung one leg over his lap and positioned herself to sit down. She lowered herself slowly, grabbing hold of his shaft to aim it right. As its head touched the lips of her womanhood, make that her pussy, she almost swooned, and he gasped loudly. She kept sinking, spearing herself with his sword. When the head was all the way in, he let out a loud AAAggga sound. She let out a sound herself that combined with his to produce a choral song of ecstasy.

Tom kept making noises as his wife slide down his iron tube. Finally she bottom out, touching his legs with her bottom. She settled in and gasped. She had needed to feel him inside her for so long. It was wonderful, better than wonderful. God, she couldn't describe even to her self what she was feeling.

Suddenly a movement caught her eye. She looked out of the corner of her eye and saw someone standing near the bench they were on. He moved a bit, to get a closer look maybe, and she saw that it was a Prince. She surprised herself by almost giggling as she thought of telling him that his Princess was that away, back inside the Mansion. She also surprised herself by not panicking.

Tom was finally able to open his eyes and almost immediantly saw the Prince. He looked at his wife in the eye and motioned by moving his eyes toward the watcher. She only barely nodded showing that she had seen him already. His face turned red in embarrassment, as he saw that so did her's, but at the same time he bucked upward, momentarily driving himself even further up into her love tunnel. She gasped and as he dropped back down she responded by pulling her body up. Just enough so that he was barely inside her than she let herself back down. He gasped.

Soon the Prince left, rather it was in disgust, to give them some privacy, or to go find his Princess for his own fun neither knew. Both saw him leave and both thought of the chooses it was probably to find the Princess. Becky continued to bounce up and down, giving them both the pleasure they had wanted all evening.

Seconds after the first watcher disappeared a Lion showed up. Becky thought it was the one that had talked to her while she had nibbled on her food next to the buffet table. If it was he was getting a good look at her and at what he was missing. What he would always miss out on since she was a one man woman.

Tom suddenly stopped and said, "Lets change positions. I want to be behind to see your sexy butt."

She didn't want to get up but she did think he might be able to get in even deeper so without saying a word she got up. He whimpered as she did, than scooted off the bench. Becky knelt down with her breasts hanging over behind the bench and her rear aimed at her husband. He slipped sideways directly behind her and quickly moved forward, inserting himself as he did. They both moaned as he pushed his shaft to the hilt in one fast shove. He rested a moment enjoying the sensation, but as she turned her head and said to fuck her he obeyed.

Soon he had a nice in and out rhythm going. Both were startled by a sound as someone stepped on something that made a noise. Each looked up and there standing not to far away was a woman who looked like a cross between a Xena, warrior princess and a fairy. She was staring intently at them. Tom and Becky both just looked at each other neither wanting to stop. He continued pulling his shaft out and pushing it back in. Becky turned back and after a second glance at the woman thought she had the look like she was studying them. Maybe to see if she knew them or Becky thought more likely she was studying Tom's technique. If she was she would be disappointed since Tom was a one woman man or so Becky hoped he still was.

But if he was she was studying him she about to see how good Tom was, for just than Becky lifted her head back and let out a loud "Now!" immediantly followed by "Yes, yes yyyES!!" and a "EeeeIIII".

As she relaxed from her climax she dropped her head. A few seconds later she felt something else not so pleasurable.

Becky turned her head back and said, "we have to move back."

"We do?" came his incredulous reply.

"Yes part of this bench is rubbing the under side of my boobs."

"Doesn't that feel good right now." "Sort of, but it won't tomorrow when my breasts are sore and scrapped up."

He just nodded and stepped back pulling out. She quickly got up and he just as quickly sat in her spot. Becky again straddled his legs and lowered herself. This time it was much more haste, as she almost just dropped on his lap. He let out an almost scream and she followed it with her own almost scream. Even before she hit bottom she raised herself back up 'till he was almost out than lowered herself down hard. She continued this way for a few minutes. Both were surprised by how long this was lasting. Even with his climax already he thought he would have cum already.

By now both were groaning continually, and their groans were getting louder. As they had changed back Becky had looked for the audience. Becky saw that the woman had gone but she had found the lion again. He had disappeared during their first change of positions but as she had looked around the second time she saw that he was in some bushes nearby doing something with one hand she couldn't see. The hand was down in front of him but even though some bushes blocked her view of that part of his body the rhythmic out and back movement of his arm showed what he was doing. Becky couldn't believe it he was jacking off while watching them. She hadn't considered that possibility when she thought some may see them have sex but come to think of it she should have expected some guy or two would do that if he watched long enough. She also wondered if Tom had seen him.

As he bucked upward driving his shaft even deeper her thoughts dissipated, exploding in a burst of ecstasy of an approaching even bigger orgasm. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Soon another movement caught her attention. This time it was a couple that made an appearance in their cal de sak.

He was dressed as a mummy, almost exactly the same as her husband's outfit but this guy was taller and less muscular. His wife, girl friend or date was dressed as a shipwrecked survivor, She had a small round life preserver around her neck with the words Titanic on it, a short skirt with ragged torn looking ends and a blouse that had rips and somehow looked water soaked. They stood for a moment with open mouths and an amazed look on each face.

She turned her head to look at her husband and by the darker color in his face she knew he had seen them also and was blushing again. Her face was hot also and she thought it more than just her excitement that was causing it. In other words she was blushing also but at the same time the knowledge they were being watched added to the thrill. He shoved up even harder, going deeper than he had ever gone in this position. Deeper that he had been in her for years she thought after she cried out in pleasure. Maybe it was his larger size tonight or because he was so excited he shoved harder than usual or probably both but he was getting deeper suddenly. She almost screamed and cried at the same time it felt soooo Good.

She said, "Fuck Meee!"

A minute later she said it again louder, "FUCK ME! Hard!!"

He said, "I Am, (Breath)my... slut, (gasp) You FUCK (Breath) me!"

"I Am Stud, (Breath) I am (gasp) fucking." So she was raising up and coming down hard and fast, it was like she was trying to win a sprint. He was raising up to meet her thrust for thrust, bouncing his butt off the cement of the bench at times. Soon she was shaking her head back and forth from the ecstasy. At one shake she noticed that the couple were still there. Another shack and she was able to see that that mummy was standing behind the shipwreck lady humping her every so often.

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