Do for Lust What Won't Do For Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband finds out that wife is having sex with another and that she is doing things she won't do with him.

He was laying on top of her thrusting his dick in and out of her pussy. He pushed it all the way in, than pulled it almost out, then back in, just the way she liked it, as he had learned during their twelve years of marriage. Of course it didn't hurt that this happened to be the way he liked it best also. Her groans were increasing as he fucked her harder, speeding up his tempo. Too bad part of his mind would not allow him to get all the way into it.

They had had a great beginning, of this session, with her giving him a blow job. She had even allowed him to spout in her mouth which she didn't always do. It had been one of her better blow jobs too, he wondered if she was feeling guilty about something.

After he recovered he had pushed her over and gone down on her. Licking her pussy lips, sucking on her clitoris, sticking his tongue into her pleasure tunnel. Soon she was moaning like he had just been. He used his fingers to spread open her lips and had licked first one side than the other of the inside walls of her clit. He couldn't reach in far with his tongue of course but she liked it and he liked doing it. He could taste her better that way. Even after twelve years and two children he still was in love with his wife's pussy. Once he got going he was a man obsessed, with tasting her and feeling her lips and feeling her nub of pleasure rolling around in his mouth. He liked the feel of it against his tongue.

Manty had finally pushed in two fingers upside down, when they were deep enough he started stroking her G-spot. This was quickly followed by him sucking on her clit, with all of it in his mouth. It was just the way she liked it and it had set her off in her first orgasm of this session. She softly screamed her pleasure as her back arched. He had been glad the kids were at their grandparents since she probably would be getting loud soon. She got very loud sometimes. Twice now they had to make up something to explain the noises she had been made.

During this session, though, even during the most intense moments, a part of his mind had been feeding him questions and not allowing him to enjoy the feelings as much as usual. He had ignored the questions since now wasn't the time.

After her climax, they shifted to a 69 position for a while before both had jumped into this position ready for the finale. Now as he pushed in faster and deeper and as her back arched, signaling that she was closing in on another climax, all other thoughts vanished. All he could think of was the sensuousness of her breasts as he looked down on them and the noises she was making as her body climbed that peak. He also enjoyed the feeling of pubic areas meeting as he pushed in hard. His pleasure increased dramatically, as he arched his head back and he started saying "god, god, goood," under his breath.

Manty could feel her thrusts as she pushed back, meeting him half way. Finally she let loose in a primal scream as he increased the speed of his thrusts to full power. He was pushing, pulling out then pushing back in so fast he couldn't go any faster. He was also going as deep as he could. Her hips were hitting his as they both tried to get him even deeper. Finally she reached the peak of her climax and froze for a moment, as if her body was about to put all its energy into the pleasure her mind was feeling. She let loss a loud pleasure screamed, ending with a long hissed Yess! She gasped for breath and bucked hard as her orgasm slipped away. She fell back down to the bed with a whoph as she let out the air she had been holding at the end.

He didn't slow down though as her climax pushed his even closer to the edge. Seconds later he let out a loud "Gaaaum" as the first of his sperm blasted its way out of his dick. A second shot produced a softer "Gaaaa", He continued to fuck her as he changed his tempo to faster, shorter strokes, these lasted two or three seconds longer after his orgasm was done.

Finally he was done, exhausted, he plopped down next to her on their bed. He started drawing in deep breaths to get his breathing back to normal. Darlina was breathing hard too, but she got her breaths back to normal before he did. As his breathing slowed she coddled next to him, enjoying his warmth and presence.

He automatically draped one arm over her shoulders like she liked and drew her even closer. He had been doing this for twelve years, ever since their wedding night and he usually didn't mind. This night, however, he did mind, but didn't say anything, it wasn't time yet.

She whispered in his ear, "That was one of the better ones. Thank you." she touched his nose with one finger and continued, "You still light my fire in a big way and you still can put it out."

She snuggled in even more and said, "I love you sooo much."

As they laid there, she was soon almost asleep. He wasn't though. Those thoughts were back with the same questions he had ignored while they made love, and there were more question now. As the newer thoughts came into his mind he tensed up.

Darlina felt the tensing and woke up enough to asked, "Why the sudden tenseness?"

"I was just thinking about work."

With a mock seriousness in her tone she slapped his chest and said, "You aren't supposed be thinking about work at this time. You're supposed to be thinking about me so you can dream of us in your sleep."

"I know but some of these thoughts won't go away."

He kissed her and "But I do love you, no matter what."

She puzzled about that for a moment but then was asleep

He continue to lay there feeling a touch guilty for he had lied to her. He wasn't thinking about work. He was thinking of a chain of events that had led him to one conclusion. That his loving wife of twelve years was cheating on him. There was nothing conclusive yet, but there a hell of lot of circumstantial evidence.

His mind went back to the first event in this chain. It had been so cliche-ish. Someone else's underwear had been mixed with his. It was one pair and had been his size, but as he took them out of the drawer that morning he had noticed the brand. He had thrown away the last of that brand a couple of months before. They had gotten too raggaty so he had bought new ones. As he held up that pair he thought, I didn't know I had any more of these left. No wonder I didn't throw them out with the rest, this pair some how is still in good shape.

He had put them on and gone about his business without giving them a second thought. Until two weeks later that is. For some reason he couldn't remember now, he had wanted to look them over again. Maybe his subconscious had been trying to tell him something. Whatever the case he looked every where for them. In his drawer, in the washer and dryer, even in the hamper. He ended up taking out his underwear drawer to see if they had fallen behind it. Nope, he did find a couple missing socks, non matching, but not what he wanted to find.

That had got him wondering. About what he wasn't sure at that time since he was still trusting her. But in the next couple of days as he thought about things in general, previous incidents came to mind that made him wonder about her. She had started having more meetings at night, she only had a part time job but she volunteered a lot. Darlina had always had some meetings, PTA, Blood drives etc... Now she had more and some had been taking longer, even past eleven at night a couple of times. Two or three times when he had been gone on a business trip, he had called him and she hadn't answered. He had left a message on their machine and she had always called back. One time she had waken him up at Eleven-thirty at night. Then there was the time when he was gone and their children were at their grandparents, he had called. The phone, had rung and rung finally just before he hung up she had answered. She sounded flush and out of breath like she had just ran a marathon or had been doing some other physical activity. She also had been distracted. He hadn't thought that much about it at that moment thinking she had forgotten to turn back on the answering machine for some reason, and had had to run down the stairs to get to the phone. Now he didn't trust that scenario.

A few days after he had gotten home from that trip, he had over heard a telephone conversation. He had been happily working on his computer when he had started to get a headache. He hadn't wanted the headache to stop his work, so had gone down stairs to get some pain reliever. He was in his socking feet so his wife more then likely had not heard him walk down the stairs. He heard her though. Giggling almost like a school girl. As he got closer the giggling sounded like the tone she used when he suggested something dirty where others might hear him, or when he suggested something sexual in a way that was unusual for him.

His eyes had narrowed and he had moved closer, she was in the kitchen by the door, where she would most probably hear him come down the stairs. Usually that is. He couldn't glance in without taking abit chance of her seeing him, so he had stood on one side of the door with his head leaning toward the sound. She had paced over by the door to glance toward the stairs. He thought that was what she was doing anyway, she could have been just very nervous. As she neared the door he thought she would come through it but she stayed in the kitchen and therefore didn't see him.

Manty could hear better though and heard the voice from the phone's speaker. Not good enough to tell what was being said but good enough to tell it was a man's voice. Darlina said that would be fun and something about a house they owned and rented at times. She had paced back to the far end of the kitchen and was talking softly so he wasn't able to catch every word. The house she meant was one they owned and was almost out in the country. The closest neighbor was a quarter mile down the road. A lot of trees were around it. Sometimes they used it as a weekend getaway and a couple people rented it on a regular bases for a month each summer. They had also rented to people who needed a place to stay just for a week to eight weeks. Currently it was empty.

At that point he had gotten paranoid with her pacing she could come out anytime, and had decided to see how she would react when if he walked into the kitchen. So he had softly backed away from the door. He postioned himself at an angle which would look like he had just come down the stairs he walked into the kitchen. She saw him immediantly and jumped. She also changed what she was saying. Suddenly talking about recipes and kids. He had moved on past her, almost touching her, to get to where they kept the pain relievers. As he passed her he heard the male voice say something short. She just said yes that's it.

Manty had looked puzzled at her after the jump so she put a hand over the phone and said in a low voice, "I didn't hear you come in, you startled me."

He had just nodded wondering if she had been startled or if she had a guilty conscious. He had taken two pills then gone back up the stairs, but instead of going to the room where they kept the computer, he had laid on their bed with his arm over his eyes. Not liking the thoughts that were coming into his mind. There other links in that chain of thoughts and events even though most he couldn't name. He just knew that he knew her and that she was keeping something from him, she was doing something. His subconscious had been trying to tell him for a while, but he hadn't been listening.

That brought him up to the present and the questions that had plagued his mind during their lovemaking. Questions like: was it really lovemaking on her part; like was she thinking of him now or was she comparing their sizes. And other similar questions. He had decided already to check up on her. That made him wince inside but he had to know. Two nights from now she had another meeting, he had already set it up by telling her he was working late that night, which even though rare did happen at times. That meant she should get a babysitter for the kids. He would wait, have dinner some place then drop by the meeting place, which in this case was a local school, which was located almost on his way home. He could say that he had gotten done earlier then expected and had stopped by on the way home to see how the meeting was going. He shook his head thinking, I don't like lying to her, but if Darlina is not there I won't have to.

Tears came to his eyes at what he was afraid he would find two nights from then. He didn't want their relationship to end, not for him but especially not for the kids. They needed both parents and were too young to understand what their mother was guilty of. If she was. A small part of him still held out hope he was just being paranoid.

Finally he fell asleep. After a troubled night's sleep he got up soon after the alarm went off. She got up also and kissed him saying, "I love you this morning." Like she always did, even when one or the other was out of town, she usually called him to tell him that. Even on those days she hadn't answered the phone the night before. Today he just mumbled something like he did now and then when he hadn't gotten enough sleep. He went through his retinue, had breakfast he did not seem to have an appetite for, and left for work. He yelled bye just before he walked out the door. She wondered why he hadn't kissed her like he usually did.

The day went passingly well since once at work he was able to forget all his questions about Darlina. That night he was still depressed even though he tried not to show it. She knew something was up but thought it had to do with work and that it wasn't time to press him about it.

The next morning he reminded her of him working late and she said the babysitter was already lined up. He nodded good and finish his breakfast, half of it anyway. He still didn't feel like eating. Again he left without kissing her. Again at his job he was able to submerse himself in his work, even working through lunch since he didn't have an appetite. He worked through dinner, telling everyone he had some catch up to do. Usually someone, sometimes half dozen or so people worked late so no on ewould think it unusual for him to be there after hours. He set his alarm watch for six-forty-five so he could get to the school an hour and a few minutes after the meeting started. That could give her enough time not to be there.

The next few minutes he got so engrossed in his work he jumped when the alarm went off. He quickly finished what he was doing, put away everything then, used the bathroom and left. He made good time to the school even though he traveled under the speed limit. He parked his car out on the street and walked in through the parking lot. No sign of her car, which didn't necessarily mean anything, he hoped. He walked in and saw someone he barely knew. Hopefully he could ask her if Darlina was here and it not get back to Darlina. The woman had seen Darlina just before the meeting began but not recently. He looked around some more then left.

He quickly decided to stay but not obviously. He got in his car pulled away from the curb but instead of driving off he found a shadow he could park in and still see the parking lot. About fifteen minutes before the meeting was scheduled to end he saw a car come zooming up the road. It parked where he had parked and a woman got out and very hurriedly walked onto the campus.

He frowned. That car could be his wife's and the woman could have been her, but she was too far away and it was too dark to see for sure. There was one way to find out though. He started to get out of his car when a police car went by. It slowly went though the parking lot and down the street. By the time it was gone people were starting to come out of the school. Just a handful but enough to see him if he got out now. He ended up just starting the engine and driving away not really caring if any of them noticed him and wondered what he was up to.

He arrived home and paid off the babysitter and went in to see his children since both were in bed by this time. He said good night to them, hugged them and even managed to read a short story to one. Darlina got home in time to say good night to them. She almost always made sure she did. Watching her reacting with their children, he again came to the conclusion that she did love them. She helped them with schoolwork, made sure she was there when they got home from school, even though one was in kindergarten. She liked being around them. Now Manty wondered if she still loved him.

Three nights later there was another meeting. This time he hired the babysitter, one they didn't use very often, and made sure she got there after his wife left. He just told the babysitter that something had come up and he needed to do something for an hour or so.

He waited long enough for the meeting to begin, it was a PTA meeting at the same school. He parked in the same shadow and waited and waited. He hadn't used the bathroom this night so his bladder started to feel full. He decided to endure the pain. Twenty minutes after the meeting was supposed to have started a woman who looked to be dressed like his wife came out, got in a car and drove away.

He drove away soon after. He used his cell phone to call his home and after the babysitter answered he asked if possible could she stay an hour past the time he said he would be home. He explained that he would understand of she couldn't, this was all last minute stuff and he apologized for the inconvenience. She could stay and said she would be happy to. That out of the way he went to a fast food joint, used the bathroom, got a cup of coffee. He slowly drank it.

He got another and slowly drank it, when he was done he used the bathroom again, forcing himself to urinate since he didn't know how long he would be sitting there and he didn't want a repeat of earlier, he was in enough pain as it was. He drove back to his shadow and parked. Then waited and waited some more. Finally her car came driving down the street and into its space. The woman ran onto the school campus disappearing into its shadows. She was late tonight the meeting was almost over. He needed to hurry to check his idea, he only needed a minute for it. He got out and ran to the car and hurried got out his keys. He found his copy of the key to her car and tried the lock. Nothing. He sagged with relief. But as he put the key away and turned he noticed something.

He turned this way and that to confirm it. With a curse he got the key out again and moved over to another car. He hoped that police car would not make an appearance tonight. For it turned out that in his haste to get here he had ran to the wrong car. The one he had tried was like his wife's but obviously wasn't. This new car was the right one. He had just checked the visual clues to make sure. He tried the key hoping against hope for a miracle. His heart stopped as the key turned and the door opened as he pulled the latch. His heart beating again he locked the door slammed the door shut and ran back to his car. He got in and zoomed away, gunning the engine like a street racer, not caring if those people leaving the school right then heard him or not. He had to get home, dismiss the babysitter and get her going before Darlina got home.

He pulled into his driveway, not caring that the car was a little crooked and closer to the garage door then normal. He ran inside paid off the sitter, giving her a tip for being a good sport, and got her out the door with a minimum of small talk, ten minutes before his wife got home. During those ten minutes he walked up stairs sat down on their bed with a thump. He reached down and untried his shoes. He took the first one off and threw it across the room.

He said, "why did you put me in this spot? Now I have hard choices to make."

Tears came to his eyes and he said outloud again, "I love you and I don't want this relationship to end, especially for the kids' sake."

He threw the other shoe across the room and sat there. Soon he heard her car pull up so he dried his eyes and readied himself for her. She came up the stairs and went straight to the kid's rooms. She was later them usual tonight and they were almost asleep. He hoped they won't say anything about the sitter. If they did all he could think of to say was that they had just gotten confused in their sleep. That could happen with the younger one so would be a good excuse for him, but not for the older one. It was all he could think of though. It turned out they were too sleepy to mention it therefore he was safe.

While talking to the woman the other night he had found out that his wife at times completly missed a meeting and at other times seemed to disappear right after it began. Sometimes the woman would see Darlina at the end walking to her car so thought she had been there all along. The important stuff usually happened in the beginning anyway so if Darlina snuck off to go home, get some Starbucks, or take a nap in the nurses office, as a couple of the women did at times, it didn't matter that much to the outcome.

The next day at work he thought about what to do. He still had no conclusive proof she was having sex with someone. She probably had lied to him a bunch of times already so she could make something up about all this. Knowing her she may already had a story ready to go. One that sounded real and that could be true. And that small part of mind still wanted to believe this was all a big mistake, a comedy of errors. He didn't really believe that, but he still had some hope. So what it boiled down to was that he had to catch them red handed.

How though. Where were they meeting? All over the place it sounded like, including his and Darlina's house. It could be at the man's house or a nearby hotel. Maybe at both houses and/or different hotels in the neighborhood just to throw anybody off the trail, if need be. To give himself time he called his parents and asked if they would like children for a week, summer was coming up and they would be out of school. His parents jumped at the chance. Their grandkids hadn't been over for a week in a long time. Over for one night yes, but even that had been just rare lately.

So he set the date for a three weeks from then. He didn't want to wait that long, but he didn't want his children in the middle of this, and this way he wouldn't have to worry about hiring a babysitter for them on the fly like the other night.

He told his wife he had called his parents to take the kids for at least week right after school was out. She didn't like the idea, but soon accepted his arguments, his parents did need to see them and the two of them needed some relaxation time without the children. She finally agreed, but it was faster then he expected. He couldn't help but think that it was because it would give her more time to see her lover.

For the next three weeks he moped around, trying to appear normal. She was as loving as usual, actually more so. A couple of times she attacked him with kisses saying how much she loved him, how glad she was they were married. He wondered if she did the same with her lover, or if she was feeling guilty. Once he as he was feeling extra sad he reproved her kissing saying he had work to do. She was startled and looked hurt, but part of him didn't care.

They did have sex during these three weeks, once on a Saturday while the kids were at someone's house playing she attacked his face with kisses and pushed him on the bed climbing on top of him. Soon she slipped down and undid his pants. After pulling them down over his hips and moving his briefs over she started sucking and licking his manhood. Soon he was hard, she sucked hard, deep throating him and even licking the sensitive underside. She spent time licking on the under side sliding her tongue all the way up and down, next Darlian placed her mouth over his dick's top. His wife used her teeth to scrap the edges where it flared out and slopped over, as she moved her head up and down in small movements. He was starting to get close. He warned her of that fact since she hardly let him cum in her mouth, but she stopped looked him in the face and said, "Its OK, its a gift for you."

He almost told her no as thoughts of her doing that to another man popped into his head. But she continued, slowing her up and down movements. She stopped, licked around the top, nibbled on the edges of the head, went back to licking up and down on the bottom side then suddenly putting her mouth over the head and sucking. Every time she did that after licking, he would jerk with pleasure. Finally he was getting closer and closer. Finally as she deep throated him again, he arched his back and said "Gaaaa". She licked the underneath one last time then clamped her mouth onto the head. As she did he arched his back again crying "God, Goood!"

He couldn't believe he hadn't clmaxed yet. She went back to gently scrapping her teeth up and down the edges. All too soon he felt his climax building beyond control. He pushed upward trying to push more dick into her mouth. She choose that moment to push a finger into his anus. She had wetted it with slivia and he was relaxed because of what she was doing so it went in easy. All the way in. He screamed as his cum burst out of his dick. He stayed arched like that for an underdermined amount of shots finally falling back to the bed for his last three shots of man juice. He managed to look at her face as she finished swallowing it all, with just a tiny trickle down one corner of her mouth.

She took her finger out of his anus, stood up and smiled a huge lustful cat got the bird smile.

She said, "I still know how to give special gifts."

She walked out the room.

She had been doing things like that more lately. They were still rare and therefore not suspicious on their own but he still thought about it. This time though it reminded him of her first blow job.

It had been the third day of their honeymoon. After a shower, she just surprised him by pushing him on the bed and sucking on him. She had sucked his dick a couple times in the last two days, but not like this. She started off sucking hard until he was big. Next she had licked him while using her finger to trace the veins on the surface of his manhood. Gently caressing him up and down on one side while licking him on the other. She sucked, kissed, and even gave him a couple of hickies there. Finally he had warned her he was close but she just looked at him and said that it was OK this was a special gift to show how much she loved him. She went back to sucking. It was her first blow job and even though it wasn't perfect, she bit too hard at one point and scrapped too hard with a finger nail another time, it was fantastic. When he neared his climax he had arched his back as if his body was trying to shove more of his shaft into her mouth. Finally just as the first globe of sperm had blasted forth he had screamed. He froze that time also but as he fell back down she kept sucking. He looked at her. She proudly smiled around his shaft. She hadn't learned how to swallow it all yet so as she smiled it dripped out down each corner of her mouth. He just stared at the sight. His manhood in her mouth, her sexy smile, his man juice running down her mouth. Suddenly with a yell he grabbed her arms pulled her off of him and up, then rolled her over all in one movement. He slipped down and had returned the favor for a few short minutes finally when he couldn't stand it anymore he had crawled back up and jammed his dick into her pussy. He begin to fuck her hard slamming his hips against hers. He also mashed his lips against hers not caring that his sperm was still on her chin. Nor did he care as he sucked on her tongue that the new taste was him. That was when they had discover it was better when her legs were raised. He had just wanted to get in deeper and had pushed her legs up to reposition himself. He continued to jam himself in hard.

He ended up lasting longer then he thought he would. Finally though she arched her back as she let out a small scream and a second later he went Gaaa and shot his load. When he was done he flipped over and laid there panting.

Soon he said, "I'm sorry are you OK?"

She said, "I think my lips are bruised and down there might be bruised also but I am fine." she snuggled in closer and said, "Its good to know I can turn you into an animal, but just so its not too often."

He started to say, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."

She had shushed him and said, "I am not hurt and I had a climax too. It's OK."

Back to the present Tony wondered if she had been increasing the special gifts, which included more then usual blow jobs, because she was feeling guilty. He realized that may not so bad, She should feel guilty and it probably meant she still loved him. In fact all the lovee dovee things she had been doing showed that. She wasn't that good of an actress, to fake that, he hoped anyway. He pulled his pants back up and went to find her.

He found her and said, "Thank you. I love you."

She looked at him funny since he hadn't been able to keep all of his hurt feelings out of his tone during the last three words. But she only said, "I love you too. Very much."

He couldn't though resist asking in what he hoped was a light hearted tone, "What was that for? You feeling guilty about something?"

Her head jerked up and she said, "Can't I just want to express what you mean to me in a special gift?"

He put out his hands and said, "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that seriously."

She sighed and said, "I know I didn't mean to snap back... I do love you."

He said, "I know," and left to finish what he had been doing.

During the weeks he thought more about those little signs he should have noticed earlier. Such as five months ago when he had gone on a rare four week business trip. Most of his usual trips were two or three days long. A couple times a year they had to be longer. Four weeks was very rare. This time for various reasons they had not had sex almost for two weeks before he was to leave. It finally got down to the night before he was to leave. That morning she had promised him a great send off that night. That usually meant two or even three climaxes, but when he got home she was late from her part time work, three hours late which was very unusual for her. He had fed the kids and put them to bed. She finally arrived home and rushed inside just in time to say good night to both of her children. When she came out she said she had bad news for her and her husband. She had started early this mouth. He gaped at her because he knew what that meant. No sex not for that night and not for another four weeks since he was leaving early. She refused to have sex during her monthly period. It didn't feel right to her and it was icky. They had done it a couple of times at the beginning of their marriage. Now most of the times he agrees with the icky part. He doesn't really like blood on his manhood. He can go four to six days without sex without getting too horny, usually, that is so its no big deal. Usually no big deal that is, this time it was.

She was most apologetic, she said she couldn't understand it since she was most always on time and when she wasn't she was late not early. Very very rarely she was early. Maybe this was the very beginning of menopause she said. He just shrugged said it wasn't her fault, finished packing and went to bed. Not much later she woke him up by sucking on his shaft. Nice he thought even if it was late and she was doing it quickly. At one point he reached for her womanhood and she slapped his hand away. He explained he was just going to rub her clit but she stopped the sucking to say no very sharply. So he just laid back down and enjoyed the fast blow job. When she was done he fell back to sleep. The next morning he awaken early by his alarm. He dressed and kissed his still half asleep wife bye. She could sleep for another two hours. He said thanks for last night it helped some and she said mumbled something about being sorry so very sorry she hadn't planned for it to happen. He said I know, good bye, I love you, then went to kids room and told them good bye. They each responded with a sleepy bye.

Now he thought that she hadn't started early after all. She hadn't had sex with him because there had been something in her pussy she didn't want him to find. Another man's sperm. That would explain her forcefulness about him not touching her and why she had responded so guiltily the next morning. With him being gone for four weeks there would be no way he would know.

This revelation got him more depressed and angry. She had had her fun but he had to wait for a total of six and a half weeks. The quickie blow job had helped some but not that much. And he had had to endure saying no twice to sex during his four weeks trip. Even in his state he had been able to resist the temptations. True his wife had sexually attacked him when he got home, the kids had been over at a friends house for three hours, but that didn't make up for her betrayal

He tried to hide his depression and anger but she noticed his moping though and saw through his acting. She commented on it and asked three or four times about it. One night as they were laying on the bed together she again asked what the matter was. He couldn't bring himself to say 'you and your lover are", not without conclusive, undeniable, one hundred percent, prove anyway, but even with that he wasn't sure he could say those words. He ended up mumbling something about work. She persisted and in the end he managed to say something about relationship with a trusted friend going down hill. She asked if it was anyone she knew, he couldn't lie so he said yes but he wasn't ready to say who. He added that when he was ready he would tell her and she would know who.

The next day he had another remerberence, he had gone shopping with her but as usually as she looked at frilly woman's clothes she hardly ever bought he went to look at guy stuff. This time he had had gone back for some reason and had spotted her buying what looked like a very sex nightgown, in a color he didn't like that much. Now as he thought about it he realized he hadn't seen it again after that day, and she probably didn't know he had seen her buy it.

Finally the day arrived and Darlina got both children ready to go see their grandparents for a whole week and maybe longer. She said bye, I love you each, and he loaded them in the car to take them to her parents. Manty was a little surprised and hurt, hurt because he thought she was staying behind for another reason, that she didn't want to go with him. On the way out she hugged him said she loved him and that he probably needed some quiet time on the way back home. He decided that could be her real motivation but it might not be. When he arrived home a few hours later she was waiting for him and asked how the drive had been. He said he had thought about things on the way back but it hadn't helped. Something had to happen and it wasn't time yet. She asked what he meant but he just told her she would find out when it happened.

The next day he went to work wondering how he would catch them. He left early thinking if she was at home he could follow her if she left. He parked down the street near an old business where there were always a few cars parked around it. He could see the house perfect from that location. She never left and no one came by, he finally went home and had dinner. The next morning he got up before his usually time and made sure he didn't put on any shoes. He walked around the house kinda like he was pacing. As he hoped she got a phone call. He snuck close to the door leading to the living room where she was seated.

Darline was saying in a soft voice, "Yes we can meet today. In the afternoon would be good, I have no meetings to attend and no work to do today,"

There was a lengthy pause and she said in a soft throaty chuckle, "That sounds like a good place and that sounds pleasurable. Ok, its a date."

He hurriedly, quietly got back to his pacing. The problem was what time that afternoon. He would just have to get to his spot at twelve, hopefully she would not go somewhere else before going to meet him. He left early for work. Once there he talked to his boss about getting off early for personal business, he agreed even though the boss didn't like it when Manty said it could be for the next day also. Manty just said it was a very important personal matter and hopefully it would be over soon. His boss just nodded since Manty was a good worker usually never taking time off, except a vacation or two.

After making sure he used the bathroom Manty left in time to to be able to park down the street in front of that business. When he got there at about ten to twelve he was disappointed when he saw Darlina's car not there. He waited anyway to make sure she didn't come home. At eight till one she did drive down the street and parked in their driveway. She hurriedly took some packages out of the car and took them inside. So she hadn't lied about doing some shopping after all. Thirteen minutes later she came running out wearing an overcoat and carrying some clothes. She zoomed away driving by him. He ducked down so not to be seen. As soon as she was by he started the car, pulled out and turned around. She had already turned a corner but he soon turned it also. He caught sight of her car and followed it. Remembering what he has seen on various TV cop shows he tried to keep a certain distance from her. Not close enough for her to notice him, but close enough to see where she turned. After close to half an hour just like on many a cop show he lost his wife. He banged on the steering wheel for a moment and started to drive around thinking. They were in the opposite direction from the school so more then likely it was not to wherever she went during the meetings. He pulled into the drive thru of a coffee place and ordered some coffee. He pulled over parking in the business' lot to drink it and think. Halfway through he recalled the first phone conversation he had overheard, and knew where they were going. She had been going in the general direction for the rental home they owned. He pulled out and headed toward it.

He hurried through the afternoon traffic zipping in and out of the two lanes, trying to get around the slower cars. Seemed to be more than normal today. Finally he was in the correct neighborhood as the houses were more separated and there were more trees. Another turn and he was on the right street. He parked down from the Rental, so as not to be seen from its front door. He hurried to the driveway and snuck down it. By now they were probably too preoccupied to see him but just in case he kept to one side of the gravel drive way where he could stay in the shadow if the trees that lined both sides of the driveway and not crunch the gravel. The driveway was at least twice the length of the average driveway since the house was set back from the road partly hidden by more pine trees. Two cars were parked near the house. One was his wife's and the other he didn't know. He made it to the pouch Ok and took off his shoes. He didn't want them announcing his presence as he stepped up to the wood pouch. He slipped up to the door as quietly as possible. He tried the knob and half surprised found it unlocked. He slowly opened it than went in. As soon as he shut the door he heard a groan. From a man he thought. He was right they were too preoccupied, but he still needed to be careful as not to pump anything. He past through the family room and through the dining area. He noticed the overcoat Darline had been wearing was neatly folded on the back of one chair.

The groans were louder, not only because he was closer but because they were being produced with more force. Tony had an idea what was going on. He hurriedly slipped to one side of the bedroom door with his back against the wall there. He squatted down and pivoted. Tony needed have worried for all he could see was the man's bottom half with Mary's mouth enveloping his manhood. He was laying down on the bed and she was on her hands and knees suckling at his shaft like it was teat and she was a starving puppy. I was amazed and shocked. Part of him had hope there still had been some other explanation for the evidence I had seen and heard. Tony's heart stopped and it was as if something died in him.

He stood up knowing they would not see me from this angle. Tony watched until the man arched his back and said something he could not understand. His hips started pumping in and out of Darlina's mouth very quickly and Tony knew the man had cum. Part of him wanted to rush in there and bash the guy's face for doing that to his wife, but she had wanted it plus another part wanted to watch for he had a very hard hard on. Which surprised him greatly.

As soon as his wife's lover fell back to the bed she quickly scooted upward probably to kiss him. She was one of those woman who felt the need for a deep kiss as soon as possible after oral sex. As she moved Tony saw a shaft of light was showing through a partly opened drape that was on the window opposite the bed's end. He thought he could get a more full view from out there. He quietly snuck back out side and followed the wrap around pouch. He found the correct window and knelt down on the pouch. The bottom of the drape was open and he could see everything going on in the room.

The two lovers stopped kissing and the man started suckling on her nipples. As he made love to her breasts Tony looked around and saw a heap of guy clothes on the floor and two pieces of cloth on the bed. He knew the color and material looked familiar. After staring at them for a moment he realized they were a sexy babydoll he had bought his wife a year ago. She had only worn it for him twice. It was now obvious now why she had put on that overcoat, she had been wearing that babydoll underneath.

The man now had his hand between his wife's thighs and was obviously stroking her clit, probably just the way she liked it. Soon the man scooted down and started liked that clit. He sucked it, then licked up and down first the outside then the inside those sexy lips. She was groaning from the first. Soon, faster then with Tony, she experience a climax. The man didn't stop though, she had a second one and finally the man climbed up her and stuck his shaft into her waiting love tunnel. Outside the window her husband fumed, that was Tony's not the man's. Jealously, anger, hurt and sexual tension warred in him. He didn't if he wanted to bash them, cry or join them.

Even trough the window he could hear her cries of pleasure get louder.

She finally said, "Fuck me hard."

He now realized that she had shouted that to her lover just before the guy had crawled up her front. His emotions were in a whirlwind. She had refused to use those words for him. He had asked many times over the years, but even in her deepest throes of pleasure she would not.

He still couldn't move though so he watched as they fucked. A part of his mind still not effected by what he was seeing was still analytical enough to say that what they were doing was not in any form making love, they were fucking.

He watched and watched and listened as their groans and moans got louder enough for him to hear it through the glass. Her pleasure noises always were a turn on for him and even now they turned him on sexually even more then he had been. He was so hard he had to adjust himself a couple of times so his hardon didn't hurt.

He watched as they both neared their individual climax. Finally the man shouted "FUUCK" and jammed in even further. This was followed by, "I'm CUMMMING."

She shouted, "Do it now," followed by a very loud "Eiiie, Gooo..."

Manty thought that as she was indeed beginning a large organism to be that loud. Good think they were so far away from the neighbors. Suddenly the man's butt clench as he pushed in hard again. Darlnia's lover arched his back and his mouth opened in a soundless cry which Manty could related to since he sometimes did the same at this point.

The man's sperm shooting out of his shaft and into Darlina's pleasure tunnel most have set her off because as soon as he had shot his load she was bucking and screaming her way through a climax.

The lover collapsed on Manty's wife and she laid there limp but only for a few seconds. Soon the man rolled off and laid next to Darlina. The same part of his mind that had analyzed their fucking now told him that the man had, partly with her urging rolled off and out of her faster then she liked normally and that now they were just laying next to each other, not cuddling as she liked to do with him. Another larger part of Tony's mind didn't care, she had been fucking some one else.

He wondered if they were done and if he should leave before they saw him, but soon the guy flipped over and started suckling her breasts. Manty got even hotter, under the collar that is. They hadn't done a three timer in a long time. They had three or four times on their honeymoon and a few times their first two years but in the last few years three timers were very rare. Of course the kids and lack of time was one reason. She had surprised him with one two years ago. She had gone on a rare business trip for a week. This had been a little over six weeks after she had had a miscarriage. During those six weeks and of course during the trip they had had no sex. At first it was for medical reasons, but then it was because her sexual desires had been at zero. She had given him two blow jobs and two hand jobs during that time which had he been very grateful for especially since she had had no sexual desire at the time. He had comforted her as best he could even though he had been hurting also. She had been grateful for his strength.

Once back from the trip almost starting at the airport she had been wild. Seems like her libido had kicked back in during the trip and she had seven weeks of horniness built up. She had loved on the kids, but then dragged him upstairs to help her unpack. That was what she told the kids while they played. What she really had done was attack him. They had a quickie, dressed gone back down stairs, fed the kids, put them to bed. She put on a short strip tease for him, as if he had needed an extra sexual stimulation, and as she finished she pulled his clothes off, almost ripping them. The sex hadn't stopped that night either it had continued all week, they tried every position and every type of sex they could imagine.

That had been then though, currently her lover began to rub her clitoris. By the motions he was making with his mouth and hands he obviously knew how she liked to be aroused.

She said something but he refused, soon though she bent over and started sucking on his limp manhood. She had done that to Manty a time or two. One of those times had been after that trip. It was now obvious that she had wanted the guy to go down on her again. Manty had done that as a special favor for her on their honeymoon and couple times since. He didn't really like doing it after they made love, but she had loved it and wasn't that bad.

While she was sucking him to hardness he moved his hands and captured her bottom, probably caressing her clit again. Manty couldn't see what he was doing exactly, because of the angle of her body but she enjoyed it. At one point, after moving his hand a bit, Manty heard her yelp but soon moaned louder. He wondered about that yelp. Soon after this they fucked again but he soon pulled out and helped her roll over and get on her hands and knees. He raised up on his knees and with almost duck steps he walked forward and shoved his shaft back into her pussy. He was soon pulling almost out then all the way back in. Manty noticed that the man watched her anus for a minute then placed a finger at it. Soon he pushed it in slowly. He kept pushing until the finger was all the way in. He next slowly removed it and slowly pushed it back in. She groaned louder again.

Tony's rage shot up to a new level, quickly followed by hurt, even though his sexual arousal stayed at the same level. She had hardly allowed him to stick a finger in her anus up the first knuckle. A few times a year if she was excited enough he got away with it but it was rare. A couple of times he had gotten to the second knuckle and finger fucked her smaller hole that way. On the night after she had gotten back from that week long trip heand her had been fucking as she and her lover were now and Tony had been able to get a finger in all the way and to finger fuck her anus as he pushed his manhood in and out of her womanhood. She had seemed to enjoy it, but that had been the only time she had allowed a whole finger.

Currently her lover pulled the finger out and placed two at the now opened opening. He slowly pushed them. Manty had tried two fingers that night, but she had refused that. He thought about doing it anyway with the theory that if she enjoyed one she would enjoy two after she got used to it. He had chickened out though not wanting to take the chance he would lose the opportunity to keep using the one.

Now this jerk was finger fucking her anus with two fingers and she, by her still louder moans, was enjoying it. Next time Manty would not take no for an answer. If there was a next time that is.

That was when Manty stood up, groaning himself as he did. He had knelt there too long and his knees complained. He was afraid they might hear that but then realized that if they had heard him through the pane of glass, they were to preoccupied to notice.

Next Manty saw something through the upper part of the drapery that almost made his head explode. His wife's lover pulled out of her love nest, repositioned himself then placed the tip of his dick onto her brown puckered opening. Of course because of how far away Tony was and because part of it was in shadow he couldn't see the actual opening that well, but he had examined it enough to know it by heart.

Her lover wasn't going to do what it looked like he was going to do was he, Manty mentally shouted. As the man pushed forward the head of his shaft slowly disappeared into the smaller opening. Manty was beside himself. He wanted to scream, to jump up and down or break something, but he stood frozen to the spot as more and more of his wife's paramour's manhood was pushed into her anus.

"God," He mentally screamed, "No!" that was his. He stared as the anger, jealousy, pain and sexual arousal rose to new levels inside him. The man pushed in, his dick disappearing into Darlina's body, he stopped waited a few seconds pushed some more, waited for a few seconds, pushed more all the way intil he was all the way in. He waited almost a minute then as Manty heard his wife groan in pleasure the guy pulled back out slowly. When he was almost all the way out, with just the head barely in, he slide it in again. Faster, he repeated it then repeated it again, faster still. Soon he had a nice tempo going. His wife was groaning in ecstasy.

He stood there for a moment emotionally conflicted. He almost ran inside to pull the bastard off and out of his wife, but he couldn't decide what he wanted to do more. A part of him did want to rush inside and grab the guy and even though he wasn't sure what he would do afterward, it would not be pretty. At the same time a part wanted to jump up and down in a childlike tantrum, another part wanted to scream the loudest primal scream ever as he grabbed a pouch chair to break the window, still another wanted to drop to the floor and cry and amazingly enough a last part wanted to go inside and join them.

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