Descent Into Darkness
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Rape, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Fiction, Historical, Vampires, Cuckold, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Victorian lady's discovery of herself and a strange new world she never knew existed. It's slow moving with a storyline.

It was the year 1893, a day no different than any other beautiful spring day of that time. A blue sunny sky and mild temperature. The daffodils and tulips were out in full bloom. the trees were all in bud and the grass was a dark lime green, so fresh and a new awakening from the long snowy dead winter.

A beautiful day for a bike ride into the country she thought. Her husband had given her the bike that Christmas and it stayed in the shed all winter just waiting to be tried out on the first nice day. She could hardly wait! It would afford her a new independence she had never known before. She had seen her husband off that morning on to his way to his office in London. They weren't rich by any means but led a somewhat comfortable life on the outskirts of the city. He commuted to work by train each day. They had a small cottage in the country with 2 small gardens, one vegetable and the other flowers. She sold flowers at her little roadside stand he had built for her, in the summer. To buy little feminine things he could not afford to give her.

They had been married for 15 years with no children to bless them. And he was always busy with his job. They were close as a couple and she knew he loved her but they had grown apart in the last few years leading her into a lonely existence. He never touched her anymore although they still shared the same bed. She wasn't sure of the problem and the lack of desire on his part. Maybe he had a Mistress in town she didn't know of? Regardless of the reason, he had just lost all desire for her and it was never discussed. They went about their daily lives with a mutual regard for one another and enjoyed each other's intellectual company. He seemed quite content by it all but she had bouts of terrible loneliness and feelings of alienation.

She filled her days with domestic things and hobbies, also reading exciting stories, too. Sherlock Holmes was a favorite of hers. She also liked tales of gothic horror and Victorian romance. The long winters were spent sitting in front of her fireplace reading when she wasn't cooking delicious things for them to eat.

That morning after her husband left for work, she dressed herself in a sage green day outfit with short fitted jacket with long sleeves with puffy shoulders. A long full matching skirt with a bustle. Underneath a simple white blouse with lace collar. And tan leather high topped boots. A good riding outfit she thought. She chose a wide brimmed yellow straw hat with dark green ribbons that tied under her chin. She looked at herself in the full length glass and admired what she saw.

Her skin was pale and fair framed with very long dark hair. Her eyes were hazel and her lips were pouty. She looked good for her age. Everyone always told her so. She pinned her hair on top of her head in the Gibson style letting long tress fall down to her back. She used a pretty peridot green hair clasp to keep it all in place.

She packed herself a lunch consisting of a small baguette, a small round cheddar cheese and an apple. She filled her little silver flask with water. And packed a bottle of home made wine she had made herself the previous Autumn. Yes, it would be a good lunch on a wonderful spring day.

She left a note to her husband on the kitchen table to her whereabouts in case he would unexpectedly arrive home before her. Although she had already mentioned to him about taking the bike out. She bolted the door and went out to the shed. She strapped the basket onto her bike along with a light woolen plaid picnic blanket. All was set and she headed out for her little adventure.

She hadn't been on a bicycle since she was a girl but found she had forgotten nothing about riding. The fresh air felt so good on her face as she wheeled her way down the country lane. The birds were chirping and the woods were awake with the new sounds of spring. It was a gorgeous day to be outside and it felt wonderful to be alive. She would put all her unhappiness behind her.

She had ridden the winding roads for at least 4 or 5 miles when she came upon a little dirt path. "Just the thing to explore! "she thought. So she carefully made her way down the bumpy narrow lane. It went in quite far and was very dark from all the tall trees in the forest. The road became too rocky to stay on her bike so she hopped off and walked it the rest of the way.

She was awed by what she came upon! There was a clearing and to the left was a flat stone cliff with smaller rocks that led up to a spectacular view. Down below from this cliff was a large pool of water surrounded by grassy hills on each side. Above the water attached to a huge old tree was a long rope swing obviously used by local children to swing off of during the summer. The water ran from and down a small river that cut thru the woods.

It was beautiful. She had never seen anything so lovely. This must be Diana's Pool she had heard about years ago but had never been to. They had said it was located on someone's private property. So this was it. She finally got to see it herself. Her husband was always too busy to do anything of leisure or go anywhere, he was such a homebody. She would tell him of her discovery tonight.

She parked her bike at the bottom, unhooked her wicker basket. and climbed up on the huge stone cliff. It was very smooth on top and afforded a breathtaking view below of the water. She unpacked her lunch and ate in the fresh air. She didn't realize how hungry she was and devoured every morsel and washed it all down with some wine.

She took off her jacket and loosened the top of her bodice, undid a few of the little pearl buttons at the bustline. It was getting very warm in the afternoon sun but it felt so good after the long cold winter they had just experienced. She took off her straw hat and her long hair tumbled down around her shoulders and back. She lay down on the blanket and just luxuriated in the warmth of the sun.

The wine made her relaxed and very sleepy. She decided to take a little nap but not on top, it would be too dangerous to roll off so she made her way down to a little grassy knoll and spread her blanket. She didn't expect to fall asleep.

She had a wonderful dream of someone making love to her, someone she did not know. A tall stranger. He held her in his arms and kissed her passionately and made her feel things she had never felt before in her waking life. As she slept dreaming of this lover, she undid all the buttons on her blouse. She lay there wearing a tight white lace corset with the top of her breasts spilling out with deep cleavage. She dreamed he caressed her and sprinkled kisses all over them. She lifted her petticoats and full skirt and slid her hand down her white bloomers and touched herself. A smile came to her face as she lay in the sun sleeping, not realizing what she was doing. She awoke trembling with pleasure between her legs that she had never felt before.

He had been out riding his horse this afternoon day when he spied someone sitting atop Diana's cliff dressed in pale green, her long black hair glistening in the warm sun. He watched her eat her picnic lunch thru his binoculars from afar from a small opening out of the woods across the water. She had no awareness of anyone else being in the immediate surroundings. He sat on his horse and just watched quietly until she finished eating, then he watched as she moved down the little cliff and laid down on her blanket.

At first it looked to him as if she was ill as she started removing her jacket and then lifting her legs. He soon realized as he watched thru his spy glasses what was actually happening. The lady had apparently fallen asleep and was in the throes of a wet dream. He smiled as he watched her... admiring her fine form and beautiful breasts spilling out of the top of her corset. He watched her spread her legs and slide a small pale hand down her knickers touching with herself. He saw the smile on her lips as she came moving her little bottom up and down.

And then awakening quite shocked to find herself in the situation, looking around quickly, her cheeks bright red with embarrassment. Darting around to see if she was still alone! She looked relieved to find no one there and quickly composed herself. She dressed up and straightened her hair and skirts and put her bonnet back on. The sun was about to set so she hastily packed her things and found her bike and quickly rode off.

"Extraordinary," the man said to himself, "Absolutely amazing!", he smiled. "What a lovely creature she was. And what a lucky day for me to come upon such a sight." He turned his horse around and headed back to his estate, smiling and not quite believing of what he had just witnessed.

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