Shock And Awe On First Swap
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband is very shocked as he learns his very shy, "virginal" wife wants to join in swapping with two other couples.

Shock and awe, that term has been in the news lately but I have experienced it first hand. It was the night I first had sex with someone not my wife and the first time my wife had sex with someone not her husband. First I will say that I am a tad under six feet tall, wiry framed, with blue eyes and blond, usually short hair. My wife is five-five, black usually shoulder length hair and green eyes. She is small busted but they pack a powerful sex appeal in their small size. Both of us a tad over weight but it shows more on my middle.

It was a bowling night. We often went, actually still do even after that, out with two other couples for fun. Many times it was bowling usually at least once a month but sometimes they had Barbecues together, once or twice they had gone on a vacation together. The wives went shopping together every couple of months and the husbands went fishing together now and again.

That night we were the only ones in the bowling ally. It was in between leagues and the ally was being fixed up. Half of the lanes were closed down so many of the regulars went elsewhere during the repairs. So it was just us and one attendant. It was toward the end of the second game when my world turned upside turn, sexually speaking anyway. The attendant had gone to a back room for supplies or some such and as I sat at a table figuring out how each person was doing compared with the last game and how they usually did.

Su, who is five eight and a little on the stocky side came up to me to ask a question. I said stocky but she is very feminine and is easy on the eyes. She has brown hair, very short at that time. Now Su is Bill's wife and is a taller beauty with nice sized breasts. Even at forty she is still beauty contest material. I had lusted after her for most of the five years we had known each other. I kept it under check though since I knew what Betty, my wife would say. Of the three wives Su wore the sexist clothes. She seemed to like to show off her figure. Betty would sometimes comment on it.

I should add here that by saying her sexy and beautiful Su was I am not putting down Betty in anyway. Betty's figure is still good even after forty two years and two children. Her breasts are smaller but I still like looking at them, not to mention feeling them and sucking on them.

Anyway Su came over and leaned against the top of the table. She had been wearing an outfit Brittany Spears or Cher would love. I think it was her most revealing one ever. Very short tight cut- offs just the way I like them and a tight low cut something. It wasn't a halter or tube top, but some type of wrap around, I think I had seen Brittany wear on TV once.

I had been watching her the whole evening. I had been trying to stare and not be obvious about which had cost me a couple of good shots at her. I thought my wife had noticed my looks and would probably say something later. Especially as she bent over to pick up a ball or when she bowled. Her posture while bowling made the shorts get even tighter and sometimes caused one leg to move up. Once I saw the edge of her light yellow panties.

As she leaned over the table I could see right down her top. Didn't take me long to notice either. Su has larger breast. Again I am not putting down my wife by comparing their bosoms. Betty's have a very good shape and I love making love to them, sometimes just the sight of them can turn me on so much. Su's though were at least twice the size, not huge but definitely big. With her position I could look all I wanted to as long as she was bent over like that. No one would notice with my face down but my eyes up. If they did it won't look that strange since I had to look up to talk to her.

A few seconds later I think my head moved a bit when I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. I hadn't seen that before. The wrap around must conceal more then I thought. She spent five minutes leaning over like that asking questions and making comments. I was in heaven. I managed to take a turn bowling but did a gutter ball, my mind was not on my bowling. When I sat back down she was still there. Three fourths of the way through that five minutes she stood up and I thought the show was over but she just said something to someone and leaned back down. This time it was closer to me and in a slightly different positions. I glanced up and froze for a second. I could see her nipples now. That had never happen before. I tried to look her in the eye while talking to her while at the same time looking down her front. I think she noticed but didn't say anything nor moved.

All too soon I noticed something cause me to panic momentarily. My turn was coming up and I had a hard on that would be quite noticeable. I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to picture scenes that would turn me off. I even said to her, just a moment its almost my turn, I turned around and I pretended to be trying to find a better ball, after all I had had three bad turns, all the while picturing things in my mind that would cause me to die down. I picture my wife being angry, a scene from a slasher movie. Those were not my type of movies but I had recently seen a scene from one with body parts hanging around and blood dripping all over the place.

I finally took my turn after being called twice. My panic about being found out was what probably caused my to go down so there was nothing to notice as I went to the lane. I was determined to look like I was concentrating on my game so I did my hardest to bowl good. I surprised my self and the others, I think, by getting a strike. I stood there thinking wow, how did I do that?

I went back to my little table but Su had left. I wasn't sure if that disappointed me or not I usually didn't like being that deeply involved with lusting after another woman. Looking, yes, for sure but actually getting a hardon that was going beyond the norm. Especially a hardon for a friend with my wife nearby that was courting trouble.

Anyway soon we finished the game and were decided rather to play another or not. The attendant had come back, made sure everything was OK, looked at Su extra long, then left again. Actually I noticed he looked at each of the woman. Betty was wearing what was for her a revealing outfit. I had commented on it as we left, she was happy I noticed but said that she would have to live with it since there was nothing else clean. I wondered about that for a moment or two. When said revealing for her I meant it. She is very shy and wouldn't be caught dead in an outfit like Su was wearing, even for me around the house. Sometimes she wore a couple very sexy revealing nighties I like but only when she was horny enough. The first day she modeled one for me somebody knocked on the door and she hide in a closet until he went away.

The third woman in our group, Diane, was also wearing what was for her a skimpy outfit. She has a medium size bosom with larger nipples that sometimes show through her clothes. She is the skinniest of the three girls, almost too skinny for my tastes. She is very athletic and it shows with muscular but nice looking legs. Strawberry blond hair that keeps changing lengths every couple of months. It was somewhere in between Su's and Betty's. I hadn't noticed that before and again wondered about it.

Back to the story, right after the attendant left again Su came up to me and chatted for a moment.

She then surprised me by putting her pretty head next to mine and saying softly, "I saw you looking at my breasts."

I blushed and stammered in a equally soft voice thinking I was in big trouble, "I... I'm s... sorry about that."

"Don't be. I am a bit of a exhibitionist as I am sure you know. I don't mind men looking at my bosom."

I said, "I've noticed you are."

She then surprised the heck out of me by saying, "Since you like looking at part of them would you like to see all of them?"

I stood still for the moment wondering if she said what I thought she said, and how to react if she did.

I finally asked her to repeat herself that I didn't catch it.

She said, "You heard me right, would you like to see my naked breasts?" I gapped at her and almost turned to look at Betty, but Su quickly spoke up, "I know you have lusted after me for these years, I have lusted after you at times also. Tonight is the time to consummate that lust."

She said it in a husky sexy voice and my dick stirred again and my jaw dropped as I just stared at her not believing what my ears had heard.

I stammered something I have no idea what I tried to say but I cleared my voice and tried again, "I'm not that type of man, I... I have lusted after you but I don't go th... th... that far."

I cleared my throat again and said, "And what would Betty think?"

About that time I realized she hadn't been whispering when she said it, everyone could hear her. Which I thought at the time was why every one else had stopped talking, they were as amazed as I.

Su though surprised me again by pointing to my wife, and saying, "You can ask, but I don't think she will mind."

My head followed her arm around and as I saw my wife I received the biggest shock of my life. My shy, virginal wife was standing there with Allen, the third woman's husband and the handsomest man among us, tall at about six six, with broad shoulders and the whole bit, standing behind her. I mean right behind touching her and his arms were around her cupping her breasts. She was smiling obviously not minding where his hands were. My jaw dropped even further and I blinked twice then I froze. It was so incredible a sight my mind blew a fuse. As I said my virginal wife, obviously after two children and ten years of a great sex life she was no virgin but she had been on our honeymoon as I had been, and as shy as she was at times I thought of her as virginal. In a good way.

I'm not sure how long I was frozen but finally Su grabbed my hand to turn me around. I won't let her. Betty smiled again and nodded encouragingly. Allen moved in even closer started squeezing both breasts and even humped against her. I think that last was involuntary, just a reaction to squeezing her sexy breasts.

I swear that the only thing I could think of to say was, "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?"

I didn't say it but boy did I want to. Seconds later we heard the attendant come out of the storeroom again. As she heard him Betty automatically stepped forward away from and out of Allen's arms. That movement reassured me that it was my wife and that I hadn't flipped out nor was on an episode of the Twilight Zone.

She said, "Its Ok."

Su stepped up again and I turned to her still probably with a dumbfounded look on my face even though I had managed to close my mouth after Betty had moved away from Allen.

Su said, again in a soft voice only us by the lanes could hear, "You are going home with me tonight. I get to enjoy you and you will get to enjoy me and my body. Just think of seeing my breasts, my butt, yes I know you were watching it tonight, completely naked. You can lick my body and do what you have been dreaming of for five solid years."

Actually it hadn't been solid for five years. My dreams had started six months after we met and I allowed my mind to go in that direction only ever so often,

She continued, "And I can suck your dick, and lick the inside of the crack of your butt."

Betty most have told her about that, it was a special erroneous zone for me. Betty would spend time licking it to give me a special treat. I would do almost anything for that treat.

Su took my hand and started leading me to the steps, I seem to be on automatic, in shock. Not only because of what she had said but that my wife not only agreed with it but was joining in. I just couldn't get around that.

Su continued to speak, "And don't worry, Betty will have her fun also. Allen is very good at seeing to that."

I turned to her and thought, "And you know this personally?"

But instead I said, "shoes"

It was Su's turn to look puzzled and Betty came to my rescue, "He's means we need to change shoes."

The other four looked down at their feet and two said, "Of course".

It was the fastest change of shoes you will ever saw, even I hurried. After we were done Allen, Bill, Su's husband, returned the shoes and the others walked me out. We all went back to our normal partners so the attendant won't wonder what was going on. I heard him ask Allen and Bill if everything was OK. They explained that it was an earlier morning for some of us and we still had desert to go for. He seemed disappointed probably because we usually played three to four games but tonight we leaving after two.

Once we were outside Betty touched my face and said, "it is OK, Jim. I agree with what is happening, and don't worry I have not done this before. I haven't even kissed anyone, I've been waiting till you could join the party."

At that she gave me over to Su, stupefied and with my mouth opened again I looked at Su then at my wife walking away with Allen and back to Su. She pulled my hand and led me to her car. Betty was taking ours, As I got into Su and Bill's car I watched her get in ours with Allen. She said she hadn't even kissed anyone before but she sure did then. I watched as she looked around to make sure no one outside of our group was watching then took Allen's head and kissed him hard. I mean she was all over his lips, hungrily feasting on them. I touched my lips because I knew how that felt being the only recipient of that for years.

Su turned my head and kissed me just as hard. As she did I noticed that Diana and Bill kissing, just as hungrily. I surprised my self by how fast I reacted to Su. My body knew what to do and what it wanted even with my mind still in shock.

After a deep long French kiss I turned back to the other car and saw my wife looking around again making sure no one was about. We were in a little corner of a shopping center. It had been built in such as way so that a small courtyard type area had been formed. That was were we were. Invisible to the road. The only people were us and the guy working in the bowling ally, who most probably would not be coming out soon. Any car that would drive in would be heard in plenty of time. Betty next put her hand on Allen's lap and moved it in such a way that showed she was feeling him. I saw his head jerk and his mouth move like he had gasped. She placed her other hand on his lap and did something that it took me a second to realize what. She was unzipping his pants. She pushed on hand into the new opening and moved things around suddenly a long shaft bounced up. I realized it was his dick and a second later I realized he was bigger then me. I wasn't sure if I liked that idea.

Next my wife put her head down close to it as she ran her fingers over it, obviously looking it over and feeling it just the same as she had done to me on our honeymoon before we had sex. She wanted to see it, to feel it, With me because mine had been the first dick she had seen and with Allen it was because it was the second one she had ever seen. That close anyway. With a glance over in my direction she lowered her mouth on his tool. His head jerked again harder and he leaned backwards relaxing into his car seat. As I watched he leaned over to her side a bit and one hand snaked up her leg, under her shorts. I had thought those were kinda loose now I knew why. She soon jerked her head slightly and I knew it was because his fingers either found her pussy, probably pushing inside it or were rubbing her clit. He said something and she raised her head and nodded.

Su grabbed and kissed my again and as she did my hand automatically landed on her leg. I raised it, caressing her smooth skin as I did. It took longer for my hand to reach her shorts then it had taken Allen's hand since Su's legs were longer and her shorts shorter. My fingers quickly snaked under on leg, which wasn't that easy since they were tight. I managed somehow and seconds later was feeling her wet panties and a second later I was feeling the lips guarding her ecstasy hole. Su sighed as I rubbed harder. Then in an intense surge of desire I moved my fingers over a bit and roughly pushed one leg of her panties aside. It was so rough I wondered if I had ripped them but soon forget that as I found her pussy. I quickly, almost as roughly, pushed a finger in and started tickling one side of her hole. We both gasped, I with desire and her with pleasure. I kissed her hard.

Soon though she broke the kiss and said in a husky voice, "I was waiting for you to do that but lets get going my shorts are too tight to do it good."

I looked back at Allen's car and it was gone. I hadn't heard it start. In fact the other couple's car was gone also. I had no idea when they left. Su took a couple breaths and started the car. We drove out of the parking lot, heading toward the same neighborhood the others had, since we all lived within three blocks of each other. I learned later the third that Diana and Su's husband had gone to a hotel since my and Betty's house had children being baby-sat. Even as turned on as I was by the sight of my wife feeling and sucking someone else and by feeling another woman's womanhood part of me was still in shock. I was glad I wasn't driving which may have been planned since this whole

evening obviously had been.

I kept getting visions of my wife sucking Allen. I said I can't believe my wife did that and other like statements.

Su said, "Betty wasn't sure if you would join us she thought you would but thought you might not."

I turned to face her and said, "I had always thought that if either one of us would suggest this it would be me. I am the more adventurous one especially when it comes to sex. I keep wanting to try new things, sometimes having to convince her. And I thought her morals would keep her from starting this type of thing. I have never cheated on her before but I am more drawn to it then she is."

"You will not cheating tonight either, not really. She knows and agrees to what is to happening, she knows where you will be and with whom. Plus she will be experiencing the same things you are."

I just nodded not completely convinced.

I repeated myself again saying how amazed I was at my wife and her behavior tonight. I still could not get my mind around it completely.

Su wondered if I had joined them, she said she thought so after my kisses and my feeling her up. I just sat there half way home.

Finally I asked "You have Allen's cell phone number?"

"Yes" she answered in a confused voice

"Call him I need to get a message to him before they begin."

She pulled out her phone which she always kept nearby, while driving, and used a voice system to have to it dial his number.

When he said he had answered I said, "Tell him don't bite her too hard." I paused as she did I next said, "Biting her clit is out completely don't do it at all. A little nibbling is OK but no biting.

I paused again as she spoke into the phone, Tell him to nimble, if he can, the inside walls of her, um... vagina."

She put the phone down so as to cover the mic and said, "You can say pussy in my presence especially with what we will be doing tonight."

She then raised the phone again and repeated what I said.

I continued, "Don't bite her nipples, its not as bad as biting her clit but don't do it anyway. Nimble them, gently scrap them with his teeth, she likes hickeys on the inside curved of her breasts and she loves her breasts to be licked up and down the slopes. Tell him to tell her how much her breasts turn him on, continually starting now."

Another pause, "Don't lick or touch her anus unless she requests it, which she probably will do tonight."

I continued in that vein telling another man the various ways I had learned after ten years of marriage how to please my wife. I couldn't believe I was doing that.

After I was done and she hung up I said, "Part of me is screaming in my ear that this is all a practical joke or some type of test Betty set up and I can't believe she did that."

"You said the not believing part already, more then once." she said with a perturbed tone

"I know, and I am sorry but its like part of my mind and emotions have a circuit flipped." I turned to her and said, "I really am sorry, I know you were expecting something more out of me. Its not you. You are sexy. Part of me wants to tear those clothes that are turning me on so much, off of you and to ravish you, after drinking in my fill of you incredibly sexy breasts and butt. But another part is stuck on what happened back in the bowling alley."

"Well at least I got part of you. But maybe we can do something about the other part. I can make sure you know its not a joke or a test and maybe at the same time either flip that circuit back on, or turn that one part of you on so much that you forget about the frozen part." She smiled a she said that and I nodded, agreeing it would good.

Soon she turned off into our neighborhood, but instead of going to her house as expected she turned down another street and was soon in front of Allen and Diane's. Allen's car was in the drive way parked somewhat crooked and almost touching the garage door.

I looked at Su puzzled.

She said, "I know where they keep their emergency key, we can sneak in and see what they are doing."

After watching my wife suck Allen I wanted to do that. I think I needed to do that.

She continued, "Remember they have been here, uh, probably twenty minutes already. They left before we did and after what your wife did, he probably took the express way instead of the scenic route like we did."

We got out she found the key and unlocked the front door. We quietly snuck in and up the stairs. Su knew right where to go. Once at the top of the stairs we found pieces of clothing strewn in a trail leading to the master bedroom. I recognized her shorts, top and bra. The blouse and bra were just a couple feet away from the top. Next, halfway down the hall was his shirt, undershirt and shoes. A couple feet further was her shoes and her shorts, afoot further were his pants and underwear, finally just outside the door was her panties. I could see the wet panel on their front. We crept toward it hearing male groans as we did. I peeked around one corner of the door and Su the peeked from the other side. We were both crouching. I looked and gasped. Betty was going down on Allen like do one's business. She was hungry for him. And I had been right he was bigger then me. Significantly longer, but narrower or perhaps just as wide as mine, I couldn't tell for sure.

The sight reminded him of her first blow job.

It had been the third day of their honeymoon. After a shower she just surprised him by pushing him on the bed and sucking on him. She had sucked his dick a couple times in the last two days but not like this. She sucked hard until he was big. Next she licked him and used her finger to trace the veins on the surface of his manhood. Gently caressing him up and down on one side while licking him on the other. She sucked, kissed and even gave him a couple hickeys there. Finally he had warned her he was close but she just looked at him and said that it was OK this was a special gift to show how much she loved him. She went back to sucking. It was her first blow job and even though it wasn't perfect, she bit too hard at one point and scrapped too hard with a fingernail another time, it was fantastic. As he neared his climax he arched his back, his body trying to shove more of his shaft into her mouth. Finally as the first globe of sperm blasted forth he screamed. He froze that time also but as he fell back down she kept sucking and he looked at her. She proudly smiled around his shaft. She hadn't learned how to swallow it all yet so as she smiled it dripped out down from each corner of her mouth. He just stared at the sight. His manhood in her mouth, her sexy smile, his cum running down her mouth. Suddenly with a yell he grabbed her arms pulled her of of him, up and rolled her over all in one movement. He slipped down and returned the favor for a three or five short minutes, finally when he couldn't stand it anymore he had crawled back up and jammed his shaft into her slit. He begin to fuck her hard slamming his hips against hers. He also smashed his lips against hers not caring that his sperm was still on her chin. Nor did he care as he sucked on her tongue that the new taste was him. That was when they had discover it was better when her legs where raised. He had just wanted to get in deeper and had pushed her legs up to reposition himself and continued to jam himself in hard.

He ended up lasting longer then he thought he would, probably because he had just cum. Finally though she arched her back as she let out a small scream and a second later he went Gaaa and shot his load. When he was done he flipped over and laid there panting.

When he caught his breath enough he asked, "Are you OK? I'm sorry."

She said, "I think you bruised my upper lips as well as my uh, um... uh."

"Joy tunnel?" he had suggested.

She had nodded and continued, "I think the lips on my joy tunnel are bruised but I am fine." she snuggled in closer and said, "Its good to know I can turn you into an animal, but just so its not too often."

He started to say, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."

She had had started sucking one of his nipples but said, "I am not hurt and I had a climax too. It's OK."

Back to the present she told me later that they had ran to the house and up the stairs, once at the top they kissed deeply, he sucking her tongue and she his. Finally he said they needed to get out of their clothes. He wanted to see her breasts for they were turning him on so much he had to see them naked. He had said much the something as they had turned onto this street. He helped her out of her blouse. As he undid his shirt buttons she took off her bra. As she dropped it he looked up, smiled lustfully and said he couldn't wait till he could suck and feel them. On the way to the room they took off the rest of their clothes. She had had tow tough moments one was when it was her turn to take off her shorts. She almost froze with her shyness but managed to slip them down. He seemed to realized what was happening and let her take her time. When done he had kissed her again again said how sexy her breasts were and took off his pants and underwear in one motion. they moved closer to the door. She froze again when he asked her to take off her panties. She was wet, she wanted him, and she hadn't been bothered by showing him her breasts, but showing him, someone not her husband, her private place, her womanhood gave her shyness fits. He just kissed her, slipped down and probably remembering something else I had said, he told her how much he wanted to see her special place, he wanted to taste it, to lick it to nibble on the inside of it. He slowly slide her panties down. She had told her modesty to shut up, and to settle down. and then lifted one then the other foot. He removed the panties and she spread her legs apart revealing to him all her glory. In his position he saw all of it. He gently touched it tracing her joy lips then slowly pushing on finger in. She had gasped and a tremor ran through her body. He stood up.

Once inside the room the kissed hard again for undetermined length of time. Finally he pushed her back took his time looking at her. She had blushed hard but didn't say anything finally he said, "God, your breasts turn me on soo much, I have to feel and taste them."

So saying he put each of his hands one of her breasts. He softly caressed them, then suddenly he shoved his head down to one and started sucking on its nipple. First he took the whole thing in his mouth and after a few seconds he used his teeth to gently scrap the sides of the nipple. She was in heaven and just stood there groaning as he paid homage to her breasts with his mouth. He had been pushing her to the bed without her realizing it and when she was close he pushed her back wards she fell, with a short scream, thinking she was headed for the floor. She was greatly relieved when she bounced on the bed instead. He spread her legs and touched her womanhood gently rubbing and caressing it. Finally touching her joy button. He gently pushed down on it with three fingers and moved his fingers in a circle. Again something I had suggested. Soon he joined her on the bed and after again saying how beautiful and sexy her breasts were he started sucking on them again. This time he slowly, softly pushing two fingers into her. She was probably wet enough to allow him to shove three fingers in but I had said take it slow at first.

Once they were all they way in he flipped his hand over and started stroking her G-spot as he sucked on her breasts. That set her off. She groaned almost screaming. He increased his speed both with his fingers and his tongue licking up and down each breast. A minute or two of that and she arched her back and let loose a small half scream, saying "Its now," out loud quickly followed by "yes, yes, yes" under her breath. She started pushing against his hand, with a louder, "NooooowWWa".

After she fell back on the bed she said "Whew, but now its your turn."

He laid down and she got up. She traced the veins on his shaft like she had in the parking lot and kissed him up and down as she had been told he liked. Finally had opened her mouth and lowered it over him. That was when we peeked around the door.

I watched her head going up and down doing things she had learned on me. I was feeling conflicted. I was jealous both because she was doing another man, but also because it wasn't me. But I also was the most turned on I have ever been. Even as a teenager first discovering how sexy girls were, even on our honeymoon first time actually seeing a pussy and breasts. I felt like my shaft was a steel pipe. The jealously wasn't really that bad, if it had been I would have rushed in there, but it was, maybe one third what I would have expected. Easily ignored.

Soon she did something different. She let loose of him and started licking tiny licks on the top of his dick. All the way up and down. I don't really go for playing with the top of my shaft but he certainly did. After a minute or two she took just the head in her mouth and bite. Using her shaper eye teeth she bite what looked like moderately hard. I winced, but saw a movement and looked at Su.

She mouthed the words, "He really does like that."

Obviously someone had told my wife what he liked. Soon after she deep throated him and finally he said "Close" through clenched teeth and she started sucking just the head, just like I like it. Second later his back arched, and he made a strangle sound followed by a loud, "God!"

I could see her swallowing his cum. I had never seen that before, probably because my eyes are closed and my attention elsewhere when she does that to me.

Soon they got up kissed hard, then fell to the bed. More pussy licking by him and G-spot rubbing, at the same time.

At one point she surprised me again by saying, "Bite it."

Allen and I both said "What?" mine had been under my breath though.

She repeated it, "Bite it!"

With what looked like a small shrug of his shoulders, he moved his head and most of bit, My wife yelped her joy. I looked at Su with an incredulous look on my face. She just shrugged.

Betty absolutely did not like her clitoris being bitten. She had bitten my head off for doing it on more then one occasion.

Betty said, "Again harder."

A pause and she yelped again louder.

Betty said, "Again harder."

A fourth and fifth time she did that. Again I looked at Su with a helpless look on my face, I was wondering if Su and Allen were wondering if I knew my wife. Su shrugged and mouthed the word later. Halfway to what I thought was her next climax he crawled up and stuck it in. I saw it slowly separate her joy lips, as we called them, she gasped and moaned loudly. When he was all the way in he started pushing in and pulling out slowly and building up speed. She was beside herself, as she can get at times when it is intense. She pushed back, her head rolled back and forth and she hissed her moans out. Soon he pulled out and said for her to get on her hands and knees. She obeyed, for she likes that position also. He had an alternate reason for it. He got in place and pushed in hard. She pushed back just as hard. Soon they had a rhythm going and she let her head drop almost to the bed and groaned then lifted her head and cried out "Sooo Goood!"

Then, "Stick a finger in my butt hole."

He complied finger fucking her anus.

She commanded, "two fingers."

He joyously obeyed.

Finally, "Fuck my butt now."

Boy, she was intensely aroused tonight. First to want anal sex, second to use that word. She only used it when she was very very aroused.

I watched as his longer then mine shaft started to push against her rectum. She pushed back and soon he popped in. She yelped in pleasure and pain but he went very slow pushing in an inch at a time. Finally he couldn't go any deeper even though he was not all the way in. Two inches or so were still out.

I had my eyes closed for a moment, in wonderment, horniness and something else I couldn't identify. But suddenly my head jerked as I felt something on my dick. Something wet and good. I looked down and Su had my shaft in her mouth. I quickly glanced at the two on the bed but they were too occupied to see her in the doorway.

Su stopped sucking and urgently whispered, "Come on, its late and time to go. You're mine tonight I need what she is getting and if you don't come now I will leave by myself."

I reluctantly looked at my wife. She was getting louder and louder with her groans, almost small screams now. I knew she was close and from his movements he most be too.

I Looked at Su sucking, nodded and we left.

On the way out I wondered how Su had gotten my shaft out of my pants without me feeling it. I thought back and realized I had felt something grip it just before her mouth. I most have unzipped my pants and gotten it, then started jerking it all without me realizing it. that was why Su had taken a chance and made her move. Once in the car, after Su made sure the door was locked and the key exactly where she got it, I apologized again. I told her I hadn't planned on staying that long.

She said she understood that it was hypnotic watching one's spouse having sex with someone else. Again I wondered when she had, and how she knew so much about what Allen liked.

When we arrived at her house Bill's car was in the driveway, I looked at it but she said that they had taken her car so it was OK it was here.

After she parked I touched her arm and as she looked at me I said, "I really am sorry it took me so long to get back to normal but I think I am now and can give you the good time you want."

"If you do it will be worth it especially since watching them was arousing to me too."

"But one thing before we go in."

She nodded and I said, "I think I know how you know what Allen likes so how long has this been going on?"

"Not that long actually, This will be the fifth time we swapped and before you ask, it is just our group involved in it."

"How... how?" I asked in a high voice, I cleared my throat and tried again, "When did it start?"

"Five months ago. When you were sick."

I had been sick five months earlier. The sickest I had ever been. I don't know what type of flu I had but it hit me hard. I was throwing up and had a high temperature. It was so high and lasted so long my wife thought seriously about taking me to the hospital. She said she would have if it had gone up one more degree or lasted a couple days longer. It, however never did go up that degree and the next day it started down. I had been home for a week and that weekend was supposed to be one of our gatherings. A Barbecue at Bill and Su's. He does some of the best out door cooking there is. I thought very seriously about going anyway, but only for a second. I was on the mend but still just the thought of all the chicken and steak drowning in Barbecue source almost made me throw up again. I did convince Betty to go, which she did but she came home early. I smelled alcohol on her breath as she kissed me and was told that they had decided to celebrate our friendship with some wine. We usually didn't drink any alcohol at our gatherings since none us were big drinkers. even though not tea tootlers none of us even had bars in our homes. She had left early, right after dinner, not only to make sure I really was Ok but because she felt like an unnecessary fifth wheel. The other two couples had planned to go to a hot tub for the evening. Originally all three couples were to go but my sickness ruled out us going. The hot top belonged to someone Bill worked with and as long as we didn't mess it up he had allowed us to use it that Saturday night, since he was out of town.

Su continued speaking as I recalled all that, "As you know we had the use of a large hot top that night. We missed you two but still decided to go for it since we only had it that once. We drove to the house taking along two bottles of wine. We had already finished off two of them, one with Betty's help. We had bought enough for six for the evening but we ended up with four and a half people. I say half because Betty left earlier before she could drink all the wine we had gotten for her.

"We ended up chatting and drinking while enjoying the feel of the jets. At one point I had gone to use the bathroom and when I got back I changed seats to one I found to my surprise had a jet that was turned in a way that began to make me feel horny. I liked that feeling.

"As you know I am a part exhibitionist and on purpose I wore one of my smallest bikinis. Diana did also, trying to out do my last one. She had wanted to out do me at least once, but mine was still skimmer then hers this time around.

"We talked some about sex, the wine was effecting us some I think. Anyway Bill scooted over and started to rub against me and once when he reached for something he rubbed my pussy through my bikinis bottom. I jerked and almost slipped his hand away, we were in public after all. Soon Diana said, that she was going to outdo me one way or another. She took off her top. I learned later Allen had been rubbing her clit. He had been staring at my breasts since we had gotten into the hot tub and had stared at my butt covered only by a thin piece of narrow fabric, when he could, and now he was very horny. I said I'm not letting her out do me and took off my top. Both men stared, Allen had happened to be looking at me and Bill had been looking at Diane, now both just stared. I saw Allen lick his lips subconsciously and I knew he was turned on. That turned me on even more then I was. I like men looking at me but this was the first time it had been turned on me on this much.

"Bill turned and stared at me and I just leaned back and smiled. Allen almost went crazy. His jaw dropped his eyes bugged out more then they had been and suddenly he turned and smashed his mouth against his wife's. She fought then responded and soon he had one hand on one breast and one down in the water. She yelped and started groaning and I knew where his hand was. She did try to pull his hand it but soon gave in and relaxed. I knew what they would be doing soon.

"I yelped about that time and I realized someone was rubbing my clit and had been for a few seconds. It was Bill of course. I said not through the bikinis. He splashed me by pushing his hand through the waist band and attacking my moist love tunnel. Moist with more then water. He soon had two fingers tickling my G-spot then he started sucking a nipple. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the tub's edge.

"All too soon he stopped and said something I didn't catch. He whispered in my ear that just a minuet he would be back. I heard and felt water move as he moved. I was too relax to watch him. He said something else and I just nodded wanting him back. He repeated it and I still didn't catch it all but I nodded anyway. Soon I felt him make his way back. He started sucking again. This time for all he was worth. First one nipple then the other. I pulled my hand down to my waist and he quickly pushed his hand into my buttons but he had trouble with it but soon somehow he untied one side. I thought the heck with it and lifted my butt and allowed them to float away, Immediately his hand was back in my pussy. Two fingers jammed inside, I yelped in surprise and almost pain, and pleasure. I thought Bill most really be horny.

"I stayed relaxed just enjoying the build up to a climax. At point I said hey a little deeper in and more circular movements you know the way I like it. The hand reached in further and the fingers started going around in circles. I heard Diana say 'no the back and forth way.' a pause then 'Yeah, much better.'

"I said 'God I'm getting close.'

"My husband said, 'I can tell.'

"Allen said, 'Too bad Diana isn't'

"As I mentally agreed I realized something that caused my eyes to pop open. When Allen spoke the sucking on my breasts stopped and when he finished it started up again. And he sounded awful close. I glanced down and saw something that cause me to sit up suddenly and to scoot backward in one motion. It was Allen who was sucking my nipples so wildly and his fingers tickling my G-spot.

I looked at the other couple and saw Bill doing the same to Diana. My jaw dropped. My backwards jerk had caused my nipple to come out of Allen's mouth and he chased it with an open mouth looking almost like a starving child try to suckle his mother. He finally grabbed it and sucked it more. Then he went to the other one and licked over it. Four times as he did he gently squeezed my other large mound. God, that felt good and it was a big turn on to watch someone that hungry for my breasts.

"Just then he stopped and said, 'Finger fuck her. In and out four to six times then rub her spot for five or ten seconds then fingers in and out six to ten times then rub for another five to ten seconds.'

Bill said, 'Got You. Try licking all over her breasts and hit her clit with your thumb.'

'Ok, ' Allen said.

Immediately his repositioning his fingers and soon was pressing his thumb against my clitoris as he tickled my G-spot. That almost sent me over the edge.

But I still managed to say, 'Diana, open your eyes'

Even through her moans she heard me and opened her eyes. I pointed down and she looked at Bill who looked up at her. She just kinda of nodded then closed her eyes and laid her head back down. Ten seconds later her eyes popped open wide and she sat up faster then I had. Water flew everywhere as she pushed away from Bill's hand.

"Bill said, 'hey, you agreed to it Su.'

"I realized that I had and looking down to see Bill's lustful face did something to me so when he started sucked and licking again I leaned back and went Ugggg.

"Bill said, 'Diana, I really thought you saw us change places.

"Allen has been wanting to see Su's breasts for so long I since you guys had removed your tops he could get a good look and you needed someone to do you."

"By that time I was closing in on my climax. There was no doubt what was about to happen in the next few seconds. Diana told me later that she froze watching her husband make love to my breasts with his mouth. She knew what he was doing with his hand but it was his mouth she was watching. A second later my husband started working on her again thinking she was Ok with it.

"That was when I started yelling as I came. It was one of the most powerful organisms I had ever had with just someone's fingers in me and mouth on my breasts. Of course before then that someone had always been my husband.

"I rested enjoying the after glow and the feel of Allen's tongue moving around in circles on one mound. Around the circumstance of the whole thing, just the way I liked it. Diana was started to hump against Bill's hand. Allen turned to watch and said she was close, he should start nipping at her nipples. Bill laid almost on top of her so he could easily get to each nipple. He switched hands and she looked very disappointed when he took out the one hand, but she sighed in relief when he put the other in. He soon had the same tempo going with the new hand. She started little short half screams whenever he quickly bite each nipple. I was disappointed that Allen had stopped to watch his wife get pleasured by another man. Soon she arched her back and screamed louder ending it by saying 'Now!' in a loud voice. Soon she collapsed back into the water.

"When she recovered she said, 'God that was so intense, I don't believe it.'

"We sat for a minute then I said I think we owe the boys something. She looked at me funny then said yes we do. We had them sit up on the outside edge of the tub. I helped Bill off with his trunks and she helped Allen off. We both at the same time dived down and started sucking. I glanced at her she looked at me and we both nodded. I stopped sucking but kept my hand going up and down on Bill's shaft. She did the same to Allen. Both husbands were leaning back with their eyes closed. As quietly as possible we shifted positions, and soon I was looking a different dick close up. We had to remove our hands but it was only for two seconds before we started up again."

At that point Su stopped and said we could continue as we walked inside. So we got went into the house. She shorten the rest of the story explain that that was when she first learned the Allen liked the top of his dick licked with tiny licks up and down and to be bitten moderately hard at a certain point. Both men

experience a great orgasm with Bill cuming first. The boys thought it was the girls turn for oral sex and they traded places, with the boys in the water and the girls on the edge. Half way to what Su knew was to be a huge climax she felt herself being moved, she was gently moved all the way out of the water and laid out flat. Suddenly she felt someone move on top of her and something bigger then two fingers slowly pushing its way past her pussy lips. She relaxed but then opened her eyes and realized it was Allen's extra long shaft not her husband's. She tried to sit up and said, "No, this is going too far."

Allen immediately stopped and even pulled part way out. Just his shaft's head was sticking in now.

Su lifted he head to say something more but a movement caught her attention and she looked next to her. Diana was laying next to and she was being fucked by Bill. Su saw her open her eyes and look at Bill's face then grab his head to kiss him. Next Su looked down their bodies and saw something that shocked her. Bill's manhood pumping in and out of Diana. She couldn't see her friends pussy, but Diana choose that moment to arch her butt upward allowing Su to see the lips of her pussy separated by Su's husband's shaft.

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