Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Mother, Daughter, Interracial, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I enjoy my 51 year old wife's sexual adventure

I've just experienced one of those oh so few really erotic periods you get in life.

I'm 53 and my wife, Jenny is 51. We're both in senior management, not in bad physical shape and free since we never had children.

Jenny and, I'm biased of course, still looks a doll. Dark hair, tall for a woman, was very slim but now put on enough weight to move her up to voluptuous. Medium size breasts and excellent legs. She comes from a very English middle class background and whilst she is no means a prude, tends to be an innocent. She is certainly secretive - it took five years before she admitted she masturbated when we got together 25 years ago.

Inevitably our work means that we see less of each other than we would like - business trips to London, evening meeting, weekend away days etc. This has lead to a reduction in our sex life in recent years but strangely it has now resulted in an explosion in that area

It all came as a result of a big assignment that meant Jenny had to go to London for a day every week over a period of some four months. We're lucky in having a reasonable train service so she travelled from our local station. Whilst it's about a 75 minute journey, many commuters also take the early train she had to use.

One of these was a chap we have been on chatting terms with in the village pub for about 18 months, Alan. I don't quite remember how it came about but one Saturday evening in there Jenny's travel plans came out and he offered to give her a lift to and from the station. It would save on rush and avoid leaving her BMW sitting and begging the local louts.

She took up the offer gladly and duly went off with Alan when Tuesday came round. She arrived back home at 7.40, marginally later than the train timetable but I thought nothing of it. She was very chatty as we went about the meal preparation, how was your day and then to bed process. Unusually for a week night, when we got to bed she was randy and enjoyed several powerful orgasms.

As we lay in the afterglow, the reason started to become apparent. She had decided that in future she would travel to the station under her own power. I pressed the point and got an unconvincing "it will be more convenient". I pressed and out came the reality. Alan had tried to kiss her on the way home from the station. Not once but twice. The second time she had reluctantly agreed just to "get home". I asked if she enjoyed it and was ignored.

Like many men I found the concept that another man wanted sexual activity with my wife exciting. I hadn't really thought of it before but the more I now thought, the more I felt I would enjoy catalysing the evolution of Alan's passions. I decided to press his case!

I suggested she was over reacting. There might be a personal reason for it. What harm did he do? I didn't mind. If she made it clear I was certain he wouldn't do it again. I thought up a dozen points and can't remember them all now. She just listened and gradually dropped off to sleep.

Anyway, it must have worked. Off she went with him the next Tuesday. This time the return was just after 8.00 from a train I had checked got in at 7.10! I said nothing but she certainly seemed lively like the previous week. She chatted and the evening developed much as usual.

In bed it was again the same. She took the lead and we had great sex. Afterwards I waited to see if I would be told of the events. Quietly it came out. I had been wrong.

He had tried again and, despite her initial protestations succeeded. He had kissed her "quite a lot" and she had enjoyed it. Towards the end of what was a twenty minute session, he had begun to feel her breasts, had opened her blouse and played with her nipples. Alan must have realised that in doing that he had found Jenny's "on" button!

What did I think? Was I mad? Was she a whore? This was difficult terrain. I said that to be honest it excited me, that I was happy as long as she enjoyed it and judging by the sex I had just had, was getting the benefit.

Should she take another lift? Yes if she wanted to but had to realise he would expect to go further. Was she going to?

Saturday evening found us back in the pub and "he" was there. He was friendly and attentive and Jenny seemed very comfortable with him. He touched her, laughed at her jokes and groped her with his eyes. It was looking good.

I made certain she had her fair share to drink so that when we got to bed just after midnight she was not only randy but also relaxed to be open. When I was in her I asked about Alan. Did she enjoy his company? Did she notice how attentive he was? Did she fancy him?

The answers were yes, then yes and then a noticeable extra vigour in her rhythm. I quicken the pace and as she approached orgasm asked "Would you like Alan to do this?" She arched her back and came hard.

So Tuesday came round. She was very bright at breakfast and I noticed wore a skirt as opposed to the trouser suit style she usually uses for London. (As I waited that evening I reflect on that and came to the conclusion that I was reading too much into things.). Then his car was at the door. As she left I kissed her and just said, "enjoy!" - she just looked coy and pulled the door behind her.

I couldn't sit still all day with all sorts of image running through my mind. Would she let him progress? How far? She certainly wasn't the type to do it in a car but a couple of weeks ago I wouldn't have thought she would even neck with another man.

7.10 came and went, then 7.30, then 8.15. My hopes soared. Finally at 8.35 Alan's car pulled up. There was a pause and then the key in the lock. I got up to greet her having deliberately left the main light in our hall on to make certain I got a good view. She was flushed and slightly dishevelled.

"Have a good time?" I asked. She looked straight at me with high colour and relaxed eyes. "Yes". She wanted to sort herself out and went to the bedroom. She returned with her silk robe over her underwear. I passed her a large white wine. She settled next to me on the sofa and took a long sip...

"I've been a very naughty girl and cum ever such a lot!" was the start of her conversation. My semi went to an instant full erection. At last!

I slipped my arm around her and said that was great. My other arm went to the edge of her robe just above the knee. She looked at me and smiled sheepishly. "And I got a mouthful of cum - twice". My robe hand moved up to find no pants, she relaxed her legs and I was touching a very wet cunt. "If I tell you what happen, will you fuck me now?"

She explained that they had stopped as before but that this time she had moved into his arms. Whilst necking he had felt then got her breasts out. He sucked her nipples until she had an orgasm and then moved lower. The skirt was pushed up and panties pulled aside. He masturbated, no finger fucked her, to a string of cums. She grabbed at him, he opened his flies. She wanked and then sucked. He came almost immediately. She recalled the smell of cunt and spunk in the car.

They tidied and he drove to our home, fingering her as he drove. She came again. When he pulled up, she sucked him off again. She had a mouth full of cum as she came through the door.

I had been diddling her throughout the tale. I pushed her back. Lent over her, entered and fucked. We both came in moments,

In the afterglow I asked if he had wanted to fuck her. He had. She had said not in a car but that I was going to a football match on Saturday afternoon and he should call around then. His cover would be that she was to review a business proposal he had. My 51 year old had "cum" a long way.

Saturday was fun. She was much more open and consulted me on her clothes and locations. She looked stunning as I left for the match. I had already fed her several large wines.

I got back at six which meant they had had over four hours. Surely he would have had his evil way.

I knew as I entered the living room. It stank of booze and sex. Jenny was sprawled out on the sofa in just her stay up stockings. She was very drunk and clearly had been well fucked.

She stared at me through bleary satiated eyes. "I'm pissed and got fucked" she slurred. She opened her thighs and revealed a beautiful dribbling cream pie. I unzipped and jumped on. At first I could not get any friction, she was too open and too creamed. It wore down and we both felt the sensation.

Afterwards came a bolt. Still slurring she announced "I told Alan you know all about us. He thinks its great". She had also said that meant he could come to the house when he liked and fuck.

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