Doing a Naughty Niece
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Uncle, Niece, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom finds that his sexy young niece, Jessica, has been thrown out by her live-in boyfriend. Jessica's a very sexy young lady in her mid-20s and Tom agrees to give her a temporary place to stay but she will have to pay him "rent". Tom has had his eye on Jessica for several years and now it's time to realize his sexual fantasies about her.

I'd known Jessica all her life. I'd seen her grow from a little girl into a teenager and then into a young woman. One thing I'd enjoyed very much about watching Jessica grow up had been when she started to develop from a gangly slender pre-teen into a budding teenager and then a young woman who developed a body to go along with it. One thing Jessica developed early in her adolescence was a nice set of breasts that she'd inherited from her mother. Jessica's mom had a nice rack of tits and I fully expected Jessica to be equally well-endowed -- and I sure wasn't disappointed.

By the time, Jessica had reached her sophomore year of high school, she already had a sexy set of titties that caught all the guys' attention at school -- her fellow students and the male teachers. Her breasts were easily a decent set of C-cups and by the time she graduated from school two years later, Jessica was at least a D-cup. Being tall and having a very nice figure, her large full breasts looked hotter than you can imagine on her frame. Jessica was a somewhat shy and rather tall blonde with one of the nicer and more well-developed figures of all the girls in her class at school. That had been while she was in school -- and then a few years later, events brought Jessica back around where I was and she suddenly found herself needing a place to stay after her boyfriend of a few years told her to get out. By that time, Jessica was "used goods", having lived with a guy much older than her for several years, but I was pretty sure her ex-boyfriend had broken Jessica in well. In fact, he'd been married before and had two nearly teenage daughters by his first marriage, so I knew that Jessica's boyfriend had made the sort of sexual demands on her that any normal formerly married man would have. I was pretty sure he'd quickly let Jessica know when and where he wanted her to service him sexually. Ah, poor Jessica, I knew she'd led a pretty sheltered life at home, and when she'd moved in with this "older" man, I knew she was in for a very rude awakening when she suddenly found herself living under the roof of someone other than her father. And I was quite sure that her boyfriend wanted to fully enjoy every sexual pleasure that a physically mature young woman like Jessica was built to provide.

I was single but I offered a place for Jessica to come and stay while she was recovering from her boyfriend throwing her out. But, I'd long harbored sexual fantasies about Jessica and I intended to exact from her "rent" of a form she probably wasn't expecting. We were actually sitting there in my kitchen, enjoying a hot cup of coffee when I broached the subject of what it was going to "cost" Jessica to have my roof over her head.

"Jessica, I may be your uncle, but I don't owe you anything. And, even though I'm your uncle, that's far enough removed for me that whatever you and I do together, it's not incest and it's not anything that you can protest about. I'm quite sure your ex-boyfriend who's kicked you out had his way with you every night probably, and you're going to put out for me too, young lady." I used the term "Lady" loosely with Jessica because I wasn't sure she really was, but that was beside the point. Jessica was going to give me pussy, she was going to suck my cock and she was going to give me her tight hot asshole if I wanted it.

Jessica sat there in the cafe booth across from me, the tears streaming down across her cheeks as she retold me how her ex-live-in boyfriend had treated her. I actually had little sympathy for Jessica; I knew too much about her and I figured she went to live with this guy, thinking he would take care of her and she was simply too stupid to realize that there's always a cost to whatever you do. If you move in with a guy, especially one who's been married and has a couple of kids, he's going to expect you to put out sexually. And he's going to expect it quite often.

As Jessica and I sat there, I finally decided that I'd give her a place to lay her head for awhile until she could get her act together. But, relative or not, she was going to put out for me as well. I'd been eyeing Jessica ever since she'd started maturing physically into a young woman and now she was definitely an adult and old enough to take care of herself. If she insisted on acting like a little girl, and wanting someone else to watch out for her, I'd take care of her but she was going to have to take care of me, too. The only way I needed her taking care of me was sexually. And, if she was a sexy mature young woman living under my roof, she was going to be expected to put out. When I thought about Jessica, I wasn't at all sure how "mature" she was, but chronologically she should have been plenty mature. We'd have to see.

That night Jessica settled into my place for an undetermined period of time. I'd let her stay with me as long as she needed a place, but I was also planning to start getting my "rent payment" that very night. Jessica loved to watch television from her teenage years and I figured that's why her ex-boyfriend had thrown her out on her ass -- she'd be watching television when he thought she should be doing something else. She'd already taken her shower, and she was sitting there in my TV room in a large sleep shirt and a pair of bikini panties underneath it. I was almost sure that Jessica hadn't put a bra on after she'd showered and that was totally fine with me. What made me think that was the way her nicely large rounded titties bounced as she'd walked over to the couch, and the way I could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples pressing out against the shirt she'd put on.

I had also showered and I was feeling very frisky and ready for some adult sexual action. I walked into the TV room in only a T-shirt and my briefs, and Jessica seemed a bit uncomfortable when she saw that I was basically not dressed much more than she was. Funny how it seemed OK for her to be wearing a T-shirt and a pair of skimpy panties but not for me. Hehe, I just laughed.

"Hey, Jessica, I need to have my cock sucked and I'd like a little pussy before I go to bed," I said, as I walked over and sat down beside her on the couch. My cock was already semi-aroused in anticipation of having Jessica give me a blowjob. I reached down, groping the hard bulge of my growing cock as I waited for Jessica to take the hint and move into action down in my crotch. She sat there and did nothing.

"Did you hear me, Jessica?" I asked. She kept watching the TV like she was deaf or in a television-induced trance, and that began to piss me off. I said I was waiting for my cocksucking one more time and when Jessica made no answer or move to do anything, I got up and walked over in front of her, blocking her view of the TV.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm trying to get your attention, Jessica," I said. I stood there, waiting to see how her reaction would progress. Fortunately, she was listening. "I'm ready for you to suck my cock and give me some pussy before I head for bed," I explained.

Jessica sat there like she was deaf or just didn't get it, but then she sat up, took my briefs and pulled them down to my knees. Then, she wrapped her hand around my hard cock, jacking her hand up and down on the hard thick shaft of my dick a few times, and then she sat up even further, able to take the head and several inches of my cock inside her wet mouth while she sat there. I was loving having Jessica's hot mouth on my dick finally but she seemed so lackadaisical about it that it took away slightly from the hotness of having her blowing me.

"Ohhhh, yeah, suck my cock, baby," I moaned as Jessica did begin to throw herself into the task a bit more energetically. I began to wonder if she even knew how to suck a cock, but she started showing me she did have some idea of what it was all about.

As Jessica was kissing and licking on the head of my cock, she also caressed and kneaded my cum-filled nuts. I'd been hard during the late afternoon in anticipation of this part of the evening coming. It took no time and my cock began to leak pre-cum. When Jessica saw that, I could tell that started to turn her on knowing I was that hot to cum.

I reached down as Jessica had my cock in her hands and in her hot wet mouth, and I cupped her left full breast in my hand, feeling the firmness and roundedness of her tit and I flicked the nipple until it was hard under my fingers. "Man, you've sure got some awesome titties, Jessica," I said as I tweaked the nipple with two fingers. She moaned with my cock in her mouth as she loved my titillation of her nipple and then Jessica really began to work on my cock to bring me off to orgasm.

She started bobbing her mouth up and down over several inches of my hard cock. At the same time, Jessica hand was down near the root of my cock and she was stroking me while she'd occasionally rub and knead my balls. I loved the growing intensity of her blowjob.

I couldn't wait to fuck Jessica, but right now, I was going to settle for cumming in her mouth.

"Oh yeah, you're getting there, baby," I moaned as Jessica really started wanking me and face-fucking my dick. I put my hand on her head and I started to reciprocate by fucking my cock in and out of her hand and her mouth. Jessica was quickly overwhelmed sexually by the eroticism of that, and I began really pounding my cock in and out of her mouth. Suddenly, I felt my orgasm exploding in my crotch, and I buried my cock fully inside her mouth, letting my first spurt of jism shoot up the shaft of my cock and deeply down into her swallowing throat. I could tell Jessica had sucked cock before.

I spurted four or five large thick globs of cum down Jessica's throat and after she'd taken my load and sucked me clean, I pulled her sleep shirt up, pulled her panties down off her body, and I spread her legs and dove in for a bit of a pussy snack.

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