Escorting me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a business man that needed to rent a wife for a week or two, he hired one and this is what happened.

My name is Rick. I am a successful executive, the owner of my own company. I have never really had much use for women. By that I mean I have never needed a wife or a long term relationship. I am a very wealthy man and most women I have met seem to be after me for my money. I am like most rich men. I earned my money and I am not about to give it to some gold digging slut.

I woke up this morning with only one thing on my mind. I had to find a woman. Yes I was horny but the reason I had to find a woman was I needed one with me when I went away to a business meeting, a very important business meeting. I was going to buy a company in Greece. A family operation until now, it was a failing olive oil company that I felt had a lot of potential. The father's health was failing and he knew that his kids were going to run the business into the ground even further. The company needed an influx of money and the old man didn't want to see the business die. He wanted to sell but, only to someone that would revive the company to its former glory. I had done my homework and knew he wanted to sell to a family man like himself.

I thought about it as I had my shower. When I got out and started to shave, I paused and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good. My 6 foot frame showed that my exercise regime was doing it's work. I had a well defined chest and my stomach rippled when I flexed. My face was chiseled looking and my blue eyes seemed to cut through the fog in the bathroom. I needed a haircut as my blonde hair was slightly longer than the close cropped cut I liked.

I got dressed and went down to the kitchen for a cup of black coffee and some breakfast. I decided I would go and get a haircut then start looking for someone to act as my wife on my trip. I really didn't have any idea where I would find someone but I was sure it would come to me as the day went on.

I left my house in one of the classiest areas Calgary, Alberta, had to offer and started the drive downtown. At this time in the day I knew it would be a 45 minute drive. It was 6:30am, early enough to miss most of rush hour. As I drove by a glass front building I looked at the refection of my car in the mirror like glass. It was a black Mercedes coupe and it shone back at me as if it had been polished this morning. I really liked to keep my car in like new condition.

Such was my life. I wanted total control of everything in it. I had a very orderly life. The owner of several businesses, I had long ago learned that partners were not a good thing in business. Everyone went into business for different reasons and those reasons always clashed. My reason to have businesses was to make money, plain and simple. If my employees did well while I was making money so much the better but I didn't really care too much. All of my businesses made a good profit and I had hired the right people to ensure that they did.

Once into the downtown core I had the task of finding somewhere to park. The problem with cities is they build and build without giving parking a second thought. I was griping to myself as I looked around for someplace to park where my car wouldn't get dented or scratched by other cars in the lot. I saw an entrance for a Parkade up ahead and decided it would have to do, I pulled in and immediately drove to the top floor, found a spot beside a pillar and thought, "Well at least one side won't get damaged," as I pulled into the parking spot.

I got out of the car and walked quickly to the elevator. I went straight out to the street when I got down to the ground floor. I knew where I was going and I was in a hurry to get there. I had spotted a barber shop a couple of weeks ago and I decided that was where I would get my next haircut. I just detested going downtown and waited until I could stand the length of my hair no more before venturing downtown to get it cut.

I arrived at the front of the Barber shop. Closed, opens at 8:30am. Now how do they expect to make money by opening after most people have to be at work I wondered as I looked at my watch. I had an hour and ten minutes to kill. I looked around and spotted a coffee shop that was open so I went in, got a cup of coffee and sat down with the newspaper.

I thumbed through to the business section and checked out the stocks page. I pulled out my pen and started to circle the companies that I wanted to buy, it was a habit I had gotten into when I was in high school. I took quite a bit of good natured ribbing from my parents over it but they didn't seem to think it is as funny any more. Once I had made my first Million and bought them a new house they had started to realize I was going to make something out of my life.

My mind was wandering all over the place as I read the paper. I could hear parts of different conversations around me as the place filled up with people, most of it the mindless dither that I would expect from people that would never be more than middle management. One conversation caught my attention; they were talking about an acquisition that had occurred a couple of weeks before.

"See I told you they would turn the company around. Look they are up another ten cents today," a dirty blonde about 5'4 with a nice rack said.

"Yes but part of that is still just speculation. You can't pull a company out of a downward spiral that fast," the 5' brunette replied. She had her back to me but she definitely had an nice ass, and by the curves I could see she must have had a nice rack as well. She was wearing a blue blazer and a matching skirt. The skirt seemed just a little too long for her.

"You know as well as I do that these guys have had great success in turning everything they buy into gold. The guy has the Midas touch!" the blonde argued.

"Well I think there is something fishy about a company that never seems to fail. One day there is going to be an audit of all this and it'll turn out they are owned by the mob or something," the brunette said taking up the challenge from her friend.

"How can you say that? Just look at the history. He is unknown by anyone, then he buys an airline that is failing. Next thing you know it is offering lower fares than anyone else and buying new planes. The stock skyrockets after only a couple of months. Now it's one of the most profitable airlines in the world. Then he buys a bankrupt national trucking company. Within two months it is thriving and growing. Next he buys a management group for most of the office buildings here in Calgary, not exactly a failing company when he acquired them but not doing great. Now it is managing most of the office buildings in the country, not to mention the realty side of his business, or his Pharmaceutical companies," the blonde stated.

I was impressed. I didn't think any one knew that much about my companies. Not entirely accurate but more accurate than most of the newspapers had it.

"The airline was a fluke and you know it. We have been dying for a decent airline for years and he just capitalized on the need. The trucking company, well anyone could have turned that around. It was just a matter of better management. Same with the others," the brunette explained.

"Yes, that is it. All he is, is a good manager. But the thing is, no one else seemed to be able to do it. How many different people saw the potential in the airline. No one that's who," the blonde defended, answering her own question.

The brunette said something that I didn't catch.

"So are you going to apply for a job there or are you going to take another assistant to the mailroom clerk type job?" the blonde asked.

"I am not taking another job that pays less than my rent, and one where someone is going to take all my ideas and exploit them as if they were their own," the brunette stated.

"You are a girl in a man's world. You have to learn to keep your mouth shut and not give them any idea that you have a brain," the blonde laughed.

"If any one of them would just give me half a chance I could prove that I know what I am talking about," the brunette said with a huff.

I looked at my watch. 8:00am. Still half an hour to kill.

"I don't even know how to get a hold of them or him to get a job interview anyway," the brunette said with resignation in her voice.

"You know his name. Look him up in the phone book, or call his management company and see if they know how to contact him," the blonde said.

"I tried to get his phone number from all of his companies yesterday and none of them would tell me anything," the brunette said.

"He must have an office somewhere. Did you try looking through the phone book for Johnson Inc.?" the blonde asked.

"Yes of course I tried that, I am telling you that he isn't listed anywhere," the brunette said in exasperation.

I couldn't take anymore so I got up and walked over to them. "Hello," I said. "You are looking for a way to contact Rick Johnson. Is that correct?"

The brunette looked annoyed. "Yes, that is correct, the Rick Johnson that owns Johnson Inc.," she said. As she looked up at me I saw she had green eyes and I glanced down to see she had a very nice cleavage that she didn't seem to mind showing off.

I replied, "I have a way of contacting him for you but I have to get a haircut right now. If you would like to wait here for about twenty minutes I will arrange for you to meet him."

She looked up at me as if I had two heads. "If you know how to get a hold of him, why don't you just give me his number so I can call him?"

"Well I could do that but I know he isn't home right now and he isn't in his office either so it wouldn't help you much," I said.

"By the way my name is John," I said.

She looked at her friend and shrugged her shoulders. "I am Susan. I guess I will wait here for a little while. Are you sure he will see me?"

"Yes I know for a fact that if I tell him then he will see you," I stated with conviction.

"You sound pretty sure of yourself," she said.

I didn't answer her. I just smiled, nodded and left to get a haircut.

I walked up to the barber shop just as the barber was opening the door. I walked right in and took a chair. "Just a trim," I told him, "off the collar and above the ears."

The barber tried to make small talk as he worked but I only grunted in response to him. He kept trying to draw me out and I decided I would not be back for a haircut again. The thing about being a good business man is that you have to learn your customers needs and wants. He didn't seem to get it. I was sure the only reason he was still in business was because of the location.

I paid for the haircut and started to wander back to the coffee shop. I was mulling over in my mind how to ask the brunette to be my wife for a week or so. It sounded like I wanted to hire her as a whore. No matter how I said it, it seemed to me as if I was asking her to be a whore. That wouldn't do.

I walked into the coffee shop and she was sitting there right where I had left her. She saw me and a look of relief passed her face. It was replaced by trepidation.

"Hi again. So are you ready to be interviewed in order to get a job interview?" I asked.

"Huh, I don't understand?" she stated. Her face looked puzzled.

"I can't just hand out interviews to anyone. There are a few questions you have to answer first," I said.

"Oh, ok shoot," she said and her face brightened.

"Ok here's the deal. Now say you had to hire a wife for Rick. I mean Rick needed an escort for a period of one week and he isn't interested in hiring a prostitute or any thing like that. It would be separate bedrooms, but the girl you hire has to be extremely smart and business like as well as beautiful. How would you pose the question to someone?" I asked. Then I added, "You have to make it very clear that there would be no sex involved whatsoever, and you can't ask the question in a way that makes her sound like a whore."

"You're joking. I don't know. Wait let me think," she said.

I got up and got a cup of coffee for myself as she sat there and thought about it.

"It can't be done. No matter how I would ask the girl would think that sex is involved. She wouldn't slap my face but she would definitely think I was hiring her as a whore," she responded with a frown.

"That is your answer even though it means I don't get you an interview?" I asked.

"Yes I guess it is. I can't lie to get a job interview. I will find another way to meet him," she stated.

"Ok what if I told you I have been charged with finding Rick an executive assistant, but the first couple of weeks on the job would be spent posing as his wife in Greece for a series of meetings, and I am considering you for the job?" I asked wary of a slap.

"I would have to tell you that I don't have to go all the way to Greece if I want to be a whore. I can do that right down the street. I am not that desperate for a job. What's wrong with the wife he has? Isn't she good enough to do this?" she said, a little forlorn.

"Rick has never been married. The newspapers got it wrong, but he never corrected them because he is a very private person. Now he has a business deal that will fall through unless he can produce a wife," I explained.

"You're serious. You really have to hire him a girl to act as his wife. Is he that bad looking he can't pick up his own women?" she asked.

"Yes I have to hire him a wife, and no I don't think he is that bad looking," I said.

"How much does it pay, and is there a contract for the executive assistant job afterward?" she asked, obviously thinking it over.

"Um, it pays $70,000 a year, and yes there is a contract. The contract though is mostly a nondisclosure agreement, no guarantee of any amount of time. You would have to earn the position and continue to earn it all the time. He isn't an easy man to work for, I will tell you that ahead of time," I said.

"I will tell you what. I will do it under a couple of conditions. First no sex. I will walk out of the whole deal at the mere mention of anything sexual. Second I would want to be guaranteed of six months pay no matter what happens," she said.

"Ok, I can guarantee that. But you would have to dress as he requests. No nudity but you would have to dress as a professional, and a wife. It may mean some pretty racy clothing. We would pay for your wardrobe of course, and you can keep all the clothes afterward," I said.

"Ok, deal," she said and reached out her hand to shake on it.

I shook her hand and glanced at my watch. It was 10:00am already.

"The job starts now, so let's go shopping for some clothes for you, the flight will be leaving at 9:00pm tonight." I said.

She looked surprised, but nodded hesitantly.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Nothing I just have to tell my friend what is going on," she said.

I handed her my cell phone and said, "Call her."

She made her phone call and excitedly told her friend that she was hired as Rick's executive assistant and would be going to Greece tonight for her job. She gave a lot of one word answers to questions and said she didn't know, she hadn't met him yet. She hung up the phone and handed it back to me.

"Ok, what's first?" she asked.

"We need to pick you up some evening clothes, dinner type stuff." I said.

"How dressy? Are we talking gowns or just blouse and pants?" she asked.

"Tuxedo dressy and also some more casual clothes." I said.

She led me to a boutique and we went in. She asked how much she would be allowed to spend and I told her that I would have final approval of anything she picked up. There were no other customers in the store so we had all the help we needed and after she picked out one of the most expensive dresses in the store to try on we had even more help. She came out wearing the dress and she had her bra straps kind of tucked in under the dress, I couldn't tell what it would look like so I told her she had better buy a different bra first, then we could look at dresses. They didn't have her size so she said she had a different idea. She came back out with the dress on again but no bra. I could see the outline of her nipples perfectly through the material of the dress. "Yes, that would do," I said.

She picked out a few more dresses and put her bra on for some and took it off for others, Every dress that she had her bra off for we bought. We got some of the others too but not as many. $20,000 dollars later we walked out of there and headed to another boutique that she knew of. This one had bras her size so she bought a variety of them. She tried on several blouses and skirts. I liked the short skirts she tried on and relented with one of the longer ones she really wanted. She went over to the lingerie and picked out several things to try on. I waited but she didn't model any of those for me.

I told her she would need a collection of swimsuits as well and she took me to another store that had bikini's. She started to try them on and there were a couple that were perfect for her and one that I thought was a little too risqué, but I allowed her to buy it. I told her she needed a couple of business suits to wear while we were there. It didn't take her long to pick out several that would do, some with skirts and others with pants.

I took her to a computer store and picked her up a Palm Pilot and a laptop. I had them outfitted with all the software she would need. I had them hook her up to the internet and got her an e-mail address. We then went looking for a stylish briefcase and she picked out a nice leather one.

We took all the things that weren't being delivered to my car and we drove to her apartment so she could get some of her things. We left her place and went to a store to buy her some luggage where she picked out a suitable set. Then we went to my house.

I pulled into my driveway just as the first of our deliveries arrived. I took the packages into the house and she looked at me with a strange glint in her eyes.

"You are Rick Johnson aren't you?" she asked.

"Yes I guess I am. How did you guess?" I asked.

"You have the keys for his house, you didn't even blink at the cost of the clothes we bought and anyone buying things with someone else's money would have at least made a phone call to see if it was alright," she said proud of herself.

"Well the people I hire as management have the ability to spend much more than this without questions being asked," I replied.

"Oh," she said and started to help take things inside.

Once all the deliveries were made I told her to start checking on the dresses and make sure the alterations were done right. Also, I wanted to see the dresses she tried on without a bra with the bra she planned on wearing. I went to make us something to eat.

I yelled out to her that lunch was ready and she came down wearing one of my favorite dresses but with a bra on. I looked at it and said, "I guess it's fine with a bra but I liked it better without."

"I was thinking the same thing. I think it is too confining with the bra. I will try another bra first though," she said and took her sandwich to go and try it.

She came back out with a kind of half bra on that lifted her breasts a little (not that they needed it) but the nipples were not covered by the bra at all and you could just make them out if you stared hard enough. I stared hard enough. "That is much better," I said and she beamed a bright smile at me.

I went up to the bedroom with her and she tried things on in the bathroom as I started to brief her on what she needed to know. She would come out every now and then and show me what she was wearing or grab something else to try on. She came into the bedroom once wearing a skirt and just a bra. I looked up and said, "That might be a little racy for what I am trying to do." She laughed and said she needed the corset she bought for the next dress. She had gotten to the point of not closing the door all the way so she could hear me and I could see parts of her in the mirror door of the shower. I moved over so I couldn't see as much after I got a glimpse of her pussy when she was changing her panties into a swimsuit. She trimmed and I could see a nice vee. When she came out the next time I wasn't sitting where she expected and she asked why. I told her that I was getting too good of a view in the mirror when I looked up and I didn't want her to think I was taking advantage of her. She nodded and twirled in her bikini. I said, "Perfect!" and she went back to change again.

She decided to wear one of the new business suits for the trip. She had taken off her bra and I could see her breasts bounce under her blouse as she was moving around. I got her to start up her laptop and transferred the files she would need onto it. I explained to her that when she was with the girls and not with us that she should listen to the conversation and make note of anything they said that was out of the ordinary. We would brief each other every night on what we had heard. She thought that was a good idea. She asked where we were staying and I told her I had rented a Villa for the time we were there. We would be alone except for a maid/cook.

She asked me about our married life. I said we could make it up as we went along and she told me that might not work well as she might get asked how we met by the girls and I might get asked the same question by the father and they had to match. So she made up a story on how we met, how long we dated, when I proposed, where we got married, where the honeymoon was, basically our whole married life. By the time she was finished I believed it.

By the time we were finished it was getting late. Susan looked at her watch and exclaimed, "Well we better get going if we are getting an international flight at 9:00. It is 8:00pm now."

"I am sure they will hold the plane for us," I said with a smile, "Besides I haven't packed yet."

I went and packed for the trip and when I came back down Susan was standing at the door waiting for me with her blazer over her arm. I could just make out her dark nipples through the blouse. I brought my bags out to the car; she had already loaded hers.

"Well Mrs. Johnson are you ready to go yet?" I asked.

"Yes Mr. Johnson I am," she replied and got into the car.

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