Vampire Mistresses From Hell: janet's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Coercion, Vampires, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Following an argument with her boyfriend, janet finds herself alone on a deserted New Hampshire highway. Here she first meets a truck driver who turns out to be a rapist followed by a biker with pale skin and unusual strength. Set in ZeroLord's 'Vampire Mistresses' universe and featuring several of his characters.

janet stood by the side of the dark New Hampshire highway and watched the ruby red taillights of her boyfriend's car vanishing rapidly into the distance. 'Or should that be ex-boyfriend?' she thought to herself ruefully as she gingerly touched the socket of her right eye then winced. 'i'm sure going to have a shiner there, ' she went on. It had been a stupid argument about nothing in particular but it had proved to have been the last straw in a relationship that was rapidly going down the pan anyway. 'i'm probably better off without the two-timing violent bastard anyway, ' she concluded.

janet glanced up and down the road but not a light now showed in either direction. With no idea of where she was, janet picked up her small carryall that had been pitched out of the car after her and set off along the highway in the direction that they had previously been travelling in for she knew there was nothing behind for at least twenty miles; maybe she'd have better luck going forward.

Half an hour later, janet wasn't so sure. Two cars had passed her in that time and neither had stopped or even slowed despite her frantic arm waving. She idly cursed her high heeled, open-toed shoes that were proving to be most unsuitable for a hike down a country road. Plodding on, janet reached the base of a long steep rise in the road so, muttering under her breath and setting her shoulders, she set about the tough upward haul to the top. She'd got about half way towards her goal when, from behind her, came the unmistakable sound of a powerful diesel engine labouring its way slowly up the hill. Smiling, janet realised that a slow moving truck was probably her best bet for a lift around here and so she halted and took up a stance on the edge of the tarmac, dropping her bag and whipping off her jacket. As the truck's powerful halogen lights lit her up, janet smiled into the glare, hitched her already short denim mini-skirt a little higher and held out a thumb in the universally recognised manner of a hitch-hiker. She was rewarded by the hissing of powerful airbrakes being applied and, while the truck did roll passed her, it slowly ground to a halt only a few yards further down the highway.

Grabbing her belongings, janet ran towards the truck and arrived just as the driver popped open the passenger door and leaned out. "Need a lift, then?" he drawled in a Southern states twang.

"Yes, please," she replied well aware that he was using his elevated position to stare directly down her cleavage.

"Better clamber up in that case."

Throwing her bag and jacket up to the driver, janet hauled herself into the cab using the ladder that was built into the side of the vehicle. Settling her bottom into the soft seat, she glanced over at the man as he released the hand-brake before hitting the gas and getting the rig rolling again. He was the typical unwashed, unshaved, overweight, balding stereotype truck driver of the every road movie she'd ever seen - but at least she was no longer walking. "My name's Harv," he said out the blue, his eyes taking in her long, slender legs as his tongue flicked out and ran across his suddenly dry lips.

"janet. With a small 'j'," she answered tugging the hem of her skirt down as far as it would go.

"A small 'j'?" he asked, puzzled. "Why?"

janet shrugged her shoulders. "I like to be different," was her only explanation.

"Nice legs," he complimented her.

"Thanks," she responded, turning to look out of the side window into the blackness, effectively killing the conversation.

The truck rolled along the highway, occasionally passing a half-lit farm but they never went through a town and janet slowly became more and more pleased that she'd managed to bag a ride as she realised just how far she'd have had to walk if Harv hadn't stopped to pick her up. Suddenly her companion cleared his throat. "You hungry, janet with a small 'j'?" he asked.


"There's an all night diner just round the next bend. I'm planning to stop and grab a bite..."

"I'll join you for a coffee..."

"Broke, huh?"

janet nodded silently. "I'll spring for a burger and fries, okay?" Harv offered.

"Yeah, thanks," she smiled as he swung the rig off the road and into the parking lot of the cheap diner...

janet wiped her lips with a paper napkin as she followed Harv out of the cafe. In the event he'd not proved to be as big a cheapskate as she had initially feared and she'd enjoyed a sustaining, if rather fatty meal. As the door swung shut behind Harv, there came the roar of several large capacity motorcycle engines as a group of bikers pulled up in the lot, laughing and joking, as they propped their hogs on their stands. "God damn bikers," muttered Harv under his breath as he put his arm onto janet's shoulder and started to steer her towards an unlit part of the lot.

"Harv?" she gently objected, "your truck's over there..."

"Don't be so naïve, honey. You're getting a lift from me and I've fed you. Now it's payback time and old Harv's feeling lonely. So you'll play ball with me, kid, unless you want to left here in the middle of no-where when I drive off?"

'Oh, well, ' janet thought as she let Harv led her into a previously unseen alley between two of the diner's out-buildings, 'Letting him have a grope and a kiss can't be all that bad. Then, once we hit a town, i'm outta here... '

Reaching the end of the dim alley, Harv spun janet round and pushed her shoulders back against the cold, rough brickwork of the wall. "Where'd you get the black eye from anyway, honey?" he asked as he thrust his hand up under her blouse, seeking to grab her breast.

"My boyfriend," she answered briefly, shuddering as his revolting, clammy hand pawed at her tit while she wished that she'd bothered to put on a bra earlier.

"You like it rough then?" he went on, squeezing her nipple between his finger and thumb.

Squirming and trying to slide away, janet answered that, no, she didn't like it rough. "You see a boyfriend anywhere? No? He did like it rough hence he's not about now."

Harv chuckled and slide his free hand onto the girl's thigh, raising it slowly higher up her smooth, shaved leg and enjoying her reaction as she tried, vainly, to escape his clutches.

"Hey!" she yelped as his questing hand found the edge her panties before some fingers slipped inside. "Look, Harv, a bit of fun is one thing but this is going too far now!"

He snorted as he removed his hand from her breast and used it to pull down his fly instead. "We ain't even started yet, baby," he breathed excitedly as he pulled his cock out.

"Help! HELP... hhhmmmmmmphh" was all she managed before Harv clamped his hand over the bitch's mouth. He'd taken this type of payment from enough of these damned women hitch-hikers and he knew how the whores reacted and how to treat them. Soon she'd be screaming and begging for more just like the slut she really was...

janet felt him pulling her panties to one side. 'Oh, god, ' she thought, 'the bastard's going to rape me!' Harv's erect penis thrust itself up under her skirt and probed around the entrance to her pussy before finally finding the opening it sought. janet grunted as the man thrust forward, driving his cock into her tight, dry hole. "Enjoy, you little slut!" he snarled into her face, "I know how all you bitches want to be fucked stupid by a real man!" Behind his hand, the whore tried to speak but her words could not escape though her eyes flared and flashed even in this dark light. Fully embedded inside the little cow's cunt now, Harv started to hump her and, lost in his own pleasures, he removed his hand from her mouth in order to slide it back up her blouse again. Drawing a deep breath, janet screamed loudly. "You think anyone's going to come and help you?" Harv smirked. "Don't make me laugh. You keep making a noise like that and all you'll do is attract more men wanting to screw you. Unless you want that, you'd best shut up!"

janet, recognising a probable grain of truth in Harv's statement stopped screaming and took to whimpering instead and thus she never saw or heard the newcomer arrive - one second he wasn't there, the next he was, looming over the unaware Harv from behind. The stranger was clearly one of the bikers that janet had seen arrive earlier for he was dressed in a mixture of denim and leather, all of it old and worn and even in the dimness of the hardly lit alley, he wore a stylish pair of dark glasses.

Spotting that something in his victim's manner had changed, Harv paused and looked into her eyes. "What's the matter, bitch?" he asked just as the newcomer's hand fell heavily into his shoulder. "Huh?" he managed to gasp before...

Before Harv was suddenly, and much to janet's surprise, literally wrenched off his feet, his cock brutally ripped out of her as his heavy body described an arc over the biker's shoulder and went flying down the alley as the biker hardly moved, his eyes on janet all the while. Like something from a movie, Harv flew a good twenty feet down the passageway, his limbs flailing about, screaming all the way. Then, with a sickening thump, his body collided with the ground, his screaming ceasing instantly. For a moment or two, his limbs continued to twitch and flop but this gradually ceased as a pool of blood formed around his head. "God damn truckers," the biker muttered, still not looking to where his victim had fallen. "Don't move!" he snapped at the girl before turning and moving rapidly, yet silently, to where Harv lay. Then, as janet stared in silent horror, the biker bent down and... and did something that janet couldn't quiet make out to the driver's neck. The biker remained where he was, squatting over his victim for a few long moments before standing and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Returning to where the terrified girl waited, he smiled at her revealing pearly white teeth though the incisors appeared, to janet, to be too large when compared to his other teeth, almost as if they were fangs. He skin seemed pale and his eyebrows swept up at the ends which, coupled with his goatee beard, served to give his appearance a slightly devilish look. "Good evening, my name is Jeff - Prince Jeff," he said as a way of introduction. "And you are?"

"janet - with a small 'j'," she answered automatically now staring in wonderment at Harv's unmoving body while her hands unconsciously pulled her knickers and skirt back into place. "How... How did you do that?" she eventually managed to gasp out.

The biker smiled again. "I work out a lot." And then he turned and started to walk away, revealing the logo 'Devil Dicks' written in stylised gothic script on the back of his jacket.

"Wait!" she called after his retreating back. "You can't leave me here like this!"

"Be thankful that I am, little girl," he replied without breaking his stride or looking over his shoulder.

Not intending to give up so easily, janet got herself moving and started to follow the biker but she lost time as she skirted Harv's fallen form, his now flaccid penis still protruding from out of his fly but looking like the soft, pathetic little worm that it was, his now glazed eyes returning her stare, disturbing her. Summoning her courage, she passed him by and entered the truck park just in time to see the gang mounting up, one of their number climbing into Harv's truck, the keys that her saviour must have lifted from the trucker's body clenched in his hand. Engines shuddered into life as janet hid herself away in the shadows and watched. Clearly the stealing of the truck and its unknown cargo was a bit of opportunism on the part of 'Prince' Jeff because one of the bikes had to be left behind. janet watched from her hiding place as the group pulled away and hit the road. Once the coast was clear, she emerged from the shadows and ran over towards the spare hog, fumbling in her bag as she went. Reaching the Harley, she studied the lock briefly then, holding up a small bunch of thin metal strips, she gazed at them intently before selecting one in particular and pushing it into the bike's lock. Twisting and working the metal, janet's tongue slipped out between her lips in concentration then, less then ten seconds later, there was a click and the bike's warning lights glowed into life. Smiling, janet reached down and pulled a short length of wire with a crocodile clip on each end out of her bag. Peering under the Harley's headstock, she fiddled about for a moment, attaching her wire between two original ones. Satisfied that she'd bypassed the immobiliser, she hoisted her tight little skirt up around her waist before cocking her leg over the saddle, well aware that she was displaying her little pink knickers to any who happened to look in her direction but not bothered too much now as she had a set of wheels beneath her. Pressing the starter button, she was rewarded with a deep throated burble as the large capacity V-twin sprang into lift. Pulling the bike up to the vertical, she snicked it into first, folded up the side-stand and, giving it some gas, set off after the gang...

Luckily for janet, Prince Jeff and his boys were slowed down by the truck and it wasn't too long before she spotted their taillights twinkling in the distance. Slowing down to hold station, janet settled into following her 'targets'. For about half an hour, she had no problem at all then, to her dismay, she heard the sound of another bike coming up behind her but glancing in the mirror revealed no sign of a headlight. Puzzled, she peered over her shoulder as the sound got closer and closer until, to her surprise, the bike was suddenly running alongside of hers! Looking at the rider, she instantly recognised Jeff who'd removed his shades but was riding without lights. 'How the hell does he see where he's going?' she wondered as Jeff pointed forward with his left hand then mimicked the opening of an imaginary twistgrip. Nodding to him the she understood, janet accelerated and soon caught the others up only to find herself swiftly and efficiently boxed in by them so that, even if she wanted out now, she wasn't going anywhere other than where the bikers wanted her to go.

The group continued down the highway for a few more miles before taking a side turning and heading further into the country. Unable to see exactly what lay around her, janet nevertheless had the impression of passing through acres of farmland. Then came a tall wall and an electrically operated gate and once inside that she felt as if she were on some vast country estate. Finally a large house and a group of outbuildings loomed up. The truck rapidly vanished into a barn and the hogs were parked up while janet dismounted from her Harley before pulling her skirt back down. She looked about her but could make out very little... until she spotted Jeff, once again with his dark glasses on, marching purposefully towards her. "I love the Goth meets Heavy Metal Bikers look," she smiled at him, "but don't you think that the shades are a bit OTT considering just what the time is and how dark it's got?"

"How'd you start that bike? And what are you doing following us?" he demanded to know.

"The keys were in the ignition?" janet replied cheekily.

She hardly saw his back-handed slap coming but she sure felt it as the blow sent her sprawling to the ground, her legs apart, an expression of shock on her face. "Don't back-chat me, bitch!" Prince Jeff snarled, "And answer the fucking question!"

Laying where she had fallen, janet raised herself onto her elbows, one hand pressed to the side of her face. Fear showed in her eyes now as she explained that she'd simply hot-wired the Harley. "Interesting," he commented reaching out a hand and hauling the girl back to her feet. "Come on inside and we'll talk some more."

Inside the house was dark, foreboding and gloomy with the only illumination coming from a pitiful few candles scattered about the place and even janet, who was by no means house-proud, felt that a little dusting wouldn't go amiss. But she gratefully accepted Jeff's offer of a seat as she sank into a large, overstuffed, winged armchair. "Glass of wine?" he asked.

"Oh, yes please," she replied confused by his rapidly changing manner but settling back and starting to relax anyway. 'Well, it is almost three in the morning, ' she reminded herself as she stifled a yawn behind her raised hand.

Behind janet, Prince Jeff carefully polished a glass before filling it with red wine. Then, with a smirk, he broke the top off a small vial before tipping its contents into the wine. "Enjoy," he told janet as he handed the glass over being careful to only touch the base of the glass and not the bowl. The girl gratefully took it and, smiling, took a deep swallow. "Are you tired?" he inquired, his voice full of concern.

"Yes... yes, I am," she replied as the sleeping draught began to work on her already. As her eyelids grew ever heavier, Jeff leaned forward and carefully removed the glass from her hand once more only touching the base. Once he was certain that she was asleep, Jeff emptied the glass before placing it into a well padded box. Then he handed the box over to a a member of his biker gang. "Send this to our friends in the Sheriff's office and have them check out the fingerprints on it. I want to know who this woman is, I want to know what she is, I want to know her history. Hell, I want to know what perfume she likes to wear. I think this little bitch might have something to offer our Goddess..."

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