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Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - Alex Kramer possessed a very sharp mind, a photographic memory, and a drive to succeed. After the death of his foster sister 1951, his mind was riddled with a guilt. He drove himself to be the youngest doctor to graduate from the University of Toronto. After practising for a few years he found the guilt leaving

Hello Readers

At the moment Joe, my editor, and I are still in the midst of the Tandra story. Henry has god-like powers but there is always somebody bigger to knock him down if they wished to do so. There is also another cameo similar to 'Masis' called 'The Home Front' After that the main characters come back into the story. I have been stuck on what to do next with the hero Henry. A small 4 to 600k spin off cameo with some cadets presents itself, but I think that Henry has to stay with us a bit longer before pursuing it. Since I am stymied at around chapter 90 or so, I put my busy fingers to other pursuits. That is the reason that 'Time' was actually started. An overworked septic system means that effluent is not held in check for long.

The 'Time' story only fits slightly into the Science Fiction category. The characters are nothing like the ones in Tandra, or in my other very roughly written story being worked on by a kind chap in Australia (hint, hint).

Joe was flogged till he agreed to add his own words to 'Time'. The mining sequence is for the main part his work along with some of the automotive section. He did spend four and a half years as a miner in order to work on this part of the story I am told. Most of the time taken since was in teaching him to spell in proper Canadian.

Joe and I both have some Polish blood and this is what it thought might be interesting to follow up on. I have found from many people, that the immigrants coming to North America at the beginning or the twentieth century and before were resourceful and talented. Nasty, hard and uncompromising might also be a good adjectives for some. I was told that a few of my own relatives would eat a horse and spit out the shoes as nails. Joe I am sure has his own comments on this matter.

Another proposed part of the time story that was shot down by Joe, involved a Polish sheepherder. Joe researched this too I believe, though he would deny this assumption very strenuously. A word of warning might be in order. Don't go hear him with a fluffy wool sweater or wool pants. He also reacts very violently indeed to the word D a a a a a d d d y y, I am told. There may be a very good reason for there being so few sheep in North Dakota.

We have both spent many hours on researching other portions of the story too. Some of my effort was in getting poor Joe to cough up some data that was needed for this project from his mind. Most of the information gathered has not even been used yet. The next book or books, if they get written, will reflect much of this effort.

The story is being done in book form. This is to allow the readers to reacquaint themselves with the various characters in the story with each new publication. This particular book is for the most part complete and I can see many ways to proceed with the story in further novels.

If there is enough response from the 'Time' story then I will continue it after Tandra is complete, my first story comes back, I get stuck again, or Joe has a fit and needs to do some writing.

The criteria will be the total amount of emails that I get. They may criticise, heap abuse at my spelling or grammar or even possibly send polite complements. Mistakes pointed out are great, if I was told exactly where to find them in the story. The number of votes is another good method I think, and not necessarily the rating. So far I believe that there are quite a few readers that read our Tandra story. I also believe that only a fraction of the many readers have taken the time to show how they feel.

Please enjoy the first installment of the story and vote how you really feel about it at the end.

John Wales

Joe intime@srt.com will get to both of us like the Hollywood movies.

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