Lessons in lust
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Mother/Son Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband wants to see wife having sex with another man, but wife have some other ideas

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... !" Rebecca Woods cried loudly as Sam pumped his hard cock into his beautiful wife's cunt.

Room was filled with the screams and moans of extreme rapture, and the sound of a male organ slicing through a wet cunt. Sam had always enjoyed the frenzied moans his wife emanated every time he made love to her. He knew Rebecca loved fucking, and even after twenty years of their marriage, she behaved like a horny teen-ager in bed.

He also knew that he was approaching his orgasm.

"I'm gonna shoot baby." He said hoarsely, thumping her cunt feverishly. "Get ready to take your daily quota of fresh cum."

"Don't make me wait darling... pump your seed inside me." She moaned under his unrelenting thumping. Her ass was gyrating in ecstasy... thrusting up and down... again and again, trying to get hold of her husband's beautiful cock deeper into her sucking cunt.

"It's here baby." Sam lurched forward for the final time, boring deep into his wife's delicious pussy and let loose his canons.

His cock erupted deep inside the heavenly depth.

"Ohhhhh... Gaaaaaawwwwwwdddddd!" Rebecca could not take it anymore. A shrill ran through her entire body. She squeezed her legs around Sam's waist trying to clasp his spitting cock into her violently pulsating pussy.

The monster cock jerked again and again, filling the sucking pussy with white gluey fluid. Gradually, the force of ejaculation subsided. Sam could feel his cock deflating inside her pussy.

Rebecca released her grip from around Sam's waist; her legs fell heavily on the bed. She was breathing uncontrollably.

Sam rolled off her body, and collapsed on the side of his naked horny wife. He was also trying to catch his breath.

They lay silently, trying to recover from the rapturous feeling sweeping through their satisfied bodies. Rebecca had her eyes closed; she could feel his husband's jism oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt. She didn't try to wipe it; she rather enjoyed the feel of fresh cum seeping out of her cunt and slowly making its way into her anal crack. The only concern she had was that the bed sheet would have a large dry spot in the morning, needing an immediate laundry... only thing she didn't enjoy doing.

Sam turned towards his wife. Her eyes were still closed. Her majestic boobs were heaving up and down with every breath. She looked delicious. Sam put his arms around her, and kissed her on her cheeks.

"You've got a hell of a pussy baby." His hands moved down, over to her slightly fleshy tummy and then to her wet bush. He gently stroked her clit, feeling it drenched with his own cum. "I just love fucking you."

Rebecca opened her eyes, and looked directly into her husband's eyes. Her body twitched a little. Rebecca loved the way her husband talked while making love with her. It always gave her a jolt.

They kissed, a long wet lingering kiss. Sam was again feeling aroused. He rubbed his fingers over her freshly fucked cunt lips, smearing the oozing cum into her pubic mound. Then he inserted his finger deep into her pussy.

Rebecca moaned lightly.

Sam began finger fucking her, his lips still on her wife's lips, his tongue deep into her hot mouth.

It continued for some time. Then he withdrew his soaked finger out of her pussy, took her clit between his index finger and thumb and pinched it coarsely. Rebecca squealed with delight.

Suddenly, as if recalled something... Sam broke the kiss. Rebecca looked at him questioningly; she could still feel his hot breath against her neck.

"You didn't tell me what have you decided." He whispered into her ears. His fingers remained busy playing with his wife's engorged clit.

"About what?"

"Stop playing games with me." He sounded little irritated as his fingers tweaked her clit hard causing her to whimper with pain and lust. "You know very well what I'm taking about."

Rebecca thought for a moment. She knew what he wanted to listen.

About six months ago, while he and Rebecca were watching a porn movie, Sam came up with a weird idea. Watching porn movie with Sam was not new to Rebecca, as she always felt that sex afterwards was fantastic. But that day it turned out differently.

The movie was about a husband who observed his wife from hiding while she made love with another man, their next-door neighbor.

She still remembered that she was aroused by the movie, and Sam had sensed it. She grabbed for his cock, and he shoved it all into her pussy even before the movie was finished. He fucked her hard in the front of the TV. After finishing their quick fuck session, they again got busy with the movie. All of a sudden, Sam asked her whether she would like to do that thing in real life.

Rebecca was dumfounded. She felt so shocked that she could not answer immediately. It sounded strange, weird and almost pervert. Yet she felt an unusual feeling in her body, a kind of fresh arousal. She excused herself by saying that she would think over it before answering.

She hadn't answered yet.

Sam looked at his beautiful wife. Rebecca was lost in her thoughts. He felt little irritated... his patient was waning. He was dying to see his wife getting fucked by another person... a rock solid cock... sliding in and out of her charming cunt and Rebecca crying with every thrust, clinging more and more to the stranger's cock. It was his long cherished dream.

He was irritated because every time he tried to discuss about it, Rebecca would somehow change the topic.

"I'm waiting for your answer." He growled impatiently.

"I... I don't know..." She stammered. "I mean... I need some more time."

"You already had enough of that." Sam climbed off and stood at the side of the bed. Rebecca ogled at the large naked hairy structure of her husband. Sam was originally a motorcar mechanic who slowly became owner of an auto workshop. He still loved to do his own jobs and as a result he was quite in good shape, a big muscular body, a wide hairy chest, strong thighs and a better than average fuck tool which any woman would love to possess. Rebecca knew that she was lucky to have a husband like Sam.

"Please... please don't be angry."

"Okay I'll give you some more time." He suddenly grinned mischievously. "I'm going to bathroom for a loo, and you've time until I return."

"Sam." She protested, raising her head off the pillow.

"Don't worry baby. I'm ready to accept no. I... I'll never force you to do anything that you don't want to do."

He walked across the room, opened the bathroom door. Then he turned towards her.

"But somehow I've a gut feeling that you also want it."

Then he disappeared behind the door.

Rebecca took a deep breath, and closed her eyes resting her head back on the pillow. Her mind was in turmoil. She knew that she couldn't defer the answer anymore, as Sam was right when he said that she also wanted it.

Truly speaking, Rebecca was not averse to the idea of having sex with someone other than his husband, while Sam peeping from a hidden place. But it was also true that she was genuinely shocked when she heard the proposal for the first time. She was married quite young to Sam; he was the first man who popped her cherry and remained the only man to fuck her. They had a good married life and sex was always good with Sam. She could never know how Sam got such a pervert idea.

When Sam brought the idea for the first time, Rebecca thought probably it was the effect of the porn movie they were watching at that time. She was sure that it was a thought generated in the heat of the moment, and Sam would sure forget about it and therefore, she did not pay much attention. But within next few days she realized that she was wrong and Sam was serious about it.

"I should've refused in the first place." She thought.

She had initially thought to say no, but something inside stopped her from doing so. She didn't know why... but she couldn't turn him down. When she found that Sam was serious about his intentions, she also gave a thought to the idea.

What appeared a stupid and weird idea initially, turned out to be a quite fascinating one. Rebecca had always enjoyed a good fuck with her husband, and so far she never had any extramarital relationship, yet she felt a strange fascination when she deliberated upon it. More she pondered over it, more she got hooked to the proposal. Every time she felt a bizarre twinge running through her loins.

One day when she was alone at home, she retired to her room to take a brief nap. While she was trying to take a nap, she again thought about Sam's proposal. She thought about an unknown handsome man... she couldn't put a face to it... fucking her. Suddenly, she felt exhilarated and squeezed her thighs hard as if trying to grip that imaginary cock with her cunt muscles. She pulled the elastic of her shorts and touched her cunt mound hidden beneath the soft cotton linen. Her fingers felt the wet patch in the front of her panties.

To her horror she realized that she was literally dripping with excitement.

She could not stop; got up from her bed and stripped immediately. She lay in her bed, naked. Her fingers again traveled to her soaking pussy; she pushed her middle finger deep inside her pussy and began fingering her cunt. It was a great feeling. She continued finger fucking her while imagining about a handsome John Doe pumping his cock into her insatiable pussy. Very soon she was overwhelmed by a shattering orgasm.

Rebecca has never felt so elated for a very long time. Sex with Sam was wonderful... but what she did that day in her bed was something very extraordinary... very much different from a routine sex. It was Rebecca's first taste with self-gratification. She was never into masturbating... actually she never had to... she always had a thick, solid cock available to her... ready to fulfill her sexual needs. Sam always felt more than happy to oblige his wife's sexual demands.

She made her decision. She decided to let Sam has his share of fun while she could have her. She didn't know if Sam had someone in his mind for her, but she was ready to explore the untouched territories of lust and passion.

However, before she could express her acceptance to her husband, a strange event suddenly changed her course of thinking. It was related with their teenage son, Kevin.

It was a hot sunny afternoon. Rebecca returned early from the departmental store where she was working part time. She didn't expected either Sam or Kevin to be at home at that time therefore, she left her bag in the living room and went straight to her bedroom. The weather was hot and she was feeling all sweaty. She decided to take a quick shower. Assuming that she was alone in the house, she stripped her clothes and hit the shower without bothering to lock her bedroom's door from inside.

While showering, she again thought about her husband's proposal and she could feel the peculiar tingling sensation in her cunt. She could not resist the temptation; her fingers moved into her wet beaver and she fingered herself to an earth-shattering orgasm.

After a refreshing bath, she stepped out of shower. She was still feeling horny, and she could feel her body emanating a feverish glow. Fingering had not ameliorated her condition, and the tingling sensation was still persisting between her cunt lips. She didn't have taken her towel with her therefore; she came out of bathroom, water from shower dripping from her body soaking the thick carpet of her bedroom. She opened her closet and picked a towel.

She stood in front of the full-sized mirror of her dressing table, lightly brushing her wet hair with the towel. She looked at her reflection. She was pleased from what she saw. She knew that even in her early forties, she looked great... big beautiful breasts... little fleshy but shapely waist; long luscious legs, a beautiful face that could attract even the dead. God had been kind to her, and she still had a good curvaceous figure... a little flesh here and there... but at the right places that enhanced her sensuality. For her height of 5'7" she looked in perfect shape.

She let the towel fall off her hand and stood in front of mirror, her hands at her hips. She examined her tits, little oversized and a bit sagging too, but still in a much better condition than many women of her age. The large dollar sized areolas looked amazing; her teats already erect with excitement... ready to be sucked and kissed. She brought her hand below her boobs and squeezed them gently. A soft moan escaped her mouth. She looked at the dark hairy triangular patch between her thighs. She had thick bush and her cunt slit was apparently not visible through the dense forest. She loved her bush and always kept them properly trimmed.

Suddenly, Rebecca sensed some movement behind her. She turned immediately.

Kevin, their only son, was standing at the door; frozen in his place, his eyes bulging in his sockets... his eyes wide open.

Rebecca was too shocked to react. Both mother and son stood silently, staring into each other eyes. Soon, Rebecca realized her vulnerable position. Her own son was ogling her nakedness. She lifted the towel from the floor and covered her front.

Watching her mother trying to cover her nakedness, Kevin realized his mistake.

"I... I'm sorry mom." He stammered, his face was suddenly red with embarrassment. "Came early from the school... heard noise downstairs... just came to check."

Rebecca was back to her senses. She made sure that her body was hidden properly behind the towel.

"No honey... it's my mistake." She assured him. "I should've been more careful."

Kevin stood there, awkwardly looking at his mother.

"Now if you please get out of here." She smiled at him. "I can make myself presentable."

Kevin looked at her for the last time, and then he turned and went out of the door. Rebecca immediately locked the door from inside.

She realized that her whole body was shivering wildly with a bizarre feeling. The tingling sensation between her thighs suddenly appeared much aggravated.

With shaking hands she tried to dry herself, realizing that her body was already dry, probably because of the hot surrounding or probably because of the amorous heat her body was emanating so profusely.

First time in her life, her son had seen her from top to bottom, without any shred on her body. She could still feel his bulging eyes ogling her boobs and her bushy cunt. And surprisingly, she didn't feel ashamed; rather a strange thrill ran through her spine. Deep inside her she liked the way her son eyed her naked assets.

She tossed the towel to the bed, and hurriedly put her clothes on. She then unlocked the doors. Kevin was not in the living room; must have retired to his room at the first floor. Rebecca stood near the stairs and tried to listen for any noise. She waited for some moment and then quietly she headed for his room.

She stood outside his son's room. It was locked from inside. Rebecca waited outside, undecided to go further or not. She then stooped and placed her eyes to the keyhole.

Inside the room, Kevin was sitting on the side of his bed, his shorts and underwear laying carelessly on the floor... his cock jetting out proudly, which he was massaging furiously. His face was contorted with rapture... eyes closed... his whole body flushed with excitement. Rebecca held her breadth and watched her son masturbate. She didn't know whom he was thinking about while whacking his rigid shaft, but the circumstance indicated that he might have been thinking about her only.

She knew that it was wrong for her to spy on her own son, and she should leave immediately, yet she could not move from her place. Her heart was pounding violently in her chest and her body refused to move.

Kevin might have been doing it for long, as within seconds his body went rigid, and Rebecca watched in amazement the flying jets of her son's cum landing on the floor. Shooting cock was not new to Rebecca. She had witnessed her husband masturbating a number of times, but watching her own son's cock shooting in full ecstasy was a different experience all together.

After his cock ceased ejaculating, Kevin took a napkin and cleaned the oozing fluid from his cock, his fingers and from the floor. Then he picked his underwear and pants and put them back on.

Rebecca stood from her place, and climbed down the stairs, quietly. She again locked herself inside her room. She was breathing hard, and she could feel a violent tremor raging through her cunt. She cursed herself for being so horny and spying on her own son, but deep inside her heart she knew that she had enjoyed watching him.

That night, after Sam was asleep Rebecca fingered herself to another wonderful orgasm while fantasizing about her husband's proposal. She again imagined herself getting fucked by someone other than her husband. To her horror she realized that every time she closed her eyes it was her only son Kevin driving his rigid cock into her horny pussy. She could not resist the temptation and fingered herself while thinking about her son.

Next few days, she endlessly had a fight between her lust for her son and the righteousness, and every time she lost the battle. She continued spying upon her son and watched him numerous times beating his cock to one orgasm after another, and with every passing day her fantasies about Kevin grew stronger and stronger.

However, she was hesitant to admit it to Sam, not knowing how he would react to the knowledge that his wife was ready to fulfill his fantasy but only with his own son. Every time, she decided to tell him about it, but each time she was gripped by a fear; and so far she hadn't been able to spell it out.

Sam Woods emerged from the bathroom. He looked at his beautiful wife lying naked on the bed; her eyes closed, she seemed to be lost in her thoughts. Sam stood near the bed and ogled Rebecca's charming nakedness. Her dense fur was matted with his own discharge; her soft fluffy lips partially split showing her inner pinkishness. He could again feel blood rushing to his loins.

He slipped silently beside her, and slowly brought his hand over her wet cunt. Rebecca immediately opened her eyes and looked at her husband face hovering over her lips. Before she could speak, Sam covered her lips with his own in a deep passionate kiss. His index finger rubbed hard against her swollen resin causing her to squeal in delight.

"Your time's up now." Sam moved his lips over her soft cheeks and whispered hoarsely in his wife's ear. "Come on baby... give it now."

Rebecca looked into her husband's anticipating eyes.

"You wont be angry... wont you?" She asked cautiously.

"Come on honey... you know I wont be angry. You can say no if don't wanna go for it."

But she could read his disappointment.

"No you've to promise me that you'll listen to me, and wont be angry."

"Okay... I promise." Sam looked at her wife with curiosity.

Rebecca took a deep breath and tried to mutter all her courage, she needed at this juncture.

"I... I think..." she muttered. "I'm ready."

"Oh baby... !" He kissed her. His face was suddenly lit He moved his finger deep inside her pussy.


"Is there anything... ?" He looked her suspiciously as if she was going to withdraw her acceptance.

"Do you've someone in mind?"

'Not now... but we'll find one. There're plenty of well-hung guys in the neighborhood.

"I don't want them. Once out of our bedroom, they'd immediately start singing and soon entire neighborhood will know about it. I don't want to be branded as slut."

"No problem... we'll take a vacation... will go to new place where no one knows us." He winked at her. "I'm sure any good looking stranger wont dare to resist your advances."

"That's also too risky. Mind if I suggest something."

"Sure baby... you decide whom you wanna fuck. After all you'll be the star of the event."

"If you won't mind why can't we keep things within our own house."

"I didn't get you?"

"I mean..." She hesitated for a moment. "I... mean... what do you think about Kevin."

"What Kevin has got to do with it?" He suddenly stopped stroking her cunt.

"What I meant... If... ugh... if Kevin and I..." She left her sentence incomplete.

Sam looked intently at his beautiful wife's face... into her eyes. It was all written there. Suddenly everything became clear to him.

"You mean... !" He said excitedly. "You and Kevin! You... you wanna fuck Kevin. Oh... my God."

Rebecca looked at her husband, little fearfully, expecting him to burst out the very next minute. But nothing of that sort happened. Sam continued staring at his wife in a strange way.

"Oh... my God... !" He whispered to himself. "You... and Kevin... why didn't I think about it. Baby it'll be a game."

His hands gripped her pussy mound, and he furiously drove two of his fingers deep inside her pussy. Rebecca moaned, but deep in her heart she felt relieved.

"Are you happy Sam?"

"Happy? I'm more than happy baby. I'd love to watch you fucking Kevin. And it doesn't matter who's banging you."

Rebecca smiled at her impatient husband. His fingers were moving relentlessly in and out of her scorching pussy. Once relieved of her fear, she now enjoyed the finger fucking.

"Does Kevin know about it?" Sam kissed his wife while his fingers felt and pet her pouty cuntlips. "Did you ever talk to him?'

"No... but he had seen me completely naked once and I guess that he liked it very much. I regularly spy on him while he whacks himself."

"You made my day honey... !" He stopped fingering her cunt, withdrew his fingers out of her cunt and brought it to her lips. Together they licked his fingers coated with his own spending and Rebecca's passion fluids. Rebecca took his wet fingers into her mouth and sucked them hard.

"It calls for a celebration baby." Sam took her hand and guided it to his cock, which was all rigid and raging like a deadly serpent.

Rebecca was well aware about the celebration her husband was talking about. She gently squeezed his rigid shaft and waited for him to make his move.

Sam didn't let her fondle his cock for long. He rose and moved between her legs. With his projected tongue he touched the tip of her wet pussy. Her head spun with delight and an electric shock ran through her body. Sam Woods liked sucking his wife's cunt after making love with her. It was so special for them that it was reserved for some special days and today was one such day for Sam.

Most of his cum had already oozed out of his wife's pussy, creating a trail along her the valley... joining her cunt and anus, and a wet puddle on the bed sheet underneath her ass. With a slick movement of his tongue, he licked the cream sticking to her valley and forced his tongue deep inside her hairy cunt. Rebecca moaned loudly. She lifted her legs off the bed and kept it over his shoulder.

Sam ate his wife's cunt eagerly, enjoying every trace of their mingled juices which his tongue could extract form her pussy. Rebecca was moaning and writhing loudly.

He licked her pussy clean. Then she felt his tongue moving along the ridge between her thighs and in a moment his tongue knocked at the base of her ass. Her body became tense as she felt his tongue trying to poke between her taut ass cheeks. Sam used his fingers to spread her wife's rump and his tongue darted into her puckered hole.

Rebecca held her breath in excitement. Her whole body shuddered with delight. Sam licked her wife's sphincter with great fervor.

"Ahhhhh... !" Rebecca moaned as she felt his tongue trying to move inside her anus. Sam was a pro at that, and she could feel his folded tongue penetrating her sphincter. She gasped as she felt the part of his tongue inside her rectum. Her body began to shudder and shiver as he began tongue fucking her ass hole. Her legs began to loose their grip around his shoulder; her pussy began to throb violently releasing a fresh wave of wetness to her already wet bush. She already had enough of that as she let out a long moan and climaxed.

Sam continued sucking her ass while her body convulsed around his shoulder. After a while he let her go. He lifted his head off her ass; her rubbery legs slid off his shoulder falling on the bed on the sides. She closed her eyes and tried to relax.

Sam was not finished yet. He forced her body to rotate; she was now on her stomach letting her ass to his direct access. Sam spread her cheeks wide, bent his head and spat a large chunk of spittle over her wrinkled hole. He knew that Rebecca was accustomed to her cock and the spit would provide sufficient lubrication to fuck her arse.

Sam Woods spread her wife's legs wide and positioned himself between her legs, his right hand gripping his rampant cock, hovering just over her sphincter. She squirmed as the chiseled head touched her rectum and waited in all earnest for him to push his cock inside her.

She held her breath as the bulging head tried to bore into her tight sphincter. Sam knew that her arse muscles would resist at first. They were not into anal sex on regular basis and therefore every time he tried to fuck her ass, it behaved like a virgin ass. He pressed the head forward with greater force; the wrinkled hole gave way and his cock head triumphantly entered her tight bunghole.

Rebecca felt his cock moving inside her rectum and moaned loudly. Sam didn't relent his pressure and continued boring his cock inside her. Her anus was ready to accept the invading tool and inch-by-inch his cock continued its inward journey. Gradually, his whole cock was buried inside her hot rectum; his balls slowly came to rest against her bush.

"Like it babe..." Sam asked his wife.

"Oh God... oh God... yeah..." Rebecca cooed.

Sam waited patiently for her sphincter muscles to relax. Even though Rebecca was used to anal fucking, her rectum was pretty tight. She took her hand behind, and felt his shaft buried inside her anus. It was always a great sensation to feel her ass so stuffed. Feeling her anal muscles relaxing around his rigid shaft, Sam grabbed her hips and began sliding his cock in and out of her horny chute at a gentle pace. She spread her legs wider, allowing his manhood to slide deep into her.

The room was again filled with the sound of writhing bodies and rapturous moans. With every thrust of his husband, Rebecca could feel high voltage electricity passing though her loin. Sam increased his speed and began fucking her ass with a gusto. With every thrust he could feel his balls banging against her wife's swollen cunt lips.

Rebecca was aware of the mild tremors developing between her pussy lips. Her fat cunt lips were quivering with an unfathomable excitement, her passion fluids were gushing out of her cunt, deluging her trimmed bush and her thighs. She was in the seventh heaven. She loved the way his massive cock was ravishing her ass.

Sam knew very well that the way his cock was getting friction from her tight sheath, it would be impossible for his to prolong his pleasure; though he would have loved to continue fucking her till eternity. But her tight hole was too much for him.

"Ahhhhhh... baby I'm gonna shoot." Sam cried pistoning his cock in and out of her tight hole.

"Yeah... yeah... dear! Pump your load in my ass." Rebecca screamed thrusting her ass backward on his impaling organ. Her cunt was throbbing frenziedly, and she knew that she was approaching her orgasm.

Suddenly, she became aware of his cock swelling inside her. She heard him groan and his massive shaft jerked inside her rectum. She sensed the first shower of his hot fluid falling on her rectum walls. She squeezed her ass, clutching his cock between its tight fold and let her climax overtake her. Her heart pounded harder and harder in her chest, her breathing became erratic with extreme pleasure. Her own ass throbbed with his cock.

"Oh Jesus." That all she could mutter as she felt her body becoming feather light and floating in the tidal waves of her tremendous orgasm.

Sam's organ erupted again and again inside her wife's delicious anus, filling it with his fluid of love until his balls were fully drained. He then slumped heavily on her back. He could still feel Rebecca's anus quivering around his shaft, which was fast losing its rigid ness.

Finally, Sam rose off her back and collapsed on her side. Rebecca didn't move; probably still basking with the glory of the tremendous ass fucking she had just received.

After a while, she turned towards her husband. Sam had recovered from the aftereffect of their lovemaking. He was intently looking at his beautiful wife whose face was glowing with delight.

"Thanks babe... !" He kissed her. "You're just fantastic."

Rebecca didn't reply, only looked at him... grinning.

Suddenly, Sam recalled the purpose of their celebration. He again felt little excited.

"Kevin knows about it... ?"

"No... !" She replied. "But one day he saw me completely naked and I think he liked that."

"Have you ever seen him naked?" He was suddenly curious.

Her smile grew wider. "Many times... probably every time when he masturbates in his room. Sam he's got a good cock like you."

"I guess baby... after all he's my son." He whispered hoarsely and touched her drenched cunt. "I want to see his cock here, deep inside you."

Rebecca Woods was also fantasizing about the same thing.

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