Belle Meets Master
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, MaleDom,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Shy sub meets online master for weekend of depraved love

Belle was raised as a good little girl in a small southern town. She had always done as she was told to do, always been the "good girl". She had always felt out of place though. She had always had dark thoughts about sex and about what felt good. She never realized exactly what though until she met her Master.

Belle was a tall girl, 5'10" and weighed in at about 165. She looked like a tall curvy amazon, but she never felt like one. She was never ferocious. She always tried to blend into the background. Her mother had always made her hide her body, especially her 40 DD breasts. Until she met her Master.

Her Master was someone she met on line. When she met him she realized that her body was a gift not a curse. She also realized that she liked being dominated and told what to do. She really truly wanted to please others, especially her Master.

At first it started in a chat room. He made her his slave. She performed for him doing whatever he wanted her to do. Nothing was too degrading for Belle. Finally, Master arranged for them to meet in person. Belle was excited and nervous. What if Master did not like her?

Belle went to pick up Master at an airport about 1hour away from her home. She had arranged to stay in a local hotel for the weekend. She was wearing the collar master had sent her, along with a black mini skirt, red tank top and 4 inch heels, making her 6'2" now. People stared at her especially her collar and bouncing breasts under the tank top. Men fantasized about Belle, but she was oblivious to them. She had eyes only for her Master. Finally, she saw him and when he came to a stop in front of her, Belle started to get on her knees right in the airport terminal. People stared, but Belle did not care.

Her Master stroked her hair, touched her collar and grazed her hard nipple with his hand. He then raised her chin so that their eyes met. He smiled at Belle. "You have pleased me Belle.You followed my instructions on what to wear and how to act. You are a good pet and slave. I will reward you well this weekend."He took Belle's hands and lifted her up. They left the building to go to the hotel. Belle shivered, thinking of all the things that lay ahead for the weekend.

The hotel that Belle had found was an unusual one that catered to unusual sexual practices. There were slaves and masters, transvestites and many other sexually different fetishes represented.

As they entered the hotel room Belle and Master Jon noted that there were restraints already attached to the headboard of the bed. In the bedside table were a selection of paddles, dildos, butt plugs and clamps. In the bathroom was an enema bag.

Master Jon ordered, "Belle, put my clothes away now and then give yourself an enema and shower. Be quick about it my darling slave. I am getting impatient."

Belle hurried to do as her Master ordered, dropping one of his outfits on the floor. As she picked it up she heard her Master say, "Naughty, Belle. You will later be punished for your clumsiness." Belle hurried and finished unpacking. She went to the bathroom and stripped her clothes off, revealing her hairless pussy and the tattoo on her pubis, a new addition, that read, Master Jon's pet slave. Belle proceeded to give herself an enema and then showered using the sweetly scented gel that Master Jon had ordered her to bring with her. Drying off she entered the bedroom once again.

Belle did not see her Master anywhere and then she felt him come up behind her and grab her. He rammed one finger up her ass quickly to check her anal vault and said as he turned her, "Very good my pet, you are clean for me. I see the tattoo also went well." With this he petted her still slightly sore pubic area. He pinched one of her hard nipples and pushed her towards the bed.

Belle lay back on the bed and raised her arms for her Master to restrain. Master Jon quickly took care of her arms. He then pulled her nipples up off her chest. Belle gasped hard as it felt as if her Master were going to pull them off her chest. Master Jon let them fall back and he reached inside the drawer and removed a set of nipple clamps, placing them on Belles nipples, tigthening them to increase their pressure. Belle moaned loudly in both pleasure and pain.

Master then picked up the bag that he had brought with him and picked up what looked like a cat of nine tails made of silk. "You see this my pet. This is silk and when silk is wet it causes severe pain when it lands, yet it does not break the skin. I will now wet this and beat your lucious breasts and pussy. You were clumsy and you must be punished. Please count the strokes my pet or it will only be repeated."

Master wet the silk whip and brought it down switftly over Belle's aching breasts. Belle moaned, "One Master." Again, it came down on Belle's other breast, "Two Master". This went on for a count of thirty before Master Jon moved to her pussy. "Start counting again my pet, you are doing well" Master Jon brought the silken whip down on Belle's clit and tender pussy lips, making her moan even louder. She started the count, yet again. After twenty lashes Master Jon put the whip to his nose and smelled the wetness that was no longer water, but Belle's cunt juices that had soaked the whip. "Well my darling, I see you enjoyed your punishment and you toleratred it well. Now we will reward you and please me...

Master reached down and took the nipple clamps off of Belle's nipples. Belle groaned in pain as the blood began to flow once again into her nipples. Master bent down and took first one nipple in his mouth while caressing the other one with his fingers. He gently licked and sucked on the hard pink nipples, now slightly red from their torture. He reached down to caress her bare pubis, covered by the tattoo. He changed his mouth from one nipple to the other as he began to pinch Belle's clitoris. Belle gasped and pushed her breast even further into her master's mouth. "So you like that do you my pet?" Well, tonight is not for you. It is for me. This whole night I will get my pleasure and you will not cum until I permit it. If you do cum without my permission you shall be punished. Do you understand?"

Belle groaned and said in a shy voice, "Yes master I understand, but it will be difficult. I desire you so much."

Master reached down to pinch her nipples hard. Without preparation he rammed his hard 9 inch dick into Belle's pussy with one hard thrust. Belle had had other lovers but none as big as Master. Even with her wetness it hurt Belle. However, she began to move her hips to meet her Master's hard thrusts. He began to gnaw on her already raw nipples, giving a hard bite every time Belle started a slide into climax, stalling the sensation. Master's dick kept pounding Belle's pussy harder and harder. He reached down and flipped Belle's legs over his shoulders. His cock went even deeper into Belle battering her cervix and finally, with a pop, he entered her womb. Both Belle and Master groaned, Belle in pain and Master in ecstasy. Master began to pound deep into Belle's womb causing pain with every stroke as he kept breaking through her cervix. Finally, Master could not take it any longer and he began to pound harder and harder and Belle felt him swell even larger inside of her. Master bent his head again, taking Belle's nipple in his mouth and bit down hard as he emptied his boiling seed deep in Belle's womb. Never had Belle felt anything like it. Even though there was pain just the idea of her master's seed deep in her pussy, Belle felt her pussy spasm as she came deep and long.

Belle felt her master pull our of her cum soaked pussy and lean over her face. She knew that she had both pleased and displeased him from the look on his face, but his words only verified it, as he said, "Well, my pet. that was wonderful. I never felt anyone so tight and hot and wet. But you disobeyed me pet. I did not tell you to cum. Now it is time for more punishment."

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